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Saturday, December 16, 2017

You have to hand it to Mitt Romney and his team. Starting in the first debate, he pivoted almost effortlessly to the center, which is where elections are won. If he beats President Barack Obama, it will be because he Etch-A- Sketched his earlier positions and convinced enough people that he would be a moderate president.

Unfortunately, he has little chance of governing that way. We don’t know which Romney will show up on a given day, but we sure know which Republican Party would be in charge in Washington every minute. The Republicans have become the most extreme major political party in generations. They are tolerating Romney’s heresies this month only to gain power.

If a President Romney tried to govern in a moderate fashion by, say, allowing for some revenue increases to reduce the deficit, his base wouldn’t hesitate to savage him. Then he would be a man without a party, unless you include Senator Susan Collins of Maine. Were Senator Scott Brown to survive his challenge in Massachusetts (and Elizabeth Warren currently leads in the polls), the moderate Republican caucus in Congress might include just two senators, plus three or four House members. That’s it.

More likely, Romney as president would be a man with a strange crick in the neck, constantly looking over his right shoulder to see which pickup truck full of movement conservatives was about to run him over.

If you think he has the fortitude to stand up to people such as the anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who never hesitate to knife fellow Republicans for deviations, you haven’t been paying attention. Fortitude, constancy, commitment to a set of ideas — these aren’t likely to be the hallmarks of a Romney administration.

So we would have a president constantly buffeted by his base, which is far out of the mainstream. The events of this fall offer proof that Republicans hold extreme views that aren’t shared by most Americans. Otherwise, Romney would have been honest about his program and championed conservative issues instead of executing all those U-turns in the debates.

His real blueprint for governing, readily available from his public statements throughout the campaign, is almost completely at odds with the image he has sought to project before the huge audience of centrist voters who pay little attention to politics.

Instead of “loving regulation,” as he said in the first debate, a President Romney would gut what he called the “extreme” fuel-economy standards that are helping America move toward energy independence; repeal the Volcker rule and other sensible efforts to prevent another financial crisis; and relax emission rules for coal-fired plants, among hundreds of other favors for wealthy interests. Carte blanche for business is the soul of his otherwise soulless campaign.

In all three debates, Romney also claimed to “love” teachers and education. But as governor of Massachusetts, he slashed funding for the community colleges that train the middle-class workforce of the future. His election would end Obama’s only-Nixon-could-go-to-China progress on getting Democrats to sign on to his Race to the Top accountability standards for schools. Divided Democrats would unite to oppose Romney, dealing a severe setback to education reform. That’s why reformers such as Michelle Rhee and many of the hedge-fund managers bankrolling charter schools are strongly pro-Obama.

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90 Responses to If Elected, Moderate Mitt Will Disappear

  1. “the huge audience of centrist voters who pay little attention to politics.” And there you have it. They don’t pay much attention, so they do not have the facts they need to see how disastrous a Romney administration could be for this country.
    The far right pay attention – but only to sensationalist talking points provided them by Fox and Limbaugh – then run screaming around the internet declaring their importance.
    I’d bet $10K (teehee) that 95% of them knew nothing about Libya or Stevens until Fox and Rush filled their little heads. That they are running around with their preposterous (and manufactured) vitriol about the intelligence failure (well, actually, many scream that Obama is personally responsible for those four lives), just shows their ignorance. How can they possibly think that this failure is more egregious than WMD lies, 100’s of thousands of Americans dead? 4000 Americans killed on our own soil?
    I am very happy to note, however, that I am impressed with the overwhelmingly erudite, considered and civil posts from my fellow Democrats. Thanks, you give me hope for America’s future.

    • Did you also find that these so called “Independents” who agree now with Romney go back to the same lies, even after being debunked by the like of Foxnews afterward.

    • Romney Knows If The American People See Those Tax Returns He Would NEVER Be Elected!!! It’s Filled Whit More Gutting Out America And Destroying American Lives What He Have been Doing For A Living!!!

