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Saturday, October 22, 2016

President Obama claimed earlier this week that if he were able to run for a third term, he’s pretty sure he would win. But since that can’t happen, who is best fit to continue his run of accomplishments as president?

Enter Joe Biden.

Vice presidents may have the experience and standing that gives them ideal placement to assume the Oval Office – but in the last two decades VPs have not enjoyed much popularity or had much success as candidates.

Joe Biden could change that.

Not only does he have undeniable political experience, but Biden has made a dent in the popular consciousness like few pols have: He’s worshiped by Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, his is the face that launched a thousand memes, and he’s even been an in-demand prom date for certain adoring high-school fans. Now he’s also the focus of a passionate grassroots movement interested in getting him to run.

Unlike Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has groundswell support but emphatically told her admirers “hell no,” Biden has neither confirmed nor denied he’s running for president, though he did say he’d make up his mind by August 1. That’s this Saturday.

Biden has run for president twice before, and lost badly both times. That’s likely to have made him skittish about running again. Yet, as the Wall Street Journal reported, shortly before he passed away in May, Biden’s son Beau had urged his father to run.

Will Pierce, a 27-year-old Army reservist, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, and former Obama for America volunteer, started Draft Biden 2016 earlier this year. He, along with a few other ex-Obama campaigners, realized that Biden could be a great candidate, and that other Democrats in the race—Hillary Clinton especially—inspired such little enthusiasm in them.

Despite being in the odd situation of supporting a candidate who’s not yet in the race and having little fundraising money, the upstart PAC – which operates out of an office in Chicago – has chapters in 20 states and paid directors in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It recently released a video under the slogan “Ridin’ with Biden” to garner signatures.

“Why not Biden?” opens the ad, as a diverse cast expounds on their reasons for loving the VP.

Charm is certainly a part of it, but it’s also his record of successfully leveraging that charm, as Draft Biden 2016 explains on its petition page:

As one of the calming forces and charming presences in the White House, Vice President Joe Biden has been front and center in playing a significant role in many of the important successful political events of the past few years.

Take for example his ability to work out a last minute deal with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2013, in which he served as a mediator between the White House and Congress. He took a situation that seemed completely hopeless at times and helped to solve it.

Or, consider his tireless efforts to try and address the ever-important gun violence issue in the United States. Unlike many politicians who are championing decisions that are clearly designed to appeal to the emotions of their constituents, Joe Biden has sought to tackle the issue from seemingly every angle, such as opening up amicable dialogue with the National Rifle Association. Did we mention that he’s in charge of the task force designed to find a gun solution?

At a time in which many feel that Washington is a place riddled with inaction and a political system that is broken, Vice President Biden has exhibited a never-wavering optimism and enthusiasm for progression that makes him strive to deliver tangible change.

“Here’s a man who was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee,” Pierce said to NPR. “I look at someone who is a statesman. He’s always someone who puts his country ahead of himself, and that’s what we need right now.”

A couple of politicians in Iowa have already endorsed the vice president, because, they claim, he’s got both charm and credibility. “I think he does a great job with that style. When he talks to you, he just makes you feel like he’s talking to you,” Democratic Iowa state Representative Jim Lykam told National Journal.

Biden’s charisma cuts both ways. Clinton and Biden have dramatically different temperaments: He’s seen as genuine and spontaneous, while she can come across as calculating, methodical, and carefully scripted. But while his off-the-cuff remarks might be endearing, sometimes they can be a liability.

Polls show that Biden is undoubtedly popular, and he would likely take votes from Clinton in the primaries. Yet when pollsters pit him against Republicans, as David Weigel explains in the Washington Post, he fares consistently worse than Clinton, indicating that he may not be a viable Democratic candidate to win the White House in 2016.

As of this writing, Draft Biden has almost 153,000 signatures. Pierce told Up With Steve Kornacki over the weekend that if Biden chooses to run, he expects a windfall of money from supporters. Already one prominent Democratic donor, Dr. Howie Mandel, who advised Biden on health care issues and served on the Obama campaign’s Health Policy Advisory Committee, has joined the Draft Biden team.

