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Monday, October 24, 2016

The House of Representatives passed Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget proposal Thursday in a 221-207 vote. Ryan’s plan, which would slash federal spending by over $4 trillion while granting a massive tax break to the wealthy, will now advance to the Senate — where it is certain to be shot down by the Democratic majority.

House Democrats unanimously opposed the Ryan plan, and were joined by 10 Republicans: Justin Amash (MI), Paul Broun (GA), Rick Crawford (AR), Randy Forbes (VA), Chris Gibson (NY), Phil Gingrey (GA), Joe Heck (NV), Walter Jones (NC), Tom Massie (KY), and David McKinley (WV). These Republicans had varying reasons for voting no; Broun opposed the bill for not containing harsh enough cuts, while Massey derided the measure as “a pretend vote” due to the Ryan plan’s almost nonexistent chance of becoming law.

Indeed, the Democratic majority in the Senate is almost certain to vote down the Ryan budget, and President Obama would surely veto the bill if it somehow reached his desk. Still, Republicans are celebrating the symbolic passage of Ryan’s “vision document.

“Our goal is to cut spending and balance the budget to help our economy grow,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said in a statement after the vote. “Passing this measure allows us to keep our focus where it belongs: replacing the president’s sequester with smarter cuts that help balance the budget, fixing our broken tax code to create jobs and increase wages, protecting priorities like Medicare, and expanding opportunity for all Americans.”

After passing Ryan’s budget, the House departed for a three-week recess. The next House vote is not scheduled until April 9th.

Although Ryan’s budget will not become law, it is sure to remain a top issue through the 2014 midterms. Democrats are planning to aggressively campaign against the controversial plan, which promises to repeal Obamacare, convert Medicare into a voucher program, cut $757 billion from Medicaid by converting the program into block grants for states, and slash an additional $800 million from federal programs such as food stamps, Pell grants, and Supplemental Security Income, among many others. It would also provide a huge tax break to wealthy Americans. Polling shows that these ideas are deeply unpopular, giving Democrats a political opening.

“The Ryan budget will be a gift that gives throughout the 2014 cycle for Democrats,” Democratic pollster Geoff Garin told reporters shortly after Ryan released the plan. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has already released a target list of 14 House Republicans who may run for Senate seats in 2014, hoping to use their support of Ryan’s plan against them. There is precedent for this strategy succeeding; Ryan’s previous budget was a major factor in the GOP’s resounding defeats in the 2012 election.

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  • It’s official–the House Republicans exist in their own political fantasy land.

    • boyno

      Republicans really do live in their own fantasy world, with no picture of how the rest of us live. Witness the recent “conversion” of Portman–until something actually touches them personally, they will stick to their dogma (or is it schmegma?).
      Cutting SS, Medicare, College loans and any other program for the middle class and poor will not help the economy by reducing the deficit, but will kill the economy by creating anxiety.
      I wrote more, but cut it because I don’t like to read the long rants myself.

      • Independent1

        Sorry, but cutting the programs you listed would not cut the defict the would only slow its growth. Ryan’s budget has nothing to do with cutting the deficit, in fact the deficit will grow just as fast if it were implemented as now. Why? Because Ryan’s budget would be devistating to the economy and would throw more people out of work, increasing unemployment

  • Typical, they do one thing , pass a bill that has no hope of becoming law, and then they take ANOTHER vacation.

    • CPAinNewYork

      They should take permanent vacations.

      • idamag

        They are pretty close to it, now, however, they are taking it on the taxpayer’s money.

        • And How Many Times Will These Thugs Repeal The AHA?? And Paul Ryan Lying Ass No Good Budget?? I Wish Somebody Would Take Ryan Budget A Shove It Up His Ass!!! 🙁

          • plc97477

            I would gladly offer to hold him down.

      • plc97477

        We can ensure it in 2014

      • Maybe Romney should give them a job in the factory Bain Capital bought in China. Where the workers make 24 cents an hour. Sleep three up on a bunk with a toilet at the end of the hall.

  • Pamby50

    They are only part-time employees. They should not be entitled to any benefits, such as vacations, healthcare & pensions.

  • Who in the world would go with Paul Ryans’ Budget?

    • The rich bastards who inherited all their wealth, and the ones who take glee in creating havoc for people who actually have to work for a living. In other words, the Republicans.

      (Well, not all of them. There actually are a lot of Republicans who are hard working people, but are not willing to give up on the party of “NO!”)

