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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jonathan Alter: The Culture Wars Are Over, And Republicans Lost

Jonathan Alter writes that the Republican Party has once again taken its support for a wedge issue too far, in his column, “Republicans Are Unprotected On Contraception:”

During the 1928 presidential campaign, nutty right-wing Protestants claimed that Al Smith, the first Catholic nominated for president by a major party, was planning to extend New York’s Holland Tunnel all the way to the Vatican.

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102 responses to “Jonathan Alter: The Culture Wars Are Over, And Republicans Lost”

  1. jbg9617 says:

    I don’t think that the Republicans are throwing in their lot with the Bishops as much as they unknowingly supporting a fanatic who happens to be a Tea Party favorate. A recent poll revealed that only a small minority of Catholics support Santorum ( he actually hasnt won the Catholic vote in any State he carried) Astonishgly a minority of Republic voters know that Santorum is Catholic.

  2. I really feel sorry for Rick. The only way that he could become president is to play savior to the uneducated, the racist, and religious nut cases. His major claim to fame is that he is more popular in southern states than Newt. He can home school his kids but in the end they still have to live in this world with me and the rest of us earthlings. Rick, stop lying to your base. The south will not rise again and soon you will learn that Our Country is not the greatest country on earth yet but if we every learned to love each other. I mean really stop the Bull Shit and learned to love each other, I think we could rise to that level. But that was not my idea, it was given to me by God. May God bless you Rick, and may God continue bless the rest of his/her creation.

    • Paul says:

      I agree…the Democratic PArty of America has brought this nation so far down that we certainly are not greatest country on earth. But, then again, there is none better. Once we pull this atheistic secularist Marxist regime out of office in November, we can begin to pull this nation back togetehr again.

      We must get rid of people lwho think like you do, though. People who like to say the word God, all the while voting to slaughter and enslave the defenseless and the unsuspecting.

      • Merl Allen says:

        Good luck with that. There are enough sane people in this country who don’t want to live in a theocracy to keep you nut bags on the margins where you belong.

      • What country do you live in? Certainly not the United States that the rest of us know and love. Get some psychiatric help, you need it, before you become dangerous to others.

      • adler56 says:

        There are at least 37 better countries than the US which has been taken over by Republican greedy bastardfs. I spelled that wrong on purpose in case the computer tried to kick it out as one of those words we can’t say.

      • YepThatTell says:

        Yeah, you talk like a ‘true Christian’, don’t you? WWJD? Not spout your BS.

      • The word is together. not togetehr. You don’t spell any better than the Romney crowd. I think there are problems with that home-schooling model.

      • drsaul says:

        “we need to get rid of people who think like you” great i love it,how will we do it? ovens? gas? a bullet that will be charged to his/her family? ropes are cheap,we can stone then!! wooden crosses are cheap to make! burning at the stake will teach them/you people to be “atheistic,secularist marxist” you Paul can be our torquemada,maybe rev phelps of westboro will even help you

      • John Baker says:

        “We must get rid of people who think.” Isn’t that what you really mean, Paul? Can’t have people thinking, can we? Thinking people just might figure out that it’s Republicans, not Democrats, who are destroying this country.

  3. Miss Cocoa says:

    I was raised a Catholic (now attend another Christian denomination) and think he Nuns would roll over in their graves before they would support Rick Santorum. They taught me about the necessity of taking care of the poor, including through “New Deal” items such as Social Security; the importance of citizen participation, including, if necessary, civil disobedience, the concept that the world is one, and all, all, all, are Children of God, and that Glass Speigal should be protected at all costs. So there, Santorum.

  4. piglett says:

    I know of nuns who would be “rolling over in their graves” over abortion made legal, and then the taxpayers funding unlimited birth control AND abortions through MEDICAID programs and middle income heathcare for HIV/AIDS and sexual promotion and drug addiction at 235% in some States of the poverty level. That would be appalled at a President who wouldn’t enforce a Defense of Marriage ACT, and judges that would overrule a majority of voters who voted for a civil or state boundary on traditional marriage. Follow the money legislation in taxes, healthcare programs where state and federal taxpayers foot the bill for all ‘cultural” social programs of the past 40 years and current special interest projects, and much is NOT a charity or “poor” issue anymore.The sexual revolution was “cultural” also but it sure worked itsway into taxes, civil liability and criminal law.

    Even Obamacare stretches the poverty level above that of SCHIPS to 400% of the Federal Poverty level, and Gay Marriage becomes more of just another entitlement for Head of Household exemptions, tax breaks and Social Security benefits, or shelter that single, individuals don’t have, ie Unequal Opportunity. Generalizing everything as “cultural” or religious is as simplicist as Liberals often accuse Conservatives of. Giving civil tax benefits for children was obviously “cultural” insofar as the nation was predominantly Judeo/Christian at one time, and chidren/family was encouraged and were necessary to survival of family in many instances. But that issue has now evolved to the point where people are taking sides on these “cultural” issues, without the knowledge or extensive research involved in understanding even one massive bill, that layers on past massive bills, that even legislators failed to comprehend or amend, after passage. Those in the massive “system” understand and fear changes to the welfare and disability system and Medicaid, more than the average worker or senior who doesnt know much, except that they worked and had to live and support their kids on TAKE HOME PAY, not on the Gross used to now cut and figure their Social Security Payroll tax contributions.

    In other words 50% of those young students and non taxpayers, now know the “system” better than the teachings of Church or Bible. Capitalism, Socialism and Communism is system and cultural and as many individual Jews and Christians have said, their “values and ethics, derived from my religion cannot be set aside for a political position”. DEBT is even a religious issue to many, and goes back to religious teaching, values and responsibility. If we go into debt because of welfare for the poor in spirit, and for other countries arms, food, politics and for institutions such as the U.N and international courts etc, is that charity or politics. If that is all charity, is the debt justified when it can’t be paid back, because it was “for the poor”? The devil IS in the detail and not answered by general articles and sound bites.

