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Sunday, December 10, 2017

3 Responses to Jamie Dimon Gets A Raise

  1. He should be in jail not getting a pay raise. When is the US justice department going to start doing the right thing and arrest him and others that have their companies fined for wrong doings financially and are still doing wrong. No CEO is to big to put in jail and no bank should be allowed to be to big to fail. If anyone of us had done a fourth of the wrong Dion and others like him have done we would be sentenced to prison for the rest of our lives. Holder do your job and send these crooks to jail and not to a white collar prison, or prison Med as the honest people in this Country call the minimum security federal prisons

    • But, Barbara, you are completely ignoring the fact that the Federal regulators mostly came from financial industry and both the regulators and the Justice Dept lawyers are looking forward to moving on to lucrative jobs in the financial industry so they certainly are not going to rock the boat and make future employers angry.

      • No I am not ignoring the fact, I was hoping that for a change there would be one person that would do their job and do it right because to many people with money are getting away with to much because they are actually buying their way out jail when a dose of punishment would improve this Country and it’s total disregard for justice.

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