      • sigrid28

        Many of the hard working yet loyal Republicans you speak of would be harmed by Ryan’s budget if it were ever enacted, just as some will be affected by loss of jobs or income due to the Sequester. I keep asking myself, what will it take to make low-information voters look outside the bubble? As for those who are “loyal,” I wonder if there are perhaps among them a number who will affected by the Sequester and begin to look around. Or some of them may begin to qualify for Medicare and Social Security benefits, and only now realize that their representatives have voted to privatize and annihilate these programs. Some may even be shocked to learn that the Congress is once again on a three-week vacation, with nothing accomplished. Even low-information voters might see a problem with that. The icing on the cake will be when these middle class and poor loyalists realize that the only group benefiting from Republican policies is the top 1%. The little sugar roses on the top of this cake are the Republican celebrities with their baseless rants and show boat tactics: Let’s put Donald Trump and Representative Michelle Bachman in the first group and senators Fred Cruz and David Vitter in the second. One by one, centrist Republican voters, women, and Independents will peel off in another direction. When they do, the Democratic party will be waiting with open arms.

        • 4sanity4all

          I agree with you completely, however, the GOP carefully constructs the messages to the low-information voter, full of great sounding sound bytes that are usually not even true. They get them lathered up with the idea that immigrants, gays, any group really, are going to take away your (fill in the blanks) money, rights, whatever. They pull dead issues out of the air (another abortion debate, anyone?) that direct attention AWAY from what they are really trying to accomplish. And my favorite ploy, they sell tax breaks for the rich to the poor and middle class Republican base, implying that if they JUST WORK HARD, they too will enjoy the tax breaks that the rich enjoy. Those poor bastards are just greedy enough to buy that! But they never will qualify for it, because the GOP has stacked the deck against them. I don’t hold much hope in my heart for these misguided low information voters to ever wise up, because the GOP really know how to work them over.

          • sigrid28

            As you so rightly point out, the Republican base is here to stay. I agree that they have been expertly manipulated by the GOP. If greed makes some among these low-information voters believe they can just work hard enough to become wealthy, there is another group I would call not greedy so much as desperate (yet equally deluded). I was surprised to learn recently that 35% of Americans believe that the best, maybe the only way, they can become as wealthy as the top 2% is by winning the lottery. The number two get-rich-quick ideal in the U.S. is to win an enormous settlement in a law suit (even Donald Trump believes in that). Number three, preached from many pulpits, but especially on television, is the belief that the good Lord will bring me all of the riches for which I pray. Frankly, there is no Third World culture–or sophisticated culture–that does not embrace gambling. Between you and me, I just want a few of these people to win against the terrible odds they face. In the meantime, I’ll be working to get out the vote for the Democrats in the 2014 election.

    • idamag

      Evidently tea party republicans did.

  • CPAinNewYork

    I believe that it will get worse as time goes on. That is what starts revolutions.

    • idamag

      It started the French Revolution and a revolution in China. China ended up with a communist government because of the great disparity between the rich and the poor.

  • karinursula

    3 weeks for Easter break? Not even our schoolchildren get this much, and I would say that they probably work harder than the Congress. Maybe if the would get paid for the days the actually work. It is a disgrace.

    • idamag

      I think they should get an hourly wage for hours actually worked. A leave package that only pays for x amount of vacation and sick leave.

      • plc97477

        Make them get a day of vacation for every bill they pass and get signed into law.

    • plc97477

      And the economic problems will me fixed

  • midway54

    Well, I see that the lunatic from Georgia, Broun, did not think it was harsh enough and so voted against Ryan’s latest rancid effort.

    • Independent1

      It’s mindboggling that there are actually numskulls in the GOP who are nuttier and nastier than Ryan.

      • idamag

        He probably came from one of those backward districts in Georgia – dueling banjos anyone?

  • Holy Toledo! I believe the Chairman of the Democatic Party should send “Thank You” notes to Ryan and Boehner for their dramatic assistance in alerting the American voters to the Republican national policies, i.e., placing the entire burden on reducing the national debt by reducing the benefits to the American elderly and poor,and possibly to other entitlements such as the retirement pay of our retired military men and women while not raising taxes on the wealthiest Corporations and American citizens in America. The leadership of the Republican Party must not realize WHY they lost the White House in 2012. The “demographics” in America have changed dramatically.Continue to allenate the female and other minority voters and you can assure the Democrats control both houses of congress in 2014 and for decades to come.

    • I certainly hope you are right.

    • july860

      No-they have NO idea why they lost the election!

