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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

When Senator Rand Paul ended his nearly 13-hour filibuster of President Obama’s nominee for CIA director — to visit the restroom — Republicans were ecstatic. They’d found a way to attack President Obama from the left on drone policy while mentioning the Constitution, Jane Fonda and Hitler over and over.

It was like a Tea Party fever dream come to life on C-SPAN 2.

For some on the left, including The Nation‘s Jeremy Scahill, The Guardian‘s Glenn Greenwald, Esquire‘s Charles Pierce, Mother Jones‘ Adam Serwer, and Marcy Wheeler — many of whom Paul cited from the Senate floor — the junior senator from Kentucky was opportunely raising the issue of extrajudicial killings in a way their years of journalism could not. Other progressives joined Republicans in standing with Rand, knowing if a Republican ever got into the White House, it would be too late to check the broad executive power that’s been unfurled in the war against al Qaeda.

CNN’s Van Jones tried to explain how he could support a man who opposed federal civil rights legislation and a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape, with his essay, “Rand Paul, a civil liberties hero and civil rights villain.”

For a party desperately in search of a rebranding, Senator Paul’s Code Pink-endorsed leftward lunge finally gave them a moment in the sun – even if it was the middle of the night and their hero was a guy whose pet issues include low-flow toilets and imaginary currencies.

That unfettered joy lasted mere hours.

The next morning, senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham crawled out of the balcony, where they usually sit criticizing the other Muppets and mumbling about Benghazi, to hobble out to the Senate floor. They then proceeded to repeat nearly verbatim a Wall Street Journal op-ed criticizing Paul’s “drone rant.”

“Senator McCain is obviously well aware of the politics of this — he just doesn’t care,” one of McCain’s aides told BuzzFeed. “He’s doing what he thinks is right. Unlike many of these guys, he’s actually been involved in a few national security debates over the years. He knows that jumping on the Rand Paul black helicopters crazytrain isn’t good for our party or our country, no matter what Twitter says.”

On the floor of the Senate, the distinguished gentleman from Arizona was only slightly less subtle.

“All I can say is that I don’t think that what happened yesterday is helpful to the American people,” McCain said.

“Somehow to allege that the United States of America – our government – will drop a drone hellfire missile on Jane Fonda, that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about U.S. policy to the realm of the ridiculous,” he added.

Ah, the realm of the ridiculous.

How did we ever end up in such a realm?

If Senator McCain had been on Twitter Wednesday night instead of out to dinner with President Obama, he might have gotten a little reminder of how the Republican Party has become a haven for neo-McCarthyites who favor incendiary rhetoric and rely on email forwards for research.



If John McCain wants to understand how Republicans so quickly evolved in into a party that elevates its fringe to positions of national prominence, I have two words for him: Sarah Palin.

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  • David Turrentine

    McCain has demonstrated is own penchant for crazy since he nominated Sarah Palin as his running mate. His sour grapes attitude has also ruined his own influence among supporters as well as detractors.

  • sunmusing

    A quick note to McFuzzy and Miss Lindsey…YOU BUILT THIS…now deal with it you clowns…

  • What a facile article. McCain “created” today’s Republican Party by putting Sarah Palin on his ticket? What about the money the Koch brothers put into building the Tea Party? The role of a complicit press? The powerful pull of racism? The author addresses none of the many and complex factors that have made today’s GOP what it is—much less provided any evidence that McCain either feels any responsibility for it, or “hates” it. By the end he’s so out of gas, and so bereft of evidence, he recommends McCain watch the movie Game Change. He should have made that his first, and last, sentence.

    • garryowenault

      At last a post from somande one that more than likely reads more than the ads on the bus or the subway car and most likely watches FOX NEWS only for the Humor!

  • bpai99

    History will never forgive McCain for choosing Palin as his running mate in 2008. I donated money to his 2000 Presidential run but could not support him 8 years later because of that decision.

    The prospect of only a 72-year old, 2-time cancer survivor (McCain) being between the Presidency that that creature was truly terrifying and made a mockery of his campaign slogan: “Country First.”

    • idamag

      actually contemplated voting g for him until he chose Palin for a running mate.

      • roguerunners


        • jkarov

          Triple Ditto. Palin was such an obvious pander to the women’s vote , and a pathetic one at that. If he had chosen a Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Christie Todd Whitman, he might have gotten further.

          Choosing a viciously partisan religious supremacist like Palin was the biggest mistake McCain has ever made.

          And like every person who’s ever worked with her, sooner or later, Palin will turn on McCain and savage him with her word salad shooter

    • McCain bought out the worst female devil that the USA could’ve asked for—-Palin is like Hitler–She will destroy any thing that is decent and for the poor or middle class. She is definitely a RACIST…and very dumb. She has messed this country up so bad with her foul thinking and the Tea Party…This country does not need nor did we ask for a third Political Party… Why doesn’t the Republicans get some Back Bone and get rid of the Tea Party—we the majority of the Americans did not ask for them…

      • Amen to that.

      • itsfun

        Lets play the ole race card again. How about this, a tax on tanning salons. How racist it that? I haven’t heard of many blacks going to get tanned. Whites are paying this tax.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          This “tanning tax” is probably similar to what is called a Sin Tax.

          In Cuyahoga Country in Ohio, Cleveland is in it, they passed numerous taxes like that on quite a few items like Pop, Beer, Smokes to support building sports stadiums.

          Somehow the public usually gets stuck paying extra for a lot of items. So taxing a Tanning Salon doesn’t surprise me.

          • Michael its Syntax.
            Syntax: The difference between a House Cat and a Cat House.

        • I believe taxes were added to tanning salons to try and discourage some folks from using them; it has nothing to do with race and would probably only occur as such to a racist such as yourself. If you haven’t learned that tanning salons are bad for you, you must have had your head in the sand for quite some time – the American Cancer Society has been making that know for years and trying very hard to discourage people from too much sun exposure – and that includes not using tanning salons.

