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Thursday, October 27, 2016

If you pay any attention to the apocalyptic rantings of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, you know his job is to say crazy things that make people fear the government and buy more guns.

Thus he’ll rant against violent video games even as his organization puts out violent video games. He’ll suggest that expanded background checks are basically tyranny though he used to support expanded background checks.

And at the 2013 NRA convention in Houston, he’ll politicize the Boston bombings by asking, “How many Bostonians wished they had a gun two weeks ago?” Then moments later he’ll blast his opponents for politicizing the massacre in Newtown. “They use tragedy to try to blame us, to shame us into compromising our freedom for their political agenda,” he said.

It would be crazy… if his point wasn’t to be crazy.

But since we’re asking questions about the Boston bombings: How many Bostonians wish the NRA didn’t impede the bombing investigation?

In the days after the bombings, as officials scrambled for any clue to track down the culprits who murdered three and injured hundreds, law enforcement was deprived of an essential tool, thanks to the NRA.

The National Memo‘s David Cay Johnston explains:

The inability to quickly track the gunpowders in the Boston bombs is due to government policy designed and promoted by the NRA, which has found a way to transform every massacre associated with weapons into an opportunity for the munitions companies that sustain it to sell more guns, gunpowder and bullets.

And while we’re asking questions, how many Bostonians wish the suspects didn’t have a gun that they likely obtained without a background check? And how much good did having a gun do MIT police officer Sean Collier?

Every tragedy has political consequences. When LaPierre and Sarah Palin blast the president and gun reform allies for using examples of gun violence to prevent further tragedies, they expose their own roles in making more tragedies inevitable.

AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

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  • bcarreiro

    making it political………..a fucking background check and the NRA wants to make it an issue of our second ammendment. it has nothing to do with it. this legislation is to protect the children and citizens from harm. its money racket in manufacturing and also the big old black market.sad to say but the boston bombers should have targeted the republican party who cause the demise in this country fuck the 1% you need us more then we need u.

    • BDC_57

      You got that right all they do is spread lies for the gun people

  • Lynda Groom

    Good old Wayne is one of the most dangerous men in the country. He comes very close to calling for armed insurrection and the darlings of the gun culture orgasm all over themselves. Nugent is indeed just a deranged clown, but Wayne should know better. The request of the American people for a rational background check system was not a threat to the 2nd Amendment, or the ownership of firearm to responsible citizens. The NRA is clearly coming up short on common sense. Even the majority of their own members came out in favor of a reasoned approach to background checks. They’ve got to stop feeding the fear and distrust of our government, and institutions that far too many of our fellow citizens are suffering from. It is not only in bad taste, but it is bad for the country.

    • the new prez seems worse – claims civil war war of northern aggression!!! They lost get over it sanity has already invaded
      the south

  • The NRA is going well beyond the Boston bombings, their latest “call to arms” may seem rhetorical to those capable of rational thinking, it is likely to mean something entirely different to people who interpret pictures of Democrats with crosshairs super imposed as an invitation to kill.
    He can thank freedom of speech for being able to use incendiary rhetoric that is likely to inspire more violence than we already have. I suppose this is not surprising considering the NRA record and their recent decision to oppose an expansion of existing background check laws to include gun purchases via the Internet and in gun shows. The organization that did not hesitate to defend the right of criminals, people with prison records, and the mentally ill from having easy access to lethal weapons is now moving taking the next step to achieve their ultimate goals: anarchy or civil war. When is the FBI going to step in and charge this bozo with incitement of violence?

  • AlfredSonny

    If NRA claims that the 2nd Amendment protects Americans the right to bear arms to protect themselves from the government, does this mean that bombs should be included? If so, weren’t the Boston bombers being deprived from having the right to make bombs? What is the difference between assault rifles and bombs?

    • stcroixcarp

      Actually, the 2nd Amendment reads, ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The NRA has the 2nd all wrong. It is not about individuals (note the collective noun “people’) to keep and bear arms against the State, but it gives the State the right to a well regulated militia, aka, National Guard to protect itself. The “people” are the well regulated militia,, not individuals who wish to attack the state.

      • AlfredSonny

        I am being sarcastic and trying to counteract NRA idiotic rationale. NRA and Republicans are proving that its more dangerous to think through their wallets than their middle!

  • docb

    How many Americans want the nra fear mongering gaggle to quit impeding responsible tracking of evidence?

    We are a Nation of 310+ million people who mostly repubs in Congress have let be ruled by the likes of keene, porter, and the arse lapepe….We have slaughter because they have chosen PROFIT over DEAD CHILDREN…. who poo-poo emotion but push it out in every sentence uttered by the inane and greedy of their gaggle!..Inciting violence and fear with their venal rhetoric.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    LaPierre may wear a suit and tie in public but he goes to sleep in his cammos. He fools no one. The minute the NRA began proselytizing children at their annual meeting last week, they showed Americans what they are really doing…breeding a whole next generation of armed nut jobs.

    When you cannot reason with an adult, it means they’ve lost control of their mental stability. Men and women who put lethal weapons in the hands of children under the age of reason, should be jailed.

    All the NRA shows is a bunch of belligerent Aholes. This has less to do with owning a gun than having the right to shove guns into the hands of innocent children and to keep their guns in our faces everywhere we go. Just imagine what this country would look like to foreign visitors if every man, woman and child walked around armed in public like the NRA jackasses want?

    • stcroixcarp

      The NRA is more sinister than just being crazy, they are racist fascists who promote and condone murder, profit from gang and drug activities in our cities, support terrorists and undermine our whole system of democracy. They need to be exposed for what they really are.