  2. As we approach the end of this long and spirited political campaign I believe it is time to reflect on what has happened, what has been said, and what to look forward regardless of who wins on Nov. 6. While we all have differences of opinion on how to achieve our goals, I think it is important to remember that when it really counts we are all one nation.
    Most of us have deeply held convictions or opinions on how to solve our problems, how to overcome the challenges we face, how to guarantee the safety and prosperity of our country, preserve our heritage, live a long and healthy life, and give our children the opportunities many of us never had. What is important to remember is that while our approached may be different, we all pursue similar goals.
    While most Democrats believe that private enterprise is the key to sustainable growth and low unemployment, we also believe government has an important role to play in providing services the private sector seldom pursues because of economic considerations. Social programs such as Social Security, MEDICARE and MEDICAID; our military, security agencies, customs, immigration, firefighters, and law enforcement officers; our diplomats, air traffic controllers, teachers, food and drug inspectors, research medical doctors at the CDC and other locations, and other institutions and civil servants provide services that are vital to our national security and well being. Most of us also believe that while ways to stimulate investment and job creation are important, regulation is an absolute necessity to minimize the probability of abuses, waste and fraud.
    Republicans favor, at least in theory, a socio-economic system that depends strictly on private enterprise and personal responsibility, with the exception of national security and a few other critical government functions. Their philosophy is based on the deeply held belief that taxation stifles prosperity, that the competitiveness inherent in private sector practices usually leads to cost effectiveness, and that profit fosters innovation and growth.
    The truth, in my humble opinion, lies somewhere in the middle. I spent much of my life working at NASA. During my tenure in one of the most progressive agencies in the Federal government I witnesses the attainment of goals that would have been unthinkable a generation ago. While most of those goals were achieved through the joint efforts of government and private sector contractors, the truth is that the latter would not have pursued them because the result of most of the incredible scientific findings achieved during the last few decades would not have yielded the return on investment that is the driving force behind private sector investment.
    I hope we find a way to mend the damage done by partisan rhetoric, regardless of who wins November 6, because what is at stake is much more important than our individual goals. What is at stake is the future of the United States, the future of our children, and our ability to continue to grow as a nation. Above all, we must not allow partisanship undermine our Constitution, Civil Rights and the values that hundreds of thousands of Americans fought and died for.

    • thank you for a very thoughtful and insightful piece – I have enjoyed your writings these past months – I am, in fact going to copy and paste this piece to my FB page for others to read, hoping they get it – thanks again Dominick!

    • Dominick I notice that no ring winger responds to your anaylze of the Nat’l Memo articles. The only one I seen in Bozo (Obozomustgo) reacting to the daily cartoon with a quote he got from some website. He never attacks the facts just issues some wild statements. Keep the comments coming and we will celebrate on 11/6

    • Thank you, Dominick. Although I dread a Romney Presidency, I have always believed that the office of the POTUS, and the person holding it deserves the respect of American citizens. I will be in deep mourning, but hope to give him the time to show us where he’s going before complaining too much. It would so beneficial if we could have discussions like yours above, showing some understanding the other side’s point of view. I am finding it impossible to have these types of discussions with anyone who gets their news from Fox, right wing radio, and the plethora of anti-Obama books. How do we get everyone back to being “Americans”?

      • Unfortunately, the Republicans are casting everyone who are not supporting their anti-progress agenda as anti-American and unpatriotic. We will survive the becoming hardship as we survived the 8 years of G.W. Bush. The problem will be the coming generations who will suffer the most. No one will have the courage or the political will to introduce any meaningful legislation to reign in the wildly running medical costs, or advance environmental issues that will affect the health of the nation. Mourning we do not need, what we need is to actively support Obama/Biden ticket.

        • Yea that progressive agenda has made sure that the unborn will face a debt load of over $130,000 the day they are born thanks to barak. The fact that only 21% of Americana’s say their children will do better than they have is a 100 year low

          • Now you worry about your kids, you did not worry about them when GW Bush made two tax cuts aimed for the rich, and doubled the Nat. Debt. Obama inhereted the mess of Bush, the mess that actually started with your Champ. Reagan.. Think about it my friend.. I was like you I voted for Bush in 2000, but not in 2004 after I saw what he did.. Three wars not paid for.. and after hearing Cheney say the national debt does not matter.. now it matter, only because a Dem in the WH.
            Search for yourself and you will find that almost al the industrial countries run with deficit budgets. And find also that Obama taxes are the lowest at 15% of the GDP.. But Obama tax cuts went mostly for the middle class, while Bush tax cuts went to the 1% and the rich. If you worked in his tenure then look at your salary stubs, and how much did you get then in tax cuts $10-20/ check.
            Look also to the Labor Dept Stats and you will find who created most of the jobs and who lagged behind.. Bill Clinton 23 mm jobs, Carter 10 mm (in 4 years), regan 16 mm (with the largest expansion of the Fed Gov.), all Reps since Eisenhaur created less jobs than Carter.
            Another thing to look for is that the US economy under Obama outpassed all the Western Countries.
            Then look for your favorite Romney created less than 40,000 jobs in his tenure as Gov of MA. and ranked 47 among the states.

