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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Retroactively Makes The Case For Anyone But Mitt

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Retroactively Makes The Case For Anyone But Mitt

When the campaign to expose Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital began, the President’s allies said it would undermine Mitt’s main argument for the presidency: Mitt understands how the economy works. What no one realized then is that it would also expose that Mitt has no idea how reality works.

For the past few weeks, the defense of Mitt’s record at Bain has centered on the supposed fact that Mitt left the company in 1999. This premise theoretically absolves him of some of the most egregious activities engaged in by his business colleagues, including rampant layoffs, investments in companies that promoted outsourcing, and an investment in a company that –of all things — disposed of aborted fetuses.

An offshoring abortion profiteer who likes to fire people isn’t the best image for a Republican nominee for president. No wonder “Anyone But Mitt” was such a popular slogan during the GOP primary.

Focusing on when Mitt left was a weak defense from the beginning because it suggested that Bain — Mitt’s pride and joy  and main credential — had engaged in activities that even Mitt considered shameful. It became a ridiculous defense when SEC documents revealed that Mitt was the CEO of Bain Capital until 2001 (a fact that was convenient when he had to prove he was a Massachusetts resident so he could qualify to run for governor in 2002.)

The idea that the CEO of a company isn’t responsible for the company’s activities is patently silly, and President Obama said as much in an interview last week. This forced Mitt to do something he has not done willingly in this campaign: Talk to someone aside from Fox News and the far-right echo-chamber.

On Friday, Mitt recorded interviews with ABC, CBS, NBC CNN, and, of course, Fox News. He demanded the President apologize for holding him accountable for what Bain did through 2001 — and astoundingly he stuck with the argument that he wasn’t accountable for a company he owned and legally controlled. “I had no association with the management of Bain Capital after February of 1999. That is when I left the firm.” He said this five times in nearly the same way, evidently attempting to simply bore the media into submission.

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120 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Mitt Retroactively Makes The Case For Anyone But Mitt”

  1. Hughes Hunt says:

    JOB CREMATOR NOT JOB CREATOR. is what Shifty Mitt Romney, the vulture capitalist, is and before long he will drip, drip, drip to ROMNEYGATE and self-destruct. That is what Shifty Mitt is then, now, and after November 6, 2012. By the way, Shifty Mitt, come clean or else, you’ll be filleted like the proverbial fish for your blatant and brazen lies on the media, radio, TV, online and offline, lest you may eventually be charged with perjury or criminal tax evasion like what happened to the late notorious Al Capone who got away with murder, fraud, extortion, robbery, kidnapping but got nailed with a simple charge of tax evasion, was prosecuted, convicted and died of syphyllis in prison while serving his sentence. Billionaire Rupert Murdoch already doubted your winning on Election Day and had some advise for you published in Huffington Post recently, and all media and social websites so quit the presidential race while you are ahead. Power corrupts. Stick to being bishop in the cult.

  2. Hughes Hunt says:

    Like it or not, when you are a candidate for president, 350 million Americans require you to be a man of integrity, honesty, truthfulness, with qualifications and eligibility requirements that are verifiable and factual. For Shifty Mitt Romney to have disclosed a net worth of $250 million but refused to have a billion-dollar loot stashed in offshore banks famed as tax-havens and his financial empire investigated, documented and verified is a graphic example of a crook who thinks he can buy his way into the presidential office. Although politicians are known to be dishonest, Shifty Mitt Romney have stood out as the most dishonest of them all based on countless facts, past and present, online and offline. To any American voter, Shifty Mitt Romney should not even be considered for the presidency since merely the thought is offensive, repulsive and repugnant, an insult to one’s intelligence and character.

  3. There are several major problems with Romney’s line of defense. (1) If he was a CEO and President in absentia it weakens his claim of having the business acumen needed to get us out of the Great Recession. (2) It does not address the plant closures, layoffs, and cancellation of retirement plans that took place before he left the company in 1999. (3) It does not address the damaging claim that he had/has overseas investments in “shell” companies in places like Bermuda that are often nothing more than a P.O. Box for the purpose of attracting investments and as a tax shelter. (4) It also does not address his numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. The importance of the latter is exacerbated by Romney’s reluctance to make his tax returns public, and his admission that he does not know where or how his $250M overseas investments are being managed. (5) His defense put him in the indefensible position of acknowledging that he misrepresented himself when he submitted official documents to the SEC showing he was the Bain CEO until 2001. (6) Last, but not least for a party that considers itself the champions of big business, his argument tacitly acknowledges that the business practices of many American entrepreneurs like himself are a contributing factor for our weak economy and high unemployment rate.

  4. Hughes Hunt says:

    To political candidates like Shifty Mitt Romney, it is okay to flip-flop in order to justify a falsehood, to make it seem alright to commit perjury in legal documents, to disinform 350 million Americans, to twist the truth, to lie, distort and misrepresent . To any American voter, do not even consider Shifty Mitt Romney as presidential candidate since he lacks integrity and is not presidential material at all. Period.The revelations about Shifty Mitt is just a tip of the iceberg of lies and deceit and it is just a waste of time to even consider him for the office he is seeking because he is not honest and the disclosure documents from him are of dubious origins, unverifiable and unprovable in court. He will never submit authentic income tax returns for the past twelve years of his billion-dollar empire’s loot secretly- stashed and securely protected in unknown offshore banks in countries famed as tax-havens.

  5. Hughes Hunt says:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if upon close examination of merely five not ten income tax returns, Shifty Mitt Romney, the flip-flopping vulture capitalist were found to be not only, not tithing enough required as bishop to the cult but also the unintended discovery of criminal tax evasion, perjury, money laundering, among other crimes and misdemeanors?

    • WeAreTogetherNow says:

      Shi**y Mitty tithes way more than he pays in taxes. He is proud to support his cult; supporting his country, he is less interested in.

  6. Hughes Hunt says:

    It is offensive, repugnant, repulsive for Shifty Mitt Romney to have built his billion-dollar financial empire bankrupting companies, looting them legally, leaving behind broken families, broken neighborhoods, thousands of lay-offs, jobless Americans, closing factories that used to provide needed employment to thousands of Americans struggling to feed their families. He has done this as a vulture capitalist for more than 25 years until now. How could he sleep nights knowing that there are more than 20 million Americans unemployed and struggling to survive with Food Stamps and unemployment checks to feed their respective families? Does it make him a patriot doing this? Is this what being a christian means in the cult? Do you truly believe that Shifty Mitt Romney is the kind of man who will provide jobs, a decent way of living and a better future for 99 % of 350 million Americans to achieve the American dream once you are fooled into voting for him as US President on November 6?

    • joujou228 says:

      On top of it, he believes his reward should be the presidency. His arrogance is unbelievable.

      • WeAreTogetherNow says:

        Exactly. It is, as Cadillac Annie said, “their turn”.

