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Thursday, October 27, 2016

President Promises Labor And Progressive Leaders He’ll End Tax Breaks For The Rich

President Promises Labor And Progressive Leaders He’ll End Tax Breaks For The Rich

President Obama met with labor leaders and other prominent members of the progressive movement at the White House on Tuesday as his first step to prevent America from going over what Ben Bernanke has called “the fiscal cliff.” The Bush tax breaks are set to expire at the end of this year just as trillions in automatic spending cuts are scheduled to begin.

Heads of the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, National Education Association and Service Employees International Union, along with representatives from and the Center for American Progress — all allies from the president’s 2012 campaign — presented their views on the forthcoming budget battle.

The president didn’t comment after the 2-hour session, but the participants reported that they were pleased with the his commitment to end the Bush tax breaks for the rich.

“It was a very, very positive meeting,” said AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka. “We are very, very committed to making sure that the middle class and workers don’t end up paying the tab for a party that we didn’t get to go to, and the president is committed to that as well.”

The AFL-CIO released a Hart Research study today that showed that while voters are committed to asking the rich to pay more taxes, the public opposes cuts to Medicare and Social Security by a margin of 3 to 1. The president has vowed to veto any deal that does not ask the richest 2 percent of Americans to shoulder a tax burden similar to what they paid during the Clinton administration.

Next, the president meets with members of the business community. In addition to the expiring tax cuts, trillions in automatic spending cuts known as the sequester are set to begin in 2013 as the result of the deal forged when the GOP refused to raise the debt limit without significant spending cuts in the summer of 2011.

Analysts including the Congressional Budget Office project that the country would go into a recession if the spending cuts begin and tax breaks expire as planned. Economist John K. Galbraith, however, calls this a “phony crisis” that’s merely a pretense to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the GOP was willing to offer “new revenue” in exchange for real entitlement reform. Republicans are in favor of tax reform that would lower rates and cut deductions. However, most of the new revenue that they project from such reforms comes from “dynamic scoring,” which projects growth as a result of such reforms. Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, meanwhile, wrote that the best way to raise revenue on the rich is to simply return to the Clinton-era tax rate for the rich.

The president just won an electoral landslide, becoming the first Democrat since Franklin Roosevelt to win two terms with more than 50 percent of the popular vote. In addition, a new Washington Post/PEW poll suggests that the voters trust him to negotiate — 53 percent think Republicans would be to blame if the country goes over the “fiscal cliff.” Only 29 percent say they’d blame the president.

“What we’re going to do is keep our members mobilized and organized in different communities across the country,” AFSCME president Lee Saunders said. “We won the election, but we’re going into another campaign now.”

Photo credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

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  • The rich are the ones who outsourced American’s jobs and they should be taxed.

    • No it is not the rich’s fault, it is the all mighty dollar speaking, when you go shopping, don’t buy the cheapest item on the shelf, spring for the most expensive one, and remember it might not be the best item either.

      • Neither I buy if it is well made and made in the USA .

    • If you opened your closed mind could it just perhaps be that many companies leave the U.S. because our costs to do business are much higher than many other nations, because we have one of the highest corporate tax rates, and also much more unnecessary regulations, crippling businesses and thus jobs.

      • stcroixcarp

        The tax rate or what a company actually pays has little or nothing to do with if they outsource to another country. They move to get slave, child, cheap labor. We need unions everywhere in the world that demand living wages for all workers. Then we can talk about those big bad tax rates.

      • gsylvester

        Businesses leave the U.S. because they are Greedy, period. They don’t want to pay U.S. workers so they outsource the work to China and other Sweatshops that pay “pennies on a U.S. dollar”. Most of these Rich Cats had their money given to them or they made it in the U.S. and now they don’t want to pay any taxes. One way to get them, let them take their businesses to China and the other Sweatshops and then we imposes a 1,000% tariff when they want to bring their goods back into the U.S. See how long this would last.

        • karinursula

          Apple comes to mind

      • Ed

        Yes, damn sight cheaper to use slave labor and pollute the air and water. Never mind that it is a communist country, Repubs are willing to forgive countries that will allow them to trampleemployees, regardless of the politics.

    • onedonewong

      Last I looked Barak spent over $100B in taxpayer $$$ shipping jobs to China, Finland, Korea, Japan. Brazil and Mexico

      • northroader1775

        that’s because you never looked…FOX NEWS isn’t a source.

        • onedonewong

          You must be living on another planet to have not seen it in the news even the State Run Media covered it on page 55. Even Chuck Schumer said the same thing on the record. Time to stop washing baraks feet and stand up, its amazing how the view changes

          • What state run media? Who is Chuck Schumer? No one is washing anyone’s feet. Since you have posted lie after lie on here why should anyone believe what you say at anytime? Even when you say your are posting where your information comes from your aren’t. There are 50 states in the United States and all you say it was even in the State run media but don’t tell the state.

