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Friday, October 21, 2016

One of Mitt Romney’s most challenging tasks as the Republican nominee for president is to explain his business career, which has been the subject of attacks since last winter’s primaries. The genesis of his extraordinary wealth is something that he’s rarely spoken about on the campaign trail in detail. And when he finally did try to address the issue at the Republican National Convention, he never actually mentioned the name of the private equity firm he ran for decades – Bain Capital.

A new report by Politicker’s Hunter Walker helps explain why Romney shies from defending his  firm’s practices. In addition to buying companies – often strong companies that could be loaded with debt, Bain also invested in firms that could wring profit from crisis. Consider Equity Specialty Holdings, a reinsurance startup specifically created to purchase debt from insurance companies badly hit by the 9/11 attacks.

Walker reports that “Mr. Romney was invested in Endurance Specialty Holdings both through Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm founded by a former Bain Capital executive in 2000 and through his direct interest in another investment firm, CCG Investment Fund, LP.”

The opportunity for Equity Specialty Holdings was simple. Its management could invest in insurers that badly needed to cover losses due to 9/11, and reap enormous benefit from the increased fees that the surviving insurance companies could then charge. The results were astounding: “Over the next nine months, the company generated a net income of $63.5 million. By the end of 2003, the company was reporting net income of $263.4 million.”

The Romney family disavows any knowledge or responsibility for this investment, saying that their money is in a blind trust. Famously, Romney dismissed Ted Kennedy’s identical response in 1994, ridiculing blind trusts as an “age-old ruse.”

Bain’s reinsurance investment occurred in that murky period when Romney had left Bain in order to work on the 2002 Winter Olympics, yet remained the CEO of the firm. During that period, Bain made many of its most controversial layoffs and investments – including investing in Stericycle, a company that went on to dispose of aborted fetuses. A Bain executive has said Romney retained his position in Bain as leverage while he negotiated his retirement package. The implication is that he retained the power to affect the company’s business.

The world of private equity baffles most Americans with its tangled web of ownership and the ability to profit off bankruptcies. But it’s understandable that Romney would seek to distance himself from controversial investments. Profiting from 9/11 doesn’t fit well with his campaign slogan, “Believe in America.”  Photo credit: AP Photo/Nati Harnik

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  • rustacus21

    This is getting interestinger all the time!!! Not only is outsourcing, buying profitable companies for ‘no good reason’ than putting them in debt & employees out of work, we’re now forced to deal w/the potential financial exploitation of a horrific national tragedy & the obscene wealth gained in its aftermath. How can Americans feel comfortable voting for this sort of legacy? The answer is lost somewhere in the ‘hues’ & (skin) ‘tones’ of the presidential choices, sadly…

    • With mittey it is ALL about the money. If he can not make a huge stash on it he is not really interested. This explains his total lack of diplomacy and international relations. Once a bully always a bully. His early life sheds pure light on his actions in mid-life and now. MONEY IS POWER to mittey.

  • What do you expect from someone who used to buy companies.. big ones.. take out huge loans on them..then let them go into default, then bankrupt.
    Thousands of people lost jobs.. health care.. pensions.. and many lost homes. They ended up on welfare and unemployment. Is this the kind of person you want for President?
    This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends.. This guy has a back ground that should have put him out of the running long ago.
    Remember what it was like with Bush in office? High interest rates, homes in foreclosure, jobs being lost left and right.. more people on unemployment and welfare. Companies actually sending everything over seas so they would not have to pay labor in the United States.. over seas they can have products made by a person for about $1.50 a week.

    Romney is going to say one thing one day and the next day it will be something else..
    Is that what you want for President?
    He was for gays in Mass.. but now he’s not…
    He was pro-choice in Mass… but now he’s not…
    He was not for gun control in Mass.. but now he is..
    Romney and Ryan both said.. we will scrap Obama Care…
    Now they say the are going to keep a lot of it..
    You see this guy is full of lies and con artist bull..
    Our President banks in the United States… Romney.. you know where he puts his money..
    When we were involved with Vietnam.. in order to avoid the draft Romney went to France to change the French to Mormon.
    And women.. did you see how obedient Ann Romney is to her husband.. That is what he would want from all women… sorry, but I love a woman who has a mind of her own..

    Remember to vote and please get the facts. You see the Republican party finds it easy to change voters minds if they are not educated on facts.. If you can’t find them.. ask

  • bcarreiro

    the more you know the more he has to hide.

  • what does it say about GOP as a party when all they offer is a crook? you can hate Obama all you want but voting for Romney simply shows you hate yourself more than you hate Obama.

    • neece00

      GOP= gullible ordinary people

    • Anyone that votes for Romney proves that they hate Obama more than they love America…traitors really…I am literally near tears, right now, as I think of the nation we will become should this atrocity of a candidate be elected.

  • Quite frankly, I am not surprised by this. The aftermath of 9/11 is filled with evidence of greed and lack of patriotism. Mitt, was just one among many of profited from the death and pain our country suffered on 9/11 and every day since then. The last thing we need is a President with a record like his.
    There is nothing wrong with making money the old fashion way, like Bill Gates did. Bill helped develop a new technology that changed the way we do business, the way we learn, and the way we communicate. He created thousands of jobs and treated his employees fairly. After achieving his professional goals he has dedicated his life, and much of his fortune, to help people in need. That’s the kind of entrepeneur and billionaire I respect, not people like Mitt Romney.

    • ANN

      You have said this so well . I can add nothing more.

    • jcbsdriver

      Some stars shine brighter than others.

      Mitt Romney’s star is very, very dim.

      • gamanami

        I agree with all of you….Romney should be stopped, humiliated, and never again run for public office in the USA….let him follow his money out of our country and never return….we don’t want him here

    • William Deutschlander

      Mitt Romney is a self serving JERK in a starched shirt, lacking any common sense or human decency, after all he is ENTITLED and we owe him homage!

      • Here is why! Read carefully. Romney is a Mormon. Romney and Ryan spend much time and effort trying to convince the public that they are both devout Christians. This is not true!
        The following is a part of the Mormon belief system:
        Abraham chapter three:
        2 And I saw the stars, that they were very great, and that one of them was nearest unto the throne of God; and there were many great ones which were near unto it;
        3 And the Lord said unto me: These are the governing ones; and the name of the great one is Kolob, because it is near unto me, for I am the Lord thy God: I have set this one to govern all…
        We have all noticed that Mitt and Anne Romney speak from a very lofty and removed position using the the phrase “you people” to refer to others. They believe they are from another and superior planet closer to God so they of course regard us as inferior. Christians who support Romney would do well to understand his religion and thus his attitude toward them and toward us all.

