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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Here’s the one thing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has in common with the average middle-class American: Ted Cruz (R-TX) is his worst nightmare.

Not that McConnell disagrees with Cruz’s billionaire-coddling, revanchist paranoid fantasies that pit anyone who doesn’t agree with Dick Cheney 100 percent of the time as a UN-brainwashed, disloyal “Friend of Hamas.”

What terrifies McConnell as he attempts to saw logs is just how easily Senator Ted Cruz could destroy his political career.

Cruz crushed Texas lieutenant governor David Dewhurst in the Lone Star State’s 2012 U.S. Senate GOP primary by running against the “establishment.” Unlike Sharron Angle, Richard Mourdock or Christine O’Donnell—Tea Partiers who all won GOP primaries in purple states—Cruz’s primary win in blood-red Texas was a ticket straight to the upper house of Congress, where he has instantly replaced Jim DeMint (R-SC) as the Republican who sounds the most like Glenn Beck, if Beck had ever left puberty.

With one endorsement, one press release or even one wink in the right direction, Cruz could turn some lucky Tea Partier into a serious candidate to defeat Mitch McConnell, the man who has led Senate Republicans since they became the minority in 2007.

Usually a new senator spends his first few years keeping a low profile and kissing up to the leadership. Cruz has effectively reversed this process. Every time a microphone gets near his face, he creates excruciating headlines for the GOP. And the Republican leadership is all puckered up and dying to plant one on Cruz’s nether regions, according to National Review Online.

“He’s ready for primetime on day one, which is pretty unusual for somebody who just got sworn in,” McConnell says. “He’s a deadly weapon.” He is also “good company,” according to McConnell, who recently accompanied Cruz on a delegation to Israel and Afghanistan.

Cruz — the perfect representative of dive-bombing GOP primary voters who would rather flame out trying to destroy Obama than actually govern — has Mitch McConnell on a leash. And because Republicans have used the filibuster to hijack control of lawmaking and appointments in this country, this means that the farthest right of the GOP now effectively has control of the Senate and much of the government.

Thus Senate Republicans — who have already set records for obstruction — are already sinking to new depths just months into the 113th Congress.

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  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Yes, nothing like joining a Country Club, and on your first day, standing on the side and peeing in the pool to mark your spot . . .

  • midway54

    This lout even looks like the 1950s Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and behaves in the same contemptible way with malicious and mendacious outbursts. He has just barely unpacked his luggage and his braying has already begun. It will be remembered that in those days the Senate was not made up of mostly rightwing lunatics as it is now, and their toleration level was much lower. Senator Watkins of Utah went after him, and McCarthy was censured. A few years later, he died at age 49(?), a humiliated and broken man. There was little grieving around the Country, because of the reputations, careers, and lives he ruined through his abominable tactics.

    • lana ward

      Omuslim looks like Frank Marshall Davis, card carrying communist and behaves in the same contempible way with malicious towards America

      • karinursula

        Do you ever get tired of yourself?

        • lana ward

          What does that have to do will Omuslim looking like Frank Marshall Davis?

  • Ted Cruz and his family should be shipped back to Cuba, where I am sure Raul would give them a warm welcome.

    • He is from Canada not Cuba and I doubt that Canada wants him back.

  • dtgraham

    Cruz was only born in Canada because his parents came up to work in the oil industry in Calgary for a few years. That’s his fleeting, tenuous, grip on the great white north.

    So the best part about this is that now Cruz can never, ever, be President. You’re welcome America. Our pleasure. What are friends for?

    • Ted Cruz is worse than Fidel Castro.

      • lana ward

        Omuslim is worse than Hitler

        • I knew it that you are coming Lana. Will you ever get matured??? You are aging backwards and your wisdom will never show up. I reckon this all the time Lana! How sad!

          • lana ward

            Omuslim is worse than Hitler and Fidel Castro!!

          • Lana the TROLL is worse than either of these examples she puts forward here.

        • awoosoul

          First off, Obama is NOT a Muslim, and second your comparing him to Hitler is an insult to all those Jewish people who were persecuted by the Nazi’s. It’s ignorant people like you that only know how to hate and not compromise that are dividing our country. Obama won the election, get over it. And he’s doing what he can (against the most obstructionist congress in history) to help the middle class. He saved the auto industry and the workers were able to keep their pensions and benefits something Mitt Romney would not have done. And I for one am very happy since I am a Chrysler worker. So save your childish name-calling for your fellow haters like Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and the rest of the talking heads were are making a fortune spewing their hate to knuckleheads like you.

          • empiremed

            God Bless Senator Cruz

          • english_teacher

            Yes, let us hope that Senator Cruz will see how unChristian his actions are and repent.