        • bpai99

          That’s a stupidity tax.

    • Replying to bpai99 –

      I would have voted for the “OLD” John McCain. Back before he so enthusiastically supported Bush and company.

      I liked his guts and even his brash response to anything he disagreed with.

      Because at the time, I was a moderately Conservative Democrat.

      From the time George the Second took office, I have swung to the far left of where I used to be. I voted for his father, but did not vote for the Second Rate Bush.

      John McCain was the last “Conservative” I would have voted for.

      Now, I now consider myself to be a Liberal Democrat. And, I have no intentions of EVER making the mistake of voting for another Republican for President.

      • Welcome, friend, to the age/party of enlightenment. With you all the way! 🙂

  • Dear John:

    Well, Mister McCain, it’s a late awakening, but we are glad you’re with us.

    You probably realize your part in all this, of course, but it’s hard for a man on the inside of an avalanche to think of what he did to cause it, as he’s too busy trying not to die from it.

    All I can say, at the end of the day, is this; be careful what you wish for–you just might get it (in the teeth).

    • jkarov

      I bet in personal moments of reflection, McCain might even be glad he didn’t win the Presidency with a loose cannon like Palin as VP. He’s have to do daily damage control, and contrive to keep her away from the press.

      Having an uneducated and ignorant feckless person like Ms Palin in the VP spot would be an intolerable situation.


    How is opposing unchecked government use of drones considered “fringe”?! I’m friends with people all over the political spectrum – from far left to far right and everywhere in between. I don’t know a single person who supports the drone program.

    Based on this, it’s actually McCain who has become fringe for believing the people he’s been elected to SERVE will continue to take whatever bullshit he throws their way simply to keep himself in power.

    When Jon Stewart AND Glenn Beck land on the same side of an issue opposite John McCain, it’s time for McCain to rethink his stance, not the other way around.

    • AdamMos

      I support the drone program so now you know somebody who does. I support any program that kills terrorists especially if we can do it withoiut putting our fine military at risk. In case you missed it, these terrorists are a threat to us all.

      • garryowenault

        Not as much as Lying Ryan, Karl Rove, the Supreme Court and the Koch Brothers aand the rest of ONE %.

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    McCain & Lindsey are two of the oldest men in an old man’s party. They’re dinosaurs, looking at the ends of their careers and legacies, and realizing that when they depart, they will have left a shambles behind them. Sarah Palin was a part of the debacle, but in reality this is the ultimate, logical end of the Atwater Southern Strategy. The Republicans defined a base, cut it out of the herd, roped, branded it, and then fed it a special diet of hate, nativism, fear, paranoia, and debased religious platitudes. They have fed from their base, milked them, fleeced them, but now they are getting out of control and threatening to stampede.

    Both Senators are complicit in how the GOP reached its sorry state, both are ruthless and utterly unprincipled politicians who only invoke honor and responsibility when evading them, and both are terrified that they might be deemed ‘insufficient’ by their base and primaried. Paul represents the next generation, which is less rigidly doctrinaire than the old folks for whom party loyalty is the single most important factor. To all intents and purposes, this was the old guys telling Rand Paul to ‘Get off their lawn’.

    This is just another symptom of the terminal illness afflicting the GOP, and absent a major reversal of fortunes, by the 2020 elections, they will be a rump party festering in the hinterlands of the old confederacy spouting bible verses and waving their guns about. I rather hope the Libertarians step up and try to form a party – thought I have reservations as to their ability to function in the real world. But the current version of ‘conservatism’ as practiced by the GOP is a tainted and tarnished brand, and a Libertarian party could avoid (one hopes) the baggage that comes from a failed political party

    • The ranks of the Libertarians are full of fascists and they don’t mind saying so.They have no interest in democracy other than milking it.They willingly reap its benefits then turn around and condemn it for benefitting anyone but them. If the gop is going down then let them be replaced with Independents.At least they are sensible and logical enough to converse with and often side with Democrats.They are different enough to satisfy those who are not radically bent.and moderate enough to work with and get something done.

      • Siegfried Heydrich

        No more than the current GOP is. And it seems to have escaped most people’s notice that the vast majority of ‘Independents’ are actually former Republicans who have left the party out of disgust and revulsion at what they’ve become. They might embrace the Libertarians and moderate some of the more fanciful tendencies (no, we’re not including any of John Galt’s soliloquys in the platform, and no, we’re not going back to gold coinage) they will almost certainly entertain.

        But I rather hope that once reality has left enough scar tissue on their buttcheeks for the lessons to sink in that they will become a mature and sensible conservative voice, which the country honestly needs. Our current problem has a great deal to do with the fact that the conservatives we have now appear to be in the grips of some form of dementia which will eventually destroy them.

        • Michael

          Contrary to popular opinion, I am a progressive Independent, who was once a liberal democrat. I, too, was disgusted. But my disgust extended to both parties. I am so tired of the corruption and the failure to do their jobs they were hired to do — represent the interests of “all” of the American people, not just the ones who fun their re-election campaigns.

        • Sand_Cat

          Was it disgust and revulsion, or just embarrassment?

          • Siegfried Heydrich

            More likely D) All of the Above.

  • Caribou “FIRED” Barbie™

    I will never forgive McCain for palin.

