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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Karl Rove Ducks Blame For Republicans’ 2012 Disaster

Karl Rove Ducks Blame For Republicans’ 2012 Disaster

Karl Rove may have failed as both a political strategist and a pundit in 2012, but that isn’t stopping him from doling out political advice to his fellow Republicans. Unsurprisingly, Rove isn’t accepting much blame for the losses.

In a speech to the 100th convention of the Kansas Livestock Association in Wichita on Wednesday, Rove blamed Republican infighting for the party’s lack of success in the 2012 elections.

“What splinters the Republican Party is intolerant and judgmental language, and an unwillingness to acknowledge differences,” Rove said.

“It’s got to be something that people are willing to say, ‘Fine, I’m looking at politics with a longer frame. You and I may not agree on everything but we agree more often than not, and I’m going to live to fight another day,'” he later added.

He went on lament his leadership of the Super PAC American Crossroads, saying “It’s the worst volunteer job I’ve had in my life.”

“We raised $324 million,” Rove said, “And I got sick and tired of spending money in races where the moderates and the conservatives had gone at each other and made victory impossible.”

Putting aside the ridiculous notion that Rove is merely a humble volunteer at American Crossroads — although he draws no salary from the firm, his high-profile work there certainly helps raise the value of his consulting and punditry services — his complaint about spending rings rather hollow. After all, American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS spent a combined $175,420,435 on 33 general election campaigns, and did not support a single winning candidate. Clearly, not every one of those losses was a result of vicious primary battles.

Additionally, given Rove’s history, he may not be the best messenger for a lecture on nasty primary fights.

Rove also complained that Mitt Romney was weakened by the Obama campaign’s successful attack ads — but declined to explain why Crossroads’ attacks were not nearly as effective.

After being crushed in an election that many Republicans thought they would win, it’s clear that the GOP needs a serious “autopsy,” as party chairman Reince Priebus put it. What’s unclear is why, after his role in the disaster, Republicans would allow Karl Rove to be the pathologist.

Hat tip: The Huffington Post

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64 responses to “Karl Rove Ducks Blame For Republicans’ 2012 Disaster”

  1. It’s easy. Letting him anylize the defeat will allow him to pass the blame on everyone else for the failure of the brand of politics that he perfected.

  2. Donald Ramsey says:

    This is the only election in memory that is being disected and explained by the losers three weeks after the fact. Only two reasons come to mind. The first is the delusional nature of the GOPers . The idea that they actually LOST is somehow beyond comprehension. (Of course we know that.) The second is the result of using leveraged buy out exec.s to run the campaign, and relying on venture capital. Now we have the responsible parties doing their very best to spin the autopsy results to the investors so they don’t have to assume responsibility for the failure of the enterprise.

  3. Sa Janes says:

    I find it stunning that the GOP is seeking to blame Romney’s loss on all sorts of bogus reasons–still apparently refusing to acknowledge that Romney lost mainly because of things like his refusing to front up to the American people with his tax information, his constant flip-flopping on every single issue of importance, and his outright pandering lies–lies so obvious, so easily seen through, that his entire campaign translates to nothing but an arrogant contempt for the American electorate as a whole.

    All this ridiculous hand-wringing and ‘self-reflection’, yet they still either cannot or will not admit that their loss had much less to do with Obama’s strategy and tactics (just look at the hundreds of millions the GOP spent on ads to no real benefit) than the fact that most people have seen through their shallow, contemptible dog & pony show and just plain don’t like them or their open dishonesty, fake dramas, obscene disrespect for women.

    The reason they lost is as transparent as Romney’s secret business life is opaque–the GOP is, today, nothing more than a coalition of cult-like 19th century throwbacks: religious bigots, White Supremacists, misogynists, self-aggrandizing carpet-bagging panderers, the ill-educated, the just plain weirdly delusional, and the generally fear-filled ignorant–like some sort of ‘Army of the Damned’.

    Rove calls the GOP loss a “failure of strategy”. Good luck trying to sell that, Karl, you nasty, lying little cretin.

    • old_blu says:

      You are right they must have seven reasons that Romney lost and not one of them are because of Romney.

      It was the hispanics, dead people voting, illegal immigrants, voter fraud, vote counting, because Obama gives things away, and voting machines, I think I could name more, but not one mention of the Republicans, I think that’s good then they won’t change and they will always be losers.

