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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LOL Of The Week: Texas Explosion Illuminates The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Rick Perry And Ted Cruz

LOL Of The Week: Texas Explosion Illuminates The Glaring Hypocrisy Of Rick Perry And Ted Cruz

Of course, there’s nothing funny about the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas that claimed the lives of at least 14 — many of them first responders — and injured more than 100.

Texas governor Rick Perry immediately declared McLennan County a disaster area and asked for an emergency declaration from the president, noting, “It is unfortunate for us that we face both natural and manmade disasters too often in this state.”

Since 2009, Texas has far more Federal Emergency Management Agency-declared disasters — 75 — than any other state. This nearly constant need for federal intervention belies Governor Perry’s nearly constant bellicose rhetoric attacking big government.

Actually, much of what’s going on in Texas belies Perry’s nearly constant rhetoric attacking big government. The governor likes to brag about a “Texas miracle” without mentioning how taxpayers have subsidized much of it — indirectly through tax breaks to the oil industry and directly via military and government spending. As of 2011, private sector jobs had grown 9 percent since 2000, while public sector jobs were up by 19 percent.

In April of 2009, as the nation faced the worst economic crisis since the last Republican Depression, Perry blasted Washington’s big government overreach. “We’ve got a great union,” Perry said. “There is absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what may come out of that?”

What had Washington done to deserve Perry’s thinly veiled secession threat? It had passed the economic stimulus that saved millions of jobs and prevented a greater Depression, as anyone who can read a graph can clearly see:

Perry used that money to balance his state’s budget — something he often bragged about as he attacked Washington’s “insatiable desire to spend our children’s inheritance on failed stimulus plans.”

But Perry is happy to spend federal money when headline-grabbing disaster strikes his state specifically. But he does stick to his “principles” when it comes to Texas’ ongoing health care disaster.

Texas has the highest uninsured rate of any state in the union. Families USA estimates that in 2010, 57 Texans died each week for lack of health insurance. How does did Perry respond to this emergency? By turning down millions in health care just to punish the state’s Planned Parenthood organization. He also joined state Republicans in cutting family planning funding, a choice that could easily end up costing taxpayers more than $100 million.

And Perry could instantly cover as many as 1.8 million Americans and save a huge chunk of those 57 lives needlessly lost every week, if he would just say yes to Medicaid expansion.

But he won’t.

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  • David Turrentine

    They are not only liars and hypocrites but they are guilty of nothing less than manslaughter.

    • Ugh, huh, Your proof of this is what again?

  • mc1964

    A stunning lack of Christian values. A disaster strikes non-Texans? Who cares?
    A disaster strikes Texans? Where’s our money? This whole thing says a lot about
    the “Christians” who elected these scum.

    • beulahmo

      I’m a Christian living in Texas, but I’m not offended by your comment. I feel the same way. That these people get elected and re-elected so easily in this state bewilders me.

      • toptwome

        I know what you mean. I live in Louisiana now, but I lived in Texas for ten years when my husband was stationed at Ft Hood.

        • I hope your husband wasn’t part of that “workplace violence” incident that took place at Ft. Hood with a certain Major Hassan.

    • mrjohnspeaks

      Christianity and politics don’t mix. Run when a politician talks about his faith.

      • You mean like when Obama referred to his “Christian faith” while defending his decision to support traditional marriage back in 2008?

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      MC…You obey EPA compliance regulations for all Texas business…you get disaster relief. You sit back knowing the business you work for isn’t complying and maintain the grand silence…and you get zero help.’s time for Texans to wake up and realize that the jobs they hold so sacred have consequences for them. You love the money those jobs provide…and turn a deaf ear to the consequences you all knew would occur if a fertilizer plant exceeded the EPA regulations on storage of hazardous materials….So no…no one is going to express sympathy when the people in your state are only concerned about working in jobs you know is destroying the planet and human life day by day.

  • charleo1

    Texas is famous for it’s overblown, and torrid love affair with itself. It’s tendency
    to constantly remind outsiders, “Don’t mess with Texas.” Personally, if it were not
    for my wife having family there, I would not only not mess with Texas, I would stay
    as far away from it as I could. The problem with Governor Perry, and his anti-Federal
    Government, rhetoric is, it keeps crashing headlong into reality. Reality being just
    one of a growing list of subjects entitled, Things the Republican Party refuses to
    admit exists. Like global warming, or poverty. They like to go around spitballing the
    big wasteful government in Washington. Complaining bitterly, how the Federal
    Government’s tax policy is killing jobs. While they are soaking up far more Federal dollars, year after year, than they send to Washington, All the while hollering for
    balanced Federal budgets.

