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Friday, October 21, 2016

This week we were reminded that Republicans are masters of blaming everything—but their own beliefs.

Why did Mitt Romney lose? It couldn’t be because the GOP is wrong on taxes, health care, women’s rights, immigration, education, marriage, regulation, diplomacy, climate change, evolution, science, polling, jobs numbers, fashion, sex, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Meat Loaf…

No, it had to be Hurricane Sandy, ORCA, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, mean ole Barack Obama actually daring to release negative ads, one New Black Panther, a mural in one polling place

The truth is two Republicans and two Democrats—besides President Obama and his indomitable team, who came up with the ninja idea of taking Mitt Romney’s health care plan—deserve credit for defeating Mitt.

But before I reveal who the heroes and goats are, let me clearly state that none of this would have been possible if the GOP wasn’t just flat-out-100-percent-Dick Morris-wrong about everything.

Now I can tell you that the two Democrats most responsible for Romney’s defeat are Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

In 2008, Kennedy gave Paul Begala a roadmap for defeating Mitt Romney. Kennedy said, “Don’t underestimate Romney. He’s smart and resourceful and will say anything, take any position.”

Kennedy explained how his staff tracked down ex-Bain employees and let their stories of Romney’s disregard for labor undo his ambitions. Begala had Kennedy’s advice ready when he went to work with the Priorities USA Super PAC:

The Priorities USA team set out to find people who lost their jobs as the result of a Bain deal, culling news reports and public records to find subjects. They eventually filmed interviews with 18 former employees of Bain-owned companies, some of which were too scathing to air.

Bill Clinton, of course, is the second Democrat who most helped defeat Romney in two distinct ways.

According to reports, the former president advised the Obama campaign not to focus on Mitt Romney’s tendency to flop on any issue as if he’s a goldfish in a two-year-old’s hand — that might actually appeal to moderate voters. Clinton was proven right at the first debate when Romney’s knack for reinvention shook the course of the whole race. Instead, Clinton supported exposing Romney’s Bain record and painting Romney as “Bush on steroids.”

What was even more important was Bill Clinton’s role as the Secretary of Explaining Sh*t.

As a witness for the defense, he was incomparable. With his 65 percent approval rating, he testified to President Obama’s successes and the virtue of his plan going forward. He also inoculated the president against criticism by repeatedly reminding voters that the same people attacking the president said terrible things about him—though they were now praising him as if he’d suddenly become Diet Reagan.

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  • Add to the elements of the defeat were the lackluster “endorsements” Romney sort of received from Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, Perry and Cain, and the positive endorsement he received from Donald Trump. With supporters like those, who needed enemies?

    • truther4u

      Lackluster? Please! You are being too Polite! Listen; you can still hear the popular refrain: “Anybody but Romney!”

      • You Got That Right My Friend While Their Masses Was Saying Any body But Obama We Were On The Ground United And Signing Up New People And We Was Just Waiting For The Polls, I Mean The Voting Booths Were Opening To Let Our Voices Be Heard And We Said Nobody But Obama/Biden 2012 And We Also Got Rid Of The Crazies Expect For A Few!!!

        • idamag

          Fern. I wonder about Minnesota. Bauchmann is obviously a nut.

          • They Have One Thing In Common They Hate That A Black Man Is In The White House And He’s The POTUS!!!!

    • What They Fail To See Is When You Declare War On Over Half The United States Of America, How In The Hell Did They Think They Would Win?????? The Whole Campaign Was Nothing But Obama Bashing And Out Right Lies!!!

      • No one declared war on anyone what happen is a lot of behind people that you will never see was trying to buy the white house and congress. If you look at who or what invested in the election you will see some names are on both lists. Each side told a lot of lies trying to get you to believe that they are the answer and it is the other guy that is wrong. I look up as much as I could both side miss stated facts and somethine just plain lied. What you need to do is keep an eye on congress and the white house alway ask why are saying something and why are they doing this who will benifit form this. You may not like what you will find. In this election I voted for the ones that were not as bad as the otheir but I may have voted wrong

        • idamag

          James, you got it right that a lot of big money buys a lot of legislators and maybe the people are beginning to see that their government is being taken over by multi-national corporations. Something was wrong and some people formed a tea party to address the wrongs. Then the tea party was taken over by some big money and infiltrated by racists. The Occupy movement was also born of seeing big money taking away their government. The money thing was someting we should not have let happen to our government, but it was insidious and we didn’t realize what was happening. They have even gotten into our supreme court. Now we have a monster to fight. We need to take money out of politics, but too many have their lips around the teats of the cash cows. It will not be easy.

          Anyone who wants to know what it would be like if multi-national corporations owned the world, read the sci-fi book, “Farenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. Maybe Bradbury wrote the book to cry, “Wake up, America before it is too late.”

        • Ed

          James! That is called THINKING and REASONING! Not somethiong politicians want the electorate to do.

        • I Beg To Differ War On Women , War On Latino’s, War On Gay’s, War On Voters, War On The 47% Where Were You??? WE ALL SEEN THIS!!!!! What They Were Saying It Was Like Declaring War On Us!!!

          • DirkVanden

            if you tell the world that you already know that 47 % of the voters will vote against you, what the hell are you trying to prove, running for President? Mitt was so convinced that God wanted him President that he thought he could win that 53% of non-moochers. Mitt Romney: “God said No!”

          • Reason Why All The 47% ARE NOT MOOCHERS!!!

    • Canadiangirl57

      No kidding, LOL!

    • jarheadgene

      TO Quote the “UGLY from the inside OUT” nasty Anne Coulter, back in Feb of 2011, “…Christy’s not going to run, Romney’s going to get nominated and We’ll (GOP) lose.”
      That was before she flopped in the fall and like all those doing “Republican Math” said Romney was going to win.

      • Lisztman

        That must be “just math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better.” (Oh, a BIG thank you to Fox election-night anchor Megyn Kelly!)

        • sassysticks

          Boy did Megan look like an idiot trying to harass the people in the “decision room”! She and Rove looked like fools. Faux News was hysterical to watch. SNL can’t top Rove taking leave of reality! I taped it for future use when I want to laugh hard. Yeah, thank you Megan and Karl Rove for a very entertaining evening!

  • old_blu

    I just read all the rants on here and it convinced me to vote along party lines cuz I didn’t want to be a part of the the racism and hate I heard on fake news and the far right winger tea baggers on here.

    • Max

      Same here, not an Obama fan, but the right turned fascist and it had to be stopped.

    • When They Get Thru Digging In Their Asses , Whining, Finger Pointing, Stomping, Crying, Having Hissy Fit And Throwing Tantrums, Barack H. Obama Is Still The President Of These United States!!! LOL Good Morning old_blu!!! 🙂

      • old_blu

        Yeah it might take a couple of weeks for them to stop scratching, but hopefully they come around.

        Good morning Fern.

        • aaastickit

          they will NEVEr come around
          They will round up their milias buy more guns and amo
          then they will insite the skin head bastards like the one in Arizona who shot Gabby Giffords
          The Guns shops are already trying to keep up with the outflow
          You know Elections are the BEST way to redistribute them bastards wealth I think we chould have more elections

          • The guy who shot GG was a left winger, despite how the press tried to not make it so.

          • No, the guy who shot GG is an idiot, left or right it doesn’t make any difference people

          • aaastickit

            ONE LIKE is that ALL U GOT LOL LOL LOL LOL

          • SA Tom where is your proof of that statement. Don’t go quoting some right wing media for it. You guys live in an alternative reality.

          • Oh, you KNOW they NEVER actually look for facts!!! They just wait for one of their leaders to say it or see it on Fox news, then it MUST be true, right? LMAO

          • amarquez647

            I conquer!
            What turns my gut is when a gun fanatic tells me that guns don’t kill. They bring up the argument that if you drive drunk and kill someone that is the same thing. a car takes me from here to there and guns are made either for target shooting or to kill. I rather have more cars and fewer guns .

          • Hi Fern ..You people sure seem to have a lot of anger and hate for people who won . Keep up Obama’s work in dividing the Nation . Meanwhile citizens in 15 states have filed to secede from the United Socialist States of Obama . I hope they succeed judging by the level of Hate you Liberals continue to spew . Of course we will be happy to borrow your welfare state money at real high interest rates , As Obama is about to oversee another credit downgrade . Forward socialist sheep and comrades .

