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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Surprising no one, except perhaps the readers of, John Boehner, Republican from Ohio, has been re-elected Speaker of the House of Representatives with 220 votes, two more than he needed to win a second term.

Tea Partiers floated the rumor that an insurrection was brewing after the Speaker allowed the Senate’s “fiscal cliff” compromise to be voted on with no major spending cuts. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) added fuel to the fire when he blasted the Speaker for not holding a vote on relief for the states affected by Superstorm Sandy before adjourning the 112th Congress, which will go down as the most unproductive session in recent history. Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) then ignited another firestorm, holding a press conference for the explicit purpose of blasting the House GOP and Boehner for delaying aid to the Sandy-ravaged states.

The Speaker cooled the rift by scheduling two votes on the bills offering relief for Sandy’s victims, the first coming Friday.

The far right of the party reportedly decided that there was no candidate to rally behind to replace Boehner, though they only needed 17 votes against him to put his Speakership in jeopardy. In the end, the two members mentioned as possible replacements — Minority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Tom Price (R-GA) — votedfor Boehner.

With 3 votes, Eric Cantor finished in third place behind Boehner and Minority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who won 192 votes.

Now-former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) received 3 votes, including one from Louis Gohmert (R-TX). Justin Amash (R-MI), who was recently removed from the House Budget Committee as punishment from the House leadership, voted for Raul Labrador (R-ID).  Tom Massie (R-KY) voted for Amash.

Boehner won 241 votes for his first term in 2011. Republicans lost six seats in the House in the 2010, despite garnering a million fewer votes than Democratic candidates. Redistricting has made the GOP majority in the lower House so safe that it’s estimated that Democrats would have to win the popular vote by 7 percent to retake the House.

Boehner accepted the gavel and gave a speech citing the $16 trillion debt as the country’s biggest challenge. “Put simply, we are sent here not to be something, but to do something – to do the right thing,” he said.

The 113th Congress begins without a few of the Tea Party notables that made the 112th so contentious — including West and Joe Walsh (R-IL). However, Michele Bachmann (R-MN) remains in the House and cast the deciding vote for Boehner. Bachmann began the session by immediately introducing another bill to repeal Obamacare, something the 112th Congress did more than 30 times.

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81 Responses to House Re-Elects Boehner For A Repeat Of The 112th Congress

  1. Considering the alternatives – Ryan, Cantor, Rubio – this is the best that could be expected. It remains to be seen whether he can control his fragmented conference. Judging by the way Ryan and Cantor voted on the fiscal cliff bill, I think Speaker Boehner is going to have his hands full.
    The GOP of today reminds me of the Democratic party in the 80s, when the “Reagan Democrats” broke party lines and supported most RR policies. I don’t expect the GOP to embrace Democratic policies, but I expect them to be so far apart – within their own party – that little to nothing will be achieved on divisive issues such as budget deficit reduction and gun control. Conversely, there is a good chance comprehensive immigration reform will pass this year.

    • I agree with you Dominick, the thought of Ryan, Cantor or Rubio is much scarier than Boehner. If the Republicans even have a chance for the White House in 2016 they are going to have to step it up and get rid of these Tea Party idiots.

      • While the Republicans still maintain a majority in the House, it is slimmer than for the 112th Congress. They even lost a few seats in the Senate where it is possible now that, with the aid of a few Independents, there may be, occassionally, a filibuster-proof majority. Most of the seats lost in the House were Tea Party members, whose goal seems to be to remake the Republican Party into the Do Nothing Party. Boehner’s best chance to leave any kind of legacy at all is to take the more moderate Republicans and agree to some sort of coalition with the Democrats, something that occurs frequently in governments with a multi-party system. This is the only possible way, under current conditions, for anything that is good for the country as a whole to be accomplished. Otherwise, it will be two more years of the same, and, perhaps, in 2014 the Democrats may get a clear majority. In many ways, a split government is better, because it prevents runaway power from accumulating in the hands of one party. In today’s political atmosphere, however, it looks like a one-party control of both the Senate and the House and the White House is the only route to get anything done, FOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY.

        • Goddamn right we do. Here’s your reality check: The Tea Party is dead. I’m all in favor of protest and change, but when I found out that the local Tea Party Boise used the Heritage Foundation as their model for change after the Republican 2008 debacle of our financial meltdown caused by “No Government Regulations” of the Bush regime, it was evident that the Tea Party was being spoon feed RNC ideology, and therefore destined to obscurity.