      • rpg1408 says:

        The GOP , conveniently, does not mention that their whole platform is based on ” giving things away “, like tax cuts, to the 1% . That Romney got more than 1% of the popular vote is beyond me.

      • The Repubs make 2014 open season on Repubes .

      • Sand_Cat says:

        That’s the most frightening thing about this whole year. I can’t get euphoric over the election results because

        1) Those 48% – for the most part – aren’t going anywhere, and in a sane and educated country I can’t understand how someone like Romney could be within 30 points of Obama on ANY scale – hell, I was going to except lying, but he really isn’t even a good liar, despite all the practice he had – and

        2) Maybe I’m paranoid, but it looks to me like the Dems in Congress are already looking for a way to blow the “Cliff” advantage the same way they pissed away forcing the vote on extending billionaire tax cuts BEFORE the mid-term elections.

        3) The Republicans didn’t lose Congress.

      • grandbaby1 says:

        Romney lost because people did not see his and Ryan’s view points on how this country should be ran. Ryan’s financial plans never made any sense and still don’t to major economist of this country. Romney flipped flopped all over the place and yes they did try to suppress voters all over the country. Unfortunately they didn’t see it coming. They seem to actyually believe in what they say even though they have been proven wrong so many times. Besides what has Rove accomplished they only one he ever helped getting elected was Bush. He hasn’t won an election for anyone else. So why does everyone think he is such a winner

    • Romney lost because of his personal record, his policy proposals, his flip flopping on every issue, and the offensive comments he made throughout the campaign. The latter showed that he was completely out of touch with mainstream America, does not understand our problems and aspirations and, even worse, could care less about us.
      Having said all this, I believe a major factor in his defeat was the GOP political platform and their policy proposals. Needless to say, people like Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the rest are not about to acknowledge that, especially after wasting tens of millions of dollars in a futile attempt to con middle class Americans into voting for policies we knew were against our best interests.
      Yes, we rejected Romney-Ryan, but most importantly, we rejected Republican extremism, and the sooner they accept that fact that better off the GOP will be.

      • frida says:

        I fully agree with you Dominick Vila that we rejected Republican extremism, BUT not only us, also GOP themselves. Remember the states where Todd Akin and Murdoch are from. They are heavily republicans states. GOP is not stupid saw them through their lens and decided NO, this is not what we want.
        Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity are now fighting for their survival. I can assure republicans are not listening/following their advices the way they did before the election. It won’t take time they will all be regarded useless if not booted.

        • bckrd1 says:

          The blatant voter suppression got a lot of people fired up too and ditto to all the above comments. Lesson to Republicans, don’t screw with my vote. Also for me , the bald-faced lying really, really pissed me off . I could not sit silently, I called each one out to who ever would listen.

          I am vrey proud of this country in that we did not have another 2000 style election and the people clearly spoke. But the Republicans will be recalitrant babies because they still insist on thwarting Obama. The expiration of the Bush tax cuts will take care of it and they won’t have a say.

    • ivory69690 says:

      the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY nailed his lose when he picked the lil eddie monster look-a-like for his VP

    • Miam_Ace says:

      Your analysis is tough — but true. It’s stunning that the GOP has sunk so low that Mitt was about as good as a candidate as they could produce, despite his being a blatant fake. Republicans can’t quite believe that their political leaders have gone so far off the track of reason. But they have.

      By the way, it seems quite clear that Mittens did some fancy maneuvering at Bain to avoid normal tax obligations. Remember when he was fudging on when he actually left as CEO?

    • says:

      u liberal jerkoffs r as blind as bats

  4. nobsartist says:

    This is typical of the republiCON party. They refuse to accept reality.