          • empiremed

            Can we say the same of you? We are all siners.

          • english_teacher

            I’m no longer a siner as I gave up trigonometry a long time ago. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is bearing false witness with his unsubstantiated insinuations.

          • dtgraham

            Now that was funny english_teacher. You gave up sining and trigonometry huh. One of the best comments ever. Thanks for the laugh.

          • lana ward

            The muslims bought the Presidency. Omuslim is there to destroy the country, not help it!!!

          • awoosoul

            Your comment is another example of just how brainwashed some people have become. And how ridiculous rumors can be especially when people make outlandish claims like, “The Muslims bought the presidency” and calling our president “Omuslim” like that’s some kind of weak attempt at humor. And he’s there to destroy the country, where the heck does that come from. I’m one of the auto workers whose pension and benefits was saved by the auto bailout he pushed through. And how is trying to help people get health insurance ruining the country. You better hope you don’t get a long term disease and the insurance companies call it a pre-exisiting condition and your premiums skyrocket, I’m willing to bet you’ll love Obamacare then. But whatever anyone says you’re not going to listen, because you’re one of the haters and anything the president does you will be against, no matter if it’s something that’s good for you or not. Hmm, come to think of it, isn’t that what republicans in congress are doing. They have become the party of NO and if their strategy is to obstruct they’re doing a good job. But in the end all their money and all the demeaning comments coming out of Fox News will not help them. Their destined to be irrelevant and out of touch with everyday people who just want to support their families and enjoy a pension when their working days are done.

        • midway54

          It appears from your posts that you are engaged in the same approach.

          You need to tell us all with specificity just how you have been personally affected and victimized by the Obama’s policies.

          • english_teacher

            Lana can’t do that because it would mean require some real imagination as well as straying from her insults and talking points. It would require critical thinking skills which are lacking. She’s like the parrot that was a few sentences and just keeps repeating them over and over again.

        • You are an awful woman….awful

          • lana ward

            You’re awful to for demonizing Bush and the GOP….AWFUL!!

          • Cairndance

            Since you are such a supporter of Bush, please tell us what marvelous things he has been doing for the past 4 years!

            Every other past President has been front and center in working with their party after they leave office. Bush has been hiding because his policies were disasterous!

            While traveling in Canada and Europe, during the Bush terms, I had to continuously apologize for his actions.

            Since Obama was elected, a true Christian who actually cares about “all the people”, not just the wealthy, I have not had to apologize even once!

            We will all be awaiting your reply as to Bush’s achievements since leaving the Presidency.

          • lana ward

            First thing Omuslim is a muslim, not a Christian!! He hates Christians. He is doing all he can to make them go against their beliefs. Christians don’t murder babies as they’re being born as Omuslim does. At Youtube, “Obamas’ muslim faith”, he admits he’s a muslim. The Bushes are doing humanitary work. He doesn’t want to be in the spotlight like the pompous ex-presidents–if you apologized for America, get out! You’re a communist!!

          • Cairndance

            So you think Obama is a good Muslim do you? He sat in a Christian Church for 20 years, that the R’s hated, he smoked until he became President, he drinks beer, and he was sworn in on the Lincoln bible! How good of a Muslim could he possibly be?

            Christians don’t murder babies? I guess you’ve never heard about the Crusades? Good Christians, spreading the Good Word, killed thousands of people!

            I didn’t say I apologized for America, I apologized because Bush was our President!

            Bush stated that he really “didn’t give much thought to Osama Bin ladin anymore” once he managed to get America into Iraq, with a massive lie! So don’t try to tell any of us that Bush was out there searching for Bin Ladin!

            Just what humanitarian work is Bush doing? He’s in hiding because he knows he screwed the country. His name wasn’t mentioned even once during the R’s debates, nor during their convention.
            I’m sure it wasn’t out of respect for his privacy, it was because there is nothing positive to speak about!

            Now you are calling me a Communist! You are such an idiot, you are not even worth responding too! Do you use You- Tube for all of your facts? Maybe you should try reading a newspaper or perhaps watching something besides FOX!
            Then maybe you could post a bright new idea, instead of the same garbage that you post over and over and over!