    Ironic that this article didn’t mention Kennedy’s response to the Abortion Decision. He also had to fight the “fear” of Catholics and the Vactican when he ran for President, but trust is built by actions, and Kennedy’s response to both Cuban Missile Crisis worked out well, finally, as was his response to how a Catholic would take the Roe vs Wade decision. He said “as a Catholic and Father I don’t agree with abortion, but my Oath of Office is to enforce and uphold the Laws of the U.S”. Of course , later Medicaid funds from the Feds, influenced many States to change their anti abortion laws (with Supreme Decision) to match federal Constitutional decisions, so they could obtain Federal Matching funds. As Birth Control methods and Medicaid programs were expanded; including the recent SChips partnerships low income levels and Planned parenthood clinics non profit inclusion, more and more of the middle class and low income freebies were taken from workers general and payroll FICA taxes. I too, was taught of the obligation to help the poor. But, even the Government website for IRS defines low income, middle income and rich as more psychological than defined by levels. Sort of like the Bible saying there are “the poor and the poor in spirit”.

    Charity begins at home and I fail to trust the Government Bureaucrats anymore to dictate who is poor and who is rich, where my healthcare dollars go through taxes, before I can purchase a good plan or choose a doctor, for my children and family. Take more for welfare programs for people who have never worked, before I can help my own seniors and children who have worked all their lives. There is a saying in management that a camel is a animal designed by committee. Right now government bureaucracy of political appointees and elected officials wages and burgeoning MEDICAID and DISABILITY programs, are the hump on the camels back, with only 50% or two legs, carrying the water. Hundreds of committees and boards have altered the original design and cut the legs or working class ethic , out from under the animal. It has everything to do with culture and religion, because the original intent might have been good, or it might have just been the intent to work the federal governments way into individual choice and responsibility, ie into a Republican Constitution that granted weak power over States rights, into a Central Planning and Centralized Power Federal Power over 50 little countries.

  5. u people of faith what did jesus say about the rich u know how about the poor his sermon on the mount was to the poor also he fed them, what did he say to the rich young ruler who came to follow him a man who was very moral, some people read the bible some the book of mormons check it out

    • Alan Rich says:

      when your words all run together it gets hard 2 understand what your trying 2 say because it starts to sound like an incoherent rant from an uneducated idiot when we all know whats rite is rite and we don’t need a bible thumper 2 tell us that is the case so try using a little punctuation like a period once in a while so we can catch our mental breath and move on to the next thought

  6. BenUriel says:

    Th-e title is “The culture wars are over and the Republicans lost.” While I am pretty sure “culture wars” is just a “liberal” (I hesitate to use an honorable word like that to describe the trash that now wear it as their mantle) explanation for the reaction of the unfortunately less enlightened (Republican but easily half of whom are actually Democrat) to their gallopingly insensitive, impossibly inept and altogether clueless redistributionist, “snout in the trough” platforms and mindless support for fairy and unicorn positions on environmentalism, contraception, race relations, traditional religions, “indiginous peoples”, “social justice” and what should and should not constitute state power and personal libety, I can only say two things (1) when did they end? The aforementioned less enlightened (and yes, a great many of them are unfortunately – democracy is not for the faint of heart) are still in the field and don’t appear ready to declare defeat and go home and (2) the “liberal” message becomes more strident and nonsensical by the day. Whether or not the right should win, it is clear the “liberals” are not the ones to beat them, however many individual issues they are more sensible on (It is clearly a divided field issue wise and everybody knows it.) Nor have I heard any proclamations of victory other than Alter’s. And anyway his “column does not deliver the goods “He only talks about how odd it is that fanatical protestants who once opposed Smith and Kennedy are now supporting the Roman Cathoic Bishops.” He says nothing about the defeat of the Republicans (or anyone else) in the culture wars or otherwise about the end. Do you folks intentionally engage in incendiary misrepresentation? Or are you really that lacking in competence. A well thought out honest liberal (the real liberals, left leaning certainly, but for God’s sake not the solve-everything-with-a-pointless-and-extortionate-demonstration, ignorant, strident, redistributionist self important trash that have co-opted the title of late) commentary on the topic would indeed be interesting and instructive. When are you going to deliver?

    • It’s “indigenous,” not “indiginous,” Mr. Uriel. Your hubris is showing.

      I guess you must have missed out on the last 50 years, when, in complete derogation of then-prevailing norms, men and women (and now gays) began having sex without getting married, had sex with more than one partner, lived together sinfully out of holy wedlock, bore children without the blessing of a church, and basically ignored the strictures of “traditional family values” that the right wants to restore now. Now that it’s been articulated, does it ring a bell?

      • BenUriel says:

        I must be missing more than the last 50 years. Since when has a spelling error become a sign of hubris? Thank you for the correction. I note that you also made an error in your reply to “Paul” : “you are aware that (sic) what keeps dogmatic fools like you from” I suppose we shall just have to be hubris besotted fools together. What I object to are arguments to the effect that we may not kill whales because they are sentient however indigenous people may kill them because they are close to nature and have always done that. I can accept that we should not kill whales. I can accept that indigenous peoples should not be disturbed in living in the lifestyle they consider best, though within limitations (such things as genocide or female infanticide or mutilation are places the global community may choose to draw the line.) but the idea of an exception to clearly understood let’s even add socially just moral behavior just because someone is indigenous – a liberal buzzword for “primitive” by the way as Means points out the term as it stands is meaningless – is the sort of half-witted argument liberals would not have made 50 years ago. I can even accept that I may have attributed to you a view you do not hold – except it has been my observation that modern American liberalism (neo-liberalism) is utterly fixated on getting every affiliated wing-nut belief or splinter group into the tent.