          • Ed

            A president cannot spend money witholut the authorization of congress, even if they authorize “discretionary funds”.

          • onedonewong

            What state run media?? ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC, CNN not to mention Washington post and the NYT.
            Chuckie?/ He’s the US Senator from NY
            My posts are 99% accurate and researched EFORE posting its something no one else on this site can attest to.
            The State Run Media reflects that they are controlled by the WH just like in Cuba and China and Russia. PS we have 57 states just ask barak

        • Ed

          No, Faux News is a propoganda machine.

      • roseviolet

        Really? How did the PRESIDENT do all that personally? Hint: he can’t – neither logically nor constitutionally. Step away from the Fox News koolaid.

        BUSINESSES have to ship jobs overseas. The President can’t.

        • onedonewong

          How???? Do you not read??/ Telsar $500M to Finland to build it
          . $4 Billion to Japan to export cars to the US $7500 per vehicle
          . $1Billion to Brazil for oil exploration
          And the list goes on and on.
          PS Barak isn’t the Messiah no matter what you may believe

          • roseviolet

            A. I did NOT say he was the Messiah (and don’t think it either).

            B. He, by himself, CANNOT do what you accuse him of doing – so no matter how many times you make the assertion, it cannot and will not magically become true.

            C. You’ve proven yourself a troll.

          • That Nut Is A Troll He Has No Brain!!! LOL

          • onedonewong

            Sorry Rosie a simple Google search will show that I’m 100% correct

          • Aren’t you again forgetting something? All the welfare given to rich corporations and businesses that don’t need it yet the Republicans make sure they still get it in the US and just pocket it. Where did you get your facts, from a reliable source or from Fox not News and Rush Limbaugh. If you want anyone to believe anything you post give your source and we can check it out to see if it is true or not.
            No one believes President Obama is the Messiah unlike the people that backed Romney who believed he was a prophet because God told him to run for President as God did most of the other Republicans so they said that wanted to be President. But a Democrat won. Goes to show God does not like liars and people that turn their backs on people that need help as the Republicans have been doing and are still doing.

          • onedonewong

            The only welfare I’m aware of is the $$ barak has given to corporations in exchange for campaign contributions. What to share what you know or is that just more nonsense from the State Run Media.
            No one believes Barak is the messiah then that would be news to guys like Mathews, Brian Williams and 3 other news casters. Not to mention the 12% of the population who are colored.
            God allowed Hitler and Stain and Mao they allow followed the same gov precepts that barak does. All were socialists just like barak

          • Ed

            No, Oboma is not the Messiah, but he is not a dictator either. Whatever you and Mr. Romney believe the President cannot spend money without the authorisation of congress, not on “Day1 of my administration” or any other day.

          • onedonewong

            Sorry he’s been MISappropiating $$ since day 1, 80% of the shovel ready stimulus $$ went over seas per Chucky Schumer.
            He also stole GM bond holders $$ and gave it to the unions contrary to our bankruptcy laws. See to barak the constitution is just a dam piece of paper

      • karinursula

        The election is over and you still telling these lies. What is next? Bringing up the Jeeps again? Get in your head Romney lost, President Obama won, its really quite easy to understand.

        • onedonewong

          It came from the lips of Chuck Schumer or is he a liar as well??

        • Not for him and people that think like he does.

      • What shipping business does the president run?

        • onedonewong

          The IOU shipping lines

      • The President doesn’t own any businesses now nor has he in the last four years so there is no way for him to ship jobs overseas. Now people like your hero Romney and his rich donors have sent hundreds of thousands jobs overseas and thanks to Bush 2 and the Republicans the US taypayers have been paying their moving expenses and giving them taxbreaks for shipping the jobs overseas and making sure that they get part of the foreign aid money that Congress gives these Countries each year. When the President tried to reverse this the Republicans in the House voted it down and Republicans in the Senate filibuster against it and it stayed the same. What President Obama wanted to do was give small business tax breaks and rewards for the jobs they created and to pay for the moving expenses of any corporation or business that brought jobs back to the USA, Republicans would have no part of it and made it impossible to reward the small business owners and to encourage Corporations and businesses to bring back jobs to the USA. So if you don’t have a job blame it on the Republicans for blocking legislation that would have created more jobs and brought more jobs back from overseas. Also blame their rich backers and their Presidential candidate for all the jobs that have been shipped overseas. Romney is one of the biggest partners the Chinese Army has since they are partners in all companies and corporations in China and he, his partners and his friends have shipped most of the jobs they sent overseas to China.

