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Friday, October 28, 2016

BREAKING! A new study confirms what you already knew – Republicans are the problem.

The Guardian’s Harry J. Enten took a look at Congress and found that every year since 1977, whether they won or lost elections, Republicans have become more and more “conservative.” Meanwhile, Democrats have remained about as liberal as they were when American men wore shirts that revealed chest hair on purpose.

BREAKING! The study also reveals that Republicans are not only extreme in their own views, they’ve become ruthless in their obstruction.

Since the Democrats took over the Senate in 2007, Republicans have made as many cloture motions to prevent up-or-down votes as the previous six Senates combined.

This purposeful legislative constipation has created the least productive Congress in at least 60 years right as America—immersed in a jobs crisis that has only been made worse by a GOP obsessed with cutting spending to erase a deficit they created.

It seems that the only solution to the deliberate-paralysis Republicans would be more rational — what some used to call “moderate” — Republicans.

History remembers moderate Republicans because the GOP brings them up whenever they’re justifying their latest extremism. Sure, we’re trying to make it impossible for minorities to vote now. But some Republicans supported the Civil Rights Act in 1964! We’re attacking “welfare queens” but hey, remember Lincoln!

Dick Armey, the former congressman who is at the center of hilarious intrigue involving the Tea Party dark money group FreedomWorks, said just this week, “I always laugh this [sic] is a party that was born with the Emancipation Proclamation and we can’t get a black vote to save our life,” he said.


Okay. A hundred and fifty years ago, you did some decent outreach. Now the only outreach the GOP does is to push people who don’t hold the party line out of the party.

Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) — one of the three Republicans willing to vote for the stimulus after President George W. Bush left office with the economy losing nearly a million jobs a month — is leaving the Senate. She attacked the culture of obstruction in the Senate in her resignation letter, saying it’s become like a “parliamentary system — where everyone simply votes with their party and those in charge employ every possible tactic to block the other side.”

This coming from the woman who helped hold the Affordable Care Act up in committee for months and then refused to vote for it, even after her suggestions were mostly adopted.

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  • bcarreiro

    the only thing the republicans stand for is……………….dividing this country!!!

  • old_blu

    The republicans have let their party be hijacked by the tea party, (there are very few true Republicans left) and unless we vote them out in 2014 I don’t think they can be stopped. IMHO

    • neeceoooo

      Hi there old_blu, I plan to do my part in 2014.

      • old_blu

        I’m not so much against the Republican party as I am the tea party, they hold the Republicans and all of America hostage everytime something needs to be done.

        And hello to you my friend.

      • BDC_57

        Hi old friend I going to vote for the left too I am not going let the tea bagger to win this time.

    • Hi Old Bue, you are right and I would add that if the Tea Party succeeds, all the things that have been accomplished during the past several decades, including Social Security, MEDICARE, equal opportunity, and the regulations that have been put in place to minimize the probability of more ENRONs, AIGs, and Bernie Maddoffs will be lost forever. The worst part is that while they oppose everything, including the institution of government, they never offer an alternative.

      • old_blu

        Hello Dominick. Exactly, just like this fiscal cliff thing, they want to have a balance between cuts and increases but won’t make any suggestions on how to go about it.

        • TZToronto

          And they reject any ideas that come along–even the few they themselves introduce!

          • old_blu

            They are horrible. I know they don’t have the best intrest of what’s good for America in mind for sure.

        • LA_CC

          I thought they were opposed to any tax increases – which is why Boehner’s Plan B didn’t even get to the floor for a vote. They want cuts on social programs and can’t do the math to figure out that’s not going to solve the debt issue. Most don’t even want cuts to defense although some do. Of course, this is why it’s hard to get them to lay out their ‘detailed plan.’ Empty rhetoric.

          • old_blu

            Exactly you are right about that, but I don’t think it is going to bother them one bit if the middleclass taxes go up, cuz they could stop them just by letting the taxes go up on anyone making 450k and up, I think that is where it’s at now.