  • charleo1

    Whether you agree with Senator Paul on every issue, or like me, see Paul, and the other T-Pots,
    as one more unfortunate problem, unnecessarily stacked upon an already long list of challenges
    facing the County. However, on this issue, Paul is completely consistent with the anti-government,
    crowd. That believe the best way to make sure the government don’t start in killing those citizens
    that disagree with it, by drone or other means, is to make sure their Second Amendment Rights
    are never infringed. Which, let’s face it, is probably the worst argument in the defense of the Right
    to bear arms. But there is also much concern on the Left about the broad, and as yet undetermined
    scope granted to the office of President, in the Patriot Act. A piece of legislation many of us were
    disappointed to see Obama extend. Contained within this hurriedly prepared Bill, passed while
    the ruins of Ground Zero still smoldered, some very troubling, very questionable, Constitutionally
    speaking, powers, that some of us on the Left, would like to see cleared up. Does, for example the President, wearing his Commander in Chief, hat, have the power to declare an American citizen, a noncombatant? Suspend habeas corpus, and detain the individual indefinitely, without legal council, or formally charging said person with a crime? The Patriot Act seems to say so. And, forgive me, if I come down on this issue closer to Rand Paul, than the President. But that’s how I see it.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      The entire issue of the Drone attack revolves around an enemy “american” combatant. He should have been killed as any enemy of the state would be.

      We just didn’t use our soldiers blood to do it:)

      • charleo1

        Well, I don’t mind the killing of America’s enemies. But, it’s how the execution list is
        made, that concerns me. There is no oversight. No third parties, or verifying the evidence,
        or testimony. I’m just saying, we need to remember who we are. Even the Mob, has a, “sit down.” before they whack somebody.

        • latebloomingrandma

          Exactly. Is Obama setting some sort of a precedent? What happens when we get a president with the mind of Cheney?

          • charleo1

            My feelings exactly. There has been this opinion by some, that our free, and open society,
            with our Constitutionally protected Rights aganist illegal search, and seizure, or requiring
            the establishment of probable cause before invading the privacy of individuals, who are
            first assumed innocent, is a hinderance to effectively fighting terrorism. So, we should
            trade some of our civil liberties for security. But, I think we need to remember terrorism
            is yes, to cause fear. But, it is also the way it’s perpetrators gain attention, and promote their philosophy, which they claim is so much more moral than the, “Great Satan, America.” So if we change the way we protect our Rights. Or, the way we protect religious freedoms, which they are especially critical of, terrorism wins. And freedom loses.

          • Can any of you name someone taken out by a drone that was not actively engaged in waging some form of terrorist actions against the US? I hear all these concerns being expressed, but so far, everyone that I have heard being anounced as being killedl by a drone, has had a record of engaging in terrorst actions against us. Where I sit, anyone who leaves the US and chooses to live in a third world country, and engage in some form of terrorism, including via twitter or facebook or any other social media site, is NO AMERICAN!! And is in fact open game for being killed anyway that our country can do that, for the single reason of being nothing more than an enemy combatant.

            And have any of you given one ounce of thought to the potential number lives, including Americans, that may have been saved over the past 4 years because of those who have been taken out drones??? I doubt it.

            So those of you who are so concerned, list for me please one person that you have evidence of that was taken out by a drone, that was not involved in some sort of terrorist actions.

          • charleo1

            I’m all for taking out the enemy. But, I think we have to be careful here, that we don’t
            set up a precedent, that leads to an abuse of power. And, it’s actually not that hard of a fix.
            Right now, it looks like we just have to trust that our President, and others, are doing the
            right thing, in our name. For example, what is the process for verifying the target’s
            terrorist activity? Are there specific guidelines for determining what qualifies as terrorist activities? And, this is where it gets tricky. Is there a requirement to report the successful
            killing of the subject? If so, to what body? Congress, the Department of Justice, a Federal
            Judge, or the public at large? Don’t get me wrong. As you can tell from reading my comments, I support, and I’m as sure as anyone, Barack Obama the person, and Barack
            Obama the President, is not taking people out, because they don’t agree with him.
            But, Barack Obama will not always be the President. Remember the Chilean, strongman,
            Agusto Pinochet? Since there were no protection of civil liberties, people just went missing.
            And, by the end of his regime, thousands had been rounded up, imprisoned, or killed,
            on the word of just one man. Americans have always said. If we’re going to trust our leaders with the power of life, and death. The process needs to be put in writing, in detail,
            before that power is used. And that’s my problem. I don’t think this one has.

          • Although I don’t disagree with your comments, I don’t think you and many others posting here are being realistic. I think many are falling into Palinesque paranoia. First of all, America is nothing like Chile, and trying to compare what a DICTATOR there got away with to something that might happen in America is more than a big stretch. Do any of you seriously not believe that each time Obama authorizes a strike that he doesn’t give consideration to how the opposition party is going to react to taking out the person being attacked?? Is Benghazi that far back in your memory, that you don’t realize that if Obama authorizes a drone attack against someone the GOP thinks is being unfairly taken out that their rants about that are not going to be 24/7 news for days?? Didn’t they make enough hypocrites of themselves by going on and on about Benghazi when their last 3 GOP presidents had allowed 31 attacks on Americans with over 3,500 people being killed?? We’re talking about 24/7 news events here with drone attacks – we’re not talking about cloak & dagger type eliminations, which could have been going on for who knows how long, without anyone outside the government being the wiser. And believe me, that kind of thing hasn’t just begun if in fact it’s ever happened. Also, I don’t think you’re being realistic about how drone attacks come about; my sense is that out of nowhere, our intelligence network gets a lead about terrorist X (someone on the hit list) is going to be in XYZ location on such and such a date (which could be that day or the next), such that quick decisions are needed without getting a whole list of players into the action. Your outline of rules sound great, but I really don’t think they’re workable in real practice; not at least for the type of attacks on American terrorists that we’re talking about now.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            It’s too long of a Chapter to quote any specific passage, but you should read Al Gores book “The Future”. You won’t regret it.

            It is shocking what the people of this country allows as far as giving up our rights, liberties and privacy.

            All in the name of Keeping Us Secure! And, this “drone technology” is quite often used by Corporations, not government.

            Just wait until Nano Technology becomes so sophisticated that a piece of equipment is the size of this dot (.) is so powerful, it can be blown by a breeze into your home and track every single thing you do.

            We have way more serious problems in the name of keeping us “secure” than wacking some nut job that wants to kill every single one of us.