And if Biden decides not to run? Draft Biden spokesperson Sarah Ford told The National Memo that they’re so focused on building the necessary infrastructure to support him that “we really don’t know” what they’ll do if he says he’s not up for it. “We haven’t thought past [this Saturday].”

Photo: How can you not be Ridin’ with Biden when Joe is just this cool? Still via the shop at Draft Biden 2016.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Vice President Biden is a nice guy, but he is probably one of the worst candidates the Democratic party could nominate. He has a tendency to say the wrong thing, put his foot in his mouth, and be wishy washy. His nomination would guarantee a Republican victory in 2016.

    • TZToronto

      The Draft Biden PAC reminds me of the crowd that followed Fortest Gump. When he decided to stop running, their reaction was, “What do we do now?”

    • paulyz

      I completely agree with you on this.

    • Jman82

      Why is Trump rising in the polls? Authenticity. We’re looking ahead to the general, and what kind of candidate the GOP will pit HRC up against. If it’s a Kasich type, she’s doomed in the states that matter IMO. We have to take our D glasses off and try to look at this as non-partisan as possible…

    • GraceAdams830

      I thought Biden was chosen to run as VP because he was too old to be a rival for Hilary in 2016. I like Bernie Sanders. I am afraid he will be hard to sell to the center since he is so far left. It seems Biden is good at quiet behind the scenes negotiation. But neither a President nor a pre4sidential candidate can do that.

  • David

    Better than Hildebeast!!!

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      Better than you jerk boy. You can’t put a sentence together that is not dripping with your usual nasty, boozer boy hate. Must be your Mommy dumped you off in Daycare like a sack of potatoes and now every woman in your purview is your prey? Try again Know it All Big Mouth. Hillary is smarter than all 20 of your GOP Gestapo boys rolled in one.

      None of you are going to push your will on the rest of us. The sooner you stop trying to play Gestapo Dahveed, the sooner the rest of us will have some peace in this country.

      You boys are really beginning to be the most boring, childish, tantrum throwing bullies.

      Biden would make a great president. So would Sanders. But, you’ve all had your single gender bias for 235+ years. The next president will be a woman because the majority in this country is 52% female. What would make a jerk like you think women will put up with 8 more years of you overindulging yourselves while you fleece women’s paychecks?

      • David

        Eleanore– Glad to see that you are not talking about the size of my genitalia again. Hildebeast is pretty smart. She proved that dodging that sniper fire in Bosnia some years ago.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

          She is dodging nothing. That is just another of you little boys’ attempts to insure she NEVER gets to the White House. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to admit that than play your childish little boy games?

          Hillary is smarter than you and your entire family. But then, most women are. You middle aged men hate the idea you are getting “OLD,” and are becoming the worst bunch of bully big mouths. Which would be dandy if your ideology wasn’t so much BS.

          The very fact that you make up silly names a kid in kindergarten would be ashamed to utter about Obama and Hillary only proves to what low levels your kind will stoop to insure your hatefulness becomes a contagious disease.

          Better keep that hate in check, pallie…Hate has an awful way of turning on you and eating you alive.

          • David

            But Eleanore…Are “most women smarter” than my wife and two daughters who are women too? I already said Hidebeast is smart. I mean, really? Won’t you tell us about those cattle futures?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Poor Lil Dahveed…Outnumbered in his own family by women…Well that does explain your snarky attitude. As for your wife, let me guess…You hate having to keep the peace with your Wifedeabeast? You hate having little or no say in the McDaughters lives?

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          • David

            Eleanore —
            I have taken the time to reread your comments. I firmly believe that you have a problem. That problem can be described as a severe case of “penis envy”. I am sorry, Eleanore. You aren’t a man and you will never be one!

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Sorry, David…Pathetic attempts like yours to avoid your mental illness is not going to work. My best friend, a male, is a clinical pyschologist. He and I often discuss men like you…sociopaths who cannot satiate themselves unless they bash others.

            As for penis envy, since yours is outnumbered by vaginas…I’m guessing, you are a tad too incestuous for your own good?

            I’m an attractive, very intelligent woman. Hate that don’t you? You can only get an uggo for a wife and not the arm candy you hope will make you look less like Dracula.

            Sorry, chump. You are not worthy of the gender label YOU possess. I, on the other hand, am proof that attractive women are also smart women.

