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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Romney Says The Fundamentals Of His Campaign Are Strong

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Romney Says The Fundamentals Of His Campaign Are Strong

Mitt Romney has spent the last year struggling to get Americans to identify with a draft-dodging, tax-avoiding, corporate-raiding multi-millionaire who refuses to admit he was born rich and enjoys being able to fire people who don’t please him. And finally, he’s done it.

I almost feel bad for Mitt.

Has a national candidate — excluding Sarah Palin — ever had a worse week than Mitt Romney just bumbled through? In less than a week, Mitt managed to evoke comparisons to Barry Goldwater, Gordon Brown and Richard Nixon. And that’s being generous.

Not since Barry Goldwater said, “Sometimes I think this country would be better off if we could just saw off the eastern seaboard and let it float out to sea” has any major party candidate for president alienated such a huge chunk of the United States with just a few words. But unlike Goldwater’s dismissal of a third of the country, Mitt’s comments were made privately. And thus, they were even more honest… and more cutting.

Steve Kornacki of points out that the only incident that could be compared to RomneyTape was when British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was caught in 2010 on a hot mic calling a Labour supporter a “bigoted woman.” Brown was insulting a particular woman with a particular trait. But it reinforced a narrative that he disdained a large swath of voters.

Both Goldwater and Brown lost their elections, of course.

Romney being caught on video denigrating 47 percent of Americans to his rich donors is really unprecedentedly bad. In his own voice and pixelated image, Mitt revealed that he is pretty much the heartless caricature his detractors have imagined. He’s the kind of guy who can accuse you of wanting “free stuff” while soliciting millions in donations and trying to give himself a massive tax break.

Romney’s response to the tape’s release was to basically affirm that what we heard in the video reflected what he believes, but said in an “inelegant” way. But the problem for Mitt was that in these few sentences, he was as clear and articulate as he’s ever been. What was missing was the veneer of his poll-tested BS.

Republicans in close elections across the nation realized that Mitt’s comments cut so close to the bone that they had to reject them. By Thursday, Mrs. Romney had to tell her fellow Republicans to “stop it!”

And the week kept getting worse. On Friday, Paul Ryan took his mother with him to speak to the largest senior citizen group in the country, AARP. Not since Cruella de Vil delivered the keynote at the Dalmatian convention has a speaker gotten a worse reception. It made Mitt’s visit to the NAACP look like a family reunion, as Ryan was booed so many times that reporters stopped counting.

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65 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Mitt Romney Says The Fundamentals Of His Campaign Are Strong”

  1. old_blu says:

    I think if we just let Romney go he will just bury himself.

    To quote a friend (Fern) “Romney is his own worst enemy”. *wink*

  2. Mitt happens….just don’t let it happen to you.

  3. BDC_57 says:

    we want romney to keep bury himself he is so good at.

  4. latebloomingrandma says:

    If you look at a person’s campaign as a template for how their administration will be organized and run, this should give everyone the heeby-jeebies.

  5. BDC_57 says:

    it shows how high is his iq he not a very smart person to believe in what he says.

  6. William Deutschlander says:

    Romney / Ryan FUDAMENTALS have no basis in REALITY.
    The R/R Fundamentals, same as G W Bush/Cheney will finish off and completely destroy the United States of America and Democracy.
    The R/R Fundamentals are based on GREED and AVARICE!

  7. MyThotz says:

    What you don’t realize is that we agree with him. It’s a viewpoint of people who are proud, hard working Americans who realize that a hand-out is a hand-out and there is nothing to be proud of there. Working to make a living instead of living off the government is and has always been (until now) the American way. We are a proud people and take satisfaction in working to take care of our families. Living off the government is being a leach, a parasite. Where is the self respect in that? Wake up people because for every day YOU work, YOU are supporting those who are living off government handouts ~ that’s where YOUR tax dollars are going. You are personally subsidizing other people and you don’t know if they are out of work because they can’t find work or just don’t want to work because they are getting more money from you than they would if they got up every morning and went to their job instead of staying home eating chips and watching American Idle (yeah, Idle…). So when you are working hard all day YOU can think about how much you are contributing to the government philosophy of taking from YOU and giving it to anyone out there… Your money is no longer yours, the current administration believes it is THEIR’s first and you get what’s left over. Hey, they have a lot of mouths to feed too you know! I’d rather be working to make the life of MY family better, pay my bills, send MY kids to college ~ this current entitlement idea is killing me & America and what was once the American Way of working hard for a better life. I will side with Romney on this one because Obama’s idea of “Change” is killing us all. (except for those getting gov’t handouts…)

    • my, where does the 92 billion in corporate welfare come in?