      • His bizarre excuses keep piling on. His latest explanation for not releasing his tax returns, like every previous Republican and Democratic presidential candidate have done, is that he does not want the Dems to distort his record! What he is really worried about is not the fact that his tax returns would provide ammunition to the Obama camp to attack his corrupt and elitist persona, but that the IRS may take a closer look at those return and compare them to his sizable assets and profits overseas. He is going to need more than a charismatic running mate to get him out of the mess he is in.

        • CaptainWes says:

          Why would the IRS wait until he released them? They have them all on file, and, if the powers that be in the IRS feel there is a need for review, then they don’t need his permission to review them, or for him to turn over records that he has given them. AND, should they feel more information is needed, then they have only to send him a letter demanding he pony up whatever documents they want. They don’t need his permission or a public release from him for ANYTHING.

          All they have to do is treat him like a 99%er.

          • DurdyDawg says:

            But that’s the point, he’s a 5%’er and the IRS is running scared, afraid to upset their employers.. The 1%’ers.

        • montanabill says:

          Get real. The moment the Obama camp thought Romney might be the nominee, Holder had the IRS on his back tax returns. Face it, the only reason you personally want his returns released is so that the DNC can hopefully find items to twist to stir up the ignorant as they have with his out of country banking. Exactly why are Romney’s old tax returns more important to you than Obama’s college records?

          • Parisgirl says:

            I do not usually respond to people like you because I do not like to take advantage of the uniformed and the misinformed. I do not believe you realize how ridiculous your excuses sound. Even Romney’s father released 12 years of tax returns. All presidential candidates for at least the last half century have done the same. This is not ‘a pick on poor little Mitt’ venue.

            What has the legality of tax returns to do with college records. When it comes to educational records, I believe you do not want to go there considering the facts and the testimonies of Romney’s fellow students regarding his brutality and stupidity while in school. Although, I suppose that one who cannot remember being involved in such a vicious act can certainly forget his actions at Bain and hide the money he made while destroying the lives of so many.

            And who exactly are you calling ignorant? Synonyms for ignorant would be ill-informed, oblivious, unwitting, and unconscious. This suggests sir, that if the shoe fits, you must wear it!

          • montanabill says:

            And yet you give Obama a pass on his own history, or have you read his biographies. If the IRS is satisfied with Romney’s tax returns, of what business are they of anyone else. The Dems are simply demanding them because they want a fishing expedition hoping to find some nugget they can twist to further confuse people who don’t understand much of how business works. It really seems strange to me that most of you on the left can only ‘see’ business decisions that offend you, you never notice that his company overwhelmingly saved jobs and created new jobs. Far more than were lost by companies that simply did not have a way to succeed. Romney’s company used private money. It was his and his investors’ money as risk. With Obama and his forays into venture capitalism (so far pretty bad), it is public money, yours (if you pay taxes) and mine. As you say, the word ignorant means a lack of knowledge.

          • wontbfooled says:

            Well, Bill, I hope you have the pleasure of having your job being “saved” by a venture capitalist such as Romney and Bain. You get to either move halfway across the continent at half your former pay, or you can get hired at one of those wonderful new jobs they created for the Mexicans or Indians, if you are lucky enough to be left with any job at all! This is not the kind of entrepreneur spirit that made America great,this is a new kind of phoney crud that destroys lives and livelihoods for thousands while benefiting a very few. Nothing new was created-they only destroy and take- nothing I would want to have to explain to my maker on Judgement Day!

          • montanabill says:

            If you were employed by a company that you knew was failing and that you would be shortly out of a job, would you rather see that happen immediately or have a company like Bain step in to try to resurrect the company you work for? In the first case, you know you are going to lose your job along with all your co-workers. In the second scenario, there are four possible outcomes: 1) the infusion of money and better management will save the complete company and your job, 2) the new management determines that the company can be saved, but only if the staff is reduced. You are one of the layoffs., 3) same as 2) except that you are retained but co-workers are released, 4) it is determined that nothing can save your company. The outcome is the same as it would have been before Bain stepped in to try to save your company. These are the real scenarios, not the phoney ‘Bain stepped in just to destroy companies’. So, put yourself in the picture, then realistically, would you rather Bain stay away or give you, at least, a chance?

          • highpckts says:

            Because he is hiding something??? Why did McCain pick Palin over him for a running mate after vetting him? Too shady!!

          • montanabill says:

            Pure assumption. Why did Obama pick Biden of all people? Neither of us knows the political calculations that went into those decisions.

      • Doctor T says:

        oh yes! what arrogance and fraud! It turns my stomach!

    • DENNISGORME says:


    • montanabill says:

      Your ignorance is showing. In the end you still might not like Romney, but you really should do just a little impartial research before repeating stuff that has been proven to be totally untrue or a twisted version of the real truth. And while you are at it, compare Romney’s real record with Obama’s record for job loss, chasing jobs overseas, saying one thing and doing another. Are you the person pious enough to judge his religion as a cult? Have you considered that someone familiar with your beliefs might label that as a cult?
      I’m reminded of the recent news stories of Romney’s appearance at the NAACP convention. Virtually all of the stories on the major media and internet news only mentioned that Romney was booed (when he said he was for eliminating Obamacare). Only if you watched Fox News (spare me your diatribe) did you see that he walked off stage with a standing ovation.

      • STORMENHARD says:

        As far as employment goes I do believe Mass. ranked 47th while Romney was Governor…that means that Mass. was third from the bottom as far as employment goes…And he hasn’t said HOW he’s going to do any better, for our employment situation, as President of the United States of America…However Mass. is in the top 10 of being one of the healthiest states in the US because of ‘Ronmey Care’…Go Figure!

        • montanabill says:

          He has posted (for months) a 52 point plan. It doesn’t fit into a sound bite, so it is virtually unknown except for those who look beyond commercials and TV bits.
          Every state situation is unique. Mass had and always has had very high taxes which drove most of the hi-tech jobs out of Mass when DEC, DG and their spawn succumbed to the personal computer age. I measure health care by how it affects me personally. Mass is a seasonal nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t choose to live there.

          • Parisgirl says:

            He certainly has enough money from Carl Rove and the super pacs to put them on TV…instead of ranting and raving with your accusations and name calling why do you not post some of these points. Succumbed to the personal computer age???? What age to you suggest we live in while the world spins past us? And I am certainly glad to see you admit that you judge by how it affects you personally. This is a great insight on what kind of person you are…and it is called SELFISH! I am sure that Mass is certainly glad you are not planning to take up residence. My heart goes out to Montana.

