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Saturday, March 23, 2019

New Jersey’s Republican governor Chris Christie announced today that he’s calling a special election for the seat left vacant by the death of Frank Lautenberg.

“The citizens of New Jersey need to have an elected representative to the United States Senate and have it as soon as possible,” he said. The primary will be held on August 13 and the general election on October 16.

Election officials estimate that the special election will cost taxpayers $24 million and Democrats say that the election should and could be held in November.

“I don’t know what the cost is and I, quite frankly, don’t care,” Christie said. “I don’t think you can put a price tag on what it’s worth to have an elected person in the United States Senate and I will do whatever I need to do to make sure those costs are covered because all the people of the state of New Jersey will benefit from it and we’re not going to be penny-wise and pound-foolish around here.”

“The November general election date is what’s best for taxpayers and voter turnout,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said in a statement. “It’s unquestionably the best option, but Gov. Christie has chosen to put partisan politics and his self-interest first.”

In the clip below, Christie insists that the special election cannot be held in November.

Except that it could — if he’d just waited 10 days to announce it.

“Today’s move is genius for three reasons,” Business Insider‘s Josh Barro wrote. It will help the governor in his own race while improving down-ballot prospects for Republicans. And it gives Republicans a better chance of picking up a blue Senate seat.

The problem with that analysis is that the first two points contradict the third.

Newark Mayor and rising Democratic star Cory Booker had announced that he planned on seeking Lautenberg’s seat and will assuredly enter the special election.

“Booker still has an advantage, but he isn’t as good a candidate as his national profile suggests,” Barro suggests.

But if that were true, why wouldn’t Christie be willing to be on the same ballot with him in November?

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25 responses to “Is Chris Christie A ‘Political Genius’ Or Just Scared Of Cory Booker?”

  1. Good move by Gov. Christie. It should be up to the people to decide who their elected officians should be.

    • shawnthesheep says:

      And what Christie did has nothing to do with allowing the people to choose their elected reps. The people still would have chosen their representative if the election had been held on the general election date. What Christie did was waste 24 million in taxpayer money in an effort to depress democratic turnout on the general election date.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      He had more than one option to assure the outcome of letting the people of NJ choose their Senator. He did not choose the more efficacious one.

  2. tomeds says:

    Cory Booker is an empty suit with a twitter account. Newark is probably worse off now than when Sharpe James was mayor. Booker will not win the Democratic primary.

  3. Budjob says:

    Christie is STILL A REPUBLICAN! Please working men and women of New Jersey,don’t forget that one important fact.

  4. clo711 says:

    Dumb unforced political error!
    ‘Election officials estimate that the special election will cost taxpayers $24 million and Democrats say that the election should and could be held in November.
    “I don’t know what the cost is and I, quite frankly, don’t care,” Christie said.’

    • FT66 says:

      That is Christie. Totally with a Mafia thinking. This is the man who was crying fowl to get money for Sandy victims. How can he even let a dollar be wasted like this? 24 million is a lot of money. No wonder republicans do not trust him at all.

  5. Catskinner says:

    If he decides to run for president, it will have to be as a Democrat.

    • Mark Forsyth says:

      Given the strain that comes with Presidential office,I doubt seriously that Christie could survive the first four years even if he did win.I don’t go out of my way to fault him for being overweight,but it is a huge issue that could catch up to him with negative if not life threatening results.

  6. Murderers' Row Boat says:

    Making taxpayers foot a $24m bill because you don’t want to share a ballot will play great with fiscal conservatives in 2016.

  7. howa4x says:

    Christie is good at using the states money for his own admissions. This year he stole 700 million from the utility surcharge program to balance the budget. That surcharge is dedicated toward renewable energy and the people who can’t pay their utility bill. When they ask why he did that he replied because I could. Last year he tried to steal 340 million from the transportation fund for a tax cut for the wealthy but the legislature stopped him. He is an arrogant bully who yells at anyone who disagrees with him. This year he took 75 million from the hurricane relief fund to make commercials about the revitalized NJ shore and put himself in every one of them during an election year. This money was supposed to go to the victims of the hurricane and most of the residential parts of the shore are not close to being back. He also blows with the wind, being concerned about global climate change and now not. He helped defund planned parenthood to look good to the national GOP conservatives. He is just like every other governor of the state. Robbing any pots of money to balance the budget. He is scared of Booker and one again goes to the vault to try to engineer a situation that protects him. He makes so many false and misleading statements that he should have a Pinocchio nose instead of a pants on fire from politico-fact check. He made a deal with the democrats so they put up a weak candidate and he will let them keep the legislature. Typical Jersey pol nothing more! .

  8. CooofNJ says:

    Disgusting. It is absolutely clear to this NJ resident that Christie is scared of a November ticket with a senate race above him (regardless of what you think of Booker, he would inspire turnout from people who have no love for Christie or Buono). I have had mixed feelings about him during his term, but this completely threw me off his bus forever. He has lost all credibility. There is no reason, except for political expediency for Christie, to run a separate election 3 weeks before the main election. $24 million to salve his ego! He is lying though his teeth about this and has zero (ZERO!) credibility on anything anymore. And if he thinks we will forget this or it will blow over by October, he really shows the disdain he holds his constituents in. Good bye Mr. Christie!

  9. ObozoMustGo says:

    Krispy Kreme Christie is just another feckless politician with a big mouth. He should just shut the hell up and appoint a conservative to take the Senate seat. But he won’t do that because he’s just another progressive loser who cares more about his own fat ass than America. That’s why so many DemonRATS like him.

    Have a nice day!

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” ― Mark Twain

  10. Troy says:

    OK! lets get one thing straight Chris Christie,even though he is a Republican,of which I am not happy about the one thing he is not scared,I was born and raised in New Jersey,and everyone thinks you can come to my state,and just push us around.I got a news flash for all of you in this country,if you think the people in New York,are tough and do not take any mess,come mess with us Jerseyans,and see what happens to you and I am one of those Jerseyans,along with my entire family who still lines there will give you a smack down you will not forget.

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