          • How can the pot keep calling the kettle black? or something of that nature. You just spoke on Fern spewing hatred but read what you just posted and compared and contrast you will discover where the real hatred and racism is imbedded. Come out of your Republican bubble and check your FACTS not the LIES your party spins daily. eing sharp can bust the bubble. Love You Brother

          • Actually, it’s 20 states and I hope they win too! Let them go ahead and put Mitt Romney as THEIR president. Yeah, that won’t last long because NONE of THEM want to PAY TAXES, so they couldn’t survive!!!

          • I See Your Dumb Ass Still Don’t Seem To Know How To Read STFU TALKING TO ME FOOL YOU LOST MOVE ON!!! There’s No Hate In My DNA!! It’s You And Your Party Of LIARS Who Doing The Hating!! I Just Keep It Real!!

          • Stoll You Still A Troll Suck It Up Your KKK Party Of THUGS LOST BIG TIME!!! LOL All Your Trolling And 334 Is All You Can Come Up With LOL Pitiful Little Troll!!

          • You right-wing trolls still live in your alternate universe. How stupid you sound talking about seceding from the United States. That won’t occur in a million years. Anyway, the blue states pay the majority of taxes in the country. All you red states do is suck off the teats of the federal government money and then bitch about it. That secession thing ain’t happening! What you trolls can do to speed it up is to get on a plane or boat and transport yourself to LaLa land. Believe me, you certainly won’t be missed. The country will be far better. Yea, there were a bunch of you rightie nuts, before the election, who said you would be leaving the country if Obama won. Well, HE WON!!! We’re still waiting for you liars to keep your part of the promise.

          • If They Don’t Come Around Then We Will Come Around Again To Unite And Get These Thugs Out Of Office Next Go Round In 2014!!

          • sore losers are already petitioning to secede.

        • Ron

          Don’t count on it…they will continue to whine till the end of times


        Fern this is Brenda and I ag

      • “We are worried about ‘the cow’ when it is all about the ‘Ice Cream. ‘The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching 3rd grade. The last Presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest.

        I decided we would have an election for a class president. We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members. We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.
        The class had done a great job in their selections.

        Both candidates were good kids.

        I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support.

        I had never seen Olivia’s mother.

        The day arrived when they were to make their speeches.

        Jamie went first.

        He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place.
        He ended by promising to do his very best.

        Everyone applauded and he sat down.

        Now is was Olivia’s turn to speak.

        Her speech was concise. She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream.” She sat down.

        The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want ice cream.”

        She surely would say more. She did not have to.

        A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure. But no one pursued that question. They took her at her word.

        Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it…She didn’t know.

        The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream…

        Jamie was forgotten. Olivia won by a landslide.

        Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and 51.4 % of the people reacted like nine year old’s. They want ice cream.

        The other 48.6% percent know they’re going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.”

        • sassysticks

          You’re delusional. Stop whining like a three year old who didn’t get his way. The GOP bought their defeat on themselves. Stop blaming everyone else and blame yourself!

        • How About Some Cheese With All That Whine!! You Lost Fool Just Suck It Up And Move On And Stop Talking To Me!!!!!!!!!! I Do Not Like Talking To Idiots Like YOU!!!

        • @ stoll LMAO, you’re funny, maybe the 51.4 % just tired of the hate.

        • Replying to Michael Stoll –


          Cut taxes, increase spending, put everything on the Government Credit Card, then let the next President worry about it.


    • The problem with this is Under Bush at times he look like a Democrat. Not everone that says they are a Democrat or Republician is what they say. Look at is who is running look at how that have voted and why and then vote for the best person. We the US have too many problems and it will take both parties to fix them not just one.

    • rl

      Same here too.

    • idamag

      The things, I saw, pre-election has made me believe that the Republicans are racists and the party of hate.


        • sassysticks

          Hate and bigotry lost them the election just like I predicted it would.

          • Same Here My Friend Plus All The LYING!! MY GOD THE LIES!!!

    • aaastickit

      Repuicks are the Nazi Party of America
      Wake up fools

      • imabrummie

        From what I have heard and seen, they are even further to the right than Hitler himself.

    • As I read your remarks, I agreed with it until the part of “far right winger tea baggers.” I actually thought you were talking about the left and the fake news on MSNBC. Funny.

      • That’s because, you’re an IDIOT! Reading Comprehension is a wonderful thing. Just Practice, practice, practice. You will get the hang of it and then maybe you will be able to understand what you read and you will see the light and understand that the Republican party is nothing but hater and fear mongers.

  • While this is a good lol, I believe the best one I’ve read about Lyin’ Ryan is the story that said he might go into academia as a professor! Of what?! Is there some sort of curriculum that includes the dispersal of easily disproven falsehoods? Maybe he could give instruction in how to convince a group of people of fairy tales they wanted to believe in the first place.

    • johninPCFL

      Well, there are Young GOP groups on most camupses. They probably qualify…

      • idamag

        He could teach at Ole Miss.

    • idamag

      He could be a pearl diver in a restaurant, except you are supposed to wash dirty dishes.

      • sassysticks


  • nobsartist

    I agree with the article but consider this – willard and ryan both have another thing in common. They both love free money. They will both do anything for it. Did you ever consider that these two are laughing all the way to the bank? They could have both easily laundered a hundred million each in this deal and walked away with more than they could make in years for a couple of months of “campaigning”.

    • Yes, I am sure many of us have thought of that….but, in the end, as long as they’re not in the White House and the Naval Observatory, I can live with it….Ciao, arrivederci, aufweidersahn….GOOD-BYE!

    • idamag

      I don’t think they are allowed to keep campaign donations after the election.

      • Yes, they are but they aren’t suppose to use the donations for anything but elections expenses and so on, it is not suppose to be for personal expenses.

  • nobsartist

    By the way, the fact that ryan was re-elected to congress shows how stupid his constituency is.

    I propose that a bill be introduced that forces all districts to have only 4 sides. It would be simple to grid the entire United States and then create districts made up of squares.

    End gerrymandering!

    • Diogenes67

      How about changing the boundaries of the States after every census to keep the popularizations equal?

      • nobsartist

        how about requiring an I.Q. test before you can run for public office.

        That would eliminate the republiCON party.

        • foolsdance

          YES!!! I have been begging for that for years!

          • Yes That’s A Great Ideal The American Taliban Would Be GONE!!! LOL

        • idamag

          I like that one. Throw in a couple of psych tests to make sure they aren’t over the line in the mental health realm.

    • William Deutschlander

      When you end GERRYMANDERING and VOTER SUPPRESION it will also end the REPUBLICAN CARTEL, then the NEW PARTY could take the place of the Republican Zealots and Bigots!
      That would be a good political choice for our Democracy.
      As for the Adelson, Koch, Rove traitors and bigots, they can all find a place in hell!

      • jazz92

        It shows too money can not buy Americans votes! Adelson may be a Billionaire but he has less money now and no one in the White House who gives a Damn about him and what he thinks! I laughed my head off when Rove was trying to show how Ohio was not won yet by Obama! Made the heads of Fox tell him why they called the election so early for Obama!!He was really upset!! LOL!

        • sassysticks

          That was so much fun to watch! Rove scribbling numbers on that easel like a mad man! I’m still laughing. It was so funny.

      • idamag

        Wouldn’t it be funny if, in hell, they had to be slaves of Black People.

    • latebloomingrandma

      That is an excellent idea. The challenge would be to get to a “square” when there are such large variations in population. But the current process is just so ridiculous. Under the democrats in 2000, my district looked like an amoeba. In 2010 the Republicans were in charge and now we look like a long fish. It would be more fair to just throw darts at the PA map.

      • nobsartist

        Larger or smaller squares. no amoebas, only 4 sides.

        it would be easy to do.

    • idamag

      There is a lot of gerrymandering.

    • Lisztman


      It would make sense from an election-procedural standpoint to move the grid lines to coincide with the nearest county lines — but that’s a technicality. You’d also have to conjoin adjacent squares — STILL KEEPING the four-sides precept — to make the population add up to proper Congressional representation…

      I don’t know your whereabouts, nobsartist (maybe it’s just as well it’s a secret — you could have the FBI on your trail for such a treasonous suggestion!). I’m in upstate New York. We have, here, some of the most contorted lightning-bolt-shaped Congressional districts imaginable. Why? Because the lines were drawn (and recently redrawn) to keep sacrosanct seats safe for the incumbents, or the candidates of a particular party.

      Push that idea as far as you can.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Humm….Romney/Ryam never really had the “middle class” or whatever electoral college demographic that turned out to defeat these fascists/Teaparty “politicians.”