    I believe that rove the pig and his “super pact” deserve a massive audit by the IRS.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I’m beyond belief that the IRS isn’t scrutinizing every aspect of Mitt’s tax returns filed over the past 7 years given all that’s been exposed about his offshore dealings, and especially with respect to his 401K that has over 100 million in it. Given that it’s 15 years old and the most he could have deposited each year was $30,000, there’s no way legally that a total of 450,000 deposited over 15 years could have grown to over $100 million in a 401K. Mitt had to purposely lowball the values of stock awards at the time he put them into the 401k which magically exploded in value quickly after his tax return was filed. Not only did he suddenly gain the sharply increased value of these stocks after the fact, but he possibly saved millions in taxes because of the lowballed value of the gift stocks. For example, if after a buyout transaction he receive 10,000 shares of stock really worth $25/share but valued them at $2.50/share for his tax returns, his tax return would show a value of $25,000 as, I guess, investment income, whereas it should have shown $250,000. Do this a lot of times and you save millions on your taxes and your 401K grows like gangbusters.

  5. don27 says:

    They lost because the had a poor candidate who flip-flopped on every issue imaginable and because the Republican were totally out of touch with the non-white portion of the American people.

  6. docb says:

    He was faster on his feet when he was behind the curtain..Only self-deluded fools would believe this claptrap from rove!

  7. Ed says:

    Well,if you candidate had presented a plan for solving any problemsinstead of saying “trust me” and acting as if the job was his birthright you might have done better. This was not only a case of “putting lipstick on a pag” it was putting lipstick on the WRONG end of the pig.

  8. Robert M says:

    Hey Karl, eat a bag of dicks.

  9. howa4x says:

    Karl Rove is a pompus ass

  10. imabrummie says:

    Actually, Mr. Rove, Mr. Bendyboots and his army of RePUBICclowns lost because the MAJORITY rejected their philosophy of protecting the MINORITY at the expense of the rest of us! So butt out and let those elected officials do the job of the People.

  11. RevRonaldG Cosseboom says:

    It’s Karl’s sick mind that put America where it is with his Nazi Propaganda styled political ads! The man and his ilk are all destined for the Pit of Hell, and rightly so. When will they learn that when people are true to their hearts and souls they CANNOT be bought and sold like some plastic doll in the Five and Dime!
    Karl and Company, yes this includes you too Rush, it’s time to do some REAL soul searching and FACE REALITY; you’re obsolete! Add to this group “The Donald”, you’re just a mess!

  12. rl says:

    First of all Romney was weakened by the fact that the American people in a majority do not want a rich white guy who doesn’t even invest his money in this country, and says firing people is fun. Now for the main topic, of course Rove thinks campaigns are too nasty. Being nasty jumped up and bit him in places that most of us don’t want to see. Hopefull it is at least the beginning of the end for this type of campaigns.

    • GrannyKits says:

      I almost like the kind of campaigning that the Republicans did because more people were made aware of what they REALLY stood for, as opposed to hiding their true purpose behind clever lies thus fooling more people into voting for them.

  13. patuxant says:

    Rove is a facist.

  14. ivory69690 says:

    the bad idea was those stupid greedy bastards letting rover (rove) deal with their money . ill bet thats one rover dog thy wished thy shot .

  15. ivory69690 says:

    It’s got to be something that people are willing to say, ‘Fine, I’m looking at politics with a longer frame. You and I may not agree on everything but we agree more often than not, and I’m going to live to fight another day,’” he later added./// or rover you,ll live as long as it takes the greedy bastards to blew their money to put a hit out on your useless butt. and with you saying you will live to fight another day . im sure scares the crap out of those greedy bastards . and i,m sure thy will take a few bucks out for the next time and put a hit contract on you at least then thy may save at least a $100,000,000

  16. ivory69690 says:

    ya rover (rove) a pathologist would be good now for you and the whole GOP ding dong party . but when all the CLEANING OUT OF ALL YOUR BUTTS is done i,m sure the only thing thy will find are your heads .

  17. Lynda says:

    Kind of makes me think of that old saying ‘who are you going to believe…me or your lying eyes.’ Turd Blossum may not have lost the election for Mitt, but he certainly was a contributing factor. Ryan/Romney did themselves in trying to sell and old model preivously own vehicle to the voters and it did not work.

  18. 012647020451 says:

    If you keep doing the same way and getting the same results, then something is wrong with you or something is wrong with what you are doing and the way you are doing what you are doing. The roves, limbauaghs, trumps and rushes and the romneys of the world have clearly shown that they have little or no respect for those people who are not in the one percent category. They should have learned on election night that peoples’ INTEGRIT’Y can not be bought. Now they are trying to find reasons for mitt’s dismal failure. They only have to look in the mirror and sing Michael Jackson’s hit song “I’m looking at the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.