        Let me restate my central thesis without too much verbiage this time:

        Whether or not the right should win, it is clear the “liberals” are not the ones to beat them, however many individual issues they are more sensible on (It is clearly a divided field issue wise and everybody knows it.

        I am a great fan of John Stuart Mill who arguably laid the cornerstone for modern liberalism. Granted he wrote On Liberty 150 plus years ago. Not all things improve with the passage of time. All of the good things liberalism represents were there: gender equality (LGBT issues would have been as well if there had not been a tacit understanding in Mills time that LGBT relationships, freely engaged in by the upper classes were to be left alone. Wilde was only punished when he went to court) personal autonomy, even handed religious tolerance and I would even hazard racial equality and the freedom of laborers to organize. The problem is that liberalism has accreted a great many things since that are a good deal less noble. The redistribution of wealth ostensibly due to Marxist influences but in reality more a result of the effects of corrupt 19th century Ward Politics is one. A Luddite, pseudo-religious version of environmentalism is another. Political correctness is a third. The idea that whatever someone who calls him or herself an “activist” wants to do should be exempted from the law, fourth, and entitlement (although the right wing is now as infected with this as the left – good job guys) and a sense that the government should be used to police people who don’t agree with you (this little trick you all learned from the right I suppose but Oh are you ever infected with it.) Most of these run against the sacred liberal core principle that “if someone is doing something I do not like but is not hurting anybody then I will leave him or her alone”.

        As things now you stand for little more than irritating interference and a cornucopia of half thoughts and not quite policies. You have so long regarded yourselves as the intellectual branch of American politics you are no longer either selective or disciplined in your thought or your policies. The real problem in America today is not a mistaken belief that the right is good for us. The real problem is that the liberals (I won’t insult the left) are not capable of making things better. You were once. You are not now. Change for changes sake that does not improve things is in no one’s interest. Remember Iraq? Maybe this is what I have been paying attention to for the last 50 years while you were busily keeping track of who could or could not sleep with whom.

        I have already explained my affinity for Mill and some of the progressives who came after him. The dedication to principles of equality and fairness and essential humanity that once formed the core of liberalism have been lost. Can you blame me that I am not pleased with those who have arrogated the mantle. If this is not the view you have of yourselves then maybe as Malcolm X said you ought to “take a look at yourselves”. I am with HS Thompson. High water mark. Missed Opportunity. Their own fault. Total Washout.

        In closing, I have not talked about your few lines concerning who sleeps with whom because I don’t care, I never cared, I doubt I will ever care and I seem to remember people who wanted flexibility in sexual matters in the “restrictive” 50’s had about as much trouble achieving that as people who wanted a drink during prohibition. OK I admit people did had to pretend to be chaste and faithful at job interviews and PTA meetings. I doubt that has changed. If you think that is what the extremists on the right care about now you have not been paying attention carefully to the occasional newsflash about their own thoroughly progressive proclivities and indiscretions.

        I beg your pardon in advance for any misses in spelling, grammar or suitable style. You do not need to reply unless you can educate me as to some error I have made (and please stick to what I wrote. I am not responsible for the right wing misconceptions of others. And please spare me the dogma. That is beating a dead horse and dutifully I subscribe to the National Memo and am quite capable of obtaining a dose of the dogma when I want it). We are all aware and hardly need to be reminded that liberals believe the “right” to be the very devil (in whom paradoxically they do not believe) What you could do that might have an effect is make some kind of articulate statement explaining how the commitment of vast state resources to neoliberal meddling to get people to rid themselves of hateful beliefs and habits is going to make us all freer, better people in a more socially just society. Something like Hobbs or Augustine I don’t doubt. Or maybe just explain to me why being indigenous would make it all right for me to kill whales.

  7. Paul says:

    They said Global Warming debate was over too, then we learned the scientists cooked the books…lol.

    The Catholic Church did the right thing in reprimanding the rogue anti-Catholic nuns.

    And, of course, the United States has its constitution for a reason and it is those reasons that have graced the United States thus far.

    Our grace is running thin these days, that’s for sure. God will punish this nation for its anti-life policies being FORCED on ALL AMERICANS. The Democratic Party of America will not want to stop until they have forced the Catholic Church to sacrifice the unborn on the alters of the churhc – that is just how evil the Democratic Party of America politicians are – wholly anti-God.

    • And you’re irrational and intolerant, Paul. You seem to believe that because women are free to have abortions according to the Supreme Court’s Row v. Wade decision in 1973, that “anti-life policies [are] being FORCED on ALL AMERICANS.” I guess use of capital letters signifies your level of anger. In any event, Paul, you’ll never need an abortion, nor will anyone of your gender, so anti-life policies won’t affect you except as an idea. And all women are free to choose not to abort now or in the future; their freedom to abort is not a command to abort.

      What Roe did was stop intolerant religious wingnuts like you from preventing women who do and did want to abort unwanted pregnancies from being forced to bear children against their will. In a free country, Paul, everyone doesn’t have to agree with you that life begins at conception, or have you worked it back to even before conception (the contraceptive flap created by the Catholic Church, and now just the Catholic bishops)?

      As to the Constitution, you are aware that what keeps dogmatic fools like you from imprisoning pregnant women is our Constitution, aren’t you?

