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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The prosecution of former presidential candidate John Edwards is officially a waste of time and federal resources. The jury in his campaign finance fraud trial found him not guilty on one count and couldn’t reach a decision on the other five.

There was a bit of confusion earlier in the courtroom, when the judge thought the jury had reached a verdict on all six charges, and there was a bit of confusion on the Internet, which pushed word that Edwards had been found guilty. But neither was true!

After the mistrial was declared, Edwards — who had been accused of violating the law and using campaign funds in service of supporting the lifestyle of Rhielle Hunter, his mistress — appeared outside the courthouse with his daughter and parents:

Speaking afterward outside the courtroom, Edwards said after a mistrial was declared in his case that while he does not believe he did anything illegal, “I did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. There is no one else responsible for my sins.”

Edwards expressed gratitude to his family — “including my precious Quinn,” the daughter he had with the mistress at the center of the charges — and thanked the jurors for their hard work. “Thank goodness that we live in a country that has the kind of system that we have,” he said.

The verdict followed nine days of deliberation.

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93 Responses to John Edwards Is Not Going To Jail

  1. While what Edwards did was morally and ethically reprehensible, it appears he did not break any laws. However, his punishment is to live the rest of his life in shame and his political career destroyed with the knowledged that when his wife needed him the most in her final days, he was having an affair.

        • A comment like that about this brillant and courageous woman who has been a phenominal SoS and an asset to this nation defines what you are better than I could ever express it.

          • Thanks Avon I use your products all the time. Now that we are paying each other complements NAME Just 1 success story under MS Piggy

          • The world no longer hates our guts as they did 2000 through 2008, that is pretty damn important!

          • Hi Nazi Bill! How are you? I hope you are doing well today.

            By the way, I know this is a surprise to you but you are NOT the judge of whether or not foreigners “like” us or not. Frankly, I would expect you to have such a notion, but it’s not actually true. The level of respect for America has declined dramatically in Obozo’s tenure and his apology tours only make us look week to the outside world. Only inside America leftist nutjobs perceive our standing as improved. When long time allies in the Arab world are now looking to align with other countries because they cant trust us, our standing has declined. Example: The Iraqi Khurds used to be staunch American supporters. They now are doing 70% of their trade with Iran and are aligned with them. The rest of the Arab world is equally uncertain about who they need to align with because they perceive us as weak and indecisive. Our Eastern European allies have been betrayed by Obozo by taking away missile defenses in his agreements with Russia. Obozo thinks they speak Austrian in Austria. How can an idiot with a record of defeat like that be more respected? He cant. That’s right, he cannot be more respected and neither can America.

            Have a nice day!

          • Yea every tin pot dictator is now willing to take us on. I feel sorry for Romney having to fix this mess come Jan

          • I am sure he’ll be happy to send thousands to their death to show the world what military power we have. Good thing we spend more on the military than the next 17 countries combined.

          • We spend more on our CS and welfare recipients than the next 17 countries combined. At least with the military the taxpayers are getting what they pay for, the other not so much.
            If you were a taxpayer you’d know that

          • We get what we pay for? Like overpaid contractors, failed systems that cost billions every year. Counterfeit parts in critical components. Good job Danni, again you prove you can not think.

          • lets see it takes 2 CS to replace every contractor
            failed systems that were the result of CS spec’s
            Counterfeit parts bought by our crack CS.
            When you look to resolve a problem and want the cause try looking in the mirror

          • That has never been true. No one ever said it took 2 CS to replace a contractor. The counterfeit parts were bought by the private sector employees of the defense contractor, not CS. when you try to resolve a problem, try thinking frst and gathering facts.

          • No, he did not. And you have never provided any evidence of where he allegedly said it when asked. would that be because it doesn’t exist?

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

          • no it was your crack contractor who lost personal info on 4,600,000 active and retired military personnel. i guess you don’t want to face that.

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

          • We were feared during that time now we have 0 respect in the world and any 3rd world country willing to take us on. It will take years for Romney to put that genie back in the bottle

          • Danni, respect and fear are two different things. A simple fact you can not grasp. Perhaps if people like you cared more for respect and less for being feared, we would have the world’s respect.