          • montanabill says:

            You must be very young. At one point Digital Equipment (DEC) and Data General (DG) and a few other companies spawned by these mini-computer power houses made Mass. one of the centers of high tech. A lot of companies were experimenting with microcomputers, but at the time IBM had such domination of the fortune 1000 companies that their implementation of the micro, the PC, became the defacto standard. DEC, DG, and other minicomputer companies tried to make copies with custom features in an attempt to lock in customers. Those attempts cost them market share and as the PC’s and exact clones gained power, memory and storage they usurped the minicomputer market thus dooming DEC, DG, etc. That resulted in pretty much the end of the massive tech industry in Mass. With no jobs and high taxes, many techs moved on.
            So you judge me to be selfish because I happen to want control over my own health care? You might just be a little surprised to find out that the majority in the country want those choices. I just hope you won’t regret giving up your freedom of choices at some point in your life.
            One minor question, would you point out my ‘name calling’?

          • Soxfan says:

            I have been reading this thread with interest and I commend both of you for civil discord. However, I happen to be a witness since the early 1960s (when I moved to Boston to work at M.I.T. on the Apollo program) to what happened in MA to technology and I can voucher that your statement above : “Mass had and always has had very high taxes which drove most of the hi-tech jobs out of Mass when DEC, DG and their spawn succumbed to the personal computer age” and high taxes is not what DEC and DG succumbed to, it was their failure to recognize what was coming in technology and preparing for it rather than fighting to keep the status quo.

            MA has always been and still is an incubator for new technology primarily due to having great institutions and graduates who tend to stay in the State afterwards. (please don’t tell me about Steve Jobs leaving).

          • montanabill says:

            I must have not been clear. I didn’t say it was the high taxes that drove out the hi-tech jobs. I agreed with your assessment of the downfall of the minicomputer companies. High taxes and requirements make it more difficult for new start-ups. In a sense, MA is near the same situation that most of Europe finds itself in. The difficultly of entrepreneurship is magnified by regulations, high taxes and other government imposed requirements that make it is simply easier to go elsewhere where the odds of success are higher. Graduates must go where the jobs are being created or available.

        • Parisgirl says:

          Go Figure!!! It seems to imply that O’BAMA Care would also work for us…as it does in the rest of the industrialized free world. Is it not strange that the USA is the ONLY country that allows FOR PROFIT HEALTH INSURANCE?

          • STORMENHARD says:

            EXACTLY…And we rank 37 according to the WHO as far as having the least efficient health care system and at the same time are #1 for having the most expensive health care program…Go Figure!!! Hopefully ‘Obama Care’ will pave the way for a universal health care system without the for profit health insurance companies…and we can catch up with all the other industrialized countries…

      • Parisgirl says:

        Standing Ovation???? by the 200 people that were bussed in as supporters…even their applause was tepid at best….

        • montanabill says:

          I’m sorry. I know you don’t like Fox News, but their cameras showed the front section of the audience and Romney as he walked off stage. I just don’t believe that 200 people bussed in (you are the only source where I’ve heard that) would be put in the front sections of the audience. That audience was, in fact, standing and applauding.

    • Parisgirl says:

      What is even more ‘offensive, repugnant, repulsive’ nauseating, revolting, and foul is the fact that the entire membership of the GOP supports this man either with their constant flapping mouths spewing lies on all networks, or with their silence in an attempt to maintain the secrecy protecting those abounding lies. It is more than a lack of christian motivation, it is a vicious attack against those who are already struggling by shoving austerity into the mix while making plans to drag the rest of us down with them. My greatest concern is not for those fooled into voting for Romney, but for those who will not be allowed to vote for the president because of the political manipulation that is going on in key states to prevent the poor from voting. Helping to prevent this manipulation is the single most important way to ensure that Romney will never sleep in the White House. Form volunteer groups that can go out and help the sick and the elderly and the poor to somehow obtain the identification that will be required. Help them to cast absentee votes early or get to the voting booths. Now, more than ever, in this very election, we need participation. If you do not want to be controlled, you must take back the control! The battle cannot be fought by just one individual, it takes an army. So gather an army and remember…. Winning is an action!

      • tammy says:

        Well said Parisgirl!

      • montanabill says:

        It would be very interesting to hear how you can spot a GOP lie, but not a Dem lie. In case you haven’t noticed or are simply too blinded to notice, the attacks on Romney, Bain and voting suppression are drawing a lot Pinocchio’s. It appears to me that to be as irrational as your comment seems to be, you must be a member of class that depends on government for your life.

        • Parisgirl says:


          I would suggest research is your best bet for verifying lies from either side. If you cannot see the truth in factual archives, that is perhaps your problem. If one is registered with the SEC and draws even a measly salary of $100,000.00 a year and he is the sole stock holder, the president and CEO of a company that he made millions from, and then he is the responsible party for that company. If he wishes to say he retired retroactively when his dastardly deeds are exposed, that is ample evidence that he is either a liar or convinced that his money can continue to rewrite the truth. In any case it is certainly proof that he is ashamed of how he has made the money that he sees fit to hide in the Cayman Islands and Swiss Bank accounts.

          Looking at Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas it is not difficult to see what is going on if one has a mind that is not a captive of Fox (fabricated) News. Voter suppression is as plain as the nose on Pinocchio’s face. I would agree that this election is drawing a lot of Pinocchio’s but they are driven by personal greed and flamed by religious views.

          If you consider helping and inspiring people to vote irrational, I would suggest that you are afraid of the majority and perhaps are molded in bigotry. Your suggesting that I must depend on the government for my life proves it. I feel very fortunate to be well educated, financially secure, and world traveled. Meeting and interacting with other cultures is an education in itself and most assuredly widens one’s horizons. Narrow minds are to be pitied for they see so little, and can only feel important if they can imprison all others into their narrow vacuum. I also feel that these are the reasons to be morally responsible to those less fortunate. We should do our best to raise them up, not our worst in holding them down. Those who prey on the poor, the sick, or the undereducated are worthless pieces of flesh and will always be a scar on humanity. I would suggest that hidden in your admiration and unfounded role of defender you are a ‘want to be’…not quite unfortunate but certainly not a Romney which, of course, is what ‘you want to be’.

          • montanabill says:

            The salary he draws is irrelevant. If he relinquished daily control of operations, it also doesn’t matter what titles he retained, although he would be responsible for the content of official papers. What you are referring to a ‘dastardly deeds’ are in the eye of the beholder. If you consider his deeds as ‘dastardly’, then what you call Obama’s similar but worse deeds? Why would such a supposedly worldly person as yourself not understand having money in Caymen or Swiss or any other country bank accounts? It is not hidden. It was reported to the IRS. Maybe it goes unmentioned, but many of us are extremely ill at ease about the U.S. economy and the current administration and what efforts might be used to make a grab for money in U.S. bank or brokerage accounts. In your mind, you probably think that is silly, but remember this is the President that subrogated the law in his G.M. dealings and with the help of his party, forced through a health care bill by absolutely lying about its coverages, costs and taxes (even if you don’t count the penalties as taxes) and making under the table deals.
            Apparently you don’t live in states trying to get legal voting under control. Since I spend a lot of time in Florida, I can tell you that what is happening is far from voter suppression. In a state over-run with illegal aliens, many of whom have voted in past elections, they are simply trying to protect the votes of legal citizens.
            Do I feel fortunate that I am well educated, very successful and world traveled? Of course! When you are born to poverty and work like hell to achieve these things on your own (without a dime of government help), you can really appreciate them and don’t take kindly to having someone else staking a claim on your efforts or trying to tell you you aren’t paying a ‘fair share’ or want to select which people are worthy of charity. You’ll find that people in my position or Romney’s or even Warren Buffett don’t dump their money on government for redistribution. They make the charitable choices themselves.
            Quit using the contrite ‘less fortunate’ . You probably don’t even know who is and who isn’t. Those who need and deserve help are worthy of getting help, but unfortunately, that is a very small percentage of those gaming the system.

