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Thursday, March 30, 2017

In the loud debate over the alleged Russian intelligence attack on our democratic system, Americans have heard all kinds of specious assertions from Donald Trump, his minions, and others who reject the findings of the US intelligence agencies, for their own reasons. Trump clearly fears that a full investigation of those allegations will permanently discredit his narrow electoral victory, already tainted by Hillary Clinton’s popular-vote majority. It is telling that he described the hacking probes as a partisan “political witch hunt” before the nation’s spy chiefs even presented him with their evidence.

Telling, but not surprising: As usual, Trump is sending up chaff designed to distract from his own dubious conduct and connections.

 Who interfered illegally with the 2016 presidential election and why should be a matter of fundamental importance to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. It doesn’t matter whether the hackers who invaded email accounts associated with the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign decided the election’s result, a claim that can never be proved or disproved. (Trump won Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by less than one percent of the vote, which could be attributed to almost anything, including voter error.)

 It doesn’t matter whether Clinton ran a “good” or a “bad” campaign, it doesn’t matter whether she deserved to win or lose, and it doesn’t matter whether the information released was scandalous or boring, which are all simply opinions that have no weight in this investigation. And it also doesn’t matter whether previous U.S. administrations historically interfered with elections in other countries, as they assuredly did, since that cannot justify attempts to rob ordinary American citizens of their democratic rights.

 The only relevant question — as more than a few patriotic Republicans have emphasized — is whether foreign or domestic elements, perhaps affiliated with the Kremlin and perhaps not, intervened illegally in an American election. Politicians, business leaders, labor officials, and all kinds of citizens attempt to influence election outcomes everywhere, as Barack Obama unsuccessfully did when the United Kingdom voted on Brexit. There was nothing illegal or underhanded about his remarks on that referendum.

 So let’s dispense with all the argumentative chaff, from whatever direction.

 Regardless of which side won last November and who or what might be responsible for that outcome, this administration, the next administration, and Congress would bear no less responsibility for investigating any unlawful activity — foreign, domestic, or any combination of both — designed to skew the 2016 outcome. There can be no doubt that the series of electronic thefts of information from Democrats, released by hackers with the obvious purpose of damaging Clinton, represented major crimes. The serious nature of those offenses is aggravated by their purpose, striking at the heart of the republic.

 That is why Trump’s furious tweets on this topic, along with acrid comments by his top aides, are so disturbing. By publicly disparaging the intelligence community’s findings before he has examined the evidence, he appeared to obstruct this essential investigation. And as he considers making changes in the nation’s intelligence agencies and structures, he also seemed to threaten officials and employees who pursue facts that he prefers to leave hidden. That behavior was hardly mitigated by his anodyne and ambiguous comments after a constructive” meeting with the intelligence chiefs at Trump Tower on Friday.

 Both circumstantial evidence and Trump’s own behavior have aroused deep suspicions about his relationship with the Russian regime. He has refused to fully disclose his finances. His foreign policy pronouncements distress American allies and delight the Kremlin. And every time he harms US relationships with friendly nations, with the UN, with NATO — even with China — Vladimir Putin must be gleeful. As Trump isolates the United States, demoralizing our diplomatic and intelligence corps, Russia is emboldened and empowered.

 Whatever his motives, it is hard to imagine a worse impediment to the nation’s security than a commander-in-chief who ignores and politicizes intelligence. The last time a president ignored CIA briefings, we suffered the 9/11 attacks. The last time a president (and his associates) politicized data collection, we invaded Iraq, with disastrous consequences that continue to this day.

 What this controversy has exposed about Trump is further proof, were any needed, that he lacks presidential temperament. But we already pay far too much attention to his ranting. Every Senator must disregard Trump’s tantrums and resolve to uphold the oath that he can be expected to violate. The only way to defend the Constitution now is to complete a full, fair, competent, and unsparing investigation of the criminal conspiracy against the 2016 election, wherever that may lead.

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217 Responses to Investigate The Hackers — And Ignore Trump’s Chaff

  1. “wherever that may lead”
    It is what probably keeps trump up at night , tweeting.
    Once he’s in office he’s going to thwart every attempt to get to the truth.

  2. Investigate, but to what end?

    Is there some legislation to be put into place?
    Are the actions taken by President Obama not enough?
    Will, newly minted right wing media darling Assange, be any more subject to prosecution?
    Are Trump’s financial connections the target? And if so, again to what end? Divestment? Is there a power on earth that can force Trump to do anything?
    Will any of this affect the Lamestream Media and how it pursues stories of dubious legitimacy?
    Will any of this prevent guys in Macedonia from inventing stuff and posting it to Facebook as news?
    Is there anything else out there to learn?

    We already know that Russians, approved and or supported at the highest levels hacked into email accounts and released, possibly altered, stolen, or created, emails, for the purpose of influencing the election for Trump.
    We already know that Russian Officials cheered Trump’s election.

    • There is also reason to believe that russia hacked the gotp computers and could have any number of blackmail fodder. How are we going to trust our government when we don’t know what the gotp computers gave up. I think the gotp should let us know what in fact putin has on them also.

      • From the scraps of what I found, the Russians only hacked into one Republican account and it was a Republican who left the party. Can’t imagine what that was all about.

        • You find a lot of things in craps apparently !!!
          Personally I do not give a hoot whether any of your US mafiosis were hacked or not but the way everyone reacts to this bullshit is hilarious!
          That is the good part of this farce and you seem to take it full force 1st degree with not a hint of humour Eleanore!
          Chuckles and Guffaws! How vain and wasted!
          Keep up the good work even though I suspect nobody cares about what you say! We don’t!

          • Um…nobody here cares what you say. Who is the we you are referring to? You don’t represent any of us. You spend a lot of time here obsessing. Most here have you blocked. Get a life.

  3. The U.S. government has an obligation to defend and protect our sovereignty and we, the people, have an obligation to remind them to perform their duties.
    What just happened goes well beyond a fraudulent election. Our way of life, our freedoms, and our institutions of governments have been violated by a foreign power. Ostensibly, to impose its will on us. We must determine exactly who did this. Ascertain whether or not the hacking was the work of special foreign interests, or sponsored by a foreign government, and what exactly were their motivation. Most importantly, we must take steps to ensure what just happened never happens again, and ensure the beneficiary of the hacking is held responsible for what happened.
    Nobody expects, or is proposing, to go to war over this, but that does not mean we should let those that attacked us get away with it, and allow the beneficiary of the hacking condone, ignore, and continue to cater to the very people that helped turn a U.S. election into a sham.
    We are either the home of the brave, a bastion of freedom and democracy, or a super power that is no longer relevant – let alone great – on the world stage. That the man who encouraged this, and now ignores or dismisses the importance of what happened, is proposing the Make America Great Again is the biggest con job ever perpetrated in the history of the United States.

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  4. We must demand that Congress investigate the Trump/Putin/Russian oligarchs connection with no less that they investigated Benghazi. Something is very wrong when our own “leaders” deny reality.

    • Wish I could agree Mama, but does the fact that the Republicans spent years and millions investigating an invented scandal where there were no more answers to be had; give us the duty to spend equally on a real scandal where again, there are no more answers to be had?

      Will hearings force Trump to admit the truth?

      My own sense of outrage at the Benghazi hearings, and my own desire for consistency, forces me to hold back.

      • You have valid point, as always. But….anyone who thinks that the Russian hacking charges are only an attempt to discredit Trump should study Russia’s current covert-action campaign in Europe. The cyberattacks in Germany and France have no purpose other than to elicit uncertainty and destabilization. That is what is happening here and that is what needs to be brought out and only an investigation can do that. Our entire system of government is the victim here, not just Hillary Clinton’s presidency, which pales in light of the bigger picture.