          • Lisztman

            They won’t lay out their “detailed plan” because it doesn’t exist. Anyone who’s tried to actually do the math has discovered that there is no math system that makes their “plan” work,

          • BDC_57

            It’s the plan lying Ryan came up with.

        • Lisztman

          HNY, old_blu. Of course. A “balance” between cuts and increases. But somehow they figure that it takes around 150 cuts to balance a single increase of any size. (NO. I made up the number. Don’t look for a source. It’s the concept of “balance” upon which I’m commenting.)

          • old_blu

            Happy New Year to you my friend, Looks like they didn’t give a crap about America again I think we are going over. (I’m glad President Obama is mostly standing his ground)

        • BDC_57

          They don’t know what to do about it because they are dumb as box of rocks.

      • Yes, Mr Vila I look for the Tea Party to completely do away with regulations and the American people must get ready for all traffic rules and regulation to be disbanded and the loudest horn have the right away. Its going to get real interesting out there.

  • The downhill slide of the Republican party started back in ’64, when the Conservatives under Barry Goldwater fought tooth and nail against the Moderate/Progressives under Nelson Rockefeller. After LBJ alienated the Southern Democrats by a coalition of Northern and Western Democrats and Moderate Republicans to pass the Civil Rights Legislation and the Voting Rights Act, the those same Southern Dem bolted the party and went to the Republicans.
    Please remember, many of these old Southern Dems were grandsons of the old Confederacy, and didn’t like all these “liberal changes” their party was supporting. They soon came to dominate the Conservative wing of the Republican Party, and eventually resulted in Newt Gingrich’s “Republican Revolution” followed by Karl Rove’s “Permanent Republican Majority”.
    When Karl Rove lost his job as “1st buddy” and had to get a real job, he joined up with other Conservatives in forming his PACs and his foundations that seek to find only true conservatives to run. You might want to refer to him as the Midwife of the Tea Party movement. Add to that his paid gig on Fox to denigrate anything any Democrat says or does, and he had a pretty good thing going. Unfortunately as only one of his supported candidates won this cycle, the Koch brothers are now saying “Karl, you got some splainin’ to do!”

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Actually, the demise of the Republican Party started with Reagan embracing the Evangelical Movement during his terms in office.

      It was the Evangelical Movement which corrupted the party and itself at the time. Now, it’s the Tea Party, which is helping along with the Evangelical Movement, tear it down even further.

      As a result, the Moderates are being marginalized in favor the more radical and extreme elements of the party. In which case, the more radical elements are setting the agenda for the entire party.

      It’s a hell of a way to run a political party.

      • bernieo

        Don’t forget it was Reagan who also started the completely insane idea that tax cuts cause so much growth that they pay for themselves through additional revenue. This wildly inaccurate idea – no tax cut has ever come close to paying for itself – has rarely been debunked by our “liberal” media which is why Republicans have been able to get away with their pledge to Norquist.

        • In all fairness, trickle down economics stimulated investment…in China!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Don & Bern:

            It’s going to be interesting to see what happens over the next 12 hours and how this plays out.

            So far, from what I hear, the Democrats have conceded a lot and the Republicans haven’t conceded that much at all.

            We didn’t elect a President to backtrack as much as he is agreeing to do though.

        • latebloomingrandma

          Somehow they forget that after Reagan cut taxes, during the rest of his term, he raised them—-11 times I think! He was also the biggest spender until Bush II came along. Yet—Democrats get tagged with the “big government” mantra. Makes no sense.

      • Lisztman

        What the Radical Right don’t realize is that it’s nigh impossible to negotiate, or compromise, from a radical position. Any shift toward center from a radical position is still a pretty radical position.

        Time was when left-of-center liberals and right-of-center conservatives could negotiate an agreement that more or less worked for everyone. The radical wing of the Republican Party hasn’t figured out that government doesn’t work and can’t function by the edict of one individual or group of individuals.