        • onedonewong

          Your right Barak doesn’t own a business nor has he ever created a job. But he used TAXpayer $$$ to ship jobs over seas BILLION of Dollars. Barak had a super majority in Congress from 2008-2010 that the republicans couldn’t filibuster so your statement is just utter nonsense.
          There wasn’t a single small business asking for 1 dime from the treasury if they created a job. It was once again a symptom of how dumb barak is when it comes to jobs ad the economy. He’s been on the dole hie entire life and he thinks that is how everyone else lives
          If you don’t have a job the only to blame is the democracts that came to power in 2007 when unemployment was below 5% and deficit was $200B a year

      • Ed

        That was Bain shipping jobs. Try opening the blinds.

        • onedonewong

          Last I looked Bain isn’t a cabinet agency. So I would suggest you look up spending by agency and expand your IQ

  • bckrd1

    The President won the electoral votes by 126 or by 38 % and by over 5% on the popular vote. It was a mandate. Period.

    • The president won the election, but it was no mandate.

      • jackstraw65

        bush claimed a mandate with less electoral votes and popular votes in 2004. is it because he is black or democrat that he doesn’t deserve a mandate. I don’t have to ask who you voted for the loser

      • gsylvester

        If it wasn’t a mandate what would you call it? The Republicans House Leader “Mitch McConnell” needs to step down if he can’t get his House in Order. A few rotten apples will soon spoil the entire bushel if you don’t take them out.

        • Impeach that Pervert Harry Reid.

      • Sand_Cat

        If the president wins the election, it’s a mandate.

        If the margin doesn’t suit you, he should act as if he lost? His repugnant opponents go full speed ahead, no hesitation, no compromise, if they win by one vote.

        The constitution says nothing about mandates: it talks about elections. Get real.

      • northroader1775

        funny when bush won with 289 it was an “Iron clad mandate” he gave a speech about his mandate…fox news was all about mandate for 2-3 months as I recall…it was mandate mandate mandate all damn day…now you get your ass handed to you in an absolute landslide and it’s not a mandate its time to whine like a pouty schoolboy about how you want to change the rules. Obama won the popular vote…Obama trounced you in the electoral college and you knew the rules going in, in fact as I recall all your pundits had it already sewn up they loved the rules..romney was going to get PA and OH and the rout is on, remember just a few hours before the votes started coming in they were still predicting an absolute debacle …it was romney in a landslide even after the votes started coming in FUAX NOISE was still singing the same old song “we’ve got this in the bag…POTUS is incompetent…no one could elect him with his record…blah blah blah…FAUX NOISE..blah blah blah bengazi…blah blah blah…fraud….blah blah blah listen to us…screw math screw science….blah blah blah we tell the truth…blah blah blah the earth is only 9000 years old cause the Bible says so…global warming is a left wing hoax…and lets not forget rape rape rape we’ve got ligitemate rape easy rape god given rape and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few….YEAH IT IS A MANDATE from women…from minorities…from educated citizens…from progressives…from moderate republicans…from everybody who wants to move the country forward but not pissed off rednecks and bible thumpers, they are gonna rise again you’ll see they are gonna get ID’s fer everwun n that’ll put a stop to this forward nonsense.

        • BDD1951

          I absolutely couldn’t have said better myself.

      • Obama joined a very exclusive club last week. In the last 100 years only these gentlemen have received over 300 electoral votes in two elections. FDR, Reagan, Clinton and now Obama. Sound pretty close to mandate to most folks.

      • It was considered a mandate when Bush 2 won with a lot less popular votes and less electoral votes in 2000 and 2004 . So Obama was given a mandate Bruce Brown where you and the rest of the far right like it or not.

    • WHAT?, The President had 50% of the popular vote and the Governor had 48%, that’s a 2% difference Einstein, and as for the electoral college, a State can win only by ONE vote and get ALL the electoral votes, quite unfair. The best way that would represent the People would be to give the electoral vote based on the percentage of the win, not “winner-take all.”

      There is NO mandate, let’s focus on actually fixing the economy.

      • jackstraw65

        when republican get this type of number they claim a mandate what is good for one is good for another unless you are a republican hypocrite than I understand.

        • Sand_Cat

          Yes, I think you’d find that plznnn or whatever is a Republican hypocrite and a troll, should you bother to investigate.

        • Exactly. If Mitt Romney had won (Deity forbid) then Republicans would be crowing about their mandate–as opposed to consuming it–to frak up an growing economy (primarily by giving tax cuts to people that have no need of them).

          Obama won (again). Republicans should stop obstructing him and let him do what he can to bring the economy back.

          Otherwise, they’d better enjoy their stint in the wilderness, because they’re going to be there awhile.

          • The Bush tax cuts were across the board.Everyone received a cut. The so called middle class of which I am targeted to be in buy some beauracrat,were across the board.Hell a good portion of the 47% got a 100% tax cut to zero. My cut was a lousy 33%.