      • obamonica

        Obama is in the WH because he is black, thats all, not because his capabilities….’cause the color of the skin…he is inept, arrogant and probably gay who took Monicas place now very good friend with Bill Clinton..hugs and kissess at the DNC…hummmm I am wonder who is who on that relationship….Obamonica perhas

        • You may want to seek help from your middle school English teacher, and there are other professionals that may be able to help you too…

          • You Rock My Friend!! To Bad They Think They Are Normal!!! LOL

        • CrankyToo

          If brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose. What a dumbass…

        • DurdyDawg

          Is that you bozo? Shame on you for trying to imitate you’re better half. You know, you’re wife.

        • Your face and your real name please. Right now you look like a COWARD!

    • scat

      I’m surprised that more people don’t remember the term that was used to describe people like Romney and the corporations he ran. They were properly described as “corporate raiders”. They were like a plague that swept over this country, destroying businesses by purchasing them and stripping them of thier assets and then walking away. Like Dominick says, they produced no product or service, just profits for themselves. Many people could see ahead to the result that is the economy of today. In the ’90’s, even amateur investors could see ahead to the world we live in now. And so could the big financiers who hurriedly filled their own pockets and those of thier clients, the so-called l%ers. And one of their stars wants to run this country and continue lining the pockets of those who have already benefited from the economic destruction they wrought.

      • I’ve used the term to describe him numerous times, Scat, but you’re right. Somehow it hasn’t come up much in the public dialogue.

        • atc333

          Vulture Capitalist also works quite well also to describe Romney and his actions in the past.

      • In fact, “vulture capitalist” doesn’t even convey the depth of this cruddy person and his cruddy business. I agree it’s time to call him what he is, a corporate raider.

    • Why would he dedicate his life to helping people in need then suddenly stop? That doesn’t make sense.

      • If you are referring to Bill Gates, his altruism began in earnest after he quit MICROSOFT and it continues to this day. You may want to check into the Gates Foundation for relevant information. Most of his humanitarian endeavors have been in Africa, and range from fighting the spread of AIDS, to malaria, malnutrition to the development of new toilets! Nobody is perfect, but some do try to make a difference. Former President Carter and Bill Clinton are two examples of how former presidents should behave and how they can make a difference after leaving Office.

    • tutidiez1

      this individual in nothing but a Jerk that steps on everybody’s toes to make a buck disregarding who gets hurt and of Patriotism he doesn’t have an inch when this umpleasant lyin scum have the audacity of taking all his millions out of the Country to avoid paying taxes, it is so incredible that there are so many Idiots out there voting for someone that doesn’t give a Dam about this Country except himself besides all the cheat and crooked issues that must be hiding behind those taxes that he is so stubborn to show as every othe Candidate has done, all the people that are voting fore this Character must be so naive when they are so blind and stupid not to see that this jerk is hiding something very wrong behind those Taxes, and about the Generosity, that is BS, this character gives money only to this misterious and secret billionaire Mormon Church, who only members know what is going on inside there except few that had come out and tell a lot of incredible witchcraft and torture for those who don give the 10% of their salaries ands don’t follow their strict and stupid rules, I just wish that before elections day some how we uncover the pot and everybody can see what kind of crook and disgusting this Lying Jerk is.

    • ALLEZ!one intellectual commentator in here….Well defined!

    • He’s A Low Life Money Maker He Don’t Give A Damn What He Has To Do To Get Paid Even Becoming President And Screwing Over America And The American People!!

    • Thank you Dominick, I agree with everything you said. I believe RO-MONEY is a cheat, liar and weasel. He will ruin this country as we know it. I do not agree wholeheartly with Obama, but he is definetly more intelligent as opposed to conniving. The mess he stepped into took 8 years of Bush and continued trickle down economics to create, let’s try 4 more years of Obama and give him the chance to finish what he has tried to start. The Republicans have stopped him on everything he proposes.

    • We The Smart People Of American Is Not Fooled By This Empty Suit He’s Dropping In The Polls Every Time He Open his Mouth!!

    • gamanami

      Well written….now how do we open even the few who might vote for this horrible person

      • They [the Repub base] are those who have truly sold their souls to Satan and are lost.

    • I agree! Mr. Gates, however, “did not build that.” He built on the work of Xerox, who developed Windows, I believe. I’m sure that Mr. Gates would be the first to admit that we all build on the work of others — and I bet he used roads that we all paid for.

  • chisolm

    Why do we never hear about the thousands of jobs, along with companies that Bain created on this site? If President Obama continues on his path we will look like Greece in the not too distant future. How do think that is going to work out for you?

    • adler56

      You’re one of the dumbasses referred to in an earlier post.

      • AmusedAgain

        Can’t argue with adler56’s logic. Crystal clear on his arguments, and witty to boot! He’ll spend the next four years talking to his chair.

        • adler56

          I will never be as senile as ronnie raygun and Clint Eastwood. Reagan thought he was a pilot in the war- took a while to convince him it was just a movie. Clint thinks he’s
          still Dirty Harry – the old fart never was anything but a guy playing himself- were there any movies where anyone other than psychotic women liked him?( Play Misty for Me for you kids.)

    • Chisolm…Yeah, everyone already knows about the one exception where Mitt backed the guy that built up Staples. So, he saw a chance to make a lot money by investing in a big volume, franchised, retail distributor of office supplies that helped small businesses and households cut costs on stuff like paper clips and…staples. Got any OTHER examples where there wasn’t a net massive loss of jobs and elimination of pensions? This is not the ‘job creator’ you are looking for.

      I assume your use of Greece as an example of an economic basket case allegedly created by ‘socialism’…and ‘generous union benefits’ …won through contract negotiations in the place where the idea of democracy began, means that you blame the little guys who got a bigger slice of the pie for Greece’s current terrible economic situation. You know what chisolm?…I’d be willing to bet that the MAIN reason the Greek government is having so much trouble meeting it’s contracted financial obligations and understandings…is because their government’s finance ministry got conned by Western big banks into investing heavily in those high yeilding, ‘safe’ private securities that got heavily traded throughout Europe. You know, the ones we came to know as ‘toxic assets’. That became worthless. And created red ink on budget balance sheets everywhere. Unions and ‘socialism’ (ie. government/public sector workers) didn’t do that Chisolm. The PRIVATE sector did. But it’s easier to make the little guys ‘pay’ for something they didn’t do. I’m gonna start googling soon to confirm my suspisions chisolm. How about you?…I hate to say stuff I don’t know for an absolutely sure thing…like I did here. But I always follow up by searching for the objective facts…and correct my misconceptions as much as possible. Because sometimes I am wrong…and I HATE that. But I do correct myself…and grow in knowledge and wisdom because of that. How about you, chisolm?

    • 113121

      No one wanted to pay any taxes in Greece. Not the rich not the poor and not the church. Does that sound familiar? Here is an example of shrinking down so small you can drown it in a bath tub. Is this what you want? Why continue to use Greece as an example? We are starting to recover. I am not giving the keys over to another drunk on greed driver. Romney himself just stated that he couldn’t be expected to *fix* the economy in just 4 years. I think Obama is doing very well so far. If we can get a filibuster proof Senate and take the House back from the Teabaggers maybe we can finish the job. Then of course the next RWNJ you put up will try and drive us back into the ditch. I am proud I can make so much money I have to pay taxes.