          • Parisgirl says:

            You have such a Fox (fabricated) News mentality that there is no talking to you. It might surprise you to know that you live in a DEMOCRACY not an ANARCHY. I know that you believe you are smarter than the rest of the free world, but your remark about personal computers proves otherwise. I would not mention Warren Buffet as he disagrees with your philosophy completely. Comparing yourself with Romney verifies what I said earlier about you’re being a ‘want to be’. If you are actually a billionaire with your money in all of these foreign accounts then I say ‘step out of the closet’. Until then I would say that it was under the deregulation of the banking system that the grab for the money went on…remember under George Bush and the Carl Rove presidency. His Citizens United for Anarchy is just waiting to put him back into office. Their economic plan mirrors that of Hoover and what was in place when the great depression hit. I would say that if they succeed… you and Romney will be among the first jumping out of windows.

    • Doctor T says:

      Hughes..I am in full accord with your sentiments. As well, I am extremely concerned about the outcome of this election. The amount of cash goingto the Romney fund is outrageous due to the current status of Citizens United (how ironic is that name?), and the influence this charlatan can draw upon. I am aghast at his remarks to have the President apologize to him for his obviously true and accurate remarks. We need to move forward in support of 44….

    • montanabill says:

      Nice demonization. No mention that he saved or created more jobs than were lost or that the companies that were liquidated were companies that could not be saved. It wasn’t him that created 20 million unemployed or keeps them that way. Do you truly believe that four more years of Obama policy will result in any more than even more people dependent on food stamps or convincing SS that they belong on disability or that they can’t find jobs (suitable to their rare talents). Ask those of us who were able to create companies that hire people whether today’s environment is conductive to risking entrepreneurship or expanding our existing businesses? You are not one of us, so don’t even pretend you know the answer.

  7. Hughes Hunt says:

    As you well know, you do not have to lie more than once in order for others not to believe you anymore. For the past 25 years, Shifty Mitt Romney, the vulture capitalist has flip-flopped his way to building a billion-dollar empire secretly-hidden and securely-protected in offshore banks located in countries famed as tax-havens. It was supposed to be so secret in fact that Shifty Mitt did not even know he was lying when he was adamantly in denial of any knowledge of his offshore bank accounts and investments transferred in the names of his wife and children, blind trusts, corporations and lawyers. I know a liar when I see one. Beyond doubt, Shifty Mitt has been a pathological liar so long that it has become second nature to him. Would you want Shifty Mitt to be your President who will make dreams and goals come true for you and your family? Wake up and take action. Remember to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday morning, November 6, 2012 by bringing your identification card and state drivers license to make your vote count by voting out of office all Republican Tea Partier, GOP ( Greedy Obstructionist Party) also known as the Party of No or Do Nothing Congress members. You will make a difference by so doing. Now you can smile and be happy.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Clever Hughes

      Vulture capitalist. That goes well with American Taliban Republican plutocratic obstructionist.

    • bjay59 says:

      An appropriate title would be a ” retroactive liar”. That is a person that changes true facts from the past into present day lies. Can you believe a Presidential candidate would do that and expect people not to see through that when the true facts are documented by the SEC and other organizations?. Wow, that takes balls .

  8. Hughes Hunt says:

    Come to think about it. Shifty Mitt
    Romney is hesitant to reveal his sources of income in his billion-dollar empire securely-protected and hidden offshore in unknown banks of countries famed as tax-havens. It’s not amounts that Shifty Mitt is so sensitive and fearful about but discovery of his multiple sources of income. Any income tax returns that Shifty Mitt releases is questionable at this point unless they come directly from the IRS. Shifty Mitt’s clever accountants have had way too much time to doctor his income tax returns for the past ten years a la Enron. If Shifty Mitt had gotten away with perjury as Massachusetts Governor at Securities and Exchange Commission and other government agencies, local, state, federal, tax evasion, crimes and misdemeanors for more than 25 years, can you imagine the unbridled monopoly, absolute power and total control he and his undisclosed billionaire bundlers, here and abroad, could wield nationwide and worldwide, if he were elected President of the United States of America, the sole superpower and most powerful nation on planet earth? Who on earth has the power and influence to stop him then in anything he pleases to do, to be or to have? He would be the first god of the cult ! Catastrophic to 99 % of 350 million Americans! God forbid!

    • The term “Shifty” applies to more than just Mitt. The party that elected the founder and former CEO of Columbia HCA, the company given the largest fine for fraud in history, Governor of Florida, is not going to be bothered with troublesome felonies such as tax evasion, outsourcings, plant closures, etc. One of the most amazing political commercials I have seen this year was one paid for by the GOP in which seniors were reminded that President Obama was planning to destroy MEDICARE. This from the party of spending reductions, the party that proposed dismantling MEDICARE, and the party that has been determined to shut down social programs since the FDR era. Incredibly, many seniors believe this garbage, in part, because neither President Obama nor the DNC have been able to articulate clearly and in a convincing way the benefits of President Obama’s policies. I applaud President Obama’s focus on governance, but neglecting politics until the 11th hour can have very bad consequences.

      • jebediah123 says:

        I agree with you 100%. President Obama and his advisors are just not doing enough to explain the benefits of ACA , how it will work and be administered.I have sent a number of letters to the White House and my next will be to urge him to be more forthcoming and forceful in his policy explanations.

  9. frida says:

    The economy can be as bad as the situation allows it to be, BUT handing it over to the man who is not trustworthy, honest like Mitt, makes one shake their head multiple times. In 3 months to come, a big test is coming to all voters. If you will make the wrong choice, then you will have to blame yourself later, when things will turn differently from your anticipation.

  10. ExPAVIC says:


    That’s the sound of Mitt RoMoney Republicans leaving their boy back in the dust.

    I would really, really, like to see some poll numbers now. Sarah Palin is out polling Mittens, and nobody likes her at all.

    Honestly, where do the American Taliban Republicans find their candidates? Hanging out on Capital Hill waiting for a parking space?

