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Monday, January 21, 2019

Jeb Bush is set to present Hillary Clinton with the National Constitution Center Liberty Medal on September 10.

“Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy,” Bush said, in statement released in June. “These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal.”

As the date of the presentation nears, Tea Partiers — unsurprisingly — are apoplectic that the former secretary of state, senator and First Lady of the United States and Arkansas is receiving an honor previously awarded to Sandra Day O’Connor, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

“It is extremely distressing to learn that on the eve of the First Anniversary of the Benghazi attack (9/11/12), in which an American Ambassador and three American soldiers were killed–the National Constitution Center–led by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, will present former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Philadelphia Liberty Medal,” reads Independence Hall Tea Party Association’s website.

The group is planning a press conference in protest, during which they will name the winner of their “2013 Defender of Liberty Medal” — which I’m guessing will not be Mrs. Clinton.

Republicans are intent on holding Clinton accountable for the tragedy at a CIA outpost in Benghazi. Strangely, they didn’t apply the same standard to George W. Bush, who was president when there was a terrorist attack on another 9/11.

Thomas Pickering — George H.W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations — investigated the Benghazi attack and found that Secretary Clinton and her deputies bore no direct responsibility for the security breakdown at the outpost.

Our Joe Conason spoke to Pickering about the investigation:

“The third question that has come up,” said Pickering, “is why we didn’t investigate the Secretary of State” and her deputies. The “simple and straightforward answer” is that “they played no role in the decision making which was relevant to the preparations for meeting the security crisis in Benghazi,” and the role they did play on the night of September 11 “was fairly clearly portrayed to us by other people who attended the meetings, and we had no questions about it. We thought that what they did made sense and fit exactly what should have been done.”

Jeb Bush, who is often cited along with Clinton as a likely candidate for the presidency in 2016, is obviously aware of the political implications of honoring her. Either he believes that the impartiality of an organization that honored both his father and Mrs. Clinton’s husband gives him cover, or he doesn’t care.

Tea Party Republicans are unlikely to forget such a blatant offense, however.

“This pretty much destroys the ‘Jeb Bush 2016’ talk, doesn’t it?” National Review Online‘s Jim Geraghty wrote on Tuesday morning.

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83 responses to “Jeb Bush To Honor Hillary Clinton, Tea Partiers’ Heads To Explode”

  1. elw says:

    What else would expect of the tea party, they don’t have enough sense to understand that Jed Bush is, right now, the only potential candidate they have that might have a chance to win a National election, if he can get past the mess his brother made while he was President. But in truth I am so looking forward to watching a presidential campaign headed by Cruz or Rubio. It should be extremely entertaining.

    • David L. Allison says:

      Be careful what you wish for. Hillary just supported going to war with Libya, a decision opposed by almost half of the people in the United States and supported by less than a third of the people. That is a bad start for a campaign.

      • elw says:

        A lot can happen in three years. Neither you or anyone else knows if Hillary is going to run. It might even come as surprise to you that using her a threat will not work, she is well respected by Democrats and most, including myself, would happily vote for her over any of the potential candidates that currently head the rush for the next Presidential election as the Republican candidate.

        • David L. Allison says:

          Hey, I would vote for Hillary over the usual contents of the Republican Clown car as well. My point was that her support on attacking Syria could move a lot of people who are not red dog democrats like me and probably you, to choose someone who has consistently been against military intervention as a first option in settling international disputes. If Obama does not go in without domestic and international authorization, I don’t think it is likely to matter as much. If does go in without those authorizations and it blows up, I believe it will critically injure both Obama and Clinton and possibly the party as well..

          • elw says:

            I do not know what a red dog democrat is, I guess it is one who is more likely to support military action and/or war. I actually always hope for the opposite, but I am very pragmatic and when the reasons are justified I take a deep breath and accept (not like) what must be done. I agree with your assessment. However, if it is someone as radical as Rubio and Cruz who the GOP choses for their Candidate, I would bet that most of us who lean to the left (especially on social issues) will forgive and forget. Can you even imagine what would have happen to this Country if McCain had won in 2008? And, he is more Moderate than a Radical.

