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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Does Allen West need to audition for Fox News, or was that what the last two years actually was?

Of course, before we really begin discussing the worst thing Allen West ever said, let’s note that the decent should hesitate briefly before mocking the soon-to-be former congressman from Florida’s 22nd district for two reasons.

First, West retired from the Army after being fined for “harsh interrogation tactics” while serving with the 4th Infantry Division in Iraq. You look at Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and see no excuse in her background for her callous fear mongering and fevered desire to legislate morality—except perhaps her marriage. You can reasonably assume that, like the victim of his interrogation, West may suffer from some sort of post-traumatic shock, a permanent fog of war.

That said, even more importantly, you have to wonder if focusing on their looniest toons only distracts from the calculated cynicism of the right and its billionaire funders. Or does it illuminate the extremism Republicans promise when given any sort of power? After Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, we have to assume the latter is more likely.

The far right are no longer pamphleteers and spit-ballers calling Eisenhower a “Commie” and accusing Kennedy of treason. They’re Republican candidates. In many ways, despite his questionable equanimity, Allen West is a perfect example of a Republican Party that can no longer tell the difference between governing and selling gold and emergency rations on AM radio.

Earlier this year, West told a town hall that “78 to 81” of his fellow members of Congress were members of the Communist Party. He followed that up with an op-ed in The Hill in which he didn’t back down from his claim. Instead he said he was trying to inspire “a passionate debate” and called the blustering AM radio demagogue Mark Levin an “esteemed scholar.”

West channeled former senator Joseph McCarthy perfectly when he asked, “What part of their agenda are they trying to hide?”

The assumption of guilt, the implication of defensiveness, the casual association with unspeakable horrors.

All of these were key aspects of McCarthyism and its blind attack on free speech and free thought. For decades after McCarthy’s censure by the Senate and rejection by his fellow Republicans, McCarthyism had been rejected by mainstream American society—then McCarthyism got its own news channel.

And about a decade and a half after the advent of Fox News, the right got its dream candidate in Allen West, who unapologetically called his colleagues “Communists” and no major voice in the Republican Party rose to rebuke him.

West has finally ceded his seat to Democrat Patrick Murphy, who defeated him in one of the most expensive congressional races in American history. This gave him the chance to voice his most deluded and inflammatory statement ever.

In an interview on NPR about his future plans, West ended by saying, “And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too.”


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130 Responses to The Worst Allen West Quote Ever: LOL Of The Week

  1. The creepiest thing about Allen West is that he’s a reflection of the people who voted for him. These people are in the gene pool and they vote. That makes my hair stand on end.

    • There seems to be no end to the stupidity of far too many of our fellow citizens. They put cretins like West into office and then whine about lousy government. Voting against their own self-interest is becoming an art form.

      • “They put cretins like West into office and then whine about lousy government.”

        That’s what concerns me. People who vote in someone like Allen West think he would improve our government. I simply can’t fathom the thinking process that would lead someone to that conclusion.

        • I don’t think there’s any way to explain it other than there’s a very large portion of the American electorate who are actually so mentally incompetent that they’re really not qualified to vote.

          • or to be in Congress. He is loony and so are people that voted him in. That tells all of us how most Americans think and feel. I hope he will not have any kids. We don’t need any Oxymorons and idiots in Congress or as POTUS. So he is aiming at Presidency!!??? I bet 47% will vote for him .LOLOLOLOL

          • I partly agree with you Regina. But I think ‘lack of education’ almost implies a failure of our educational system. But many Allen West /Teabagger voters are middle-aged and grew up in a time when public schools were comparatively well-funded and widely-supported by parents and American society in general. Even with some disturbing resistance to integration and court-ordered busing distractions…It is up to adults to continue to educate themselves…and to not slide backwards into dupe-ability…because they remain willfully ignorant, fearful, bigoted…and a drag on the rest of us who do keep educating ourselves…and correcting our mistakes in what we think we know.

          • And Blake I would go one step further in saying that rather than it being a complete failure of the educational system is goes back to the parents who are uninvolved, the families (or lack thereof), apathy because these generations have never lived through anything really tough, and the change in our country’s culture where information from entertainment and reality TV shows is regarded with more respect than searching out the facts on your own. A growing number of american people don’t care to do the work to learn anything about what is going on. They only follow what they hear in short 30second sound bites which is manipulated by the media in accordance with their bias.

            Before you go so far as to praise the level of education on the left, however, please google the thousands of interviews of voters standing in line supporting Obama who were asked all kinds of simple questions – very few of which could be answered. AND, lets not forget the infamous Obama-phone lady who made an a$$ out of herself while solidifying conservative claims that many of these people have become experts at manipulating the system and expect to keep getting these handouts in return for votes.