    Like James Carville said, McCain saw Romney’s vetting package and picked Sarah Palin as VP instead.

    The debates should be interesting too. They are going to need a boxing referee to handle the candidates cause someone could get hurt.

  11. William Deutschlander says:

    Mitt Romney is a PATHALOGICAL LIAR, so how onyone anywhere can or could beleive him is a veritable mystery!

    He never has been a business man, business men create entities of value to the economy, what Romney and his cartel did was EXTORT (remove) entities of value from the economy, then placing that removed value (capital, dollars) in offshore personal, tax evading accounts. Mitt and his cartel ACTUALY REMOVED CAPITAL (american dollars) from the U S ECONOMY, thereby eliminating investments that would create employment opportunity.

    Mitt Romney in addition to being a mentaly sick liar is a FARCE!

  12. The upcoming Republican convention may be more interesting than a lot of people think. I suspect a lot of social and fiscal conservative Republicans – not the herbal crowd – are very concerned about the electability of Mitt Romney and disagree with his record as Governor and even as a businessman, regardless of whether his focus was on a 100M race, outsourcings, foreign investments, tax shelters and everything in between. Unfortunately for them, their party has been hijacked by the most radical wing of the party and they now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to back a candidate that represents much of what they condemn. At this point they have no choice but to support a man that makes Tricky Dick look like a chomp.

  13. Joel says:

    I am just so proud that this was finally brought to light!! I still wonder however if he will mutter his way out of this one??

  14. AlfredSonny says:

    What is the difference between high gas prices caused by President Obama and the outsourcing jobs caused by Bain CEO Romney?

    • The difference is that gas prices are, like all other global commodities, influenced by the law of supply and demans, production, availability, disruptions or potential disruptions in supply, refining costs, OPEC decisions, etc. U.S. Presidents have little influence on global oil prices, unless of course you want to credit President Obama’s policies for the dramatic drop in gas prices the last few months…
      BTW, the gas price record was established in June 2008, when W was in office.

  15. howa4x says:

    What is not talked about is what profits Mitt made from 1999 till 2003,as Bain CEO even if it was in a trust. Secondly Mitt set up a corporation in Bermuda and that was the company that invested in the fetuse disposal business. Also how much stock did that company own in Bain? If ever there was a time that Mitt needed the etch-a sketch it is now! This is the type of person where the phrase the more you know him …………

  16. 10Northgate says:

    So, let me get this straight. “Elect me because I was a CEO and I was smart and I made lots of money running a successful business and I can do the same for the country”. “Well, I was the CEO and COB on paper, but I really had no control over the company during those 3 years”. So, which is it, Mitt? Are you a business genius or a witless figurehead? Are you a dessert topping or a floor wax? Do you think we are all just a bunch of idiots?

  17. rjfsr9 says:

    If Mr. Romney is anything like GW all he will have time for will be with his family in all his homes. He will never be at the White House nor doing the Nation’s bussiness. I think he should sitck with Bain something where he knows what he can do. Yes I know Mitt says he loves America for whatevery he can get from it. You know like the blood sucking vampires of his culture. Now he wants to be king of the hill and out source America. Don’t forget Citizens United can have campaign funds coming from Russia China Iran and all the oil companies around the world. Remember BP? How about the tar sand oil spill?

  18. Mitt Romney now claims that President Obama was wrong to have Osama Bin Laden killed.According to Romney,Bin Laden was only a Retroactive Terrorist and that doesn’t count.

  19. Diana C says:

    His Real name is Mittens Robme. The thought of him investing in a company that disposed of baby parts is discusting! I wonder do the christian conservatives know this?

  20. But, the real issue in the country is that:

    Too many people in the red states, especially in the dead red state of Texas, and those in others want: ‘To Put A White Man Back In The White house’!

    The GOP is doing a lot of work at the local levels to make the playing field favor their candidates.

    Even with all this information that is being revealed, how does no change such bias attitudes, enabling the real issues to be considered and elect people who will solve such.

  21. DENNISGORME says:


  22. highpckts says:

    High gas prices were not caused by Obama. Anyone that understands a free market would know that! He can’t just wave his Dictators wand and command high prices! Amazing how ignorant some people are and what they will believe!

  23. highpckts says:

    And he still has the nerve to ask for an apology from the President! What state of reality does he live in!!

  24. riobob111 says:

    I totally agree with Hughes Hunt, The Republicans really don’t have a candidate and are looking to gain POWER.
    I urge all Dems and Inds to get out their and vote corrupt Rep Congress who spend all their time doing nothing but attempting to make Obama look bad

  25. Hillbilly says:

    Since Romney is saying that he lied either about when he retired or lied when he signed the SEC papers as sole owner and stockholder, CEO, and president of Bain until the beginning of 2002, he is a liar any way you look at him. If he lied to the SEC then the SEC should bring criminal charges against him and take him to trial. Also if he lied to the SEC then the state of Massachusetts should also charge him for holding the office of governor fraudulently since he used the SEC papers to show he lived in Massachusetts. Mittens should realize that everybody knows there is no such thing as retroactively retiring from anything when you are still being paid money by them. How any one could vote for Romney I don’t understand especially with his refusal to say what his plans are for the country if elected President, all of his vulture capitalism, his lies about his vulture capitalism, all of his off shore accounts, and his refusal to show more than 2 years (that is if his 2011 tax returns are ever shown) of his tax returns since all other candidates since his Dad George Romney(who started the tax return thing) have shown at least 10 years of back tax returns. His plans for the country is the biggest thing that worries me since he answered back in the Republican primaries when asked about his plans for the country, quote”If you knew that, you won’t vote for me” end of quote. With an answer like that all voters need to be weary about Romney.


  27. There is not much difference between a Democrat and a Republican, they wag their tongues differently but they accept the same money under the table. It is time for a revolution and the dispelling of the two party myth. It is time to initiate referendums to the Constitution and take the country back for the People Governed. Demand the end of PAC’s, Lobbyists for corporate corruption and foreign interests as well as religious institutions. It is time that the We the People of the United States be the only interest of government input. It is time to also make corruption a crime of treason punishable only by public execution. The Revolution can be non-violent and they may accept our demands or lead the way to blood and total destruction. But we must end the Republican and Democrat power over stupidity in this country.

  28. montanabill says:

    Ah…the spread of twisted, misinformation. FYI, I retired as President of my company but stayed on the state records for two additional years listed as President, even though a new President was fully in charge. I simply signed for corporate renewal each year until they caught up. If @LOLGOP doesn’t understand that situation can happen, they probably know very little about the business world.

  29. The fact of this entire episode is that the Republicans are suffering from a new diseases of “Phd Syndrome”. Phd. Syndrome is: “PULL HIM DOWN”. This explains why the Republican House and Congress have always tried to bring the President down no matter what it will cost them.

  30. Brad Nova says:

    Please go to factcheck and read their take on this.