      • chisolm

        Greece is just the country you hear most about, others in the EU are in the same or worse condition. Greece recently raised their top tax bracket to 75%, wait and see how that works out for them. It has already been reported that many of the wealthiest are leaving, think New York and California. I am proud as well, to have been fortunate enough to pay taxes throughout my career and continue to do so now that I have retired. Our country is very close to the point that there are more takers than givers and that situation has never created prosperity or progress.

  • AlfredSonny

    Looks like Mitty plans to do the same with USA. Let USA go bankrupt and have China manage us.

    • atc333

      No, you have it all wrong. Mitt’s plan is to outsource the Legislative and Executive Branch of the Federal Government to Bain Capital Its Board of Directors will replace the current Cabinet, and Bain shareholders will replace the Senate and House. Shareholders, or investors with over 2 years longevity with Bain will serve in lue of Senators, and those with less than 2 years, will serve as House members.

      The above makes as much sense for America as the Romney/Ryan “Marvelous” or “Impossible” budget,depending if you are a Republican, or Analyst discussing it.

  • atc333

    Until we get to see Mitt’s 2000-2011 tax returns, the real Mitt will not be on display Considering the resistance to giving them up, the following issues will most likely appear:

    1) Mitt was paid, and was in control of Bain in all of its investment decision, What companies to acquire, which ones out ot the 350 to dismember, sell off the assets, convert the retirement funds, and bankrupt the shell. Obviously, he was not engaged in the “day to day running of the company” that is why he had vice presidents, to take care of the more mundane day to day operations. He does not want the Public to see his substantial compensation for services to Bain.

    2) Mitt obviously has his share of off shore accounts. His tax returns, and amended returns will most likly show that he availed himself of certain Federal Tax Forgiveness programs, which he does not want the public to see.

    3) Mitt’s tax returns will also put on full display the full, abject failure of the GWB II tax cuts for job creators trickle down economic theory. Most, if all of his returns will display minimal investments in “job creation”, but substantial investments in high return personal wealth creation investments which specifically did no create jobs.

    The result? We, the voters of America will never see Mitt’s returns. His arrogance towards the American public is unbounded.

    • Bet we never see Obama’s tax records from 2000-11. His transcipts from college and his REAL birth certificate either

      • You are right Brad! Liberals don’t care what is in Ozero’s past, they only make up rumors or tell half truths (which is a lie), and hope people are stupid enough to believe it! From what I read in “The National Memo”, and the comments by its rabid followers proves that many don’t want to know the truth!

        • Don’t you need to get back to FAUX news soon?

        • oldtack

          Mr. Bombastic
          Since you and your ilk are the only ones that possess absolute truth would you be so kind as to expound on all of those absolute truths that we – the blind and mindless – may see the true light?

          Put it on us and dazzle us with your brilliance.

        • fedupwitgop

          Sounds like Romney/Ryan to me!!

        • Well named.
          You are a CONTROLLER running on terror and hate. Read below!:
          CONTROLLERS – only feel safe and prosperous when they are using others for their own gain.
          And there are FREEDOM FIGHTERS- know they are most benefited when they live for the benefit of all.
          Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
          FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

        • Joseph Hemphill

          bombastic…. your village called, they want their idiot back, you better get going…

        • DurdyDawg

          1 Like..? I see Brad read you’re joke.. It was a joke, wasn’t it? Or are you trying to tell us that we listen to lies? Now I’m confused, I mean.. What if you’re lying? How would we know? And if you are, wouldn’t what you just said be the opposite of what it is? Is that the definition of ‘stupid’..? Or is it when a Personal Liberty troll slithers away from their cage and find they can’t stand the light on the other side of the wall? Go back to you’re hole and revel in the praise of you’re tripe from other toads like yourself, Bombo.

      • atc333

        Strange, I can go on line and find the 2000 to 2011 tax returns, as well as copies of the long and short form birth certificates on line. Perhaps you have not looked hard enough?

        I can’t help you on the school transcripts though. Still Obama’s two out of three is better than Mitt’s 0 our of 3. Most likely Mitt’s Amended 2011 return will not be available until after the election, if it is ever released at all.

        So, just what are Mitt and Ann hiding? For some reason, McCain, after seeing Mitts returns, chose Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. That in itself says a lot.

        • Well said act333, people like Brad would deny the President’s citizenship even if they were in the delivery room during the birth of President Obama. As for them doing research why should they when Romney’s campaign doesn’t let the facts get in the wayt of their campaign messages (see Welfare regulations, Medicare, etc.)

        • Well said atc. What bothers me the most is not so much the fact that President Obama has been singled out and is the only President that has been asked to produce his birth certificate (short and long forms), nd his college transcripts, but the fact that GOP candidates born overseas were not challenged and that, if college transcripts are so important, nobody is asking Mitt Romney for his.
          Like you said, Barack Obama’s tax returns are public, and so were those of every presidential candidate in modern history…until Mitt Romney showed up. Not surprisingly, the same people that demand official written evidence from Barack Obama, give Romney a free pass.

      • loveeverybody

        Stop really back to the birth certificate again. Just leave it alone.

      • There is no hope for people like you Brad….unbelievable! – how much more do you have to know about Romeny before you wake up and see what is really going on here? This man is deplorable in every sense of the word.

        • Elisabeth, bear in mind that some people will vote for Jack the Ripper if that is what it takes to remove Barack Obama from the Oval Office. Qualifications, character, a demonstrable record and vision are irrelevant to them. The distortions, lies, hyperbole and their insistence on seeing documents that have already been made available show that their agenda is motivated by other than logic and rational thinking.

          • Yes, 99% of Obamahate is pure racism by people who don’t have the guts to acknowledge that they are racist.

          • Gammaanya

            Dominic, there is no cure for Oxymoron and racist people, they will shoot themselves in a mouth before they admit that they are a racists. Racist are COWARDS, sAD TO SAY PEOPLE LIKE HIM BREED AND VOTE.

      • dollface1

        Why must PRESIDENT OBAMA show his college transcripts? Have we asked any other president for college transcripts? Just admit it you are a raciest and will cut off your nose to spite your face.

      • Brad you’re ignorant and sad. …..and your neck is probably red too!!!!

      • You are an idiot who is just grasping at straws because you hate Obama most likely because he’s an African-American liberal.

      • “Obama’s not a corporate pig.” Corporate bastards and financers and no national loyalty, no flag they honor, only profit and gain. If a communist or fascist regime would support a better invironment for their greed, that’s who they would support. They would see, and are indeed, helping this come about, the destruction of the USA, rather than the demise of Wall Street. “Let the facts be submitted to a candid world.” This is the bitter reality. Truthfully, why does a corporate dog like Mitty want to be president anyway? In a thousand years he will never be the peoples choice, Mitty is a breed apart of the citizens of the America the beautiful.