    Electoral college: 332 to 206…..a landslide…

    I dare say it was not the middle class Romney Ryan/Rove/Koch Brothers tried to buy off that made them lose …

    This article correctly states: “With Ryan, Romney married his disregard for the fate of the middle class with a plan that would basically get rid of the middle class. Instead of playing against the framing that would cost him the election, Mitt Romney wrapped himself in it. He picked a running mate so consistently right (read: wrong) that his move to the center rang false. And he committed the cardinal sin in politics: He believed his own BS.”

    And Rove spent 306 million “tired old white men fascist” dollars to pay for the BS!

    The American people collectively told the neo-Republican fascist to take a long walk off a short “middle class” pier.

    The American “middle class”, or 47%, 99% simply was fed up with the propaganda from the fascist right wing agenda.

    As my Latin friends say: “NO MAS!! NO MAS!! NO MAS!!!!

    • idamag

      Romney lived in a gated world. His social circle was probably his wealthy friends and his church. His remarks showed that:
      “Hello you all, I had grits this morning. I like cheesy grits.”
      “These cookies must have come from 7-11.”
      “I have friends who own racing cars.”
      “If you want to go to college, just ask your parents for a loan.”
      “We had good healthcare for poor people. If you are sick you can go to the emergency room.”
      And, of course, the 47% remark.

  • nobsartist

    willard and ryan prove that today, experience means nothing.

  • Ryan/Cain next 4 years 2016 lol

  • Ryan/Rush next 4 years 2016 lol

  • nobsartist

    In order to be “middle class” you must have a job. Thats another thing willard the rat and his punk nazi have in common. Neither have worked a day in their useless lives.

    That qualifies them to be “republiCON”.

  • HML

    The liberal progressive press wanted Romney for this reason……….And it worked…

    • johninPCFL

      So did the GOP? They’re no smart enough to pick a better candidate? Maybe they didn’t have a better candidate…

      • My understanding is that the Koch brothers wanted Ryan to be Romney’s vice president and gave the campaign a really big donation so Romney would pick him. Another example of the Koch brothers and others trying to buy The White House

        • old_blu

          That is also what I heard Hillbilly, of course you may have told me.

          I’m sure glad they picked him cuz they may have won with someone else.

  • truther4u

    Insightful; not to be discounted. Kennedy and Clinton: both were/are – – smart Politicians. Clinton is more highly thought of today; than when he was in Office. In light of the GOP’s irresponsibility under Bush; Clinton is much more appreciated. He certainly was more Fiscally Responsible, than Reagan; who increased the National Debt by 250%! Bush II, did the same thing!

  • FredAppell

    There is talk that Ryan may run for president in 2016. If Obama does well these next four years and Dems gain more seats in two years than Repubs won’t stand a chance. The GOP doesn’t seem to realize that this last election was a rejection of their insane conservative and unfair ideologies.

    • OMG! THAT is the FUNNIEST thing I have heard in a very long time!!! Does the GOP not yet realize that Ryan was one of the problems they had in this election?!!! This is funny!!!

      • FredAppell

        Want to hear something even funnier? It’s true, over the past few days the GOP damage control, spin machine was out in force. They blamed their loss on everything but Paul Ryan. It seems to me that Ryan is the GOP’s new golden boy. One conservative actually had the gall to say that Romney’s message wasn’t conservative enough. Still laughing? Listen, I am 100% behind President Obama, I voted for him twice but this crazy shit going on with the GOP is just getting started. Believe me, they are regrouping and organizing while the rest of us are celebrating. Hold on tight because it’s going to get messy.

  • In rejecting Romney’s presidential ambitions, the people of Massachusetts tried to redeem some degree of sanity and respect. He couldn’t win an election for dog catcher anywhere in the state now.

    • idamag

      Did you notice that neither Ryan nor Romney won their home states?

      • johninPCFL

        Did Mitt vote using his son’s address in MA again? I guess he stays in the basement there when he needs to vote in MA.

        • How many states did he vote in? It seems that he has what 4 homes in different states, does all of his sons live in Massachusetts or all over, then he has a brother that lives in Michigan. He could have registered to vote in about 10 different states, wonder if he and his wife did that?

  • The GOP must understand that as long as they refuse to evolve, they risk becoming extinct….I’ll take the later, thank you very much.

    • dennisfisher

      I have voted for Democrat candidates since the early 70’s and consider the modern GOP to be a billionaire driven threat to our democracy. However, it is to no one’s advantage for the GOP to go extinct. I sincerely hope they do evolve and become a rational alternative party. In Illinois, where I live, the GOP has essentially become extinct – and it has allowed one man, the cloven hoofed political hack Mike Madigan, to serve as the de facto emperor of Illinois. Nothing happens in Illinois unless Madigan approves it, which means what happens here is less about the ideals that draw people like me to the Democratic party, and more about how Madigan and his pals make out.

      There is a certain appeal to watch the sociopaths in the GOP get handed their rears in the election, but it is not in the best interests of the populace for the GOP to keep spiraling into irrelevancy.

  • BDD1951

    I say that one of the reasons that they lost is because they hi-jacked people televisions for the last year. People couldn’t sit down and enjoy an evening of TV without being inundated with Romney ads. Especially in the swing states.

  • “What was even more important was Bill Clinton’s role as the Secretary of Explaining Sh*t.” HA!

  • dennisfisher

    I have voted for Democrat candidates since the early 70’s and consider the modern GOP to be a billionaire driven threat to our democracy. However, it is to no one’s advantage for the GOP to go extinct. I sincerely hope they do evolve and become a rational alternative party.

    In Illinois, where I live, the GOP has essentially become extinct already – and it has allowed one man, the viscous political hack Mike Madigan, to serve as the de facto emperor of Illinois. Nothing happens in Illinois unless Madigan approves it, which means what happens here is less about the ideals that draw people like me to the Democratic party, and more about how Madigan and his pals make out.

    Among other things, Madigan and his gang doled out public pensions to pals who didn’t work in the public sector, then, once discovered and an uproar ensued, positioned himself and his pals as the saviors of the pension system they pillaged – by trying to screw retirees who played by the rules.

    There is a certain appeal to watch the sociopaths in the GOP get handed their rears in the election, but it is not in the best interests of the populace for the GOP to keep spiraling into irrelevancy. Mike Madigan’s power is a case in point.

    • The internet is a powerful tool, oust the sob, I don’t care if they are republican or democrats, a CROOK IS A CROOK.

  • a80a

    332 electorial votes,over 3000 000 popular votes better ,and the republicians still think they can dictate to Obama the political terms to which the g o p will agree. how foolish, don,t they realize that in two years there will be another election.

  • Progressive Patriot

    If they are truthful, and work with facts, not spin and bald-faced lies, they are necessary and useful. If not, they are a drag on all American progress. Not interested in their wars on women, people of color, workers, the environment, science, seniors, students, health care, infrastructure, the poor, the middle class, the constitution, democracy… Feel free to add to the list.

  • I did not vote for Mitt. I did not understand how he was going to do almost anything but give himself a tax cut. the election is over it is time to stop pointing fingures and for Congress to do their job. Instead of raising the debt limit they need to look at what they have been spending our tax dollars on and stop spending on the fat.Last year 1 of Congress put out a list of Gov fat. They did the samething they year before. That tell me the problem is someone needs to go to jail. Tell congress no more incress in the debt until you can prove you can do your job. Here is an ideal bring all our men and women close overseas military bases . If we had brough all Civilians home last Jan those men that got killed in the Mid east just before the election would still be alive, stop giving a way money to other Countries. If you can do give aways you do not need to incress the debt because if you have money to give away you have too much. We can start with spending programs in the US. If you can put money in an election you should not be tax examp.churchesthey need to do religion and get out of politics or lose their tax examption
    If you are Congress and you will make money off Gov contract you should not beable to vote on the issue of the contract. If you are your spouce has money in anything that you are voting on dont vote. You work for us do your job or resign

    • idamag

      Absolutely. And there is the revolving door. A defeated or retired candidate becomes a high paid lobbyist. One thing about government contracts that angers me is when a contractor is caught cheating the government he can still bid on other jobs. When I found a mechanic cheating me, he no longer did any work for me and I told everyone about it.

      When the energy program came out, under Obama, I have a nephew who sells Windmills. I asked him if he bid for the job and he said he couldn’t sell them for what BP did. It put a lot of people, in this area, to work. But, to give BP the job?

  • Marshall Wilkinson

    I couldn’t disagree more. Unlike many other Republicans,I’m trying to fully understand the points of view that would make an Obama 2nd term better than a Romney administration. There is so much divisiveness.. our philosophies can’t really be that different. Can they?

    • idamag

      They aren’t. Obama did appoint several bi-partisan committees to get them to work together. You have to remember, the tea party house shunned one of their own for shaking Obama’s hand. Reminded me of Hitler refusing to shake Jesse Owen’s hand. If we had real Republicans in the house we would have them working together.