        • It is a much larger picture.

          Russia, actively, is working to destabilize NATO, Western Democracy, and a Unified Europe. Members of a “de-NATOized” Europe will be much more likely to not resist Russian aggression as collective security is the key to NATO and world peace in general. Promoting nativist, right wing, political parties in Europe makes the cooperation necessary in a shooting war more difficult.

          But we know this.

          You know, Godzilla can be so funny.

  5. The collusion between the MSM and the Clinton campaign is ALSO a violation of US election laws and is no less of an illegal act than hacking a private , not government, entity and stealing emails to “affect the election”. Let’s have an investigation in this as well.

    Happy New Year Snowflakes and celebrate, your all going to FEMA re-education camps, LMAO!

    • Godzilla, your message is breaking up—try using intelligence and wisdom in your posts to boost the gain. (You may need to switch to a different brand of lighter fluid for your flame-thrower as well).

        • That figures. Most former football Godzillas were bred by domineering Daddies who pushed their sons into football so Daddy could live vicariously through his son, the high school football star.

          I dated several in high school and I was appalled at how Daddy domineered they were and yet, the first words out of their mouths in newspaper interviews was praise for their “moms.”

          Guys like Godzilla live in the delusion they actually control anyone else. So do a lot of schizophrenic mental patients.

  6. The concepts of Justice, Equity, and Trustworthiness demand that we investigate this confluence of human depravity that is not just the garden variety. We’re dealing not only with an abnormal personality, Trump, assuming leadership in a uniquely critical period in humanity’s evolution on the planet, but with another nation run by demented humans—- like many in America—which has distorted the creative nature of the human mind to the detriment of fellow nations.

    Many may dismiss the combination of these factors as inconsequential, or become fatalistic about arriving at satisfactory conclusions and recommendations for further depraved and misguided use of technology.

    To submit to this depressing viewpoint and give in to a paralysis of Will, would make us complicit with Trump and his buddy Putin’s efforts to accelerate the planet’s downward trajectory. It would make us as adversaries to Baha’u’llah’s Vision—A Vision which sees the earth as being “One Country”, transformed into a New Garden balanced on the foundation of the Oneness of Humankind.

    Just my read on the events.

    • Let me guess, you forgot the the Clinton State department sent a team of people to Israel to try and keep Netanyahu from getting re-elected. Or the blatant interference in Ukraine that ousted one leader and put in a US puppet, while allowing Crimea to be annexed by Russia (a major Obama failure). The hypocrisy of the Liberal Left has no bounds, as all of this hacking began in 2011 and was known to Obama, which just shows once again what a failure he is/was.

      The Intelligence report also stated that the supposed Russian hacking had no influence over the election. What had an influence were the facts presented in the emails, which you losers seem to think is just fine.

      • Let me guess…you left your cave long enough to dig up some lame excuse for why you are in prison? Was it that house flipping you did when you stole money from people who trusted you to do a job and then you took off with their money? Or was it another of your HICK boy scams like Countrywide pulled on home buyers with those bogus loans?

        How about your record as a pedophile? That why you hide behind that name “Godzilla” hoping you will have the balls to actually scare others and force them to lie, cheat and steal from your own parents? Grow up little boy. Your attempts at psychological rape isn’t happening.

        There is valid evidence of this hacking and you know it and can’t admit it. Most criminal thugs like you who lay in your prison cells can’t.

        Not to worry. Your name will be out there as one of those thug big mouths we are fed up hearing all your lies from.

        • Hey, godzilla is the guy with the shortest distance between his eyebrows and his hairline. He used to have his picture on his avatar. His claim to brilliance is that he used to play football in high school. He doesn’t look older than high school age now. Ask any high school teacher about the football players. They aren’t allowed to fail them.

      • Wrong guess, Einstein. Let me pose a guess—You’re a member of both “The Committee For The Promotion of Beating Dead Horses” and “The Committee For Paving The Way For Putin’s Lackey, Trump”

  7. [email protected] says:

    bottom line as much as all the sane people in the country and NOT the brain dead DONNY DUMP clown followers know its a sad time that DONNY DUMP had his Russian B/F helped fraud , con, and scammed the white house (FOR NOW AND ONLY FOR NOW ) the clown car driver is to be the President and it should be told to him by all the ones in office DEMS & (GOP=gang of pinhead idiots ) that he should be standing and defending the country he is to be president too (god help the USA with this ) that he should defending the US and not defending every place else around the world against the USA . next DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER FILLED WITH HIS THINKING ALL B/S will be inviting his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD to the USA and offering him a job in his twisted gang of fools he has in place

    • The reality is that NO one No matter WHO they are can FORCE adults to fly in the face of years and years of being taught right from wrong.

      Trump will never be president. All he will ever be is the Republican’s Pretender to the Presidency. He can continue to lie and play his CEO games of “need to know” and “I know it all.” Too bad we know this jerk is a financial failure who can ONLY earn billions by grifting, stealing and cheating others.

      • [email protected] says:

        im watching MSNBC news and one of the guest might be a reporter them self was saying there’s no doubt at all in their mind that DONNY DUMP is all MOB tied up . thy was saying every thing he dose all his businesses are all done pretty much the same way the mob dose it

          • [email protected] says:

            too funny in one way and sad in another . im watching a date-line undercover cop show and its about pimps and hookers . the hookers wont tell the police anything about their pimps from fear of them that the sad part now the funny part as it relates to DONNY DUMP all the DUMPSTER CLOWN is really is Russia’s PUTTHEAD hole he is just a Russian hooker working the USA and now the WORLD for the PUTTHEAD PIMP he fears of saying anything bad about his PUTTHEAD PIMP he dosent work the streets he works the world now that fits DONNY DUMP well a nasty hooker he is just a piece of trash the Russian pimp uses PUTTHEAD must get a lot of people that want a refund from the DONNY DUMP hooker . the lady’s yes say thy want their money back . more likely the brain dead followers males that use the DUMPSTER’S hooker serves thy im sure are happy to pay for their DUMPSTER hooker time . thy love him so much

          • [email protected] says:

            DONNY DUMP is just a Russian PUTTHEAD BITCH BOY

      • Same old Trump Derangement Syndrome.
        Same old Snarky, bile bulls*it you spew day in day out and hasn’t changed the fact Hillary lost.
        He will be the 45th president. There is not one thing you can do about the next 1460 days.
        What is fascinating is that 57% of democrats want him to succeed. Only you on NM want him to fail which shows how small you all are so continue to throw your misguided tantrums, outrage, hatred. It won’t change the fact Trump won.
        Obama left you in a mess, under his leadership the party has been devastated at every level of State and Federal govt.

        • Not only HIllary, but a whole lot of hard working Americans who wanted their vote to count. You are delusional about Obama’s leadership, your rosey glasses will just not allow you to see facts, but that’s ok keep posting and keep showing your ignorance. Remember Trump fails, we all fail. Doesn’t mean we have to let it happen, we will be there to make sure he doesn’t bring us down with him.

          • If you are talking about popular vote then you are a nincompoop. The presidency is terminined by the EC, always has been and always will be.
            Your worthless candidate did little to help her cause. In 3 blue states she went to Michigan twice, Pennsylvania 9 times and Wisconsin ZERO times. She ran a terrible campaign and even Obama did have the ability to get people out. Democrats had 6-7 million fewer votes than 2012
            “My ignorance” now that’s funny coming from you.
            The left misjudged underestimated Trump in the general election and are doing the same now. Oh, he is going to have his screw ups but long term this country will be better off than a third term of Barry.

