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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Join The Cause And Get A Copy Of 'The New Jim Crow'

I have something for you.

In June 2010, I wrote in this space about a book, “The New Jim Crow,” by Michelle Alexander, which I called a “troubling and profoundly necessary” work. Alexander promulgated an explosive argument. Namely, that the so-called “War on Drugs” amounts to a war on African-American men and, more to the point, to a racial caste system nearly as restrictive, oppressive and omnipresent as Jim Crow itself.

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8 responses to “Join The Cause And Get A Copy Of 'The New Jim Crow'”

  1. Jane Elizabeth says:

    I would like abook and promise to read it.


  2. Sarah Brown says:

    I would read the book, sincerely.

  3. DarryCarter says:

    “I want it. I’ll read it.” because I believe it to be true!

  4. Henry Decker says:

    If you want a chance to win a copy of “The New Jim Crow,” make sure to email Leonard Pitts at Commenting on the National Memo won’t enter you into the raffle.

  5. SandraAndrews says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I believe this is true. All you have to do is listen to the misleading “facts” the Republicans put out there, from “welfare” to “drugs”.

  6. killerdealero1 says:

    Giving respect, where it is due. Have not read the book as yet, however, I will pursue/purchase it. There are many jim crows, and the penal industrial complex is one of its major illustrations. This forum provides me with opportunity to lament my longstanding opposition to integration, because it has had destruction to our(Black African Americans)institutions i.e. marriage, childrearing, education, et al. We are the foremost integrationists in the world, thus reducing us to the status of peons, and for some producers of mayhem, and manufactures of little else. Alas,to the point, “we” ought to be protest occupies of jails, prisons, and courts, too.

  7. rudy katz says:

    Not really. War on poor people is more apt. If we legalized all drugs and sold and taxed them like alcohol, our national deficit would disappear in about 2 years. As long as we have a society that creates a demand for a product, people will buy it or steal it. The rich ones stay out of jail; the poor ones go to jail.

  8. Leonard D.Thornton says:

    I’m 52 years old,I have seen a lot of bad situation. I was chased out of one city,I saw KKK in my youth years.I truly can relate to the things that happened in the 60’s and 70’s. I will truly read the book.

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