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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The party that thought Sarah Palin and binders would solve their problems with women now thinks that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) can cure what ails them with Latinos. For their unpopularity with the nation’s fastest growing group of new voters could easily, within the next few decades, destroy their hopes of ever winning the White House.

Depending on when you checked his official website, you know that Rubio’s parents either fled Castro in Cuba or emigrated to the U.S. before anyone had ever heard of Castro. But he doesn’t need his son to speak Spanish for him and he’s young enough to talk 80s rap music.

And that’s what Rubio was doing with Esquire’s Michael Hainey when the interviewer suddenly asked Rubio how old the world is. (Spoiler: It’s not 6,000 years old.)

Rubio’s answer? “I’m not a scientist, man.”

He then went on to spout some neo-creationist babble that made it clear that he wasn’t going to bow to Big Science.

A few weeks later, after Rubio recognized that he was quickly being Palinized, the senator decided that he would rather be Romneyized and split the baby on the creationist debate. He revised his answer:

There is no scientific debate on the age of the Earth, it’s established pretty definitively, it’s at least 4.5 billion years old. I’m not a theologian either. To the extent that there is any kind of debate about the age of the Earth scientifically, I’m not in a position really to mediate that.

But he then went on to say that, “Science has given us insight into when he did it and how he did it. The more science learns, the more I’m convinced that God is real.”

So he acknowledges there is such a thing as science but wants you know he has the faith to completely disregard it. Reassuring!

Guess what else Marco Rubio is convinced of? When asked if homosexuality is a sin, he said:

That’s what the Bible teaches and that’s what faith teaches. But it also teaches that there are a bunch of other sins that are no less. For example, it teaches that lying is a sin. It teaches that disrespecting your parents is a sin. It teaches that stealing is a sin. It teaches that coveting your neighbor and what your neighbor has is a sin. So there isn’t a person in this room that isn’t guilty of sin. So, I don’t go around pointing fingers in that regard.

I’m responsible for my salvation and I’m responsible for my family’s, and for inculcating in my family what our faith teaches, and they’ll become adults and decide how they want to apply that in life. As a policy maker, I could just tell you that I’m informed by my faith. And my faith informs me in who I am as a person — but not as a way to pass judgment on people.

To distill his point: Gays were just born into a lifestyle that makes falling in love as sinful as lying or coveting.

But I’m not judging.


  • amarquez647

    Marco Rubio is a politician. The incentives of getting into politics are many. I will conceder two:
    First is the desire to forward an ideology. Ideologies give structure, a blueprint to fallow in forming opinions and making decisions. Ideology should never be dogma. Dogma restricts the possibility to think freely and be able to judge what works or does not work. Being dogmatic about your ideology is restrictive and apt to be inflexible.
    The second incentive is the earnest desire for public survives. There are many examples of people in both political parties that were devoted public service. Lincoln, Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, the Kennedy brothers and many more.
    I am ambiguous about what Marco Rubio really believes. So far, he is pulling a Romney.

  • bpai99

    That’s 2 strikes for Rubio in my mind on the issue of whether he believes in science or not. I don’t really care if he truly doesn’t accept scientific consensus or if he’s simply pandering to the creationists, either way it’s alarming.

    It should not be a matter of choice whether you accept science as valid or not. However, many conservatives seem to think they can pick and choose what they consider to be so.

  • He is indeed a politician and good one at that. He has taken a false narrative of his families life and ridden it into the United States Senate. The voters will apparently believe just about anything.

  • browninghipower

    He’s Cuban, not Mexican/Hispanic. He’s also a rightwing nut job. I’m beginning to think that Americans are finally getting beyond the Reagan-era gop beliefe that you can sell a photogenic, non-threatening clown who is still a fascist. It didn’t work with Romney, thank gawd, and I’m beginning to think it won’t work with this guy. Christie I worry about because people will still buy into the myth of the ‘straight-shooting/talking’ politico even they disagree with him. That’s a myth that’s got to be squashed pretty quickly. Christie is a dangerous man…Rubio is a dangerous clown.

  • nobsartist

    Just another hack hopping on the clown train of graft and corruption. Another traitor on the John Birch Society payroll like the bat crazy bachmann and all the rest.

    the best way to deal with this chump is to ignore him just like the punk nazi from wisconsin, ryan – another two bit loser that has never had a job.

    • charleo1

      Isn’t democracy great? It’s amazing what a good political trouncing at the polls will
      do for one’s manners. Just a couple of months ago Latinos were a hoard of illegal aliens, stealing American jobs. And the running joke at campaign stops, was whether or
      not to put alligators in the moat behind the electrified fence. Now suddenly they realize
      their Hispanic brothers, and sisters are just seeking the fruits of freedom, and pursuing
      the American dream. And they love them all.

      • CPANewYork

        The illegals are also bringing in bedbugs.

  • Mimihaha

    Apparently the GOP doesn’t understand the differences between Cuban-Americans and pretty much everyone else whose family came here from another country in this hemisphere.

    • It isn’t just that. Look at Rubio’s family. They arrived back when Castro was still being trained by the CIA to keep Batista on his toes (and the American interests running the show). No one counted on Batista’s cowardice in the face of underwhelming odds. However, because of the plan devised under Eisenhower, and executed under Kennedy, with times set for local, not GMT, the Bay of Pigs was a resounding failure. Thus, Cubans in America figured they couldn’t trust the Democrats, so they became Republicans. No one really cared at that time because it was before Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Once that hit, Nixon was able to play on the Democrats failure to oust Castro (while omitting Eisenhower and his own failures) to keep the Cubans.
      But, for whatever reason, anyone else with a Hispanic name (Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans, Hondurans, etc.) and their needs were ignored by the Republicans. Eventually, that ingorance led to xenophobia directed against all Hispanics (conveniently forgetting Cubans fell into that category, too). And they wonder why non-Cubanos won’t support them (outside of a couple of token Chicanos and Chicanas.

