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Monday, October 24, 2016

Congress is on the August recess and when they get back the House is only scheduled to work 9 days.

But that’s still more than enough time for both houses to create nearly a million jobs by each just taking one vote. All they have to do is repeal the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester.

“[The Congressional Budget Office] estimates that canceling sequestration would increase the level of real GDP by $113 billion (0.7 percent) and generate 900,000 new jobs in the third quarter of calendar year 2014; a number akin to 40 percent of the total number of jobs created over the last twelve months,” writes the Economic Policy Institute’s Rebecca Thiess.

America’s budget deficit is already falling faster than it has in 60 years while there’s plenty of reason to believe the sequester is actually increasing the deficit, both by increasing inefficiencies and reducing economic growth.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has asked to be judged on the laws his caucus has repealed. With one vote, his members can repeal a law that would give them an actual accomplishment to run on.


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  • gmccpa

    Well, this information will only cause the GOP to keep the sequester in place. No way will they allow another 900,000 jobs on Pres Obama’s watch.

    • Lynda Groom

      Exactly! Are there still people that believe the GOP would be behaving in the same manner if Romney had been elected? Of course not.

  • charleo1

    Of course they won’t allow the repeal of the sequester under any circumstances.
    Incredibly, the GOP is not at all about economic growth, reducing the deficit, or
    helping the jobless, and under employed get back to work. They are in political
    trouble nationally. So, naturally their concerns are about themselves, and holding
    on to a dwindling base that want them to do the impossible. Namely repeal the
    healthcare reform law. The other rather nasty, or useless things they are doing,
    like refusing to pass the Farm Bill, demanding 20 billion in cuts. Finally passing
    the important bill, only after the food stamp provision was taken out. This is all
    they’ve got. A few scraps to throw to the ravenous hounds that make up their
    base constituency. They are demanding blood, and plenty of it. And they just
    cannot deliver. They may take symbolic one symbolic vote after the next, as if
    to say, look we’re really trying up here! But the law survives, and the howling
    is continuing ever louder. Perhaps some of them are wondering now, if their PR
    Dept. might have gone just a tad overboard, with the doomsday rhetoric about
    ObamaCare? Because the days are growing shorter, and the date is quickly approaching, when the law will go into full effect, and game over. They can’t
    stop it. Their base is furious with them. So, the only thing they can do, is leave
    town. Quite a spectacle.

  • Dominick Vila

    Ending the sequester would help, but only if that decision is followed by investment in infrastructure, modernization, R&D, and education. The reason our economy is not rebounding as rapidly as it should, consider the obvious improvement in consumer confidence, is because no new jobs are being created by either the public or the private sector. Since the private sector is more interested in investing abroad, where a higher return on investment is all but guaranteed, and in seeking business expansion in emerging markets, our only option is for the public sector to do whatever it can to further stimulate the economy and create jobs. Unfortunately, the political climate in Washington is so poisoned, and the anti-spending campaigns launched by the Tea Party have been so effective, that a large segment of our population would rather spend their lives doing substandard work than consider government investment as a short term solution to our socio-economic problems.
    The only way this will change is if constituents tell their elected officials that we want investment and job creation at home, not in China or Bangladesh.

    • chisolm

      Government investing with borrowed money or money confiscated from others will not grow the economy, as evidenced by the trillions spent in the so called stimulus spending spree. Before you support spending even more on education you should look at the facts. We already spend more than other countries and if you look at various school districts throughout the US you will find that the amount spent has nothing to do with the results.

      • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

        Who are they confiscating money from? Investing in the stimulas spending spree as you call it, stop the financial free fall caused by Republican Trickledown economics and allowing Wall Street and Bankers to run rampart. So your solution to our education problems is to what, do away with education for those who can not afford private school? Is that so we keep cheap labor available for the Koch Brothers and Walmart? The CBO reported the federal budget deficit will fall to $845 billion in 2013.

        • charleo1

          Oh, you know the line. They wear it out. Stop stealing my
          money, my money, my money! When in fact, everyone’s
          taxes except for those making more than a million per year,
          haven’t been lower in 80 years!