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Stop your ridiculous lying. Everybody with two marbles rolling around upstairs knows that people who claim that they do it all on their own are the same ones that slurp up the tax dollars of others ALL THEIR LIVES, but whine and snivel about paying their fair share. What a bunch of deadbeats you are!

      I really don’t mind my tax dollars going towards helping people who need it. What burns my ass is people who snort up public benefits and then LIE about it like an ungrateful slug.

      Kindly send back the money that you so ungratefully sucked up from the rest of society ALL YOUR LIFE, then move to Antarctica where nobody will be around to endure your greedy, ungrateful whoppers. Since you like to flap your lying jaws about how you made it all on your own without anyone’s help, then certainly you can make it on your own in a place where there will be no public benefits of any kind for you to greedily slurp up while whining incessantly about PAYING YOUR BILLS.

    • I agree there are people who abuse the system I will refer to these people as “the Clueless” And I will agree there is no pride in that, and it is not the american way. I draw the line at the BS that you are going to see a change for the better with Romney.

      His plan is to remove the “entitlement culture” from America, he says. What you are misssing is just where he intends to MOVE it to. There is a signifigant portion of this society that actually NEEDS help there are seniors on SS who BTW have paid in and deserve to receive there pay out ( not a hand out it’s a retirement benefit they worked at all their lives.) there are the disabled who can’t work but are living breating humans and citizens of this counrty, to not care for them would be a black mark across our history. There are the HARD WORKING poor and middle class who don’t need much help but the safety net of occasional help is worth keeping for them. I would like to see even more aid for the helpless. But like you I am tired of the clueless.

      Now what is Mitt doing??? He has stated behind closed doors to his donors “My job is not to care…..” I don’t think any public official should be able to say that about any segment of society, and keep his job. Mitt doesn’t even have a job he’s in the interview process and popping off with this crap at the interview.

      What is glaringly apparent is he fully intends to relocate all the entitlements to his culture and just flat screw everyone else. What he is suggestion is that the old Regan LIE about trickle down will work now that he is spinning it. It is a 3 time failure and we just went through 8 years of it. Once again total fail and nearly brought on a depression. AND btw one of the biggest redistributions of wealth in history…to the moochers…WELL yes to the REAL MOOCHERS…lets just take mitt’s tax return for instance with the capital gains tax of 15% instead of the working man’s income tax rate of 30-35%…Mitt paid 3 mill in taxes…if he was paying working man’s tax it would be 7.6 milion…that’s a government handout in the form of a tax break for the “Investor class” to the tune of 4.6 mill that year..that’s enough “FOOD STAMPS” for Mitt to eat caviar until the year 3287…now that’s some world class mooching. That is the only thing Mitt wants to do make it even easire to rip off the middle class and hand the friuts of our labor to the ultra rich. That is why the ultra rich are trying to buy this election. It’s not that the USA is on the brink of disaster that’s got them worried it’s that their hegemony ove all capitalist enterprizes is coming to an end. They are becoming extinct and rightfully so, and this is their lst great opportunity to influence an election. The trouble is they picked the wrong guy he is a train wreck both personality wise (READ he doesn’t have one) and his entire team of yes men are just feeding him more BS to spew.

      The good news is Obama will win this election in an unprecedented land slide and the last nail in the old rich angry white racist coffin will be firmly in place. The amazing thing is I believe they will just drill a hole in the lid and keep shouting the same story from their coffin. If they don’t wake up to the changing electorate by 2020 they will be a historical foot note.

      Maybe sensible Libratarians will inherit the thinking right that’s leftover after the republican bones are picked clean.

      In summation …Help the helpless, it’s the American Way…find ways to ween the clueless, WE THE PEOPLE need them to go to work and lastly we need to realize that these politicians work FOR US if they won’t do their job we NEED to fire them.

      • If we the American workers defeat the leeches in congress who voted no on every jobs bill.then we deserve R&R because that’s all we will have no jobs no social security no medical i.e. Obama care ,Romney says he and split-up companies borrowed heavely on them then took them into bankrupcy laid off workers reorganized under a different name and reaped the profits to me that smacks of fraud or white collar crime and the republican party call him their hero. have they collectively lost their minds???