      • Germansmith

        Castro trained by the CIA??…where did you study history? The Oliver Stone High School for the CT?
        Kennedy promised air support at the Bay of Pig invasion and at the last minute chicken out….that is why Khrushchev thought Kennedy was a lite weight and try to put missiles in Cuba….That is also why most Cubans are Republicans.
        Democrats keep forgetting the Obama administration deported more illegals that any other previously and when they felt secure of the support of the Unions and needed the Latin vote it suddenly decided not to enforce the law anymore. Similar to the goodies he offered to gays regarding military service and marriage (not against those issues, but very suspicious about their timing and their lack of process)

        Regarding support from other Latins for people of Cuban origin or Republicans…are you forgetting Rubio and Cruz? I am sure they must have had support from other Latins to get there

        • WhutHeSaid

          Wow — you’re just chock-full of theories about why people support Obama and Obama’s supposed pandering to special-interest groups. Perhaps you’d like to take a crack at theorizing about those people who have an irrational hate for Obama, and come up with extravagant excuses why anyone who supports him is either stupid, gullible, or falls for transparent political pandering. What would you call THOSE people?

          (Hint: It begins with a ‘b’ and ends with a ‘t’)

        • Yeah, how about that lamentable lack of process when it comes to overturning DADT? I mean, refusing to instate an executive order and waiting for the legislative branch to pass permanent rules? What a fascist!

      • Baron…can you explain more about the Castro-CIA connection to keep Batista ‘on his toes’ (and the American interests thing)…while at a point close in time at least…the CIA was trying to kill Fidel? I read Alex von Tunzelmann’s book “Red Heat: Murder and Conspiracy in the Caribbean” not too long ago…and I was shocked at how badly our government bungled everything during that time. Including the monstrous dictators we propped up in Haiti and the Dominican Republic…in the manipulated (by them) fear of communism getting a beach-head in our backyard/hemisphere. Batista’s own military wouldn’t keep fighting for him against a small band of commited nationalist revolutionaries…who kept gaining in popularity even as the vast majority of Cubans’ hatred of Batista and his corruption and repression grew. The USA kinda promoted a system in Cuba that was a lot friendlier to unregulated capitalism and exploitation of the poor…instead of really pushing for a democracy and respect for human rights like we often say we are in favor of….these days. Fidel naively thought we would help him…and them…in those immediate post-revolution days…to establish a fairer and freer Cuba, didn’t he? Didn’t our paranoia about the spread of communism…actually make that fear become an unwanted reality in Cuba? Fidel was a nationalist…and a lawyer…Everything I’ve read says he rejected the communist ideology of Che Guevarra and Raul Castro…until he could no longer afford to, just to survive. I don’t mind being corrected about what I think I know either.

    • willjo1

      If you didn’t come from a European country to the United States; you don’t count. You are just another one added to the strugle of the color people in American.

  • Rubio and Cruz will be lucky to get half of the Cuban-American vote. What the GOP does not understand is that Latinos and Hispanics are not a homogeneous ethnic group.
    The ancestors of most Latinos are Spanish, and Native Mexicans and Central Americans, The ancestors of most Cubans, Puerto Ricas and Dominicans are Spanish and African. Their common language is Spanish, and there are similarities in their cultures, but their problems are very different. Puerto Ricans are American citizens the moment they are born. Cubans are granted asylum the moment they set foot on U.S. soil. Mexican and Central Americans are hunted like animals, abused, and often deported.
    Add to that the fact that Rubio and Cruz are members of a party that has embraced draconian anti-immigration policies in states like Arizona, and pursued voter suppression efforts, including a famous black list in Florida composed almost entirely of people with Spanish surnames, and their chances to attract Latinos are slim to none.

    • Rubio, Jindal, Allen West, Herman Caine And Michael Steele Are All Sellout Tokens They Were Let In The Parties To Get Other Races To Join The GOP/Tea Party Which Is The Biggest Joke Around Cause These Two Parties Are Full Of Racist KKK Members!!! With David Duke Leader Of The KKK Live And Well In High In Their Ranks!!!

      • Bob Williams

        Fern, you forgot to take your “I’m Not Crazy” pills again.

        • You Forgot To Kiss A Dead Goat Ass Again Too!!

          • It’s seems strange to me how liberals find themselves so “loving” and “accepting” of others, unless you disagree with them….that is when you see their true colors and how hateful and biased they truly are.

          • When You Wake The Hell Up And Start Living In The Real World You Will Find You Get What You Give!!!! I Don’t Hate No One But I Don’t Let You And None Of You Lying Trolls Screw With Me!!! It Just That Simple!!!

          • We tend to disagree when people’s opinions infringe on human rights and equality. So yeah, we get a little angry. Hateful and biased are words for a different party, my friend.

          • Rubio’s family left Cuba to not be latino anymore but to become white respected Americans. This is the essential vow for conservatives. If you have colour, you’re screwed.

          • Joyce Young

            it’s more like the other way around. you can’t be saying you people are loving and accepting? hah! as long as you’re rich but if your poor, fellow citizen were in need you tell them to stop begging.

          • I can’t speak for your straw-man “liberals” but I try to be as accepting and loving towards others as I can. That doesn’t extend to their hateful ideals.

          • Right on, Fern

          • CPANewYork

            “Suck Out Of A Dead Goat Ass”? Ms. Woodfork, you certainly are a class act.