  31. Nancy says:

    Willard “Mitt” Romney is a LIAR, plain and simple. He is a LIAR. Case closed.



  34. Speaking of outsourcing, has anyone mentioned the outsourcing done at “Obama Motors” (previously known as General Motors)? Reuters had this to say on that subject…

    “GM now outsources about 90 percent of its IT services and provides 10 percent of that work in-house. Within the next three to five years, GM hopes to reverse those percentages in part by hiring “thousands” of new software developers, database experts and others globally, GM spokeswoman Juli Huston-Rough said.”

    Wow! this may mean that over time, maybe 20 percent of General Motors IT (Information Technology) will be domestic workers. That should be of great comfort to all of the software developers currently out of work, who now know that Apu in India currently has his job, but maybe in 3 to 5 years, he or she will have a chance to work for GM when that job comes back to the U.S.

    Why didn’t Obama fix this when he re-structured GM and gave away all of the equity in the company to the workers and the unions?

    • bigyaz says:

      Not too sharp, are you, Robert? Outsourcing simply means contracting with outside companies to handle IT functions. It does not mean these are overseas companies (although of course they can be). If you read the story you see that the major companies mention is Hewlett-Packard, based right here in the good ol’ USA.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Outsourcing to local companies versus offshoring to China? Yeah, Mitt is the China man. Obama is the USA man.

      Get your facts straight. Not straight from Limbaugh’s butt.

  35. Bunny says:

    The people of this country need to watch , listen and voice their concerns to the people that work for them. We can no longer afford to be so apathetic . It might already be to late. Although the Take Over Wall Street people lacked direction, and support, I feel they do have the right idea. We do need to let our Government know we are not going under quietly. Look out Government, we are the Boss, and you need to start listening !

  36. angloir says:

    The man is obviously hiding something…could it be low or non-taxed overseas money? He’s a crook!!

  37. PamelaT says:

    My favorite is the retroactive CEO. Then the financial statements filed with the SEC are false and fraudulent.

  38. rockinthebayinFlorida says:

    If you believe that Mitt doesn’t know about his “blind” trust(s), then I’ll tell you another one…any time there is a “trust” the trust owner does KNOWS what is in the trust. Furthermore, I don’t trust anyone who keeps their loot in offshore banks, trusts, etc. especially in the Islands where they have “rules” like the Swiss do-never, never tell what is in them, who owns them, who manages them, etc. When he treats his taxes of previous years like they’re Pentagon secrets…He must (the key word here is must) have something to hide…I have a real problem with all of the above! He wants us to trust him to run our country, however, he does things that cast great shadows and suspicions. I don’t care how much money he has, but I think it is begining to look like he is trying to advoid paying taxes in THIS country, just like his “friends” that are shoveling millions into his campaign chest. I have a problem with some one wanting to be MY president, and he won’t keep his money on US soil! After all, he is estimated to be worth close to a quarter billion (yes, with a ‘B’) dollars. What is wrong with this picture? At this point, I wouldn’t vote for him for urinal patrol in the men’s room!

  39. nomaster says:

    We can labor ourselves in what Willard The Rat Man Romney is, but all we really need to know and do is to get ourselves out to vote, and anyone else against this prevaricator of deceit and lie. Get the word out and the chore is done. Money corrupts completely and this aristocrat has no feeling for none other than his own and himself. He hoards his wealth and condemns them that don’t have any with a pathetic word (anyone can be as wealthy as me if only they try and are not lazy). It’s all in the silverspoon of fate that befell him, not having to earn a hard days wage for a hard days work. Fault me, if all I am is a redneck willing to do his share.

  40. Ed Hurtley says:

    “And everyone is wondering: did Mitt have to pay back the hundreds of thousands in compensation he was paid after he retroactively erased the years of work he’d been paid for?”

    Of course not, he got a million-dollar retroactive golden parachute payment, I’m sure… After all, the ultra rich get paid *MORE* when they leave with a company in tatters, rather than less. (See Mark Hurd, et al.)

  41. joujou228 says:

    He ran for president in 2007 lost the primary to McCain, when McCain lost in 2008, he knew he was going to run in 2012, not to be clearly prepared to answer these questions is ridiculous. I can understand tax returns prior to 2007, but why is he not better prepared for scrutiny after then. This is campaign malpractice. and every Romney supporter should be asking some serious questions.

  42. Bluelancer says:

    OK, let’s place all the cards on the table. Romney could disclose his past tax records when Obama discloses his true birth certificate, college finance sources, and all pertinent documentation. That Obama requests the tax records is his right to freedom of speech, however should Romney ask for Obama’s documentation, it is racism.

  43. joujou228 says:

    Romney’s tax returns and his history with Bain might be the economic equivalent and tantamount to John Edwards becoming the presumptive, democratic nominatee for Presdient of the United States only to be revealed later that he has been hiding the affair and the cover-up that followed. Were I the Head of the RNC I would be demanding to see his tax and vet them myself before the convention. He is only the presumptive nominee! They still have the option of nominating another candidate. All Republicans, from Boehner on down, should be calling to see them if not publically than privately! As an Conservative Democratic I would if this were happening in my party!!!

  44. jpretired says:

    Romney is a bougus 1% crook just like all the rest of the super pac that he sold his sole to

  45. tobewan says:

    It’s an old adage: “Figures don’t lie, but liers do figure.”

  46. tobewan says:

    Know what you mean, but doe is spelled dough. I had to look it up. 🙂

  47. tobewan says:

    Reference is to DENNISGORME

  48. tobewan says:

    All things considered then, a possible projection is: If Obama is elected, the GOP’s of our nation will stop at nothing to destroy our nation to demote & get Obama out of office, as they have been for past 3+ yrs, only with more intensity.
    If Mitt is elected, the GOP’s of our nation will destroy our nation on their own, with greater corruption than they have previously shown.
    However, the result well may be that the people’s voice & action will ultimately prove to be the greatest.
    If America system can’t survive, neither will the rest of the world’s system of things.

  49. Doctor T says:

    On most occasions I like to read what the opposition says and then respond. In this instance I am looking toward the facts in this situation. Here we have a front runner for the GOP who claims he can pull this country out of the straits it is in due to his business and managerial experience. However, it is appalling to see that Mr.Romney prefers aligning himself with Bain when it convenient for him to do so, and perpetrating a fraud by allowing his name to appear on corporate records to suit himself as the need arises. Otherwise, he was not “involved and retired”…Does he really think that we Americans are so stupid to believe the fraud he intends to advance for his own self agrandizement to our detriment so his “church” and his family can flourish? Talk about making someone want to throw up!

  50. Doctor T says:

    Your sentiments are mine exactly. I will do what I can to see this happens. We cannot allow a monstrosity to lead our nation…nor a liar, fraud, coward and cheat…

  51. Doctor T says:

    HH. You are so eloquent in your messages here that I am dumbfounded to add further to it. BRAVO!