  8. frivolous01 says:

    I would have to agree with this column. As an independent I always try to look impartially at both sides before making any decisions (although I will admit I lean left on most issues other than fiscal, where I lean a little right). When Romney first threw his hat in the ring I thought he looked like a pretty good candidate, very moderate, the author of Romneycare, seemed to want to allow people to make their own moral decisions. Then he started talking and right now I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances, he is just plain dishonest and unlikeable.

  9. Paul Ryan released his tax return and it went online. Evidently he “missed” a trust account that probably involves a good chunk of his income. His tax preparer typed in an intention to amend. Are we dealing with more double dealing than we think we are dealing with?

  10. howa4x says:

    They only want to legalize stealing. This is why they talk about freedom. It is not about anything else than removing regulations on Wall st and open the gambling casino once again. Maybe even with the trillions in social security so they can become richer. The election is all about protection of wealth. Why is it that Republicans can talk about the poor in derogatory terms but when Obama talks about income inequality they scream Class warfare? Mitt is still in it because white men can’t deal with having a black president

  11. bcarreiro says:

    the fundamentals of obamas campaign are fair and balanced, than a fudgeamentally insincere fool with a weak approach to even campaign.

  12. arteesto1 says:

    This guy Romney is a JOKE…does america realize he doesn’t gtive a hoot about anyone that isn’t RICH? He will not help almost half of all americans in any way….get this election over already, then send him to Kookamunga so we can forget about him and his rediculous attempt to be our president forever! I predict this presidential election will be the biggest landslide defeat for him by Obama in USA history.

  13. I was just watching the 60 Minutes interviews with both candidates at the CBS site, and I noticed something interesting. I’m wondering if Mitt has undiagnosed Aspergers syndrome. And no, I’m not being nasty or snarky. I watched the interview twice, and I never saw his eyes move away from his focus point, not even once. He never glanced left or right, up or down. They were locked into position, and even when his head moved, his eyes stayed on target.

    The only people I’ve seen do that are people with Aspergers and cultists who have been trained to do this (Scientologists especially). I’m not accusing him of being a cultist or anything, but seriously, look at the clip and watch his eyes. Feel free to apply your own interpretation, but that’s my read.

    I think that as long as he lived and moved in a social setting bound by rigid rules of structure and formality, and worked at a job that involved little to no human interaction beyond the selling skills needed to gather together investors, he was fine. Management is a command environment, and demands little empathy or emotional contact. An LBO specialist cannot think about what impact his actions will have on others, and as such demands a certain degree of sociopathy

    He was trained by his church in the means and methods of expressing care and sympathy, but if the anecdotes I’ve heard are true, being the ‘caring bishop’ was simply a role he was playing as he was taught, he was ‘doing his job’. When it came to decisions that involved the heart, though, he went by the Book. Once again, I concede this is anecdotal, but it would seem that decisions which demanded a degree of empathy were not made on that basis. I seriously don’t think he’s connecting with people because it’s simply beyond him to do so. And all his life, he’s never had to make any kind of emotional connection outside of a rigidly constrained and structured environment. Work and church have never demanded this of him.

    Politics, though, is another story. It’s not a science, it’s an art, and unfortunately, he’s artless. He lacks the ability to connect with the people on a personal, emotional level. You cannot conceive of him feeling your pain. That’s why I think his image and positions were carefully crafted by social engineers for maximum appeal. His policy positions are not his, but determined by pollsters and focus groups to be what his base expects, and he complies with what he expects will get the greatest response.

    As a politician, he appears to literally be a construct. When people say they think he’s a robot, they may be closer to the truth than they know. When you look into his eyes, there’s no warmth, only calculation. When he speaks, there’s no heart, only script. If you get him off message, he flounders. Therefore he demands an extremely high degree of control over his settings. The episode at the Univision interview is indicative of this.

    All he does, all he is, is the result of artifice. It’s as though he discovered that the secret to political success was sincerity, and has imperfectly mastered the art of faking it. And he can’t ‘reboot’ his campaign simply because his operating system is lacking a few critical subroutines that are crucial to a successful politician.

  14. CaptainWes says:

    Yep – he definitely said it. The finances are strong for him. All the money from the Koch Brothers and the other super PACs are basically going to “FUND A MENTAL.”

  15. CaptainWes says:

    Am I the only one to notice that the Romney/ Ryan logo is reminiscient of the logo for the Rolls Royce auto division?