        I know the Senate is working on it. If it’s Robert’s Rules, or Senate Rules, that bog down the Senate, it’s time to modify the rules. Unfortunately the only way to restore sanity to the House is to wait until the next election cycle. Sadly it will probably be several more cycles before the radicals are flushed (down) from the system.

    • Replying to Baron Cormac –

      Hasn’t Karl Rove sent all that money back to the Koch brothers yet?

      I mean, that would be the honorable thing to do, so I am sure the check is in the mail by now.

  • The GOP has moved so far to the right that it no longer represents mainstream Americans or even moderate Republicans. It is party that is now in the fringes and appeals only to the most radical elements in our society on almost every issue important to the average citizen. To make matters worse, their incendiary rhetoric seldom reflects their actions. The same folks that clamor for spending reductions never say how to achieve that worthy goal for fear of losing votes. They lament the slaughters that cause so much pain nationwide, and encourage people to buy the instrument used to carry them out. They oppose abortion because “thou shall not kill”, and endorse the death penalty. They want smaller government, and hate regulations, but demand strong government involvement in matters important to them. They claim to be fiscal conservatives, but refuse to pay for the programs they benefit from.
    What this tells me is that they are not conservatives, they are social radicals whose agenda is driven by greed, hate, and intolerance. In truth, they hate their RINOs as much as they hate the “librels”. Teddy Roosevelt, Ike, and even Reagan would not have had a chance in today’s Republican party.

    • alumahead

      Republicanism has simply become the safe harbor for all the worst things about America.

    • idamag

      Dominick, even if Jesus returned to the earth and tried to run on a Republican ticket, he would be denied.

      • LoveUSAmerica

        Norquist would “primary” him.

      • real talk 1

        what make you think Jesus would go along with the likes of you when you are so busy relying on others for your livelihood because you are either to lazy or stupid to care for your self . what make the liberals think God bless stupid and lazy when he gives all a brain to be used for making life better for man kind, liberals are plain ignorant and thats that.

        • It is so nice to hear from the home schooled. Now if you try real hard you may be able to get a job washing dishes at the local dinner.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          From this posting, it appears to me, you haven’t been using yours at all – your brain that is.

        • SilverGuardian

          And yet all the FACTS point to the opposite of pretty much everything you’ve said. I don’t consider myself “a liberal”. I have some things that I lean liberal in, but most of the people who you call liberal are moderates. And that is the one thing that you prove yourself incapable of being. You don’t need to have reality on your side … you just need to believe yourself to be walking a perfect path, and everyone else .. wallah .. suddenly is “liberal” because you think it’s a nasty thing to accuse them of. What would be a nasty thing to be accused of, is actually to be accused of finding any reality in your “real talk”.

      • Allan Richardson

        He wouldn’t run on a Republican ticket; see Matthew 25:41-46 for ONE example.

    • Allan Richardson

      A friend of mine at a local Democratic breakfast found a way to sum it up today. Liberals are willing to be taxed more to help everyone, even when they do not personally know those who will be helped. Conservatives only want to help those in their own families and circles of friends.

      Example: now that marriage equality is becoming accepted by the majority of the VOTERS, one Democrat after another, including those who do not know any gay people, are coming out in favor. The few Republicans who have done so ONLY came out in favor because THEIR OWN CLOSE RELATIVE is gay.

      If there are potholes in the roads, liberals are willing to pay a bit more in taxes to fix the potholes, even on streets they do not personally use; conservatives start up businesses to sell super-shock-absorbers and offroad vehicles to the few who can afford to buy and operate them, but will let the “poor people’s” cars be wrecked by the potholes.

      Liberals want public water supplies to be safe and unpolluted. Conservatives want to let businesses dump poison in them to save money, and buy personal water filters for themselves and their families (while recommending that people who cannot afford them get their own filters, i.e. let them eat cake).

  • bpai99

    I sincerely wish to thank the Tea Party for all its efforts in 2012. If not for them, Romney would be President and the GOP would control both houses of Congress. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Romney and the GOP would be totally insignificant if it weren’t for the people, nearly half of the voting public, who support them.