      • Republicans don’t ever see a mirror reflection. It would give them morning sickness, morning, noon and night for the rest of their lives with just one glance.

  8. Look, it is now more than obvious that the Republican Party has for the past 3 years worked hard to make sure their smearing Hillary’s reputation was the same kind of petty BS they pulled when THEY wanted Clinton impeached all while Hastert had a 17 year run playing child molester, Gingrich was busy cheating on his wives who had cancer and MS and DeLay was pussyfooting around with Abramoff to cheat Native Americans in their casinos.

    Now the Republican Party believes having a political majority is the same thing as being DICKtators. In a country that not only is based on democracy but also touts it across the globe?

    So..let’s look at the Desperation of the spiteful little Republican boys so far:
    1. They try to abolish the Ethics Board that holds THEM accountable
    2. They pass legislation that won’t allow “peaceable assembly to petition Congress for Redress of Grievances on the floor of Congress so they don’t have to see or hear any opposition.
    3. They pass legislation that would reduce the salaries of government employees to $1 who refuse to deny climage change, Trump’s illegitmacy as president and the very basic tenets of the First Amendment right to free speech and worse, free thought.
    4. They use their scare tactics of repealing healthcare reform, SS, Medicare and Medicaid when they have NO plan for replacement. Smell that spite everyone?
    5.. Now, they are soooo desperate and sooooo GUILTY they found it necessary to certify that Trump is has a legitimate right to be president even thought they fixed this election as sure as Trump fixes his casinos to always “win” on any of the gaming tables.

    But now, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the spiteful little boys think they will just point and delegate and wave magic wand and all will be shoved under the rug. They will be lucky to BE a party when the protests and anger of their spiteful back room agenda hits the fan.

    YOu don’t tell educated adults to condone lies, cheating, treason and outright acceptance of foreign intervention in our elections. Do that and your swaggering butts end up with shoes hanging out of them and faces that look like mashed potatoes.

    The court of public opinion already knows the Republicans are on their last leg of their spitefulness and all they have left is constant thwarting of all that the Constitution forbids.

    • Everytime I see the name Gingrich I see red. I know all too well that he abandoned 1 of his wives who suffered MS and had cancer. Guess what Mr. Gingrich ? My first wife also had MS and eventually got breast cancer that took her life. Did I abandon my marriage vows to pursue other women ? In one word NO. I have zero respect for the likes of people like Gingrich and Trump who are unfaithful and dump them when they’re no longer a convenience. Hopefully once Trump has milked the Presidency he’ll get out sooner rather than later. He’ll screw over this country the way he’s screwed over his wives

    • We are seeing them destroy democracy. They have already violated the Constitution. We just might be where nazi Germany was in the beginning. They did have a democracy. It was better than ours.

      • The, way too obvious, comparisons between Trump and the Nazis have been being made for at least 6 months.

        I’m not sure that Weimar democracy was better than ours. I think the better question is whether democracy can survive when a significant portion of the populace is dedicated to its overthrow.

        Condolences on your loss. 61 years is quite an achievement.

  9. Even more!
    Austria-Hungary used the murder, of Archduke Ferdinand, to obtain its ends!
    Putin is using the murder, of Turkish Ambassador Andre Karlov, to exert pressure on Turkey!
    Did Trump use the murder, of Ambassador Stevens, to get elected?
    Thanks to Loretta Lynch, and her DOJ, Ahmed Abu Khattala is in custody!
    The charges?
    The murders of Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards!
    Will Trump prosecute THOSE murder charges?

    • Not only that but two hugely important Russian journalists, one of them named Nemtsov, were murdered by that coward Putin’s militants. Putin’s signature murder style is for these dissidents to mysteriously go missing and then be found dead on some lonely road in the wilds of Russia.

      Trump is a lazy dirty rotten Ahole bum. Everyone but the thugs who want this country turned into a sewer pit of crime knows that.

      I guess the answer is to start smearing them in the same way they smear Dems. who cares now if what we post about right wingers and Republicans is really truth or fact? They never cared. Why should we?

      • The picture of him with a mob boss, at his New Years Eve party,is who he is. I think he is a member of the crime family. If he is not a membr, he is a puppet.

        • You know the saying, politics makes strange bedfellows? That’s also true of CEOs in billionaire businesses. That’s why I suspect for the next while, Trump will spend most of his time in court answering for conflict of interest.

          If his idea is that he will do what 44 other presidents were not allowed to do under the US Constitution, he and his right wingers are in for the ride to hell.

      • You are just a provocator; a fearmonger and next a warmonger!
        Just what the world needs now! Criminals like you.
        True fascists to the core.
        Europeans know! We had one fed by you in 1940 who destroyed Europe.

        • Well we don’t need people like you that think white rules and everybody else are mules. Please move back to Europe. We don’t like supremacist here.

          • It is you who mentions race in all your posts. It’s not all about that but of course a well educated person such as yourself should know that

          • I have EVERY reason to, as long as Bannon, Manford, Alex Jones, Session all know racist, are part of the team that you praise. And guess what I will continue until the frogs are all gone.

  10. Why are we still talking about this and not the content of the emails that actually doomed the HC presidency? As Americans were we not wanting to hear the truth about the corruption within the democratic party regardless of where it came from? If Republican emails were shown in the same light I for one would welcome the information so as not to throw away a vote for an unscrupulous, self serving candidate.

    • Hey Rock Star. When an election is hacked into for the purpose of throwing it to one candidate, WE WILL talk about it until you and your right wingers are found guilty of complicity. You are not an American. You are PHONY and you know it.

      Men like you are a joke. You commit a crime, don’t want anyone to investigate and then hope and pray it all disappears? Not this time Rock Star.

      For one thing, Republicans are on Strike Two. A rock star like you wants to pretend the Republican Plumbers didn’t break into the DNC headquarters to steal their documents at the WaterGate Hotel. Want to deny that ever happened Mr. Rock Star Delusionist? That forced Trump’s resignation.

      Your cyber break and burglary by your Russians is not going to go away. It isn’t about Hillary now. It is about you and your right wingers violating OUR Constitutional voting rights.

      Do stop trying to shove all your dirty laundry under the rug Rock Star. There isn’t enough Clorox bleach to clean up this mess.

      • I have him blocked. Believe me, if everyone did that, they would only be talking to themselves and have lowered to seek their own level.

      • Hey Ms. E,

        Watergate was a series of break-ins, only the last of which was noticed. It involved planting bugs on some of the phones, and in the operative break-in to see why that bug wasn’t working.

        The break in at Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, and particularly the Brookings Institute, were to get documents. Very interesting what Nixon was looking for there.

        What did Trump know and when did he know it? Interesting question but hardly abuse of presidential power. Equally, all the documents and specific actors are beyond reach.

        We know pretty much all we’re going to know about this.

        Oh yes, the Congressional Districts can be gerrymandered to give the Republicans an advantage, but the apportionment of Congressional seats and thus the electoral college is pretty straight mathematics.

    • We are now hearing how hacking our government systems has been going on for years now. Why didn’t the Obama administration say or do something about it when they first learned of it?

        • Yes I would love to see what the republicans would be doing right about now when all of the republican congressmen emails on Obama were released, it would confirm that we pay for a bunch of dumba$$es racist.

          • Perhaps racism exists on both sides of the aisle that runs both ways to a certain extent. I’d love to see them as well to confirm the corruption that is much more rampant than racism

          • The answer to that question is a part of well documented history sir! It was the democrats who WERE the KKK. It still exists to day on that side of the aisle while being thinly veiled as equality for all

          • Nothing changes in 100 years, right?