    • Agreed. In fact, I believe they are one of the leading states in the nation in terms of general federal aide and subsidies. I don’t understand the logic that goes through the heads of the people who vote these guys on the basis of their sovereignty/ anti-federalist arguments, when the fact is that their state accepts so much money from the government that, if texas were a college student, and the federal government were a loan agency, poor old Texas would end up paying 200% in interest and effectively bankrupting itself before any turnaround could be displayed.

      • charleo1

        As in all the States where Republicans set the rules, Texas is
        the typical playground for corporations, and the wealthy. And,
        not surprisingly, has all the problems that comes with it.
        Right to work laws keep the largest part of the population,
        poor, and struggling. Millions uninsured. And since they
        won’t charge the corporations, with any taxes, and the
        poverty rate is through the roof, Texas, like all the rest, run
        up huge State deficits. Which they make up for by robbing
        Peter, to pay Paul. Then cut education, healthcare, and
        shift the rest of the bills down to the local town councils.
        And drive property taxes sky high.

        • Which is why Wall Street just happens to be headquartered in a state where Democrats “set the rules”.

    • Allan Richardson

      Except for the Johnson Space Center and Austin’s cultural scene, I would just as soon give them BACK to Mexico. But Mexicans probably don’t want them back (not the Anglo Texans, only their long separated relatives).

    • I’m sorry but being one of the largest states in the union. I’m pretty sure Texas taxpayers have paid their fair share of federal taxes over the years. So, why is it hypocritical to ask for some of that money back, exactly?

  • toptwome

    I despise many republicans and unfortunately most of them still get together and they all act and say the same things that are hateful and not what the American people want to happen.

  • stcroixcarp

    Sounds like Perry and Cruz could use some time in a FEMA camp. Where are those FEMA camps anyway?

    • TheSkalawag929

      You can never find one of those camps when you really need it. They’re always on the horizon, always on the verge of existing. Kind’a like a modern day commonsense republican.

    • Sand_Cat

      The UN is setting them up in an undisclosed location reachable only by black helicopter.

  • docb

    The sham of the Texas delegation to DC is without parallel…Perry is just a good ole boy with bluster and no sense..The others are dangerous Terrorists, racists and greedy for power and profit at everyone.s expense but theirs!! Coryn, goehmert, joe mccarthy cruz, etc…disgraceful!

    • Yeah that Cruz guy must just really hate Mexicans.

      • docb

        Not beyond the realm of possibility, joe…Since cruz is a cuban canadian transplant….My Hispanic friends remind me all the time that they are not monolithic nor ethnically the same or endeared of one another’s different cultures..
        The saying goes ..’Like crawdads in a barrel’!

        • Clearly Cruz must be a racist then. Because it’s beyond the realm of possibility anyone could possibly be opposed to securing borders, right? I’m sure your “hispanic” friends would appreciate your monolithic referral to them.

          • docb

            Comprehension is not your long suit, we see, perv. The point was they are not monolithic and know it..and want the rest of us to acknowledge it!

      • FoxIsForRetards

        well he is Canadian after all!

  • JDavidS

    Priceless…but typically RepubliCON… We’re against big government…unless, of course, WE need it. If anyone else does it’s always the same answer from them…”Suck it up, panty-waist. Tough it out. Self-reliance is the answer, boy.” What a pair of self-delusional, lying, self-serving assholes. What a fuckin’ disgrace.

  • Terry Dooley

    What do expect from Ted and Rick,it’s all about them. I hope they make them wait like they did the east coast for any relief. Nothing like the GOP and there double standards.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I think the freedom loving capitalists in charge of this fertilizer plant should be free to pay for the clean-up and lawsuits that their obviious neglect caused. After all, that’s capitalism—you win some, you lose some. Let’s see how much they hate that socialist in the White House by refusing federal help. Democrats from the northeast—don’t let them get away with taking $$$ without pointedly calling out their hypocracy!

    • Well actually, Capitalism is intended to operate w/out government intervention. So, if their were a pure, unfettered free market in this country (and we’re pretty close), those guys wouldn’t have to pay a dime if they didn’t want too, and there would also be no such thing as OSHA (even though it is appallingly undermanned and inefficient). And in the absence of a conscious on the part of the owners and operators of the plant, what then? But yeah, I agree with your general sentiment. The hypocrisy is atrocious. I can’t really tell if you’re being sarcastic when you call Obama a socialist, though. Because he really isn’t; not in practice at least.

      • excuse me, I meant to type the word conscience.

      • latebloomingrandma

        I was being sarcastic. (And you spelled hypocrisy right!)

  • montanabill

    If you don’t like hypocrites, don’t look in the mirror.

    • johninPCFL

      (said while looking in the mirror)

    • DennisRL

      That’s the best you’ve got! “don’t look in the mirror”. What does that even mean in this instance? I love the right with their inane type come backs. They can never present a cogent intelligent argument for or against anything. It’s all name calling and insults.

      • And this offends you because the Left have a copyright on innane type come backs?

