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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The least popular member of the Romney/Ryan ticket is back—but he never really went away.

Paul Ryan is about the same age as Richard Nixon was when Tricky Dick was nominated to be Eisenhower’s running mate. And though Eisenhower/Nixon won, easily — twice — you can expect that Tricky Paul is going to linger over the American political scene for as long as Dick did.

The formerly proudly Randian congressman went from being hidden for much of the last few weeks of the presidential campaign to being hidden as a member of the leadership team that couldn’t get House Republicans to pass Speaker Boehner’s “Plan B” to resolve the “fiscal cliff.”

But when it came time to pass the Senate’s negotiated compromise bill, he did the same thing he did when it came time to pass George W. Bush’s unfunded Medicare, TARP and the auto rescue. Paul Ryan couldn’t hide. He voted yes.

And the far right noticed.

But Ryan is always looking ahead.

Like many white men in their forties, Ryan thinks listening to music that came out in the 70s and working out makes him endlessly relevant. So you knew that the congressman from Wisconsin would continue to march down the well-traveled path of constantly pandering to the right, yet voting with the establishment on the rare occasions when votes matter.

Within days of his “fiscal cliff” cave, after Ryan’s other 2016 rival, Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), roasted Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans for delaying aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Ryan was back. He voted no with the rest of the Tea Partiers who believe hurricanes are God’s way of saying, “Be rich!”

There’s the Paul Ryan the far right loves —  the Paul Ryan who doesn’t believe that the government should be there to help people in need. The Paul Ryan who thinks that poor kids who want to do trivial things like “eat” and “see a doctor” are hurt by receiving aid, because before you know it, they’ll be lounging on the safety “hammock.”

When Republicans accuse the left of class warfare and nurturing jealousy, consider how Paul Ryan views the poor. He suggests they’re leading lives of “dependency and complacency” (as if big oil and defense contractors are not). To him, the problem is that the poor have it too easy. And he can fix that.

Remember that the Ryan budget – his masterpiece, his Atlas Shrugged that would allow the rich to go Galt as the poor sink down into pre-New Deal squalor — would cut funding by 62 percent for disaster aid and insurance as part of the biggest transfer of wealth from poor and middle class to the rich in modern U.S. history.

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57 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Paul Ryan Is Still Paul Ryan”

  1. charleo1 says:

    What the budget wars are, is essentially the age old guns vs. butter argument that always
    makes it’s way back to the center of politics when tax revenue lags due to lean economic
    times. While the Party on the Left seeks to protect the less fortunate, and hardest hit segments
    of society. The Right always contends it is not the government’s job to concern itself with
    such matters. And a strong military is vital to the Nation’s security, and must not be cut in
    any way. So as the conflict is not new, it is a debate Americans have settled before, in favor
    of butter. The twist now, and what has changed, is the insistence by the Right, that this,
    “butter,”course chosen by the majority, is not a legitimate one. Because people will always
    vote to give themselves that which is free. And by that being the case, it is the proper thing
    to do, to ignore the majorities’ conclusions, and join them in opposition, for the good of
    the Country. Get it? Oh, and the kicker is, if you chose not to go along with us, we’ll use
    whatever is at hand to make things worse for your poor, and working poor, Middle Class.
    So, there’s the plank,Mr. President. You get out there, and tell the Country how much you
    are going to cut Medicare, and Social Security, and we’ll act horrified at the thought you would betray the very people that helped to elect you as their President!

  2. A man determined to balance the Federal budget on the backs of senior citizens has no political future at a national level. He may continue to be re-elected by his constituents in Wisconsin, he will continue to make noises along with Eric Cantor, but he and his ilk will remain second tier players in American politics. The only problem is that people like them will continue to stand in the way of progress by advocating extreme austerity at a time when public and private sector investment is desperately needed to achieved sustained economic growth and stability. We need to marginalize their influence, and the only way to do that is by voting for progressive candidates in 2014.