          • David

            Eleanore —
            I am glad that you have many discussions with you psychologist. You should definitely keep up your treatments. I am also glad you are an “attractive…woman.” Rather than hate that, I would love to see your picture. Now what state do you live in that you call home?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            For a Texas boozer, it is NO surprise your posts are always overloaded with fantasy, lies and distortions. Wow..your Big haired, big boob McWifie must really have you on a tight leash.

            As I recall, most of the TX men I’ve ever known were big time alkies and skirt chasers. Obviously, you wife earns a better paycheck than you or you wouldn’t be playing Mrs. Husband.

          • David

            Eleanore –
            Apparently, you Are you saying that you have “known” (Biblically) a lot of men from Texas. That may explain your fascination with the male penis.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Wrong…I have relatives, 2 of whom are men who live in West Texas. And I have several friends in my writer’s group from Texas, 3 are women and 2 are men. Far more intelligent than you can EVER hope to be.

            But, I do know that whenever a hot shot cowboy comes to NJ, it’s all show off with that phony drawl, the cowboy hats and boots and that double wide trailer sized butt swaggering.

          • David

            Well Eleanore, if you do have male relatives who live in West Texas, they will tell you that hats and boots are de rigueur down here. Most of the time our drawl isn’t phony. Unless it’s Hildebeast putting on a show.
            I am glad that you have friends “far more intelligent” than I am. That means that they are pretty smart! And, from Texas also! Have a blessed day.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            My nephew is a consultant and only moved there due to his job. He says and I quote, “No matter how long you live in Texas, if you are not born in Texas, you are an outsider.”

            What does that tell you? It tells me you cowboys haven’t seen a cow in your entire lives and those boots are just dungkickers for bird droppings.

            As for those hats, oh puhlease…it’s a phony as a counterfeit bill. You only wear them to hide your bald heads.

          • David

            To an extent he is right. However, we have so many Yankees moving here, they ‘git in tha way of our sheet kickin’. I like my hat. It keeps the sun off my thinning hair and looks great with a Confederate battle flag. You do know about Hood’s Texas Brigade don’t you?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            BS…NJ is the most populous state per square mile. Check the US census of 2014.

            So many Yankees? Or just your Texas blowhard exaggerations?

            Don’t you Texan men ever stop the BS? Your state has one and only one major industry that is fed almost totally by taxpayers…Big Oil. “Mah Deddy is oyl and ahl thet emplies.”

            When it comes to education, Texas is near the bottom. Same with healthcare. So..while you are busy blowharding more exaggerations, try learning to tell the truth. Or don’t they teach the definition of truth in your state?

          • David

            Most populous? Maybe because you Yankees breed without using birth control. Then, for those not aborted, you demand that the ‘Welfare State’ care for them from cradle to grave.
            All of the illegal aliens encouraged to come to Texas by Obomo surely helps the average level of education obtained by our residents. Truth? We are taught the truth that people are coming to Texas – not New Jersey. Remember, “Don’t Mess With Texas”!

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I would spit in any Texan man’s eye who comes within 5 miles of me. NJ, unlike Texas, isn’t a state that tells women what to do. The women in your state are good for Texan men for only one thing…creating welfare babies the rest of us pay for. Try again asshat. People from TX move to NJ because your befrigged states is littered with bossy braggart blowhards who treat anyuone who isn’t a born and bread relics of the Alamo like “outsiders.” You Texan men think your bowel movements are superior products of the Lone Star State. I’ll mess with Texas and have NO problem seeing to it my state doesn’t end up as part of your BS United States of Texas. NJ has more colleges and Ivy league schools than TX will EVER have. We are 45 minutes from the world’s most famous city…NY City and Manhattan. Texas is a shitbowl no one wants to visit for the dank odor of oil in the air.

          • David

            Eleanore — now you want to spray body fluid into men from Texas? I am happy that New Jersey doesn’t tell women what to do. Exactly what does Texas tell women to do that offends you? There aren’t a lot of people clamoring to leave Texas to come to the great state of New Jersey. In fact, I would wager that the opposite is true. I haven’t researched it. I do agree that our “bowel movements” are superior to most of what you Yankees produce!
            And, yet another mistake on your part. New Jersey does not have more colleges (82) than Texas (252). They do have more Ivy League schools than Texas. But, we have more Big XII schools.
            Does it seem that you are a bit overmatched here? May our God bless you!