      • I wonder how Boehner feels about being re-elected as Speaker of the House by only 6 votes…I think he is going to have more problems dealing with members of his own party than with the Democrats. He knows, that the austerity program proposed by the Tea Party will destroy our economy and compromise the well being of millions of Americans. It remains to be seen whether or not he was the courage and pragmatism to deal effectively with the most radical wing of the party.
        I believe spending reductions are needed, if nothing else because we don’t want to pay for what we need and benefit from, but doing it while the economy is still weak is a recipe for economic and fiscal disaster.

    • It Really Don’t Matter Cause They All Are No Good And They Working Out Of The Same Kit, They All In Office To Gut Out America And Sellout The American People Just To Get Power, Control Which Brings Them MONEY!!!

  2. If Dominick is right about the new 113th Congress being another Obstructionist Congress, like the 112th, perhaps we’ll see MORE tea Party and right wing extremists defeated in 2014!!

  3. Boys there’s a real vote of confidence. However, considering the possibilities of Canker having the job puts it into perspective. Boehner now has another two years to create a positive legacy, but he better try and change direction quickly as the past couple of days have been less than steller. Without question the weakest Speaker in many decades. These next fews months are going to be a heck of a ride. I wish us luck in avoiding disaster with the crazies in the House up in arms over rationality and reason.

  4. Its criminal the way republicans gerrymandered their sorry asses into kidnapping the house…in Pennsylvania…the repubs that were going to possibly loose to dems…JIM ASSWIPE GERLACH to name one…cut huge swaths of dem. Neighborhoods out of his district and took ultrs conservative strips in another county to ensure his win..while dumping the dems into Pitts district who had a safe win…the districts in Pennsylvania are soooooio messed up..curvey cut outs of 2..3…even 4 sections of counties….thats just WRONG…PLAIN AND SIMPLE….IF U CANT KEEP UR SEAT IN UR COUNTY FAIRLY…DONT REDRAW IN 2 OR.3 OTHER COUNTY SECTIONS SO U CAN HOLD UR SEAT

    • I want to know why more political journalists ( and I use the descriptive word journalist loosely here…only because there are very few around anymore) aren’t reporting more on the redistricting mess and how it doesn’t matter whether you vote anymore or not…the GOP has it got it so rigged!

  5. ” Bachmann began the session by immediately introducing another bill to repeal Obamacare, something the 112th Congress did more than 30 times”

    Just how STUPID is this woman??????

  6. I wouldn’t want that job for any reason! This is why we have got to get behind the Move To Amend movement. The money guys have taken control of all aspects of the government. As we saw from all of the voter suppression efforts, all of the lies in the media and via PAC’s etc… all of the obstructionism from Republicans that represent the top 2%, Wall Street, the Banks and Big Business. They control too much, and want to keep it that way.
    Money is NOT speech! Corporations are NOT people.

  7. “Michele Bachmann (R-MN) gave the Speaker his deciding vote after submitting a bill to repeal Obamacare, something the last House did more than 30 times.”

    … Last house my big butt! Just a continuation of the same old, same old. Pubs will continue to block president Obama and the Dems just as they have since they were cheated out of the big top (twice!).. Their new (ridiculous) yell, “No third term for the N..!!” and to hell with the citizens, it was THEIR fault they didn’t listen to the money.. to the lies.. to faux news!!

  8. Why isn’t anyone talking about how these GOPs got there in the first place. Redistricting…Redrawing the lines so no matter how many voters didn’t vote these guys, they still won…Yeah, welcome to your democracy folks…. John Boehner is not only bad at his job, but he needs to get a new vocabulary… Oh that’s right…that’s all he knows.

    • Well, I think while you are right that re-districting is a mess I wouldn’t “blame” the Republicans for this. When Democrats control re-districting they tend to do close to the same thing. The problem is of course we have now re-districted ourselves into the most incredibly polarized House map ever.

      I was re-districted last year (NJ lost a seat and had to) and somehow my reliably Republican town ended up at the very tail end of a Republican district, instead of being the outlier for the inner city (Paterson) Democratic district I had been in for years. The Dem challenger to the Rep didn’t have a chance, and also the Rep challenger to the Dem didn’t have a chance. The race in my old district was labeled “the race to the Left” which was counter national trends (btw, the incumbent, less “left”, guy one).