    • InsideEye says:

      Here We Go AGAIN..>>>>>>>> Some TRUTH recognition, all are hypocrites

      It was All of Congress and the president that went along to have this phony Fiscal Cliff/Sequestration scenario. If the Cliff was reached they knew that some taxes would go up and Some heavy cuts would go into affect. as per Simpson / Bowles They all proposed and sign-on to this scenario…now they fight against it ??!!! Why is this fact not in the NEWS

      It actually is the correct solution. since none of Congress wanted to raise taxes or cut funds anyway, a cowardly dereliction of duty.

    • lana ward says:

      If Romney, Ryan had been elected they wouldn’t steal from our payckeck like Omuslim is doing. Omuslim LIED to all of America

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Give it up. moron.

      • richkeeler says:

        Oh, they would still be stealing… but the money would be going to Exxon Mobil, casinos… and other supporters of the republican party…

        • lana ward says:

          Omuslim promised taxes wouldn’t go up on the middle class, only the wealthy. More is being taken out of my check so I know more is being taken out of yours. Thanks for voting for that fuc***, lying muslim–he’s killed the middle class. But you’ll still stand by him, even as your standing in the welfare line. Wait and see how many more lies he told us–he doesn’t care, he doesn’t have to face voters again

    • lana ward says:

      You believe so much of what isn’t so. Omuslim is going to hurt the seniors, not the GOP. You have been brainwashed more than anyone on this site

  3. tman000 says:

    Of course it’s the same Paul Ryan… He’s deicated to his wrong reasoning for America. But, to his and his cohorts surprise American’s are smarter than to follow the adgendas of these people, November 6th showed them that’s true, they just can’t believe it to a point of denial.
    God Bless America.

  4. Ronk25 says:

    Romney lost the election the moment he announed his VP nomineee (Ryan). Neither of these 2 losers (Romney or Ryan) could even carry their own home states. And, these are the people who know them the best. And, you probably think I’m a typical liberal dem but I’m not. These are the words from a republican leaning independant.

  5. Paul Ryan is a NOTHING. People like him should get what Barry Goldwatew, a Republican and a decent human being, said should be done to Jerry Falwell: ” a good swift kick in his ass.”
    Excuse my language, but after serving 43 years with the US Army, taking the Oath to Defend the
    Constitution of the United States, seven times, guys like Ryan make my blood boil and the urge to spit. I am basically against violence, but there are times I really believe some people need a good whack in the head with a baseball bat to make them wake up to the real world. Ryan, and others like him, who proclaim to be good Catholics, strive to deny the Poor, the Sick, the Hungry, and the Elderly of economic and medical security, forgetting completely that the Lord Jesus said: “what you did for the least of these, you did for me.”

    An Old Soldier

    • rpg1408 says:

      It would be a waste of a baseball bat. I don’t think these guys, driven by their “me first” ideology will ever change. The only thing that will work is for the voters to wake up , recognize whose interests they are serving (and it’s not that of most of those who continue to vote for them), and vote them out of office.

    • irishtap says:

      I share your anger Frank.

      • Thank you for your nice comment and support. When I was a boy my Dad used
        to tell me that there were more Horses Asses in this World than Horses, and was he right. Where oh where I ask myself, did the likes of Ryan come from?

    • Thank you for your 43 years service. I only did my “two” but I concur at all points with your post. To me that oath and the one Congress is supposed to take MEAN something and if not then don’t serve in Congress. Again I am HONORED to meet you sir.

      • My good Rvn sgt6768. Thank you. Do me, yourself, and all the rest of us who served a favor and don’t use ” I ONLY did.” You DID TWO, so never forget Once a Soldier, Always a Soldier. You served, I served – and we are Soldiers STILL. As one old soldier to another soldier, I thank you for your honorable service. You and I, along with so many like us, know exactly what HONOR and DECENSY

        Your Friend

  6. Robert M says:

    Ryan gives proof to the old saying, “you are what you eat” since he is a huge dick.