          • And I Don’t Take No Shit From NO ONE!!!

        • She’s rather annoyed with them; I am too. Nothing she’s said is untrue, however.

          There’s still a (dwindling) number of moderate GOP members, but the extreme end has staged a hostile takeover, and it’s down to where they’re trying to ouster Boehner for not being extreme enough and he’s having to remove Tea Party ideologues from key committees.

          • Germansmith

            Rubio, Jindal and Steele are not ideologues.

            They just represent a large electorate that you may not agree with and that organize to elect candidates that represent their point of view…

            Maybe the OWS movement should learn from them a bit and they would go further than blocking traffic and making a mess out of city parks.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Don’t look now, but the Occupy Wall Street movement was more effective than you may have thought. The whole rich-are-the-holy-job-creators myth was busted, and economic fairness became part of the national dialogue. Their efforts provided the fuel for Obama’s plan to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for the most wealthy, and it is now consequently a forgone conclusion: It’s all over but the cryin’.

        • Germansmith

          She is no different than the right wing nuts that keep saying Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim Communist. Both the left and the right have the crazy extremes that makes any dialog and compromise next to impossible.She probably have more in common with Allen West that she may realize.
          Give her credit for her typing…I would go insane if I have to capitalize any word I type…I am sure there is a word for that condition

          • I Beg To Differ I’m Not Lying!! You Might Go Insane??? Maybe Cause You Are Already Insane!!! Yeah It’s Call Being Me!!! You Should Try It Some Times Stop Watch Fox Fake News And Listening To Rush Limballs Like The Rest Of The Trolls!! Try PBS Or Other News !! TROLL It Cause You Just Another Troll Here Why You Been Trolling On Ten Web Sites Made 360 Comments And Only Got 435 Likes LOL Robert Been Trolling On 3 Web Sites Got 64Likes LOL And Bob Been Trolling On 7 Web Sites Got 99 Like LOL Looks Like Nobody Here Really Like You Trolls Nor Do They Like You All On The Other Web Sites Maybe All Of You Nuts Need To GO!! I’m Sure The American Taliban Have Plenty Of Web Sites On The Internet GO!!! And Stay And Take lana ward, onegonewrong, joeham1 And The Rest Of The Tea Bagging Trolls With You!!! You Have More In Common With The Rest Of The Trolls That Come Here!!

          • Germansmith

            And those are my closing arguments…. Thanks for making my case

            By the way, you missed a couple of words you did not capitalize.

          • You Too Can Suck Out Of A Dead Goat Ass Troll!! Nobody Making You Read Nothing I Write !! You Don’t Like It Keep It Moving!! Take Note Fool I Have 13,021 More Likes Than You LOL Enough Said!! Maybe You Ought To Shut Up And Try To Catch Up!!! LOL Sounds Like You Are Chewing On The Sour Grapes Cause Your Thug Ass Party Lost!!! LOL 13,021 More Likes Than You LOL What Case??? Can You Hear Me NOW!!!

          • So you are admitting that you are here to be an A**hole not an intelligent responder for the neocons.

    • Germansmith

      There are far more similarities among Latinos than you think. As a Cuban emigre that was a Latin America regional manager I’ve found out that we are tied together by culture, language, religion and family. ….not race (that is a North American hangup)
      I did not voted for Rubio (I voted for Crist, now a born again Democrat) but as an immigrant that came to this country with nothing, not even the English language, and nevertheless was able to educate myself and find opportunities to make a good life for my family and myself. I believe we have turned a country of opportunities into the country of handouts and unemployment.

      The white evangelical core of the Republican Party better be prepared to compromise if they are to find a winning candidate for the next election. Neither Rubio, or Jeb or Christie are likely to be pandering to that albatross, and those are the only GOP candidates that probably have wide appeal among independents and some democrats.

      In the next Presidential election, I would vote for Hillary, but if some other democrat with ideas of expanding welfare, Medicaid or Medicare became the candidate…I will vote Republican if they have a viable candidate.

      • That is a straw man you have created. At this time the talk is not about expanding welfare and Medical coverage (except to more people). Instead it is how it can be made more efficient, and less costly. So shoot at your straw man that would go far left, but that is not where the country, or present leadership is.

        • Germansmith

          I am a health insurance consultant, also a consultant to HHS.
          There is NOTHING in PPACA (Obamacare) that would make medical care less expensive or more efficient.
          My clients are currently seeing increases of 12% to 30% in the cost of their health insurance….these people I call GIVERS.

          Government run systems will never be known for efficiency. Medicare is very inefficient…they claimed they only spend 3% processing claims, but conveniently forget the BILLIONS wasted in fraudulent claims or just plain system stupidity (like paying $258 a month for rental of a wheelchair with special features that they could buy for $580 thru the internet)…this is no BS, this happened to my mother in law. When I reported a documented case to a Medicare clerk, he blew me off as he told me they had no way to take this case to their management.

          Extending unemployment period, opening more cases and relaxing the guidelines for disability claims, expanding Medicaid coverage and paying subsidies to buy health insurance and increasing eligibility for food stamp is WELFARE by many other names….there are more many TAKERS now than before

          If this is an straw man, taxpayers are paying for it.

          • hilandar1000

            Medicare puts caps on what it will pay for services. There is considerable room for savings on the costs to us of medical care. If you have ever been in a foreign country and found it necessary to go to an emergency room for medical care, the difference of costs is astounding between what is charged in American hospitals and the hospitals in foreign countries. It is quite evident that we are being massively overcharged for medical services. I don’t think there is any question that insurance companies try, (and succeed) at any opportunity to take advantage of the medical consumer. One has only to look at the compensation of insurance CEO’s to verify that fact. The medical field has been overtaken by corporate ownership, whose only reason for existence is PROFIT. While there certainly are problems with government overpayment for medical services, it is far less than the rampant excesses charged for medical procedures in the U.S.