      What does that tell you about average Joe Blow Republican Voter? If this points to anything, it shows me we have a very long way to go before this country returns to our progressive roots.

      This country was not founded as a Conservative Nation. We were founded on Liberalized Progressive Principals. This is why we have in our Constitution; Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      If we were founded on Conservative Values, these words would have never been put into the Constitution.

      • sunmusing

        A point to remember…We have TWO constitutions to abide by….Of course we have THE Constitution with corresponding Bill of Rights…Then we have the STATE Constitutions…this is where the real war begins and will end…The extremists on the right are not stupid…they have been attacking and winning at the state level for far too long…the wingers are bragging about “owning” 24 states…meaning they have both houses and the governorship…With the radical “think tanks” who are tax-free by the way, are continually generating an agenda that has the express purpose to overthrow our popular vote for government…The record is there for all to see…The States’ Constitutions are the birthplace of our VOTING rights…this is where WE THE PEOPLE, garner our power…that is why the States are under attack by the wingers….

        • idamag

          Sun, they have my state and you should see the messes they make.

          • old_blu

            I thinkl I read something the other day how your state has got the lowest wages of any other state. Is that true? (right to work?)

          • idamag

            Old-blu, that is true. We have low wages and high unemployment and the right to work. One of the experts on the panel said it is because of the lack of higher education for most. We have a high number of high school dropouts. Industry does not locate here because of the lack of skilled labor.

          • BDC_57

            I notice all the red states have the highest unemployment and get the most welfare.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Why have skilled labor when all the jobs that require skill are sent overseas?

            I am a Machinist by trade, now retired. Here in Ohio, most of the manufacturing jobs have been gutted to China.

            And, the machinist I know gets treated like crap, nothing but a clock number, get layed off all too easily. No Apprenticeship positions either to learn the trade.

            We are becoming a dieing Art Form here in the US.

          • Lisztman

            Ouch. Maybe New York isn’t such a bad place to live… 😉

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Yep, I agree.

  • charleo1

    As has been mentioned several times, the free for all money game allows a hedge fund manager
    in NY, to pour a hundred grand anonymously into a small gerrymandered district in Ohio,
    say. Or anywhere in the County. And give radical, T-Party obstructionist a huge advantage over a candidate maybe caught working, or even talking, with the Democrats. The fact is the entire GOP is either in the T-Party camp, or scared to death of them!
    And if they should managed to do great harm to the Country over the, “cliff, issue,” or the debt
    ceiling authorization coming up in the next month or so, they could anger 3/4 of the Country,
    and get a hero’s welcome back in their district. It is one mess! And if we don’t demand action
    to get some control back of the money in our political system, I’m afraid this is just the beginning
    of a very tough time for all of us.

  • TZToronto

    We can only hope that the double-dip recession they are doing their best to achieve will come back to bite them the most. . . . Of course, they’d then blame Obama for the mess they created because he was unwilling to compromise–even though he’s already bent over backward to try to get a deal done. . . . The most likely scenario is that the country will fall over the cliff. Taxes will rise, spending will drop. Then, when a deal is finally done, it will consist of smaller tax increases. The Republicans will then try to claim that they were responsible for the lowered tax rates. And their no-nothing supporters will believe the lie while blaming Obama for even the smaller tax increases. However, the majority of the country is not as stupid as the Tea Party folks. They can see who is endangering the economy of the USA and the rest of the world. Bring on 2014 and a Democratic majority in both houses.

    • jointerjohn

      Today’s republican party and it’s factions rely heavily on short attention spans and weak memories. Remember when G.W. Bush was spending the country into debt and they said “deficits don’t matter”? Suddenly in January 2009 deficits became our biggest problem! They get away with it because they have pieced together a hapless group of voters containing great numbers of people who’s beliefs come no deeper than bumper stickers. People better suited for ranting than thinking, objecting than suggesting. Their worst enemy is the continual crop of young people entering adulthood who do not ascribe to their archaic religions, racial fears and gender bias. Ultimately the republican party cannot survive unless they sever their pact with the religious right so they can appeal to young critical thinkers. Political clout achieved through gerrymandering can work for awhile, but not forever. Every time another young American turns eighteen it’s another nail in their coffin. If that young American happens to also be female or have brown skin, add another nail.