        • Because greed is self consuming! He will never have enough and has infected millions of Americans with his sickness!

      • What do his college transcripts have to do with anything? You need to have a bit more gravitas for your Presidential criteria.

      • sheilab2

        Oh give it up – old news and old hatreds. He was born in Hawaii and who gives a rip about his college records-what possible impact would that have on his presidency? You and others of your ilk only use these ruses to disguise your hatred of having a black man in the White House – but it is all too obvious that you are a racist.

        • Especially after the Harvard Law School confirmed that Barack Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude. Then again, there may be some masochists out there yearning for self inflicted pain…

          • Gammaanya

            Problem is that he doesn’t understand what Magna Cum Laude means,. I don’t think he finished 4th grade and his IQ is in a single digit.

        • DurdyDawg

          Their looking for one thing and one thing only.. Where he said he hailed from on his papers.. If they can’t find it one way, they’ll imagine other ways to get back to the same old Trump spittle. Don’t let’um fool you, they don’t give squat about his grades.

      • thelchal

        Grow up and wake up. That’s old news. Do you really think he could have baffled all the fact checkers if his birth certificate wasn’t real. If he got away with that, he really is a smart man.

      • balloyd53

        he showed his birth cert… when that fool Trump started a stir! I have never seen Romney’s birth cert.. I think he was born in Mexico..

      • William Deutschlander

        We have seen Barack Obama’s tax records, we have seen his birth certificate and his college transcripts are none of our business, after all he was not wealthy when he went to college and he secured scholarships based on his excellent grades. He also took out student loans to pay his own way and paid those loans back.

        We have not seen Mitt Romney’s tax returns which is normal for anyone seeking the office of President of the U S A. Romney is a spoiled rich kid who feels he is ENTITLED to do whatever he and his self serving interests desire.

        Mitt Romney is an opportunist, self righteous JERK, much like Sarah Palin!

        • Yes, there are CONTROLLERS who only feel safe and prosperous when they are using others for their own gain.
          And there are FREEDOM FIGHTERS who know they are most benefited when they live for the benefit of all.
          Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
          FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

      • Barry35

        Both President Obama’s tax records for 2000-11 and real birth certificate are readily available online and his college transcripts are his business and those who granted him his degrees.

      • Bob

        PRESIDENT OBAMA did open his tax records!!! He gave 10 years before he was elected and all years since election to PRESIDENT!!!! Who the hell cares about college transcripts!!!! Has Mitt the Twitt showed his college transcripts, Hell NO. Get off the birther crap!!!! It has been proven he was born in Hawaii. If you so called birthers could prove otherwise, why haven’t you???????????????

      • This is a lie. You are wrong!

      • Gammaanya

        grasping at straws?? The truth hurts that your hero Robmeofmoney is a c heat and a liar??

      • Joseph Hemphill

        I want to see Romneys DNA sample, I don’t think he is human…..

      • OMG is this all you have say and Who is we…Real American People is not concerned. And if they where they know how to get that information.
        I’m going the pray for you, Brad Howard

    • edwardw69

      I couldn’t care less about Mr. Romney’s returns, except the 2009: did he take advantage of the 2009 amnesty for Swiss bank tax cheats?

      • DurdyDawg

        THAT’S the point edward, the two (count’um) two tax returns that he (says he) will release is totally bogus..(1) the 2010 return is his most damaging but he believes he can skate on that one because (2) the 2011 will be doctored enough to make the fools believe it only happened once thus must had been an accident.. that is, IF he totally releases them and there’s pollen in the air that indicates he don’t think we deserve even those.. I’m with you! I want to see the years he can’t doctor.. THAT’S what I wanna see.. So, five years (including 2010 – 2011) would be acceptable.. Think he’d agree?

    • jcbsdriver

      I also think his standing with the Mormom church could possible be shaken. If he has kept millions in income hidden from IRS to avoid taxes, then he has also hidden it from his church. Since Mormons are required to tithe 10%, that would be a large sum owed to the church.

    • CrankyToo

      Well put, atc333. But you forgot one other thing which would be revealed if Romney’s tax returns were exposed to scrutiny, and which would be detrimental to his campaign: the fact that he has consistently paid far less in taxes (as a percentage of income) than the rest of us (excepting, of course, those others who inhabit the realm of the 1%).

    • If you knew anything, you would know we don’t require our presidential candidates to even submit a tax return (kind of redundant since the IRS already has them on file), it has always been a courtesy on the part of the candidate. Most of the candidates have produced those, and George Romney had produced the most (12). When Obama requested H. Clinton’s, she refused. Only after he submitted his (a total of 6) she submitted hers (a total of 6). I am sure, if asked, Mitt would produce more, as he hasn’t sealed his records, so I am sure he has nothing to hide!

      • He has been asked. Repeatedly

      • Landsende

        He has been asked to release his tax returns and has refused. Mrs. Romney stated that they will not release any more to “you people”. If he has nothing to hide he should release his tax returns and follow the example of his father who released 12 years of tax returns.

        • Here is why the Romney’s use the term “you people”. Read carefully.
          MITT ROMNEY IS NOT A CHRISTIAN! Romney is a Mormon. Romney and Ryan spend much time and effort trying to convince the public that they are both devout Christians. This is not true!
          The following is a part of the Mormon belief system:
          Abraham chapter three:
          2 And I saw the stars, that they were very great, and that one of them was nearest unto the throne of God; and there were many great ones which were near unto it;
          3 And the Lord said unto me: These are the governing ones; and the name of the great one is Kolob, because it is near unto me, for I am the Lord thy God: I have set this one to govern all…
          We have all noticed that Mitt and Anne Romney speak from a very lofty and removed position using the the phrase “you people” to refer to others. They believe they are from another and superior planet closer to God so they of course regard us as inferior. Christians who support Romney would do well to understand his religion and thus his attitude toward them and toward us all.

      • atc333

        I knew that particular bit of information. It is done in a spirit of full disclosure, something we have not seen from Romney, as he seems to have much to hide. From your comment: ” (kind of redundant since the IRS already has them on file) Apparently you do not understand or else chose to ignore the fact that all tax returns filed with the IRS are confidential, and not subject to public review. or disclosure. They cannot be seen by others,unless pursuant to his consent, or Court Order. We have neither.

        Bottom line remains the same. Mitt seems to have much to hide, and chooses to just keep on hiding it. Most Presidential candidates release their returns, even George Romney, Mitt’s father, released his. So, why not Mitt? Obviously, Mitt is no George Romney, in either his respect for the pubic, or in his moderate political agenda which was to put the interests of all Americans first. Perhaps Mitt should look into that approach in 2016.

      • are you kidding? – many of Romney’s fellow republicans have asked him repeatedly to release the returns….do you have selective reading comprehension skills?