          • Germansmith

            in my 12 years as an insurance consultant, investigating and helping my clients getting claims paid by the insurance companies, I have never seen a case in which a claim was not paid due to evil intentions or malfeasance by the insurance companies. This is easy to understand because their employees are no different than your son or daughters.

            Most of the claims argued are due to incompetence in the medical establishment, practicing lawsuit defensive medicine or inability of the consumer to understand the benefits of the policy they bought…Of course, since Insurance Companies are big and powerful and sometimes pay their CEO much more than they deserve…there are a big target…the Big Bad Wolf of the story.

            In fact, Insurance Companies are more responsible for controlling costs that if you leave it up to big pharma, doctors, lawyers and government which are the real causes of healthcare cost ever increasing .

          • hilandar1000

            Germansmith, I am not implying anything negative about insurance consultants. As a matter of fact, I have seen how hard our consultant works, and how he truly does take a hard look at various insurance companies in evaluating what is best for his clients. However, I do feel that the facts show that many insurance companies do exploit the population seeking to buy their products — not the people actually doing the work of the insurance companies, but the people at the top who are trying to make it as profitable as they possibly can. Likewise, I feel the medical companies, themselves are making a huge profit on the services they provide. Government has the capability to curb those tendencies by putting a cap on the costs of specific medical services. I feel that this is needed regulation, and that lack of regulation in the past has served to drive up the cost of medical services. It is undeniable that medical services are more expensive here than in any other country by a very large percentage. I know there is inevitably some degree of incompetence in government-managed health care, but, in my perspective, government is not a profit-making proposition, as is the case with insurance companies and health care providers. It is my view that medical care is not something to be turned over to corporations that exist to make the most profit they can for their share-holders.

          • Germansmith

            Thanks, I appreciate your comment. We seem to be the only type of consultant that actively work to reduce our own income.

            The point that I am trying to make is that the real culprit of the escalation of the costs are not the insurance companies as much as the way healthcare is provided, charged and regulated…..and bought. Insurance company profits are only a 2.5% of the premiums that reflect the cost of healthcare.

            It sometimes amazes me that the same person that negotiate the price of a TV Set or car to the last penny does not spend a few minutes in the the internet finding the best least expensive provider for a planned medical procedure.

            Short of going with a single payer system that would control cost and eliminate the profit motive (good luck with that) PPACA is the wrong approach.
            Doctors and Hospitals make profits (we have the highest paid providers in the world) Big Pharma makes profits and are totally corrupt, Lawyers make profits and create fear that push doctors to practice very costly defensive medicine and deter doctors from taking hard cases. And their profit margins are far more than 2.5%

            PPACA just went out an try to regulate insurance, because insurance companies are the ugly red hair step child nobody likes…so it was easy.

            Premiums for those who actually paid for their health insurance are going up, because nothing was done to control the factors that really impact costs

            Time will tell

          • I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect, say, my father to have spent a long time on the internet researching the costs of different alternatives before he went into surgery to repair his pelvis after a car accident.

          • hilandar1000

            I agree that there are other factors besides insurance companies that are driving up the cost of medical care. There is far too much corporate involvement in medical care — period. However, insurance companies share a significant part of the responsibility of skyrocketing cost. There are some myths involved in the claims of insurance companies — one is the rising cost of litigation, which the insurance companies say they have to pass on to the doctors buying the medical malpractice insurance. However, researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) reported that, “increases in malpractice payments made on behalf of physicians do not seem to be the driving force behind increases in premiums. The economic cycle of the insurance industry is driven by declining interest rates and investments, ” which accounts for the rise in premiums for malpractice insurance.
            Americans for Insurance Reform (AIR) conducted an analysis of the relationship
            between insurance payouts and premiums charged to doctors and found that, “ there was no ‘explosion’ in lawsuits, jury awards or any tort system costs to justify the astronomical premium increases that doctors are charged. Overall, the percentage of cost for litigation is relatively small — something like 2 % of medical expenditures. Yes, there are numerous Big Bad Wolves which are exploiting our medical care system, but insurance companies deserve their fair share of the blame for the high cost of medical care.

          • Germansmith

            Regarding Medical Malpractice, 2% of medical cost is a lot of money (Insurance Companies make about 2.5% profit on premiums)…but is not the cost of litigation the main factor…it is the FEAR of litigation and the additional tests and procedures doctors do to avoid any possibility of being suit for negligence.

            A very small percentage of the population is a victim of violent crime, but that does not stop cable news from making a big deal spreading fear and then people go out and buy guns, alarms, fences and so on to protect themselves.

            Justice for victims of malpractice would be better served by an arbitration board with also the power to revoke a physician licenses.

            If Insurance Companies are the primary culprits for the cost of medical care, then , why did Pelosi and friends did not opted to go to a single payer model for PPACA?
            My guess is the AMA, Big Pharma and lawyers contributions would dry out for them.

          • hilandar1000

            First, I did not say that insurance companies are the primary cuprits for the cost of medical care, I said that they deserved their share of the blame for rising medical costs. They are one factor in many examples of the exploitation of the medical care field. Since you seemed more interested in protecting the insurance companies, I focused on that type of exploitation. The same study that I quoted in my previous post also found that doctors did not order unnecessary tests to avoid litigation, they more often ordered them to add to the amount that could be charged for those extra tests.