          • Nice try but facts aren’t something your good with.
            Romney when Gov had the lowest unemployment rate so the room to add jobs was limited.
            Barak hasn’t added a single job since becoming president. There are FEWER americans working today than at anytime during W’s 2nd term.
            Our debt to GDP rivals Spain and Greece’s both countries have had to be bailed out by Germany
            Barak and the Dem’s have added $10 Trillion to the national debt since they took over in 2007 but for some reason they refuse to take credit for this disaster. Barak only inherited what he and his fellow Dem’s initiated with their budgets and tax initiatives since 2007
            As for Reagan and Bush 1 both had agreements with Democratic congresses that for every $1 in new taxes that there would be $3 in spending reductions…what happened no spending reductions instead spending went up.
            Barak hasn’t cut the taxes on the middle class in fact the middle class has faired far worse under obama than the poor or rich. Even Joe Biteme said that the middle class has been hammered under Barak

          • If you blame the Dems for Bush and reagan, then why aren’t you blaming the “Lame” Reb. Congress. I would like to see that when you reply to me is to support what you say with facts, not what you here from Foxnews and CNN.
            It was three wars that Bush started and the tax cuts that he lavished the rich with, that caused the Debt to grow.. he took office with surplus budget and turn it into deficit.
            Also, our debt is not above that of Spain and Greece. There is no Gov. in Western Europe that is running a balanced budget, only few countries in the Mideast have surplus budgets.
            Look at your check stubs now and before Obama took office and you will find the proof of tax cuts. Taxes right now is only 15% of GDP only, the lowest since income taxes bacame a law.

          • Lame republican Congress??? You mean the ones in 1994 that not only balanced the budget but started to pay down the national debt???
            3 wars?? care to name them.
            Suggest that you try Google on Spain and Greece and you’ll see how bad off we really are with nothing but Trillion deficits as far as the eye can see.
            Taxes as a % of GDP is 26% .
            As for tax cuts for the rich the last time I looked it was their $$$ to begin with. The check stub your looking at shows a reduction in FICA which means SS goes broke 5 years faster

          • Barak race, not your’s, and my family value!
            That is the actual reason, Barak race, he is mixed race.. but you are mixed too, whether you like it or not.. your origin in Africa and the Middle East.
            And if you believe it or not, We all belong to the same father and mother.
            Barak Obama did what a courageous POTUS should do, he did what he believe in, but Camelean Romney has a color for every occasion.

          • 80% of blacks have no idea who their father is. As for Lucy she was an Ape and her parental lineage is tied to the negro race

        • What a bull you trying, what I wrote here is the truth, nothing but the truth, and I have the stats to support what I say, you do not.
          What you saying is the garbage being thrown on the voters to elect a clown named Romney. I lived in CT when he was illegally elected to be Gov of MA.. and I know what he did and what he did not do.
          What he did is increase the fees on everything the State Gov. provided. The Budget has to be balanced according to MA Constitution. He Vetoed 844 legislations most were overridden. The only thing he did was what is called RomneyCare, which was molded into Obanmacare, now he claim that “what is good for goose is not good for gander”
          Your partly right about the jobs creation, the country as a whole were still in good shape as a residual from Clinton, but if you being the 47th in the union, it says a lot.
          The debt during Barak term is only $5T,not $10, it was doubled twice during reagan and GW, but her is another fact, the cost of the Obama $5T,
          will cost us less than what reagan indebted us. Barak is borrowing at the lowest rate ever, reagan was borrowing at 20% and Bush at 12%.. now it is less then 3%. Enough garbage.

          • The economy was in good shape when he was governor thanks to a republican congress that balance the budget and cut social spending waste.
            When looking at the deficit your forgetting to look at the 2 years 2007 and 8 when Dem’s controlled congress and started this deficit mess and huge unemployment.
            The deficit did go up under Reagan but it was caused by a democratic congress. Tip and Reagan had an agreement that for every $1 in tax increases he would cut spending by $3…what happen Tip reneged and spending actually went up, Bush cut a similar deal in 1990 raised taxes with a commitment that congress would cut spending by $2 what happened once again spending went up.
            Barak has added more debt than all the previous presidents combined. The debt that he is incurring is not building 1 bridge or 1 tank its being FLUSHED down the drain via social welfare. Even during the Depression FDR’s spending was 33% on social welfare now under barak its over 67%. Are we safer … NO are we stronger…NO all the taxpayers got was a lousy Tshirt and our children now are facing a debt load of $130,000 the day they are born. Sorry that maybe a family value for your and barak’s race but not mine

          • What a elephant dong you trying, the POTUS is responsible, he has a pen that he can use to strike item by item of spending, he could’ve also vetoed every budget he does not approve. If Obama to blame for adding 5Trillion to deficit, then both reagan and GW were responsible also for their part. Your story about the 1/3 taxes/cuts belong to Obama and was not agreed for by the GOP nuts, who said from day one that their objective is to make Obama one term President.
            Romney’s “Vodoo Economics’ per GH BUSH” did not work and will never work. As of waste, Social programs do not go to waste, the monies are spend in the country and circulated over and over into the economy..a tank or a ship or a plane once shipped, does not circulate, defense spendings are the worst waste you can imagine if not needed or used in war.. it will end a rusty hulk in the NM desert, or sent to India as rust ship to be stripped and melted for pennies on the $.
            Military spending was where Reagan indebt us, and if elected Romney will do the same. Remeember the wasteful Star-War program that sucked billions and never saw light.
            Beside, your Romney lies a lot about jobless numbers, saying “23 million jobless now”, and that is 15% of the work force of 145 million, as well as his math of the difference between the 7.8% and the 5.4% he said promised by Obama, He stated that is 9 mil. which 6.2% and not 2.4%. Add to it his attack on the environment “Obama wanted to save the Ocean..” and that he will like to “cut FEMA and give the responsibility to the States, better yet Privatize it”