          • lana ward

            “Rev” Wright and his “church” are NOT Christian. It is a racist building-NOT a church!! There is a club in that building where all the queers meet, Omuslim is one of those queers. Check out ,”The Down Low Club” His marriage is a sham to cover his being a queer. He admitted being muslim-YouTube, “Obamas muslim faith”, check that out too! Those that kill people ARE NOT real christians, unless at war. Clinton Had 3 chances to get Bin Laden, he was to busy with Monica. His cock was more important than our National Security!! You were apologizing for our country if you were apopogizing for Bush. He wasn’t giving much thought to Bin Laden, we would find him with other thousands of murdering muslims. The dems have demonized Bush so bad, if the GOP stands up for him all the rabid dems would go after them too!! That’s all they know how to do is demonize the “enemy”. They demonize the GOP, and slobber over muslim terrorists!!! Bush did all he could to protect us from the enemy. Omuslim is handing us over to them!!!

          • Cairndance

            3,000 AMERICANS died on 9/11/01 on BUSH’s WATCH! Bush ignored the warnings!
            Tell me again how safe he kept us!

            Tell the families of the over 4,000 men and women who have died in Iraq, Bush’s WAR of CHOICE, and the 30,000 maimed, just how safe Bush kept us!

            Bush had his chance to get Bin Ladin, but he chose to ignore him and go into Iraq.
            Bush left it to President Obama to finish the job!

            You must be a millionaire if you think the GOP is on your side, because if you’re not then you are an idiot. IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY A WOMAN and you think the GOP is your friend, you really are nuts! They want to control your entire life and body. If you can’t make it on your own, then you should just give up and die, because the GOP intend to take away all of the help. I’m sure no one in your family ever lost a job and had to get unemployment, or needed food stamps because they were layed off, or needed health care in an Emergency Room. You’ve probably never been sick or injured giving you, or a family member, a pre-existing condition?

            I continue to apologize for Bush too and most of my republican friends just give him a “pass”. They wouldn’t even think of trying to bring up anything he did that was good, because there wasn’t anything. Even giving my 89 year old Mother the “Drug benefit”, was really just a huge money give away to the drug companies, since he made it illegal for Medicare to negotiate the prices! Every insurance company, the VA, DSHS, all of them negotiate, but he made it illegal for Medicare to do it! What a guy, he was just looking out for the big drug companies and we thought it was one moment where he was actually thinking about the elderly!

            Can you get through any of your rants without the nasty words? Your vocabulary is a bit limited!

          • lana ward

            Eric ” Fast and furious” Holder is now saying the only way to stop gun violence is for gun confiscation. Do those words ring a bell?? Heil Hitler!!! Omuslims DHS has stockpiled billions of weapons and ammo to use on American citizens. And Omuslims drones to kill Americans. He is going to have us all in concentration camps before his reign of terror os over!!! IF it is ever over

          • Cairndance

            Where in HELL do you get your information? You are certifiably CRAZY!

            It seems to be a continuation of the BUSH years. Chaney kept telling us to BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID. He warned that only the R’s could possibly keep us safe!
            Now La Pierre, the NRA and the R’s are continuing the message, BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!
            How can you be so crazy?

          • lana ward

            The GOP is right, be VERY afraid. Omuslim is the next Hitler, putting in place one thing at a time so we don’t figure it out. His reign of terror has started. Watch for things he’s doing, and pray ,unless he is impeached or killed!!!

          • lana ward

            Check out the site, Pat Dollard, then make up your own mind!!!

        • Lana has no personal knowledge of either so we are left with her opinion which is, as we all know, worth nothing. Opinions are like buttholes everyone has one but Lana has the distinction of being able to speak out of hers.

          • lana ward

            You prove my point!! Pervert!

      • lana ward

        That’s all dems know how to do. Demonize those they are afraid of!! Saul Alinsky–Demonize, marginalize, destroy!!! That is the dems, spot on!!

        • Afraid? Really…and what planet are you from lady? Destroy? No I think you are confused with the Bush legacy….Iraq, the unecessary war that killed thousands of young Americans…and for what?

          • lana ward

            Dems attack and destroy everyone they are afraid of, lady. They are tretcherous, lying bullies!!

        • stcroixcarp

          Isn’t Saul Alinsky Ayn Rand’s jewish husband? Or lover or mentor? Isn’t that a tea party/Paul Ryan/Rand Paul thing? How did he get to be a muslim? Take you meds, lana.

          • lana ward

            Omuslim is a communist muslim. His parents and grandparents were communists and he studied writings of Saul Alinsky, and Cloward&Piven. Hilary Clinton is a communist too

          • That makes Barack Obama a very unique individual. Communism did not spread in the Islamic world, largely because its Godless focus is the anti-thesis of Islam. Anyway, thank you for letting us know that Methodist churches are actually Mosques in hiding.