      • ” if asked, Mitt would produce more, as he hasn’t sealed his records, so I am sure he has nothing to hide!” pure Republican mythology and propaganda!
        Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
        FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

    • We have all noticed that Mitt and Anne Romney speak from a very lofty and removed position using the the phrase “you people” to refer to others. They believe they are from another and superior planet closer to God so they of course regard us as inferior. Christians who support Romney would do well to understand his religion and thus his attitude toward them and toward us all.

    • How about? He is working in collusion with Al Qaeda, Hezbollah etc.? They share the same beliefs re woman, minorities and their RIGHT TO RULE!

  • CrankyToo

    Who can cite one problem confounding this country this doesn’t have its roots in the greed of people like Mitt Romney? He represents the absolute sleaziest among us – those who never have “enough” and who will do or say anything to have “more” (notwithstanding the fact that they already have more than any reasonable person could ever need.)

    And why in the world would a younger Mitt Romney, with presidential aspirations, conduct his business and financial affairs in such a way as to preclude revealing the details of those affairs years later – at the critical moment, with the presidency within reach? Greed and avarice. Ironic, isn’t it?

    Hopefully, Romney’s greed will be his undoing. If not, it will surely be ours.

    And if you don’t vote against the Greedy Old Party this November, from the top of your ballot to the bottom, then you’re either in the top 5 percentile or you’re a dumbass. No offense.

    • Hopefully, Romney’s greed will be his undoing. If not, it will surely be ours.

      Well spoken truth!

  • joceandre

    Why should any of us be surprised? If that man wins the election from day one we will be at war. His business probably involves in selling body bags and weapons. The man is a loose cannon.

    • DurdyDawg

      Actually, the loose cannon is good old number two, uh! I mean the potential V.P. If I could recognize the first dummy who wouldn’t hesitate to push that red button, it’s that sorry excuse for a life. Only a sleaze bag would drool all over himself knowing he could be a mere few days away from putting millions out on the soup line or worse by gleefully taking away social services, welfare, unemployment and medical aid..

  • dggrundhoffer

    Romney middle name is Greed!!!

  • Justin_Fair

    Mr.Romney is a modern-day gangster in the mode of Al Capone and John Dillinger. He would kill the dreams of millions of hard-working Americans if he’s elected. There’s no wonder he won’t show his tax info! The people would find out too much about him. He might even end up in a Federal Penitentiary.

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Romney Hood +”
    This Version takes from the Hurt, Injured, and the Dead, then gives to the RICH!
    Life Size Image of MITTENS included with all Orders – Available 11/6/2012 – Hurry while Supply Lasts – MITT!!

    • DurdyDawg

      Sorta like this..

  • For those still seeking the tax returns, I say who cares – this man is an abomination…I do not need to know one more thing about him….I pray that Americans have heard enough and know without a shadow of a doubt, that if elected we can all collectively say bye bye to America…our children will have no future and countries the world over will shake their heads in utter dismay…

    • I see the Kool-aid is working.

      • If Romney’s elected, you’ll wish you had the type of Kool-aid Jim Jones fed to his “followers.”

      • Brad, Welcome to 1984. Have you read it? You should.
        Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
        FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

  • Kenneth Bailey

    The man is an opportunist from the misery of others. Why would anyone want a parasite of such caliber running this country? We had one VP just recently that took advantage of the Iraq War to provide unsolicited indefinite quantity contracts for the War and made billions from the War the VP and Bush II started from lies to the American public. Are we not smart enough to figure out te GOP pundits are for themselves based on greed and old white men in black suits?

    They have shown themselves to be war mongers but yet everyone of them that have been president have dodged the draft, took deferrments and sent our young people off to fight their wars only to profit from them. They vote themselves in tax breaks and the middle class pays for them. These are the people who brought us the trickle down voodoo economics under Ronbo, the great savior of the GOP, and they continue to pay homage to a man who brought us the Iran/Contra Affair that he could not remember being a part of. It is nice to have selective memory.

    Oh yes, we cannot forget they brought us the Great Recession with Dubya the Dumbo and try to justify his actions as keeping this country safe. I have to laugh at that one because if Dumbo and Condie had listened to our intelligence agencies the attack of 9/11 could have been avoided. I am not saying that 9/11 is laughable, it is the justification of Dubya the Chimp uses for his spending by saying he kept us safe after the greatest damage to this country was already done on 9/11. How stupid do they think we are? Apparently they believe we are idiots to believe this BS and still vote for people such as McConnel and Boehner. Enough already.

    • He is a sociopath serial rapist of the lives of others!

    • Dave_sNotHere

      “How stupid do they think we are?”

      Isn’t it obvious?

  • tax payer

    Would you like for people to see your income return of low income and know you qualify for everything low income people get in this country? I believe an answer of no is what you may say, so why do you people want to know how much others earn? It’s not any of your business since these people work for what they have in life such as the people that have a low income and they get all the benefits provided to them for being lazy breeders. I am not rich or poor just an average Joe that doesn’t depend on the tax payers to provide for my family. We gave life to our children, so we pay for their food with our own money and every man should do the same, but they won’t do it until we stop the free giveaways in this country.

    • english_teacher

      Except those people aren’t running for the highest office in the land. The Republican candidate’s father, an honorable man, voluntarily released 12 years of tax returns, saying that releasing “One year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show”. His son cannot be bothered to release full forms for even two years. Yet he could show John McCain several years worth of tax returns.

      As those who will be choosing the next president, don’t we have a right to know who it is that we’re “hiring”? Or aren’t we as good as John McCain?

      But you might have an idea. If some low income people showed their tax returns, then maybe people like you would begin to understand that you can only pull yourself up by the bootstraps if you have boots to begin with.

      • AmusedAgain

        The best case for his tax returns being particularly damning comes from the McCain 2008 Campaign.

        In 2008, the economy was falling off the cliff.

        McCain had a choice:

        He could go with the guy with the Harvard MBA and Law Degree, or he could go with the gal who squeaked out a University of Idaho Bachelors degree in six years.

        He could go with the guy who had been Governor of Massachusetts (Population about 6.5 million), or he could go with the gal who had been Governor of Alaska (population 700,000).

        He could go with the guy who had business experience, or he could go with the former Mayor of Wasilla, the Meth Capital of Alaska.

        He saw both of their tax returns. He picked Palin.

        Connect the dots…if your imagination is vivid enough to buy into the Kenya thing, the Soetero thing, the he-wasn’t-at-Columbia-or-Harvard thing, the Muslim thing, or any of the other half baked BS, you can certainly connect these dots….

    • fedupwitgop

      If Mitt Romney keeps talking there will be no need for him to show his returns!!!!!

      • Won’t the debates be entertaining? Can you even imagine this guy trying to match wits with President Obama…..OMG – high comedy indeed!

        • I pray [in my way] the the debates do take place. I don’t think Romney has the guts to debate President Obama.

          Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
          FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

    • grammyjill

      And if you lost your job? And lost your home? And lost your insurance? Millions did. And they are not lazy!