          • He has a pen to strike item by item??? Really I’m talking about the US not some 3rd world country that you live in. Presidents have no ability to delete items via a line item veto.
            Barak’s trickle up Govt and socialism has never worked, just ask Germany in the 30’s and 40’s Cuba, USSR Venezuela etc. Once the govt guarantees outcomes no one will work much like the 47% who pay no taxes.
            Military spending went up under Reagan and W because they inherited a gutted hollow military from Carter and Clinton.
            Do you remember the War on Poverty that has sucked SS dry of Trillions of dollars. and after all that spending the % still living in poverty is UNCHANGED.
            Your right there are 23 Million unemployed which is the U6 number from the dept f labor a number that barak and the State run media refuses to discuss. The rest of your numbers must be something you discuss with other illiterates.
            FEMA should be privatized. what have they done in the recent floods??? Nothing they were closed for 5 days and have never done anything EXCPT write checks nothing more

          • Barak Obama is not a socialist by any means.. but you and those like you are fascists and anti progress.
            As of social programs they are not 6&% of the budget as you claim. The only programs paid for by the tax payers is the Welfare and Medicaid. You are welcome to ask for them to be defunded, I do not care, but then you will be paying a larger cost in hospital care for those uninsured, I live in a state with 25% uninsured and you should see the lines in the ERs. you living in fantasy and claim things that you heared only without facts.
            Social security and medicare are paid for by any one who work and his employers in the tone of 15.4% of his/her income.. if you count this among th 67% of the budget. It is only part of the budget since reagan as it was raided several times to close the budget gap. Consider leaving your SS payment to the SS Agency and do not subscribe to Medicare. As for me I just had a Open Heart Operation that cost the Medicare and my insurance 100K and I am thankful for that.. I paid my does for 40 years and I think I deserve a slake.
            As of your other assertions about Germany and other Europeans countries, it was the wars that brought the German economy down and when no longer spending on wars Germany recovered, Germany still has socialist gov. as most Western Europe. However, France rank , and its neighbors #1 -10 in medicine and it is shameful that the US is 39..
            The 3 wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia.. to name few.
            FEMA, LOL ask Christie, and Bloomberg and they will tell you.
            Let me tell you that you hould realy consider moving to one of these 3 world countries, where they do not care for their citizens and they allow the rich to get away with murder (sts).
            A gov. that care not for its citizens no need for it. Beside I will listen to you when you pay your own debt including CC and mortgage.

          • Not a socialist??/ Sorry but he was an active member in the socialist party in the 1990’s, your not entitled to your own facts…
            Have you ever looked at the federal budget?? Obviously not because if you can add and subtract you would be able to see the impact of social spending on the US budget and its 68% of total US Spending.
            The reason for the long lines in the ER’s are directly proportional to the number of illegals in the community. Most ER’s are inundated by illegals after the sun goes down like cockroaches.
            Those who are able to draw from the SS and Medicare pot need not ever contributed to it. That ability to take without contributing was passed during the great presidential term of James Carter.
            Reagan didn’t raid the SS budget. It was LBJ and his democratic congress that made SS part of the unitary budget so he could conduct his war on poverty.
            I’m typing and refuting everyone of your posts and I have to ask have you ever taken a History course or read a news paper?? Its obvious that if you have it was back in the 1920’s

    • I agree with you Dominick, but let add that the GOP created fewer jobs than the Democrats. Dems created jobs twice as the GOP. Also, when it come to free Enterprise, it will be fine if they pay their share in taxes, which they wouldn’t. If the GOP wins this election, with the help of Corporate America, what we will see is a whole sale curtailment of civil rights and programs, union busting and pension raiding and defunding, in addition to elimination of SS, Medicare, Medicare and welfare.
      Romney said Corporate are people too. Chevron, the last to throw money in the campaign ($2.5 MM to RR camp).. Note that Chevron is a foreign owned, and should be barred from political campaigning.
      Forward we should go, our freedom is at stake in this election.