      Remember, it was Mitch McConnell that said, “The Republican’s number one goal is to make Obama a one-term president.” Then they proceeded to block everything he did.

    • Justin Napolitano

      It is simple, Obama wants to help the middle class by direct means and Romney wanted to use the trickle down method on steroids. Think about it, if it that worked why are we having economic problems to begin with. Thirty years of trickle down have created the problems we have today and doing more of the same just won’t work. Sorry, but Romney lost and now we have a real chance to help the middle class recover.

  • ANN

    In the past few day’s all I’ve heard and read about was how Obama ruined Romneys profile,which portaryed him as the self centered man that he is.” The negitive campaign ads, dirty tricks voter supression” I stated to think the only Obama didn’t do during the campaign “was part the Red Sea”

    • idamag

      Ann, Obama did not ruin Romney’s profile. Romney did not appear to be the candidate for everyone.

  • bf

    I voted to Governor Romney mainly because I like his plans for America better than Barack’s plans. Cutting the military is a major mistake and you just do not raise anyone’s taxes during times of economic troubles. I also do not like Barack targetting the wealthy! And let me not leave out that while I do believe abortion should be an option under certain circumstances, I am totally against making it legal for all situations. I should also add, I do support same sex marriage. It is just the right thing to do! But as for a VP, I couldn’t have been happier with Paul Ryan as a VP and I am hoping one day to see Paul Ryan as President.

    • idamag

      bf, Letting temporary tax cuts expire is not raising taxes. It is restoring them. Bush put temporary tax cuts in place as the trickle down was supposed to jump start the economy. It certainly did not. To run a government you need revenue.

      About the military spending, we have a good military as it is. It appeared that if Romney got in he would like to take military action against Iran and he did promise Netanyahu that if Israel attacked Iran, if he were president, he would go in with him.

      People who are for wars, don’t usually rush to the front line to show their sincerity. Cheney’s daughter and Bush’s daughters did not go to Iraq. The attack in Iraq, for phony reasons, made the Arab world suspicious of us and could be the reason for what is happening in Iran.

      Our backing of Israel, no matter what they do, could very well be the reason for 9-11. The Arab world thinks Israel is trying to take them over. One good thing that Bush did do, is he insisted on peace talks between Israel and Pakistan. Since we send them arms and money, we have a right to ask them to do this.

    • johninPCFL

      Odd, Reagan raised taxes during a recession, and added $4T to the national debt in his military-industrial-complex “stimulus” spending.

    • bf – if you seriously think that Paul Ryan is Presidential material, then I would suggest you seek help….today, if possible.

  • This article makes it sound like he was dealt a crushing defeat at the hands of a political monster machine for his ineptitude and positions. Not so sheeple, not so. He lost by a mere 3+ million votes, so don’t try to spoon feed me poop and tell me its pate.
    Fern, you are an idiot. Declare war on 50% of Americans? How so, pray tell. And you talk about GOP lying ads, give me a break. Here is a statistic that made me vote for Romney: 47 million Americans on food stamps, 47 million. Now tell me that Obama is moving our country forward.
    The fact is that this was a close race, with just under half of Americans voting for those “wrong positions” Romney took. So are you condemning half of Americans? (A la Romney’s 47% quip) Boy if this isn’t a case study in the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is.

    • FloJoe6555

      This election was voting for the lesser of two evils . I do not agree with everything that President Obama says . But I agree far less with Romney . I did not like what he said behind closed doors about the 47% of Americans looking for a handout . That let me know he does not care for all Americans . Just for the rich . Most rich people got rich off the backs of others or should I say the working people . And a lot of them from their fore fathers that at one time or another was the working class of people . A lot of rich people forget where they have come from because they were born with that silver spoon in their mouth . And everyone that gets food stamps does not sit on the ass everyday and do nothing . If the pay rate would increase with the cost of living it would be where we could afford to put food on out table without the help of government . It may not have been by a landslide . But it was enough .And that’s what counts .

    • Justin Napolitano

      You are distorting the truth. Obama won the Electoral College vote by almost two thirds and that is the only vote that counts, even thought he also won the total count.
      It must be nice to ignore the 8 years before Obama was elected and pretend they never happened. It must be pleasing to ignore the fact that we were in a great recession before Obama was elected and that the country was close to a financial meltdown. Those are just some of the reasons that 47 million Americans are on food stamps. Most of these food stamp recipients also happen to be single mothers with children, handicapped, poor and elderly.
      I suppose you would just let them starve; that would surely bring down the numbers. The Republicans lost, their message was wrong and the majority of Americans didn’t buy it. Don’t let that stop you from making excuses about the real reasons the Democrats won.

      • I never attempted to distort the truth while you sir are doing just that. You use the word majority as if to imply there was overwhelming support for Obama, which there absolutely was not. If you do not know how the electoral college and popular vote work, do not talk about it.
        There you go again on your liberal high horse blaming Bush for everything that Obama has had to deal with. Garbage, pure and simple. He had 4 years to make at least a positive impact on the failed decisions of his predecessor, and yet the amount of people on food stamps went up. It has been 4 years sir, 4 years, stop blaming Bush.
        Don’t talk to me about single mothers and the like, that number is static and tends to account for the same percentage of people year to year. 47 million represents regular working class Americans who have been forced to participate in our welfare programs, to the tune of 21 million more people than in 2008. SO are you saying there are all of a sudden 21 million more single mothers, elderly, and handicapped? Don’t be ridiculous.
        Not to mention the fact that he had a majority house and senate when he took office, yet all he did was ram through Obamacare, are you going to blame Bush for that to?

        • johninPCFL

          Hoover used the same mechanisms that the GOP proposed and had the same timeframe that Obama had. The result? The situation went from severe recession to depression.

          Personally, I’m glad he didn’t use the Romney/Hoover plan. I doubt it would have worked any better the second time.

        • Jeez – you guys lost…now take your ball and go home….

    • old_blu

      When I was a kid I boxed and my boxing coach used to tell me that on Monday no one ask how many points you won by, but if you won.

      Sorry your side lost, but now we have to start working for a better America, you and me, so we have to move on.

  • FloJoe6555

    I never could understand why Mitt Romney was allowed to tell the lies that he told over and over on all those ads . I guess my granny was right . She always said that with enough money you can just about buy anything .

    • Lovefacts

      TV stations like money more than the truth. However, why anyone was surprised by Romney’s lies defeats me. His campaign said they wouldn’t be hostage to the fact checkers. IMO, his continued lying is just another one of the reasons he lost.

    • No Flo – what this campaign proved is that even $ hundreds of millions of dollars cannot buy Love, integrity, or the White House…..


    Thanks Paul

    Your baseless banter and thoughtless rhetoric help add to you buddy RoMoney’s defeat.

    The Democrat Party should honor you with an under achievement award at the next opportunity.

    When the rich, old, bigoted white guy GOP Party smartens up in the next fifty years, they should give you credit for starting that effort.

    By luck you held on to your day job. Maybe you can hire Mittens to do your leg work, but you must keep an eye on him.

  • Quang Le

    Cause they didnt pick Ron Paul

  • jazz92

    Thank God They lost! Just think where women would be if they had won! Our Medicare would no longer like it is now! Of course there are going to be changes to it but not getting rid of it and giving to the private sector! I think God we do not have to see what life would have been like if Romney/Ryan had won! Kids would not have a chance of going to college lke they willl now. Kids are our backbone!

  • rtggap


  • rtggap

    had to go blue to scarry on the otherside

  • Mimi2kool

    The ultimate reasons that Romney/Ryan lost was because America saw what they were selling and decided not to buy.

  • jr_06498

    A few days before election, I noticed something unusual, Republican candidate group were starting to create situation, people mind setting for Romney win in the election, and they are planning to steal the results, but they were not able to succeed, to much expectation, wasting a lot of money. Now blaming each other, pointing finger and looking for scapegoat.


    • johninPCFL

      Yeah. Their biggest problem was the election machine company they had relied on to forge the vote totals was bought by a Canadian company. I guess the GOP couldn’t convince the Canadians that Romney would be a better president…

  • old_blu

    James, I absolutely agree with you it is time for both parties to roll up their sleeves and get to work for America and not for their party, or the tea baggers.

  • elindio1

    So! what ever happened to the flea party baggers!

