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Saturday, October 22, 2016

In Kansas, A Teen Beats Back Little Minds

Let’s talk about the smallness first.

Yes, the bullying is troubling, the thin-skinned aversion to criticism vexing. But in the end, it is the piddling, picayune pettiness, the sheer, Lilliputian smallness of the behavior that I can’t quite get past.

  • garydavis

    my father was a principle of a school while I was growing up . infact I even attended on of the schools . his job was to inspire children , teachers & parents to achieve and use the freedoms too many people fought and died for . so for the principle of her high school . he needs to grow a pair . and apologize to Emma , and think about finding some other job . pathetic as too is the Govenors staff member. who also needs to apologize in person . and find another job.
    as for Emma I hope you acheive greatness and continue to fight for more rights for women before the republican party takes them all away just like it was when women weren’t allowed to even vote let alone be paid the same as a man at work .

  • Dakotahgeo

    Hey! Look at the state involved! An overabundance ofruby redslippers/flip-flops, but no jobs or money to dance in them. Kansas… the word says it all. So sad!

  • Dakotahgeo

    The subject line says it all, Gary.

  • miller4SFmayor

    gov brownback sucks …….Elect Harold Miller for San Francisco mayor in 2015 ..

  • Crazy in Alabama

    …is that the Governor’s office is monitoring social networks for any mention of his name – primarily for negative comments, I suspect. Reeks of paranoia and “enemies lists,” particularly when the “offender” was targeted for what could amount to retribution. Keep up the good work, Leonard!