    • Angela says:

      So when is your god going to punish this nation for all the lives it’s taken around the world in all the wars this country has fought or is your god just concerned about American fetuses? It absolutely makes me laugh like hell to read nonsense like this while we’re engaged in wars at this very moment taking lives probably on a daily basis. And I am willing to bet we’ve probably killed a good number of Afghani fetuses and Iraqi ones too and somewhere down the line we’ll start in on Iranian fetuses.

    • WTF22012 says:

      98% of Catholics dont listen to the Bishops anymore, and why should they? The Bishops all have lost whatever respect they had by their williningness to let the childrape by priests continue. Shame on you any your damn hypocrisy.

    • oldtack says:

      You speak the same rhetoric so common among spoon- fed Relgionists of all existant faiths. You are by chance born into a “religious “faith and are immediately subjected to brain washing from infant Baptism through Nursery, Sunday School and all the way. You are taught that whatever your Priest, Pastor or whatever spews out from the pulpit is revelations straight from the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Creator while all the time you are listening to someone that is dutifully repeating what he/she has been taught at a Seminary. The majority of you have no concept of religion nor what is contained in your Church’s Holy books. Instead of blindly following what you have been spoon-fed did you ever consider exploring Religion and reading all of your particular religions Holy books? Did you ever consider having a different thought other than that directed to you by a Priest? I doubt you ever have. You people are dangerous – not because your Faith but because of your ignorance of your Faith.

    • trovingx says:

      Paul its about time you woke up and realize there is no God,just because some sheep hearder was scared 4000 years ago and invented an imaginary friend and wrote it down in a book is not proof there is a God.

  8. David_LloydJones says:

    I think that breaking a fifteen line squib into three different web pagse is a huge waste of clicks — and a waste of your readers’ time.

    Bad editor. Bad. Bad.


  9. adler56 says:

    Radical catholics are no more Catholic than Scalia, Alioto or Thomas. Santorum is probably a closeted gay- homophobia usually is the outward sign of that.

  10. trovingx says:

    No I have not forgot the last 50 years,You Repub’s would love to go back to the old times of racism,intolerence,and bad medicine. I what you to pay attention what is going on around you,its called evolution

  11. JohnC says:

    Jonathan Alter is not an independent political columnist. He is just a propagandist to demolish the Republican Party.

    • SharonConway says:

      john c, i think the repubican party is doing a fine job demolishing itself without any help from jonathan alter or anyone else.

  12. The Repubs are out of touch with reality and need to get a life or dissolve that outdated party…..

  13. Paul said:
    “I agree…the Democratic PArty of America has brought this nation so far down that we certainly are not greatest country on earth.”
    The Democratic Party has brought it down? How? Have you forgotten that it was the Republicans who ran up the debt with their phony war in Iraq and obscene tax breaks for the ultra-rich? The unemployment under Bush was only reversed when Obama came into office, and that despite the Republicans blocking every jobs bill he proposed. The only thing the Republicans want to do is to give ALL the money to the wealthy and make slaves out of the rest of us. Now THAT I would say is “bringing the nation down. . .”
    Paul said,
    ” But, then again, there is none better.”
    Wait a minute! In the previous paragraph you said, “. . . we certainly are not the greatest country on earth.” It is a logical impossibility that the country could be both “not the greatest on earth” and that at the same time there is “none better.” This is the type of illogical stupidity which is rife in the Tea Party and Republican Party today. Maybe you should go back and finish that high-school diploma? Oops sorry, I forgot, all the teachers have been fired by your Republican heroes. . .
    “Once we pull this atheistic secularist Marxist regime out of office in November, we can begin to pull this nation back togetehr again.”
    Athesistic? Um, in case you haven’t heard, Obama is a Christian. . . Secular? Um, in case you haven’t heard, the separation of church and state is spelled out in a document you might be interested in studying sometime, it is called the Constitution. Marxist? Um, last I heard Obama was a Democrat, not a Communist. . . Maybe you want to go back and ask Rush to give you some better “ammunition?”
    “We must get rid of people lwho think like you do, though. People who like to say the word God, all the while voting to slaughter and enslave the defenseless and the unsuspecting.”
    You want to get rid of those who disagree with your viewpoint? How, like Stalin did in his progroms? That would make YOU in favor of a Communist/Socialist-style dictatorship, now wouldn’t it. . . hey, looks like YOU are anti-American! America: Love it or Leave it!

    • Gilbert Okoye says:

      Martin, if we had a few thinking people in the GOP I believe we could even be able to engage in intelligent discourse, but as it stands, the GOP has intensified its herd-mentality such that a fact is not a fact just because it was uttered by a democratic party member. Go on and tell them!!!!

      • William Carr says:

        Wait… that would mean we could simply filibuster them by stating as many facts as possible, as quickly as possible.

        They would be forced to disagree with us that gravity pulls falling objects toward the earth, that the sky is blue, that flowers are pretty….

        Keep it up, until the GOP preachers are ranting about heretical Democrats insisting that the Sun is the center of the Solar System, that the Stars are distant suns…

        Until all the moderates back away from them in disbelief.

      • Don says:

        I get tired of watching messages on the TV taken out of context as to when or where Obama said what. I see these messages and put on tv controller into mute. I am even tired of all the four letter words people speak.

      • Aajaxx says:

        Faith-based mentality is by definition herd mentality. What do you expect?

        • thelonegunmanX says:

          interestingly enough faith-based mentality and the recent occupy wallstreet movement look damn near identical. It’s natural for people to find meaning in groups, herd mentality or no. The human species only survived this far on such a mentality so chalking it up as childish seems quite stupid.
          We should find meaningful topics of discourse like economic recovery for instance. But unfortunately that would be impossible without the use of all of your treasured liberal buzz words…

          • Aajaxx says:

            Except for the fact that I’m a fiscal conservative.