            If you had been paying attention when Obamacare was passed, you would well remember that ALL democrats fought hard for a single payer system. They had to compromise in order to get it passed at all. Otherwise Obamacare would not have passed due to the Republican cries of “socialized medicine” and Republican insistence that insurance companies receive their share of the profit.

            Have you also forgotten that, because of provisions in Obamacare, many insurance companies had to repay their insureds when their profit margin showed the profit to be more than 20% of the actual cost of care for their insureds. That repayment went into effect this year, and insurance companies had to mail out checks to their insureds which amounted to billions of dollars. I find it somewhat curious that you were not aware of these basic, and well-reported facts.

          • Germansmith

            You are talking about the MLR (Minimum Lost Ratio). Insurance companies by Obamacare are allowed 20% of the premium to be used for Administrative, Sales Costs and profit, not excluding the taxes State and Federal that they have to paid. 80% of premiums received must be paid in claims.

            Their PROFIT margin (what they use to pay their stockholders and invest in their future) is about 2.5% of the premium.

            Among the companies I work with, only one sent rebates (United Healthcare) and those were a pittance of what my client paid in premiums. Probably cost more to figure and generate the rebates than the sizes of the rebates themselves. Maybe next year they will be more careful and paid more in claims as to avoid the cost of sending rebates to clients…how about that for controlling costs?

            Maybe they will start processing claims from India and it be less expensive.
            That would be ironic since we probably want to increase employment in our country….

            But since medical care costs are not being reduced, premiums are continuing to go up for those people and companies that actually pay for their health insurance.

            I personally would have allow a freer market (allowing all companies to sell in all states) as a way to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Also I would have reviewed Medicare re-reimbursement rates as insurance companies use them as a guideline for payments to their contracted providers. I would have also encouraged the ACO (Accountable Care Organizations) where they pay doctors to keep you healthy (not per procedure) and they measure how effective they are.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Contrast the response you received from the Medicare clerk to the laughter and derision you would receive from a Big Insurance representative if you, as a non-customer, tried to talk to them about ANYTHING. In fact, not even customers can get very much information from Big Insurance — they have a great gig going there, and it’s much better as far as they’re concerned if the inner workings never see the light of day.

            Of course you would dislike the ACA, after all, one of the things the law requires is that insurance companies and *consultants* stop gouging the American public. That you would attempt to bolster your claims against the ACA with nothing but anecdotal evidence is predictable.

          • Germansmith

            WhutHeSaid…Is that Chinese for I am unable to change my mind even if evidence bite you in the butt?
            The law was originally called PPACA (Privacy and Portability Affordable Care Act)…of course now is call Obamacare if you are a right wing or ACA if you are a lefty.
            PPACA is a lousy and expensive law and I am not going to waste my time trying to change your mind or that of your brethren…those who know will agree with me and your prejudices are no better than those of those bigots you try to criticize.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Well of course you won’t waste your time making your point, because there is no real point to make. You make you living gouging Americans on behalf of unscrupulous insurance companies, and don’t wish to be forced to stop fleecing the little guy — I get it.

          • CPANewYork

            Health insurance is too important to be controlled by the insurance companies.

            It should be run exclusively by the federal government.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Thanks to people like Germansmith — it will probably end up that way before long. They just can’t resist strangling the goose for the golden eggs, so to speak.

          • If you profess to be a health insurance professional, then you should know that the takers here are Big Pharma, hospitals, doctors, DMEs, etc, and NOT patients. In fact, I am old enough to be on Medicare and last time I looked, my premiums were cheaper than my supplemental coverage, which covers only 20%. Further, Meidcare pays only the amount reasonable and necessary, not the inflated amount which can be 2 to 3 times the amount true cost. And speaking of Welfare, seems to me that the Wealthy are the ones taking the Welfare and have been being subsized for the last 10 years and probably for a longer time than that. Your ‘argument’ is shallow–a mile wide and an inch deep.

          • Germansmith

            Problem reading Doctor?
            I am not disagreeing that Big Pharma, doctors, lawyers and so on are abusing our healthcare system and making a bundle out of it…BUT that is not what PPACA is design to control….the cost will only increase as you add more people to the system.

            Your Medicare part A was given to you for contributing 40 periods to Medicare tax. Your Medicare part B you must pay a premium and what this premium is depends on your income…the better off you are the more you pay. There is no obligation for you to buy a supplement so stop paying for it…if you are healthy, you do not need it (join a Medicare Advantage plan and take care of that 20%). If you are sickly, then Medicare A, B and your supplement is probably paying far more than you ever contributed or paid in premiums. This is called “a subsidy”.

            I do not have a problem the rich subsidizing the poor, that is the way it should be, but the country does have a problem when they are more people receiving government help that paying taxes. PPACA is not controlling costs, PPACA is ONLY transferring wealth…and there is when it will fail.

          • Everyone pays taxes. Sales taxes take a bite out of every dollar you spend. Payroll taxes take a chunk from your paycheck starting at the first dollar (though they stop after $106k or so, which is why conservatives love to forget about their impact). Oh, and those payroll taxes are what funds Medicare. So what about the limitations on medical loss ratios that the PPACA places on insurers? Or ensuring coverage for those with pre-existing conditions? Or setting up competitive exchanges for individual insurance? Do none of those count for anything other than “transferring wealth”?

      • CPANewYork

        Hillary Clinton is too tainted by the Whitewater scandal and the strange conditions surrounding Vince Foster’s “suicide”.

    • johninPCFL

      The other issue Rubio and Cruz will have with the Latino community is that there are no illegal Cuban immigrants.

