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Thursday, October 27, 2016

In her column, “Funny Man, Karl Rove,” Connie Schultz explains why Rove should think twice about picking a fight over Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad:

After I saw the new Chrysler ad — starring Clint Eastwood and titled “Halftime in America” — I walked from our kitchen to my home office and picked up the rusty wrench my father used during his 30 years at the power plant in Ashtabula, Ohio.

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  • GregoryJ.Coe

    Rove and all republicans will slam and rant against anything that will make this country heal, it is their want for our country to fail so they can swoop in and save it, which means crush the middle class, you see a strong Auto industry means union employees,, and union employees means good wages and good wages mean extra disposable income and extra income means money into the coffers of Democrats running for office in D.C. and Democrats in D.C. means obstruction to republicans getting richer and the middle class disappering and the poor getting poorer, It all makes since to Rove to rant his disgust of anything that will make this country better and heal faster.