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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The House of Representatives failed on Friday to pass a bill temporarily funding the Department of Homeland Security, raising the likelihood that DHS will enter a partial shutdown at midnight.

The bill would have funded the department at current levels for three weeks, giving Congress more time to negotiate a long-term solution. But the Democratic minority held firm against the stopgap plan — Democrats say they will only support a clean bill that funds the department through the end of the fiscal year — and Republican leadership was not able to gather enough GOP votes to pass the measure, which fell 203 to 224. Fifty-two House Republicans voted against the bill.

Immediately after the bill failed, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) instructed members that further votes may be held before the midnight deadline.

The shutdown crisis arose as a result of Congressional Republicans’ attempt to leverage DHS funding against President Obama’s executive action protecting some undocumented immigrants from deportation. If no deal is reached, thousands of workers will be furloughed, while essential employees will have to work without pay until Congress reaches a deal.

Photo: ehpien via Flickr

  • Phxflyer

    Further proof that republicans are incapable of governing or leading.

  • James Bagley

    Americans are mostly immigrants or recent descendants of immigrants, so anti-immigrant zealots are by definition also anti-American. Americans are tired of the GOP and especially the totally useless and constantly lying Tea Party sabotaging the entire country just to satisfy their despicable hate.

    Now GOP hate-zealots are threatening once again to sabotage America over their hate, and this time it’s America’s very security at a time when terrorism is rampant. This is even more irresponsible than when the GOP caused the Benghazi deaths by cutting security for embassies and consulates, and later tried to pin the blame on Democrats. Having caused much of the rise in terrorism by destabilizing middle eastern countries via blatant lies and war-mongering, Republicans are once again proving that they are currently worse than worthless.

    Whenever there is somebody who needs hating, or foreign policy that hasn’t been totally sabotaged yet, you can bet your white hood that the GOP and worthless Tea Party will come running to make things into a complete mess. No wonder both the GOP Congress and Tea Party have the lowest public approval rating of anyone ever. 2016 will see Americans tired of this same nonsense vote most of these bums out of office, and it can’t come soon enough.