    • This is an excellent item, full of the insightfulness we have come to expect from you. And I fully agree with most of what you say. Unfortunately, over the past four years it has become increasingly apparent that a far-right Republican party is interested in only one immediate(making Obama a one-term president), and one long-term goal (Grover Norquist’smaking the federal government small enough to put in his bathtub and drown it). Bothof those goals MAY be achieved with the election of Romney and Ryan, certainly making Obama a one-term president. Romney will have so many debts to repay that our government WILL suffer great deprivation, and the populace will suffer in general. As Dominick has said, here and elsewhere,some regulation is needed, especially those that protect ALL of us (merely reflecton the e-Coli North Carolina and fungal meningitis in over a dozen states, both of which SHOULD have been headed off and controlled by regulations).
      Regulations are not job-killers,but lack of regulations killed millions of jobs, in 1929 AND in 2007. Support of public education does NOT kill jobs, it creates among an educated populace the opportunities for a useful and prosperous future for all of us, and the ability to make educated choices in our government. Support of the public sector does NOT kill jobs, its creates opportunities through education, security, emergency services, research, etc. for millions of jobs, many of which directly benefit the private sector. The rebuilding of our infrastructure through the investment of public funds does NOT kill jobs, it provides the ability of private industry to move its products safely and quickly, and for all of us to move about freely.
      The way we took out of the Great Depression was a massive infusion of public funds that created jobs while the rest of the economy was recovering. It led us into WWII, which saw the entire auto industry converted to wartime production (no private vehicles were sold for three years). FDR was faced,from 1932 until his death in 1945, with a hostile Congress that did not want to invest public money in what was viewed as something that needed a private sector solution, and only began to turn around with our entry into WWII. We have had enough wars, thank you Mr. Romney, and, as the President so aptly pointed out to you, we DON’T need more horses, bayonets, or battleships. Who in the hell is Grover Norquist, anyway?

    • Govt has become far too BIG. During FDR and the depression social spending was less than 33% of all federal spending now its over 65%. Their is no way that redistribution of productive America’s earnings can be justified

    • Dominick: You are incorrect in one critical point. It does make a difference as far as who is elected; in fact the future of this country is at stake. He has no specific platform and whatever he does say, often changes from day to day now. He is a man who will change his platform based on who he needs to convince. He will stop at nothing, including absolutely false and dishonest ads that have been disclaimed. His reality is not about the truth or the facts; it is about caring more about his desire to preside over this country with little compassion, interest or understanding abut the middle class. He has no core beliefs because he never mentions them; he talks in generalities and vague answers; or even refuses to talk to reporters about Mourdouch, or FEMA because he cannot be honest with the public. He wanted to cut FEMA and now that he recognized that “government” has a critical role in disasters like Sandy, he suddenly believes in it. He has to be the most dishonest, deceitful, clueless man in recognizing the needs of the people. He will cut Medicare, Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Food Stamp; I could go on and on. He has no concern for the poor, elderly, Seniors…and is now running the most deceitful and dishonest ads that any Presidential candidate has ever run in the history of this county. In Illinois they just shut down a company owned by Bain Capital – (which Romany profits in) and the company is moving to China. So much for caring about helping people find jobs!! He outsources them. What a surprise!! He is despicable beyond words!!!
      So much for wanting to help people get jobs. He is despicable!!

    • Fern, he’s without a moral core. As for the Presidency, it’s just one item to tick off his resume. He’s made more money than Daddy. He’s been a governor like Daddy. He’s become his party’s standard barrier for the Presidency, unlike Daddy. He bettered Daddy. It’s all ego and self-serving.

  3. Thee never was a moderate Misfit Romney!! Now if you said is he the devil in disguise; HELL YEAH!! The most insulting part of this election is people are stupid enough to buy into this nonsense of his; especially when he was caught lying about everything! Firt he states in the beginning of his campaign,”I’m not for th really poor people”! In addition to making the infamous “47% of American sare relying on the government to support them”. Then has the audacity to think the American are accepting his apology and states he’s fr all Americans! That’s the biggest bunc of bull I ever herd since I left my grandparents farm in the deep South! You can’t believe anything this bastard says! You can tell when Misfit Romney is ling! Whenever he starts talking and stutters, that’s a sign that he’s not telling the truth! Come on, Misfit Romney; tell the truth- snaggle tooth!

    • Romney is not moderate, he is an opportunist willing to tell people whatever they want to hear to be elected. Moreover, regardless of what his true convictions may be, he will be so indebted to his donors if he is elected that he will have no choice but to tow the line for them. The Koch brothers, Adelson, Chevron and so many others are not donating millions of dollars because they like Mitt’s looks. They expect him to deliver if he is elected, and he will. The middle class will remain relevant to him until midnight 11/6, after we will revert to the 47% he despectively dismisses as parasites unworthy of his attention.

  4. This country will be worthless if romney is elected. I hear people saying we are going to become a dictatorship if the republicans are in control. Romney and repub’s are the closest thing to the Hitler’s and Mussolini’s and all the others of the past world . Their own people’s condone rape and theft and outsourcing and run themselves like a mafia type people, just take anything and everything they want to try to win. Just remember JESUS rode on the back of a Donkey as our Democrats do. They tried to crucified JESUS , like the elephants are trying to do our Dem’s. YET who Prevailed JESUS DID! and So WILL the DEMOCRATS.
    ( This message has been approved by the republican national committee to oust Mitt the Pit, Romney) !

    • There’s No Moderate Mitt Romney Is Just Conning The American People!! If The American People See Those Tax Returns He’s Hiding They Will See For Themselves!!! Blind Trust My Ass!!!!