        • Thanks for your comment. It seems in 2004 GW Bush claimed he had political capital because he won the election, he said he had a mandate. I guess I didn’t realize that 2004 was a mandate but 2012 was a squeaker.

      • Sand_Cat

        No, moron, the best way to do it would be the guy who wins the vote wins the election.

      • imabrummie

        The truest way would be to be rid of the so-called Electoral College altogether – one man, one vote! and to ensure that all who are eligible are given the chance to vote which apparently what currently passes for the Republican Party do not like!

        • Ed

          Never did. The founders envisioned that we would be governed by “The better class of people”. Every state restricted voting to white males, who owned property free and clar and had no debts. One even is quoted as saying”I fear the mob”. Well through amendments we became a democracy, although it took almost 200 year before ALL Americans were given the right to vote.

        • One man one vote. let’s leave the women at home barefoot and pregnet.

          • imabrummie

            I am sorry. My comment should have read “one person, one vote”. As a bona fide female, I resent the implication that I should be submissive to the male of the species. Perhaps it is the men who should be home barefoot, particularly when one considers specimens such as Bonehead Boehner and Crazy Cantor who are making an absolute mockery of government.

      • Plznnn, lets take a closer look at the real numbers and your comment. First of all the electoral college is the Constitutional way that we elect our President. I’m sure you wanted a popular vote back in 2000 when the Democrat won that vote. Not all states give all of the electoral votes according to a simple majority. Check into it further. Now the numbers.

        Obama received 50.6% of the vote…Romney received 47.8% the difference being 2.8%. Obama won 26 states and the District of Columbia and Romney got 24 states. Obama got 62,607,953 at last count and Romney got 59,133,831. That is 3,474,122 votes more for Obama. That is great deal my friend and keep Einstein out of this. If you really want to focus on fixing the economy you have concentrate on real numbers.

        Lets not forget that the numbers for the President and Romney will continue to grow until Arizona gets its act together and counts the remaining 300k plus votes still sitting on the desk.

      • If I recall when Bush won by a whisker, all the republicans called it a ‘victory and mandate’. Now the shoe is on the other foot, the victory much larger, and you are yelling NO mandate! I guess I’ve been right all along, republicans really are a bunch of spoiled children, and you all keep proving it and proving it and ……. Grow up!

        • Ed

          Bush won, not by a whisker but by a court decision. Gore won the Popular vote. The founders never imagined the Supreme Court would get involved in elections.

          • Brenda Dawless

            That is so true, the people had to wait something like four day before the election was called. Still, today people felt that Gore was rob and should have won the election. The question is if Gore had won the election do you think that 911 would have and the handle of it could have been avoid it? Or would the economy would have been this bad?

          • Gore who’s Senator father was a rasist who voted against every single civil rights bill including the 1964 bill.This clown was way over his head as a Senator and Vice President and he lost his home state by a landslide. If you can’t win your own state you have no buisness being the president. Look at this Hypocrite flying around in his private jet and streech lemo’s and he ownes the biggest house boat in Tennesse, has multiple mansions all over the country. The one he a Tipper shared in Tennesse had an annual electric bill of 25,000 dollars, and this Clown is telling us we all have to lower or corbon foot print.

          • 6 months after the 2004 election, after going to court to get access to the voting records the Miami Hearald cross checked New Your State voting records with Florida.Guess what,they found out 47 thousand voters voted in both states. 42 thousand were Democrats and 5 thousand were Republican. I’m sure New Jersey and other Liberal states would of resulted with the same results. 42-5=37000 vote victory.

      • D. Hunnel

        Your saying “Unfair” is essentially rejecting REALITY. There should be “Danger! GOP Contamination Alert!” alarms going off in your vicinity.

        Regardless of your opinion on the subject, which I do respect your right to have, the ongoing and evolving response from both parties SHOWS that EVERYONE believes there IS a mandate. And I liked the way it has been explained that President Obama has OTHER cards to play, too — if he doesn’t get what he NEEDS to get, he isn’t obligated to play games — he can just wait, LET the “base-jump off the fiscal cliff” begin, THEN play hardball. Because at THAT point the Republican contingent is going to get ALL the blame and NONE of the resulting credit, if they aren’t quick to see which side their enlightened self interest is buttered on…

      • Ed

        Not every state is “Winner take All”. I defend your right to disagree, however many states already do give the electoral vote by percentage of the win. I really enjoy a good debate, but I prefer to debate people who can get their facts straight.

      • Ed

        BTW a win of more than 3,000,000 votes is a signifcant win. And only 4 presdients have gotten more than 50 percent of the popular vote. FDR, RR, Ike, and President Obpma!