          • lana ward

            Those communist muslim sneaks are everywhere, their leader is in the WH

          • Sand_Cat


        • midway54

          Critics of Cruz are not afraid of him; rather, it is that there may be a groundswell of mindlless dupes like you cheering his increasing demagoguery as was the case during the McCarthy era. At last, McCarthy was toppled and most of the pathetic dupes finally awakened to their foolishness. Mercifully HUAC went out of business and ended the nightmare.

          • lana ward

            Dems demonize when they’re scared of someone. Right now it’s Rubio and Cruz. They are treacherous bullies!

          • Gusto9

            Crwuz is saying anything that will eventually line his pockets. Rubio is been used just like they used Herman Cain. When the time comes for them to pick a nominee, it will be a white man and Rubio as “potential” VP pick. Same script.

          • lana ward

            Herman Cain. What happened to his “women” after ther dems destroyed him??? Not a word!!

          • You are right! Rubio and Cruz are treacherous bullies!

            Lana we are not afraid of them. Those two just happen to be a waste of good skin. And all jokes aside, those two are nothing more than hateful, ignorant bullies. Especially Cruz.

          • lana ward

            Dems demonize those they are afraid of. Look what they did to Sarah Palin. And Herman Cain? What happened to his “women” after the dems destroyed him??? Not a word

          • Are you suggesting the Democrats are scared of winning elections? There is no need to demonize or marginalize anybody, we need more people like Ted Cruz in Congress to help us win control of the House in 2014, and pave the way for a Clinton/Warren win in 2016. The more radical Tea Party members are, the better off Democrats are. Viva senor Cruz!

          • lana ward

            The better off the dems are, the worse off our country is!!!

          • What rock do you live under? Dems are pushovers or we wouldn’t be worried about freaks like Cruz and Romeo, er ah Rubio!

          • lana ward

            Omuslim is the freak!!, and communist, queer , muslim, traitor, Anti-Christ. Now what rock do you live under–Omuslim might drop a bomb on you !!

          • Replying to lana ward –

            “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”

            The Ninth Commandment.

          • RobertCHastings

            Republican middle-class voter, it’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it? And yet, there are millions of them. They know, because they have been told time after time, that the wealthy are their benefactors and it is evil to tax the wealthy, because their wealth will trickle down and help all those on lower socio-economic levels. And, in spite of all that has happened as a result of this theory over the past thirty years, they still believe. $1T/year is about how much that theory has cost the middle class; about $30T in wealth has been transferred form the middle class to the wealthy because of the policies begun by Ronald Reagan and perpetuated by both Bushes. How to verify that? Look at your paycheck from thirty years ago and compare it to the paycheck of your company’s CEO. Now, do the same thing for today and you will see where the money has gone. It’s simple arithmetic, not voodoo math.

          • awoosoul

            If anyone is a bully it’s Ted Cruz. That man should not be allowed to walk the walls of congress. Calling out a fellow republican and putting in question his patriotism is a low blow. How much time did Cruz spend in the army, Hagel has two purple hearts and the only thing he’s guilty of is not supporting Bush’s fabricated war. If anything he has shown tremendous insight because now we all know the Iraq war was an unnecessary war that cost billions of dollars and thousands of young men and women killed.

          • traceytlw

            Everyone demonizes. Stop pretending the Republicans don’t do it, too.

          • lana ward

            Tell me ONE time fly face Omuslim has taken the blame for anything he has done. Just ONE

        • daniel bostdorf

          wards photo

        • Gusto9

          They are not demonizing him. He accuses Mr hagel of treason, a man that served this country with honor and valor, yet, Mr Cruz who never served this country nor has a child that will ever serve is now questioning Hagel patriotism. He is a coward. To compare him to Castro is truly a total disrespect to Fidel Castro.

          • EMS

            Why do so many here even respond to Lana Ward’s comments. She’s only baiting you, and you fall for it every time. This is clearly her idea of fun and passing time. I hate to see so much space wasted, and would rather read intelligent comments regarding the subject hand.

          • lana ward

            Sounds like Cuba is your country, communist

      • Al Hey

        So you would rather have a communist in the US Senate. Really??? Oh yeah, he would fit right in with Obama

    • Thank God for Canada!

  • Ted Cruz, a relic of the Cold War and a loyal servant of the elite that supports his campaigns and helped him rise to a position of power, is likely to become more than just a nightmare for the GOP. As opposed to most of the Tea Party ideologues that have come and gone in years past, Ted Cruz has brains and is so consumed by ideological extremism that he is bound to become the champion of obstructionism for many years to come.
    As opposed to Sen. McCain, who in spite of being born in Panama was able to run for President because of his parents status and Canal Zone considerations when he was born, Ted Cruz’s birthplace (Canada) prevents him from running for president, but it doesn’t prevent him from being Speaker of the House or holding a senior Cabinet position. This guy can cause the United States a lot of headaches in the future.