          • Danni, how would you know? You can’t tell the difference between them because you don’t know what respect is.

          • No Ms Piggy is from the barak ear-a. And Pinata and Dopey in Justice are all his creations

          • Lazy ass

            Try reading the news…here are 6 to begin with
            1. We got out of Iraq, the most useless war in history (thanks to Cheny & Bush)
            2. We are getting out of Afghanistan, the sooner the better
            3 We killed Osama Bin Laden, and 10 of his top lieutenants in El Quaeda
            4 We overturned the dictatorship in Libya
            5 We are putting high pressure on Iran, and it is working-at least we are not in another war with them
            6 We strengthened our partnership with our European and NATO allies in combating terrorism and dictatorships in the Middle East
            While Hillary, as Secretary of State, cannot claim full responsibility for any of these accomplishments, she was a key decision-maker and player in all six.
            Now Lazy ass, name six accomplishments in foreign policy the Cheney-Bush accomplished (other than driving off Colin Powell, the only sane member of that administration)

          • sorry little willy it had nothing to do with Ms Piggy. EVERYTHING you listed was accomplished by DOD or the CIA. But hey getting your news from CNN causes the bends and rapture

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

          • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

        • Yes Bill Clinton is the only President from 1980 to 2008 who did anything worthwhile for 95% of the United States population!
          You are just pissed since you did not get the same extra perks he did!

          • Obviously you haven’t seen her lately or you would agree. Washing her hair has become a once a month endeavour

        • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

        • hey LAZY since you are such a crack researcher can you check and see if that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet locality pay is included in my annuity calculation?

      • Now why did you have to go and fart a perfectly good conversation for Rick? You must have one hell of an after taste in your mouth after referring to that toad. Think good thoughts to make that funky taste go away.

    • While his political career may be destroyed, it wasn’t going anywhere in the first place. However, he can still chase ambulances and make a much larger fortune through this ‘legal’ system that has been so very good to him. The question remains, why are such activities NOT against the law, if your conclusion is accurate? You are correct that being a moral degenerate and reprehensible individual may not be illegal, but I would think that those who contributed to his ‘campaign’ must feel extremely cheated to know or not know where their funds were used. I am sure those contributors worked harder for their money than Edwards has ever worked for his

  2. Henry, please like Edwards do not live in shame. Yes, his political career is over but his ability to work and to earn millions of dollars and his moral issues! Let’s say like all those preacher men who were caught, I sinned and please forgive me….

    • Rotting in jail for being a scumbag is a little extreme. In this country you have to be found guilty of a crime before being sent to prison. At least that is way it is suppose to work. I get that you can’t stand the man…but prison for being an ass and cheating on your wife….Really?

      • Hi Lynda… actually I do agree with you. My comment was more driven more by a disgust for the man than a reasoned legal position. It’s very hard to give context to text in a short blog post, unlike 2 people speaking with one another directly.

        Have a nice day!

    • Lynda, Lynda, Lynda… Obo’s hatred isn’t in reference of the guy being a cheating ass fraud, hell he probably has close relatives living that scenario on a daily basis.. His hatred revolves around the fact that Edward’s is a Democrat (tell me I’m wrong obo).

  3. Democratic National Convention Schedule released by WikiLeaks!

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    • He wants to help children because that’s the highest public appreciation that he can benefit from now. Check to see if it’s nothing more than a tax shelter.

  4. I am in no shock what so ever! I mean wasn’t there supposed to be a juror flirting with him or something earlier in the month? Either way another waste of money and time that could have gone elsewhere such as, oh I don’t know maybe on one of the other cases out there, such as a missing child case, or a murder case, who cares about this piece of sh*^%! I get so angry when he is even given air time , because I think of his wife being ill, and him sailing around with this woman while she was getting treatments, and going through so much pain. I just cannot even fathom how he even gets through the day , probably because he has no soul!