      • Independent1

        When you’re a delusional moron (like virtually every GOP representative in Congress) it’s hard to undersand why things happen to you.

      • plc97477

        That is fine with me, If they ever figure it out they may figure out how to fix it.

  • delores

    they take your money from you @ give it 2 the rich people um sounds like robin hood but instead of taking from the rich 2 give 2 the poor they take from the poor @ give 2 the rich people be very careful on what you do 2 people it will come back @ get you @ you want like it at all

    • plc97477

      Obama called it romeyhood. taking from the poor to give to the rich is romenyhood

  • So another massive tax break for the wealthy? And cuts to programs that assist the poor, the elderly poor and the infirm. Hmmmmmm Does this seem to follow Christian principles?

    • Independent1

      Of course it doesn’t follow Christian principles – it was passed by the Devil’s own party aka the GOP.

  • deb1ryan

    Paul Ryan a yellow belly sap sucker!!!!! On his web site you can’t write him, if you don’t live in his district. He has a toll free number, but once again, if you aren’t in his district you can’t call him on that number. I called his Wash DC number to tell him what a scum he is. He office is so busy taking calls, they can’t answer the phone. I bet he is receiving record number of hate messages. I told him I will make sure that me and everyone I know donate enough money to get him out of an office he doesn’t deserve. Think about it, if you don’t live in his district he doesn’t want to hear from you. Tha’t saying he doesn’t want to hear from the American public,so you know how he feels about you!!!!!!

    • english_teacher

      Find a zip code in Ryan’s district and use that. Also, be sure to write to your own rep if s/he voted for the Ryan “budget”.

    • 4sanity4all

      I got the snail mail address off the bottom of his website, and sent a ‘love letter’ to Ryan’s office in Janesville WI. Hope he enjoys reading it.

  • We should take away the fire dept. for all those neighborhood politicians when we come around with torches & pitchforks.

  • Goes to show where the heart and caring of Republican members of the House is and that is with the rich. Everything they work on and pass has to do with tax breaks for the rich people,oil companies,corportations and businesses so they can get richer while letting the rest of the country suffer. They don’t care if children, handicapped, seniors or vets die from lack of food, housing and medical care all they ever care about is their own rich selves and all the other rich that back them, if at all possible they wouldn’t let the tax breaks that they keep wanting to give the rich applied to rich Democrats and Indepents just Republicans. But they will get their come uppance and when they do they will pay thru the nose for their greed and uncaring ways. God doesn’t like greedy, uncaring people like the Republicans.

  • jnsgraphic

    Ryan and the GOP are only interested in reducing the deficit benefiting no one but the rich. Getting more money from the middle-class and seniors who rely on Social Security and asking them to pay higher premiums for their healthcare costs is not the answer. ‘Greedy Corporate America’ receives over $200 billion in tax subsidies, wasted money that could protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit. Despite combined pre-tax profits of billions of dollars, some of the most profitable companies have paid no federal income tax in at least one of the last three years. Tax reform needs to come from Congress that put these tax codes in place… until the GOP is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to support the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interests. The House may have assed Ryan’s budget, but it not get assed by the Senate or the President. The Presidents plan would cut U.S. deficits by $1.85 trillion over 10 years with an equal mix of spending cuts, tax increases and to close ‘loopholes’ on corporations taking deductions when they are profitable.

  • jmprint

    It’s amazing a guy with little or no experience in real work. I don’t call playing patti cake with a bunch of losers real work. Anybody can do what he does. But yet, we wants to put out a budget plan that will put us into a deep depression, that will take more years to repair. There are more middle and lower class workers. Just in raising the minimum wage to at least 10.00 would put in more money into ss and medicare and more money into the economy. Not only are we the workers we are also the buyers. Our money is spent here in the state, not overseas.

  • latebloomingrandma

    Considering that this budget was passed by the Republicans within the same week that the Republican “autopsy ” was revealed is astounding. An autopsy reveals the cause of death, yet their new “visionary” buget contains the same causes of illness and death, now on steroids. That would be like finding out that your loved one died from cancer due to to smoking, therefore, you are going to heavily invest in tobacco companies. I wonder what regular people who vote Republican think that decimating Medicaid means?. Do they think it means getting all the lazy people off welfare and put them in the fields to work? Do they realize what this means to states, who have the responsibility to take care of the indigent elderly? That a large percentage of elderly in nursing homes are covered by Medicaid? That in each of our families, we probably know someone who is in a nursing home under Medical assistance? I had to laugh at the outrage over the suspension of Whitehouse tours. That is peanuts–nice to have, not vital to have. Wait until the effects of a plundered Medicare and Medicaid system are felt. Shame on the “Catholic” Ryan and all his Republican cohorts, including my own congressman.