  19. Giving a speech to the 100th convention of the Kansas Livestock Association in Wichita is very apropos considering what he’s shoveling!

    The part that really slays me is where he says “What splinters the Republican Party is intolerant and judgmental language, and an unwillingness to acknowledge differences;” when since the 2000 election intolerance, judgmental language and an unwillingness to acknowledge differences has been the top three planks of the Republican Party.

  20. commserver says:

    The messenger of the message should be innocent since that is all he is. Of course nothing said about the message being wrong to begin with.

  21. Jim Myers says:

    Someone should tell Karl that it is time to refund all the money that he lost for his conservative friends.

    I am sure that would go a long way towards comforting their wounds.

  22. Davekzy1 says:

    Rove when you live by kies, you also die by lies!

  23. Dion Morse says:

    To SA James et al. We know, we know we know but they obviously, must know better. Yes they are small minded and generally of an archaic (and obscenely arcane) life style. But if you’ve ever been to many parts of the deep south, this is the franchised thought which their churches and schools generally teach.

    Trust me, they can’t be changed by showing them the error of their ways, they understand what a divine revelation has done for their life style. They don’t travel often outside of their own comfort zone, seldom if ever speak or read an additional language and don’t have much to do with creating new technological advances, and ulitmately remember that Lee surrendered, ‘we didn’t’ (I have no idea how many times I heard that one).

    So how do you change this and get them to face reality? Perhaps by diffusing the pundits and corporate liars which speak to them. I really don’t know, but I do know there will be another election in two years and common sense and a sense of purpose is one of the strongest forces which can’t be countered by the corporate liars.

    Prepare now and keep working on individuals – the group will follow. One vote at a time seems to be what works. ( I am the only one in my extended family who is NOT southern born and educated. Many of my cousins are hard shell baptists but – they can be challenged to think for themselves and look past the strident rhetoric and check their sources. It does work, but it takes time. Interestingly, if you remind them of FDR, and keep them on that course, it seems as if a light goes on. )

  24. The main reason Obama’s “attack adds” worked, was, that they were founded in fact, where as Romney’s attacks were mainly made-up Bull Shit.

  25. Newborn says:

    The humbled volunteer at American Crossroads. Give me a break. Bush’s brain going Alzheimer’s.

  26. ORAXX says:

    If anything, the Republicans don’t have enough infighting. They have been on a mad crusade for ideological purity for a generation now, and they manage to take the same message from every election cycle as well. Namely; the need to turn further to the right and go for more purity. At any rate, no one should hold their breath waiting for “Turd Blossom” to man up and admit he made any mistakes.

  27. S-3 says:

    The sooner these insults to the South and majority of people of their skin color shut up and start working for people like me again who depend on them for it, the better – and by that; I mean, raising our taxes and wages so we can compete again, like we’re supposed to be allowed to.

    i know I’m being bitter, but I have every right – I’m sick of this shit they’re playing at – and it seems no one agrees with me on violent revolt or anarchy, either being the only true cures to this madness. Even though Obama won, I might still move to Canada someday to escape this BS if things don’t improve soon (they’re not perfect, either, but they’re still doing better than us right now…).

    …And I’m in college right now, which only worsens things… Lord, help me.

  28. ococoob says:

    Somebody please put a muzzle on this guy!

  29. ritaramona says:

    I have to admit Republicans are No.1 in making up lame excuses for losing And Karl Rove is among the best

  30. ritaramona says:

    I must admit Republicans are really great atmaking up lame excuses for losing and Karl Rove is among the best

  31. daniel bostdorf says:

    Rove is the rat fleeing from the sinking GOP “fascist ship” of ideologues. What is unbelievable is what he stated:

    ““What splinters the Republican Party is intolerant and judgmental language, and an unwillingness to acknowledge differences…”

    Rove was the chief architect of ” intolerant and judgmental language” that the American people saw through and would not put up with. He tried to have billionaires like Koch brothers and right wing CEO corporate leaders to pay for it. He took his propaganda lessons out of Joseph Goebbels playbook.

    Not only does Rove duck blame, he fails to understand that he miserably failed.