  16. Country will come back. We will get out of George W.’s hole. I just don’t want to pay people like Romney’s share……

  17. Regina M says:

    It is a good thing Obama does not have the basic fundamentals as Mitt does huh? OH WAIT!!.. Lets see.. 17 luxurious vacations ( at least) at taxpayer expense. handouts to tons of illegals and muslim pals, including lavish banquets at the white house for them and plane flights. Attended elite colleges , as did Moochie, bought a home that would be considered high end even in this market today when they were married. Both lawyers until Moochie was disbarred. Our nation is 16 trillion in debt that Obama is at FAULT for, NOT Bush! I say that because Obama PROMISED to decrease that..NOT! He increased it, as well as the unemployment level. Anyone that thinks Obama was just a poor little brown boy can end that fantasy when he became involved with his suspected true biological father that was a wealthy marxist . Obama wa,s and is supported by the muslim brotherhood and the Islamic nations that refer to him as their “messiah”. He not only did NOT salute our flag, but now has created his own American flag. Guess we can just dump “Old Glory now. He has admitted attending flag burning ceremonies with Moochie, has admitted being a muslim on many occasions, and is absolutely running a socialist democratic administration. His cabinet is loaded with commies and muslims, and Hillary is by his side working on banning guns, removing our rights, and altering and amending our constitution on his say so.
    There has always been an economic class division in this country, so lets not pretend that Mitt instituted that! The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer is not a new idea , ok? It is Obama that wants to re-distribute the wealth, and that may sound good, but it means that there will be 2 classes..the government wealthy, and the poor dependent masses.He is working on that now and is is called SOCIALISM. He has increased welfare rolls, allowing funds to go to illegals in the form of social security payments and subsidized living and educational funding for those in the amnesty program ( muslims and illegals primarily).
    He has said we will never go to war with the Islamic nations, you figure that one out. I have already, and it screams of him being a muslim at heart and is not honoring his oath of office to protect and defend this country and our constitution!
    HELL NO TO 4 MO OF O!!!

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Really, we all know that nutty old racist bags are still tottering around, but must you flap so many lies out of your toothless gums? Every other word in your idiotic post is another racist tweet on the old bigot-whistle, and it’s no wonder that nobody wants to play with you, you bigoted old crank!

      Obama is your leader, and he’ll be your leader for 4 more years. And guess what else? He’ll be black THE WHOLE TIME!


      Do try to have a nice day. 🙂

    • hellowoman says:

      That’s a lot of right wing talking points you went over. However, inacurate at best. There are many with strong opinions, but don’t know a thing about debt-financing. First of all it is inaccurate about Obama adding trillions to the federal debt. Here is where all the debt comes from. On Jan-09, the date Obama was sworn in, the National Debt according to BARRON’s was $10.7 trillion…but…there was another $1.3 trillion deficit. By the way, the largest budget deficit in history. (It cost $3.6 trillion to run he government for a year, and only $2.3 trillion of tax revenues came in. ) That adds up to $12 trillion. But hold on…At that time, it was also known that the budget deficit would repeat itself….it would be at least $1.3 trillion/year into the foreseeable future until such time as revenues = expenditures. That means for fiscal 2010 to 2013, the years that Obama would inherit these “hidden” costs. So add $1.3 trillion x 4 years = $4.2 trillion to the $12 trillion sub-total + $4.2 trillion = $16.2 trillion….and that is before President Obama spends as much as a dime! All of it is the Bush era debt legacy…..and by the way, that isn’t the end of it, because we have to pay interest on all of it. That’s right! Money borrowed through the sale of 30 yr treasuries sold in 2002, must continue to pay the semi-annual coupons for another 20 years….and that includes the last issue of Bonds at the time Bush left office. Tat last budget, with the deficit of $1.3 trillion, the biggest annual deficit in history, had to be borrowed by selling more bonds. So from early 2009 onward, in addition to debt already piled up, we have another $1.3 trillion to pay interest on through 2039. Now let’s talk about what Obama spent. Obama had to spend all $2.3 trillion a year that were collected in taxes + 1.3 trillion dollars a year in Bush’s deficit legacy costs. Remember it costs $3.6 trillion/year to run the government + the costs of two wars (yeah, money was borrowed off the books for that project), and the Bush tax cuts which guaranteed we would have to continue to borrow money….perpetuating the deficit. So Obama, by the time 4 years is up will have spent $3.6 trillion x 4 = $14.4 trillion. Now subtract the tax revenues, $2.3 trillion x 4 = $9.2 trillion. The difference between $14.4 trillion – $9.2 trillion = $5.2 trillion. Of this sub-total, 4 years of Bush legacy budget deficits = $1.3 trillion x 4 = $4.2 trillion. Subtract that expense that was imposed upon President Obama’s budget, $5.2-$4.2 = $1 trillion. So….that amount of added spending that can be justly attributed to Obama is $1 trillion over 4 years. Too bad many you believe every negative piece of propaganda out there. Pick up a copy of BARRON’s weekly and study it. When you get to the Market Watch section, you’ll see where they publish a running tally of the Statutory Debt Limit, and where we are as of today.