          • charleo1

            I will get the book. Thanks. And, you’re right. Technology is outpacing
            legislation. Look at your SS card. How hard is that to duplicate?
            We need a verifiable, personal identification overhaul. Republicans
            should be all for this. We’ve had a President for going on 5 years now, who’s ID they won’t accept!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Banks won’t use your SS Number as proof of who you are.

            My mom at 75 needed to start a new bank account when we brought her down here to live. As proof of who she was they only accepted Credit Cards and drivers licence (which she lost a few months before), no SS numbers.

            When pressed, the bank finally admitted it wasn’t their doing. It was a requirement placed on them by The Department of Homeland Security.

            She never had a Credit Card in her entire life. So, I had to finally Co-Sign for her to get a bank account.

            What sort of a “security” is that when an old lady of 75 wants to start a bank account, never used Credit Cards and been a citizen of this country all her life and can’t?

            Pure Bullshit………………

          • charleo1

            Well, it’s a big problem. Especially for people without a driver’s license.
            Perhaps the State issues a picture ID? Then, take her to the post office,
            and apply for a passport. There is other forms of ID they accept, but
            I have forgotten just what they were. Just a side note. I’m telling all
            my friends, and family to file income tax, ASAP. Before some crook
            files in your name, and collects your refund. I figure you probably
            keep up with current events. But, thought I’d mention it, just in case.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Ohio has a state ID that takes the place of your drivers licence as for proof of who you are. We could have gotten one at that time when she couldn’t even pass a written test when they made here take a test from a minor accident. But, we honestly didn’t think she would need it at the time.

            We thought just a SS Number and former bank accounts were good enough.

            This happened probably 5 years ago. She passed away 3 years ago. Don’t think she’s gonna need a passport anymore, at least not for any “earthy travel”.

            The entire issue was how homeland security is screwing things up for everyone.

          • charleo1

            I see. I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression about the road to Hell,
            being paved with good intentions? The behemoth agency is about 12
            years old, and seems just as inept as it was the day they rolled it out.
            The question, post 9/11, was how could we have been so taken by
            surprise? It was found several agencies had indicators the plot was
            going to be carried out. But, no one connected all the dots. (I thought
            that was the job of the National Security Advisor,Condi Rice.) But,
            she was very busy doing something else, just as important, I’m sure.
            So, this big bureaucratic, dot connecter, Homeland Security was
            born. And I imagine, when we’re hit again, because we can never
            guard all the things a terrorist might hit. They will create another
            agency, bigger than the last. To protect the last thing the terrorists

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            To be truthful, I’m more worried about domestic terrorism than foreign terrorism attacking us.

        • Michael

          The point here is that we don’t know what the process is. There may indeed be a “sit down” prior to a decision to execute. There may not be. Not knowing is the problem. I am at a loss as to why they feel a need to classify even that limited information.

          • I’m sorry, but I disagree Michael. What you’re suggesting is akin to asking our commanders during a battle to post their battle plan on the internet so you and everyone else on the planet can verify in their own mind that the intended enemy and the process used to attack and kill them was done in the a way THAT YOU approve of; which I totally disagree with. I think the process of determining who is an enemy of our country and when to take them out is none of your, mine or anyone elses business – AS LONG AS, those INTENDED TO BE KILLED cannot be proven to have actually been innocent of fomenting war against our country or intending to kill our citizens.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            These types of decisions SHOULD BE left to the Military. That’s what they do best, defend this country, whether any of us like it or not, whatever method they may need to use.

          • charleo1

            I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree on this one. As you say, as
            long as those intended to be killed cannot be proven to have actually
            have been innocent. Our system of justice is predicated on assumed
            innocence. And once we kill them, well, it’s too late.

          • One of the points I was trying to make is, given the 24/7 coverage of virtually everything our government does, regardless of who’s in office, I think folks that are overly concerned about the government running amok and killing off people willy nilly without impunity,are themselves paranoia running amok. The first time someone is killed by our government that someone can prove shouldn’t have, the media will ensure that great scrutiny is focused on the killing by not only our government but by also the world to resolve the question of why more care wasn’t taken in ensuring that an innocent person wasn’t killed. For the moment, I think many people ignore the fact that it’s quite possible that the drone attacks that have taken place can easily have prevented many innocent people from being killed both in American and abroad by possibly thwarting many of al Qaeda’s plans for creating terror.

          • charleo1

            I’m no fan of conspiracy theories. Most are totally made up, and,
            designed to confirm what the reader already suspects to be true. So,
            will accept at face value, that which is usually, “What the Government
            is hiding, Or, what Obama’s secret financiers have spent millions
            to keep you from finding out! I’ll call it the, “I knew it!” “Now I know it,”
            factor. But, there also have been times the Government, or a President, actually was hiding something, they didn’t want the public to know. Or, did lead the public to believe something that was not true. Whether it be LBJ, and the Gulf of Tonkin, or George W. Bush, asserting Iraq helped the 9/11 terrorists, and was hiding WMDs they were going to give to the terrorists, to attack us again. Two contentions we now know to be so untrue, it’s almost impossible the Bush Administration could have honestly arrived at those conclusions. As civilians, we had no way to determine, if Bush was lying, or telling the truth. That’s why we have a free press. Is it not? So, where were these hard hitting journalists, asking the tough questions, in this matter of war, and peace? AWOL. So, you’ll forgive some of us, if we seem a bit paranoid. That this paranoia, if that’s what it is, is more firmly grounded to those cases where we have trusted. And thought,
            they would surely not lie about such a thing. Only to find they had.

  • QueensGambit

    If the GOP had more people like Rand and his father, and less of the McCain and Palin types, the party might have gotten more support.

    • WhutHeSaid

      That’s doubtful. Aside from being seen as the biggest fruit-cake in the room, Ron Paul came under fire for his racist views as expressed in his writings. The only reason he didn’t get called out more forcefully is because nobody took his chances seriously.

