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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mitt Romney must like to be called a “flip-flopper” (or even a “liar”). Why else would he constantly change his opinions, take credit for things he opposed and repeat debunked lies? Perhaps these insults help Mitt cloak the fact that could really hurt him. On every issue that matters, Romney is the most extreme major-party candidate for president since Barry Goldwater.

He wants tax cuts for the rich much larger than George W. Bush’s, a new cold war with Russia, and huge cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and anything that doesn’t specifically help rich people. But there is another issue on which he has staked out a position far to the right of his party’s last two presidential candidates: immigration.

Desperately bashing Rick Perry during the primaries, Mitt demanded “self-deportation” for undocumented workers, even grandmas who have lived in this country for decades. He chastised Perry for endorsing the Texas version of the DREAM Act, vowing to  veto the Democratic bill that would give young people who came to this country before the age of sixteen a path to citizenship, if they complete military service or a four-year degree.

On Friday, the President announced that he would stop all deportations of young people who would be eligible for the DREAM Act, a great victory for the Latino community and a serious challenge to Romney, who already trails the President among Latino voters by 67-31 per cent.

Mitt’s vague and meandering response basically boiled down to: I agree with Marco Rubio, whatever it was Marco Rubio said or will say.


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27 Responses to LOL Of The Week: I’ll Have What Marco Rubio Is Having

  1. Mitt and Maro are both pandering opportunistic politicos who once they “buy the white house” from the help of Sheldon Adelson and others can begin the process of making the middle class on a par with Mexico and Cuba! Gee isn’ that great!

  2. I have noted that the GOP, REPUBLICANS of late seem to attract as candidates PATHALOGICAL LIARS who just can not help themselves to face facts not fiction!

  3. MARCO RUBIO…..Come on Willard…..he is an “UNCLE TOM” to the GOP all the way! You cannot actually believe that we as a hispanic community can be fooled by him. Go for the woman vote instead, you need to do some desperate damage repair there…..mmm is michelle bachman available…..LOL…ROTFLMAO

  4. You people crack me up! You set there and talk about how fake Mitt and Maro is when the fakest one of all is obama! Three and ahalf years later and he’s starting to lose his Ass! and now he is going to throw this pro-latino movment in the race. Who’s Fake! Yes keep drinking the kool-aid and eating the lie pie, and your wishes may all come true.

    • Which Mitt Romney are you voting for? There will be three on the ballot. I understand he will split his own vote and Obama wins by landslide. Congrats to Obama,a who just one Colorado , New Mexico, and Nevada. Latinos make up 20% of electorate. Even Arizona ( the most racist state in the Union) is now in play for Obama.

      There is no way this country is going to elect a .0001 percenter , a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

      A guy who was born on 3rd base but will tell you he hit a triple.

      The guy who authored Obamacare.

      A guy who evades his taxes by keeping his money in Swiss bank accounts and the Cayman Islands.

      Have you taken a look at the electoral map lately?

      Better luck to the Republicants in 2016 when they nominate a candidate with more appeal to minorities and the middle class and their conservative base. Obama wins by default, watch!

      • I would feel more confident , if we really voted for the President, instead of the Electoral College ! A repeat of 2000 would not surprise me .

    • The Democrats and the Independents and the Latinos waited with baited breath for eight years for the Republicans to do something about immigration, NOTHING! Americans waited for eight years for the Republicans to do something about the 50 million Americans with no health care, NOTHING! Gay people waited for eight years for the Republicans to give them their equal rights! NOTHING! Females in the USA waited for eight years for the Republicans to do something about equal pay! NOTHING! Obama tried for three years to get something done in all these areas, every time he was blocked by the Republicans who have sworn their number one concern was to get a black man out of the White House! Nothing fake about what is going on here! Rubio is all for the Latinos, and then when Obama, finally frustrated with the Republicans doing nothing, makes a move which is in line with his concerns, he backs down! Why? He doesn’t want a black man in the White House either! Rubio is the most disgusting, he too is a minority! And yet he does nothing for the minorities, even other Latinos!

      No, marla you are the one who is cracking up many of the rest of us! I suspect you are Latino too!