  • I disagree with this assessment. The decision to pick Paul Ryan was not to appeal to a national audience, but to rally the GOP base which, until then, was very hesitant and troubled by the nomination of Mitt Romney. The real reasons for Mitt Romney’s loss were (1) a political platform that reiterated the very policies that contributed to the fiscal and economic debacle we are finally oveercoming, (2) Mitt Romney’s gaffes, especially his 47% remark, (3) Mitt Romney’s failure to repudiate some of the racist statements and noises made throughout the campaign and, particularly, during the rNC when he had an opportunity to reject bigotry and run as a candidate of all Americans, (4) the de facto abandonment of Republican values and goals in favor of facile tactics to get votes. An example of this is Romney’s decision to restore the MEDICARE $716B saving and DoD spending cuts while at the same time emphasizing the need for spending reductions, (5) last, but not least, was the record of an out of touch elitist whose privileged life included doing whatever it took to accumulate wealth, often at the expense of average Americans.

    • Well said Dominick.

    • Once again, Mr. Vila eloquently states the truth….pleasure reading your posts, Sir, and, BTW, as of last Tuesday my insomnia issues have been resolved…..FORWARD!

  • LOL Of The Week: Paul Ryan Loses The Middle Class//// how could he have ever had the middle class in the first place ? all he is for is ruining the middle class . the day the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY picked the lil eddie monster look-a-like for his VP i laughed and said i quess he realy dosent want to win the house (thank god )

  • howa4x

    The problem is not just Ryan and his Ayn Rand ideas, but the base that forced Romney to pick him. Mitt really wanted Bob Portman, someone who knew the federal budget and was from battleground Ohio, but was seen by the base as too vanillia. Ryan touted himself as a policy wonk and wonderkin but was an empty suit when faced with a a derisive Biden who took him apart. We have to lay blame at the entire party and not pick out one. They allowed Dick Armey a defrocked house member to create a tea party, that tore the inside of the republican primary processs apart . Emboldened by their 2010 house victory they really thought their ideas would sell mainstream, so without restraint they popped off one after another. The fact that wingnuts like Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul were given a national stage to let the public in on their plans, hurt the Republicans more than Ryan. 999 became a mantra and everyone but Mitt was given the mantle of leadership. Every wacky idea was broadcast.The republicans deluded themselves by letting house elections in safe gerrymandered districts determine what their national agenda was going to be. They really thought that the old coalition of southern and other angry whites was going to propell them to a national win. They fell into the trap pushed by Fox and Friends that Obama’s 2008 coalition was disafected and would not come out in droves. That lead them to feel comfortable in attacking women, gays Latinos, and writing off Afro Americans, attacking the enviornment, and protecting the rich. Independents began to recoil also at the virulent attacks from multiple sources. The outburst by women in VA, because of restrictive abortion measures and the recall of Scott Walkwer didn’t ring a bell that all was not going as planned. Statements by Akin, and Murdoch about rape sealed the fate of the elections. So this is an entire party that was hallucinating about who really makes up this country and what their needs are, and not just one.

  • “Blame Paul Ryan”

    Don’t you mean thank?

    • Indeed….every time either Romney or Ryan opened their respective mouths I thanked them handily….they lost because they are incompetant elitist snobs (PERIOD)

  • when are the republican going to stop crying and ranting about losing, they were liars, did not have answer to what they claim they were going to do? I don’t get it. Are they going to continue this crying and ranting til next election? I’m so glad they didn’t win cause look at them, if Romney was President he would still be crying over something instead of address what the American People wanted?

  • Ryan slipped up, he told what Romney was going to do., and thanks for that, then Romney flip flopped , down right lied of what he said, then said he did not say that, so you had two loosers. The best men won.

  • dotutz

    I’d like to thank everyone who voiced their opinions and voted! Even us here in Florida, where the Reps tried to stop us ended up on the right side of this election. To me it was gratifying that Obama won so handily and I pray God that the Republicans will work along with him to make our country the great country we were and can be again.

  • The Republicans have a knack at picking goof-balls for VPs.
    Remember Spiro the Zero!
    Oh, and Sister Sarah takes the all time cake.
    To Dan Quail’s credit, he did not think he was presidential material, but he didn’t realize he wasn’t Vice President material either…..but, no hard feelings about that, Dan.
    Cheney should be put in a padded cell.

    • No, Cheney should be put in prison in General Population!!!!

  • aaastickit

    we should have more elections it is the way to get ALL the White millionaires billionaires to redistribute their own wealth they must have given 2 billion dollars the get the economy going at least in the add dept.
    we should have elections for Judges ships also every two yrs we should not appoint we should electic that is the worst thing that could happen to the Repuicks they will spend billions more for that sceniaro

  • aaastickit

    Repuicks are the NAZI PARTI of America
    Wake UP FOOLS
    WE NEED to stop them now and for the next foreseeable future
    they will try to come back as liberals next but fool you into believing
    The TROJAN HORSE Believe me with Raw-money’s fakery back and forth he even forgot what he was running for that first debate he was for everything Obama was for did any of you believe THAT no You thought he won the first debate and I’m setting here going WAKE UP FOOLS he hasn’t a clue what he believes you cannot believe can U

  • msrita

    You can’t blame one person it’s the Republican Platform. Foodstamp President did you ever that what races are on foodstamps mainly White People who need food because they need to feed their kids. Duh you IDIOTS that’s what you get for being against the American People. Kids need financial aide cut that cut food stamps cut section8. Then privatize prisons so you and your buddies can make more money. YOU CAN’T FOOL ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN EVEN ONE WITH AN 8 GRADE EDUCATION.

  • he’s okay for a black guy

  • I want to see those 18 public records…scathing or not
    Chief McCurry
    USN retired

  • Bob Williams

    IN 2008
    The US Population was 304,383,929
    The US Employed workforce was 144,718,830
    The Official # Unemployed was 9,493,026
    The Number ACTUALLY unemployed was 13,493,026
    People on Food Stamps was 30,972,863
    National debt 9 Trillion

    IN 2012
    The US Population is 313,903,804 (+3%)
    The US Employed workforce is 143,535,146 (-1%)
    The Official # Unemployed was 12,610,774 (+24.7%)
    The Number ACTUALLY unemployed is 23,113,403 (+71.3%)
    People on Food Stamps was 45,984,665 (+50%)
    National debt 15.566 Trillion (+75%)

    That is the Obama legacy. Unemployment up 25%, real unemployment up 71%, food stamps up 50%…

    Now pretend you’re a normal thought processing individual who is voting clearly on record and not party line. Which record would you support? Which record inspires hope for improvement?

    But my Obama sez he is going to fix it all. Honest! Whew! That’s a relief.

    Besides – those are just numbers, anyway. We all know that things are absolutely booming.

    For the record, the second term of “W” was a train wreck, but then in less than 4 years, Obama made “W” look like a genius. As “W” sez – “When my second term was over, you thought things couldn’t get any worse. Think again!!!”

    • johninPCFL

      GWBs last budget, as approved by Congress, ended on 10/1/2009 and the national debt stood at $12.8T.

      In GWBs last three months in office, 800,000 jobs per month were lost. This trend slowed to a stop after the new president was elected, reversed, and employment has risen continuously for the last 34 months. Government employment has declined, private sector jobs have increased.

      States control food stamp eligibility, not the president.

    • heh Bob – the election was last Tuesday!

    • Your so called record for 2008 does not include the people that had given up finding a job and quit looking nor does it include people that had to retire early because they couldn’t find a job. Nor does it include the money spent on Bush’s two unfinanced wars that he never included into the National Debt and President Obama did. Food stamps are handled by state government not the Federal government many of which have been controlled by Republicans since 2010. Don’t know where your figures came from since you don’t show your source but they as phony as a $3 dollar bill.

  • Cannot deal with Paul Ryan and his dispicable beliefs. He is as cruel and ungodly as they come. He has no feeling for people, only himself and his money. I found Ryan very well matched to Romney, neither one having any connection to everyday people.

  • DirkVanden

    i was amazed when Ryan was chosen because Mormons believe that the Catholic Church is “The Abomination of Desolation sitting in the Holy Place,”shortened to “The Great Abomination,” the reason that Joseph Smith founded the LDS Church in the first place. Mormons are taught to regard Catholics as sinners and their enemies. The choosingof Ryan told me that Romney wasn’t quite the perfect Mormon that he seemed. He welcomed “the enemy” with open arms, like the pic in this article!
    Does the GOP blame God for their loss? I’m sure Romney does. He was so certain that God wanted him to be President as part of a Divine Plan, that he didn’t even consider losing. But he has to be thinking “God didn’t want me, after all.” That must hurt a lot. I feel very sorry for Mitt Romney, but i hope he will go away and shut up and take care of the brood he has sired. Can you say “Population Explosion” all by himself! Wait! Ann has to take responsibility for that brood, according to their religion, so it’s all her fault.