      Rand Paul is merely continuing his father’s nutty legacy. What could have been a meaningful filibuster on a sensitive topic quickly turned into a delusional rant about Hitler, queens, and Hellfire attacks on Jane Fonda. John “get off my lawn” McCain had good reason to criticize Paul’s paranoid ramblings — they were utterly ridiculous.

      • QueensGambit

        Did you even see parts of the speech? He had some of the best opinions any politician has laid out in a speech in Congress in a very long time. I’m glad theres still some politicians that still care about the values that this country was founded upon. Freedom, liberty and justice should be more in the center of attention than drone attacks on Americans. Thats pretty lunatic.

        • WhutHeSaid

          I did see parts of Paul’s “rant”. If you enjoy nutty, meandering lectures then I guess you got what you wanted out of it.

          There is nothing that the vile and despicable Tea Bigots have to say that that helps the country in any way.

          • QueensGambit

            Yeah, but Americans on food stamps and record high number of poverty and lies from the oh so great leader “Obamuh”, is so much better…

            I’d rather listen to sensible Paul rant than listen to Obamas lies. I guess its ok to kill Americans as he pleases, after all, he is 100% correct in what he does, right?

            Puppets like you are the reason America is in its downfall. You blindly believe what one of the political parties say and do without even questioning it once. I dont trust either parties. I look into what they do and then make up my own mind.

          • QueensGambit

            Oh, I’m a racist now lol.

            Bush was bad. Obama is worse. The government is getting bigger every year and the economy suffers as a result. Obama is a disaster but you dont want to criticize him – because hes black and you’re afraid to not be seen as politically correct, which would be a disaster to a liberal suburban whitey that you are.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I said you were a ‘lying bigot’. If you are having trouble discerning the difference between ‘bigot’ and ‘racist’, please make use of Google to locate an online dictionary.

            I especially like the fact that you labeled me a ‘suburban whitey’ — that proves your foolishness.

            I don’t care much about being ‘politically correct’. I never have. And although I have criticized both Bush and Obama at times, I never make the hysterical accusations and vitriolic insults that Tea Bigots spew with abandon. Expressing personal hate for somebody whom you don’t know personally demonstrates a character defect.

            The government is NOT getting bigger under Obama. The deficit is shrinking. The economy is improving daily. And Obama holds the all-time record for the lowest rate of federal spending increases among all Presidents in the last 30 years. You’ve just been lying — that’s all. Did you believe that you’d get away with it for long?

          • QueensGambit

            “…but to you that’s different because Bush isn’t black”

            “…but of course that doesn’t matter to you either because Obama isn’t white”

            That pretty much means you claim I’m a racist and that I judge by skin color – which shows how shallow and generalizing you are to think that all people that dont blindly worship Obama is a racist.

            You’re nothing but a politically correct liberal – that always vote Dems and will vote Obama as long as he’s black and democratic. I bet you got confused when the GOP had a black candidate. “Would it be racist of me to not vote Herman Cain” is probably what went through your head when considering your voting last year.

            I myself didn’t make up my mind until I decided for Ron Paul – I voted Obama in 2008 because I wanted change… So much for that “change”. This last election I gave my vote for Ron Paul in the GOP nomination and was very close to not voting in the general election. To me Romney and Obama are the same crap. Its a choice between bad and worse. I ended up voting for Gary Johnson. Like I said, I dont follow party lines like sheep like you do.

          • WhutHeSaid

            You sure have a knack for spouting off about things you know nothing about. You have no idea the color of my skin, no idea what policies I support, no idea where I live, and no idea who I voted for or if I even voted.

            I’m not surprised that you voted for Ron Paul, who is a known racist. He’s also a crackpot with no hope of ever winning a national election.

            Since you (incorrectly) took some guesses at my views and character, allow me to take a guess at yours:

            Your family never had to survive through real poverty. You happily availed yourself of all of the public benefits in American life, building upon the hard work and sacrifice of generations before you. Once you achieved a level of comfort, you immediately declared yourself ‘self made’, and started whining about paying your share like everyone else. You live in a so-called ‘red’ state, full of people who snort up federal funds from so-called ‘blue’ states like it was going out of style — all the while blaming ‘freeloading liberals’ for the size of the federal budget.

            You decided to become Libertarian because it gave you an excuse to avoid serving in the military — and you are a coward. You squeal about ‘small government’, yet you advocate government intrusion into the reproductive rights of every American woman to ensure your desired outcome for their pregnancies.

            You don’t believe in global warming, since science is an evil liberal plot to enslave freedom-loving individualists (read: greedy deadbeats who don’t want to pay their share). You *almost* supported gay marriage to the extent that you want government to stay out of the issue (read: you are unwilling to pay your share) — yet once Obama publicly declared his support for gay marriage you declared your opposition — because Obama is black, of course.

            You oppose health care reform because a) you are a deadbeat, and b) Obama is black. You oppose civil rights laws citing government non-intervention and state’s rights because you realize that the true reasons would invite public scorn. You oppose immigration reform and especially amnesty because you are all about denying to others the same benefits that you enjoyed and because, well, most immigrants aren’t white.

            You talk about voting for people like Herman Cain even though they are nuttier than your normal nut-bag candidates. You do this because, well, they’re black and you want to camouflage your real beliefs in this area lest you invite public scorn. You oppose legislation that enforces equal pay for women, because you see true freedom as being able to discriminate against others with impunity. You oppose the Civil Right Act of 1964, and freely advocate it’s repeal. You say it’s because you believe in non-intrusive government, but of course it’s really because you want to freely discriminate against minorities. Government intrusion is fine with you as long as it’s purpose is to force your moral beliefs upon others (reproductive rights).

            So how am I doing so far?

          • QueensGambit

            Thats the difference between you and me. I dont vote on who has a chance to win or not. I vote on who has the best principles and policies.

