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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jon Stewart To Hillary Clinton: ‘No One Cares’ About Your Book, What About 2016?

Jon Stewart To Hillary Clinton: ‘No One Cares’ About Your Book, What About 2016?

When Hillary Clinton appeared on Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Show to promote her new book, Hard Choices, Jon Stewart wasted little time getting to the question on everyone’s mind.

“I think I speak for everyone when I say no one cares, they just want to know if you’re running for president,” Stewart told the former secretary of state.

“You know, I was going to make an announcement, but you kind of spoiled it for me,” Clinton joked.

Stewart later went on to give Clinton a career aptitude test, featuring questions such as, “Do you like commuting to work, or do you prefer a home office?” (Clinton replied that she prefers working from a home office — preferably without corners.)

“It sounds to me, if I may, you’ve declared for the presidency,” Stewart said to laughter from the audience.

The interview, which also touched on Clinton’s memoir and her controversial remark that she and former president Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when they left the White House, can be seen below via Comedy Central:

Screenshot via Comedy Central

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  • FT66

    I think Hillary is over exposed. That is not good at all. Sooner or later people might get tired of her, even before announcing her bid. She might regret later of this!

  • Dominick Vila

    I am beginning to think that Hillary is not planning to run in 2016. She is having too much fun making money and enjoying the adulation of her fans to pursue another grueling bid for the nomination, not to mention the election.
    If that is the case, we should start looking for viable replacements. I think Sen. Elizabeth Warren is fantastic, and the problems she has tackled since she was elected has given her the notoriety she needs to be elected. Gov. O’Malley is an unknown at a national level, but his record in Maryland should be enough to get every Democrat energized and ready to vote.
    Unfortunately, having two North easterners is probably not a good idea.