    • Sand_Cat

      Good advice; why don’t you take it?
      But maybe “hypocrite” is the wrong word for you. You seem to be a perfectly consistent “selfish prick” to use Bill Maher’s phrase, and it seems we can safely assume you really do believe all that venom and baseless outrage you bless us with.

  • howa4x

    Sorry! A plant blowing up through the negligence of the owners is not a natural disaster. Perry and Cruz have big brass ones as they say, to even ask for federal assistance. Funny Perry wasn’t as vocal helping fellow republican governors like Christie when a real natural disaster(Hurricane) struck and congress was dragging it’s feet. He is a slogan making governor that is a slave to the oil and gas companies that put him there. Cruz is a fool. There a lot of things not mentioned in the constitution, like cell phones and cars that are regulated by states. He loves to pick and choose when to pull out the constitution to shove it in people’s faces.
    One day they won’t be able to defraud all the people from voting and that will be the day, oil money or not, they’ll be gone

    • So do hijacked planes slamming into WTC count as a natural disaster? I’m pretty sure N.Y got federal assistance after 9/11.

      • howa4x

        That was an act of terrorism. The Texas explosion wasn’t an act of terror but and act of the state government not allowing OSHA type inspections of the plant

        • And you know 100 % positive this was not?

          • You don’t view the timing as a wee bit suspicious given Al Queda’s m.m of detonating multiple explosions at the same time?

          • Modus Operendi of Al Queda.

          • Of course that wouldn’t be possible because “Obama got Osama” and has Al Queda on the run.

          • howa4x

            Why would a terrorist from the mid east go out to the middle of Texas to blow up a fertilizer plant? How would they even find it? Most acts of terror are used as a recruiting tool, and are conducted on either high profile places or events so do you really think this would count as one?. An explosion in the middle of nowhere!!

          • Why not? Most, not all. Terrorist experts have warned us to be vigilant for terrorists hitting soft targets. Dead Americans whether in Boston or Texas still count the same.

          • howa4x

            Joe I worked in all hazards planning for many years including terrorism. Soft target usually means shopping center or any public place where there is a lot of foot traffic but little protection, or a place with many exits or entrances, or open. The target usually is well known, Like Mall of America, or the Trade centers since that is why they were picked due to their symbolic financial system nature. A strike on one of these targets is for consumption back home and a useful recruitment tool.
            A fertilizer plant out in the middle of Tx is not on the scale of a target that anyone outside of West even knows about. Sorry but this doesn’t fit any criteria ever used. It was probably on a local hazmat list for potential leaks of ammonia and that is about it

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The West, Texas explosion is an ideal time for Texans of common decency to take their state government to task for the deaths of those who tried to save lives in that explosion. The Texas government looked the other way at the lack of annual Right to Know Reports by the West Texas Right to Know Coordinator, the company who refused to comply with the EPA. But then, you have to remember…it was George W. Bush who decimated the Clean Air Act solely to protect Texas Big Oil and its tentacles around the country from losing a dime in profit. All it took was 6 years to see the results of that little piece of work…more lung illnesses and air pollution according to the EPA and CDC.

    Sorry, this time, Texas gets NO FEMA funding…not when there was a blatant violation of EPA compliance regulations. Why should taxpayers in other states where their state regulatory and EPA regulations are strictly complied with bear the cost of Texas government’s slime ball and deliberate refusal to force their businesses who produce hazardous and toxic materials to comply? Compliance has an express purpose…to protect human life. But in Texas Big Business…money is first and human life is second.

    Sorry, Mr. Perry, Mr. Cornball Cornyn and Cruz…You only get tax relief for a disaster WHEN it’s a REAL disaster…not one caused by slick Texas businessmen who refuse to obey the laws.

  • Where is Molly Ivins when we need her? RIP , Molly

    • TheSkalawag929

      Or Ann Richards? I bet she’d get those yahoos squared away.

    • Dana Es

      She was wonderful and her death was a great loss for us.

  • bg1435

    What would really flip out Texans, is the fact, I think It was the late 1980’s when a GOP State Rep. (supposedly) made a mistake during the process of giving Oil Companies a ridiculous tax break, at our expense. He claims he was unaware that the wording in the legislation made the enormous tax break PERMANENT. This is what the GOP is doing, ripping us off, we suffer the permanent damage to our environment, for absolutely nothing. The Dept of Justice should look into this flat out, FRAUD.

  • “In April of 2009, as the nation faced the worst economic crisis since the last Republican Depression”. Leave it up to Democrats to turn a recession into a Depression.. With Obama channeling FDR, is it surprising that year four of the “Obama recovery” feels an awful lot like a recession? Oh, but Wall Street seems to be doing just great. Main street not so much. Santayana wrote that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So we’ve learned nothing it seems.

  • FoxIsForRetards

    I hope to live my ENTIRE life without setting foot in the SHIT state of texASS!