            We, Democrats, couldn’t possibly support anything done by President Roosevelt and his Square Deal.

            Though I gotta say, I’m still for Bryan and Free Silver.

          • Five decades of trying and finally succeeding, thanks to the Kochs and Mercers the birch society now the alt-right are running the white house.

          • Racism on the republican side and prejudice on the democratic side. Democrats are for equality for all.

          • Let me see, no I couldn’t find anything to change my mind the republicans are not pro-choice, they are against LGBT, they are cutting medicaid, medicare, education and only the rich can live with those cuts, as we middle income have to pay nore for infrastructure due to the nice tax cuts at the top. No I know I’m not fooled.

          • I believe Trump to be more pro-choice than he lets on. They are really ambivalent to LGBT with the exception of bathroom choice (how/why this is an issue I don’t know) and are “cutting” nothing in those areas you’ve mentioned. It’s those in the middle who will benefit from the new administration is my hope and am willing to take a wait and see attitude. Which, now that the election is over, is what most intelligent people are doing.

          • Hoping, good luck with your hoping. But honestly I think the smart people are waiting on the side lines to pounce on him, when he and congress think they own us. Remember by the people, for the people.

          • Then wait in silence because if/when you’re wrong it will be easier to get the egg off your face

          • As a taxpayer who loves my country, I willingly pay taxes without grousing about. However, I resent my taxes paying for trump and others who use what I pay for – the moochers.

        • Jim, you and itsfun have a lot of intellectual development to do. The two of you offer us an interesting insight into the dumbing down effect taking place in America. This phenomenon so far seems most pronounced in Trump and in those attracted to him.
          Some unknown commonality is at work with the three of you.

          • I’m certain the same commonality is at work on your side here as well Aaron while ignoring the content and condemning the messenger of those all important emails

          • Keep up jm, I didn’t say it hurt Americans. It helped them make an informed decision as to who they preferred their POTUS to be

          • Again, if it were fair game and we had the re-pubic-rats emails the POTUS would not be TRUMP. If jerymandering didn’t take place the electoral would have gone to Hillary. You know that already, but you like to keep thinking Trump is good WHY?

          • Care to point out to me how the Electoral College gets gerrymandered? Its votes are apportioned in an straight mathematical formula.

            Like it or not, Clinton simply didn’t deliver on the State polls in a number of States.

          • I didn’t saying the electoral got jerrymandered, I said the jerrymandering caused the electoral vote to go to there way.

          • How so?

            Votes are apportioned by State according to population. The fact that the Republicans have gerrymandered to win an unfair majority of those Congressional seats doesn’t impact the number available.

          • The more congressional seats you have under an umbrella of a party the more votes are going to go down ticket to benefit them with ALL elections, otherwise why go through the trouble,

          • Go through the trouble to control Congress.

            Electoral votes are awarded by State. Based on the winner in that State. Gerrymanderering condenses Democratic voters into fewer districts but doesn’t alter the raw number.

            Republicans have suggested EV by CD before. It earns a snort of derision.

          • It would be great if it were simple mathematics. In Idaho if 51 percent vote Republican, the Republican Party gets 100% of the electoral votes. It is different in California where there is apportionment.

          • That’s odd. The results I’ve seen have Clinton receiving all 55 of California’s electoral votes. Could you be confusing primary Delegates, which are apportioned in many States?

            Then to your other post. The Democratic Party goes back to about 1836. The Republican Party was formed specifically to be a regional party of the north. The Democrats were the conservative Southern Party. As such, all the founding members of the KKK were Democrats.

            But things change.

            Bryan and Wilson were Progressive. Roosevelt was very much of the Center, reaching out to the forgotten man, regardless of race. Mostly it was Lyndon Johnson, who refused to allow racial segregation to continue. Republicans then became the party of the segregationists.

            It is a meme of the Right Wing to point out that the KKK were Democrats. Glenn Beck, as I recall, treated it as some kind of amazing revelation.

            So what? Seasons change. Things change.

          • No, I am not talking about the primary. in the primary in my state, you have to be registered with either, Democrat, Republican, or Independent to even be allowed to vote in the primary, unless it is state or local. California has a population (last census figures) of almost 38 million people. 677,355 votes gets one electoral college vote. That is a ratio of 3.6 to one. Wyoming with a population of 563,707 gets one electoral vote per 187,923. That is a ratio of 4 and that is not fair. Idaho, the ratio is 180,000. In a true Democracy all votes would count. As for the parties, there wasn’t formal Republican Party until prior to the civil war when the abolitionists firmed up the Republican Party. Lincoln is why the south went Democrat. The KKK did form in the south while the Democratic Party was the major party. These thugs would have formed no matter which party was in power. Then when LBJ signed the Civil Rights into law, the terrorist south went Republican.

          • If this and this that. If the votes on both sides were removed from NY city, LA, Miami and Chicago Trump would be a landslide winner blah, blah blah. Gerrymandering is a product that exists on both sides so they negate each other. I say give Trump a CHANCE to prove what he can or can’t do for this country then make an informed decision.

          • He has already broken the Logan’s Act, he is taking Russians sides over the CIA, FBI, Generals and journalist. I demand to see his tax forms for the past 5 years, what does he have to hide? If you want a communist country move to Russia and take your loser with you.

          • A 225 year old act under which nobody has ever been prosecuted. I think it’s rather refreshing to hear someone question the activities of perhaps covert operations by the US government. And this is a problem why to anyone searching for the truth?

          • I would like to tell any girl who lives near a trumeteer to cross the street and stay away from that trumpeteer/

          • I’m on no one’s side, Jim. But your binary-mode mind can only understand two states at a time—On/Off, Left/Right, Black/White, Me/Them, My Side/Your Side. What a tiresome and one-dimensional world you live in.
            “Emails On The Brain” has deformed your mind, and may be irreversible at this critical stage in the few remaining moments of your life on this plane of Existence. By wasting your time in your futile attempt to convince others to accept your myopic view, you waste valuable time to correct your nihilism.

          • If you’re on no one’s side Aaron surely you see the shenanigans that went on in the democratic party under the supervision of HC. One dimensional would be to ignore the obvious and thought you were smarter than that.

          • Hi Aaron,

            Rather it’s their complete myopia on the issues. Being generous, Jim honestly asks what he news media stories would look like were the situation reversed. He ignores the Fox 24/7 Benghazi coverage. The ignores the Lamestream Media’s buy in on the Hillary email “scandal”. He ignores the entire RWMO.

            To my mind Jim is either gaming us or he is completely oblivious to the issues and the dangers that the RWMO has lead us to.

          • The KKK did come about when the south was anti-republican because Lincoln was a Republican. I don’t think they called themselves Democrats then, but they did become solid Democrat because the Republicans were anti-slavery. Then a Democrat did the brilliant and right thing and signed Civil Rights into law and the Republican Party became the party of the KKK. The Democratic Party did not start the KKK. Republican=racist pigs.

          • The rest of the world thinks you are in the same bag of smelly beans ! We hope someone will spill them soo! It’s about time!
            Good old bloody catharsis is healthy as long as it does not kill the patients! We!

          • Well, White Rose—You certainly are in a dither now that your racialist, narcissistic, and lewd darling, Trump, is being further exposed as a butt naked illegitimate accident. If my “catharsis” bothers you, then that’s your hard luck. Your white racialist tendencies are quite evident, and your racialist friends approve of YOUR catharsis. Carry on!!