  7. Don B says:

    Wisconsin used to be a Progressive State…..Now its regressive with the likes of Paul Ryan and its governor. I agree, Fascism has come to the United States wrapped in the flag and religion. The marriage of corporate interests and government was consumated under Reagan, but I think the honeymoon is over, at least for the American public. What the Radical Right hasn’t grasped yet, is the fact that for all their screaming about Second Amendment rights and with the attendant right to bear automatic weapons and high magazine clips, is the fact that they’ve also put the “answer” in the hands of those on the extreme Left as well. Shoot out at the OK Corral?

  8. frida says:

    What we do or say tells a lot what kind of people we are. When I look at Paul Ryan (especially on this photo), I ask myself, does he really know what he can do to serve/help people? How does washing dishes help anyone? He washed them once and left, what about other days. Was it the only help which popped in his head and he thought it will be appreciated by people? I do not stop shaking my head.

  9. rebreb says:

    The left’s vitriol and fear of a rational debate never ceases to amaze me. Life with such anger and the need to demean others personally for differences in policy must be a tough road to follow. The Dems are for the poor, the Reps are for upward economic mobility. Both have failed the poor and compassionate polices of good intent have trapped 20% of the population into never ending poverty. Remeber: The road to Hell is paved with good intensions.

    • Ed says:

      In reality history shows that republicans have a vested interest in keeping the [oor poor. They need a whipping boy so Rush can convince you that “those people” are livin g large on your dollar. Two big things which would reduce the welfare rolls are 1.) Require a man to be in the house. The law states a woman can not get assistance is an able bodied male is in the house. If the “able bodied male does not have the skills to earn a living then things get tough. However, many would argue that having a male figure in the house would improve the chances of the children seeing a ray of hope. This is particularly true if we also required that welfare recipients attend schooling or training to become tax paying citizens. I have no problrm with denying assistance to persons who will not take the opportunity to help themselves. But presently those opportunities do not exist. They cost too much. The air force always needs new plans.

    • Zac Black says:

      The rational debate you bemoan has been had, it’s subsequent decisions have been implemented and it was disastrous. As far as I am concerned debating Republicans now plays into their game plan of doing nothing. Why? because the crisis they created with the help of their financier cohorts has not yet had the full effect they wanted. There is still wealth to be had, there is still room to lower wages and there is still more power to be accumulated.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Yeah, keep projecting.

    • Reddiaperbaby, I thank you. We Americns, generally are good people, who want to live decent lives and be left alone, but there are among us a small vicious and dumb element, whose outlook on life is “I got mine & screw you.” None of them have ever read the Constitution, and those that did, pay lip service to it. Their Flag is the Almighty Dollar, and they will Lie, Steal, and commit Fraud, to get a Buck, and the sorry part of it all is that they have the backing of the Radical Religious Right who have nothing to do but stir the pot. Then we have those loud mouth idiots who believe that the Constitution begins and ends with the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights regarding the right to bear arms, who like sheep together with the NRA scream like stuck pigs, falsely claiming the goverment wants to take their guns away. Totally Untrue. No trained decent hunter needs a semi or full automatic weapon with a large capacity clip to hunt a deer. Assault weapons were manufacted for Military use ONLY and MUST be banned. I am 84 and wonder where this Garbage came from. All of you, You True Americans must always be alert, check the qualifications of those running for office, and vote, vote and don’t ever stop voting. Never Ever Stop Fighting for what is Right for All of America.

      • rebreb says:

        Ed, you have it backwards. The poor have for decades voted Democrat. It’s the Dems that have a vested interest in keeping poor down and in need of more government programs. It keeps the Dems in power and elected positions. Nearly every major city and metropolitan area has Dems in control of the county commissions, majors office, school board, etc. The lives of the poor have not been advanced and upward mobility has not occurred. Just look at the area of Chicago that Obama worked on. Still destitute poverty, no businesses, no education…just more welfare and misery. But they continue to vote Dem with the promises of more government support and the hatred of those who have moved upward to better lives. The victimhood mentality is pervasive and precludes getting ahead by one own initative and education. Studies have shown if you want to get out of poverty: (1) graduate from HS, (2) don’t have children until you are married and above ge 21, and (3) get a job – ANY job. Under those 3 conditions your chance of remaining in poverty is only 2%.