          • From memory, not a quote: : “I fear we are engaged in a Great Experiment to prove men are not yet ready to govern themselves.” – George Washington.

          • I agree completely! I have often said that you should have to pass an IQ/reality comprehension test before you can register to vote! 😉

          • Thanks, foolsdance, And maybe prospective Candidates should pass a Psychological Exam before becoming a Candidate. It could cut-down on Primary & it might help weed-out the bad and the undesirables.

          • How true! Not just the leaders but far worse the paople who comment on online articles. It seems one can preach the most outrageous lie and they are there eager to swallow it and pass it

          • I get in trouble, with the Folks on the Right, when I remark on the following. Obama was the wrong Negro, he was a Liberal, Ivy League educated, therefore intelligent man. West is one of; as Ann Coulter put it; “Our Blacks are better than their Blacks.” So West was one of the better Blacks. How does he qualify for such praise? He is a GOPer. Period. He was representative of how race is not an issue with the GOP, or Teahadist Party (Herman Cain). Their “Better Blacks” represent redemption for the otherwise, very Race conscious Right. GOP, good Black. DEM bad Black. Race is a big issue with the GOP and the Teahadists. Obama’s election was the spark that lit the fire under the then to be Teahadist Party. They woke up out of an 8 year long sleep under G.W. and suddenly became experts on the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and the Federal Government’s “Too Big,” size. My, what electing a Negro will do to awaken the patriotic spirit of some folks.

          • i fully support President Obama who has the intelligence and presence of a good statesman; however, given the fact that he was running against Mitt Romney, most thinking Americans would have elected a can of tuna if that were the only alternative.

      • Lynda & Silverbelle you two make the hair on my back stand up. Most of the group that are electing the socialist (obama & 90% of the democrat congress) are either purchased, stupidity or illiterate or all three. Do some home work & you will fine Allen West statements are true about many members of congress being socialist/communist. Have traval the world for more than 50 years, been in many socialist/communist states. Most of the people didn’t like what had happen to them under this form of government. The past (2012) election was purchase, now we all (the working people) will be paying a big price to support the welfare class, which you two most likely belong.

        • Sorry to disappoint you “The Watson”…but my entire immediate family voted for President Obama, and we’re white, middle class, college educated and well read. We’re not socialist (nor is President Obama for that matter – why don’t you research and learn what that term means?) nor are we bought and paid for like the GOPers. Nor are we traitors like the GOP who sold us all down the river with their treasonous pledge to a lobbyist. Oh, and we’re also all gainfully employed, regular church goers, and not receiving welfare – just in case I missed one of your catagories.
          Is President Obama perfect? Nope. I’d love to have a few straight words with him about Keystone XL, Bradley Manning and a few other subjects. But, he’s head and shoulders above the “Man who would be King” simply because he has everything else money could buy and wanted the presidency as a trophy.
          Allan West is a menace to society and I thank God he’s been removed from a place of power.

        • You are an idiot, and like all of you idiots, you consistently parrot staid lines without one shred of documentation to support it. When you use the word purchase, it should bring up pictures of all your boys, Rove, Koch etc. who tried, but failed, to Purchase this election. So that each day you wake up you have to relive the worst day of your life all over again, you lost. We will leave the Gerrymandering done by you guys to steal certain house seats, for another time. If you have traveled the world as you say you have I would expect a more enlightened and less myopic view. As a 66 year old black man who has served his country during the Viet Nam campaign and now a retired federal employee, who has earned my SS payments, my retirement check and my military disability check, I can say to you that Alan West and Herman Cain are GOP buffoons/shills, who actually allowed themselves to believe that they were wanted in the Republican party, J C Watts peeped their whole card 15 years ago. I voted for Obama, twice. If you have traveled for fifty years, why are you still working? Shouldn’t you be retired? Poor planning. As far as literacy, until you and those like you can engage in discourse with a semblance of intelligence, utilizing factual, verifiable documentation, that doesn’t come from the Fox crew and their idiot analyst, stay out of grown folks conversations.

          • Dame ” puzzled21 you put that asshole to shame for real, I was a shame for him or her, but dame good point, I like yours and SUETX

        • Please, Your post made me laugh so hard
          I nearly had an accident. You might want to use the grammar check portion of your computer software before you accuse others of being “stupidity” I am quite sure that if we checked the Mensa rolls we would find you and Allan West on it, right?

    • Yea, I have to wonder too, can we blame Him for being in office? First, we better start taking a serious look at WHO voted for him to get into office.

      Yea, that scares the hell out of me more than anything else.