    • Well, he couldn’t get elected if people didn’t vote for his crazy, crass, close-minded, priviledged a$$. And yes, I meant to put those dollar signs there.

      • Very true. The ascendancy to power by people like Cruz, Akin, Mourdoch and others says more about the people that vote for them than their radicalism, or the cynicism of exploiting the ignorance and intolerance of some segments of our society to achieve their goals.

        • That’s what’s doubly sad, that there are actually that many Amerians with demented minds that extremists like Cruz can get elected.

    • JSquercia

      Isn’t it interesting that Ted finds TWO Decorated Combat veterans insufficiently admiring of the Military . I do not know if Ted ever served but MY guess would be that like MOST of the Chicken Hawk Brigade he did NOT .
      The thing Im like most about Hagel is he was an ENLISTED man and therefore knows EXACTLY what war is like for the “grunts”

      • jarheadgene

        Yes….and Hagel, having seen combat first hand, says WAR is LAST resort politics. If we can continue to elect Senators like Hagel or Warren, maybe this country can start getting somewhere again. They are both from different parties, but they use their brains and don’t go PARTY line all the way.

    • JSquercia

      I am curious as to what would happen should happen if Cruz attained the position of Speaker of the House and both the President and Vice President were killed ?

      • silas1898

        It would just skip his crazy a$$ and go to next in line, president pro tem of the Senate. Leahy (VT) currently. Then it goes down the cabinet, with Sec of State first.

    • I have to disagree with one of your assertions, that Cruz has brains. Anyone with half a brain knows that the crap he spews is just that, crap. No reasonably intelligent person would have the political ideology of Cruz, unless they were lying in order to get power, which he may very well be doing.

      • Replying to Mike Haddock –

        Unfortunately, the last election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are some people who are highly intelligent, and yet they are just as destructive as Hurricane Sandy.

        Point of reference – Newt Gingrich. Irregardless of your opinion of him, his intellect and intelligence are extremely high.

        As Damion Thorpe, (The Omen Series), stated, “Evil can be every bit as pure as good.”

        • rothgar

          Idiocy is not a requirement for holding conservative opinions — yet!
          The rhetoric sounds good if you decide that real-word proof is not needed for ideology. I’ve been watching a similar thing in my little world and now my “ideological lab rat” has moved to Chicago to study comedy writing.

          My “lab rat” was too smart to get forced to actually face the real world but his time may be coming.

          I think the crash coming from the sequester should pretty much force us to look at whether what beleive about Government has support in the real-world.

          This crash is one more proof that Keynes understood employment economics far better than any conservative who were debunked in 1932 but the data has been successfully ignored by Right Wing ideologues who have made a bundle trying to keep the rich from either paying their fair share or limiting their rape of our economic well-being.

  • Melda Page

    Perhaps they will destroy each other.

  • TheSkalawag929

    I’m more concerned about the electorate in Texas. Are they that gullible?

    • latebloomingrandma

      You have to wonder about Texas. There are so many uneducated people there, lots of high school drop-outs. Either many people do not vote–or–many of these people DO vote. Either way,not good.

      • TheSkalawag929

        That may help to explain why politicians in Texas are so against education there.

        A dumb electorate is a pliable electorate.

      • You’ve got that right about not voting – Texas leads the nation with the lowest percentage of its population that actually votes. And they lead the nation in high school dropouts and are 46th in the nation as having the lowest average SAT scores for their students who still remain in HS, which isn’t many.

        • latebloomingrandma

          Couple that with their dismal track record on citizens with health care, and you have an uneducated, lethargic , group of people, who have no initiative and drive to self improve, like conservatives want you to do. Plus, they most likely all have guns.
          Thank God Rick Perry flamed out on the national stage, before he could bring the Texas “miracle” to the rest of the country. Texas is a microcosm of the haves and have-nots.

          • Cairndance

            Remember they took “Critical Thinking” out of the schools!
            Cruz is the outcome!

      • This would include the Govrnor of Texas.

      • lana ward

        Look at all of the uneducated people that voted for Omuslim. Some thought Sarah Palin was his running mate, some thought Romney was black. Most can’t read or spell!!

        • Replying to lana ward –

          We are all glad to see that you haven’t given up smokin’ the wacky weed.

          Keep up the good work.


          • silas1898

            I think she is smokin’ crack or doing meth or dust. Weed usually doesn’t make people so hostile, unless they run out of beer.