  • ridemybroom

    thats what got me on track with the obama team….the almost all white congress being racist and calling racist names out to obama…i can think of one such Joe Wilson calling OB a liar…these people shud be hung…im serious…the world is evil enuff to live in but do we have to constantly put up with the crap and lies that comes from with in these people heads and minds…isnt it time we got them out of politics…old southern white hypocrisy and bigotted attitudes still live on in the evil minds of these people…what a waste of human behaviour at it best….JUST LOOK AT CONGRESS !

  • Jack Wormer

    “But they certainly couldn’t have done it if the GOP hadn’t bought into the unconscionable beliefs that have become personified by one blue-eyed, Ayn Rand-loving man: Paul Ryan”…….


    • Rumor has it he is going into acadamia…..LOL – what the hell is he going to teach?….”How to Blow a $400 Billion dollar funded election-101? What a bunch of nimrods….hahahahahahahahaha

  • He is only qualified to teach about Ayn Rand but quite frankly who cares about her or her ideas? Besides Republicans, that is.

  • Lets just hope the wing nuts tat make up the base of the GOP go quietly into the obscurity they so richly deserve.

  • forward………………………………

  • DirkVanden

    I wasn’t an Obama fan, although i voted for him 4 years ago–i wanted Hillary–but i became one during the election. I didn’t watch TV, but my emails were bombarded with Obama’s accomplishments, and there were far more than I knew about. He got rid of Bill Clinton’s embarassing compromise “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” That’s lying, basically. He stated his approval of Gay Marriage and the world didn’t collapse. I lived with my lover for 18 years before he died of AIDS (government sponsored racial & sexual cleansing? Obama thinks so. So do i; see my book IT WAS TOO SOON BEFORE) He will probably sign an order forbidding discrimination on a federal level. He will be forced to deal with Global Warming ASAP; it is real & won’t go away, but is obviously getting worse and worse each year. Obama will be given credit for dealing with it, just as he did with Sandy. He will be able to appoint up to 3 new judges on the Supreme Court. The GOP congress knows that the electorate believes them to be “Obstructionists,” so they will go out of their way to be nice, hoping to win everything back in 4 years, and then regress to the 1800s! It is my best guess that Hillary will run, but not yet; she & Bill will continue to help Barack Obama become one of the best presidents ever. When he thanked his crew, he wept with tears of joy, and that made me love him. He’s one of the most decent human beings ever to be President. I’m proud to have voted for him.

    • Amen- I love him too….forget about the alternative being unthinkable….the only choice for me was Barack Obama…oh, and by the way, Repubs…yes! – I am gainfully employed, white and heterosexual so stop with your demographics….they don’t hold up….and that my friends is why Obama won.

    • Very well said and I agree 100%

  • Dispite the dismal record of the worst president since Jimmy Carter, Dems won for three reasons: 1. Obama giving voters a continual drip of left wing propaganda and personal Romney attacks, 2. The constant Obama loving cheerleading by the mainstream media and press, and 3. Mexicans and Blacks like free stuff and are drawn to a socialist regime.

    • I sho is happy to get ma gubment cheeze and ma welfare check and ma food stamps from Massa Obama! Lawsy, lawsy! LOL!

      What a poor loser you are Tom. You lost because of your racist attitude! Did you think old, rich, white men were going to control the general elections forever?

    • The most dismal record of the worst President is Bush 2. Our Country’s economic problems didn’t start in 2009 when Obama took office they began with Bush’s 2 unfinanced wars, his two tax breaks, the easing on regulation on Wall Street and the rewards given to companies that sent American Jobs overseas, paying their moving expenses, giving them big tax breaks and making sure that they got part of the foreign money given to the countries where they moved the jobs, letting finance institutions and banks use pension funds and other money that belonged to the customers not the bank ‘s moneyto make bad investments that lost the customers money and left more than a few of them destitute and after bailing out the to big banks not setting up controls to keep the bail out money from going to the CEO’ s and higher management ,that caused the financial problems to start with, as bonus money. You are not suppose to give bonus money when the people getting the bonus are the ones that caused the problem even if they have a contract. But under Bush 2 the CEO and higher management got million dollars or more in bonus money while laying off the tellers and other employees of these places. Before Bush 2 left office he admitted he was leaving the Country in a financial mess. Your candidate Romney started the personnel attacks on the President long before the President did one on Romney. If you check welfare figures which you won’t do, you will see the states that get the most welfare money are the states that are considered to be Republican and that the majority of people getting welfare in these states are white. The attacks on Romney when he was at Bain and in charge is the truth and well document how he and his partners either bankrupt companies that they were suppose to be helping or they sent the American Workers jobs overseas mostly to China and walked away with millions including the employees pension funds. Which we the American Taxpayers had to replace because they were Federally insured. There was no cheerleading by mainstream media and press, they reported more negative stuff about Obama than they ever did Romney.That was to be expected since most of the media and press are owned by Republican backers.

    • ExPAVIC


      Horse shit.

      Learn to read and stay away from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News (?).

  • This is a site where a handful of libs come to share their “group think” ideas and socialist Utopian ideals.

    • Looks like Utopia wins the day!

    • And to laugh at the stupid remarks the likes of you make.There has not been one word said about the Independents until you said it. What makes an Independent is that they do their own research, listen to both sides and make their minds up on who to vote for based on their research not someone like Rush Limbaugh, Fox so called News. They listen and research both parties candidates and do not vote for a person because of the party the candidate belongs to but for the candidate they think will do the most good for the Country and its citizens. Independents are not tied to one party’s campaign and as I said most vote for the good of the Country and her citizens not because of what either party says to get elected. You need to look the meaning of socialist, it sure isn’t what you and a lot of people like you think it is.

    • Tom, aren’t the FOX forums available today? Perhaps you’d feel more love over there? Funny how you guys don’t like the tast of your own medicine!

  • It is hilarious to read the hateful rants by the unhinged angry liberal left that accuse Republicans and Independents (“repubics,” “teabaggers,” “bigots” and “Nazis”) of being hateful. Laughable, really.

    • We liberals won the election! We’re not angry but you neo-cons and tea baggers sure are. You’ve been angry for four years and I’ll guess you’ll be angry for the next four years too. I guess it was okay when the baggers were marching on Washington and at town hall meetings with their racist posters calling Obama “nazi,” “Hitler,” “monkey,” and “boy.” Yeah, that was okay, right? You started the racial hate game and now whine when it’s thrown back at you. No, the name calling doesn’t make us right either, but it makes you and republicans hypocrites.

    • debzp

      Almost as funny as Karl Rove crying about Obama running negative ads and suppressing the vote. Laughable really.

  • The Republicans called Paul Ryan a ‘budget hawk”, the problem was Mr. Paul Ryan did not even know or could explain the math of his plan. What a loser!!!

  • The right wingers would of had us all out of work with no welfare and on the streets lol

  • the rich own the Republican Party they tell them to jump and they say how high it’s a no brainer

  • isameh

    I am independent and would have given Romney a chance. But Ryan did it. Like it did with Palin before. I went for Obama. A not to happy voter.

  • Directo12

    Yes the GOP is totally wrong with the taxes and all the things that you already mentioned please stop crying Romney maybe be a very successful man in the business world, however the presidency is too much for him very true, if the republican would to choose Ron Paul, I believe instead Obama Ron Paul would be the president right now

    • I don’t think Ron Paul would be president now if he had been chosen. You are totally forgetting about demographics. Paul would have needed the votes of minorities and he would not have gotten those votes. Ron Paul scared the hell out of me when he had no answer to a question that was posed to him about healthcare. The question was “If you saw a healthy man laying in the street all bloodied up and he had no healthcare, what would you do?” Ron Paul said absolutely nothing, but someone in the audience said “let him die!” Ron Paul did nothing to correct that ugly outburst, he just sat there looking stupid. That was scary.

  • The Party of JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, has turned into, “What can my Government give with with other people’s money until bled dry.”
    A sound Federal Government with a balanced budget, low taxes and more jobs is the policy that will help everyone of all races. That is the Republican way, but you people always make it about race & class. The division & hate is with you.

    • Sorry – you are completely wrong. This election proved where the hate lies and it is with the party of NO! This is America buddy, the land of the free and the home of the brave….wake up….your party needs to change their ideology, and maybe then, but ONLY then will the Fright-wingers you espouse have a chance at governing again.