        • You forgot Ronald Reagan won bhy landslide,Rhichard Nixon who won 49 states,George Washington ect.

      • Where was this comment in 2004? I didn’t hear this argument then. I’m going to guess you are a conservative so since the electoral college idea was created by the founding fathers, isn’t it sacrosanct

      • Typical Republican mindset… if you don’t win by the rules, change them.

    • onedonewong

      They must not have a newspaper or TV where you live. That would explain your stupid comments

      • Sand_Cat

        What!? Can we take this as a mandate for those damned liberal newspapers and TV stations?

        And speaking of the pot calling the kettle black…

        • “damned liberal newspapers and TV stations?” Care to name a few? CNBC can perhaps be considered liberal, but they also have Larry Kudrow or Joe Scarborough, two bonafide conservatives.

          There are relatively few “liberal” networks, though your denial of reality is something that conservatives and Republicans hold in common, which is the primary reason Mitt Romney lost the election.

          • Hey unsean, what about CNN [Commmunist News Network] MSMBC aka MSLSD,CBS aka [Communist Broadcasting System]ABC aka [AntiAmerican Broadcasting Channel] NBC aka [ Nonews But Communist.]

          • Delusions aside, I assume there’s a point buried in there somewhere, though I have no idea what it is.

        • onedonewong

          I’m not sure bckrd1 is black but we’ll go with your point that him and barak are both black

      • They sure don’t have one where you live, you make stupid remarks everytime you post.

    • The People Has Spoken!!! Obama Won Now We Need To Move FORWARD!!!

  • earagon

    quit kow towing to the Repubs. They’ve had the country hostage for far too long. If they don’t come around, let them swing on the gallows of their own making. These welfare recipients still think they made it without the middle class. Their Hubris makes them think they can use every resource, including the White House”, to do their bidding. WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Everything they got was stolen, and they want to continue their rampage of this naive country. Tell these Fascists, we are not falling for their scam.


    • How did they hold the country hostage when Democrats had complete control of both houses of Congress & the White House for Obama’s 1st 2 years, and have most of the power the last 2? Thank God we had the Republican PArty in the House the last 2 years to control the spending spree, taxing and debt of the “Progressives”. After all, half of the Country wants the Republican PArty to do just that. You Progressives think your ideas are the right one and don’t care what the rest of us think.

      • AdamMos

        Google Filibuster and you will have your answer. Todays lame congress requires a supermajority to get anything done. The repubs have done nothing but obstruct us froa more robust economy. They were rooting for a bad economy and high unemployment to regain power. Why would they not pass an infrastructure bill that would have created millions of jobs and put a lot of private sector construction workers back to work? Their strategy failed miserably and as you can see they were punished last Tuesday for this. Almost all Americans are in agreement when it comes to cutting spending especially if it is the other guy who is losing their benefits it is ok. Askany Republican if they are willing to cut their medicare benefits or social security payments and they will not and will vigorously defend their benefits. It is human nature.

      • Dan

        It’t called a fillabuster they never had complete control or the recession would be over. Just like clinton pays the bills so would Obama

        • northroader1775

          good point Dan…the filibuster proof majority was only 72 days long and that’s when they passed the ACA…and you are right if we would have had it for 2 years we probably would be nearly out of the recession. Plus if “puuulleeeeeezzz go get some facts” is in the mood to listen to reality yet here is a FACT for him…Obama has increased spending by 1.4% the lowest increase in history, but inside the bubble he is a wildassed spend happy moron. He has downsized the government, it is now smaller than at any time in the last 30 years, but inside the bubble he’s a big govt pusher creating a totalitarian state of dependance. cognative dissonance..look at what sand cat says….it’s true… I think it’s odd that republicans believe that the people with the lowest literacy rate, the lowest education rate, the lowest health rates and the lowest job rate…IE the RED states..have the answers to all the tough questions! If they have all the answers why is the rest of that list true?? And if the “takers” are all democrats, why do the red states soak up the majority of the welfare money? It’s just math don’t get offended Pleeezeezzzeee

      • Sand_Cat

        I suspect a lot more than half the people who voted for Romney had no idea what they wanted, or what they would have gotten, or they would have voted otherwise. The bulk of Republican voters these days are “low-information voters” who come from states that lead the nation in ignorance, bigotry, welfare dependence, illegitimate births, violent crime, etc. And you show yourself to be little better by your remarks on this site.

  • If the Republicans in Congress are governing for the people, for the 99%, why don’t they want tax cuts for the rich? Are they bought by the rich? I don’t understand how they can be so shallow…they don’t give a crap about the middle class…they just want to favor special interest. Shameful!!!