        • Number ! – I never said I want to do away with guns, nor do I want to change the 2d Amendment, but no decen t hunter needs an assault weapon. As for personal protection, a good dog would react faster & better than any amateur would with a gun. Shooting at a target or at a wild animal is one thing, shooting a person is altogether different, and it has been proven time & time again that those trying to protect themselves with a gun against an opponent with a gun, end up dead before they can even get their own gun out. You are right, guns are not meant solely for hunting. The fact of the matter is our Founding Fathers were basically against a standing Federal Army, and preferred each State having an organized militia. Their decision was due to the fact that the British Crown not only forced the colonies to provide room & board for British troops, who also confiscated the colonists’ weapons. If you read your history, specifically “The American Crisis” you will realize that George Washington, stopped a potential mutiny and march on Congress, and insured that the army would always remain, as it is to today, subservant to
          the Congress & Civilian Control. Does any American truly believe that our Army would march against and fire on fellow Americans. It would never happen. For argument sake, let’s assume a President declared martial law and issued orders to attack fellow Americans. Do you really believe that ordinary citizens armed with assault weapons could be a match against
          tanks, artillery, mechanized infranty, special forces, bomber, drones, and other such weapons. No way. They would be slaughtered Please refrain from mentioning Hitler, Mussolini, etc for you are speaking to to choir.
          I spent 35 of my 43 years of service fighting against these animals. It is nothing more than a cloak used by the NRA and some others to get their
          own personal way. As for your reference to the “American experiment” you must understand that our Founding Fathers were well educated and
          experienced men, who strongly believed in an educated and civil population, who living in peace together could enjoy the fruits of our Great Nation. The Constitution specifically states that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are God given rights. The 2d Amendment to the Bill of Rights are NOT God given rights. The Bill of Rights. written by men was added to the Constitution at a later date.
          The 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights gives us the Right to Freedom of Speech, but it does not give one the right to slander, curse, insult, or tell lies about another person, nor does the 2d Amendment give American citizens the right to bear assault weapons meant solely for military use.
          If it did then what would stop some from buying b , rocket launches, etc. which are in fact alsp “Arms.”
          As for demonizing those who may disagree with me, and I strongly suggest
          you be specific by identifying those I may have demonized, let me just say whole I try my best to love my neighbor as myself, I am also a bery firm believer in calling a “Spade a Spade.”

          An Old Soldier

  10. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Ryan is from a red state. If you calculate the huge ROI for the $1 these states pay in federal taxes, you see why Lyin’ Ryan is after payroll tax deductions for his state and his cronies in other red states. They brag how “conservatively” low their state taxes are. All the while, they are getting almost double in return for the $1 they pay in federal and this doesn’t begin to count the Pork in every piece of legislation they pass that fattens their state tax revenues on the backs of American taxpayers in other states.

    At no other time in history have these states lived so large off federal revenues while they deliberately depleted the revenues in other states. Look at where the biggest porker industries are that receive the biggest shares of federal tax cuts, breaks, loopholes and subsidies…What does that leave for other states?

    • Yep! all six states that suck the most welfare dollars from Washington are Red States; and more than 70% of food stamp users are Republicans. While all 8 states that pay the most taxes while getting the least welfare dollars back for the taxes they pay (effectively being the largest supporters of the union) are all Blue States.

    • Greg Ryan says:

      Wisconsin is not a red state.

    • Wisconsin is, and will always be the home of Progressives. We were gerrymandered in such a way that Republicans have the advantage in elections, but we are not Red. We, as a whole, dislike Ryan immensely, and he in no way represents the rest of our fine state. 2014 will show what we are made of, when we boot out the Koch-sponsored fools who now control our government. We are biding our time, building our forces, hoping that our state isn’t destroyed by these fools in the meantime

  11. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The GOP today believes those who earn the highest salaries should pay the least in taxes. They also believe that the burden of taxation should be on those who earn the least. More stupidity than this you don’t get from a braying burro.