  52. Doctor T says:

    you are so right William… I am so disgusted with this phoney I cant even believe it myself! What a charlatan he is! total fraud and idiot and so much for his self serving family….i can’t even believe this is the bs we are up against this November!

  53. Mitt Romney has no idea how to create jobs. He has no vision of an economy based on producing goods or services that people want or need. His is the economy of the “legal” scam, the tricky financial transaction that insures he gets his pay, at the expensive of most of the rest of us.

    I do not like the man, but I do not think he is stupid enough to have no decision making in a company that he is the CEO, Chairman of the Board and sole stockholder of for 3 years. A week or two, maybe..

  54. If Hitler had used the “retroactive retirement” claim, he wouldn’t have had to shoot himself in the head.

  55. jrg973 says:

    Dear Dim-Mitt.

    As a life long Democrat and someone who not only voted for Obama and will do so again,

    I am taking the opertunity to apologize to you on behalf of our President and all democrates….yes we where wrong…it took us way too long to catch you in a boldface lie!
    I’m sure if we where up on our game, we could have saved you the embarsment you must now feel and will feel in the coming months.

    Just imagin someone else, like Perry, Sarah, Michele or any of the other morons could be in the hot seat….what a Mensch ( A person of integrity and honor) you are…NOT!

    In closing I would just like to let you know that I have not followed the advice of my favorite person, Poor Richard….“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”

  56. montanabill says:

    If you mean open to both sides by Fox New mentality, then guilty. They are simply one source of news, but an important one since most major outlets are extremely selective on news they want known. I have no idea what your DEMOCRACY/ANARCHY argument is about, nor did I say anything about personal computers. Are answering the right post? Warren Buffett does not disagree with my philosophy. He pays lip service to higher taxes, but his own personal history is a different story. The comments were in reference to people being able to decide for themselves to which charities they want to support. In Buffett’s case, he gave substantially to the Gates Foundation. He did not pay it in additional taxes, which he could have done.
    You are upset about banking regulations simply because they tried to make lemonade out of the bad mortgages forced on them by the Affordable Housing act and Barney Frank. Without the trillions of dollars of bad loans they were forced to make, the banking industry would not have had any reason to create derivatives.

  57. highpckts says:

    I simply can’t buy the fact that Romney doesn’t know how or where his $250m is being managed!! Seriously! A true business man knows where all his money is or does have so much he doesn’t care?

  58. wontbfooled says:

    I would be interested to know how you spot a lie, since apparently if Fox wraps a lie in red, white and blue, you vote for people who have transfered all the wealth in America to the upper 2% then let them laugh as they foment dissent among the rest of us. What’s good for big business has proven disastrous for America. Go ahead, vote for smaller wages, longer hours, less “regulations”i.e. let them have unsafe workplaces that get you injured, sell you unsafe food, cars, lead covered products for your babies to chew on, pollute the air and water, strip the hillsides of every tree, kill any mammal or beast that in their ignorance and arrogance they feel they know better than God who designed it why it was put hereto make a buck, etc. Keep believing their propaganda machine until your five year old has to work as well as your wife, Bill. You’re like the frog being slowly boiled in a kettle of water. You can’t even remember that just thirty years ago one adult could support their family on their wages. Now both the husband and wife have to, so strangers have to watch the kids all day. Yeah, vote for more of this “service and information” economy that some greedy bastards thought they’d force upon us-Oh right, your right wing buddies. How’s that workin’ out so far?

  59. wontbfooled says:

    The standing ovation was because the people at the NAACP have some manners, unlike the right wing who shout things like “You Lie” at the President of the United States. 🙂

  60. wontbfooled says:

    Romney-spine of a jellyfish!

  61. wontbfooled says:

    Well, Bill, that’s the problem. You should try measuring things by what’s best for someone other than just your selfish lil ‘ol self for a change. Your “I got mine and to heck with the rest of you” mentality is pretty wearing, I must say. I certainly hope you aren’t even going to try to say you are a Christian. I doubt you would be spouting your nonsense if fortune had not smiled upon you. You fail to realize that you were lucky enough to be healthy enough to work, make enough in your field to have health insurance, be intelligent enough to keep that job, etc. Not everyone is down and out because of something they had control over. I have a friend who was crippled by a drunk driver when she was a child in a car accident. Shall we throw her out to trash heap because she has no use of her lower limbs, now talks with a slur, and has only limited use of her left hand? Her medical bills are astounding! But I assume you think she should just pull herself up by her bootstraps-oops, she can’t even grasp them. I’ve no problem with weeding out freeloaders, but even they need a job that allows them to provide food, shelter and housing. Minimum wage isn’t cutting that. In real dollars, minimum wage needs to be about $28.00 an hour, not $8. Let’s see you live on minimum wage@ 40 hours a week, Buffalo Bill. You couldn’t do it.

  62. wontbfooled says:

    The majority in this country want health care, period. Right now, for the majority, Billy Boy, most of us can’t afford any of our choices. No one has addressed the outrageous greed of the medical community. But Obamacare is a start. Surely you are aware that if you have no insurance company negotiating a phoney lower price for you, a trip to the ER for a broken arm, which would cost an insured person maybe $3,000 will run them around $12,000. Obamacare is a start. And having your children be able to stay on parent’s policies until they are 26 is a great part of all that- especially in this economy. Just because that age group tends to have fewer health problems than older groups, God help you if you have one and your lousy college job doesn’t provide coverage! It is also good for those who get cancer and are too sick from the treatments to be able to keep working, where they get their health benefits from. Nice to know there will be help for those millions of people, too. Bill, you have no compassion in your soul. Hope that YOU get shown the same compassion you seem to have for everyone else someday when you’re going to need it-maybe then you will understand what being selfish and arrogant was all these years. God help you in that nursing home, if the time comes!

  63. wontbfooled says:

    It’s bused in, not bussed. That would mean they all were given hearty kisses when they were brought in. Typical Foxer-can’t even spell.

  64. wontbfooled says:

    I am not “in Love” with Obama, as Fox news likes to present things. I just think most of the policies he puts forth as the way he would like Congress to act help the middle class. Since trickle down and supply side economics came into being under Ronald Reagan, this country has been economically raped by big corporations. We have surrendered our economic might, given our once unstoppable manufacturing behemoth over to slave labor in a COMMUNIST country that neither likes us nor shares any common philosophy with us. If y’all don’t think this is going to turn out disastrous for us, you are crazy!!!! Mitt Romney is just a continuation of the kind of rich, greedy capitalism that does not create anything, it just buys up and destroys. He is drinking from the same cup of destruction of this country that sll his right wing, get rich while you can buddies have for the last thirty years. They have no allegiance to America, only to making money. I thank God every day that there are still some people that aren’t fooled by wrapping evil things up in a red, white and blue cross. If the only candidate running against Mitt Romney were a drug using, brain-addled pimped out banana cupcake, I would vote for it. It would do me less harm than these greedy ba$tard$ who have taken the money and run with it to China.