      Want to send them to Palin-land? Ask if they support modifying the US immigration statutes so that all Latinos are treated the same. Watch the contortions begin.


    In this day and age, the only thing more inexcusable than scientific illiteracy, is a politician pretending to to be a scientific illiterate for purposes of political pandering.

    • Only works if there are people who denigrate science, while, of course, benefiting greatly from it. I don’t see belief in God being challenged by science. Instead it changes the way God is perceived. As a child I was told by an enlightened teacher, that the “days” of creation were not literal days, but long periods of time for each of them. And there are many more examples of “modern” interpretation in the major religions.

  • my aunts hubby is latino very big family and there not turning back from the dem world. so if i cant sway them rubio aint got a shot

  • AlfredSonny

    Rubio’s vote on party line against the disability rights indicates that he is a self-centered, self-serving, uncaring and cunning opportunist. Anyone who elects him either has a hidden agenda or is being conned.

  • rwollmann

    Are South Florida Cubans (and their offspring) really lumped together with the other immigrants from Latin America, who came here for very different reasons? I doubt Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans would feel they have anything in common with Sr Rubio. And, most young Americans regardless of where their ancestors came from would not support him regardless of his Spanish-sounding name. He is basically just another 20th Century Republican spouting the same dogma as Demint et al.

  • adler56

    So he knows that stealing is a sin but he did it anyway- multiple times he used a credit card that wasn’t his to make persoanl purchases- his excuse- he got confused- I don’t think God will accept that from someone serving in our senate- he got confused about what? how many times he could get away with stealing?

  • bestofandy

    I am not a creationist, man. But I know a bad policy salesman when I see one. The GOP is filled with bible garbage, time for a new party.

  • Why are republicans under-estimating the thinking of Latinos? They do not vote for someone because they have the same blood. If that is the case, then Romney could had swept all Latinos votes, as his father was from Mexico. It is all about policies, hear that GOP!

  • Rubis os a pawn. He’ll say anything and pander to anything in order to try to make himself look like he’s a little knowledgable. Trouble iis, he HAS NO principles. Only ambition. Afraid ambition alone isn’t enough. You have to START with caring about people, not just yourself. He knows he’ll be a millionaire in no time, if not already, if he just plays the game the GOP wants him to. This “man” is really just a boy who hasn’t even tried to think things through. To think he actually cares about Latinos, is ridiculous.

  • stcroixcarp

    “I am responsible for my own salvation and my family’s..” What hubris! Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?

  • I would strongly recommend that Marco Rubio as well as all so-called Christians read what Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declation of Independence, the Virginia State Constitution on Religion, and whose words and thoughts were used by James Madison in composing the first Amendment to the Bill of Rights regarding religion, being: “Our particular principles of religion are a subject of accountability to oun God alone. I inquire after no man’s, and trouble none with mine, nor is it given to us in this life to know whether yours or mine, our friends or our foes, are exactly right. Nay, we have heard it said that there is not a Quaker or a Baptist, a
    Presbyterian or an Episcopalian, a Catholic or a Protestant in heaven, that on entering that gate,
    we leave those badges of schisms behind, and find ourselves united in those principles only in which God has united us all.”

    The greatest threat to America is not North Korea, or Iran, or el Quida, or the Taliban, or even
    China. The greatest threat my fellow Americans is the RADICAL RELIGIOUS RIGHT, who are convinced that only their religion is right and all others are wrong and immoral. They err, and err greatly because they mix Love of God with Love of Country, which in-fact are two different and separate things.

    An Old Soldier

    • CPANewYork

      All religions think that they have the exclusive answers to everything. That’s why they’re called religions and why they’re all intolerant.

      When the Roman Empire became Christian on Constantine’s orders, the pagans were persecuted. Later, the pagan vandals persecuted the Christians. Still later, the Christian Franks persecuted the Vandals. It goes on and on, ad infinitem.

  • Sallylou

    First step GOP Party needs to do is disassociate themselves from the Tea Party. Too far right and instead of thinking about how to get their message more acceptable and blend into the Party, they take the easy way out and pay Sarah Palin to be their cheerleader. Cannot even choose someone who has family values, they act just like McCain and listen to her huge staff sing her praises and twist the truth to make her more likeable. These rich old men think that money and looks is more important than the values taught at home. The Palin family members have a history of drug and alcohol abuse; lack all respect for authority figures; are dismal failures when it comes to intelligence and education levels; instant gratification is more important than birth control or abstainance ; and all that seems to matter to them is celebrity status and lining their bank accounts. Simply put: the Tea Party found it easier to toss their money to the Palins to have her be their spokesman than to look for someone who was able to teach her own family about personal family values. Marco Rubio seems to have good looks and intelligence and family values–he would at least be more electable than someone who already has 70% of the voters saying they would never even consider voting for her. Many comments have been posted about how Rubio would never get all the Hispanic votes–but at least he isn’t running around the country saying that he speaks for all Christians-and we aren’t seeing his family members on the reality shows in skimpy outfits pretending to be a dancer or hiring guides to teach him how to shoot all the animals who live in Florida or pretending to be Papa Bear and trying out all the beds prior to his children bringing their lovers home for a trial marriage.

    One message that the GOP should have gotten after this election is that most voters think that family values are more important than rigidly fighting for your interpretation of the Constitution. Actions speak louder than words. Romney was respected for his family values and he was certainly more electable than Palin ever will be. He did not have the reputation of being a quitter or only being interested in making money off his political donations. However, he lost a lot of creditability when the Republican debates turned more into bashing all the GOP candidates rather than offering ideas or solutions to show why the Democrats should not be re-elected.