      • tax payer

        I don’t work because I worked my whole life and am now retired, but one thing I never depended on the tax payers to support my family. The pension I get I paid into it all the years I was working, if I can do it then so can these lazy bums you all support in these country. Social Security also takes care of me and yes I paid my part to get social security and it’s not SSI.

        • grammyjill

          My point was, they are not all lazy bums. They would like nothing more than to get up tomorrow morning and have a job to go to. Don’t generalize. Alot of these “lazy bums” get up every morning and spend their day trying to find any work they can. It is very degrading to not have a job to go to. I have seen that alot. Most won’t go to sign up for any programs because they don’t want charity. We have a young man living in a tent in our backyard because he lost his job then everything else. He found a new job last month so is now saving for an apartment before winter sets in. And that’s great for him, but what if he had a family. Should he not get food stamps or help to pay his rent until he found a new job or should he be living in that tent with his family with no food?

  • If there is any truth to this (and there appears to be ) Mitt Romney may have profited directly from the losses caused by 9/11. The documentation would most likely be hiding in those tax records he won’t release. Anyone who profited directly from the financial losses caused by 9/11 was like a vulture feeding off a a dead carcass, and does not deserve to be the president of the United States under any circumstances whatsoever. There should always be a moral line one won’t cross just to make a buck. Apparently Romney crossed that line. That puts him in good company with pimps. drug dealers, and baby sellers. . They don’t mind crossing that moral line either. I take back an earlier statement I made: Romney may not be such a “good man” after all.

  • Maynard

    Here is a current example of how Romney believes in America. A company that has been a backbone for employment in my home town of Freeport, Illinois once called Micro Switch and now owned by Bain under the name of Senata is being forced to train Chinese for their jobs because they will all be out of work in November and the jobs will be in China.
    They make switches for autos, planes and MISSILES. The workers tried to speak with Romney at the Iowa State Fair. They were shouted down and called “communists” while the real communists in China get their jobs. There jobs and pensions will be gone soon They also tried the RNC where they were kept isolated with the protesters.
    Freeport has been largely Republican since Lincoln where the most famous Lincoln-Douglass debate was held. The Freeport Doctrine would cost Douglass the presidency and put one of our greatest presidents, Lincoln, in the White House. Let’s hope they will break with tradition in this election as the Republican Party of today makes a mockery of Lincoln’s memory.
    Maybe Mitt the Hypocrite no longer runs Bain’s current corporate raids. Still Bain gives Mitt residuals .
    Romney believes in America – all the way to his Caymans and Swiss Bank accounts.

  • Maynard

    Do all you who want to see Obama’s school transcripts know who was elected President of the Harvard Law Review, Romney or Obama?
    Hint: the name starts with “O” and ends in the same letters as Alabama.
    He also taught at the University of Chicago. Do you think they looked at his transcript? I do.
    But I am one of those CRAZY liberals.

  • has romney created any jobs with all his millions to create growth in this country? If not, he should not get the tax breaks. Soo much for Regans trickle down economics. The only place his money is going is into an off shore bank accounts

  • McCain got to see 23 YEARS of Mitts returns so he could be the VP but only one year to the American people so far to be the President?

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

    • tokoloshi27

      dana; my hmm back is that; given the level of personal attack and deliberate, mis-statements of fact from Romey’s opponents; why on earth should he or anyone share financial data with folks like that?

      Not to say this doesn’t go both ways, but in this instance its a “no-brainer” not a hmm…

      • AmusedAgain

        The best answer is fourfold:

        1. George Romney made the case that one year could be a fluke. His son wants to be president but won’t pony up.

        2. In the absence of facts, Romney–if he’s smart enough to be President–must have known that speculation would fill the informational void.

        …Is Reid right that Mitt paid no taxes some years? We don’t know.

        …Did Romney make MORE MONEY during Obama’s administration than he did under Bush? We know this for a FACT: Romney “earned” $21 Million in 2010, and complains the economy was crappy. If I made $21 Million in a year, I’d paraphrase baseball player Minnie Minoso, who, for years, has said simply, “Baseball be very, very good to me.” What would Mitt consider a “good” year in the economy? How much would he have had to earn? We don’t know.

        …Did Romney pay state taxes in Utah to avoid paying Massachusetts state taxes, which are higher, while voting in Massachusetts, thereby potentially violating Mass Voter state laws? We don’t know.

        …Did Romney claim more in tax deductions to the Mormon Church than he actually gave? We don’t know.

        …Tax Loopholes? Off shore tax avoidance? Investing in companies that made money off of 9/11. We don’t know.

        …Did Ann’s dressage horse get written off as a medical expense due to her MS? We don’t know.

        3. McCain saw 23 years worth. He picked Palin. How bad would your tax returns have to be if you’re a Harvard MBA/Lawyer, former Gov of Mass, and titan of industry to be passed over for the VP slot for Sarah Frickin Palin?

        4. When it comes to deliberate misstatements of facts, Gov Romney and Representative Ryan need to open their King James Versions to John 8:2-11.

        • grammyjill

          the horse was written off a a business expense. fraud right there. and if it was for her medical, wouldn’t she be riding it? she never has.

    • grammyjill

      and he picked palin? hmmmmm.

  • All this man is about is profits for him and sharing it with only his church which is like a family. He wants the job of President so he can feather his and his church’s nest. I predict that if God forbid he gets elected we will be in a shoot war somewhere within 6 months. I for one am tired of the neo-cons running this country and making another mult billionair richer.

  • sheilab2

    If we elect this man we can expect that the next four years will be very, very profitable for Mitt’s rich friends. And, of course, he will get even richer. What do the Koch Bros.want for their gazillion dollar investment in this goof? And Sheldon Adelson – what is his motive? I am very suspicious of why these questionable rich poobahs are investing so much money in getting this twit into the White House. Don’t bet on his brains – he really is very, very stupid, as evidenced by his idiotic remarks and questionable statements. He has never had an original thought and if you think he built Bain Capital and ran the Olympics single handedly, I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you. He obviously had some very competent help, all of whom got no credit from this rich frat boy. And I will save my comments on Lyin’ Ryan for another time as I can only stand to talk about these two one at a time or I will lose my breakfast.

    • You nailed it…when people “contribute” hundreds of millions to a candidate’s campaign, it is no longer called a “contribution”. It is an INVESTMENT! – So, I ask, what exactly do these guys expect in return? Think about it….very scary….OBAMA 2012 – Romney – dismissed.

    • grammyjill

      The Koch brothers will be able to drill where ever they want probably including your yard and Sheldon is under federal investigation, probably needs a president to pardon him. And if their plan goes in, Sheldon’s investment of 100 million will net him a return of 8 billion.

  • dotutz

    When is everyone going to “wise up”???? Mitt Romney is probably the worst person who ever ran for our highest office. Everything that comes out of his mouth is stupid! Not all Billionaires have brains you know?

    • Oh come on now, he is an eloquent speaker – here’s an example….LOL

      ‘I’m a leader and I’m going to lead because that’s what America needs – leadership. When I lead, America will get that leadership because I’m a leader who will lead America by leading the country through my leadership’.