    • Because the most of the Republicans in Congress are rich themselves and if taxes are raised they would have to pay fair share also. There are plenty of rich Democrats in Congress also and yet they are the ones that want the tax raises. Doesn’t that tell everyone how selfish and self serving Republicans are. We need to start right now preparing for the 2014 elections to get rid of these selfish, self serving people.

  • If you were a business owner,AL h, you would do the exact same thing. Our country is the most unfriendliest when it comes to taxes and red tape… why not go elsewhere. And you the consumer would be screaning the loudest with goods people couldn’t or wouldn’t buy because of the price tag. And a little food for thought… the top 10% pay 68 % of the taxes here, the top 25% pay the 85 %, so that leaves the 15 % left to you and I. Hardly fair and you think the rich don’t pay enough. You know what most of the Americans do here, work their 8 hours, go home, and feel they’ve done their part. Come tax season, file taxes, claim dependents, owe no taxes, and thanks to the 25 %, you get back earned income credit. How in the world do you feel you’ve done your part?I think eic should be done away with, need more money, get another job. Case in point of just one example. Daughter has a friend who is married w/ 2 children. Hubbby works only when he feels like it, and of course it’s always in cash. She works at a mininium paying job, and thanks to the 25%, got back $ 8,000 back on their taxes!!. Just tell me how you feel so much is owed to you? How about getting off the gov teet and take care of yourself. In case any of you haven’t figured out yet, you just voted the person in that believes in socialism and it’e unfolding right before our eyes. Problem with this that eventually you run out of other peoples money

    • Sand_Cat

      Which Fox program did you plagarize this from? But then, even Fox knows some English grammar.

  • geewilly

    This president will set us on the path to prosperity now that he has another 4 years. The GOP can whine all they want but they lost. The mandate is clear…
    Go for it President Obama!

  • I listen to political radio all of the time, and don’t know much about this stuff. One thing I do know, is that one of the politicians I fully trust is senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont. He has stated over, and over, and over, that Social Security, is it’s own entity, and has nothing to do with the federal budget. He also said that it is just a way for politicians, to try to privatize the program, allowing their buddies to get their hands on money that citizens have paid into for many years, so that they had something to help them when they retire. I didn’t have much money; I have hit a rough patch in my life, and so I could only donate a little cash to president Obama’s campaign. What I couldn’t contribute financially, I tried to do by talking to, encouraging, and yes, sometimes harassing, people to GOTV! I, for one would be sooo devastated, if the president, put ANY of those programs(Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) on the table, to get the Republicans to accept a deal.

  • The Bush Tax Cuts have been in effect for over ten years. If they were going to stimulate growth would they have not done so already. The truth is we all have to give to balance the federal budget. The retirement age has to go up, we are living longer. This should be done slowly, a few years at a time. Social Security tax should go back to 6.2%. This will help pay for cost of living increases. An, the cap should go from $106,000 to $200,000. As for Medicare go after the fraud and abuse. Fine those found guilty of it. This will go a long way in lowering the cost, along with the added income from the raised cap. We all live here together, let’s try to make it a more healthy and happy place!

  • We live in a country of freedom and equality for ALL. Why is it that “Progressives” think it is ok to tax one group of people more than others?? Don’t give us that crap of they are privledged, or are born with a silver spoon, or get taxbreaks. The vast majority of the wealthy got there from hard work and taking risks, many fail. As long as we close the loopholes on the few that get them, EVERY American should pay the same percentage of income taxes. Indeed, Millions pay NO income taxes at all, so they will vote for the Party that taxes the wealthy in the mistaken belief that it will change their lives. The taxers will only spend more, not solve the debt or unemployment.

    By your way of thinking, the Civil Rights Act would be only for some people, but not others. Your definition of equality is flawed.

    • How can you say equality for ALL. Folks that work very, very hard, just to keep food on the table, do not have extra funds for essential things such as, insurance, and college. We do not expect a free ride, only expect the rich to pay more then their share. The rich control the the laws that the lobbyist push for to line their pockets. Poor folks don’t have those luxuries.

    • AdamMos

      The tax code is set up so that people who can afford to pay more,do. The trick is finding a balance in which they are not overtaxed and become disinfranchised. WE are not close to that since the current rates are the lowest in 70 years. the taxers do not always spend more- see Bill clinton who raised taxes , created 23 million new jobs and turned a deficit into surplus. A strong ecomony is based on a strong middle class who has purchasing power to go out and buy products and services and the money eventually flows back to the top. It is trickle up economics.

    • Sand_Cat

      When we live in such a country, most progressive initiatives may become unnecessary. But so long as you and your party have a strong say, we shall never have such a country.

      You obviously haven’t a clue about the meaning of “equality” in this country. Hint: some people are a lot more “equal” than others. Many of those who pay no taxes are the very millionaires you are so enamored of. Are you one of them, or are you just someone too dense to realize he’s getting screwed?