  5. During the last debate Mitt stressed that we would pull out of Afghanistan in 2014. I thought he seemed pretty clear on this issue. The following day I watched an interview where one of Mitt’s campaign people was questioned about Mitt’s new stance on Afghanistan. The aide responded that Mitt hadn’t changed his stance. He said that because of time constraints Mitt didn’t have time to get into his plan for Afghanistan. If this is the case, when Obama called him out on it, why didn’t he expand on his comment.

    I’m surprised the news media didn’t pick up on this comment and make an issue of it. People need to know if Mitt’s plan is actually to continue the war in Afghanistan. I’m wondering what else he didn’t tell us because of time constraints.

    • Mitt’s ‘people’ walk back his statements ALL THE TIME. It is in the news online, but mittwits seem to reject reality at every turn.

  6. I tell everyone that if Romney where elected he would owe many favors and they would be payed on the backs of the American middle class. Romney hasn’t displayed any backbone in any decision he has made through-out his campaign so, why would he be a solid leader? I wonder who realy makes the tough decisions in his family? It’s sad to say that some of The American people don’t pay attention and forget vey quickly the state of the union when Obama came into office. I wouldn’t trust Romney with any decision concernining the United States and apperently neither would General Colin Powell who recently endorsed Obama and, who by the way has served under a couple of Republican administrations.

    • re: Colin Powell – the mittwits (increasingly flagrant racists) forget what a stand up man Colin is. They simply chalk his endorsement up to being black. It is a shameful display.

  7. Not to be a jerk, but any intelligent human being realizes Mitt will
    say ANYthing he has to say, in order to gain the presidency! God help
    us all, if he dupes enough of us to actually accomplish his goal.

    • Amen to that. I just wonder, assuming what is right for America prevails, if we can all watch him pout, stamp his feet, and cry like the overgrown spoiled little brat he really is because someone took his lollypop (the office of the POTUS) away from him! Who knows, maybe his wife will accompany him in this show.

  8. If Elected, Moderate Mitt Will Disappear/// ofcorse he says what you want to hear ther the anti-christ romney just gos on his greedy bastard ways . to destroying the country from with in with his GOP taliban gang .

  9. Mitt is the best at turning on the ones that like him. He truned on the moderates that elected him in Mass, and, and all the moderate republicans that suppoted him , by becoming a conservative and now turing on them to be a moderate again. The truth is he has no real political ideology except elect Mitt!! Woody Allen created a character named Zelig that took on the personality of people he met, and this is the real Mitt Romney. He takes on the character of the contest. When running against Kennedy is was a progressive liberal. When being Governor in a Blue state, he was Gay friendly, concerned about global warming, and pro choice, pro health care reform.Then Mitt Zelig faces a right wing primary and becomes one of them, and all of a sudden he is anti abortion, anti enviornment, and anti gay and anti latino, do away with health care reform. Now he faces a centrist electorate and he becomes a centrist again. The ever changing Zelig
    The reality is for the far right who bought this guy and thought he would be their man, he just pulled the last Zelig on you. He cast out your ideas like yesterdays garbage. Now all Tea party types have to wake up and realize no one supports your agenda who isn’t white christians. Mitt used you like an puppeteer pulling your strings and you all played along. Now people think you are dumber than they did before, used by a man that could care less about your values. He will sell you out too. The only part of Mitt that is not Zelig is the fact that he is a member of the 1% and his true loyality lies only with them. So if the wealthy want to lower all your wages, Mitt will be their man. If they want to pollute your drinking water, Mitt will will be their man, and if they want a war with Iran to enrich themselves with military expenditures, Mitt will send your sons to die. That’s who you are electing,and the only ones being fooled by him are all the hard working white christian families in America. You are just not in his league,and live far beneth him and everybody knows it but you

  10. Romney loves money not average Americans. He worries about ‘sharp tongued women on the View’–how can you stand up to world leaders that are far more vicious?
    This tells it all..We don’t know which Romney will show up on a given day, but we sure know which Republican Party would be in charge in Washington every minute. The Republicans have become the most extreme major political party in generations. They are tolerating Romney’s heresies this month only to gain power.’
    Please get out and vote to stop these people from gutting America. It comes down to average Americans to block Romneys way into the White House.