  5. Once again a worthless Federal judge screws up miserably. Certainly the inept jurors who thought flirting with this loser was fun and appropriate, this judge was not interested and certainly not very knowledgeable.
    But then, I think we find that most Federal judges are generally worthless, such as the 1st Circuit today that claims the Constitution requires all is fair with homosexuality. So 3 gay Federal judges claim DOMA is unconstitutional. I think that it is probably more favorably viewed to be a drug dealer or a porn dealer in child pornography than to be a Federal judge anywhere. This group would do well in the Pakistan Judicial system.

  6. I am very happy for Edwards, While he has sinned and is paying dearly. I believe if it were an
    average Joe he would be jailed.

  7. And all of you good National Memo Readers are what? Happy about this? This is how you think your politicians should treat women? The war on women may not be as simple as we thought. I should have thought you would have been even stricter with one of your own than with the transgressors of the enemy. It is not to be I guess. Someone has the right wingnut environmental views and the proper “anti-corporate” credentials and they get a pass on treating the women closest to them well, like Edwards did. Forgive him? Sure. To forgive is in the best part of being human. I will even forgive him though I have perhaps the least to forgive him for. But you all could have at least showed a little bit more righteous indignation at his admitted transgressions and his getting of scot free. I thought only right wing fanatics were this shallow. At last I have found a large group on the left who are every bit as shallow as their cousins on the right. There is indeed balance in the force.

  8. Thank God!! This entire trial was nothing but a political play. The prosecution didn’t have a case and they knew it. Justice has prevailed.

  9. Of course he got off the hook just like everyother crook that is in government or the CEO’s that help destroy this counrty. Only in America are such low lifes beheld so high Kennedy’s, Marlon Manroe, ect good going america we have so much to be proud of.

  10. The five laws of RICH politicians, 1) screw the public, 2) screw-up the system, 3) screw your mistress, 4) screw your wife if she is not sick, 5) screw up the jury prosecuting you so you get away with it.

  11. While John Edwards is a sleazeball, even the FEC said he didn’t break any election laws. Too much taxpayer money was wasted in this prosecution. Instead of going after sleazeball politicians that cheat, of which there are many, the prosecutors should be prosecuting the CEO’s of the banks and financial institutions that had to be bailed out by taxpayers. They are still following the same shady business practices and until they find out there are consequences for that kind of behavior they will continue to cheat their investors and the taxpayers. Send a couple of them to prison with hefty fines and maybe they’ll get the message.

  12. If John Edwards did not break our laws, THEN OUR LAWS ARE ALREADY BROKEN. I do not rejoice in this acquittal because he is a Democrat. OUR PRISONS AND JAILS ARE FULL OF ALL THE WRONG PEOPLE. I know this first hand. I have been there.

    • “I do not rejoice in this acquittal because he is a Democrat.”…

      What the hell does THAT mean.. because he is a Democrat?

  13. By and large juries consist of ordinary folks who get to listen to evidence placed before them by prosecutors and defense attorneys who generally know what they are doing. They are then asked to make a decision based on the facts presented and apply those facts to the law set out for them by the court in its charge. They most often do a good job. Most of the time no one is particularly stupid and no one cheats or misrepresents the evidence. Both sides advocate for their respective sides with the facts and the law available to the best of his or her ability. Almost always the right decision is made given what is available to both sides to present to the jury. Certainly there are miscarriages of justice, but they are not nearly so common as some believe.
    Some times some people don’t like the outcome because it doesn’t fit their particular biases or their preconceptions of what should occur. Their views are almost always based on incomplete knowledge of the facts and the law presented to the jury. Their views are usually based on the “facts” or the slant gleaned from or presented in a paper or a magazine or on the tube. Often they have no facts at all, they just don’t like one of the partys. Reading these comments you might get the impression that the only honest, moral, ethical, and competent people who exist are those who write these comments. They have also, apparently, attained the perfection which has eluded the rest of us.
    If you did not sit on that jury, then you aren’t competent to judge John Edwards or the jury. You are of course entitled to your opinion about what should have happened and entitled to express it. You might try to elevate the public discourse and consider that just possibly your opinion is ill-informed.

  14. Yes he is a Slime bag, but I don’t think that they put you in Jail for that. If they could,
    this country would be one big Prison.