      • Dominick Vila

        In my opinion, we need to raise the tax rates of everyone above the poverty line. You may also want to consider that putting people to work increases government revenues through taxation and eliminates the need to borrow to do the things we need at home. Most importantly, we could repair our infrastructure with a fraction of what we spent rebuilding Iraq (over $1T), much of it in sole source contracts for projects that were never completed in what is, ostensibly, one of the largest redistributions of wealth in history. There is nothing evil in rebuilding our crumbling bridges, replacing our inadequate levees, investing in R&D to give the edge we need to fend off the deluge of cheap junk we buy at WalMart, and investing in education. The future of every nation depends on how well educated and motivate our children are. The failures that are apparent in some districts have more to do with lack of parental guidance, supervision, and the need to motivate our young than lousy teachers or inadequate schools. Nevertheless, investment in state of the art equipment and the labs needed to demonstrate its value would go a long way towards filling the void caused by complacency and socio-economic imperatives.

      • MasterWes

        The biggest mistake of the stimulus money, especially to the banks, was started by Bush 2 and continued, to a lesser extent, by Obama ( see – not blaming ONLY the GOTP…) When the first bailout happened, it was to bail out the banks, NOT those who lost their homes. The banks ended up with the money lost to the housing market PLUS homes they could not sell.

        If the money had been used to catch up the bad mortgages, and then allow those who needed to sell the opportunity to do so without foreclosure, then the PEOPLE would have done better, property values may not have tanked as much, and businesses would not have closed, putting more people out of work.

        Of course, it was far better that the money be given to banks directly without restrictions, so they could fund golden parachutes, more risky purchases, and golden parachutes for the executives that put us here in the first place.

        • Dominick Vila

          In defense of Bush’s decision to bailout the banks, he really didn’t have a choice. Letting our banking system collapse would have been the end of capitalism, and would have made the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.
          I agree that there should have been greater focus on helping homeowners keep their houses, after the banks overcame the effects of their largesse, irresponsible lending, and investment in derivatives.

          • Lovefacts

            Actually, Dominick, he had a lot of choices. Not the least of which was to have rules in place prior to lending the money. He also could have pushed for passing a new Glass-Steagall Act.

            In addition, IMO, it would not have meant the end of capitalism. But I agree it would have created another depression. However, I don’t think it would have been worse than the 1930s. Unlike in 1929-1933 when bank accounts weren’t insured–the FDIC didn’t exist–most people deposit their money in banks and S&Ls insured by the FDIC. Once there was a shake out, then the government could have stepped in and supported the homeowners and started FDR style works projects, like the ones that built the Hoover Dam, and created visitor sites and trails in the National Parks. And these are just an example.

            Unfortunately, that would have taken courage. And I don’t think a single member of Bush’s WH, including Bush himself, would ever have considered putting the poor or middle class ahead of their peers–the wealthy, the banks and investment firms, and large corporations.

      • charleo1

        We are very aware of the extremists demands, we stop spending
        money we don’t have, on people, or education, a better infrastructure,
        or, healthcare for the millions of working poor, and so on. Better to
        to give it away in tax breaks to the top .001%. And wait for their
        pockets to overflow. Then we can run the Country on what drips
        down their legs.

      • Lovefacts

        From take, I’m assuming you mean taxes–like BofA and Wells Fargo not paying a dime and Romney paying 13%. We’re at our lowest effect tax rates in our history. Want something to complain about, take a look at the Eisenhower’s presidency. Yes, he built the interstate system and created the jet-powered USAF among other things. But he also had a 90% effective tax rate on the wealthy and a 50% tax rate on the growing middle class. This generation, the one that won WWII, didn’t complain. They supported paying to build American and keep it strong.

        What most “current” conservatives don’t realize or acknowledge is without a strong infrastructure or an educated population, the only difference between the US and a 3rd world country is the size and weapons of our military. FWIW, in the majority of first world countries, higher education–college/university–is free, we’re in 15th place. Oh, and they also heavily invest in infrastructure and alternative energy sources. Germany expects to have 20% of all electricity generated by solar and wind by 2015.