    • plc97477 says:

      Unfortunately for the gotp most of the sane repugs would not be able to win the primaries. They should be trying to find out ways to keep the tea baggers from voting not the minorities.

  2. JD Mulvey says:

    Being reasonable is a disqualifier for the Republican nomination for President.

    • derekcrane says:

      Yes, and “Hope and Change” has great appeal to critical thinkers.

      • martykayzee says:

        Yes, and “Compassionate Conservatism” also has great appeal to critical thinkers. Just like “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should” and “Have a Coke with a smile.” As a so called critical thinker, sir, I advise you to read a good book on marketing as to how slogans are made. Also, don’t forget the most insidious of them all “Jesus Saves.”

      • infadelicious says:

        Yes hope and change appeals to poverty and race pimps Like Al $16,000.00 Rolex Not so sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It supplies them with jobs and girls

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Critical thinkers??? On the left???? That’s like saying “smart idiot”… don’t exist.



        Good one derek, good one!

        “In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made the DemonRAT party.” ― Mark Twain, Following the Equator: A Journey
        Around the World

    • Tom Nunnery says:

      That is so true; always remember ; Republicanism is a real disease.

    • virginia_slim says:

      Sanity and the ability to think disqualify you from being a member of the TeaBaggers. Racial prejudice and anti-Christian bigotry are entrance requirements..

      • whodatbob says:

        As a cradle to grave Catholic and Democrat, in todays political climate it is hard to be both. Democrats are far more anti-Christian then the Republicans. Democratic liberalism is pushing anti-Regionalism. A move back to center is needed before we become a fringe party.

        • jmprint says:

          Now a days religious leaders are more interested in lining their pockets then preaching and following the word of God, that is what the problem is, not that most democrat don’t believe in God. What’s in your heart!

        • progressiveandproud says:

          Oh please, get a grip. The repubs. are good at spouting off about religion. When it comes to actually living a Christian life, they don’t have clue.

          Gutting the social safety net, education budgets, etc. is NOT a Christian stance, and that what the repubs. are do best.

          • whodatbob says:

            You need to get a grip! The Repucks are Hippocrates to be sure. The Dems are anti-religion we just do not beat our chest about it.

            It is the Dems social programs that keep me in the party.

        • infadelicious says:

          cradle to grave Catholic? that’s great but!.. sadly dems favour abortion., oh sorry, they favour choice so some do not even make it to the cradle………..and even worse the dems want to make those who disagree for religious reasons pay for the abortions, i mean choices of others…

          • whodatbob says:

            Yes, but Republican anti-abortion and anti-gay activist change their stance as soon as a family member aborts an unwanted child or comes out announcing he or she is gay.
            All other precepts of Christianity are rejected by Republicans. Democrats embrace these precepts.
            May God Bless You my friend.

          • infadelicious says:

            Activists from both parties change their stance depending on which voters are in the room that they are speaking in. It’s disgusting God bless you too and God bless America

  3. Kenia Brittney Armstrong says:

    Anyone, other than Jeb Bush. WHY? Anyone in the Democratic Party will do. Geez!

  4. Dominick Vila says:

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush, like former President Ronald Reagan, are moderate conservatives who would be labeled as RINOs by the Tea Party if they ran for office today. Pragmatism, a sense of fairness, and respect for the opinions of others is no longer a part of what passes for Republican conservatism nowadays. The record of leaders like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower is inconsistent with the rhetoric and record that characterize Republican behavior today, not because there are not a few traditional conservatives left, but because the Tea Party has taken over control of the GOP and it is doing everything it can to destroy it from within.

  5. Germansmith says:

    Why would the Tea Party care what Jeb Bush does anyway? He is not in the list of people that they would support anyway…unless the world goes upside down.
    Jeb Bush would be a good Republican candidate, but he has no chance of surviving the primaries.
    Is Hillary as our next President unless Democrats shot themselves in the foot again by picking another inexperience demagogue instead.

  6. kamarasune says:

    Just goes to show you they came out of the same barrel of sour apples….