  11. Of course the Massachusetts Moderate Mittbot would be taken out of service if it’s elected as President! …I dunno how many times I have to write this before people start believing the truth…the GOP is run by the fascist corporate plutarchy (Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch bros, Foster Friess, etc.)…if we’re stupid enough to elect these GOP asshats, our whole government will turn into an FCP.
    Those of us with brains knew the strategy of the eventual GOP/FCP nominee: go Far, Far Wrong in the primaries to get the GOP nomination then come back to the middle. But, for some reason, Mittens and his campaign waited until the first debate on 3 October to make the move back (?) to moderacy.
    I wasn’t on Facebook, Twitter, etc. in 2010 long enough to warn people of the coming Tea Party Militia wave…now that I have over 1,600 Facebook friends, some Twitter followers and can post on platforms such as this, I’m repeating my warning: DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS, ANYWHERE! The GOP have been infiltrated by the TPM (aka, the extremist and ignorant idiots) to go along with the Conservatives (aka, the avarice-fueled aristocrats) that were already there. The “Cons” and “Baggers” drove away most, if not all, of the moderates. If you’re an Independent or GOP moderate and you’re reading this, you have to understand what’s in store for us if we vote the GOP into total power… just look at what has happened in the past two years…if President Obama isn’t re-elected, the Democrats don’t gain a supermajority in the US Senate (60 seats) and get the majority in the US House, the next two years will be just like the last two…unprecendented GOP obstruction/childish overuse of the filibuster in the Senate and an FCP agenda in the House. And that doesn’t even include what’s happened in the states with GOP-dominated legislatures with GOP governors.
    If you love democracy, vote DEMOCRAT everywhere to preserve it; if you want 200 people, almost all of whom are rich and not politicians, running our country into the groud, go right ahead and vote for the GOP or “third-party” candidates…it’s the same thing. The GOP are no longer the party of Abe, Teddy and Ike…they’re the party of BS, hypocrisy, talking points, deflections and distortions of the FCP. Don’t reward these assholes by voting them into office or re-electing them; treat them like rotten pieces of fruit: THROW ‘EM OUT!

  12. “If Elected, Moderate Mitt Will Disappear”

    All I know is, if elected Ann Romney will be right having said on many occasions, like the good little schoolgirls in a line: “…Now it’s our turn [in the white house]”.

    In addition, the 2014 elections will be disastrous for whatever hybrid /mongrel passes for the GOP!

  13. This shell of a man has not even the fortitude to tell the People the truth about his policies and convictions (assuming, that is, that he has any) about his political philosophy, let alone stand up to the likes of Grover Norquist and the Tea Party mobsters. God Help America if enough people are foolish enough to give RoMoney the honor of their vote!

    • God help us indeed….if I wake up on the 7th to a Romney administration, I fully intend to start seeking another country to reside in….I love this country far too much to stick around and see it reduced to a scene from Les Miserables….

  14. I wonder what these church people will say if Romney gets elected ,and when he is sworn into office, he refuses to take the oath by swearing on the standard BIBLE, And is sworn in using the MORMON FAKE BIBLE. ?: Also that PHONY BILLY GRAHAM removing the CULT name from his website about the MORMON church. Graham has only been into preaching, for THE MONEY Has big mansion in Carolina,Private JET, He sure has skimmed a lot of money from the offering plate. Most PREACHERS who tell the their uneducated follers how to vote are disguesting The main networks feel like they have to have republicans on to comment on every thing, What ever happened to equal time ? Every time you tune in, they have that silly looking former mayor of NY. Gulieoni ( I think that is spelled wrong, but he is not worth the time that it takes to look it up ) And that STUPID ,JOHN McCain, Both men have the most stupid grin. All they do is spend the whole time putting down Pres. O Bama. If anyone believes Ann Romney story about her shopping at Costco on the Rachel Ray show last week, Can’t you see those RICH people buying pre-cooked food for 30 people. I guess he is too tight to buy RIBEYE steaks for that bunch of LIERS. ( his entire family ) Unless Romney FIRED THE CHEF.

  15. “A “Mitt for all Reasons”.

    Moderate Mitt is nothing but a doppelganger created by 47% Mitt to mislead the voting public, and win in 2012. Why would anyone be surprised? If the GOP will block and stall job creation bills if they involved increasing the deficits over the past 2 years, all to make Obama a “One term President”, putting Party over Nation, why, why why would the public believe that he would suddenly become “Moderate Mitt” after selling the Faithful “Severely Conservative Mitt” during the GOP Primary?

    The Beauty of his plan to flip flop back to 47% Mitt is that he will be able to blame it all on the GOP House and if their plan works, the new GOP Controlled Senate.

    The good news is that it is very easy for the Voting Public to tell when “Moderate Mitt” lis lying to you. His lips are moving.

    The question is, Will the Public wake up in time to recognize this fact? Even the current campaign ads are outright lying to the public, claiming Obama has robbed Medicare of 785 Billion, when the Marvelous Ryan Budget does exactly the same thing. He lies about women’s rights, claiming he will not sponsor any new legislaiton, but did he tell you he would veto the current GOP platform on abortion rights if it was passed by a GOP House and Senate? Not a chance.

    In reality, “Moderate Mitt is “Magic Mitt”, who will become whatever he needs to become to win, telling the voting public whatever he thinks they need to hear for him to win. Recently, Ryan become tagged with the name “Lyin Ryan”. In reality, comparing the pronouncements of Mitt Romney over the pat 3 years puts him clearly into to the very same catagory as Ryan, but the appropriate term would be “Magic Mitt”, a “Mitt for all Reasons”

    He wants to become CEO of America, with the top 2% being his shareholders, and the rest of America his consumers, which he can fleece for the continued welfare and profits of his shareholders, providing himself with a really great Golden Parachute of 0% taxes on is income and a nice enhancement of his personal resume, which is what this etire excercise has been all about.