          • Aaron You are so ignorant that it is pathetic.
            This is what White Rose stands for !
            The total opposite of racialism YOU might practice in secret!
            White Rose is the paramount in Resistance against fascism and since the 3rd reich is now the 4th reich and that it has moved across the Atlantic in your back yard, we have to be vigilant!
            You don’t even know what catharsis means! Hopeless!!
            I don’t think you understand the poem either!
            Get an education if you can afford it!

          • And another thing—Since you refer to yourself as “White Rose”, the image of a withered flower came to mind, and the following epigram by Baha’u’llah describes your spiritual condition and aspirations:

            “O SON OF DESIRE! Give ear unto this: Never shall mortal eye recognize
            the everlasting Beauty, nor the lifeless heart
            delight in aught but in the withered bloom. For
            like seeketh like, and taketh pleasure in the company
            of its kind.”

            Share this with your racialist friends, please.

          • See, the spots are very vivid you can’t hide under your definition. We are the people, you are the minority.

          • Aaron,

            I’d suggest the attacks on the Public School system, resulting in the dumbing down of America in general. The growth of “for profit” news, resulting in both a fear of the “Liberal Media” charge and a general need to play the ratings game. And the internet, where anything can pass itself off as news.

            And it doesn’t just affect the Right.

      • And you have also been hearing even for the elections about the hacking by Russia, but your hear no evil, see no evil made you stupid.

          • I do not care a hoot about you supposedly being hacked or your liberal party! I am European fighting for independence from fear and war mongering fools East and West .
            I believe Trump and Putin may stop this bullshit that you don’t even understand! It is about War Business and Basta.
            You are backing people who manipulate you to keep their business going and now that peace might be feasible you sabotage it !
            Nice move for fun itsfun or are you really retarded?

          • itsfun is close to retarded. In this country we have some isolated backwoods country where they have never experienced diversity in thought and people. Their schools are horrible.

          • No the question should be, so I will ask it: WHY DID TRUMP PROMOTE THE HACKING 100%. Why was he one of the first to publish it? Why did he endorse it?

          • Talk about making things up. Show where the President-elect promoted the hacking. He didn’t publish it and he didn’t endorse it. What will you make up next?

          • “Folks we have emails that are going to be released. Russian if your hacking, please find the 30,000 emails.” . . oh if only I had the time to post all the clippings. I am not retired like you, so do us both a favor and watch other channels of news, beside Rush and Fox and you won’t have to ask. You will know the truth.

    • Because the content of the emails was the witch hunt and the evidence you got was nothing, nothing more then a group wanting to win an election. The difference is that the group were all Americans and the hackers are from another country, no business in our business. You are making all types of excuses for Trump, we already know he is a fraud, narcissist, liar, thief we know he is a pussie grabber, we know he owes to Russian banks, and we know he thinks he will amass mega billions like Putin. You for one are the reason we have a loser for a President.

      • All the “evidence” we needed was the non denial of the content you moron! You are the one who is making excuses for your loser of a candidate. But thank you for your moronic thinking which is in fact why we won the election.

        • Like the one Trump used on Obama’s birth certificate you moron. My candidate was not Trump, he is the loser. Hilary was an experienced candidate. who won more vote, You won the election because it was rigged.

      • Hello racist and bigot; How wrong can you be? Putin has been crapping in Obama’s hat and handing it to him for 8 years. Anything Putin wanted for the past 8 years, he got. Putin has Obama by the gonads.

        No matter, the 3-letter agencies can’t agree that it was the Russians. After the intel folks presented their findings to President Trump et al, President Trump stated that they don’t have any real evidence to support their claims. Thus, they are showing how far up Obama’s butt they are.
        No matter, in less than 2 week, the most divisive president in history will be nothing but a bad dream. All his EO and even his ACA will be gone.

        And lest you forgot, if the emails were damning to the Dems, it wasn’t wikileaks who wrote their content. It was the Dems themselves! Duh.

        And now HilLIARy is claiming she never wanted to run for president in the first place. Boy did you guys ever get conned by her.

          • Obama told Putin he was “drawing a line in the sand” and Putin stuck his thumb in Obama’s eye. Even the milquetoast response by Obama for the not proven hacking is nothing but lip service. Putin basically ignored the latest Obama moves, just as he did with Obama’s prior sanctions.
            You need to get your information from sources other than MSNBC and CNN. Until you do, you will be just another low information person.

          • Yeah Comrade trumps buddy Vlad really loves those sanctions against the Russian banking and credit industries. And since the Russian economy is just humming along why would he care. You are a moron.

          • Like the US economy is just humming along. Record number on food stamps, record number on welfare, annual growth <2%, 95 million Americans not working. Even Obama admitted the Dems spent too much time on who was using what bathroom and ignored the ECONOMY and the working class voters. It was the working class voters who grew weary of the lies the Dems have been spewing for 8 years.
            Even if the Russians hacked the emails, the Russians or wikileaks are not the ones who wrote what was in them. HilLIARy and the other dishonest Dems wrote the emails. If the information contained in the emails hurt them in the election, then GOOD. They did it to themselves just like they did it to Bernie during the primaries.
            You are in self-denial and in meltdown mode because President Trump got a MANDATE from the voters.
            Any form of measurement supports that statement.

          • Since you are obviously such a good republican, tell us all the things the republicans have done in the past 8 years to help the economy.

            I think you don’t know what is the definition of the word mandate.

          • In the past 8 weeks, President Trump (doesn’t that sound good) PERSONALLY saved more jobs (5800) and PERSONALLY created more jobs (51500) than Obama did in 8 years.

            304>227; 60% of the states; 70% of the 10 most populous states; 1.5 million more votes discounting the fruits and nuts in CA. YUP, it’s a MANDATE alright.

          • So how many jobs did Obama PERSONALLY create or save during his 8 years?

            And, since Obama has been the one running the country for the past 8 years, anything the GOP created would have been credited to Obama.

            Almost 60000 jobs saved or created in 8 weeks!

          • If we do the math for Obama the way you are trying to do for trump, you have to credit Obama with 11 million jobs. You are so gullible. Do you believe everything the right puts out? Informed Voter, what a joke.

          • So you’re CLAIMING that Obozo PERSONALLY created or saved 11 million jobs? How dumb does that make you look! You can’t even provide proof that Obozo PERSONALLY was involved in job creation or saving!
            Meanwhile, President Trump PERSONALLY was involved in saving 6000 jobs and possibly creating 60000 jobs!
            And you wonder why we refer to you lefties as low information.

          • If it wasn’t for rubes like you, grifters like trump* wouldn’t exist. You are about as informed as my dog.

          • That’s right, I’m uninformed. I provided links stating that President Trump was ahead in the polls, but you informed folks kept calling me a liar and uninformed. So how did that work out for you informed folks?
            President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters because of the failed policies of Obozo. 304>227.
            And you are so informed that you believed that when the MSM claimed on election morning that HilLIARy had 238 EC votes in the bag, that it was true!
            And you are so informed like those reading the Detroit Free Press who declared at 11 AM on election day that HilLIARy had won Michigan and would be the next president. Since your name implies MI residence, how did that story from the Free Press work out for you. President Trump carried MI by at least 10700 votes, and that’s counting all the illegal votes in Detroit that were uncovered during the partial recount!
            I suspect your dog is probably better informed than you.

          • I see you are upset. That’s too bad. Rubes such as yourself should really try to not be taken in so easily. Next you’ll be telling us trump* PERSONALLY created 6 million jobs. Yeah, a MANDATE for the MANBABY, but he couldn’t even win the popular vote. And you suck it all up. Says a lot more about you than anything else. No doubt my dog is smarter than you will ever be.