      I would love to just have our districts redrawn as geographically coherent areas, which would force the House member to appeal to people of all different stripes. That would work well for lots of people. There is a danger to that (one of the benefits of gerrymandering is that it can result in people who traditionally have no voice getting a representative). I think its pretty clear by this point though that the law of unintended consequences usually applies universally – you gerrymander a district to do a “good” thing and you end up causing a bigger mess.

  9. Don’t like Boehner but it saves us from Ryan, Cantor and snot nose Rubio. Also if the GOP wants a shot in 2016 (God I hope not) they do need to throw the Tea Party crowd out of the way. Amen.

  10. People out of touch with reality re-electing an out of touch leader. Maybe they will start arguing among themselves so much that they cannot pull together enough votes to do much of anything, since he is prone to “punishing” anyone who does not stick to the party line. Threats work for the short term, but not for long.

  11. While large numbers of NM articles and commenters remain focused on the evil Repubs, progressives on sites like Common Dreams are ranting about the lesser evil of duplicitous and compromising Obama Dems. For so long as sheep bleat for the blend of greater and lesser evil, as opposed to demand no evil from the likes of Obama Dems, the 99% will continue to reap their own slaughter. Most were sheared long ago, many have since lost a leg, many more are now bleating thanks to Obama Dems for trading one of their remaining legs for another now to be taken.

    • John Boehner – Military Service.
      Eight weeks in Navy Boot Camp. General Discharge for “a bad back” Does that mean “no spine” This would explain his failure as a leader?

  12. Boehner & the Republican Party compromised their principles to responsibly keep middle-class Americans from getting hit with the Obama fiscal cliff arrogance taxes. Now it will be up to Obama to show us where he will CUT SPENDING or hurt ALL Americans and their children with unpayable debt. I believe most Americans can now clearly see just what a tax & spender Obama really is with NO regard to our huge debt, or fixing S.S. & Medicare. Democrats will be voted out in large numbers in 2014 after Americans see the disaster that Dems & Obama caused us all.

  13. Bachmann introduced ANOTHER bill to repeal Obamacare???!! What the hell’s wrong with her? Another example of wasted energy and tax dollars here! Why or why wasn’t she voted out of office here?

  14. It is impossible to comprehend that the American people are so stupid to re-elect this incompetent creature who practically runs this country. Something MUST be done and, unless, the American people rise up, the incompetent madness of a John Boehner and his party will continue! It is absolutely incomprehensible!

      • Ward do you know what comprises an oxymoron?
        A Communist Muslim ….?

        Are you versed in the doctrine of Communism pertaining to religion?
        Are you versed in the doctrine of Islam?

        Do you have a clue about anything ?

        • Have you read the 1972 newspaper article by Valerie Jarretts’ father-in-law that reveals the start of muslim purchase of the US presidency??

        • Arif Alikhan, Mohammed Elibiary, Rashad Hussain, Salam al Marayati, Imam Mohamed Magid, and Eboo Patel are all in the muslim brotherhood— AND they ALL work for Omuslim!! So do you have a clue about that??

  15. these people sure like being stupid with one another….stupid does as stupid sees….losers associated with losers…idiots among idiots…..oh God and they breeding too…God Help America !

  16. What’s up with Omuslim? Sometimes he looks young and sometimes he looks like a 30 year older hack. His plastic surgery is wearing off. The 30 year older hack looks just like Frank Marshall Davis- His mentor(real father)

    • Ward
      Do you have anything positive to contribute to this forum at all? Do you really have the mentality to proffer a positive or a negative opinion worthy of discussion ?

      This asinine bullshit gibberish you spew only makes you look stupid, literally and unequivocally. If you do have a modicum of intelligence then give us a good example.

  17. I said it before and I’ll say it again the Republicans gave in too easy in voting to avoid the Cliff they have something up their sleeves and they will spring it inthe next round of talks, Obama gave up his strongest wedge he had to get all he wanted when he agreed to partial tax hikes now that puts the Republicans in a much stronger position, come 2014 they can say, hey we met the President half way, we agree to raise taxes on the 2% and other issues he presented, we just feel he should meet us half way on our issues, and the Debt Ceiling will be one of their issues, Medicare, Medicad, Social Security and other Social issues they wanted to cut I feel he’s got a roug road to hoe from now on. What I still can’t figure is why they the Republicans keep going after Social Security to cut and weaken it when the theiving bastards having been dipping into the SS funds for years and leaving worthless IOUs,I must add the Demos have done that also, if they paid us back what they owe us our money would last for 100 years evn after giving us decent Colas, our fund didn’t cause the debt problems that ourcountry faces today their mantle is pick on the weakest that can’t defend themselves but, I got news for them we pack a pretty big voting block and enough power throw their treacheres asses our we don’t forget we just mark our calenders and wait our time what goes around comes around keep fucking with us MF, I only say it one time leave our Medicare, Medicad and Social Security alone , hell has no fury like that of mad Senior.