  • Rubio isliving a fatasy land, Hillary will defeat him with a solo puch. because Rubio is Cuban is not going to make him President. Most Cubans old timer are Republicans at the same time the Cuban new generation mostly vote Democrat.

    The Republican Party is looking for a Messiah, because they played the wrong card with racial issue and pushing the middle class around. Rubio is a right winger and his policy in Immigration is not too clear and he get to forget his parents came to the United States as Immigrants they are not political refugee in this country.

    Hillary should run and there is nobody out there that can compite with her, she is intelligent, smart and probably 99% of minorities are going to vote for her. One of the reason President Obama defeated for a large marging Romney was because Clinton went out and put himself on the line to talk at those that were not too sure is Obama was the right man to win a second term.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Interesting Head-Line. Rubio’s response to the GQ question was identical to President Obama’s. So how “Old” is the Earth?

    How about a discussion of real substance regarding Marco Rubio as a candidate? It will be an interesting race in 2016. A young articulate “Latino” Conservative paired with a successful Female Governor as a running mate vs an Aging Rich Wall Street Endorsed Grandma and a White Democrat Male VP. Amazing turn of events.

    • Sand_Cat

      Somehow, I suspect Obama’s answer to just about any question would not be “identical” to Rubio’s.” Are you doing a “little” interpreting here?

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Not at all. Rubio even mentioned the Presidents answer when he made his answer.

        Seems like everyone likes to make ridiculous assertions when people make answers to religion based questions. I am very educated in the sciences. As a Christian I do believe that God had something to do with the creation of man. This is how I would explain the missing link in evolution. This is very similar to the Presidents answer.

        • Sand_Cat

          There is no missing link in evolution.

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            There are still many gaps in evolutionary transitions and this term while non scientific is sometimes used to describe that fact. Progress in DNA sequencing may one day unlock this issue, but as of today Human Evolution is still a theory with many variants. So until it becomes a law backed by scientific fact are we not all free to have our opinions?

          • TheOldNorthChurch

            The Presidents answer to the age of the Earth;

            Barack Obama: I’m trying to remember if we’ve had this conversation. What I’ve said to them is that I believe that God created the universe and that the six days in the Bible may not be six days as we understand it — it may not be 24-hour days. And that’s what I believe. I know there’s always a debate between those who read the Bible literally and those who don’t, and that I think is a legitimate debate within the Christian community of which I’m a part. You know, my belief is that the story the Bible tells about God creating this magnificent Earth on which we live, that that is essentially true, that is fundamentally true.

  • AFV

    Christians are the least Christian among us.

    • I’d agree with: GOP loving Christians are the least Christian among us. You’re statement is a bit too broad, I assure you that there are many of us outside the GOP camp who are trying to act like true Christians; even though those bowing to the GOP’s anti-Christian policies are clearly anything but true Christians. I can only attest to the fact that aligning oneself with the most anti-Christian organization in America leads credence to the fact that, those doing so, clearly don’t understand that the GOP is leading them to damnation, not salvation. And that although the Democratic party’s efforts aren’t wholly Christian-like either; they at least are attempting to follow much closer with the biggest thing Jesus tried to teach us, which is: love they neighbor as thy self; and no one is in a position to judge the actions of another. Which is clearly why he stated: Why are you are you trying to remove a splinter in your brother’s eye when you have a moat within your own. First remove the moat from your own eye. And how many of us can ever really remove that moat that is not only in our eye but is also hanging around our necks.

      And let me just point out the nonsense that is being batted around about the earth being 6,000 years old. The fact that via scientific analysis, humans may have only lived on the earth for only thousands of years, while the world and universe have been proven to be billions of years old, in no way negates the belief in a God. It’s only to those who misguidedly believe that the use of the word DAY in describing how God created the world refers to what we now call a DAY, when in fact in the context of creating the world, a Day to God may have been billions of years; keeping in mind that in the context of eternity, a billion years is still nothing more than a moment in time. For example, anyone who when it says in Genisis that God created the plants and animals, believes that he was able to accomplish the creation of the immense variety of them living on our planet within one of Earth’s Day, has to be truly delusional. And keep in mind, that even Genesis says that the Sun and Moon, the two bodies that establish an Earth’s Day, were not created until the 3rd day of creation. So anyone, trying to descredit a belief in God because all science has proven is that the world and universe are a few billion years old, does so at his or her own peril. Science has still not even been able to prove which came first, the chicken or the egg. I defy science to take any creature on the planet, which even today, takes significant parental effort to raise them from a hatchling, and explain to me how the first adult of that species was created without a parent having been theire IN THE BEGINNING!!!! And not only that, for those species that require a male and female to procreate, how evolution magically created a male and a female of the same species, not only at the same time, but in exactly the same place on earth.

      • Creation wasn’t an event, it was and is a process. Creation continues even today as one species dies out another evolves. We see this in bacteria all the time. As scientists develop new antibiotics, resistant stains of bacteria appear as they mutate and survive. The sun most definitelty was around some time before the earth and moon took their place in orbit. The great apes have 96% of the same genetic make up as homo sapiens. This is not by mere chance, but is the direct result of evolution. What you find in the Old Testament are the fables and alagory of an ancient people try to make sense about the world around. Most ancient religion have a creation story. When accumulated evidence give us new clues to our origins, most people adapt their view to accomodate this new information. You may wish to stay with some anchient view of the earth, man and their origins, but don’t try to shove in down the throats of others who more enlightened!

        • CPANewYork

          If by “creation” you mean the Big Bang, then you’re right. Creationists hold that the world was created in about a week and is not an ongoing process. The Vatican still denies the heliocentric view of the universe and would deny Copernicus the Eucharist.