    • It’s coming to be one big prison in any case. Everybody’s bitching about the economy and what we’re spending on certain projects like obamacare and welfare but nobody’s wondered how much we’re wasting in the prison system.. They throw out an individual cost (last quote: $19,600.00 per avg inmate per year) but they don’t tell you how many are locked up nor how many are hard core special cases (that can go up to as much as $32,000.00). In reality there’s a big chunk of our taxes going to this institution but not a peep from the media over how much x how many.

  15. Edwards made an awful blunder, but so have one hell of a lot of other public officals and men in general.

    Right around 50, been there done that, very vulnerable time, especialy if some younger want to share with you!

  16. It is ok to show and share gratitute, but it’s hard to believe a well educated man would make a statement that would include the baby daughter that is the product of his stupidity. She will have a time for her spotlight. He didn’t learn anything. He had a daughter by his wife that stood by his side unconditionally that should not have to share her space (spotlight) she gave him. I know what it takes to do that. Been there and done that, but got a better ovation from my dad…poor Edwards!!

    • I agree.. It was all about him this entire time, from trying to fool the public in order to take a shot at the presidency to pulling the wool over his wife’s eyes (I will not toss in her condition because it was totally wrong whether she was sick or well) to seemingly favoring his mistresses daughter over his own child. It was all about him and his drama. Hope he slips back into oblivion now. I do not favor re-charging because it will only be more money wasted with possibly the same outcome. Just go’way.

  17. John Edwards only has him and God to answer to. We people do not need to judge. John Edwards is NOT the only person in government who has cheated on their spouse. President Lincoln, Roosevelt’s, Kennedy’s and probably our last Bush that was in office. But again that is between them and God. I know John Edwards has ask God for forgiveness, and God forgives, the God’s children ought to do the same. God Bless America

    • Actually it did. The jury listened to evidence, or lack thereof, and found Edwards not guilty on one count and could not find common ground on the other five. That is how the system is suppose to work. Just because they did not find him guilty does not mean the system is broken or not working.

  18. He committed a grevious mistake-He has acknowledged his sins-God has forgiven Him-everyone must forgive him too. He who has not sinned before must cast the first STONE. Its only GOD who does not sin. If we cofess our sins -God is faithful and Just to forgive us…….Mr Edwards confessed openly on national TV-please forgive him.

  19. @Avon, you are kidding, aren’t you? About the Hilary comment, the same lady who lied and cheated her way to the top, the same lady who lied to congress about her Rose law firm dealings? I won’t even go into the body count left behind by the clintons, so, the brilliant and courageous comments tells us; you my friend are a bed wetting liberal.

  20. The prosecution must have had a very weak case, so justice is served. There has been enough funny money on all sides of the political ideologies that people should stop pointing fingers at what happen in the other party and start working on how we can make our political activities more open and by eliminating ways to cheat when it comes to money, voting, and vote counting. The current system invites shady behavior. First step is get rid of Citizens United and the judges that voted for it.

  21. The republican scumbag whose brilliant idea to prosecute this case is now running for congress. No wonder Americans have such a low opinion of congress.

  22. What goes around comes around. John Edwards, has been convicted in the court of public opinion regardless of the outcome of his trial. He thought he was infallable. Cheating on his wife Elizabeth with Rhielle Hunter was probably not the first time for this rat. He just happened to get caught when she got pregnant with his child. That poor little girl with have to live with what her mother and father did for many years to come. What a shame. Comment to Lazyes. If you are going to make snide nasty comments about about Hilary Clinton, who is also married to a cheating rat, at least have the decency to show your face.

  23. Wonder how that would have turned out if it was me or you–average bloaks without the benefit of the “halo effect”.

    Either people found him believable because he’s noted as a talented lawyer and happens to be attractive; or, they felt sorry for him because he staged the trial so effectively with his daughter on his side, the tears flowing out in the courtroom, the flirtatious glances and smiles with the ladies and the mea culpas intoned in his sweet soft Southern drawl all to the effect of confusing the resolve of allegedly unbiased jurors….umm!?

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