    • And you people turn everything to people are to sorry to work and want all this free stuff and are Democrats. I got news for you and the other Republicans that think that way the states that get the most welfare are the states considered to be Republican states and there are more white Republicans that get welfare than any minority race
      The Republican trickle down economic has been tried more than once since Reagan introduced it in 1981, it didn’t work then and he had enough sense to realize it wasn’t working and raised taxes at least 8 if not more times. Didn’t work when Bush 2 did the same thing in 2001 and 2003, instead of creating jobs it destroyed jobs that is clearly shown by the Recession that he and Cheney caused. All trickle down does is make the rich richer and the poor poorer. In 2005, the owners of big corporations made a deal with Bush 2 if he would give them a tax holiday and let them bring in money from their off shores accounts and not tax it, they would use it to create jobs. He came them their tax holiday and they brought in millions upon millions dollars in the US. How many jobs were created with this money, not one job. The money went to the owners, the CEO’s higher management and the largest stockholders not any of the smaller stockholders. Not one job created and not one cent collected in taxes. That is how the Republican trickle down economy works. I was one of the many that got laid with Reagan’s trickle down policy and I was once again a victim of trickle down economics in 2004 and was laid off. The ones that want welfare and goodies are the Rich Corporations that get welfare checks from the government every year and special treatment. You can’t put the division and hate on us, it goes to your party along with your partner party the Tea Party. The thing that is funny in away is that the people that dislike or hate President Obama because his skin tone is black, forget one important thing he is only half black, the rest of him is half white and there are plenty of people considered black that are half/half and unless you can trace your ancestry all the way back to when your first ancestor was born, you could and probably do have black genes in your biological mixture, most of us probably do since the white masters and overseers had sex with the female slaves regularly and black slavery was first introduced in the North, North East.

    • Plznn your party doesn’t want me to have the opportunity to help myself; then you whine that we somehow want your hard earned money? No one wants your money. I work for my own money and pay my fair share of taxes. If you want to convince yourself otherwise, be my guest. I don’t know what happened to the Republican party, but they are not the party of Reagan and America is not the America Reagan once led.

  • The Rich told the Republican party to jump and they said HOW FAR, and of course the mix if Romney and Ryan was not the right mix and if Ron Paul was the candidate, he might have had a better chance.

  • Paul Ryan Class Crook lol

  • Thats right, pe0ple were afriad of Ryan . flate out some republices were as well. Gop had better watch him when they make much need changes.

  • Plus they were to focus on getting Obama the Blackman out of the White House . That to angered people. Fold the race card to many races out there now, its not just black and white anymore.

  • notafoxfan

    “i can tell you that the 2 democrats responsible for the defeat of ronmey/ryan are ted kennedyand bill clinton” (this author says)…oh yes, and i can tell you that the 2 repuublicans responsible for the defeat of romney /ryan, are romney /ryan themselves and their “open mouth,insert foot” statements..

  • aaastickit

    thinking and reasoning for your self without Fox noise and Hannity Insanity BS

  • aaastickit

    OUR Judge ships should be voted in also not appointed that is the repuicks worry NOW just imagine how much Fat Pig Repuicks will redistribute their own money if we had to vote for jusdges and they don’t even know that they redistributed stheir OWN money Stupid or WHAT

  • LOL of the article…leaving out how the GOP robbed Ron Paul of the nomination all throughout the campaign, at the GOP Convention, and how Romney and Ryan packed their campaign with rich Israelis, Vegas and Macao gangsters, th City of London bankers who would rule the world, Netanyahu and the LIKUD party, and Israeli military intelligence.

  • How anyone can even get past his “look” is beyond me….not to sound shallow, but there are some people that simply by their “cover” you can assume what the book is about….

  • aaastickit

    Let me put it this way
    the white rich bastads decided to destroy families in the african nation and bring them here for slaves as we all know this country said NO
    Then those rich white Bastards decided to bring as many mexicans and latinos in to use as slaves and that didn’t work NOW those WHITE RICH WHITE BASTARDS want to send everyone HOME
    Can U believe THAT . We have to get these RICH WHITE nBASTARDS out of this country without their money

  • aaastickit

    what is worse is Einstein couldn’t put his pants on
    Hi IQ is Border line IDIOT and thats what is wrong with some of those Rich Repuicks they no knothing about anything

  • aaastickit

    The Repuicks believe that if you say something 6 times it becomes TRUE

  • You are right aaastickit, they will never come around, and they will still be whining about this election come 2016. It’s one thing to have a different ideology, but it’s quite the other thing to be perceived as hating fellow Americans who just happens to disagree with your positions on the various social matters that are important to all Americans. The GOP speaks of entitlement alot, some how they manage to convince themselves that they were entitled to win this election. I wonder why. Listen I am from Jamaica, I have lived in this country for many years, I came here, went to college, have multiple degrees, worked and went to school like many others did, and never depended on government for anything, becuase where I come from, dependence on government is almost non existent. But some folks would like to have us believe that all some folks do is sit around on their asses, do nothing, waiting for a hand out, nothing could be further from the truth. There are some folks who will not seize the moment, no matter what, they will not push themselves to be all they can be, those folks we are going to have just to leave them behind, whether they are Black, White, Latino, Asian it does not matter. Individuals have to want better for themselves, America might still be a very divided country, but I know one thing, there are millions of white people in this country that are willing to judge this president by the content of his character versus the color of his skin, simply because their conscience tell them that it is the right thing to do. Hate never wins, becuase if it did, we would all be in serious trouble. One Love Mankind!

  • republicans – quit your whining and GET OVER IT! you are part of the problem, get out of the way.

  • aaastickit

    you should have a million’ likes’ there your wonderful u had me in tears

  • aaastickit

    GOD won Evil LOST the REPUICKS are EVIL

  • It didn’t take much to see that Paul Ryan, even after 17 years in Congress, knew nothing of import.
    He was over confident about his ability to use smokescreen to hide his true character, and thought the citizenry would fall for it. Follow the yellow brick road… two men made of cardboard with no true heart for us Americans.

  • Wah Wah Wah! You’ve lost the election! No one is to blame but the Republican candidates!Suck it up, get over it, let it go and move forward with your lives! End of th discussion! Sum it up: Nanh Nahnny Nanh Nanh! HPHLMAO!

  • ballsnow

    It’s scary to think of the damage, Romney and Ryan would have done to poor and middle class Americans, and especially what Ryan would have done to women.

  • “We are worried about ‘the cow’ when it is all about the ‘Ice Cream. ‘The most eye-opening civics lesson I ever had was while teaching 3rd grade. The last Presidential election was heating up and some of the children showed an interest.

    I decided we would have an election for a class president. We would choose our nominees. They would make a campaign speech and the class would vote. To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class members. We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia were picked to run for the top spot.
    The class had done a great job in their selections.

    Both candidates were good kids.

    I thought Jamie might have an advantage because he got lots of parental support.

    I had never seen Olivia’s mother.

    The day arrived when they were to make their speeches.

    Jamie went first.

    He had specific ideas about how to make our class a better place.
    He ended by promising to do his very best.

    Everyone applauded and he sat down.

    Now is was Olivia’s turn to speak.

    Her speech was concise. She said, “If you will vote for me, I will give you ice cream.” She sat down.

    The class went wild. “Yes! Yes! We want ice cream.”

    She surely would say more. She did not have to.

    A discussion followed. How did she plan to pay for the ice cream? She wasn’t sure. But no one pursued that question. They took her at her word.

    Would her parents buy it or would the class pay for it…She didn’t know.

    The class really didn’t care. All they were thinking about was ice cream…

    Jamie was forgotten. Olivia won by a landslide.

    Every time Barack Obama opened his mouth he offered ice cream and 51.4 % of the people reacted like nine year old’s. They want ice cream.

    The other 48.6% percent know they’re going to have to feed the cow and clean up the mess.”

    • debzp

      Just keep telling yourself that. We love it!!!Seems to me that Mittens was the one promising the world. 20% tax cuts for everyone, no cuts to medicare or social security, more military spending, keep all the parts of Obamacare we like…. and the best part of it….. NO ONE HAS TO PAY FOR ANYTHING. (frightening to think that someone teaching our children could be so simple minded)

  • Wow Mike’ where do you get your FACTS? I can’t believe you were allow to teach our children at such a impressionable age I’m sure bigotry was insemmenated in your lesson plans. Oh I’d like to ask this question isn’t promising 12 million new jobs that FACTS say will be created with current climate conditions regardless of who’s president and reducing the deficit by increasing it 6 trillion promising Ice Cream? I’m just saying, It must be hot in that Bubble? lol with you.