      • Allan Richardson

        Talk about weak memories … when Rush Limburger first came on the radio in the 1980’s he blamed the OIL EMBARGO RECESSION on Jimmy Carter’s “liberal” tax-and-spend policies, but in reality, the Carter policies were less “tax and spend” than the last few Democrats before him, AND the oil embargo and recession (so-called “stagflation”) started in NIXON’S administration, before JC even started running! But his “dittoheads” didn’t even have the sense to check their OWN MEMORIES about the dates.

        Another time he said there is no problem of deforestation because the U.S. has “more virgin old growth forests than in 1776.” He was ACTUALLY comparing the land occupied by ALL 50 STATES today with the land occupied by the 13 COLONIES in 1776. Alaska alone STILL has more virgin forest than the 13 colonies did then; possibly more than the TOTAL area of the 13 colonies (although I am not sure about that last). I wonder how many dittoheads didn’t consider how much smaller this country was in 1776?

  • bernieo

    This would not have happened had the media decided to give the public the facts instead of playing the faux balance game. Far too many people were misled about the critical importance of deficit spending during a disastrous economic collapse. The obsession with debt ignored the fact that after WWII our debt amounted to over 120% of GDP yet we went ahead and spent on the GI Bill, the Marshll Plan, the Interstate Highway System, cold war weaponry etc. And it is those high spending, high tax, post war years that Republicans love to point to as the ideal American time. Allowing the Tea Party to sell its debt hysteria is what led to the Republican victories in 2010.

  • nobsartist

    Their is a cure for this.


    VOTE and eliminate all republiCONs from office.

    • jstsyn

      That or jail them.

      • Allan Richardson

        Only a few have really done anything worth jailing. We do not want political prisoners in this country. And besides, do you really want the crooked politicians learning tricks from other criminals?

  • The republicans have a deplorable lack of human compassion. They are self centered, obnoxious , lovers of money, and substitute lies for the truth.

    • Lisztman

      Absolutely, gargray. Regretfully, they’ve told so many lies in recent years that I’m not sure they even know what the truth is, anymore. And they certainly don’t understand the ethical underpinnings of telling the truth. Not enough moms in the red states to wash out mouths for lying…

  • sunmusing

    It seems if the GOP freaks are so afraid of primaries, I think it would be a good strategy to register R and vote in their primaries…It can’t get worse than that…can It?

    • Allan Richardson

      I thought of that after moving to Georgia, but the downside is getting all the junk mail from their party.

  • elw

    It is true that there is no place for moderates in the Republican Party, that is why moderates are leaving the Republican Party in a steady stream and it why they do not win National elections.

  • I could have told you all of this after the third GOP “debate” last year. That was when I came up with the original 8 GOP cornerstones: sexism, racism, elitism, fascism, greed, corruption, incompetence and arrogance. Back in October, I merged racism and sexism into bigotry and added hypocrisy as the new 8th GOP cornerstone. GOP moderates are not supportive of the 8 cornerstones, but the “Cons” (Conservatives) and “Baggers” (Tea Party Militia) are. And, with the overwhelming number of GOP politicians being Cons and Baggers, you have a huge problem. About a year ago, Bill Maher, on that season’s finale of his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, made a telling statement before he committed a million dollars to President Obama’s Super Pac: “the Democratic Party has went to the right…the Republican Party has went right into the insane asylum”. Anybody who remembers those comedic performances the GOP called “debates” last year and early this year realized that, outside of Jon Huntsman, the GOP field were a group of completely insane Cons and Baggers. After the elections, the Obama campaign braintrust admitted something those of us who are Left and Left-leaning knew all along: Huntsman had a better chance of beating Obama (or staying close) than any of the other GOP “candidates”.

