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Friday, April 20, 2018

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump will appoint his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to the position of senior adviser to the president, media outlets reported on Monday, a potentially thorny choice in the face of anti-nepotism law.

The appointment of Kushner, first reported by NBC, had been anticipated but it had been unclear what his official role would be. The New York Times and ABC also reported the upcoming appointment. The Times reported that his title could be adjusted.

Like Trump, Kushner is a New York-based real estate developer with a wide net of business dealings that could pose potential conflicts of interest.

Kushner, who married Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka, in 2009, helped guide Republican Trump to victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Kushner, 35, emerged as an important voice early in Trump’s campaign and was involved in almost every aspect of it, from key personnel decisions to strategy and fundraising.

Kushner spearheads his family’s real estate development company, Kushner Companies, and is the publisher of the New York Observer weekly newspaper, which he acquired at age 25.

It was unclear how any Kushner appointment would be affected by a federal anti-nepotism law that prohibits a president from hiring family members to serve in his administration.

Kushner is working with lawyers on how he would have to divest and distance himself from his family’s business if he were to take a role in the Trump administration, the New York Times reported.

China’s Anbang Insurance Group Co Ltd is in talks to invest in a project to redevelop a flagship New York City building owned by Kushner Companies.

The Times reported the deal on Saturday in an extensive article about Jared Kushner that detailed a November meeting between him and Anbang Chairman Wu Xiaohui just days after Trump was elected president.

(Writing by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Andrew Hay and Jonathan Oatis)

IMAGE: Ivanka Trump arrives with husband, Jared Kushner, at the Vanity Fair party to begin the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York, April 17, 2012.  REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

50 Responses to Ignoring Anti-Nepotism Law, Kushner To Be Named Trump Senior Adviser

  1. If memory serves I remember John Kennedy hiring Bobby as the Attorney General. Didn’t Bill put Hillary in charge of creating national health care? Was she paid for that?

    • Yes, JFK did appoint Bobby as Attorney General. That’s why there’s a law against it now. As far as I know, Hillary Clinton was not paid for working on a national health care policy.

      • Is the law include advisors also? I heard this morning the Trump legal team says it doesn’t. The President-elect son-in-law won’t be accepting any pay. I wonder if that has any effect on the issue.

        • Itsfun would you do me a big favor and read this article and then tell me what you think.
          Daily Kos
          Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses

          By Mark Sumner

          Monday Jan 09, 2017 · 12:58 PM CST

      • True…a lot of First Ladies work on projects within the government, but they are not paid nominees. They just take on various projects that they feel they can get involved in and that will help the people of this nation! Much like Michelle Obama’s projects with healthy food for our children and proper healthcare for children! I believe GWB’s wife also had a project regarding education for our nation, and she was pretty good at it since she had been a librarian before she came to the White House.

  2. This is totally ludicrous! There should be a very STRICT law about nominating ANY family member to a place in the White House, no matter who or what it entails! Does Trump think he’s a king now in lieu of just being president? Trust me, if President Obama had thought of doing this, he would have been hung from the nearest tree!!

    • I was watching Donny dump today first press thing since july I think I had to change the channel cant even look at his stupid face with out getting sick . as I I watch him for the short time he talks all the time like he doing a con or a scam job on who ever is there just more and more B/S lies like its the truth (is to him im sure ) he the king of B/S and he try’s so hard for all to believe him

  3. In order for him to advise Trump, he needs to get security clearance If he wants clearance he needs to be vetet. It is very suspicious to me.

  4. COMA COMEY was asked if there was any investigation on the Russian hacking or anything or any connection and is it being investigated or ties with DONNY DUMP and Russia’s PUTTHEAD he said well I cant answer that one way or the other because I cant say if any investigations are going of its the FBI rules . OHHH REALLY COMA COMEY is that true ? if be it and this is the FBI rules that you always go by then why did you come out 9 days before election day and say there’s investigation going on with Hillary ? those 9 days before the election and 2 days before the election (a little too late ) you said ok all’s good with Hillary’s investigation . at the 9 day point it very well could been the last straw on people voting and all the bull going on between you the FBI & the GOP bull for people . with just 80,000 vote being the difference between 3 states (who even won them wins the race ) NOT THE 2,800,000 popular votes that Hillary won more then the DUMPSTER . im thinking down the line things will come up that COMA COMEY himself had something bigger to do with this then meets the eyes him with the GOP gang of pinhead’s he breaks the FBI rules on Hillary and now wont say anything about the Russian’s and if the DONNY DUMP team had anything to do with all this bull .as for sexually assaults what the law say about this ? don’t thy tell every one that if you been sexually assaulted man women and or child what you have to do first and upmost is tell some one more and better the law . the law tells every one to come forward so the law can get and give all JUSTICE well seem now a lot of people worse so children that get child molested are afraid to say anything the same for sexually assaulted women . thy think and feel if you get some one that brags about just how he dose these sexually assaults and is caught on take giving details of just how he dose it then when ones come forward he just calls them lair’s . even though he said on the take just how he dose it and its the same thing the ones coming forward tell the same thing . . and the law might wonder why women and children don’t come forward and tell the law so thy can get them justice . how can you get justice for the ones that been sexually assaulted and even child molested if your not going to take the word of the people that come forward ? how many people (women ) have to come forward with the same story (and already admitted to and bragged about on tape ) the law tells people what the should do and when thy do the law dose nothing but calls them a lair . the law seem to feel the credibility of a guy that has filed 5 bankrupts and screwed over so many people and not paid them for the jobs thy did . . I say every one should still come forward with thing that have to do with DONNY DUMP (really with any and every ones that offended you ) more so with DONNY DUMP pile them up at some time the law will have to answer and do their job . or thy should be charged them self for letting these dirt bags get away with these things . the DUMPSTER said (a promises if im right to his brain dead clown followers ) that he would sue all the women that said these things . he wont do that for if he did he would get caught for all of it by the LAW (and would be about time the law did their job ) he is all tied in with Russia also and the election was rigged like he said (rigged for him and his side ) on tape DONNY DUMP told Russia to hack into Hillary’s DEM. account . and what happen ????/ thy did what the DUMPSTER TOLD THEM TO DO what’s with all this ? its not like there’s any questions about all the bull going on . its all either admitted too or caught on tape . one would think the LAW would be happy to get things like this handed to them . with all the thing right there heck you don’t even need a jury ITS ALL FACTS GIVEN BY THE ONE THAT DID ALL THE CRIMES same as saying yes ok im guilty and you all know it hang me .

  5. ok people tell me this DONNY DUMP has this very high EXS. of EXXON oil what a Pres. OF THAT COMPANY or close to it anyways right ? ok then I checked to see just how much the SECT. of State makes a year last year was like $181.000 to this year $190,000 now you tell me why a pres. or high EXS. of a EXXON oil company would want that kind of money being worth $$$100’s on million or even a $billion or few . would want a job not even $200,000 a year ? the only thing that is snakey and sneaky about it is DONNY DUMP . and with him and his grubby greedy hands in it can only be one reason is to do what he dose best and that is to fraud , con, and scam the country out of money . that’s it this guy DUMPSTER’s friend could care less about the country or the people . the only thing would be money as he im sure being a friend of the DUMPSTER the only thing can be the al mighty dollar in the middle of it all . makes no sense for this guy to take a job not even making $200,000 a year . heck he more then likely make’s more then that a day

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