            Ron Paul is as little racist as you can get. Hes less racist than Obama who hates Jews.

            You think freedom is for discrimination and therefore you support censorship and government control of opinions. I see freedom as a chance to show true intellectual muscle, but you dont like people to do that.

            You’re right, I do oppose socialist low quality healthcare. I think people should pay for whatever they want for themselves. Why should I pay for your health services? You have a messy economy? Too bad.

            Keep praying to Obama, maybe he’ll give you free healthcare, free food, free electricity, free gasoline, free flatscreen tv, free vacation to Obamaland, free trips to North Korea so that you can admire your way of paradise, and free Internet, so that you can rave, rant and babble your leftist vomit all over the web.

          • WhutHeSaid

            There’s more of a difference between us than that. For example, I contend that ‘intellectual muscle’ isn’t developed or displayed by lying — yet that’s your primary tool. When you talk about health care, for example, you feel compelled to embellish the term with things like ‘socialist low quality’. You do this in an attempt to lend credibility to a losing argument.

            You lie about Obama hating Jews, and lie about ‘free’ healthcare, food, electricity, gasoline, etc. Why? Because you have a losing argument.

            The individual mandate in the PPACA is there to prevent deadbeats like you from dumping the cost of your health care on the rest of us. I shouldn’t have to pay for your health care. Because you are a deadbeat who wants to avoid paying your share, you will decline purchasing health insurance and instead check into the ER for your health care. The individual mandate discourages this. The rest of the embellishments you add to the argument are just proof of a losing argument – that’s all.

            I don’t believe in government censorship, yet you completely ignore this fact and instead tell more lies (because your argument is a loser). It’s fitting that your candidates are also losers who will never be elected to national office. You just keep telling your whoppers and pissing in the political wind, and those of us with a candidate who can actually win will help design the future. It’s YOUR future too — whether you like it or not.

          • QueensGambit

            Whatever works for you and helps you sleep sound at night. Have a pleasant evening.

          • garryowenault

            What little you seem to show us, it’s doubtful if doing so would amount
            to anything worth while, but do try.

          • QueensGambit

            At least Im not on welfare like you, wasteful liberal use of oxygen.

  • Daniel Neyer

    This is the weirdest political controversy in years. Its actually kind of refreshing how conflicted everyone is.

  • The problems afflicting the GOP were created by the Tea Party, not McCain or Graham. The truth is that had they not abandoned their principles and moved to the far right, they would not have been re-elected two years ago.

    Rand Paul is running as the self-appointed leader of the Tea Party, and could care less about political inconsistencies or the long term impact of his rants on the GOP.

    One of the greatest ironies is the fact that the party that ignored warnings of a imminent terrorist attack on U.S. soil, is the same party that objects to effective surveillance and targeting terrorist cells when they are identified. Drones have been and can be used for surveillance and to launch missiles. Since placing too much emphasis on preventive measures in foreign countries would have been a but too much for even the most radical Tea Party enthusiast, Paul insinuated the likelihood of U.S. citizens being targeted on U.S. soil. Instead of getting the attention and support he was seeking, he ended up looking like a man desperate for attention and willing to do the craziest things to get his 30-seconds – or 13 hours – of fame. If this is the best the GOP can do, 2014 and 2016 are going to be a cake walk.

    • lana ward

      Rand Paul is concerned about the direction of his country and the constitution, to bad you aren’t!!

      • Wow, Lana. You couldn’t even pound one sentence out without three hilarious grammar/punctuation/caps errors.

        I guess we can surmise that you and Rand aren’t as worried about the direction of public education in this country.

        • garryowenault

          Nor is the GOP in General.

        • lana ward

          You are among Os communist group. You should be proud.–I don’t spell my name with a capital l

        • lana ward

          That’s what happens when you’re not homeschooled–bite me

      • highpckts

        Rand Paul is NUTS!!!

        • lana ward

          Communists hate anything good and decent–you’re a communist!!

          • garryowenault

            And BS is still BS regardless of the choice of words to inflame those that
            cannot think for themselves.

          • lana ward

            I know. So quit spewing BS

      • jkarov

        Voicing an opinion is hardly grounds to denigrate someone’s character.

        Your sniping is also misplaced and inaccurate, as OP (Dominick) is hardly attacking the US Constitution. That was never the import of the article, and construing malfeasance to him regarding the Constitution is irrelevant and untrue.

        The “direction” of our country being more to the point, please remember that for the entire 8 years of George W Bush’s presidency, he ran up huge debts, and started two unfunded wars, increasing the debt massively, and presided over the biggest security failure since World War II

        Where was the Tea Party during those years? Why are drones suddenly a huge deal under Obama, when Bush was deploying them in the same manner?

        The fact that McCain chose Palin for VP is evidence enough of his failing sense of judgement.

        • lana ward

          Like I said, Rand Paul is concerned about his country and the constitution. Most people on this site don’t give a rip about either.–Just like your leader

          • garryowenault

            You might consider moving to another part of the world. Remember you will not be missed.

          • Sand_Cat

            They probably keep him/her in the locked ward.

          • lana ward

            You move! Leave the Constitution alone, traitor

      • garryowenault

        Sheeple should be considering how they bleat.

      • garryowenault

        It still sands that One of us is capable of thought processing and the other can
        only speak gibberish and not capable of thinking at all. Get a life.

        • lana ward

          Your leader is a total failure–can’t even get out a sentence without his teleprompter LOL

    • Michael

      Though McCain and Graham did not initiate these loony positions, they most certainly did embrace them. They are a member of the large group of politicians who stick their finger in the wind to see which way the political winds are blowing, before they open their mouths to insert their feet. They are just as guilty as the Koch brothers, et al, who spend millions to defeat democracy.

    • garryowenault

      Think you conviently forgot the Supreme Court and Karl Rove. Guess they might be
      considered part of the Koch Bros. Collection, though.