        Without this type of investment–including supporting homeowners and apartment owners to retrofit their homes/buildings–the US will fall further behind. But then, that would mean Americans and our politicians would have to take action to help the country and its citizens over that of the oil & gas industry or big agribusiness.

        • Sand_Cat

          A good post, but I think you’re wasting your time. chisolm already “knows” you’re just another “taker” trying to get more out of the government.

          • Lovefacts

            LOL! He wouldn’t if he saw my tax bill, then again he might. 🙂

    • Wayne Boling

      Just remember that come midterms people, it the house is in Democratic Control, then this could be a reality, but since the reperbs are creating bills about voting, they have to cheat to win, its up to all Americans to vote these treperbs out, which they will not do, Im sorry to say when its time to vote, Americans are stupid, they believe in lies , and propoganda, it will never get better only worse under a Reperb Controlled house and senate

      • Dominick Vila

        We have to do more than just vote. We have to encourage fellow Democrats to do the same, and we have to make sure they are aware of the barriers that are being erected to prevent them from voting, so that they can take the necessary steps to be able to exercise one of our most fundamental rights.

  • FT66

    I would like to know what the sequester has helped since it was put in place? If the answer is nothing except making some people suffer, then it should be ended immediately. What is the use of it?

    • Sand_Cat

      But Republicans think people should suffer: it builds “character.” Just look at all the characters in the GOP.

    • Dominick Vila

      The unstated goal was to slow down the economic recovery and keep unemployment at above average levels. Their strategy is not to solve our socio-economic problems, but to make sure they continue until at least the next election. With nothing positive to offer, their chances depend on making the other guys look bad.

  • Bill Mohon

    It’s like Rush Limbaugh said, “I hope he (President Obama) fails!” The GOP doesn’t want Obama to succeed – The gov’t. CAN and WILL create jobs (for private sector workers) if Congress will just pass a massive infrastructure project that repairs existing highways, railroads, bridges, and begins focusing on new clean-energy projects – just pass it, and “they will work”

  • djc84

    It’s funny how the argument is always how the government can’t create jobs. Well it sure can eliminate jobs! We all but lost the entire manufacturing sector and those jobs overseas courtesy of new trade legislation passed in the 90s. That’s about 10M jobs lost or created elsewhere completely due to government policy. Then once those jobs vanished overnight the worker who was gainfully employed became unemployed and the GOP called them “lazy” even though they were and are the big purveyors of the trade legislation that left those workers unemployed in the first place!

  • Pamby50

    I wish I could say that John Boehner will follow through on his statement that congress should not be judged on the number of bills that it creates but by how many it repeals. So let’s repeal the sequestration.

  • Allan Richardson

    Repealing the sequester would create 900,000 jobs, but it would also cause 200 to 300 people to lose their jobs: the Republican Congressmen and Senators!

  • ralphkr

    Formerly it was amazing to me that people ignore how the Great Depression was stopped by FDR spending huge sums (deficit spending) to turn the economy around. The big difference was that FDR programs put people to work on the infrastructure with many of the buildings and bridges built by his programs still in use today while both Bush and Obama both spent the money on the wealthy so they could send their money off-shore. Now I realize there is a reason for the ignorance of the conservatives other than their ongoing mantra of “don’t confuse me with facts” after being told by them that the Great Depression lasted at least until 1948 (it was no longer the Great Depression in 1937) and some even say it lasted until Eisenhower was President.

  • Bull Shit!
    Therea are lots of jobs available in the country for white & blue coller workers.
    Problem is corporate America is hiring cut-rate foriegn devils on H1-B visas claiming they can’t fid qualified workers.
    Unfortunately the #1 qualification they require is you’re going to work for dirt like the DOT-Heads do.
    END H1-B visas, punish financially companies that off-shore American jobs
    and fuck the 1%’ers!!