      • I like your explanation of where the trillons came from. actually ronald reagan was the first to take us over 1.3trillion then george herbert walker bush added another 1.4 trillion clinton accounted for 1=1trillion which was the interest on the previous president’s debts. My???is how much intrest are we paying on gw bush debt

    • neece00 says:

      Your bigotry is showing

    • DownriverDem says:

      Regina, do you believe in birth control? As a woman, I consider you a traitor. You are on the wrong side of history. Most repubs know it too. That is why they are so hateful, bitter and angry. I pity you big time.

    • I really, really, really try to be objective when it comes to politics and I am a very moderate voter; but I cannot escape the fact that everything I have read from Obama supporters has been kind and rational, and everything from Romney supporters a ranting, raving, bigoted, illogical, atrociously disgusting mess.

    • Stella53 says:

      Regina, please seek help and stop watching FAUX News!

    • grammyjill says:

      what nutfarm did you escape from? you should go back and stay there. you are not well.

    • oldtack says:

      Romney and Ryan (RR) from “outer space” and REGINA from Roswell (RR) where they believe in people from outer space.. Think this is a diatribe from a deranged person. Go to the website and read more of her drivel. Wow! Nut case first class. But being from Roswell sounds like she’s right at home.

  18. DownriverDem says:

    If Rmoney wasn’t against everything I hold dear, I might feel sorry for him. I think his parents are spinning in their graves at his performance. They were moderates and he seems to say and do anything to get the RWNJs on his side. They will vote their hate. They are not voting for Rmoney. They are voting against Obama.

    • Stella53 says:

      I have to wonder though if Romney is truly against everything you hold dear (and me too) or is he just pandering to the right wing of his party? And you are right – they are surely voting against Obama and not for Romney. I call them the anti-Obama voters.

  19. Bush was the worst president of my lifetime. Romney makes him look good. Like him to explain why that is.

  20. ANN says:

    Mitts a very delusional man.

  21. neece00 says:

    Interesting fact that Romney talked about during his interview yesterday, that all uninsured people have to do is go to the ER. Right, and that will fix the healthcare problem.

  22. They don’t care. They’ve got Voter ID — they think that will give them the presidency.

  23. Why does the GOP allow Romney out to speak in public? Does he just keep escaping?

  24. nomaster says:

    If Romney and Ryan had any real life worthy fundamentals one would never know it or differentiate it from the BS they spew like an open wound or a sewer line spewing waste.

  25. 3B Birdy says:

    The main problem Romney has is that for every $1m he raises in donations, he loses $2m in bad publicity. If he was a company he’d be shut down.

  26. anyasnote says:

    AGREED 100%+++++

  27. mac macey says:

    Oh Dear. A GOP who’s finished and doesn’t know it.

  28. Charlie Rose says:

    I am laughing at you. You are hilarious. You appear to think that helping poor people who are already struggling to get by will immediately make them lazy. Also I love how you think that not going to war with someone makes you one of them. He’s not going to war with Christiain nations, and yet you say he’s not a Christian. Also you’re racist. “Poor little brown boy.” I don’t care what you meant, that’s completely racist.

  29. Charlie Rose says:

    Be careful, you’re starting to sound like *them* with the “FAUX News” thing.

  30. Don says:

    Mitt is Mr. and I am not sure what he is doing, onlythat he will give all the rich people more money and luckily none of it will go to the grave with them, only huge mausoliums to hold them and their families for the rest of us to gauck at. LOL

  31. turnipgreens says:

    Have you noticed the dropoff of mega millions to Romney’s campaign lately? Obama is now outraising him. Could it be those big donors are realizing their lost cause?

  32. gwyn67 says:

    The Gordon Brown comparison is uncalled for, Mitt Romulan isn’t half the human being that Gordon is.

  33. Shuruppag says:

    Ryan at the AARP: “Not since Cruella de Vil delivered the keynote at the Dalmatian convention”…okay, silly as hell, but I laughed.


    Heeeeeyyyyy allllll you OBAMA LOVERS—-
    We knew it would come out—-
    Obama Administration Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism Within 24 Hours—-
    He was trying to cover it up!!!!!!!!!

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