  7. mikem42 says:

    I don’t want any branch of the government to be run by the Republicans during this era of lunacy. Having said that, I think this Bush (Jeb) is the most sane and rational of the bunch. There is some Bush and Clinton fatigue though, and hopefully some other candidates will emerge on both tickets for our consideration. The tea party is a true extension of the John Birch Society of the 50’s and 60’s, but with more wealth behind them. The Koch brothers father was a founding supporter of the society, and they are still pushing the agenda. Claire Conner has a wonderful book, “Wrapped in the Flag” which will put this all in context. Her parents were Birchers and her story is compelling.

  8. Larry Jones says:

    There are two things clear to me about the Republican party of today. First, they are a scab upon the legacy of those who went before them. Ronald Reagan and Dwight D. Eisenhower would never be a part of this group of morons. These two men knew that to get things done you must be willing to at least listen to the other side. Second, the Republican party of today has sold out to the very interests Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about regarding the military industrial complex. In my estimation the Tea Party represents one of the greatest dangers to our republic we have ever had in our history. I am glad they are angry over this award to Hillary Clinton. This shows the award is well deserved. Whatever the Tea Party opposes is got to be right, because I have never known a group that is more wrong in their thinking then the Tea Baggers.

    • Russell Byrd says:


    • David L. Allison says:

      Though I agree with your observations about the republican party of today and their destruction of the heritage of former Presidents, I think it is only fair to note that the Democrat party has, with a few very notable exceptions, sold out to the MIC with just as much enthusiasm as the Republicans. Look at the votes on the NSA/CIA spying legislation and the current voting on the efforts to start a war with Libya.
      You are right about the destruction of the Republicans by the tea party but the Koch/Heritage/Alec folks who created the Tea Party, by allowing (even supporting) the movement of the Democrat party from the Center-left to the center-right, beginning with Bill Clinton, have been eroding the Democratic party as well. There is still a difference between the two parties but it is mostly on the edges now.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      Well said! The rationale they use to criticize this well deserved recognition, is identical to what they said when President Obama’s contributions were recognized by Shimon Peres and Benjamin Netanyahu.
      Honestly, we should not blame them. Consider the difference between these two events, and the likelihood of W being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity if he travels abroad and it is not too difficult to understand their antipathy and their effort to demonize those they hate, not because their opponents are not doing the right thing, but because they are.

  9. Jim Myers says:

    Jeb isn’t the only Bush family member to give praise to Hillary. One of W’s daughters recently gave her praise also.

    I do not remember which one, however, I thought at the time that she was setting herself up to become a target of the whack jobs from the Tea Party.

    The whack jobs from the Tea Party are not known for honoring anyone who tries to think for themselves.

  10. ObozoMustGo says:

    Killary Clinton getting the Liberty Medal presented by whom?????


    Nice way to cheapen a formerly worthy award. Sort of like Obozo winning the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

    Only a leftist freak and useful idiot actually thinks that the beetch deserves anything but jail time for her gross negligence as SoS and complicity in the killings of 4 people on her watch. She probably should be tried for treason, as well, for covering up the fact that she authorized arming and training Al Qaeda in Benghazi so they could go fight Assad in Syria.

    Have a nice day!

    “4 Americans are dead. What difference, at this point, does it make how they were killed?” — Killary “Wide Load and Cankles” Clinton lying and shilling to change the topic in front of a sham of a Congressional inquiry

    • infadelicious says:

      As hillary said after her benghazi brazilian wax job…… my lips! no more Bush!

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        THAT is funny!!!
        Good one Infa!

      • BillP says:

        Gee you must feel really good about yourself after writing such an amusing comment. Besides being absoltely tasteless it’s extremely demeaning to women, did you show this to your mother before you submitted it big boy? You know it’s a very mature comment when Bozo the infantile thinks it’s funny.

        • infadelicious says:

          I find Hillary cankles Clinton and her policies distasteful Hillary in and of her self is demeaning to women

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Infa… that would be Killary after her role in the deaths in Benghazi… for doing absolutely NOTHING while Americans died in order to hide her and Obozo’s illegal arms dealing to Al Qaeda terrorists. Then she lied about the stupid video for weeks on end.