          • Sorry old Jinm, but it is you who is upset. If you throw out the fruits and nuts in CA, the President Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million! But then again, since the popular vote does not mean anything about getting elected president, only losers like you would try and fool yourself that it does. If the popular vote had meant something, then President Trump would have campaigned in CA and the margin of victory there would have been much smaller.
            just look at the map of the US from the election. President Trump got a MANDATE that is bordering on a landslide.

          • You are the perfect trump* supporter. He lies and you suck it up. You do realize he is mentally ill? You must be too, as odd as your comments are. Yeah, trump* got a mandate alright. Only in your tiny mind. You are funny. Not too sharp, but funny anyway.

          • That’s the problem you lefties have in believing the FAKE MSM. They make up stories and publish lies and you low information dudes just suck it up. President Trump spanked the MSM pretty good last Thursday and anyone except low information lefties knows it. But the FAKE MSM has come out howling and screaming that President Trump is lying, but they just keep digging a deeper hole for themselves. Readership for the MSM papers has continued to fall since President Trump called them FAKE news. The MSM are beside themselves. They just don’t understand that they can’t destroy what they didn’t create.
            Meanwhile, President Trump’s presidency keeps running along like a well-oiled machine. Obozo couldn’t make that claim, because he outsourced all the machines! and jobs!
            60000 new jobs and 6000 saved jobs in 6 weeks! And you dummies just keep saying it’s a lie. Well, the UNIONS are now warming up to President Trump because he is doing stuff they like. If the UNIONS get close with President Trump, it’s lights out for the Dems!

          • That’s one of the biggest problems you low information dudes have: Just like President Trump’s inauguration was the highest attended, you lefties continue to believe (and you’re the ONLY ones) the FAKE MSM, the lies the MSM pump out. You guys claimed you’d stop Pruitt, but, oh look, he’s approved!
            President Trump ABSOLUTELY destroyed the MSM on Thursday, and is marching like a well-oiled machine!
            So now tell me again how the UNIONS are not flocking to President Trump.
            In an audience by Farrakan, he slammed the Dems and said the black population SHOULD support President Trump and his nominees.

          • You are quite funny. I bet if you keep it up they just might give you a second helping of pudding when they bring it around today.

          • At least you’re admitting that you have nothing to value to post and can’t disprove my statements.

          • Hello racist and bigot, it’s ironic that you mention Obama and religion in the same sentence. The only religion Obama recognizes is Muslim.
            There is no proof that religion embraced evil. In fact, the Dems claimed from the start that the evangelical votes were not going to Trump but to HilIARy.
            It looks like you’re still trying to figure out how HilLIARy lost, and by such a large margin. Look no further than Obama’s failed policies.

          • You are wrong, a liar and and ignorant. Too brain washed to think straight, go back into that basket of deplorables.

          • Hello racist and bigot. Careful here, the basket of deplorables cost HilLIARy more votes than any single lie she told. So how intelligent do you look by using her quote? Pretty damn low.
            Since Obama took office, we no longer have any mention of God in any public place, including the locker room before a sport.
            But we openly teach, for credit, on school time, Muslim religion.

            QED. Time for you to seek out one of these safe rooms the muslim universities established so you have a place to go cry.

          • Can’t get any lower then the serpent in the white house. I have no need to cry. You are a plain racist, obvious from your remarks about our president. Still doesn’t change the fact that you are wrong, a liar and and ignorant. Too brain washed to think straight, go back into that basket of deplorables.

          • Hello racist and bigot, Oh yes we can get away from the lowly serpent. Thanks to the voters, in 12 days the serpent in the WH (Obama) will be nothing but a bad dream. His legacy struck down via the use of a pen and phone.
            HilLIARy and Deb W-S did it to themselves when they wrote their emails. No one, except the authors of the emails are responsible for their content. At least Deb had the character to resign. HilLIARy just keeps telling folks she landed under heavy fire, did not order to stand down, … you name it, she’ll deny saying it if you pay her enough.

          • Hello racist and bigot, President Trump has been in office less a month and look at how many campaign promises he’s already delivered! Obozo was in office 8 years and delivered zip!

            Thus, if anyone was a two-headed scum, it would be Obozo!

    • You are so mentally incompetent it’s a worthless effort trying to reason with you – you can’t reason with total stupidity!!

    • Because the contents of those emails – like most or all of the other lies and crap you idiots bought and / or presented – are incredibly trivial and irrelevant to the campaign or the presidency. And your comment about “an unscrupulous, self-serving candidate” is absolutely PRICELESS, given who you voted for.
      For a self-anointed “thinker’ – or even for a blind, hate-filled partisan idiot, a better description – you surely are as dumb as dirt.
      Are you REALLY so clueless, or is it just flagrant hypocrisy? Or – more likely – BOTH.

  11. Gingrich as we all recall was the Speaker who touted, “A contract “with” America.” It turned into a “Contract ON America.” Gingrich is a joke. He divorced his first wife who had cancer. Walked into her hospital room and handed her the divorce papers. That be a southern gentleman? Then, he marries wife No. 2 and after a couple of years, she developed MS and he divorced her. But Wife No. 3 was a well calculated strategy. She’s a Catholic. Gingy stupidly decided to convert to Catholicism for her in order to be able to marry her in a church, which is Catholic law for observant Catholics.

    People in GA know he would have a devil of a time divorcing in the Catholic faith HE chose to convert to and so he is already pussyfooting around on Wife No. 3 knowing as a Catholic she can’t divorce him.

  12. Notice how Rock Star Samaras wants to pretend away his guilt like the desperate Republicans? Rock Star Samaras thinks it’s perfectly okay to allow foreign cyber hackers to throw the election Trump’s way. And why would they do that? Because Rock Star Samaras likes to win no matter who low he has to sink to do it…even to approving of Russians hacking into the election and rigging it in Trump’s favor.

    Notice how Rock Star Samaras is hot to just flip the switch? Okay Trump’s sucking up to PUtin? Okay Trump being in the palm of Putin’s hand even when that means our country is in Putin’s control?

    Hey Rock Star…time for you to get a haircut. that long hair is diminishing your eyesight and hearing. You are NOT the AMerican public in entirety and never will be. You are a tiny speck of sand in the Sahara for analogy purposes. You and your right wingers days of being almighty control freaks are over. We know how to deal with Rock Star mentalities…we make sure their fame fades into oblivion.

  13. No matter who does it, it is not right. We need honest elections. I do disagree that both parties do it. The thing I do not like about the Democrats is their inertia. The main thing I do not like about the Republicans is they are fascists.

    • Ida…that right now is really what this is all about. The reality is that in the past 2 years alone, Republican states played around with redistricting their voting maps solely to increase the number of electors.

      It’s one thing if they really did have an unusual increase in population. It is entirely another more serious legal matter to make it “look” as if their populations increased thereby allowing them “more” electors for the Electoral College.

      • I shall put my state into a cartoon. The first frame shows a steer saying, “I have good representation in our government. I have power.” The second frame shows me, saying, “I do not have representation in the government. I have no power.”

  14. We have seen the personality of our now President Elect for years already. He has been portrayed perfectly through the character Eric Cartman on Comedy Central’s “South Park”. Egocentric, petulant, inconsiderate of all others, etc. Eric Cartman will now become our President.