  12. stcroixcarp says:

    Paul Ryan was reelected in Wisconsin by the redistricting done by the republican legislature in secret. Ryan lost his hometown of Janesville.

  13. irishtap says:

    This guy is what the right considers a policy wonk. Mr. Ryan is clearly a legend in his own mind. I doubt that will ever change. Only those with a desire to grow via knowledge and applying the wisdom of their experience become great leaders. A person whom believes the rants of Rand is of weak intellect and his heart is void of the teachings of his Catholic faith, clearly isn’t fit for public office. Ryan like Rand share a key commonality of character: there both hypocrites.
    But, that’s the GOP for you.

  14. Bob Shipp says:

    Well, he does have a point when it comes to the poor. It’s just wrong. What a sanctimonious ass hole. Remember he couldn’t even carry his home town in the last election. They know him.

  15. Yes, you are absolutely right, it would be a waste of a baseball bat, but you know I would gladly spend the money to buy lots of bats as long as I know they would be put to good use beating’
    sense into these idiots. You are right, I spent a lot of time convincing people that their vote does count, and they did vote, proving that when we raise our voices nothing in this world can stop us.
    The GOP and the crud that supported them spent close to One Billion Dollars to defeat Obama and got a big fat ZERO in return. We the People made our voices heard by voting, in spite of every sneaky dirty trick the GOP attempted to deny American Citizens of their Right to Vote – and WE WON. Be aware that now is not to sit back on our laurels, but we must continue to fight even
    more aggressively to take back Our Country.

  16. Pamby50 says:

    Iam sick and tired of Paul Ryan. He tries to make us think that he is Opie Taylor all grown up. Well Mr. Ryan stop with all the personhood ammendments. I don’t want you or your ilk anywhere near my body. You don’t get to rewrite what rape is. You don’t get the write laws that says a woman has to have a script read to her by her doctor before she has her annual checkup. Then has to sign that the script was read to her. No more probes against our will. Then you try to tell us that getting rid of Medicare will bring down the costs because we can go shopping for health insurance in the free market. What a joke. Those policies don’t exist & even if they did, seniors would not be able to afford them. And last but not least, you are not a deficit hawk. You’re voting record says otherwise.

  17. bchrista says:

    People we really need to get rid of these like Paul Ryan, Mich McConnell, Boehner, Eric Canter, and the rest of that Obstructionist Congress and along the waypick up ant other Republican that pledged them selves to Norquist, Rove, The Kock Brothers and those other super-rich bastards in fact I would suggest that an inquisition be held by the public and anyone regardless of their stature in the country be checked and anyone who accepts polices that are against the welfare of all the people and for the people of the United States of America be given two chances, first one start working for the betterment of all Americans no matter of their ethincicety, or two pack it in and you have two weeks to leave the country for any wheres in the world or face triel for high treason, I bet you the Republican ranks would dwindle rapidly and the country would be better off for it.

  18. ExPAVIC says:


    Ryan looks like an orphanage resident waiting for someone to pick him and take him home. And, this guy was going to be VPOTUS? This gets more scarier when you think about it.

  19. richkeeler says:

    Barack Obama will go down as one of the best presidents the US has ever elected.. besides Bill Clinton.. you guys need to put the crack pipe down..

  20. Doctor T says:

    Frothing at the mouth I see! Such a fool!

  21. Doctor T says:

    Ryan is a zero. No body should take seriously a man who professes to be a ‘catholic’ and a Randian at the same time. The more appropriate word for him is ‘feckless opportunist’.

  22. Doctor T says:

    Yeah, and so much for his business acumen and management skills. He’d have been better off with Palin! HAHA!

  23. Doctor T says:

    Put Rick Scott on that list to be knocked upside the head. What a slime ball!

  24. rebreb says:

    You don’t demonize???

    To quote you: “ would be a waste of a baseball bat, but you know I would gladly spend the money to buy lots of bats as long as I know they would be put to good use beating’
    sense into these IDIOTS.