    • Landsende

      Yes some pay no tax at all. You must be talking about GE that made billions but paid No taxes at all and even got a refund. I’m glad your so upset about it. Maybe you’ll advocate for tax reform so big companies will pay their fair share like you expect the rest of us to.

    • You need to learn history of the rich of today. The majority of them did not do anything to earn their first millions except to be born to rich dads and moms or ones that got rich while they were very very young. They inherited their first millions and couldn’t do a hard’s day work if their lives depended on it. The only hard work they have ever done is sit around and figure out to stiff others and make their money by the hard work of others who they don’t want to pay a decent salary and who would be working in all kinds of unsafe working conditions except for the unions and OSHA .
      They are taking the resources of the Country and making their money so they should pay more in taxes when they make more from the resources and the hard work of others. The risk that the wealthy take even if they fail they still usually walk with millions more in their bank accounts, trusts, blind trusts and overseas accounts. Since you are either a paid poster for some rich person or the Republican party, we don’t believe anything you post and wonder if you really do believe it yourself.

  • onedonewong

    Unless he plans on cutting spending by a 3 to 1 margin the cliff will be jumped off. Revenue was up $100B this month yet spending grew by $130B. It unfortunate that math was a topic that barak ever took while he was gaining an education

  • AlfredSonny

    Im praying that the Republicans will think through their hearts instead of wallets.

    • 101strac

      Don’t you first have to have a heart?

    • Don’t bet on that. The leadership of the Republican party and Republicans in Congress love money to much to use their brains or hearts to think about what is Good for the country and all of her citizens.

  • Republicans are pushing for tax reform just because that will take some time to materialize and negotiate. Obama won the election and wants to tax more rich immediately … what I would do is

    1. leave Bush tax cuts for the middle class intact – for everyone earning up to 500K$/yr
    2. let Bush tax cuts for the people making above 500K$/year expire at the end of the year … this should be conditional though and not permanent – basically it should last until the GOP and Dems agree on the comprehensive tax reform package which will bring same or higher revenue as already mentioned ‘expired Bush tax cuts for the people earning over 500K$/year”

    That would make Republicans really motivated for negotiating the real and useful tax reform package and not drag their feet.

    • stcroixcarp

      Just don’t cut Social Security or voucherize Medicare. Let the military take the cuts, they are are not very effective anyway. ( I do support out troops and veterans. I am sorry that you had to suffer for the nincompoops at the top.)

      • The Military has said the it could handle cuts to its budget and did not need or really want the large amount of money that the Republicans want to add to their budget.

  • Never in the 71 years that I have lived did I see an election end so quickly…and he won the popular vote as well as the electoral, the American people really stepped upto the plate and let all people know who is best suited for the job of the President…so, as I said before it was all in the stars who was going to be the winner at the onset..and with some help with people’s prayers..God was still in the center as the one that would bring it through…I am glad it is over with…but, as I said…it went really quick and it was all over with at 11 p.m. here…

  • Republicans just cannot take/accept defeat even it appears as big as the Sun and Moon in the sky which everyone in the world sees.
    They should forget their European hooliganism and disdain for others that they forefathers exhibited upon the Amerindians and run them off the land to the hills ,the North ,Central and South America.
    They should stop , think and observe that the Indians are slowly returning to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
    Therefore they should look for common ground through constructive compromises and not selfish requests to keep themselves apparently superior.

  • Tax reforms, i.e. closing loopholes will not work. The rich have the best accountants and they will always find loopholes in the law to reduce their tax liability. One known trick is to convert income into investments which reduce their taxable income, all legal, but not fair to the national treasury. Plus, Republicans are crooks, last time they promised to make BushTax Cuts temporary they did not meant it. They got the Democrats yo sing into with false pretenses, it was a Republican Sham and Mr. Robert Norquist confirmed the Sham a few days ago on national TV.

    • Norquist and all Republicans that signed his no tax increases book should be charged with treason and put so far back in a prison that you can’t even pipe in sunshine.

  • Obama will cave in to the Republicans, just like he did two years ago.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Why not let all the “Bush” Tax rates expire, cut spending increases another $1T and allow for sequestration? Congress can then in a comprehensive and well thought out manner reform the Tax Code. Let’s get out of crisis mode. The resulting legislation has been a shambles.

    • Do what you say and we all go back into a recession that would probably turn into a full pledge depression. If the middle class tax cuts stay we buy the goods and services from each other and others the economy continues in recovery that way.Since it is the small businesses that create jobs and stay in business because of the Middle class and working poor buying their goods, their tax cuts should stay in place.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        The problem is is that we are already in a recession. We will see this when the Q4 numbers are posted. That is why we should get these out of the way and instead of haphazardly pushing the issue down the road redo the Tax Code to insure it will bring in the Revenues we need. Just changing part of this will not work.