    • johninPCFL

      Remember, O’Reilly says Christianity is just a philosophy, not a religion.

    • CPANewYork

      Bullshit. Every religion is biased against all the others.

  • RR3

    Latinos are extremely divided…on a daily life events they’re not as tight as a group as many would tend to believe…on the other hand when it comes to issues, immigration, health care, womens rights, this past Presidential elections…et al ….where the GOP tried to block their right to vote….they are as united as anyone can be….Rubio is branded a liar…Cruz is a tea party member….who happens to preach policies against the Latino Community….now you tell me…how they’re going to convince them that the GOP cares for Latinos???…..these Latin and Asian electorates mostly are third or fourth American born generations…..they will never be fooled…..

  • It doesn’t matter what his background is. What counts is that Rubio would surely do damage to the middle class and below, while kow towing to his corporate masters.

  • adriancrutch

    Trying to USE the bible in today’s world, doesn’t fly like it did in the reformation or earlier. As Rubio prostitutes himself to the big league of the old white,Ivy schooled and jewish financed american political scene;he’ll soon get that funny taste in his mouth and begin his transformation into something he probably wishes he’d never seen. by that time the money will have corrupted him into the reptilian world of republican politics. Good luck with that! The historians will say “He was a nice kid.”

    • Sand_Cat

      “Jewish financed”?

      • David_William

        Hey— anti-semites are equal-opportunity haters — Left, Right, “Centrist”, they may disagree on economics, but Judaism— gets ’em united and baiting every time.

        • CPANewYork

          And vice versa.

      • CPANewYork

        You haven’t noticed? A lot of others have.

  • The Repugs still seem to believe that presenting a more right-centrist appearing candidate with a softer sell but still the same old GOP mantras will do the trick. It won’t. The 2014 election will tell the tale of where we are headed. As with Germansmith (below), I would also vote for Hillary without equivocation.

    I’m a white Floridian and have great respect for the Latinos as they are hard working and family oriented. Rubio and his false-fronts will not turn them into republicans merely based on ethnicity and possibly similar religious beliefs. They will vote on their economic best interests – unlike many white middleclass evangelists.

  • The Republicians are trying to hold their noses while they invite the untouchables i.e. Arfician Americians, Latinos, women & those students in to the party. “Just get them in the door & vote for us” then turn them around so we can stab them in the back.” Well, Righties “it’s not going to work!” you can’t pretend to like someone you don’t have time for. We are not that stupid, we ca see through that.

    • Bingo, Colleen! We are not that stupid nor that gullible.

  • howa4x

    Once a canidate opens the bible door there is trouble ahead. The country is getting more secular and having the catholic bishops campaign against Obama didn’t do much good. The younger people are not anti gay and don’t see that as an issue. They are concerned about global warming since they feel it will directly affect them, and republicans are still supporting the denier theories. Young people want something done about the high cost of educaton and don’t see why they have to buy health care when in most other industrialized countrys it’s free. Republicans will fall into the trap again of trying to appeal to a far right groups(the base) to win the primary and once they do they will be DOA in the general election. It dosen’t matter who they run if the people feel that their polices are anti middleclass. Each generation is more liberal than the previous one so the republican have a future problem. Even Rubio if he stays wiht the party line.

  • ord

    Fern, you are so correct. But Allen West is the worst in the bunch and that’s not saying much.
    Not to speak of Herman Caine. But at least they don’t back down on what they believe Jindal, Rubio are backing away from whatever they say. Just be truthful and stick with it. And don’t even mention Michael Steele. The Republicans elected him to bring in the majority vote and he couldn’t do it and they kicked him to the curb and I’m happy they did.

  • Alvaro

    Rubio Not Represent to Spanish People,He has in Common only the Language but the Interest are Different,His Fight is Again The Brothers Castro,Because is Servant at The Cuban Riches in The Exile.Geographical Him is Caribbean Not Latino.Latino is For South American People(LatinAmerican),Central American(Center American) Mexican North American(Mexican). For That Reason Rubio Not Represent The Spanish People. Many White People are Spanish in are countries,If He Speak English very Well IS GRINGO?


    What? Another one?

    Just what the old, old, used up and dying GOP Party needs is another air head like Sarah Palin. What is it about conservatives who draw these out-of-touch people to try and give them purpose and direction?

    It appears that the “Grand Old Party” is about to go the route of the doo doo bird, the passenger pigeon, wooly mammoth, and the WHIG Party into the history books where they belong and where they can do no harm. Congressman Boehner are you watching all of this action?

  • Dominick, you are so right, Republicans believe that by adding Puerto Ricans and Cubans to their party they will take up the rest of us. Just because they speak something similar to spanish does not make them Lations, much less Hispanics. The GOP’s and PR-C’s are our enemies.

  • Jack Wormer

    Roman-Catholic, and therefore Christian, Rubio ought to realize that the three major Religions in the world, today, are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, who ‘happen’ to have originated in, and therefore reflect the cultural traits of the people of the Middle East.

    One of the most distinguishing features of Middle Eastern “culture” and its peoples is….HYPOCRISY!

    Especially, when it comes to sex and sexuality….

  • Thus spake Goody Two Shoes.

  • I’m 56 years old – here’s my prediction: The GOP will never win the White House in what remains of my lifetime. So if I live to be 100, that would be 44 years that a republican wouldn’t have won the Presidency! The GOP can put a “Latino” front and center all they want and it still won’t help them because they (GOP) would have the same old policies in place that they have been relying on for the last 50 years. The GOP is done as far as the Presidency.