    • Michael Kollmorgen


      This really all started with Reagan embracing the Evangelical Movement. If he hadn’t of done that, the GOP still might have been a effective party.

      Guys like McCain, Graham have just been hijacked and cornered by the movement to maintain illogical political viewpoints. If they don’t bow down and kiss everyones asses on the far right, they won’t get re-elected.

      You can even see it in their faces at times, cringing from their own statements.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    McCain has become a non-issue ever since he choose Palin as his running mate. He started showing his age with that stupidity, that day.

    He was shouted down at one of his town hall meeting a few months ago. I’d be very surprised IF he survives another primary, IF he decides to run again.

    If I were McCain, I wouldn’t run for another term. Retire, mind your own affairs and hopefully stay out of trouble until you do.

    Yea, they should have term limits. But, not on the number of terms, but on age! Some of these yahoos should have gotten out of office years ago.

    • whodatbob

      When 65 was full retirement age under Social Security most companies forced employees out the door at 65. I thought elected officials should also be forced out at 65. Now that is age discrimination, people can now work until they drop dead at their work station. age limits do not work any more.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Ha, I remember a time too when companies “were considering” a 40 hour work week, 4 days a week and have a solid 3 day weekend. That WAS a good idea.

        I don’t care what it’s called, age discrimination, what have you, but when you are legally allowed to draw SS, they should also put in a policy that you mandatory retire, period, totally out of the workforce. The only exception is when your SS can’t cover your living expenses, then I can see working part time. And, this depends on what is considered a normal lifestyle.

        I know people in their mid 70s still working full time jobs (sometimes 2) and collecting SS. This is called GREED, or the guy hates his wife so bad, he’ll do anything to stay away from the home, including working himself to death.

        When we get old, we’re supposed to retire and leave room for the next young worker. Your Golden Years are not meant to be spent working your butt off.

        I can think of a several other areas too where age should be the determining factor, not because you are physically able to do it.

        • plc97477

          A lot of those people still working at 70 are doing so because they lost their retirement in the recession.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Some people have been doing this for years, way before the Wall Street Disaster.

            Some old fart working way beyond when just about everyone else is salivating at the prospects of getting out is just either plain greedy, nuts or just can’t stand their homelife. Believe me, when these people kick off on the job, there isn’t much sympathy from their fellow employees.

            Wall Street gutting everyone’s IRAs, etc. made things a lot worse though. This effected the people who wanted to retire, had hoped they had enough to retire, but finally got screwed thinking they could.

            And, yet, Republicans want to change SS into private Retirement accounts? Wall Street would have a field day over it.

  • time for them to get the boot and new blood like paul and ted in the game

  • Nabil Abu-Amirah

    How many different cliches are there that deal with letting things loose upon this earth? The regressives made a deal with the devil (the tea baggers) in the hopes of reviving that vile “angry white man” electorate and this is what they’ve wrought. It is funny watching the tea baggers tear that party apart and now there’s a three way dance between the Korporate, Social Konservatives and the bat sh*t crazy constitutionalists, who has a member in their midst that says discrimination is within constitutional rights. 2014 and 2016 will be laugh riots as we watch the regressives further canabalize each other

  • widollar

    Thanks to little Johnnie McCain, the GOP has become a party of misfits staring Sarah Palin and Rand Paul who are both laughable lightweights! But as a life long Democract I am enjoying the clown show.

  • JDavidS

    Now that’s funny. The guy that inflicted Sarah Palin on the U.S. now wants a saner GOP. With morons, half-wits and idiots like Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Rick Scott and their ilk around, a saner GOP just will not happen. With “conservatives” like this around, it’s a fun time to be a “liberal”. Just watching them lurch from crisis to crisis alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Kenneth Bailey

    The GOP has caused all of this with input and guidance from the dinosaur John McCain. I think he is senile at best and it is time for him to retire as this country no longer needs his kind. Of course we do not need the Tea Baggers either

    • KNERDY

      Racist DemoKKKrats!

  • Washington’s 21st century version of Thelma and Louise is laughable. The only thing missing is Sharon Engle.

  • Turbineguy

    As a vet, I have great respect for John McCain’s service to the country. However, I hold him personally responsible for creating the monster that is Sarah Palin. A poorly vetted VP candidate, that experience has planted the seed in her head that she is somehow relevant, and the fact that people actually listen to what that dimwit says is at the same time amusing and frightening. Her knowledge of US history is lacking, and she’s proven many times her inability to think on her feet. Her next step after a failed reality show? Maybe Hefner might make her an offer to pose in his magazine?

    • As long as Hef can get her to keep her mouth shut I just might like to take a peek at that.

      • garryowenault

        That would be the ultimate end of her career as a politician. Can hardly wait for that.

        • She certainly has shown her ass,politically speaking.

    • suzannarosannadanna

      I DON’T BELIEVE YOU ARE A VET…, as a vet myself, you may have been in the military but you most likely didn’t go in country or have a job that required danger because if you had, you would love sarah and her stand for the military, unlike mclame who has lived off his so called bravery and his wifes money for 30 years, not standing up for us or the military except when he thought he could benefit from it…… so, if you want us to believe you, prove it cuz no vet ever agreed with you!!!

      • kent doering

        Hey honeybunch. I`m a Nam era vet and a well educated Phd, thank you. And I and a lot of other Nam vets can´t stand the Alaska nitwit. And although I disagree with much of his politics, McCain for me is a hero.
        Did you receive an hoourable discharge, or did you get a medical discharge based on drug and alchohol abuse. From the clarity of your thinking, I would assume it is the later, lady.

      • garryowenault

        I was to old for Vietnam, and the let’s invade Muslim Country Crowd but I
        served 4 and 1/2 years in the Navy during the Cold War and saw a Russian
        sub surface and move out through a joint U.S. Nationalist China Task Force
        off what is now known a Tiawan, and the Ruskies went throuh us and MOONED
        us while doing it. And as a Veteran I think your attitude sucks so STFU!