          • thelonegunmanX says:

            sorry dude haven’t figured out how to use diqus yet that was meant to be a continuation of the thread and not a direct response to you, my bad!

          • John Baker says:

            You mean like ‘traitor’ ‘anti-American’, ‘socialist’, ‘Obamacare’, ‘impeach’ … oh, wait. Those are *your* buzzwords. Never mind….

        • johnygo says:

          yup, this is the fact:
          The following is an amendment that never left the hall of congress.
          “In 1894 Acknowledging that the constitution recognize God and Jesus Christ as the supreme authorities in human affairs.” From Library of Congress.
          Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the common law.” Thomas Jefferson
          “There is not one redeeming feature in our superstition of Christianity. It has made one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites.” ~Thomas Jefferson
          “The doctrine of the divinity of Jesus is made a convenient cover for
          absurdity.” ~John Adams
          • “The United States is in no way founded on the Christian Religion.” George Washington
          “The Bible is not my Book and Christianity is not my religion. I could never give assent to the long complicated statements of Christian dogma.” — Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to a friend
          “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life”Glen Beck, Karl Rove, 700 club, Bill Oreily, Hanity, and all the Republicons ,G O P.
          – Adolph Hitler – Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin, February

    • }}}} “Um, in case you haven’t heard, the separation of church and state is spelled out in a document you might be interested in studying sometime, it is called the Constitution.”

      BWAAAAAhahahahahaaaa. Ignorant tool.

      The words never appear there. They’re associated with Jefferson and Virginia, not with the US Constitution. All the Constitution does is reject the idea of a State Religion.

      That’s not saying I disagree with the notion itself — just that it’s really, really stupid to be suggesting “studying the Constitution” while citing a term that doesn’t occur in it as though it did.

      It makes you look like the complete fool you probably are.

      • Roderick Depner says:

        “ALL the Constitution does is reject the idea of a State Religion” is a myopic interpretation. Our First Amendment reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

        — The First Amendment … is a concept permitted by our Constitution.

      • Ed says:

        It is common on this blog to insert one’s belief’s are in the constittuion. Most have never bothered to read it, including several of the republican pres candiddates. The seperation of chuirch and state is implied truly, but only the congress is demied the right to establish a state religion.

        • SWalkerTTU says:

          The 14th Amendment likely extends that prohibition to the states, as well. In any case, the Texas Constitution forbids tax money to pay for religious institutions, and I imagine most states have explicit separations in one sense or another in their constitutions.

      • Mike_McKoy says:

        hey there, you’re actually wrong on a lot of levels. The originators of the constitution wanted a separation between church and state. The catholic church had way too much power they had control over england, france, and spain. you gotta remember that even kings and queens had to pay on homage & tax to the pope.

        in fact in europe kings and queens had to get permission from the pope to go to war.

        just as we cant call our presidents king or queen (which is in the originating documents of this country) our founding fathers did not want us having religion mixed with government in any way. that is quite clear.

        please remember that the founding father that created america wanted a country that was quite different from all the problems that europe has.

        • Don says:

          Actually there is a statement in the Constitution about the right to bear arms, but nothing about the right to bear bullets. I think we need a law to allow us all TO ARM BEARS. HA

          • SWalkerTTU says:

            That would change the balance of power, wouldn’t it? No honey pot, bee hive or pic-a-nic basket would be safe afterwards.

      • Carol Clark says:

        My goodness, Vinnie, but you are stupid. If you are correct in saying that “All the Constitution does is reject the idea of a State Religion”, then that means that there is a separation of church and state.

      • I seem to have a nit on my back! Could you help? You seem uniquely qualified to do so ‘)

      • crestdad says:

        Congress shall not establish a government sanctioned religion. How much more seperate do you need? Its just like most Repubs,,,,you only see what ya wanna in order to be right. Our government no matter how its spelled out,,,,,is not to be in the setting up of a state religion. Theres to be a seperation of state and religion.
        BWAAAAAhahahahhahahhahhahhahh forget it,,,,ur just to naive.

      • Don says:

        We might have a State Religion with Mitt allowing all American males to have more than one wife. HA

    • 67596759 says:

      Ouch ! sizzling commentary Martin – bravo ! You said it all , and very well !

    • Mohd Jailani Jalil says:

      Another Republican with a low IQ. Is there more to come posting their ridiculous illogical comments?

    • Republicans talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Democrats do both. The Republican party will be done away with after this election and Obama is re-elected. I for one, cannot wait. What he has done for our country is commendable. HOWEVER, the republicans don’t know what he has done for all of us because they rely on Fox, and they lie so bad. Its not a news program. Its twisted. Do yourselves a favor and look at Donald Trumps balance sheet on America. We are no where near bankrupt. Our assets far out weigh our liabilities. Yes, we need to pay down the debt, but that will take an increase of taxes. The Republicans won’t vote for it because the majority of them signed an agreement with Grover Nordguist that they wouldnt. This goes against our constitution and they should be brought up on charges. Once they vote for an increase Grover makes sure they are not re-elected. They have screwed themselves. Romney only talks of lowering taxes and taking away the loop holes, which in fact increases taxes. Grover has given them approval on this. So who is running that party? Grover. He needs to lose his power . Its scarey. Do the research its all there. Hes married to a Muslim. He wants the US government to be small enough so he can drown it in a bathtub. Scared yet? U should be. READ UP ON IT. We need to take a stand against it. Also we need to take a stand on the fact the American people should be advised of all the groups contributing to the campaigns this year. Millions and millions yet they don’t have to disclose where the money comes from. Obama listed 30 of his. Romney has listed 0, however the Koch brothers have made it public that they payed to get Ryan on the ticket. WOW. Scared again. You should be. Who knows whos behind all this. Never forget Bin Laden said he’d get America financially.