  • I agree with your assessment. Not like some who REFUSE to believe that discrimination still exist in the world not just the US. Its just the most dangerous kind of if “Disquised or Undercover”

  • The Extreme Extortionists Republican Party along with the new KKK Tea Party, Fox no real News people like Rush and Trump are evil. Now the GOP wants to play the Latinos andCuban Americans but they want fall for it you have to include all races we want be fool again by this racists party. Money do not and will not by people or elections. My advice to these extreme people get with the picture and treat all Americans fair.

  • hey zombies you got 4 more years of Obama then 8 of Hilary that should give you enough time over the next 12 years to come up with a credible candidate who isn’t a total lying outsourcer and tax dodger. Find someone who doesn’t patronize women, hispanics, unions and the 47% hurting by the outsourced USA jobs. Social Security and medicare along with Obama Care are here to stay. Most people want the filthy rich taxed and until you rightwing nuts get this you are going to lose. Take the tea from the tea party and give yourself an enema you zombies.

  • DrHouse5

    The op-ed doesn’t seem to get that Obama won by 3% not 30%.

    • debzp

      More than 3 million in the popular vote and a landslide electoral vote. This despite being outspent 4 to 1 in special interest mone and the most massive voter suppression movement since “Jim Crow”.. Repubs also lost 8 seats in the house while dems gained on the Senate. It’s a MANDATE!!!! Moreover an outright rejection of the republican policies that even Romney had to run away from in the general election. Nobody wants what the repubs are selling.

      • DrHouse5

        About half of the country wants what the Republicans are selling. Stop kidding yourself otherwise.
        Voter suppression was targeted at people who are not citizens – I’ve had to provide photo ID to vote for my entire life. I think it’s a *crime* that states allow voting with out it – only citizens may vote, that’s Federal law not “Jim Crow”.

        If the Dems [ab]use this bump like they did last time (and passed Obamacare) they going to loose seats in 2014.

        • debzp

          Oh yeah the republican ideas are so popular that Mitt had to do a 180 from the primaries and become Moderate Mitt. Less than 20% of the country agree with the far right. Only after Mitt endorsed Obamas foreign and domestic policies did he garner support. As for voter suppression(which you admit is Supression!) targets the poor and elderly who may not have photo ID. I hope you don’t accept any of the benefits of theACA, SS or Medicare.

          • DrHouse5

            Who cares what Mitt said? Only a few percent of Americans are sway voters. Most (>90%, maybe even >95%) vote based on party policies regardless of the candidates.

            You are being a complete tool word-mincing ‘suppression’. Fine, let’s call it what it really was, ‘enforcing the law’. I could play the same douche-bag game and say Look! Look! You needed *illegal* votes for Obama to win!!!! He’s not a legitimate President!!!!!!

            It is a misdemeanor to walk around with identification. “I’m old” is not an excuse. “I’m Hispanic” is not an excuse. How despicable of you to insinuate ‘certain minorities’ are too stupid or too lazy to be bothered obtaining an ID card.

            PS I didn’t vote for Mitt, I’m just calling Bull-Shit when I see it (and there’s no shortage).

          • debzp

            I never insinuated minorities or the elderly were stupid or lazy. You’re the one who is stupid and with such an ability to discern bs you need to look on the mirror. Voter suppression involved far more than ID. How about attempts by rethugs in Fla and Ohio to limit hours and machines in neighborhoods based on demographics and socio-economics. We should be making an effort to encourage voter participation rather than restrict it. If everyone voted repubs would lose every time. In-person voter fraud is practically non-existent. Consider how difficult it would be to rig an election by trying to get thousands of people to go and vote under someone else’s name.
            PS don’t underestimate yourself you are playing douche-bag games and semantics.(tool? Who even says that)

          • debzp

            Oh and I live in a “free” state. We don’t need to carry ID !

  • You are all terribly wrong; it is George W. Bush who is completely at fault . . .

  • debzp

    Bush at fault? Surely you jest. He was a master of foreign policy and economics. He destroyed generations of diplomatic relations and squandered a surplus and plunged the country into a recession. Obama had 4 whole years (with the most obstructionist Congress in history) to fix all that. And all he could accomplish was saving the auto industry, capturing bin Laden, ending the Iraq war, sustaining 32 straight months of job creation and winning re-election.

  • coraktp

    I am so sick of people like Paul Ryan worshiping Ann Rand, a woman who never had a real job in her life. Ann Rand was an intellectual who never produced anything of real material value. She was one of the high society ‘hangers on’ — the effete intellectual ‘artists’ that her books criticized and definitely not one of the ‘builders of railroads and steel mills’ that she glorified in her work. A hypocrite to the day she died, she ended her life on the public dole – living off Social Security while the government picked up the tab for her cancer care!

  • The righties have always shown to be poor loosers, take the results from the re-call election in WI, We didn’t get to throw old Gov. Walker out, we didn’t heve enough money to win against the koch brothers, but we did gain 4 State senate seats & the power from the anger against those who are against collective bargaining. The WI legislation went back to Rep. control but we have awakened a movment that caused Pres. Obama to carry the state with a 51% to 47% margin. The best is yet to come-we have just gotten started-the righties better run for cover, WE WILL NEVER BE A RED STATE!

  • Maybe Obama should just let all the idiots in Texas and any other state secede from the union and let them form their own little territory in some hellhole like Kansas, or just give them Kansas, border them up with barbed wire and leave them to their incestuous misgivings, ass backwards misgivings.

  • Ryan’s people are petitioning for him to be House Speaker for the next term.

    The true believers are all-in. this should be great, the final death throes of the Grand Old Party, live on television.

  • I agree with most of the details in this article, but not the central theosis. Clinton was definitely a big boost to the Obama ticket, and I’m sure they got plenty of good advice, but I believe there were three main reasons why Romney lost.
    1) Obama had a better ground game than Romney. He had more offices in swing states like Ohio. His aparatis from the 2008 campaign was still largely in tact and he had more grass roots support. Romney counted on fatcat donors.
    2) The mysogeny of Aiken and Mourdock (and other GOP congressional candidates) drove women’s votes (and anyone that doesn’t think women are breeding stock) away from the GOP.
    3) The racism of the teabaggers ensured that the vast majority of “minorities” (the term is becoming a misnomer) voted democrat.
    Finally, one sobering thought; despite the media trying to bill this election as a landslide, Obama won by 3% of the popular vote. The evils mentioned above are alive and well in the USA. We need to fight every day to send them back to the stoneage where they belong.

  • their necks are red

  • ChristianMartin

    I consider myself a liberal minded republican and can tell fellow republicans that many of these comments being made about our party are TRUE. Historically the more fundamental (often noted as extreme) elements within my party have in fact shown visceral bias against foreigners, non-whites,non-Christians,homosexuals, and poor and indigent. They are also as addicted to their fake drug war as any crack or heroine addict they have been so eager to charge with as many felonies as possible and just throw away instead of rehabilitate and bring back into the useful folds of society like most other modernized,civilized nations do. I cautiously (but optimistically) crossed my party lines and voted for Obama the first time around but could not in good conscience do so a second time. If he had done more to bring equality to the gay community and actually kept his word regarding keeping the Feds off the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries He would have had my vote a second time. I didnt like how he was all to eager to pass another bill that further stripped us of what few Constitutional Rights we have left either. I had to give my vote to the only candidate that actually seemed to believe in smaller government or give a shit about our Constitutional Rights…..Gary Johnson. So until the G.O.P. wakes the hell up and pulls it’s ignorant head out of it’s uptight ass and takes a good,long,hard,historical, look at it’s past and present priorities they wont have my vote again. Oh yeah,and to both parties…There is such a thing as a LIBERAL REPUBLICAN and a CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT!! Always remember that small minded, chronic, compulsive, party line-towers inevitably damage whatever party we belong to(like the G.O.P. has damaged itself).

    • debzp

      Amen to you.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Behind every GOP demand is a Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Charles or David Koch or some other billionaire ready to start groups like the Tea Party and Americans For Prosperity (theirs, not yours) to divide the country.

    All dictators knows for certain the way to dictatorship is built on amassing great wealth by bankrupting the working class and laborers and then when you have the lion’s share of wealth, you begin your commandeering of the government by infiltrating the most uneducated and impressionable who believe their failures and poverty are everyone’s fault but theirs. This goes a long way to the success of any dictator.

    Just one problem with that…the working class won’t sit back and be used like safety nets to keep billionaires from paying their fair share of taxes and eating up our tax revenue for their corporations. Nor, will they sit back and allow billionaires to divide their country. What they will do is allow Wall Street billionaires to crash their wealth base by simply cutting off the endless supply of tax dollars these greedheads get. It really is that simple, folks.