  15. From a European point of view, (you know the vassals of the USA ever since their industrialist pushed us into Hitler’s harm ways and their soldiers supposedly liberated us only to name the other saviors our enemy, this hacking business is highly ridiculous.
    Reading all the variously formated comments here, I can tell you that so much confusion on your part is a welcomed sight!
    Keep entertaining the world, close down the MIC and leave the world at peace war bullies. Enough treason to the rest of the world from you guys.
    Bury real deep Edgar Hoover’s heritage and all its avatars.
    Go to the cleaners and come back as you were before madness hit you.
    Plenty of laundrry there!
    I am just afraid that some fools will push the War Button again to cover it all up in ashes!

    • US Industrialists pushed Hitler to war?

      God Almighty! What history books have you been reading?

      I’ve got hundreds of pictures or Europeans welcoming American, Canadian, and British troops as liberators, from 42 to 45. I’ll show them to you if you wish.

      • I not only read history books chronologically, I also look for details hidden from you by the propaganda.
        In 1938 after backing Germany’s recovery for 5 years, along with 1.500 american industrialist, Henry Ford received the Nazi Grand Cross of Merit given to him in Detroit where all the other US Backers of Hitler were present.
        This backing allowed Hitler to go to war and destroy all of Europe including his own country by the inhuman bombings that occurred at the end of this WWII.
        Indeed from 1942 to 1945 America finally went to war (thanks to Roosevelt and the Pearl Harbor operation) and started along with Canada, Australia and European Resistants to liberate Europe from the fascist blocks. In 1945 Millions of Europeans cheered the Liberators not knowing what hit them before 1942!
        The “White Rose” were student martyrs fighting fascism early in Germany, not a supremacist group silly you!
        From then on the Americans took all the credit for the Liberation of Europe (not the soldiers who were just pawns as you are today) even though Russia had paid the highest toll of 20 million deaths.
        Count yours!
        Europe was then colonised by the Marshall plan and cut in two (divide to conquer) as would later be India, Korea and Vietnam to a lesser degree. Well run business I say! I am not sure that Europe has understood what happened.
        History of the righteous deserves the truth !
        Speaking through what you said jmprint?
        A little respect goes a long way. No grudges, ignorance is bliss.

        • I’d always thought the White Rose was Britain’s House of York.

          So you’re a Putin Puppet? Trying to make a mountain out of Henry Ford’s molehill? Rex Tillerson was awarded the “Friend of Russia” medal by Putin. Does that mean Russia is running the Trump Admin.?

          Marshall Plan colonized Europe?

          Snort of derision. Misunderstanding both the Marshall Plan and the definition of colonization.

          The USA as responsible for the division of British India into India and Pakistan?

          Another snort of derision.

          • Well at least it got you thinking a bit.
            Derision really is in the eye of the beholder?
            Europeans are not Russia’s puppets!
            They just try to survive the next World War planned by the same who indeed planned the separation of India, Korea and Vietnam (you forgot those)! Let us not even talk about Africa and the independence movements of the sixties and the recent Arab Springs!
            I am not saying the USA did it all by herself! Your informal leaders (I discount POTUS who are just puppets indeed) intermingle with international deciders who prefer the shadows to the limelights to rule efficiently..
            Henry Ford’s Mole Hill is not derision of course!
            Just minimizing history!
            There were 1.500 like him!
            Honestly! Do you have the figures of the investments in Germany from 1933 to 1942 and even secretly beyond!?

            I am not misunderstanding colonization of which there are different avatars throughout history, at all nor the Marshall Plan whiwh profited to whom mainly? Say! .
            You can snort at these two paradigms as you wish!
            No the USA are not the good guys!
            The operative leaders flying and manipulating its banner are very ruthless and cunning.
            I am not talking about the pigeons waving flags and dissolving into Pathos every other time and for any reasons, mostly stemming from Fake Staged events.
            Sick and tired the world is! Yes the world is interested in finding out how this Trump Deck of Cards will be stacked, dealt and played.
            I leave you with your simplistic binary view of necessary conflict! Did you buy Haliburton?

          • I have a marvelous little book on the shelf, “You Can’t Do Business With Hitler.” Yes, many misunderstood Hitler and what he stood for. No, they were not all Americans. If you’re looking for a proximate cause of the war, the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 is probably the best candidate.

            Russia and the communists held millions under their thrall for many years. The free and independent Germany of today is an outgrowth of keeping some protected from communism for years. Ask the South Koreans if they’re upset their nation was divided into free and communist sections. While we all regret losing any to Communist tyranny, there’s no question that the free have prospered and the communist have trailed.

          • Of course this is old hat! Don’t rush to fast into your binary simplistic logic again!
            The most thriving and succesful capitalists today are the ex communists China Russia and many BRICS countries!
            State Capitalism (Communism never actually existed) based solely on solidarity did not work because humans are driven by mainly two forces .
            Selfishness that urgeS them to acquire and compete and solidarity which socializes them to become true human beings caring For eaxch other genuinely!
            The ex communist nations who notably developped education and health care(as Cuba has shown) are now going into a new era of development!
            You may find yourself crying that you did not become a bit more “socialists” (let alone communist which is like cyanide pronouncing the word, when you had the chance in the sixties!
            But maybe you only feel confy when you are fighting wars!
            We don’t, you see! So work on that! Educate yourselves!
            As a scholar I find American education is abyssal!
            Maybe Dumb Trump will end up showing part of the way since you despised Bernie so badly!

          • I wish to congratulate you on your English, assuming your part of Europe doesn’t use it as a native language. In the east, you may find many who lived under communism. Their first hand accounts may rid you of communphila.

            The Socialist Parties of Europe are not exactly renowned for their recent success. You seem intent on pointing to the failures in the USA while ignoring the failures of democracy in Russia and the rise and success of right wing parties all over Europe.

            No, I am not a fan of Bernie Sanders. His campaign was little more than bluster and buzzwords. More importantly, he used my Democratic Party as a one-night-stand.

          • Thank you.
            I learned simple English in America and enriched it in Yorkshire.

            I can sort one propaganda from the other! It is my hobby!
            I used to work in Electron Microscopy!
            Seeing and hearing the Details of everything is my thing!
            Like Pico de la Mirandola and Leonardo of course…
            You might want to join that school and be a little more precise in your general assessments of things.
            All the best in this process dbtheonly !!!

          • Keep trucking Cat and ask Mark Twain for advice!
            He was rather good at Crazy against the System!
            You might get somewhere still!

        • I dare say the entire world profited by having Naziism shoved back into the sewer out of which it crawled.

          Good books on WWII?

          Bill Shirer for starts. Churchill is readily available but tends to shade things rather his way. Ed Murrow and Ernie Pyle give very good “worm’s eye” views. Alan Whicker does the same for the UK in Italy. Read it for the full verses of the “D-Day Dodgers” song. Just avoid anything by David Irving.

    • J. Edgar Hoover was a racist. He destroyed people’s careers and probably their lives and Comey is part of that organization.

