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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Indiana Republican Gets Personal With ‘Beautiful’ CNN Anchor

Carol Costello Todd Rokita

Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) revealed a little of his “charm” during an interview with CNN host Carol Costello about the government shutdown on Thursday.

In a move straight out of the GOP outreach playbook, Rokita tried his best line on Costello when arguing that Democrats aren’t thinking of future generations.

“I don’t know if you have children yet, I’m sure you don’t have grandchildren yet — you look much too young — but we’re fighting for them,” Rokita said. “Carol, do you have any idea how much this law is going to cost?”

Costello replied, “Do you know how much it costs every day the government is partially shut down? You’re costing taxpayers millions and millions of dollars!”

Rokita stood by his repeated theory that Obamacare will only hurt future generations, saying it’s “one of the most insidious laws ever developed by men” and that will hurt the economy more than any government shutdown has in the past — a claim that even former president George W. Bush and Mitt Romney advisor Greg Mankiw says there’s no evidence to back up.

“I think most Americans would say fight that fight separate from the federal budget,” Costello said. “Don’t partially shut down the federal government, don’t make things worse by fighting the same fight over and over.”

In typical Republican fashion, Rokita shifted the blame to anyone but himself and his party. “No, you’re part of the problem,” Rokita concluded. “Carol, you’re beautiful, but you need to be honest as well.”

Costello promptly ended the interview.

Rokita’s office offered a statement to Politico on Thursday afternoon saying, “At the end of a spirited and very important debate, I was simply keeping it from unnecessarily ending in an unfriendly or contentious way. I intended no offense to Ms. Costello.”

A classic case of “if you can’t beat them, you can at least creep them out.”

Watch the exchange here:

H/T: Think Progress

18 Responses to Indiana Republican Gets Personal With ‘Beautiful’ CNN Anchor

  1. Just another Republican who has trouble with women. What kind of a jerk would say that? I guess for him the true value of a woman is her appearance, not what she has to say.

    • Somewhere down deep there’s this nagging little pain that he can’t quite put his finger on. It’s called a conscience. He can’t identify it because he hasn’t felt it for a long time.

    • It appears that for most Republicans, lying has become such a common practice that telling lies is second nature to them (otherwise they’d have never been elected) and therefore they’ve also apparently gotten to the point where they also truly believe their own lies. Such that, when someone interjects the truth, their normal reaction is to believe that the truth is a lie and respond back with a straight face and with what appears to be – in all honesty, even when what they say is a bold faced lie.

      One of the best examples of this art form among Republican politicians, was Mitt Romney during the presidential debates – Mitt went from one lie to another so smoothly every time he openned his mouth (I could have counted the reasonably truthful statements he uttered in all three debates on the fingers of one hand), that anyone not fully up to speed on the topics being discussed believed completely that Mitt won the three debates. When in fact, aside from the 1st debate, when Obama was so bewildered and dumbfound by Romney spewing one blatant lie after another in a public debate that he totally lost it and didn’t respond well, Obama won the last two debates hands down, except of course to a clueless and obviously very ill informed American electorate.

      • Yes, Watching the president during that 1st.debate with Romney,
        his expression seemed to say ” will the real Mitt Romney please
        stand up.”

        • I agree. And I think Obama was trying to figure out how to continue the debate without coming out on national TV and calling Romney a damn liar. Romney was not only lying about Obama’s record, he was actually lying about his own. He departed a number of times from positions that had been recorded on his own campaign website – which really threw Obama for a loop. And what was unfortunate at the time, is that a totally clueless American electorate bought Romney’s snakeoil salesman act hook, line and sinker.

  2. Shows the stupidity again of tea party republicans. They can’t logically fight their argument, where its the equivalent of saying I don’t care what the agreed rules of the game are… play my way or else I’m gonna take my ball and go home! And…. its not even their ball, sexist mental premature ejaculates. Most of them are missing a pair, and thats why they’re shooting blanks on this argument.

  3. Well lemme see. They’ve voted to repeal affordable health insurance 42 times and have now shut down the entire United States government over it. I guess if that goes well for them, they’ll see what they can do about this whole ‘women voting’ thing.

  4. The root cause of this shutdown effort is RACISM,plain and Goddamn simple.These crazy bastards are perpetually upset with the fact that we have an African/American President!!!

    • You are right!

      This is exactly what this is all about – nothing more, nothing less. And, it don’t take a Sage to read the Tea Leaves either.

  5. Another “Family Values” Republican showing his true colors. Gee, I wonder if he is dumb enough to think his wife did not watch this? What about his mistress? Did she?

  6. It’s a little unfortunate that Carol Costello didn’t ask Rokita, in a national TV interview, if he is aware that virtually all Americans except Congressional people apparently would get arrested for playing the extortion game that the GOP is playing. The GOP is clearly committing extortion by saying in essence: If you don’t agree to us sabatoging Obamacare we’re not going to sign the Continuing Resolution that you need to keep the country running. This is clearly no different than someone sending a Celebrity a note saying: Unless you agree to fork over 500,000, I’m going to release information that will destroy your career.

    Trying to extort money from a celebrity would get someone thrown in jail. So why don’t a bunch of legislators who are trying to kill a law that is benefiting millions of Americans get thrown in jail for causing major harm to America in the process???

      • I would agree with that too. However someone wants to view it – the House GOP reps that voted for the extortionist/treasonous legislation that would defund a duly enacted law while at the same time working to denigrate America, should all be arrested and thrown in jail.

      • I sent an Email to Obama’s action group consisting of the section of the United States Code pertaining to sedition,noting how it applied. Fun fact–if the Administration would rather fine than jail these turds,they can–it is a non-negotiable clause of the Code pertaining to sedition that those determined to be seditious or treasonous can no longer or ever again hold public office under the United States.

        • How much you want to bet, Obama won’t have the balls to do it even though the law is on his side. He should!

          I think, by rights, he’s had all kinds of chances to nail a lot of these creeps, all the way back to when he was first elected.

          Don’t get me wrong, I honor Free Speech, but some of this stuff that has been going on is very near Treason, if not in fact an act of Treason and including death threats.

          IF the same thing would have happened, even during Eisenhower’s time, a lot of em would have been in prison by now.

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