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Wrong blowhard boy…Texan men are control freaks. Their only use for a woman is in a bed. And as for how Texas men try to control their women, ask any woman with an education just how far in Texas her career can ever go with the glass ceiling slathered with men? Men like you loathe women like Wendy Davis and Ann Richards because they won’t take your Mr. MAN BS.

            There are a lot of Texan students in NJ. They can’t get a quality education in Texas that isn’t right wing biased and overloaded with religious fundamentalism.

            By the way, why is it most of the decades long drunks, womanizers and crooks in Texas reach middle age and suddenly “get religion?” So they skank for the first quarter of their lives, “get religion” to repent for that and because having to be decent and honest is a pain in their saddles, they are hot to convert everyone else to their religious BS.

            When Texas has a college like Princeton let me know. Those 252 Texas college are substandard ideologically biased. All they teach in those colleges is how to drill oil.
            And as for your Big XII schools…it figures a dipshit like you would think sports is so important.

            After all, didn’t Bush dump the cost of bankrupt that TX baseball team on you and your cowboys? I also like that he bankrupted Arbusto Oil in less than a decade. So much for Texan men and how educated they are.

          • Jman82

            FWIW, the condescending “i know more than you” tone that many Clinton supporters take on does not sit well with many average Joes out there.AKA, the people who vote in droves. We need to start viewing this election outside of who we’d vote for, because we aren’t the winning target market. Besides, there are plenty of better women candidates out there for the future…Tammy Baldwin, Liz Warren are two that come to mind. Women who are truly interested in serving the people.

          • dpaano

            Agreed, but neither of them are running…

  • FT66

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling “Draft Biden Group” crazy. Anyhow, I have these two questions for them:
    1. Are they aware when Biden wanted to run in 2008 was not drafted by anyone, he showed up on his own will?
    2. Have they contacted Biden and see whether he wants to run again?
    I would urge this group to stay away and not even try a little bit to divide our Party, we must remain united. There are a lot at stake.

    • Jman82


      • FT66

        It is not about challenging Hillary. It is all about: thinking the right way; using common sense; doing the right Maths. Whats the use of wasting time, money and energy while knowing that person can’t win even if we like what he says. Polls we see every now and then, are our guidance on what way to take in order to win.

    • Brian_pdx

      Draft Biden is a Superpac and cannot have direct contact with the candidate per election rules. Biden joining the race could in fact unite the party and having three very qualified candidates, Biden, Sanders and Clinton, is three more than the 18 GOP candidates offer. What would divide the party is a third party candidacy but I don’t think any of those three would try such a foolish effort.

  • Goldbug12

    The guy is dumber than a box of rocks!

    • Paul Bass

      says the guy who’s handle shows how clueless he is to world economics.

  • bobnstuff

    I think Biden running is a good idea, it gets one more viewpoint out there for the democrats and would give Hillary someone to play against. Would he win the primary, not a chance but the added voice of reason in the party would be a good thing.

  • John_Medlin

    I would vote or Biden if Obama would be Vice President.

    • FT66

      We are here for serious discussion please.

  • John_Medlin

    Can Biden be VP for Hillary

  • John_Medlin

    Would Hillary be VP for Biden

    • whodatbob

      What have you been smoking?

  • MikelAZ

    He is the only real threat to Hillary. If he enters Bernie goes to dust. Most of these far left zealots are the “anything but Hillary” crowd. Just look at the Democratic favorability polls. I think she is the in 80’s. The rest of the 15% are those Bernie supporters. Bernie probably has hit a ceiling.

  • Jman82

    When the ‘enlightened’ liberals get their candidate, we lose. Every. Single. Time. We need a candidate the average working guy in OH and FL can relate to. Besides, I think Dr. Jill Biden is FAR more likable than Hillary once people are introduced to her.

    • Paul Bass

      Um, Gore won, the Supreme court gave the election to bush.

  • BiteMeLiberals

    So the libtards have voted for a President that was raised on lead paint chips and now they want one that under went a lobotomy. Just wonderful!