  16. [email protected] says:

    too funny in one way and sad in another . im watching a date-line undercover cop show and its about pimps and hookers . the hookers wont tell the police anything about their pimps from fear of them that the sad part now the funny part as it relates to DONNY DUMP all the DUMPSTER CLOWN is really is Russia’s PUTTHEAD hole he is just a Russian hooker working the USA and now the WORLD for the PUTTHEAD PIMP he fears of saying anything bad about his PUTTHEAD PIMP he dosent work the streets he works the world now that fits DONNY DUMP well a nasty hooker he is just a piece of trash the Russian pimp uses PUTTHEAD must get a lot of people that want a refund from the DONNY DUMP hooker . the lady’s yes say thy want their money back . more likely the brain dead followers males that use the DUMPSTER’S hooker serves thy im sure are happy to pay for their DUMPSTER hooker time . thy love him so much . DONNY DUMP is just Russia’s PUTTHEAD bitch boy

  17. [email protected] says:

    from the Washington post my comment >>>no the cant hack the vote box but thy didn’t want to do it that way instead thy had the COMA COMEY FBI clown do the work for them with the 9 days before the election and came out with the BULL about Hillary its all been BULL from the GOP gang of pinhead idiots Benghazi . the emails all admitted doing by the very GOP them self yes that last COMA COMEY report very well could been the last thing people heard and said ok no Hillary now . then 2 days before the election saying ok there’s nothing new on Hillary’s emails . by then it was too late so many already voted . the crazy thing s all stated and anyone could see and know just what the GOP was doing and did . watch not another word will come up now about anything to do with Benghazi or Hillary’s email. NOTHING heck even the DUMPSTER with his LIE saying he was going to get Hillary when he gets in the house . another lie like all the other lies by right the whole election should all be void and the GOP closed down the government wasted $$ 22 to 25 billion buck . it wont cost that much to do another election. and ill bet the country and even the brain dead DONNY DUMP followers wouldn’t be voting for that lying piece of garbage . then there would be a record being broken heck I even thing there might be 100 million more voters and none for the DUMPSTER

  18. [email protected] says:

    the GOP gang of pinhead idiots admitted it thy was the ones that trashed and beat Hillary with them even telling all that thy did all the bul just to make her look bad . and thy bragged about it all bull from Benghazi to the emails all this you will never hear another thing about it again from the GOP thy got what thy wanted and thy are done with it heck Hillary should do a DONNY DUMP trick now and SUE them all

  19. As someone who voted for neither Hillary nor Donald, I have an impartial view.

    If the Russians had leaked Trump’s tax returns and they proved as embarrassing to Trump as the emails were to the Democrats, would you be as upset?

    If that had happened, I would expect Trump to attempt to deflect attention from the tax returns by making a bigger deal out of the hack, in much the same way our intelligence community tried to focus our attention on the criminality of Snowden and away from the content of what he exposed. Just like the Democratic Party is deflecting away from the embarrassment of what was revealed in those emails by focusing on the criminal actions of Russia.

    As long as the information leaked is true, I don’t care who leaked it.

    • You should, as an American – you are an American, right? – be outraged that a foreign government interfered in the democracy of our election, regardless of which party was hacked.

      • And you, as an American, should be outraged that our government, through the CIA, has interfered in the democratic elections of many other sovereign nations.
        Pot, meet kettle.

        • Typical conservative responce – Look at what the CIA did in the 50s to 70s! Look at the Democrats in the 1840s! You never want to look at how things currently are being done or who is doing them. You can only point out the past.

    • You’re clearly about as “impartial” as the rest of the rabid right-wing trolls who bless us with their lies daily.
      I base this not on your obvious attempt to whitewash and minimize the importance of this issue in your post, but on past screeds to which we have been treated by you.
      Why don’t you just let it go and admit you don’t care how your boy won, so long as that criminally competent and strong woman won’t be in office to shrink your reproductive organs?

      • Typical liberal response. Don’t like HIllary? Must be a misogynist.
        Here in AZ we’ve had two female Governors. I voted for one but not for the other. Sex or race doesn’t matter, character does. I would vote for a woman for President, but not THAT woman. I also didn’t vote for Trump.

        • :>)) [laughing].
          I can tell they’re shrinking as you type.
          “Character”: what a laugh. So you’re so smug because you voted for who? The clueless and bizarre Libertarian? One of the mindless right-wing splinter groups? You of course knew all along your vote and those of other hypocrites like yourself would help elect one or the other of the candidates you were too holy and “impartial” to choose, but you have “character” because you threw yours away.
          You’re as dumb and dishonest as Samaras and the other slime who openly supported Trump, but at least they were honest enough to admit they didn’t care what Trump could do to the country.
          Keep going, man. You’re a laugh a minute!

  20. Well said, except the past – and probably continuing – efforts of US intelligence agencies and others “rob ordinary [insert here “Iran,” “Guatemala,” or any other of multiple nations] citizens of their democratic rights” is equally as bad and inexcusable, and should be of equal concern to all Americans. Perhaps the fact that many seem completely unaware of these efforts, and that our “friends” on the Right no doubt justify these evil acts, may account for the apparent boredom with which the issue has been greeted by most except the ever obsessively-insecure Donald himself, who must claim that he also won the popular vote (overwhelmingly so, apparently). Perhaps legitimate disgust with the constant GOP harping on non-existent voter fraud and Trump’s and his worshippers’ constant blathering about how the election was rigged simply bored everyone to sleep. Most important of all, the Democrats’ reluctance to suggest this might have tipped the election tends to kill interest in what thereby becomes a purely intellectual – and therefore meaningless – exercise.

    • Do you pass as an intellectual therefore meaningless in your social circles!
      I do !
      They are so damn dumb! You must know the feeling!
      Compassion to you!

  21. To make things clear because some people here think “by format Pavlov kindling” that “White Rose” is some kind of white supremacy racialist avatar!

    It is not! Not at all Kind Simple Folks !

    It is on the contrary the Ultimate Resistance to fascism in the 3rd Reich and NOW the 4th Reich that has moved in your backyard for quite a while now!

    Having no better choice, White Rose will support President Trump to get rid of the 4th Reich once and for all!
    For that reason his partnership with the last of Nazi killers (yes the Russian Army) is seen as a good omen.
    Of course some of you may want to support the Military Industrial Complex that has done so much damage to the whole world! Eisenhower warned you though but you don’t listen because you want to be the good guys bullyinng the rest of World
    An Oxymoron as potent as “American Intelligence” which is now duly demonstrated through this Hacking Cas Study! Guffaw!
    We will combat you fear and war mongering idiocy till we die!
    All the “White Rose” members were liquidated by the Gestapo and are forever martyrs to freedom. Remember! Let us not start all this over, thank you!

    White Rose…

  22. White Rose survivor Jürgen Wittenstein described what it was like for ordinary Germans to live in Nazi Germany:

    “The government – or rather, the party – controlled everything: the
    news media, arms, police, the armed forces, the judiciary system,
    communications, travel, all levels of education from kindergarten to
    universities, all cultural and religious institutions. Political
    indoctrination started at a very early age, and continued by means of
    the Hitler Youth with the ultimate goal of complete mind control.
    Children were exhorted in school to denounce even their own parents for
    derogatory remarks about Hitler or Nazi ideology.”

    — George J. Wittenstein, M. D.,”Memories of the White Rose”, 1979[4]

  23. What dis the (soon to be) President know and when did he know it?

    If he conspired with a foreign power to commit a crime against the nation, while it is not Treason, it most definitely meets the standard of “high crimes and . . .”

    • First thing on their agenda was to abolish the ethics committee and they were swamped with phone calls and decided to table that until fox news can brainwash the unwashed.

  24. If Trump was actively involved with Russian efforts to help him with his campaign, that meets the definition of treason. There is sufficient probable cause to believe Trump was actively involved, that it would be good use of Congressional time, to start scheduling hearings and calling witnesses. This is grounds for impeachment.
    If you look at the overall picture of Trump’s interactions with allies, adversaries, and those nations that are neither allies nor adversaries, you can see probable cause to believe that Trump intends to scuttle the NATO alliance and the United Nations and establish a Washington-Moscow axis to dominate the world. This is something that would not be good for anybody except a relatively few billionaires, and it should not be permitted.
    There is reason to believe that treason has taken place, and treason is grounds for impeachment. Trump won the election fair and square, and he can be impeached fair and square.

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