      ~ Mitt Romney

      • grammyjill

        He reminds me of Regan who could speak for an hour and say nothing.

  • MPD

    Scum. Pure scum.

  • desertdustoff

    Brad howard…spoken like a true repugnican! Educate yourself you mindless twit! Comparing Obama’s wealth with nit wit mitler’s illegal mega holdings in many off shore accounts is 1million times stronger than the old “comparing apples and oranges” adage. His grades from college? What is with that…what does that mean? Either way, you know his grades are better than frat boys…but that has nothing to do with anything. And still a birther…you tea baggin’ (kkk) rethuglican’s ignorance astounds me!! That ship sailed so long ago. Try reading something instead of just listening to fauz nooz (Fox no-news) and drug addict limbaugh for all of your info. Ignorance abounds…that is the biggest demographic that has come from this puppet mitler and his talibangelical running mate, if his lips are movin’ lyin ryan. And the majority of the ignorance flows from the south. Get over it… a black man was elected the president of the USA and will be elected for another 4 years. And the gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophiles), American taliban party is heading down the road to irrelevance and obscurity. And your epugnican women…they should be ashamed for allowing twits like you and their “lord” husbands to tell them how to think, how to vote, and even what they can do with their own bodies…SHAME ON THEM Such fools…

    • DurdyDawg

      Like I mentioned earlier, their not looking for grades or how many days he skipped class.. Their focused on his admittance papers, where he declared his residence.. their still honoring their Don’s regurgitation.. They want to see “Muslim” written under ‘Religion’.. Then when that falls through, they’ll think up some other lame ploy. If nothing else their consistent.. You know, like flies on shit.

  • desertdustoff

    And this is surprising because…what would you expect from someone like nit wit mitler? And you “kook” repugnican, fun dumb a mentalist, talibangelical, tea baggin’ (kkk), rethuglican, gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophiles), American taliban, middle class hating, party…you still want this puppet crook to be your president? And you repugnican women…you support a party that allows your “lord” husbands to tell you how to vote, how to think, and what you can do with your bodies? What a disgrace to womanhood you are. Talk about the “go back” party!! SHAME.

  • Barry35

    Half truths and lies I thought the Romney/Ryan team had the patent on that.

  • Barry35

    President Obama has released 12 years of tax returns and as for your statement about Romney’s returns, what space mission have you been on for the last couple of months?

  • Barry35

    President Obama has released 12 years of tax returns and as for your statement about Romney’s returns, what space mission have you been on for the last couple of months?

  • Believe in America…you’re next

  • 113121

    lol Nobody is leaving New York except for thank God, Rush.
    Trickle down hasn’t worked yet in all the years they have tried it, dropping the tax rate down to zero for some major companies hasn’t helped anyone but a handful of people.
    So what makes you think I should let an off shore,outsourcing, destroyer of companies with massive borrowed bank debt, ” I like to fire people!”,”Corporations are people my friend.”, forced birth, get rid of Romneycare on the first day in office kind of person run this country? He’s already got a $77,000 tax credit for his horse, which is a lot more than you can get for a living child. No thanks. I like how my investments are doing now and I like how my family and my neighbors are doing under the Democrats. If you want my vote you will need to get religion out of your party and stop abusing the middle class. And stop putting people like Paul Ryan up for VP as well. Who on earth thought that was wise?
    BTW, they can put the tax rate up to 100% in Greece until they pay out something the country can’t run. Read up on the Onassis family for fun.

  • This guy’s morals go from bad to worse.

    • He has no morals. He lies to everyone including his church…I suspect that after he loses the election the Mormon church will excommunicate him for failure to pay 10% tithing (on whatever monies he absconded with that equals his wealth), but more importantly for being a liar and an embarrassment.

    • Sand_Cat

      Mitt has morals? Sounds like front-page headline material to me. What’s your source?

  • karinursula

    When will enough be enough?? Yesterday should have shown all the american people that Romney is not fit to be President.

  • Ed

    Nor does putting his money in foreign banks, nor his vice president hopeful running for his congressional seat. But hypocracy defines the repub candidates, and their staffs.

  • How long are you Liberals going to believe all this crap you are fed? Look at the facts that are important to all of us in this country, not the distractions from Obama & media to take your minds away from the terrible economy, unemployment & debt. It is so obvious that Obama has failed in his policies and we are headed to disaster for ALL of us.

    • Sand_Cat

      It’s obvious you haven’t a clue what you are talking about, and that you label anyone who dares to present facts contrary to your preconceptions a Liberal who has been fed crap of some sort. All three of the ills you mention are directly traceable to the actions of George W. Bush – who destroyed the government’s revenue while starting one completely unnecessary and very expensive war, conducting another with such incompetence as to run the bill to the heavens, and added other expensive and unfunded programs, along with appointing incompetent hacks to regulatory positions – and the Republicans in Congress who have steadfastly resisted any and all efforts to do anything about the ongoing crisis, with some help from weak and vacillating Democrats. Yet, despite their best efforts, there has been job growth, however slow, since almost the beginning of Obama’s term, and the whole economy didn’t go down the crapper, which is where it was headed at an accelerating pace under GWB.

    • Dave_dido

      We are not headed for a disaster. We are slowly pulling out of a disaster that started about ten years ago, and it wasn’t started by President Obama. It was started when President Bush cut taxes for political gain, increased Medicare payouts with Medicare Part D, also for political gain, and spent billions on a war that he started. While we were sinking into debt, he and V. Pres. Dick Cheney kept insisting that deficits don’t matter.
      Much of the increase in the deficit under Obama happened in the early months of his presidency and was really attributable to Bush/Cheney policies.Yes, President Obama increased the deficit with his stimulus packages but that was done to try to kick-start the economy which Bush economics had destroyed.
      But take heart, there is a very simple solution to the deficit- just let the Bush tax cuts expire for everyone until the deficit gets paid down.This would take about ten years. We should be able to agree on this as it involves shared sacrifice for everyone,left and right. But,alas, the party that complains the loudest about the deficit, the GOP, is also the party that refuses to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. Why? Because what they want more than a fiscally sound America is a failed Obama Administration. They have said this time and again. They are traitors to their country. Why? Same reason that Thomas Jefferson, a father of democracy, refused to commerce with a democratically elected Haitian government: mustn’t let a Negro administration succeed.

    • re-post
      President Obama is a success! BRAVO!
      The debt clock was taken down during the Clinton presidency because it was going backwards. During the eight years of the Bush presidency it was started up again. After two wars which were fought on borrowed credit and the financial meltdown America was in the worst economic collapse ever. There were lives lost and lives changed forever due to these wars. People lost their life savings that they had been counting on for their retirement. They lost jobs and then their homes. Under President Obama we are now adding jobs instead of losing them, the stock market has doubled and the real estate market is picking up. Instead of trying to block legislation that would help the economy, if congress would pass a jobs bill that would put the middle class back to work the economy would improve and our crumbling infrastructure would get some sorely needed repairs. If both parties would try working together like they used to the debt clock would become obsolete again.