      • Jn Brown says:

        no need to worry. just vote and the only ones left will be a few billionaires and teatards. even the money isn’t making that big a difference this time. people won’t vote for someone so obviously bought as these two. Addelson and the Koch bros are drooling fanatics who would be put in an old folks home if they didn’t have money.

    • johnygo says:

      @ Paul, we are still the greatest. Did you follow the election on TV .the night when Fox news said that Obama ,won..The reaction of the whole world ,from east to west, they all celebrate. now this the fact :
      G W Bush and GOP abuse of power. G O P will kill Medicare.. GM is alive, Osama B L is dead..Dick Cheeny still alive ??.Osama Bin Laden was killed , no single soldiers lost. Iraq war of lies . who will pay for this war ?”$55 Trillions lost”, 200 thousand Iraqis dead, 10 thousand U S soldier’s dead, 100 thousand U S soldiers wounded. and bury us into debt,deficit., $55 trillion dollars. China own America in 8 years Of GW Bush. We are safe now.The Devil is dead. You need to vote all Democrat in your state, Governor, in your city, the Mayor, the congressman Representative, and senators, you must vote all democrats. Do not listen to all lies in Fox and Rush limbooo. What do you ask for more? Well 4 more years.
      Obama and all Democrat 2012, long live…THIS IS THE FACT…

    • dham69 says:

      ultra rich people making 250,000 per year is not ultra rich. You blind fool. you libs make me sick. obama said it has nothing to do with getting more revenue its about fairness really, fairness for whom? How about watching something other than this rag and try looking for the truth.

  14. Paul,
    Sounds like you want, in addition to a Communist/Socialist dictatorship, a theocracy. . . maybe you would feel more at home in Iran?

  15. Its amazing that after years of advocating for Democrats on basic principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans and asking for years, will some one show me a Republican that has fought for Minimum wage raises, affordable health care for all, equal pay for equal work, non discrimination policy and procedures on individualism in the work place, on and on I could go, now finally people actually see the Difference in a Republican and a Democrat,

  16. Thepiedpirate says:

    Oh really ? The culture wars are over? Hey Libs; watch Greece’s collapse. Watch Greece and try to learn; really try to learn.

  17. vcny45 says:

    Please excuse my language, but the Republican Party is fucking crazy!

    • Yeah, like YOU have the slightest idea what Republicans want.

      What’s crazy is living in an echo chamber that only parrots your own perceptions of The Opposition to you and thinking you have any kind of idea.

      That’s ok, it leads to back patting BS like the title:
      Jonathan Alter: The Culture Wars Are Over, And Republicans Lost
      … the net result is that the GOP is going to spank your ass YET again in elections, and YET again you’ll be filled with paranoid fantasies about how they MUST have cheated, because clearly NO ONE could possibly rationally agree with them.

      Jimmy Carter, the high water mark of the halcyon days of liberalism, brought forth an entire decade when conservativism was on the rise.

      The One is going to repeat the process. After spending trillions of dollars and getting jack for it, the nation is about to learn what happens in tough economic times when you get a Republican in charge of things. It’s going to be a decade again before you can get anyone to take a Dem seriously as President. You’ve managed to teach hundreds of thousands of kids not to put Democrats in the top spot.

    • jimackermann says:

      You are correct, the Republican Party is crazy. The horrible news is, they are twice as sane as the Dems.

      P.S. I just love your trash mouth. It says alot about who and what you are.

    • Don says:

      you should say “PHU__ING”

  18. TerryW says:

    Glad to see so many good comments here, people who ‘get it’. I really think there’s more of us than them, we just don’t make all of this ridiculous noise all the time, scripts taken from the 3rd grade school yard.

  19. TerryW says:

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven”

  20. TerryW says:

    Alan, you should really lighten up. Not just you but I see remarks like yours all the time attacking people not for what their comment says, but for how they wrote it. Just because some people might not be English Majors, such as yourself, doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to express their opinions or join conversations – for fear of being publicly ridiculed over their spelling or punctuation, etc. This is nothing more than discrimination if you think only those who can write as well as you do should be allowed to post a comment. I totally understood what Isaac was saying and, not being all big on religion myself – especially these days when that’s about ALL you hear about – but I do know enough (and probably a whole lot more than many self-proclaimed Christians) to know, again, exactly what Isaac was referring to in the Bible. So to all of you English Majors out there who find satisfaction in posting nasty remarks to others honest comments written in the best of their abilities, give it rest already! If you find some comments too difficult for you to read, how about just not reading them? Just move on to the next comment and give everyone break. Thanks.

  21. Judith M says:

    REMINDER!! Immigrants of all nationalities and ethnicities came to America because of the democracy that existed, give us your poor, your huddled masses “yearning” to be free……. that is the very reason why America is such a melting pot. We welcome and accept those who yearn to be free from human atrocities, imprisonment, etc… If we vote Republican this November, we risk losing who we are, with each GOP vote, you will say to hell with those yearning to be free, who come here to strive for a better life and equal opportunity. Look at all our different restaurants and eateries, Thai – Chinese – Caribbean – Peruvian – Indian cuisine, etc. the tailors, the dry cleaners etc. who of us hasn’t been to one of these entities? Stay with President Obama, a president for the people, the children, the citizens of a truly great nation. Don’t let color stand in your way to make the right choice this November. Vote on the facts, not lies, vote with your intelligence, your heart and the truth!