    “Magic Mitt”, hiding 47% Mitt until after November, 2012. when he will once again be unveiled in all of his Right Wing Glory.

  16. If you think Romney is a moderate look at who is donating to his campaign and who Romney will owe. Wake UP!! Romney is the tea party, but a weak tea party member, he will not be the president , Ryan will. Just like Chenney was president for Bushey. Do you want a repeat, haven’t you had enough, do you want your children, husbands, fathers,mothers going to war, do you want to loose your health plan, do you want social security and medicare to disappear, do you want to become slaves to the capiitalists, do you want your wages to be reduced, the list can go on and on. Pls do not vote for Romney.

    • Some are beyond our reach…they simply do not get it…..if Romney is elected, they will soon begin to grasp what we were trying so passionately towarn them of….unfortunately, by then, it will be too late.

      OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  17. If elected the card carrying Socialist barak will once again under take this dismantling of this country core value and beliefs and institute the govt take over of every industry and institute Sharia

    • You, Sir, have no grasp of the issues….do you have any analytical or comprehension skills? Or, are you here because someone is paying you to be….if that is the case, they are not getting their money’s worth.

      • I have a total grasp of the issues 23 million unemployed a doubling of the food stamp roles, $10 trillion in new debt and now a foreign policy that makes us the laughing stock of the world. I can count 7 times now where barak bowed to another state leader, guess he wanted them to rub his head for good luck

    • Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnews, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
      or as Adolph Hitler stated:
      “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.
The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy
The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan
The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…
Today we have The Teaparty and the “red shirts.”
The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.
Obama is going to win.
      Electoral College alone will assure that.

      • Sorry Hitler and his socialism has always been Barak goal, he’s a student of Hitlers govt and has done a number of things that parrot his actions. take for example Baraks taking of bond holders assets and giving them to the union…straight out of Hitlers play book. Hitler drove a wedge between German’s and Jews and Barak has driven a wedge between taxpayers and those who don’t, not to mention the wedge between whites and browns.
        No barak is out to destroy this country as he and Michelle have said they HATE this country and all it stands for

        • Hello “anonymous faker poster “onedonewong”…
          Who are you?

          Paid to posst here…

          I actually think that Karl Rove himself is desperate enough to respond…

          I think he just did!

          Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Foxnes, Limbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
          or as Adolph Hitler stated:
          “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
The 1930’s had the Brown Shirts.
The 1950’s had Joseph McCarthy
The 1980’s had Ronald Reagan
The late 1990’s had George Bush JR…
Today we have The Teaparty and the “red shirts.”
The American Right invented it’s imaginary Obama to try and get us to by into their fascism.
It didn’t work.
Obama is going to win.
          Electoral College alone will assure that.

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    • Gee, 1~ Hasn’t happened yet now, has it? If he thought the way you describe over and over in your posts, it would have been in the works already in the event he didn’t win re-election. Your argument is as bogus as the baffoon writing it.

  18. You seem to make the assumption that the Real Romney is moderate but if you look at how he has lived his private life he looks like a seriously conservative man. He ran his business as a rapacious free marketeer, used every trick in the book to avoid paying taxes, and had no problem loading companies with debt, firing employees then “harvesting” them (Romney’s own word) for profit before the debt burden brought them down.

    In his private life as a Mormon Bishop he counseled a pregnant woman with a dangerous blood clot to not have an abortion, saying his concern was with the child, not with her. Romney “does not remember this” but admits it could have been him.

    Romney rules his family as an old fashioned patriarch, demanding they attend the family vacation even when it conflicts with their jobs. Good thing his kids are from a powerful family or they would be unemployed. He also makes his grown children discuss their personal and parenting issues at family conferences each night of the vacation, something I find to be a gross invasion of their and their childrens’ privacy. No one seems to have ever opposed him which is an even more troubling aspect of Romney. He had a big problem dealing with opposition when he was Governor of Ma. Imagine how he will function as President. And people think Obama had problems being bipartisan!

    Romney’s life shows him to be a man who is not comfortable in an egalitarian world. His elitist, patriarchal style is not suited for the world’s greated democracy.

  19. He can’t win. He does not have enough Electoral College votes. He needs 270. He currently has 191, will not win Ohio. Florida will probably go OBama and that’s 29 electoral college votes…..but even if Romney gets Florida…he still can’t win.

    Obama has a solid 277. He is re-elected.

  20. Of course the moderate Mitt would have disappeared, but it doesn’t matter now. Mitt needs to take a long vacation outside of America, somewhere he isn’t known. Oh! this may not work, he could change his mind and forget and vacation in America, since he changes from hour to hour.

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