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Thursday, October 27, 2016

For the right wing in America, a fact is something that gets said enough times on Fox News in order for viewers to confidently repeat it.

That’s why it’s easy to take a lie like “the stimulus failed” and turn it into a right-wing “fact”. Start by callling it “the failed stimulus” even before the bill goes into effect. Then keep repeating that same phrase, even as we go from losing 800,000 jobs a month to creating private sector jobs for 29 months. With Fox News, AM talk radio, and nearly one billion dollars in commercials, mailings and robocalls, you can effectively transform the most effective government economic intervention since the New Deal into some bad gas no one wants to claim.

In his new book The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era, Michael Grunwald uncovers the nearly endless list of hidden successes in the bill still called a “failure” by the Bush admirers who still think Dubya’s far more expensive and useless tax breaks and wars were a success:

“The stimulus is producing the world’s largest wind farm, a half dozen of the world’s largest solar arrays, and America’s first refineries for advanced biofuels. It’s creating a battery-manufacturing industry for electric vehicles almost entirely from scratch. It financed net-zero border stations and visitors centers, an eco-friendly new Coast Guard headquarters, a one-of-a-kind ‘advanced synchrotron light source.’ It jump-started three long-awaited mega-projects in Manhattan alone—the Moynihan Station, the Second Avenue Subway, and the Long Island Railroad connection to the East Side…”

The difference between the stimulus and the New Deal—and the reason the New Deal remains more popular—is that the stimulus was passed and implemented during the worst of the crisis. The New Deal came after two years of Hoover trying to balance the budget instead of healing the economy.

But what Paul Ryan—the ideological leader of the House Republicans—never mentioned is that while he and the GOP were bashing the stimulus, and repeating the lie, he was begging for stimulus dollars.


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  • It so frustrating to see the National Memo, and DNC, not effectively utilizing this and similar gaffes and hypocrisies by the GOP. Why don’t you go after them for such lies? Why are you dropping the lethal weapon of Romney’s tax returns scandals, especially when we know that he did not file for taxes at one given time?

  • Saudi-Australian owned News Corp, owner of Fox News, the employer of Sean Hannity, Bil O’Riley, and Dubai born Eric Erickson, is the most single source of brain molestation of young Americans.

  • Propaganda mercenaries and prostitutes working for the Fox Militia, will fabricate any any lie to manipulate the brains of those who outsourced their thinking to this godfathers of this militia.

  • Rupert Murdoch, Al Waleed bin Talal, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and few others, are the true enemies of the United States.

  • I fear we are giving Paul Ryan more attention than he deserves. The man is a right wing extremist intent on advancing an agenda designed to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class and the poor. Live it at that and focus on the man at the top, his record, his deeds, and HIS agenda. There is plenty there to disqualify these bozos from even coming close to the Oval Office.

    • Dominick you might call Ryan a right wing terrorist, he is trying to destroy everything this country has done. He has proved this from his record, and lies.

  • Eric Cantor, the Congressman from Virginia, takes his daily orders from Bibi Netanyahu, the most dangerous enemy of peace and the State of Israel.

  • If you trust banks and Wall Street, then vote Romney.

  • If you are a millionaire with at least $3 millions in cash reserve, Romney will be good for you.

  • He’s about as ready as Romney is, and thats not saying much, these two idiots are a embarassment to their Party, what a joke

    • Joseph Hemphill

      they’re an embarrassment to the country….

  • As someone who lives in the Netherlands, member of the labor party(Liberal),
    I follow the American politics. But I am surprised how America is divided on
    party line. It is stupid anyway because after all the person you elect will still
    the whole country. So it is this reason that apart from party affiliation, we hold
    everybody to a higher standard.
    How can a person who wants to be president does not conform to the normal
    standard that every president aspirant follows, he wouldn’t release his tax
    returns, to the extent sent his wife on the national television to defy
    public opinion. Man like him can not be train conductor in the Netherlands
    let alone president.

    • grammyjill

      Thank You

  • Sometimes the facts get so confusing and both sides are responsible…but one thing I am not confused about….this “Comeback Team” does not know what they are talking about in many different areas and I have yet to see SPECIFIC plans presented that will work. I get a lot of go team go and” go America” stuff without any solid plans. In the area of Education, Healthcare, Medicare and foreign policy..I find their views alarming…and I am a Conservative Independent!!!

    • phantomoftheopera

      i heard that they will give us specifics AFTER they are elected. to me, that means either a) they don’t have a plan or b) if we knew the plan most of us unrich would hate us.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      they said right out, ” if we told you what are plans were, you wouldn’t vote for us”, it doesn’t get any plainer than that, now does it ?