  22. FACT IS; This Country was founded upon a Constitution. Somthing some people as of late have been trying to change to fit thier “moral” and reliegious views. This is exactly what the founding fathers wanted to make clear in our Constitution. They were determined to emphasize, the necessity of a very clear seperation of Church and State. If we would stop trying to legislate acording to religiosu beliefs which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, we would have alot less problems on our hands, and also alot less divison everywhere including in Washington which is so devided these days, NOTHING can get done because both parties are intent on making sure the other makes no progress at all in any area. We are in an economic crisis with States and municiplaities brinking on banrupsy and our legislators are in Washing tons playing games like children in a sand box to make sure no one can get anything done. The people we have sent to Washington are a BI part of the problwm. If they cannot deal with each other, make concessions and work out the current crisis they should not be there! that is what “politicing” is all about. They have turned Washington into a war of two parties both of which are dojing absolutely nothing to remedy our current and very seriosu ills. I cannot even imagine why they are there at all other than possibly making deals to benefit themselves. We should revcall conress and the senate and replace them with Real American Patriots that want this county to be great again and will work with each other regardless of differences to fix our systems, our economy on behalf of thier constituants. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! We have long ago lost our “representatives” in Washington to thier narscesistic, self-dealing corruption. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  23. Marc Paige says:

    Just wait and see what America will look like if Mitt romney gets to choose the next members of the Supreme Court, and a Republican Senate gets to confirm them. Think illegal abortions, and the return of the coat hanger!!

  24. steviepage says:

    I think those republicans generally need ‘Anger Management’ if you ask me.

  25. steviepage says:

    I’m an English man and grew up in the UK. I’ve lived in the USA for 19 years. I find politics here almost as ridiculous and stupid as it is in the English Parliment.
    Obama has been refered to as a Marxist, a secret Muslim ‘plant’ placed in the Whitehouse to destroy America and the West. even the Anti Christ. The Birth Certificate debacle. it’s all laughable to me.
    I think far right tea party Zealots in America are just as stupid as Far left loonies in Europe.
    Just cattle if you ask me.
    Commentators like Glen Beck and pill popping Rush Limbau wouldn’t be making in excess of $30 million dollars per year if there wasn’t such a receptive audience of ignorant fear diseased minds to manipulate. Even Ed Koch who Bank Rolled the Tea Party has come out and endorsed Obama. Can’t you see how divide and rule is being played out.

  26. ayaya says:

    Zimmerman killed an innocent teenager after the police told him to stop stalking the victim; FoxNews backed him on the air; he fundraised money and used it to pay off his family credit card debt. He and his wife laundered money around to deceive donors, the court and government. When will the extreme rightwing donors begin to understand that FOXNEWS is not always right when it takes side against minorities. Zimmerman got money from ordinary people like you and used it to pay off his family credit card debts? Really! Who will pay your own credit card debts? FoxNews guess what!!!!!!!!! Answer these questions for Zimmerman.

  27. clarenceswinney says:

    Please–fix it so I can copy an article on one page

  28. clarenceswinney says:

    Planned parenthood–Romney will defund
    Prevent more abortions than any group in America
    GOP usual diostraction from good purposes–good deeds–good work
    3% of intervews are on abortion–They consult do not advise pro or con

    GOP can do bad things to good people

  29. clarenceswinney says:

    Took 1800 budget to 3500
    5700 debt to 11,900
    surplus to 1400 deficit
    237,000 jobs created per month to 31,000
    Peace on Earth to Two sorry wars
    closed 54,000 manufacturing plants
    lost one third of our manufcturing jobs
    Told 935 Lies om wmd to get approval to invade and conquer a nation 7000 miles away and one of least armed most destitute on earth
    Hague awaits you.

  30. Chewy185 says:

    If we were so much better off under the Republican’s rule, why did my husband lose half of his retirement package under Bush II. The rich don’t create jobs when they get tax breaks; they just get richer. Raise the military budget sky high and keep cutting social programs and there will one day be another civil war in this nation. It is frightening. We are living on half of what we had coming in since the market crash under Bush II. Then we are accused of being part of a ponzi scheme because we receive social security? Reagan began stealing from that pot of money so don’t blame the Democrats for it. Obama is not the bad guy here. Bush issued 1100 signing statements during his tenure in the White House, more than all other Presidents combined. Obama issues an Executive Order and the name calling begins. I have no problem with those who take issue with the President, but respect the presidency. Shame on those of you who lie so often you begin believing your lies. Tell your lies to the public often enough and soon the public begins to treat those lies as truth. Sigh. . . . So many relevant social and economic issues and the GOP spends its time and energy making war against the poor and women. How have or will your life change if a gay couple weds? I venture to say not at all. You are vehemently opposed to abortion? Wait. Remember all the social programs you want to cut? You don’t care anything about these babies after they are born. You are opposed to some forms of birth control and the morning after pill? I pray your wife, sister, or daughter are never raped or become victims of incest. I would even go to the day and Romney said women should not make as much money as men do. Excuse me! Not all of us married rich.
    That is about the longest paragraph of non sequiturs I have ever written but at least I had my say. Go head. Have at me. Just kidding. Be nice, or at least be respectful.

  31. What’s with this site putting one tiny paragraph on one page, then 2 more pages with very little content. That’s makes NO sense to me! The article, while short, was good!