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels:

    “Success is the important thing. Propaganda is not a matter for average minds, but rather a matter for practitioners. It is not supposed to be lovely or theoretically correct. I do not care if I give wonderful, aesthetically elegant speeches, or speak so that women cry. The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in Bayreuth, I say different things than I say in the Pharus Hall. That is a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.”

    Rove, the Teaparty and right wing fascist media were not successful in their movement to take over this country.

    We must, however, remain vigilant and keep our collective eyes and ears open to the continuing attempt to conquer the “broad masses” with lies, distortions and political gamesmanship.

  32. Anathema_Device says:

    The problem is that the Republican Party honchos want a figurehead to enact their policies, not a candidate who can and will run on his or her (well, let’s face it, his) own record, policies, and philosophies. In the last two presidential elections, they took men who appealed to a wide range of voters and made them completely unappealing and unrecognizable from their former selves. The Republicans want a puppet in office, but the people don’t.

  33. “And I got sick and tired of spending money in races where the moderates and the conservatives had gone at each other and made victory impossible.”

    Dear Mr. Rove,”

    You set the whole thing up years ago. It is is still the same old GOP problem, and you created the concept of ideological purity, the bottom line being: “My way or the high way”. Did you and the Radical Right Wing of the GOP ever consider that perhaps a majority of Americans don’t want what you are selling, as it only works for the rich, and not all of us?

    In today’s GOP, being “Moderate” is a dirty word.

  34. bckrd1 says:

    They constantly project. That is their attact strategy. Remember before the first debate, Romney said that “Obama will say lies about me”. And then went on a campaign of out right lies about Obama and then was a completly different person than who campaigned in the debates. Look at how Mitt acted when Crowley corrected him in the second debate. There is a photo of Mitt’s face at that moment and he is furious. Obama stayed calm and cool in all of them.

  35. Sand_Cat says:

    Well, at least Rove has a generous helping of the “pathologi” part of “pathologist.”

  36. Sand_Cat says:

    This comment was fouled up; it was in answer to another.

  37. Sand_Cat says:

    Another lost reply

  38. Sand_Cat says:

    And another

  39. Sand_Cat says:

    All right, I give up. This is a reply to docb below, despite all efforts to make it look like a random, out-of-the blue comment:
    Were they destructive enough to vote against Obama by selecting someone like Romney, who many predicted might win? If they wanted to vote against Obama, why not pick the Green Party, or the Constitution Party, or the (ugh) Libertarians, or just write in “Groucho” or “Camacho,” or “Batman,” or “The Joker,” or even “None Of Above”?

    And why were they so desperate to vote against Obama in the first place?

    If your comment was intended to be reassuring, it isn’t. And if you agree they had good reason to vote against Obama, your response is as idiotic as theirs.

  40. SRSwain says:

    What was the portly Republican wizard expected to say? Er, our strategery didn’t work ’cause we misremembered how to connect with the majority of voters. Not very likely, one suspects. Don’t worry about poor Karl. He’ll probably be OK. Think how big his Rolodex still is.

  41. seethroughurlies says:

    The Republicans are just ugly. They appear to have all gone mad at least 10 yrs ago. Vote them out of office 2014

  42. Stella53 says:

    Ah, Mr. Rove. How hysterical it was to see you live on Fox News Election night. You were totally unwilling to acknowledge that Obama won Ohio. It was priceless.

    • lana ward says:

      Republicans couldn’t win with all the voter fraud going on. What was priceless was when Joe Wilson yelled “you lie” to Omuslim while he was giving the State of The Union–and the WHOLE world saw!!! Now that WAS PRICELESS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  43. Paul Kennedy says:

    Karl Rove Blames Ducks For Republicans’ 2012 Disaster

  44. Maybe just maybe , it was Grover Norquist , that sent voters flying the other way , YOU THINK?

  45. grothman says:

    It’s fascinating to watch Conservatives re-interpreting events or, ‘bubble-izing’ them in order to maintain their delusions.

  46. says:

    gop lost because they run campaigns that sound like they are democrats -mccain probly voted for obama

  47. Jim Myers says:

    WAIT A MINUTE! I thought Karl Rove sent back all those checks to the people who trusted him to win the Presidential election.

    I mean, that WOULD be the HONORABLE thing to do, wouldn’t it?

    And ,we all know how honorable Karl Rove is, don’t we?

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