  • McCain might had made mistake by bringing the “queen of Alaska” from the woods, BUT all was about winning, the same these two “peas” Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are doing right now. Who in the right mind thinks Rand Paul preaching for 13 hours was about feeling the country at heart? I do not think if Sarah could be at the White House with McCain at the moment, she could had tweeted what she has written about Rand Paul.

  • The dogs they turned loose have come back to bite them in the ass. Now McCain is singing”Who Let The Dogs Out” Guess he’s getting too old to remember.

  • CPAinNewYork

    John McCain is a worn out case. From his participation as one of The Keating Five in the savings and loan scandal to his laughingly inept presidential campaign and present war mongering, his only claim to respect is the time he served as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.

  • History will write that Sarah Palin was the worst thing that happened to the Republican
    Party in this era. Mr. McCain you created this monster, so now live with it.

  • Paul Ryan only cares for himself and the rich…I have worked for 49 years and still working..From the first day of my employment- I have paid into Social Security and still am paying into it…I did not and still did do not need Paul Ryan to tell me how to spend my Social Security…He got his education through Social Security..and now he wants to put his paws on my retirement…NO THANK YOU PAUL RYAN. I do not know who appointed him to give advise to the citizens of this country on finances….I give him a F…..His mother is receiving Medicare and social Security…You see how dumb he was for bringing her out in Florida on his campaign trying to knock social Security and Medicare. I was paying into social security before he was born….Wake up P Ryan leave us alone and defintiely you will not overturn OBAMACARE…..YOU ARE PATHETIC. WE ARE NOT PAYING YOUR SALARY TO LOOK OUT ONLY FOR THE RICH….GO HOME!!!!

  • Paul Ryan doesn’t give a damn about the direction of the country…All he cares about is himself and the rich…Just where have you been????

  • BenTheGuy

    It’s funny how little dissent there is on the left, they all march together in lockstep, and then make fun of the other side for not all sharing the same opinions.

    The left is the part of groupthink, and their mockery of groups that don’t march in lockstep is more proof of this.

  • Hefner does not want her used up body to pose in his magazine….I have seen many more women that Hefner would choose before choosing this DUMB AIR HEARD…

  • Who would want someone like Cheney again near the White House. He definitely the Biggest Devil walking here on this Earth..He said he has no regrets!!!You can see this man is a very evil person after all the Americans that lost their lives over a War that should never have happened..He and George Bush has no mind…It was GREED …Neither of the two did the USA any favors!! They only bought us more enemies abroad.

  • itsfun

    We have a community organizer with 2 years experience in the Senate, one of which was spent campaigning and you question someone else running for the Presidency.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Obama has 4 years worth of experience as President. I know you don’t like it (because he’s black?), but that’s a fact.Sorry ’bout your luck.

      • itsfun

        Lets play the race card again. Is that all you libs have?

        • WhutHeSaid

          When the shoe fits, there’s no need to cast about for additional reasons. If Obama discovered a cure for cancer you would oppose it, and Obama would still be black.

          • KNERDY

            LOL!!! Yet ANOTHER typical epic l1btard moronic fail!

          • WhutHeSaid

            You damn rednecks get too bold and brazen every time you hump your sister. Go back inside your trailer and behave yourself.

        • AdamMos

          Just think only 3 years and 10 months until Hillary. Then we will have the gender card, too.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Welp, the way Republicans have been denigrating women, even going so far as claiming rape was deserved, yep, “they” will play the gender card.

            We are expecting this to happen as a normal tactic for Republicans to get votes.

            Hush! Don’t concentrate on this issue too much. Romney is the Bishop of the Mormon Church that promotes old guys marrying off young girls in their Church in secret. We might hurt his income stream.

        • garryowenault

          No, but the country went big time for Obama in the Election of 2012, while
          Myth or Mitt and Lying Ryan could not even carry own States. Think
          about that while your headache increases.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          If facts hurt, so be it!

          Racism has been Obama’s biggest problem, not his politics.

          Republicans stated from his first day in office, they were going to do everything they could to paint him and his administration in every possible bad light they could.

          This opinion and various statements have set the tone for his entire administration. This is absolutely nothing to do with politics. But, it has everything to do with racism.

          • KNERDY

            LOL l1btard! Just what “race” is a Mulatto?

      • KNERDY

        LOL you l1btards!

        • WhutHeSaid

          Who rattled your trailer, Goober?

          • KNERDY

            Oh, just Self-hating, hate-spewing, Anti-American, racist, bigoted POS moronic l1btards.

          • WhutHeSaid

            It’s OK — you always have your Rush Limbaugh blowup doll to soothe your tattered nerves. Being a slack-jawed, chicken-f***ing, rooster-licking, sister-humping, sheep-terrorizing redneck bigot must be a tough way to live. Sorry ’bout your luck.

          • old_blu

            He called us libtards like it’s a bad thing. I think I will follow you if you don’t mind, you write some funny stuff and dead on.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I don’t mind at all. I always appreciate your comments too. Maybe between the two of us we can help the goobers see the light.


  • Lovefacts

    I loved McCain in 2000 and would have voted for him in the presidencial race had he gotten the nomination. But now… due to his recent behavior since losing to Obama, I wouldn’t vote for him for dogcatcher.

    If he hates the party that he helped create by choosing Palin as his running mate on 2008, then he should stop with his hate-filled rhetoric. The past four years were bad enough, but after Obama’s re-election, he’s gotten even worse. His reputation, what was left of it, is now in tatters and he’s viewed by even those of us who loved him in 2000 at a hate-monger who is probably suffering from some dementia.

  • WhutHeSaid


  • chest55

    sarah palin is a DING BAT.

  • angelandfire

    So the Maverick gets hung with his own rope? Funny how that works John. You created these tin foil hat Prozac crazies with their ar15’s…….hows it working out for you now? Now you ALL look bat sh!& crazy.

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