            Killary belongs in a jail cell, not getting any kind of award. The award itself is now tarnished and diminished. Who would want it after the farce of giving it to such an inept SoS and criminal?

            Remember that idiot Killary and the “Reset Button” blunder? Wonder how that’s working out now that Putin is wiping the global relations floor with that idiot Obozo.

            Have a nice day!

          • infadelicious says:

            Hillary will do well in jail I can see her and her cell mate Big mama Sally in matching orange pantsuits

          • BillP says:

            Just by your classless reply you show what an ignorant and biased person you are. Why not try to write comments that are critical not demeaning.

          • infadelicious says:

            Why not try to stop telling people you disagree with what to do

          • BillP says:

            Why don’t you show a little class or intelligence. Whether or not I disagree with you is not the question, it’s your childish comments

          • BillP says:

            I didn’t call you any names I just pointed out now classless and demeaning your,comments are. Why don’t you try writing something that shows some maturity not juvenile rankings?

          • BillP says:

            Tell what Hillary policies you find demeaning to women. You speak in generalities, try some specifics. Show some intelligence not just childishness

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Lighten up and get a life, moron!

          • BillP says:

            bozo nobody is talking to you. That is all you are capable of, calling me or others a moron or idiot. As for getting a life you should practice what you preach. You have thousands of infantile comments on this website. If this site is such a sewer (as you have claimed many times) why are you on it so often? Nothing better to do after you give mommy her medicine,still stirred not shaken?

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          Obozo is a paid poster on this message board and anything he writes should be considered garbage. Please don’t waste your time commenting on his crap, he doesn’t care.

          • disqus_LcxpBv2uzz says:

            I don’t know if he is paid to post or not, but he is obviously a masochist. Every time he posts, people with critical thinking skills and actual knowledge shit all over him. The fact that he keeps coming back to get voluminously shit on all over again speaks volumes for his self esteem and intelligence.

    • virginia_slim says:

      Benghazi .. Lie .. Birth certificate .. Lie .. College transcripts … Lie. Benghazi .. Lie. Birth certificate .. Lie. College transcripts … Lie. Benghazi .. Lie. Birth certificate .. Lie. College transcripts … The cry of the modern DoDo bird … Otherwise known as the TeaBagger. Soon to be extinct… Donald Trump is the perfect front man for the TeaBaggers — all ego, no substance,

      • infadelicious says:

        all ego , no substance? I’ve seen that guy… have you checked the golf course lately? look for the dufus with the big ears and the teleprompter…

      • BillP says:

        Don’t waste your time replying to Bozo the Infantile. All he can do is repeat things he heard or saw on right wing media. He would make a pretty good parrot since he keeps saying things he hears and offers nothing original.

        • infadelicious says:

          OMG is a parrot ? Ok, but just don’t say “billy wanna cracker”. We hate the word cracker .

          • BillP says:

            Gee I don’t know how I can compete with such wit. Did you think that up all by yourself? Mommy must be so proud of you!

          • infadelicious says:

            Don’t try to compete with “such wit” then, you’ll hurt something. Does your mommy approve of your name calling on here? Lighten up! Just made a joke ….sheesh! 😉

          • disqus_LcxpBv2uzz says:

            A joke? You’d be better off keeping the day job!

          • infadelicious says:

            I love my day job! Can’t give it up cause it pays For the food stamp preezy of the united steezy ‘s social programs which get you an obammy phone and Internet and everything . Have an infadelicious day 😉

          • InsaniaFactusMirus says:


          • infadelicious says:

            Hello IFM! Big LOL smile. It’s nice to see someone with A sense of humour show up here ! 😉

          • InsaniaFactusMirus says:

            A rare commodity for sure…been busy, but try to take the time to follow you..take care my friend…

            Keep the faith and your humor, often it’s the last refuge against hate we encounter, no?