    • Obama has a decent record Bin laden AL qauda DEAD Auto industry ALIVE 4 mil jobs created even as GOP stalls blocks everything that can help economy. ALL Miit GOP has is lies – more corp cuts and NO regulations along with 30 yrs of Reagan Bush 1-2 GOP fat cat wealth favoring – anti middle class policies which led to worst crash in 80 YRS 2 very Long messed up wars based on lies- war profits -blood money Killing Maiming Huge debt

    • Henna Ortiz, I hope that you are a citizenship, have a green card or visa. I hope that those who you know or care about have the same. Romney and his team have been very clear about how they feel about immagrants. Romney said, “self deportation.” Do you know what that is? Denying immagrants of assistance…squeezing them until they WANT to go back to their own country. The very idea makes me sick.

    • Desperate for what? Every poll that is taken has him ahead! The only group of people who won’t vote for him are the radical right Republicans, the evangelicals, nobody really expects him to get a vote from them anyway! The one who is desperate is Romney, poor guy doesn’t know what to say anymore! He can’t remember what he said the last time! Obama has come out very clear and has taken action on his beliefs! Obama not only says it, he does it!

  5. KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: IS that Billionaire Romney is now the record so Mr. “pandering positions, flip flopper” made clear that he does not have any specific ideas how deal current crisis to improve our economy and stands for little nor nothing tangible to address most of our major issues, continues to insult our intelligence! So sorry Marco, he apparently may like you, but there will be not dream act or any immigration reform with your guy! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Romney definitely says to continue the same failed Bush economic policies that left my friends unemployed without family health insurance and lost their home as well as losing 30% value of my retirement savings and to possibly starting a new unilateral war in Iran! So again, this public interview on Face the Nation was very revealing! I sure his ideas may sell some place in the Euro zone or Cayman Islands. Remarkable! Hum…

  6. “I don’t remember what I said on that particular occasion. But whatever I said, I stand by it now.” — Mitt Romney.

    In truth, how can Romney be expected to remember anything he’s said in the past? As a serial liar, Romney makes up his stand on issues to suit his audience of the day. Since he holds no firm views on much of anything, he can easily shift gears as needed. Fortunately for Romney, his core constitutency is unconcerned about the truth so he’ll be just fine.

  7. And Romney is not pandering for votes? He just lies and hopes that we believe him. The President at least does some good for the people like the dream act and gay marriage. Why is it that the President is pandering and Romney is not? The President is running for re-election, of course he wants our vote. Well he has mine.

  8. Mitt is just pandering to latino voters by cuddling up to Rubio. This is about as superficial as McCain choosing Palin to pander to the female vote.

  9. I can’t wait to see Obama debate this filthy rich stupid OAF!!!

    Mitt those hot lights are going to feel like a night in HELL when those debates begin….can’t wait!

    Bone up fool!

    And better bring a change of underwear

    • Are you kidding, when they get done asking Obama about his part in “fast & furious” and the “leaks scandal”. The voters will finish off the party’s bull sh*t by finally taking him out for the forced healthcare crap. They didn’t have the shot back in 2010, but they do now. Goodbye Mr. “lawbreaker”.

    • He is so stupid he has hundreds of millions and is running for the highest office in the world. I love how you communist liberals think.

  10. Grasping at straws is a new way to describe Mitt on this issue. all Obama has to do is run his debate clips bashing Rick Perry or his self deport clip, especially if he flips on the issue again. that would seem highly likely. Romney seriously needs to buy this election. That’s about the only chance he has with women who he says he will repeal Roe, Blacks for many reasons, latinos, gays and independents.

  11. Obama has created the biggest “class envy” division this country has ever seen. His pandering to illegals by BREAKING THE LAW he swore to uphold will surely cost him the election in November. After FORCING healthcare which democrats paid dearly for in 2010, now the American voter will have their chance at him. There is no “immigration policy” owed to the impoverished people of Mexico…period! They just dreamed it up like a “DREAMER” that wants to rob a bank to get richer. Who are these people anyway? They have NO claim to citizenship, jobs or welfare just because they crossed our border. End this sensless pandering to these people, we owe them NOTHING!

  12. Drug dealers have a “dream” also. Sell drugs and make lots of money breaking the law. Lets just not enforce the law so they won’t become criminals and everyone will live happily ever after.

  13. I am taking bets that Obama loses in November. He screwed BIG LABOR by not standing with them in Wisconsin but instead pandering to ILLEGAL ALIENS and the Gay community. He doesn’t care about Labor period!

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