    • Mark Forsyth

      About as bad as conventional medicine,treat the symptoms and ignore the cause.

    • 4sanity4all

      I wish I could like your comments ten times.

  • True “Compassionate Conservatism” shining through.

  • Just think. Only 8 votes shy of shutting this garbage down. Now, it is up to the Senate to destroy it.

  • charleo1

    Wasn’t this budget a carbon copy of the earlier one, that just got them trounced?
    Remember John Belushi on Saturday Night Live? (If you’re old enough you do.)
    John played this short order cook. Greasy apron, cigar in his mouth. And no matter
    what the customer ordered, John would yell, “Chee-Burger, Chee-Burger!
    It was hilarious! First, because John was a comedic genius. And, it was so absurd.

    Paul Ryan, is not funny. And he’s certainly not a genius. And Americans are super
    tired of absurd!

    • BDC_57

      Its the same plan he tried to push during election.

      • plc97477

        except worse

  • unfreakin’ believable!!

  • As a result of the GOP’s refusal to negotiate in good faith Americans are now being subjected to austerity-by-a thousand cuts. budgetary Sadist like Paul Ryan have delighted in the Sequester’s blows to vital anti proverty programs. yet for all the pain they inflict on Americans these cuts will do little to balance the budget. as Fed chairman Ben Bernake testified to congress If you slow the economy , that hurts your revenues the result being your deficit reduction isn’t as big as you think it is. This will cost a lot of jobs in the short run. This is worse for a nation still mired in eight per cent unemployment

  • Mark Forsyth

    Republican Party=Pretending to do something.

  • [email protected]

    A budget is not a bill and is never signed into law. Lesson #1. Next, it is the House of Rep that is required to initiate any bills dealing with spending. Not the Senate. Not the President. So at least the House has gotten around to voting on a budget even though it would never pass a Senate Vote. The senate in step two makes amendments to the House’s budget and then the two budgets go to a committee to work out the differences and then goes back to the House for a vote and then to the Senate. Lastly, any spending bill goes to the President for him to sign the spending bills. Lesson #2. A PRESIDENT CANNOT SPEND ONE CENT WITHOUT THE MONEY BE AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS!! Got that straight.

  • nobsartist

    Why anyone would take direction from a spoiled punk whos only job has been working at macdonalds or driving the wiener mobile? Just look at who voted for this garbage and that answers the question.

    dems should filibuster congress until 2014.

  • disqus_CmPS82g3vc

    Ryan calls himself a Catholic. Let’s contact the Bishop of his diocese and ask him to call out Ryan as a subverter of Christ’s ministry to the poor.

  • Do you people realize that the richest people in our government are democrats?

    • Sand_Cat

      And – assuming it is true, a somewhat dubious assumption, this is relevant to this discussion because?

    • old_blu

      One question:
      So why are we going to punish the people that need the most, and give to the people that need it the least, because the Democrats are rich?

    • roguerunners

      So what if they are? At least they believe in PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE!!!

    • idamag

      Exactly what does that have to do with the question at hand? And who are they? Sometimes rich people are compassionate. Teddy Roosevelt when he broke down the banks is an example, Franklin Roosevelt when he started Social Security it another example, Ted Kennedy when he co-sponsored Medicare. What does their income have to do with anything? It is the rich and greedy who bought our government who are the bad guys.

  • The only positive thing I can say about Rep Ryan’s budget is that it is likely to elicit the ire of every single senior citizen. Trying to balance the budget on the backs of people who barely earn enough to survive is pretty close to proposing the use of euthanasia because cyanide pills are a lot cheaper than paying pensions and healthcare benefits, earned by those who paid for them throughout their professional lives.
    Hopefully Reid will show uncharacteristic courage and reject a budget that is tantamount to breach of contract. Otherwise, it will be up to the President to veto it.

  • Dan Sharp aint To Smart!

  • No Worries, The Bill Won’t Pass!

  • A budget is a start people.. lets work on it!!! damn1!!

  • You know the rebublicans campaigned on this issue and they lost. It seems they can’t take no for a answer. You can’t solve the problem by just cutting, it dosen’t work. For proof just look at Europe. Great Britain for example is trying to solve thy’re problem through austerity alone and as a result they are probally heading toward a triple dip recession.