          • lana ward

            You’re laughing at your own people!! Howard Stern out on the street before the election, walked up to people and asked questions. Some thought Sarah Palin was Omuslims running mate, some thought Romney was black!! It was funny as hell, but it was pitiful too!!

        • karinursula

          Lana, you one of them

          • lana ward

            That’s an educated comment 🙂

        • latebloomingrandma

          Where on earth did you dig that one up? On Jay Leno’s “jaywalking”?

          • lana ward

            Something like that!! WOW! Talk about being uninformed!! And these know-nothings voted!! Pitiful!

        • You are the only living (and I question this actually) example you can out forth here to prove your statement. While the body may be alive it is clear your brain is not functioning. May I suggest you pull the tubes keeping you alive?

          • lana ward

            Check out Howard Sterns’ out on the street before the election, see it for yourself, you insulting big mouth, know nothing boob!!

    • nanc35


      • TheSkalawag929

        Then I’m glad that I don’t live there.

        • You may be doubly glad when you learn that Texas ranks as the most enviromentally polluted state in the nation – a combination of polluted land from all the oil spills and pretty bad air around several of its cities (especially Houston).

          • TheSkalawag929

            Wow!! The list of reasons NOT to live in Texas just keeps on growing.

            Environmentally catastrophic, Low valuations on primary and secondary education, Low wages, non interest in health coverage its residents and the over the top wrong-wing fringe politicians they elect.

          • Tom_D44

            Nice spin independent1 – but you got your facts wrong. When it comes to most polluted areas California owns it. Yep even with all their regulations, extra taxes and all.

    • JSquercia

      Simple ANSWER ; YES!!!!

      • TheSkalawag929

        A simple answer to describe a simple electorate. 😉

  • jarheadgene

    The latinos of Texas must have gotten fooled by his name …Cruz. They are not fooled by Rubio. Both are Cuban neocons. HEY Texas….WAKE the F___ UP! The P.O.S. G.O.P. is BAD for America!
    Especially the TEAliban portion of the party.

  • Can’t help but wonder the same thing. It wasn’t as if McCarthy acted alone back in the day. A lot of the public was totally backing him. I guess this is the version of it for our day.

  • what a mug – this guy is a stooge for the federalist society and looks like he walked out of a 1950s TV sitcom

  • Ted Cruz is Sarah Palin in a trouser with a tie on. Like Sarah, he wants to make his name without doing anything fruitful for the nation. Unbelievable the guy has just joined the Senate, he has no clue at all how even the Senate works. He needs to be shuts up.

    • Unfortunately, doing nothing fruitful for the nation is the way the GOP has operated over the past 100 years. Just look at George Bush, he spent 8 years in office and ran up America’s debt by almost 10 trillion dollars and did only one remotely frutiful thing for the country – push to have a drug benefit added to Medicare. Unfortunately, he did it in a way that made it clear that his reason for pushing for it was just to allow the drug industry to reap more profits by adding a provision that the government can’t negotiate lower drug prices. But aside from that, the money spent during Bush’s 8 years went to what should have been unnecessary wars, two unwarranted tax cuts, and a number of unfunded federal mandates to the states and just simply malaise in the economy due to the GOP’s disastersous governance (an economy coupled with poor job growth that were both the most dismal in the past 100 years despite the tax cut giveaways to the rich). I defy anyone to come up with one beneficial thing that the GOP has done for America outside of Eisenhower’s administration. Every other GOP president has been a super failure.

      • lana ward

        You’re a brainwashed halfwit

    • JSquercia

      Sadly from the little I’ve heard about him he is FAR more than a Palin in a trouser . He is supposed to be quite a smart lawyer .

      • As far as I have heard from him, he doesn’t sound as if he ever entered in any school, leave alone being a lawyer. How did he managed to get that title???

  • Give it time. The people in Texas are not stupid. If he keeps up this crap they will
    vote him out of office.

    • You’re being pretty generous there for a state that voted Rick Perry into office 5 times. And a state who leads the nation in High School dropouts and is 46th in the nation in its students SAT scores and also leads the nation in having the lowest percentage of its citizens who vote. None of these are very good indicators for a state that has much common sense.

    • Are you willing to bet on it?

      • karinursula

        Right, and I believe in Santa Claus.

  • maryjcorliss

    Ted Cruz is this generation’s McCarthy and much more crafty. He is the man who is going to make the Republicans wish they had never supported anyone from the Tea Party. Don’t think he awaits any approval from Mitch McConnell or any other Republican “leader”. Obstruction is the sharpest weapon in the Tea Party arsenal and now the GOP will be forced to use it as well.

    • latebloomingrandma

      I thought republicans liked to quote the Bible. “Ye reap what ye sew.” They have created these Frankensteins in their party.