      • BDC_57

        You got that right the nra are for the gun manufacturer not the gun owners

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The NRA is creating as bad a reputation for themselves as the dumbasses of the International White Supremacist and Neo Nazis. However, since the NRA is supported by gun manufacturers who are also supported by our tax dollars, citizens can demand the NRA be disbanded or at the very least, all of our tax dollars withdrawn from gun manufacturers, up to and including tax cuts they enjoyed from 2001 to 2009. If their Porker states are so gun happy, let the Porker States support their gun manufacturers completely. Call your state reps and demand they withdraw all support for gun manufacturers and to disband the NRA.

  • JDavidS

    The NRA and that classless asshole LaPierre are nothing but cheap shills for gun manufacturers. Simply an embarrassment to sane gun-owners.

  • Article 1, Section 8, Subsection 16 of the United States Constitution, the very first Article in the seven Articles of the original Bill of Rights does not provide the right for any citizen of a non-military capacity who is not under the authority, training, and regulation of the united States military to keep and bear arms. Under the Constitution, keeping and bearing arms is a privilege, not a right. Read the Article in the U.S. Constitution. It has never been mentioned in any of the debates and discussions of the “right” to bear arms and has been convieniently been tucked away. The Article is more explanatory than the Amendment (2) drafted to address it. Go on line and read the Article in the Constitution and then read Amendment 2. They are self-explanatory. The NRA is a neo-Confederate organization inciting fear of “tyrants” and illusions of rampant “crime” to weak minded individuals who are themselves neo-Confederates, white supremacists, and plain ass-holes who get their rocks off snuggling up to a warm gun. Weapons of mass murder, military styled weapons of massive destruction were designed for the military and should be kept there. If anyone wants to possess one, or just want to hold one to feel safe and secure, they need to join the military or go to a shooting range.

  • “How many Bostonians wish” they had a gun during the lockdown.

    • none I know- I know someone who lived between the 2 sites – where bro 1 was shot & killed and where bro 2 was found in the boat – she let them use her bathroom after they took him away

      • And this proves what ?

        • JDavidS

          And your comment proved????

          • I live on Beacon St.– 3 blocks off Boylston. Plenty of people mentioned either having a gun ( me ) or wishing they had one.

          • howa4x

            who would u have shot?

          • As it turns out no one but I would have been prepared if he wound up in my backyard.

          • JDavidS

            Your comment made a statement. It proved nothing.

    • Many of them did, but they obeyed the curfew and stayed inside. Had they gone outside they would have been treated like a “suspect”. I think that’s called being smart.

  • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG

    The newly elected President of the NRA said: “Our most greatest
    [sic] charges that we can have today is to train the civilian in the use
    of the standard military firearm, so when they have to fight for their country,
    they are ready do it.” The NRA has become nothing more than a Terrorist Group wanting a Civil War within our Country. So much for their members being law abiding citizens.

    • howa4x

      No need for a civil war the red states could just leave this time

      • I think we should return Texas to Mexico.
        Aside from the obvious benefits, it would set a fine example
        for Israel to follow liberating the occupied territories.

        • howa4x


  • Mikey7a

    I voted for him twice. I have supported my President at almost every turn. That being said, I think Bill Maher just might be right. Democrats are pussies!! Why won’t President Obama, and the Democratic Senate, stand up to these Bat Shit CRAZY gun nuts, and just tell them that there are going to be Background checks. Mr. President, STOP trying to please everyone, and start shoving your weight around. You will return to the private sector once your term is up, there are no more political positions for a retiring President. PLEASE grow some, and tell these Right Wing fools, just how it is going to be!!

    • Background checks are being done now, That they are not is a myth. Pay attention.

      • howa4x

        there is a gun show loop hole

        • That’s part of the myth. Almost all guns sold at a gun show are sold by dealers,. They are required by law to do a background check and will ALWAYS do the check, Pay attention and stop acting like sheep.

          • howa4x

            You are the sheep, led around by the lies that the NRA tells you. Lie # 1 Background checks means that they will take your guns away. In every state that has strict background checks, no one has come to take away any guns. Lie # 2 there are no loop holes. Most guns fall into criminal hands when straw purchasers buy more than one gun which they are allowed to do. Lie # 3 background checks don’t cover internet purchases, which Holmes made to buy all the Ammo used in the Aurora massacre. Lie # 4 if we have armed guard in our schools the Sandy Hook massacre wouldn’t have happened. Truth is at both the Columbine and Va tech shootings armed guard were at both schools. The truth is the NRA represents the gun manufacturers and the only aim is to sell more and more guns. Now tell me the truth he man would you really go into the backyard knowing that this kid already shot and killed an armed cop? What if it was 2 young lovers sneaking in some fun. would you just ripped back the cover and started shooting?

      • Mikey7a

        You can walk in to ANY Gun Show, and walk out with as many guns as you can carry. Go away TROLL, no more time or patience for your redneck, inbred gun-totin asses! My Grand baby deserves the RIGHT to grow up!

        • See above. Why do you vacuous people always resort to the redneck claim. I live on Beacon Hill.

          • Mikey7a

            That is so funny, why do most yankees assume all rednecks are from the South? The biggest Redneck I ever knew was a Sargent from my USMC outfit. He was from Upstate New York!

  • howa4x

    That’s right if everybody in Boston that day had a semi automatic weapon they could have shot anyone that didn’t look like them thereby increasing the murder rate from 3 to 100 or more

    • The murder rate was 4 or don’t you like to acknowledge the policeman.

      • howa4x

        true I was only writing about the bombing itself and the scene around that

  • Oh puh-lease…this rag really needs to get some writters that have a brain.
    Instead of trying to make political points that are meaningless try going head on at the issues.
    Some of these articles are so sophmoronic it’s almost funny, except they’re serious.