  • RodgerMitchell

    Excellent article, with one sad exception. You said, ” In 2002, amid a slow economy that was getting almost no help from the tax breaks on which the GOP had blown the Clinton surplus, Paul Ryan called for more stimulus.”

    Fact: The Clinton surplus caused the recession. Federal surpluses remove dollars from the economy, which invariably causes recessions. The Bush tax cuts helped end the recession, by leaving more dollars in the economy.

    This is well known by people who understand Monetary Sovereignty.

    • Landsende

      How did the Bush tax cuts help the recession? Tax cuts would have been a good idea if Bush hadn’t gotten us in two wars that weren’t being paid for because of the tax cuts thus running up the deficit. There was also the wall street and housing meltdown which had to be bailed out further running up the deficit. Raising taxes on everyone, not just the middle class, and cutting subsidies, and tax shelters that allow people and corporations to avoid their fair share of the tax burden will do more to help the economy than tax cuts for the wealthy.

      • RodgerMitchell

        Look up “Monetary Sovereignty,” and you’ll see why a growing economy requires a growing federal deficit.

        • Landsende

          Thanks for the tip. Looked up monetary sovereignty. Was very interesting reading.

        • Then why are the Republicans blaming Obama for growing the deficit? Wouldn’t the higher deficit mean the economy is growing?

          • RodgerMitchell

            Americans have been brainwashed into believing federal financing is like personal financing, where “debt” and “deficit” are bad. But, every economist learns this equation in the first school year:

            Federal Deficits – Net Imports = Net Private Savings

            It means, very simply, that increasing the deficit increases net private savings. People saving and spending dollars is the only way our economy can grow. The whole deficit/debt discussion is based on a myth.

            When the federal government runs a deficit (i.e. sends more dollars into the economy than it receives in taxes), the economy is enriched. A federal deficit is a profit for the economy.

            Anyone who tells you the deficit is “unsustainable” or should be reduced or is “owed by our children and grandchildren” either does not understand economics or is lying.

            The Tea/Republicans lie because reducing the deficit increases the gap between the upper 1% income group and the 99%. The Republicans are owned by the 1%.

            Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  • onedonewong

    All Ryan was trying to do was to keep the $$ in the US and not outsource any more jobs. Barak outsourced millions of jobs with taxpayer $$ to China, Mexico, Brazil, Finland and Cuba

    • Joseph Hemphill

      the troll is back…

      • joebiteeme

        got nothing as usual

  • Ryan can command! but only an Army of Dirty Little Rats!!!

  • That’s my comment on Ryan and His Rats!

  • Landsende

    Makes you wonder how many other teapublicans voted against the stimulus and then had their hands out. If they really believed in their reasons for voting against it they should refuse it as a matter of principle. Maybe when they have a big donor to their campaign asking for some of the stimulus their principles go out the window like Ryan’s did.

  • this lieing sack of crap should get out of office, not be put in the white house. wake up people the gop is going to ruin this country if they can.

    • grammyjill

      If he doesn’t get elected vp he will be out. no one is going to vote him back into house of reps when he’s on pres. ticket. so the loser will have to go away.

  • Let’s be honest about this. I didn’t and still believe Obama was the wrong decision for the democratic party. Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Obama current is. I also believe Ryan would be another major mistake if something happened to Mitt Romney. The three of them are not qualified. I stating this as an independent voter!

    Now that the majority of the voting population knows this, they lousy power to be want us to vote a demon out and a devil in. There is something really terribly wrong with this.

  • Anybody surprised at this artical? I am not. How can you tell whaen a repuke is not telling a lie? Very easy, their mouth is moving. Dont know how any average citizen could support him or his “daddy” rommey. If he would give me a million or two and “promise” me great financial gains when he and his “Daddy” ran the country (into the sub ground) I might be for him ( with a armor plate strapped to my back). He and his buddies are determined to own everything and make the already struggling average person their slaves, for their wages, benefit(use that term very loosely), and pay whats left in taxes that also pay theirs while they sit back laughing that those “stupid people”. YEA GOP or is the GOOP!

  • ”” Republican poll ””’
    You republicans know what a crook is ? a [ REPUBLICAN ],,now how many got that right,,LOL You need to pull your head out of fox news’s #$%$ and pay attention! Romney Ryan going to rape you republicans you will like that now lol Ryans mom is taking him to get his hair cut Monday lol then hes going to talk to you crybaby republicans about his Medicrookcare bill for the rich this week lol,

    • Joseph Hemphill

      would that be “legitimate rape or forced rape ” ??

  • As President Obama said ,” this is Romy-hood. Robe from the poor give to the rich the silly twitt!
    Only when the American people learn that this crisis won’t get better over night or by changing candidates will America get better.