        The Simpson Bowles Plan was based on the Bush Tax decreases expiring in total, $4T in cuts from the 2010 budget, and a decrease in deductions including a limit to the mortgage deduction. If we only let part of it expire and only cut $1T we are way short of where we need to be.

  • bcarreiro

    the phony crisis was bush. obama has a real agenda and that is to protect 98% of us and the 2% are left to defend themselves…for once.

  • lucimar2

    Are you the poster child for the Republicans? EVERYONE in this country pays taxes…property, sales, gasolene etc. Your pathetic aregument that the rich worked hard for their money is senseless. Most, like your nominee for the white house, did little to get where they are. You STILL don’t get it. This is not a capitalistic country. This is a representative democracy…a republic. The will of the people allows corporations to exist so long as they exist for the benefit of the people. Look it up.

    • Also most of the rich didn’t earn their first millions they inherited them from their parents and do not know what it is like to really work for a living. If the likes of McConnell, and Romney had to work in a factory, on a farm, in a mine and hundreds of other jobs they would not last one hour before they would be quitting because they don’t know what hard work is and has never known what hard work is. The people that have worked hard for their money is anyone that has or is working for the rich. The rich are well known for not paying salaries, bills. taxes and other stuff on time and for trying to get out of paying for anything including salaries.

  • D. Hunnel

    I like that — one campaign just finished, but NOW the HARD campaigning is just beginning. A few nicely seasoned old-fashioned wooden clubs sound like just the ticket.

  • You remeber Mayor Daley of Chicago famous words,vote for me and vote often. This is one rule that the Obama drones learned very well.

  • It is completely in-material what the exact numbers were because of the voter supression which cause long lines, patience, and a determination to vote no mater how long it took. If all the voter supression laws were in effect the numbers would have been smaller but the result woud have been the same because the blue states were fired up and acting! This IS A MANDATE TO LISTEN WELL TO WHAT THE PEOPLE SAID WHAT THEY WANT. HIGHER TAXES FOR THE WEALTHY & NO MORE TALK OF TRICKEL DOWN-IT DIDN’T WORK THEN IT WON’T WORK NOW! NOW LET’S GET TO WORK!

  • John McCain is at it again. The ever knowledgeable, ever omnipresent rusty McCain who never misses an opportunity to open his mouth to express views which at best amount to rubbish and at worst are absolute rot. There is nothing McCain can ever propose that is positive or in the good of everyone except that which benefits him. What has Susan Rice to deserve McCain ferocious criticism? Does McCain real belief that he is blameless, has never made any mistakes or is ever appreciated in his comments? McCain tested his believes and ideas in 2008 when he stood for the presidency against Barak Obama. McCain’s ideas and policies were unanimously rejected by the voters. But McCain does not seem to realise that by being rejected by the voters, the voters sent a message to McCain that his ideas are archaic, rusty, obsolete and unwanted. McCain believes against all odds that his ideas are good, popular and most useful. How stupid can anyone be not to understand the clear message from the voters? What kind of buffoon is this John McCain? Another idiot by the name Lindsey Graham, John McCain to criticise Susan Rice. Susan is a young lady. She is not John McCain or Lindsey Graham’s age. She has a long life a head of her. Why do McCain and his erstwhile friend Lindsey Graham want to stand on Susan Rice’s way? These two people have lost direction on what they were elected by the voters to do for the country. John McCain has become irrelevant, his ideas are irrelevant, his ego is irrelevant, and his frustration as a prisoner of war (pow) is a matter for himself, McCain is passed the sale by date. He should not be forever opening his mouth to talk rubbish and irrelevancies. McCain’s ideas belong to the seventies, he spent ten years as a prisoner of war (pow) during which many things happened which McCain has never been able to catch up with. But being a know it all McCain has never wanted to accept that a lot passed him by while he was in captivity in a cage. McCain thinks he can make up for the lost time by being in the news every time, more often for the wrong reasons. McCain should learn from Al Gore and Mitt Romney. Once you are beaten or defeated in the presidential race you accept defeat and retire from the limelight gracefully. McCain should stop embarrassing himself by issuing statements and criticising very young people who could even be his grandchildren. Susan Rice needs and deserves all the support she can get to head the State Dept. She could better do without John McCain’s ferocious attacks and criticism which is unwarranted, unnecessary and completed out of touch with reality. The defeated conservative presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in his concession speech that, we should all rally behind the President and supports him to serve the American people and this country. This criticism of Susan Rice by McCain and Graham is not anywhere near what Mitt Romney asked for. These two people are unable to put their partisan interests aside for the good of the people who elected them. These two men should be ashamed of themselves.