    The GOP and the CRUD that supported them … We the People made our voices heard by voting, in spite of every SNEAKY DIRTY TRICK the GOP attempted …

    I guess it is hard to listen when you are in an echo chamber.

    • I did not mention any names, although as painful as it is for me to say, some if not many of my fellow Americans are IDIOTS. As for the GOP and their CRUD, proof my good friend is availanble to those who take the time to do research and read what Republican officials
      admitted to. Sorry, if my use of the word Crud sounds harsh to you, but only a low down CRUD would go so far as to deny a fellow American his right to vote. It was tried in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Tell me rebreb, just what would you call any American, or for that matter anybody, who tries to CHEAT a person out of his or her’s RIGHTS. My entire 43 years was spent as an Intelligence Officer, requiring me to deal with and expose Liars, Thieves, Fabricators,Defectors, Double Agents, in defense of the United States. It is not what one would call a nice job, but a very few of us were selected to accomplish such a mission, and I will tell you this, “I can smell this garbage 100 miles away.” Allow me to quote a decent American named Bill Moyers: “One lesson about democracy stands above all others: bullies-political bullies, economic bullies, and religious bullies-cannot be appeased, they have to be opposed with courage, clarity, and conviction. This is never easy. These true believers don’t fight fair. Robert’s Rules of Order is not one of their holy texts. Freedom on any front-especially freedom of conscience, never comes to those who hesitate, hoping SOMEONE ELSE will do the heavy lifting.?
      Yes it is hard to listen for those in an echo chamber. I’m fortunate to have been trained by good decent men who fought in WWII, to Live in the Real World, and have the Guts to speak up when things are Wrong. It is Good to Love your Country Right or Wrong-but it is not Right to remain Silent when your country and individuals in it are Wrong.
      In essence my friend – I WILL continue to FIGHT. You may HESITATE, if you so desire.

      An Old Soldier

      P.S. Back in 1952 I voted for Ike Eisenhower, and later for Barry Goldwater, both decent men and Republicans, but I’m not a Republican. Much later I voted for John Kerry, and then for Barack Obama, also decent men and Democrats, although I am not a Democrat either. I am An AMERICAN.

  25. sleeprn01 says:

    I wish that you were correct Mr. Vila, but I think that you are over estimating the intelligence of the American electorate. On top of lacking intelligence I think a Ayn Rand philosophy has permeated American thinking. I know of many old white men who said “I worked and paid taxes my whole life and I’m tired of seeing my money money go to those people in the city”; there philosophy is one that belongs to both Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan, I’ve got mine let “them” get theirs. I was surprised of how many of my contemporaries are still living in the pre-gun shot wound era of George Wallace when they say there is no way that they will ever vote for a black man. They are willing to cut their nose off to spite their face. These are the philosophies that scare me because they allow people like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor to play one group against another; the 47% against the 53%.

  26. rebreb says:

    Frank, do you really believe that politicians like George Bush, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner are that evil? We have now had Dems in charge of the executive branch for 12 of the last 20 years. They controlled the Congress for about 50 of the last 60 years. So, how has the evil RIGHT been so wrong? I suggest a good read would be Thomas Sowell’s “Conflict of Visons” as a source to better understand the two different philosophies of self governance (Liberal vs Conservative). Each is not evil they just are wired to believe differently in how we live and prospe together. Each (even you and I) can and well debate the issues, but you don’t need to assume evil on the part of the other. For when you do, you can not learn from your opponent. The best debater ultimately sees wisdom in his opponent and learns from it to make better his arguments. I am generally against big government, big business, and big religion. I am for constitutional principles, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom. I am for helping those in need, volunteerism, charity, and helping my neighbor. Does my beleif make me evil, because you seem to want bigger government, redistribution of wealth, and a more structured society?

    PS you seem to focus on voting rights. Did you support the ACRON efforts to add to the voting rolls those who would vote illegally? Should felons vote? Should undocumented illegals vote? Should dead people be maintained on the roles? Should people not be required to have an ID to vote? Should people be allowed to vote in multiple states? How would you protect your and my votes?

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