  18. In answer to Charleo I am a Democrat, have been one, all my life and will Die a democrat I voted for Obama and an all Democrat ticket the only thing wrong is we didn’t get many Democrats listed on the ticket. Here in South Carolina the tickets were abridged I mean they didn’t have too many Democrats,on the ticket, remember we have a Republican Governor and for some reason a lot of canidets were left off the ticket or we might have lost some Republican Senators I guess that was an oversight hum!!!!!

  19. They did it again. He won by two votes. That’s splitting them down the middle AGAIN.
    The next elections, mid term, are Nov 4 2014. The odds of them agreeing on anything, including what day it is, is going to do more damage to their party then splitting Congress down the middle. The Democrats don’t have that problem. The odds of the Republicans keeping the House, are less then it should have been,
    They still haven’t figured out why they didn’t didn’t get the White House.
    The internal battles within their party, and a flip-flop, flip-flop, candidate had a lot to do with it.

  20. I stopped making the assumption that voters sent intelligent people to represent them in Congress some time ago and they don’t vote for the person who will actually Represent them, so I’m at a loss as to why they vote for the people they do. Again, I’m questioning the intelligent choice of the voter when Congress by choosing “StoneWall” Boehner and re-electing as Speaker of the House. What level of stupidity are these folks operating on?? And these same people will receive a life-time payout from the citizens of America as part of their retirement plan while the rest of us scratch and scrap by after they decrease social security and remove effective medicare. What is wrong with the people of this country that we will sit back and watch a few greedy, dishonest, selfish people ruin the future for the rest of us? These people just gave themselves a raise while they talk about cut-backs and raising the age of retirement And they just a salary for life on Our tax dollar. What the Hell??!! So Stone Wall Boehner will receive a life-time salary of $223,500 plus the raise and for what?? Ruining the economy, trying to force the continued tax cuts for the wealthy, trying to repealing universal health care and just being a pain in the %$@ WHY??!! Why should they receive a life-long salary when the country don’t have the money to pay it and they have done little to deserve it.

  21. I hope he can go home and sleep well, the Tea Party crowd has this man living in hell. Boehner was scared to death to lose his position a position that give him a name.

    Boehner could work with President Obama and he did not because his own party was no supporting him. Hopefully we are going to start over again and better time will come for all of us Americans need job opportunities and reach the American Dream.

  22. Ward
    You are a woman aren’t you? Old looking? think stress, lack of sleep and worry. Young looking? Think the magic of hair coloring, a good nights sleep, and artfully applied make -up. The last part does wonders for women. Try it sometime.

  23. GOPs–Be care what you ask for–you might just get it!

    In this case, you asked for more of the same (mediocrity) and more of the same you
    will most likely get. If the apple is rotten, you do not make it taste better by pealing the
    skin off–you throw it away and be more careful with next apple.

    See you folks in the next year of Mediocrity–“GOOD LUCK/WE WILL KEEP YOU IN OUR PRAYERS”

  24. The Tea Party is dead. I’m all in favor of protest and change, but when I found out that the local Tea Party Boise used the Heritage Foundation as their model for change after the Republican 2008 debacle of our financial meltdown caused by “No Government Regulations” of the Bush regime, it was evident that the Tea Party was being spoon feed RNC ideology, and therefore destined to obscurity.

  25. Why did they re-elect this damn clown John Boehner for another term. He doesn’t care
    about the American people and their American dreams, he only cries & cares about his American dreams. I can’t stand looking at him went he cries and saying about the
    American Dream. Oh! Boo Woo, He is so phony.

  26. Yeah, those stinking communist Republicans like Richard Nixon sold ther goddamned country to the fucking muslims in 1972. Yur dasmned straight, lana ward, little honey-boo-boo. ya better redneckonize!

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