  32. Don says:

    No matter what we say or do, someone is out there to blast us for saying such and such and so goes the Catholics and Protestants not agreeing on things or disagreeing. I do not know where we are headed. Having Romney in office might give the American people what they really do not want, a man parading around as a policeman or a fireman. I am sure many of us have done stoopid things early on, but Mitt and his campaign I see on the TV saying this is a huge tax, and for who. At least we are on the road to something. The tax is on those who refuse to get the insurance like my nephew in Texas who has not seen any kind of doctor in his adult life and me I am on about 10 drugs prescribed by doctors and one doctor I diasmissed as he prescribed a drug that would lower my blood pressure below 100 and here I am in therapy being rushed to the nurses station because I am suspected of having a seizure, and all because of this drug this doctor prescribed.

  33. The Republicans believe they are appealing to America just as long as everyone within earshot is applauding them. So as long as they can fill a room full of Tea Party crazies and get them to applaud, they think they’re alright.

    What they’re overlooking, of course, is that these people are mostly party loyalists who would have voted for them anyway. Effectively, the G.O.P. has abandoned any hope of ever having majority appeal and has embraced a policy of just trying to delude themselves into thinking they represent the majority still.

  34. ram1020 says:

    Don’t even start on the Komen Foundation. NPR and the rest of the Left trashed an organization for withholding an amount less than 0.06% of Planned Parenthood’s budget. The $1.2 Billion dollar Planned Parenthood felt entitled, even they do minimal work toward breast health. They don’t even do mamograms.

    So while you might like to look at yourselves as morally superior, you are just a bunch of bullies who don’t care what you destroy, including an organization dedicated to Women’s Health, to show off your political power.

    Gloat all you want, but if you had any conscience, you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

  35. commiedeke says:

    of course the Catholics and the republicans are going in unprotected. they LIKE children.

    • InsideEye says:

      It also feels better. Children are nice if they are not ones’ own. O still have my condom from high school… would be grammar school in NYC, but not Boston, yet

  36. Galen says:

    Sure, bring in Ayn Rand’s ideas; a very original thinker, but she was also as crazy as a loon. Ryan’s favorite author, and must be Romney’s favorite, too…It should be must reading for all Democratics and Republicans. That lady was totally serious about giving everything to the rich, and letting the hard working middle class “eat cake.” It’s in black and white folks….

  37. Martin, Thanks for hopefully helping some people to get it straight.

  38. Aajaxx says:

    When groups don’t have a common enemy to fight they fight each other. Protestants and Catholics had no real secular opposition back in the day, so they fought each other. Now that secularism has really ramped up (thanks to court rulings finally granting women and minorities their inalienable rights), the reactionaries have a common enemy. The culture war is not over and the Republicans haven’t lost, yet. They will, because it is obvious that religious dogma is just too divisive to allow things to work.

    We have bigger problems than who is sleeping with who, and these are only getting bigger as the Republicans pound on the sex wedge. Eventually they will have to stop fooling around, shut up, and get to work.

  39. zapatos1960 says:

    I made $46000.00 last year and paid 25% in taxes while Mit paid 13% on $43 million that morally wrong. Americans need to wake up.

  40. zapatos1960 says:

    as a struggling american, its totally unfair that im paid 25% in taxes for 2011 on a gross incom of $46,000 while Romney paid 15% on $43 million in 2010

  41. zapatos1960 says:

    I beleive in God and he should be the only judge of our sins. Those old repunlican men need to stop dictating how a woman sholud live her life. No one tells them why and when to used their Viagra pills to engage women. God do answer prayer in his time not our’s.

  42. roberta says:

    I quit trying to use inductive or deductive logic talking with guys like paul. The circular path their brain uses to make a point is just sad. The culture wars highlight the two solitudes we have in this country..the inquisitive and the not so inquisitive. The problem arises when the not so inquisitive want equal treatment of their world view, no matter how inane it may be, and a place at the policy table. Best to give them something shiney.

  43. annalois80 says:

    The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid,
    And the marshals and cops get the same,
    But the poor white man’s used in the hands of them all like a tool.
    He’s taught in his school
    From the start by the rule
    That the laws are with him
    To protect his white skin
    To keep up his hate
    So he never thinks straight
    ‘Bout the shape that he’s in
    But it ain’t him to blame
    He’s only a pawn in their game.
    By Bob Dylan

  44. Sand_Cat says:

    So Torquemada Santorum was welcomed at Anal Roberts University! Is anyone surprised? The lunatics have to stick together these days.

  45. SantaAna says:

    Why do you spread your thin ‘story’ over 3 pages…do you think it makes it look longer….deeper…or are you just trying to up your Comscore page count?

    Curious…in Wisconsin

    • Leftout says:

      It is journalistic tool at Harvard. Obama did the same, in his case he was soo good he did not even write any pages….sort of virtual journalism. At Boston University , you must be substantive …no classes in absentia.

  46. zdolphn says:

    Martin, your “pithy” statements and extreme sarcasm detract from your point and contribute to the overall tone that sounds like current knee jerk liberal dogma. Additionally, saying untrue things over and over does not make them true. Review the voting record of our friends in Congress as it relates to the war in Iraq. It was not a “Republican” generated war. As a 56 year old voter that has been an independent since age 18, I grow so tired of the partisan lies told by members of both parties.

    • So, will you weigh everything in the light of truth and vote your conscience, or will you just stay home and not vote? And it’s the GOP that keeps repeating things hoping people would believe them in the end, like Sarah Palin did the race 4 years ago. You see how patriotic she is, she even quit her governorship in mid-term. Real patriotic. The US is on it’s way to becoming a plutocracy, the GOP would put that into fast forward, Obama would just slow it down. I’m sad about the US, very involved in the political race, and don’t even live there any more.

  47. Ray says:

    The filthy Rethuglicans are evil just like their forefathers the NAZIs. The filthy Rethuglican party is dead we need a new conservative party one that in not dominated by Satanist and Gaultists. A party that will put America first.

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