  • Bob Williams

    This is EXACTLY the kind of man we need to have a POTUS! Romney will be able to take Obama’s lemons and make lemonade out of them.

    Obama, on the other hand, has the “Reverse Midas Touch”, where he can take gold and turn it into crap – right before our eyes!

    • imabrummie

      This is exactly NOT, repeat NOT the kind of person who should be granted the privilege of occupying the White House as the POTUS! It is a slime of the first order with absolutely NO integrity. He is not qualified enough even to clean the shoes of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES let alone occupy that position.

    • You are a CONTROLLER running on terror and hate. Read below!:
      CONTROLLERS – only feel safe and prosperous when they are using others for their own gain.
      And there are FREEDOM FIGHTERS- know they are most benefited when they live for the benefit of all.
      Defeat the CONTROLLERS.
      FREEDOM FIGHTERS re-elect President Obama!

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    How could any decent person vote for Romney? A total profiteer, flipper on every issue for political gain, a outsourcer of USA jobs, a tax dodger….He tells everyone else to take responsibility but never does for himself. The only thing he ever created that has any substance for good was Romney care and he runs from that to embrace the tea party. He is a boob and so inept to take the job of commander and chief. Even the zombies are niot jumping up and down any more or should I say at least not all of them!

  • When I see him talk on television I cringe, and it’s not just because he’s a Republican. I grew up with a liberal Republican mother and a conservation Democratic father, both from the South (North Carolina). Mitt Romney bounces all around on his policies because he apparently has no moral compass and therefore is like a jellyfish….stay away from people like this! Toxic and creepy, which is my impression of him.

  • It makes sense, true to the Republic motto, Just like Mr C and Haliburtin. Nothing changes with thse guys, Money and GREED!!

  • Steve danna

    The only way that that banana will see the inside of the White House is as part of a
    And if you wish to go downhill faster then the steepest rollercoaster then vote GOP.

  • A CROOKED businessman!


    The FACT

    Mitt RoMoney is BAD for this country.

    If RoMoney wins, we ALL loose.

    Tell your friends, neighbors, and even strangers what a sleaze bag this guy is really.

    • DurdyDawg

      I think they all know, they just don’t want to agree so they play the contrary game and the only one’s to benefit will be the one’s we’re not supposed to know about.

  • blueclouds123

    Do you really want to support and have as president a person,Romney. who surrounds himself with people of the past who destroyed the U.S. and started a war,Iraq, just for his daddy, due to the threat that Saddam had made to Bush senior. The threat was that if given the chance he would kill Bush senior. Nothing ever happened and Bush junior knew the possibility of this happening was slim. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all claimed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, and we all know now that was a lie. Romney has surrounded himself with the imfamous 3 plus a number of Bush people who worked in the background. Do we really want a man who keeps bad company, flip flops words that he has spoken, to me cannot even think clearly to arrive at a right decision and is a blatant liar. Realize it will not be Romney running the U.S. it will the Bush crowd who are war agenda people. Money will be flowing for Haliburton and Romney.

  • blueclouds123

    Romney keeps inferring that Obama is not one of us. Question is Romney one of us? His father and mother moved to Mexico as they did not agree with the morman practice of having multiple wives. They lived there for many years. Was Romney born in the U.S. or Mexico. Where was this man born?

    • DurdyDawg

      You’re taking it all out of context blue.. When he said, “Obama is not one of us”.. he was speaking to the 1%. He’s already pointed out his hatching place so he beat you to that one.

  • blueclouds123

    People in Ohio do NOT^ believe the lie Romney is telling you that Obama was not born in the U.S.
    If his birth certificate was fake surely people who investigate people who run for the Presidential office or Senate would ensure that all information provided to the by Obama was TRUE. In this election you must think clearly and with reason. Romney has proven many times he is a liar as well as his VP representative so do not believe everything that Romney states. If the lie about Obama not being born in the U.S. therefore not an U.S. citizen was true he would not insinuate this fact in a roundabout manner, but show definite proof and speak boldly and with confidence about this matter. His demeanour proves he is lying.

  • And perhaps this is why he doesn’t want to show his tax returns….so nobody knows where the money came from.

  • What a scumbag!

  • stanleyh

    Mitt is a lying SOB and would screw his grandmother for a nickel. He profits from the misfortunes of others. He is the lowest scum on earth and if elected President would only contin ue to pad his own pockets at the expense of the public.

  • And he had the nerve to ridicule Kennedy for exactly the same words,”it’s in a blind trust”.What a hypocrit .Is this the person you want for president?

  • day004

    Remember the Monty Python clip of one corporate headquarters raiding another. Someone shoud redo this with Romney face inserted.

  • A carbon copy of Herbert Hoover. A puppet for big business. A nightmare for the working class.

  • Of course. He’s a Republican.

  • the pubs would call it a free market. greed is who they are. they do not care and the ignorance of the american people is beyond belief. then they start blaming dems for their bad decisions. they seem to lack the brain cells to make decisions that are good for the country.

  • strawberryjam123

    A good name for Romney is Vulture….

  • Love the fact that Romney/Ryan plan was exposed by Biden I love it when Biden is Biden.. He speaks for us..Obama/Biden 4 mor 44.. Look forward to the next debate.. Obama will be his usual calm and presidential self. I am glad that he has that type of disposition rather than immediately dropping bombs as Robme would have done… what a tard that Romney…He represents all of the corporate raiding, uncaring, stingy, greedy, lying, cheating shirts. What in and who in the hell told Robme that he could EVER be president..they must be running out of candidates if Robme is all they could come up with and a highschooler who’s good at numbers and lies.

  • People who invest money must watch the investments not just for their profits, but to know exactly in what they are investing! A company to dispose of aborted fetuses? Well, I guess someone has to do it. Ignorance does not equate with honor or innocence, especially when a person has a Harvard MBA! Surely there were dicussions of ethical considerations as part of the MBA program. Didn’t Bush have an MBA from Harvard? I forget — apparently he did too (forget). And to accuse Ted Kennedy of something — and then to excuse himself for the same thing! “Oh, what a tangled web we weave,/ When first we practice to deceive,/ But if our wits we exercise,/ We’ll soon be telling fool proof lies!”

  • Keep it logical and reasonable. If you don’t like Obama’s policies, attack them in a reasonable way. What you said will not convince anyone to change his/ her mind. You won’t even make people angry — just disgusted with your comments and sorry for you. Come on, now.

  • Yes, but Mr. Gates’ altruistic effots as a percent of his income would be like my giving $40 of my South Carolina teacher’s salary! I disagree about his keeping his nose out of educational reform. He has done many good things. He did buy up small tech firms that had what he wanted, but he didn’t, unlike Romeny, raid them.

  • Don’t let the Mexicans hear you say that!

  • A truly AMORAL person and a monster by any definition!