    I devoted a lot of words in posts on this media platform telling people what to expect. Since the GOP moderates lied to us about voting for Democrats, the GOP’s gerrymandering of districts, US House and otherwise, succeeded in keeping the GOP ino power in the US House and in many states. I warned GOP moderates that voting Democratic was their only way to rid themselves of the Cons and Baggers, but they didn’t listen. Here’s the kicker: several sources have told me that GOP moderates voted for the President but still voted for the GOP crazies downballot. And, this was after I warned them that not having a Demo House and a Demo supermajority Senate would mean that the past two years would be repeated the next two years. So, now, instead of the Cons and Baggers starting their own parties, leaving the GOP for the moderates, we have an ugly and bloody GOP “Civil War”, which may eventually kill the Republican Party or damage it so badly that it becomes a “fringe” (heads up, Libertarians!) or “third” party. The only real alternative the GOP moderates have now is the Progressive Party, which is made up of moderate GOP and moderate Democrats.
    The 112th Congress is on its way to becoming the true “Do-Nothing Congress”, having passed only 219 bills that have become law. The 80th Congress, the one Harry Truman called “Do-Nothing” and successfully got re-elected because of campaigning against it, passed more than 900 bills that eventually became law. The 113th Congress may end up being even less effective than its nearest predecessor. Elections have consequences…you’re seeing it now and you’ll be seeing it again starting next year. If you’re a GOP moderate and you don’t like what’s going on in your party, you only have yourselves to blame. You had a golden opportunity to effect positive change and you blew it. Now, you’ll have to live with those consequences. Your complaints about this fall on deaf ears with me. Here’s a hypothetical quarter: call someone who cares! 🙁 ssmdh

  • LoveUSAmerica

    IMHO, the worst thing the MEDIA has done is to act as if both parties are equally responsible for the lack of action in Congress. The press is not supposed to be bipartisan, they are supposed to report the facts.

    • Allan Richardson

      But reality has a well known liberal bias! Thank you, Stephen Colbert, for that summary of Republican philosophy!

  • howa4x

    The GOP has gerrymandered themselves into a house ruling majority for some years to come. This means continual gridlock for the country with the Democtats having the presidency and senate. Snyder only won because he painted himself as a moderate. He will have the curse of Romney, by signing anti union legislation that he won’t be able to disavow and not being able to reach the center. He is stuck on the right. Same for who ever runs in Va because of republican anti single women laws. A tealiban is running for Va gov next and he will loose big because he as infuriated the democratic base. Republicans always fail to realize they are the minority party to begin with since only 28% of the population identifies with them. The tea party makes up 1/2 of that number . As soon as they get a majority in a state they enact laws that really get the public angry. Once democrats begin to retake state houses the gerrymandering will come to an end and so will the republican party. Republican should look to a governor like Christe in NJ. He had to work with Dems and was sucessful. That is because Democrats act like adults and compromise unlike the childish antics of my way or the highway republicans.

  • Surley, there is enough moderates with the dems in congress to hold these idiots down. They can push these idiots under marshal law or tape their mouths long enough to get something done. We the people need to force all these idiots to resign.

  • Ed

    When are americans going to face the fact that the republicans despise democracy and want to turn america over to the corporations.

  • Ed

    It is starting to sound like the president folded pon us again!

  • onedonewong

    Notice that the Guardian left out that since the dem’s took control of congress in 2007 they have amassed $10 Trillion in new debt. So the dress waring analogy is right Barney Frank often wore dresses in the House chamber as Hilary stood to pee

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Why don’t you go back where you were born – or HATCHED.

  • rl

    No maderate republicons allowed. I could have sowre that the4y were talking about Kansas.

  • real talk 1

    the damned liberals are so use to having it their way they are down right stupid and sicking and just because they have it their way don’t make them any better than they have been in the past they are still nothing but liars and power grabbers and the poor sapp’s that belong to their party well some day suffer while they their leaders take the money and run.and sooner or later the money will run out , If not now for your kids.