  65. wontbfooled says:

    As soon as a candidate says, I believe in the american people, I know a big old lie is coming out. Truth is. most of the American people will fall for just about anything. My mom lived in a trailer park and was getting food stamps and voted for Ronald Reagan because she “liked” him. My mother-in-law, whose husband died young and left her with 5 kids to raise on her own, was getting AFDC as well. she, too, considered herself a Republican. AAAAAARrrrrrrggggghhhh!

  66. Parisgirl says:

    Point number one….It is not the dems seeing the tax returns that concern me. I believe that the voters have that right. If he claims Bain as his business experience I for one want to see if he drew a salary during the years in question…2000 and 2001. I want to know want his business experience is and how it worked. Point number two…please do not debate with generalities. What jobs were saved in what company and in what country. What companies had no way to succeed and what proof is there that they would not have succeeded. What money was invested in what companies and how was it a risk. This is the same way he wanted to approach the Auto Industry. I might add that the auto industry has come back with flying colors and the money has been paid back. In addition those workers who kept jobs and gained jobs are paying taxes back into the system and they are adding to the economy instead of drawing from it. And Point number three…yes I pay taxes and have for many years. Taxes are public money and the government chooses how to use those dollars. That is a democracy. I want to know where you were when George Bush took us 11 trillion dollars in debt with his idiotic grand stand venture into Iraq. I had no say in those tax dollars being squandered. I and many others had no choice but to bite the bullet. It was President Obama who actually got Bin Laden. Those on the right want to label him as a braggart….what about George in a flight jacket on that carrier with a big MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner in the back ground. Nine years later it was Obama who finally ACCOMPLISHED the end of that fiasco and got us out of there. George Bush left us with 11 trillion in debt, an economy that was snowballing downhill and a job loss in the millions after he was handed a growing economy with an insignificant, almost non existent debt and an enviable low jobless rate. Yes I did say that ignorance is being ill-informed. Rhetoric is not fact and fact is the only blow against ignorance.

  67. Parisgirl says:

    Inference is the back door to name calling and you appear to be well practiced in that area. It also seems that you think I am not brilliant enough to see through the implied implications that you wield like a rusty sword. I am not ‘very young’ (another inference). I am old enough for social security, although I do not yet draw it. I am very aware of what happened in Mass. I am also aware that you cannot stop progress. Ignoring progress is a huge mistake in business and it is not surprising that it leads to the collapse of any business who succumbs to such practices. That is the point with healthcare. If you think you have much of choice with private carriers you may be in for a big surprise if you ever have to use that coverage…if you ever have a pre-existing condition and lose your job and you insurance…if you have lifetime limits. The Affordable Care Act does not take away your choice, but it does give hope to those who have no choices. It works with existing health care providers…it is not a one payer system. It does seem to me that those who yell the loudest are the hypocrites. All those senators and congressman have government sponsored healthcare and I would like a list of those who choose not to keep it upon retirement. I ham forced to pay taxes that provides them this lifetime benefit that is nothing but ‘social healthcare’. Yet they scream against it. Why? Lobbyists and all the money the insurance companies send with them. Why is it we are the only country who allows healthcare insurance for profit? Why do we pay twice as much for half the care? Why are we ranked around 37th in the world when it comes to healthcare? Greed and selfishness would be the answer. Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Health Care are all ‘social’ plans. A combined, one payer system makes sense. The rest of the free industrialized world knows this. With 47 million uninsured we have opened the door for epidemics. The tax payer is already paying out of pocket for all the uninsured. It is costing a fortune for all the preventable illnesses that are not prevented. That in itself would save money, especially when you consider that untreated communicable diseases spread to even those with private insurance, which of course raises premiums. Once again we are facing progress…once again there are those who refuse to accept it or lack the vision to recognize it. Romney knew this in Mass. but has chosen to look away from it now because of pressure from the right…Tea Party politics have them running scared. Universal care is, however, unavoidable and sooner or later it will become just as much a part of this country as medicare. There were many who fought against Medicare but once it was implemented the masses saw how much it was needed.

  68. Parisgirl says:

    You are so right…what astounds me is the number of people who are swayed by the money the insurance companies spend on ‘dummy’ ads. These are transparent facts and anyone who can free themselves of FOX (fabricated) NEWS tunnel vision and chooses to open their eyes will see that there is no other way. A one payer system is a financially sound way to view the healthcare dilemma and yet the above mentioned no news channel convinces their viewers that they will loose choice and freedom. Private Carriers are much more difficult to deal with than medicaid or medicare when serious long term or terminal conditions apply. We are the United States of America. Where we rank in areas like healthcare and education is a disgrace, especially when you realized that we are ranking just above third world countries. Where is the pride that we used to have as a country?

  69. Parisgirl says:

    It was mentioned by the press on other channels…200 supporters were bussed in and seated near the front. This is no different than any other speech given by any other candidate. They always have supporters behind them or near the front for the cameras. It is called staging and which is a known practice in stumping and televised speaking.
    As a journalist major I resent Fox News. You have talked about those who twist the facts…it takes nothing more than a google to find discrepancies and take issue with what they present as news. It is not just the ‘left’. I have yet to find a reputable news agency that does not feel that people who watch Fox are less informed (or rather misinformed) than those who watch no news at all. That statement is paraphrased from US News agency and has been repeated by other reputable sources. I still have many friends abroad and Fox is the laughing stock of global news agencies as well. It is yellow journalism at best which I also resent. It is not about news…and I can include other so called news programs…but it is a forum of opinions put forth in editorial fashion, but presented as actual news while misrepresenting the facts. In other words…they say and do and show exactly what they want their viewers to believe. Fox was started by Rupert Murdoch and that should not require further explanation. In fact, Fox may be implicated in the hacking scandal and is under investigation. HR 347 is perfect example. It was presented as a secret law ‘signed by the president’ to rob people of their rights. Sound familiar…like robbing them of their choices? It turns out that is was actually a change to simplify an existing piece of legislation. What caught my attention as this judge Napolitano went on and on and on, doing his best to terrify his listeners, he mentioned that HR 347 was passed ‘overwhelmingly’ by both houses. It seems he was right…something like 388 to 3. Should anyone believe that the GOP would overwhelmingly support a secret act by the president to infringe on the rights of the public. I think not. Then this judge sent a video of his tirade as an email to prove his point. It was and is worse than twisting facts it is a bald face lie and even Pinocchio does not have a nose long enough for this one. All one has to do is look at the law and actually read it….again much like the health care act. Though we may disagree on policy, it seems that you are an intelligent man. For your own sake, if you continue to watch Fox, investigate the truth of their presentations. It hurts not to seek the truth, unless you are afraid of what you might find.

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