      • They only use the bible to take verses out of context and spout them when they think that by pretending to be Christians it will buy them some votes (a typical ploy of the Devil).

        • jarheadgene

          The P.O.S.G.O.P. party is about as Christian as the Pharisees and Saducees in the Bible. They speak of GOD, but their hearts are far from HIM.

  • That’s what is doubly sad these days – that there are actually so many people with demented minds in America that crazies like Cruz can get elected.

  • coliwabl

    Cruz is a very dangerous individual and as such a danger to the USA and the free World. He is no better than any ruthless and arrogant dictator. He is clearly demonstrating that he doesn’t care about the country by his constant obstruction of congressional business. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about anyone other than himself and his few self perceived elites like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and other free world haters.

  • CPAinNewYork

    So both McConnell and Cruz made the supplication pilgrimage to Israel. That must have been part of the deal for financial backing from AIPAC, right?

  • CPAinNewYork

    Much of Joseph McCarthy’s appeal was to Catholic voters. They loved him, especially when he called the Archbishop of Canterbury a Communist.

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City still conducts a memorial mass in his honor.

  • jstsyn

    We have Reid to thank for the obstructive filibuster. He and McConnell worked out a deal. A deal Reid should have said no to. Simply put, republicans are enemies of the state. They need to be eradicated. When will we have had enough?

  • Another lunatic….just what the GOP needs. Yep he should be on Fox News…him and Huckabee can hold hands.

  • Yet another extremist to speed up the self-destruction process of the GOP. It’s sad – they used to be a great party.

  • Lovefacts

    Cruz is the 21st Century’s Joe McCarthy and like Joe, when he falls it will be because good people have stood up to him.

    However, when it comes to the mess in the Senator and its inability to pass legislation or approve appointments, Senator Reid’s the one I hold responsible and whom I hold in contempt. As a Progressive it pains me to admit that his decisions re the filibuster rules were based upon what’s in the best interest of the country. But rather fear, cowardice, and what’s in the best interest of the Democratic Party when it’s a minority party in the future–and it will one day–ruled.

  • daniel bostdorf

    The real LOL here at National Memo is censorship ie removal of a Ms. Tuckers column on how obsolete Black History Month is in her opinion….all of a sudden, after 3 opposing comments it has disappeared….after 2 DAYS? That is a National memo Record.

    Even if you click on her banner link for recent stories…it is gone.
    Replaced now by her February 6th article titled: Gun Owners Supporting Sensible Reform Must Speak Out posted on February 9th, 2013 12:00 am Cynthia Tucker

    Why was she so quickly thrown away to “back pages?”… censorship?

    • english_teacher

      I just checked by clicking on her name above and then on her byline and it was the first one listed.

      • daniel bostdorf

        i just tried clicking cynthia tucker and still get the gun owner article? thanks

        • english_teacher

          Bizarre. If you click on her byline on the gun owner’s article, it takes you to the list of her articles and the first one listed is the one on Black History Month. However, you might be right that there’s something screwy if it didn’t pop to her latest article when you clicked on her name at the top of the page.

  • lana ward

    Dems are scared to death of anything decent. And right now it’s Rubio and Cruz, look at what dems are doing to them. Bullies!, Treacherous bullies!!!

    • daniel bostdorf

      Lana’s photo

      • lana ward

        Obamas’ photo at– “”The captains’ quarters, Obamas dead pools””

    • Cairndance

      We are still waiting for you to explain all of the great things Bush did during his presidency and all of the great things he has done since leaving office!

      I think we recently saw that Bush has been painting self-portraits!

      • lana ward

        Bush kept America safe after Clinton had 3 chances to get Bin Laden and didn’t. He was to busy with Monica. He spent his whole Presidency finding the enemy. What has Omuslim done? 16 + trillion in debt, half of Americans on food stamps, earnings are falling, jobs claims jumping, inflation creeping up, coal plants closing because of Os enviornmental rules devestating communities, small banks disappearing, poverty rising and now he’s going to kill Americans with drones. Plus Ocare is going to ruin us all!! Now I’m waiting for you to tell me just what this bozo has done in 4 years that has helped America???

  • daniel bostdorf

    Lana and others….
    Ted Cruz…He is a dangerous demagogue to the max….. Nothing more than a rabble rouser .

    Cruz is a right wing extreme propagandist in a democracy.

    He appeals to the emotions, prejudices, and ignorance of the poorer and less-educated classes in order to gain power.

    Cruz usually opposes deliberation and advocate immediate, violent action to address a national crisis; he accuses moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness.

    He exploits a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population.