    • Dr J says:

      What’s funnier? How about a North Vietnamese general, in South Vietnam at the head of an invading army, getting the Nobel Peace Prize! Look it up.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Dr. J… you make my point. The Nobel Peace Prize is a complete farce… just like Obozo is a complete farce.

        Have a nice day!

        “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.” –Amman, Jordan, July 22, 2008 — Baroke WhoIsInsane Obozo showing the world yet again what an idiot he is.

  11. David L. Allison says:

    A series of interesting comments to this article including one just a couple of minutes ago that illustrates the tea-party troll attacks on Clinton that will now be visited on Jeb Bush. The haters will consistently deny facts and truth in order to attack Clinton which makes her more attractive to Democratic voters than she likely otherwise would be based on her support for Monsanto, the MIC and starting a war with Syria.

    The TP (interesting initials just struck me) is wiping up the Republican party right now. The question for 2016 is whether the Roves, the Bankers and the War Machine (MIC) will be able to eliminate the TP clown car of candidates. If they can do that and get a candidate like Huntsman who represents some traditional responsible conservative Republican values, they could have a chance. If they fail we will watch the TP wipe them all up again and give the Democrat’s center-right candidate the Presidency, again.

  12. Troy Gilmore Jr. says:

    Did they bother to investigate George W.Bush,when he was President No!! I am sick of this Benghazi,situation and sorry three of my fellow soldiers died as well as the Ambassador.But if Jed Bush,wants to honor some one from another party for othe things she has done in four different high proile capicities than the hell with e scum bag TEA PARTY & REPUBLICAN!! Your the reason all this is going on in the country now and you all are dirt bag scums.
    I salue Jed Bush,who put hisparty affilation aside and honoring someone who truly deserves it.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Troy… Killary “Cankles” Clinton deserves nothing but 3 hots and a cott in a jail cell.

      Have a nice day!

      “4 Americans are dead. What difference, at this point, does it make how they were killed?” — Killary “Wide Load and Cankles” Clinton lying and shilling to change the topic in front of a sham of a Congressional inquiry

      • virginia_slim says:

        Hey bigot –you are proof that history does repeat itself. In the far distant past, there was a political party called the Know Nothing’s. obviously, your ignorance and bigotry proves that you qualify for the 21st century version, the TeaBaggers. Doesn’t it just bug you that an African American is President? A Democrat? Elected twice! What TeaBagger has a chance of being elected President? None. No anti-American, anti-Christian TeaBagger.

  13. Mark Forsyth says:

    If it distresses the t-baggers it has got to be good.May they be distressed all the way to non -existence.They are the most moronic un American group of assholes since the KKK and neo Nazis.

  14. herchato says:

    The GOP has sold out the majority of Americans and is trying to figure out how to win elections without them. Doing a pretty good job so far.

  15. Ardiva40 says:

    Bravo, Jeb Bush, Bravo!

  16. ridemybroom says:

    think its time to investigate George bush on 9-11 and hold him responsible…!! nuff said !

  17. Gary Revier says:

    The tea party (they deserve lower case) is bound to die on the vine. These so called Republicans are a blight on the party I represented. I have given up on the grand ol party and the extremists who are attempting to run it.

  18. howa4x says:

    The best news that Hillary can have is to see the tea party come out against her. There is no group in this country that is more despised than the tealiban. They have the ability to unite every faction of the democratic party, plus crossover republican women who want to see the glass ceiling broken. Poll after Poll shows seniors feel the TP is too extreme and are afraid they want to destroy Social security. Young people are repelled by their racism, homophobia, and their flat earth view of climate change. Latinos won’t come near them due to all their xenophobic statements, and independents like subtle shifts to the left/right. We know the minority vote is against them too. If the house wasn’t divided into mini districts there would be no tea party to begin with. States with TP governors show all of them underwater in the polls. So Hillary no worries.

  19. Justin Napolitano says:

    Who the Fuc does the tea party think they are? They are irrelevant but haven’t figured that out yet since they are unusually slow people.

  20. Fulano_7 says:

    Too much Tea is bad for the brain.

  21. IMHO17 says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

  22. ayomi says:

    He just ensured no more Bushes in the WH

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