    Cruz keeps repeating lies in order to make you believe that he is being factual. Propaganda is particular way of presenting a message, usually false to be blatantly biased in favor of his lies.

    History teaches us this…

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”—-nazis Joseph Goebbels

    Cruz is the real bully here along with neo con right wing Teaparty inspired wing nuts.

  • Gusto9

    It is amazing that these cowards that never served in our Armed Forces are telling us that the guys that served with honors and received awards for thier valor and dedication to country are now telling us these guys are not worthy to serve in leadership positions and yet, the US media does not question people like Cruz, instead, they glorify them and elevate them on a pedestal.

  • Maybe, we should be happy. There will be right-wing victories, but with the like of Cruz around, they will only get weaker. Possibly, someday we will get lucky and Texas will secede. Texas will immediately become another Bangladesh and we will have a great load removed from our body politic.

  • As a progressive, liberal Democrat from Austin, I sent the following email to Cruz last week, after the Hagel hearings: “Cruz, you’re a pathetically reprehensible, ignominious, despicably teabagging jackal! You don’t deserve the respect of a lame rat in a pit of vipers, you pitiable Joe McCarthy wanna-be. We Democrats in Texas, particularly the majority of us who are proud, progressive Hispanics and Latinos, will inevitably turn our state “Blue”. This is the inescapable future which neither you, nor the rest of your Grimly Odious Party cabal, will be able to prevent; trust me on this fact. Then, we will gladly kick your lousy ass to the curb of history, where you’ll become the insignificant footnote you so rightly deserve to be…”

  • bchrista

    Hey Lana Ward you sucking their dicks already.

    • daniel bostdorf

      bcrista—-BGONE please…we have enough trolls here

  • bchrista

    I thought the article we were discussing here was about two assholes, Cruz and Rubio how did we get into Black History Month? Apparently I must have hurt Daniel Bosthorf feelings when I told Lana to go suck both Cruz and Rubio since I have seen worse but I am man enough to tell mr (bgone) Bosthorf to suck my ass, like my fellow posters I’ll say what ever the hell I want, I can get a lot nastier and since my original remark was not directed at him he should worry about himself and leave others alone, I get tired of that he/she Lana ward and the constant omuslin and other derogatory remarks he/she keeps making about the Prseident especially since it’s the same shit over and over, find something new to say, that stuff is old.

  • David L. Allison

    Ummmm, Cruz could not be in control of the Senate if _Reid_ had not kissed up to McConnell & the rest of the radical right wing republicans and refused to change the filibuster rule. The right wing and their “Lucy” walrus-cheeked McConnell promised again to change and Reid “Charlie Browned it” one more time. Reid is not a leader but a feckless incompetent who is so afraid of losing that he no longer even tries to win. Don’t blame the brainless right wing Republicans. Blame the gutless Democrats.

  • bchrista

    I have tried to tell you guys that are not paying attention there are quite a few Democrats that are in bed with the Republicans, I agree with JSTSYN that Reid sold out to McConnell on the filibuster thing, when Reid first started talking about the filibuster he was going to see to it that the Republicans would regret using the filibuster but by the time him and McConnell got together his tone had changed, and that’s the way it’s been all along the Democrats keep backing down from the Republicans without putting up a fight, hey how do you think we got in the mess we find ourselves in, the deficit, the budget, and paying for two wars and the horrendous tax cuts Buch gave the 1%, the Democrats gave in to Bush and Cheney, they could have voted no but they didn’t, and now President Obama finds himself sometimes times , at odds with his own party because they won’t back him 100% remember the first two years Obama had a Democratic majority in both house but the people got tired of them doing nothing and the Republicans seized the opportunity and started bad mounthing the Democrats for doing nothing and at the next elections they were voted out and replaced by what eventually became the Tea Party, Obama had what he needed and wanted but he couldn’t get them off their respective asses to pass anything so out they went and now even winning by a million votes they can’t get back in, because of the gerrymandering by the Republicans and if they have their way 2014 won’t be no different, because the Republicans will find a way to fix the elections again, sometimes I feel that the Democrats don’t want the responsibility and that’s why they only make a half hearted effort to do their job, the Repubs are no better but at least they got someone thinking, that they are trying, we need Democrats that want to be there there’ too many that should be put out to pasture on both parties.

    • neonnautilus

      That’s one long sentence.

  • bchrista

    Did anyone ever notice that Ted Cruz likes to pose with his chin thrust up in the air just like Mussolini.

  • Gambler2

    Ted Cruz is a total ass. He’s a flash in the pan that will hurt the Republican Party badly. When the news media get over their love affair with him, he will fade as DeMint did.