    • We should thank God for Allen West and those like him, because without them, enough Americans would be fooled into voting for those harboring views the Republican establishment would prefer to be kept hidden.

      • Get back in your closet and STFU. We completely ignore you and only chime in on your comments when it looks like it might be fun to poke you a bit.

      • You are obviously unqualified to vote, and a racist person who would cut out their own nose to spite their face. I imagine you think Jesus was a socialist as well. It is a shame how Satan has taken over most of the Republican party. Read the Bible, if you even believe in God. Your comments are certainly not what God intended for his beloved people. Racism is alive and well in your statements, and you obviously have no moral fiber.

    • Allen West Is A Sellout Token Black Who Got Toss Out Of A NAACP Event Just To Show You How Brainwashed He Is!!! Now That He Lost They May Just Burn His Ass On A Cross!!! If He Get A Invite To Tea Party David Duke House For Dinner, He Better Think Twice!!

      • Not just his stupid ass, a whole lot of them that sit over at Fox’s news,to be their boy, who would talk against his own mother if he thought it would get any one of them into office, everybody knows that any blacks that go on Fox’s news knows what they are

  2. This past April, author David Radish wrote a definitive challenge to Allen West’s sanity. Mr West, in my opinion, has displayed fascistic, sociopathic tendencies combined with a very servere case of “narcissistic personality disorder.”

    Radish writes: “Mental illness is a serious and challenging subject not to be taken lightly. No one should be embarrassed if they suffer from a mental disorder, just as no one should be embarrassed if they suffer from cancer or diabetes. In fact, the more awareness about mental disorders and mental health, the more people would seek treatment. I’m a firm believer that mental health should be treated equally as physical health, including by our insurance companies….Service in the U.S. Congress is also a serious and challenging subject not to be taken lightly……..At some point, a person’s actions, statements, and overall behavior have to be examined if they consistently fall into what can easily be perceived as, well, possibly irrational…….If a Congressman is making decisions and voting on issues that affect the country, shouldn’t we be concerned if their comments and actions are seemingly not rational? Shouldn’t at least the question be raised, in a respectful and supportive manner, by that public servant’s loved ones and colleagues?”

    Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic, in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.

    Allen West needs serious psychotherapy, in my opinion, and the voters eventually saw through his “mask of sanity” and did not elect him.

    He isn’t fit to hold ANY elected office….including dog catcher.

    He barely passes as a human being.

    • Certainly a mental health intervention is called for in his case. A truly disgusting little man and a former leader of men in the military. Go figure.

    • When West was first elected he said something that I’ve always remembered. He was talking about the clearance and access to highly sensitive information and intelligence facilities that he supposedly had due to his past military service. He then went on to say that his clearance and access exceeded the President’s. He actually said that he could go certain places and access certain information that the President of the United States wasn’t allowed to.

      As per Radish’s comments that’s irrational, narcissistic, and delusional. Anyone would know that couldn’t possibly be true and yet he appeared to earnestly believe it.

      • IF he said THAT….he really is delusional. For anyone in the US military has more classified clearance than the POTUS…hahaha…is “out of touch with reality”. MMMM, he must be a FOX news watcher.

        • I saw the videotape of him saying that at some type of townhall deal, talking to his constituents. It was on Rachel Maddow.

      • Look I held a TS clearance for years and anyone who talks about it like he did is definately NOT in the loop. I had to sign a statement that I wouldn’t even mention my service for 10 years (it’s been 17) so for someone to be talking about it while they still have it???? That would be illegal/treason/just plain stupid….so yeah West all over.

    • But people with “authoritaria narcssistic persoality disorders” make up between 20-30 % of any population. They are usually on the fringes of both the left and the right i other coutries. In the U.S. – they all go eo-McCarthyite Bonkers these days with the help of Fox News.

    • “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic, in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings.”

      Hmmm! Sounds like somebody else, in fact several “somebody else’s” from this
      past elections around the country. REALLY scary. “They” just can’t understand why they lost. It MUST be somebody else’s fault, they say, over and over again. MOST SCARY? The ones that won or got reelected, the people who got them nominated, ran their campaigns, supported and voted for them. Too many of whom responsibly TRY to keep themselves “informed”, but ONLY listen to Fox News (who by the way, consistently violate the terms of the NEWS reporting portion of their broadcast license with the FCC)

  3. West was a Lieutenant Colonel. You cannot be a Commanding GENERAL when you are a LTC. He was the Commanding officer. That is bad enough!

    • The fact that he reach that rank in the Army doesn’t say a lot of good things about the Army. How could so many supposedly sane officer’s rank people in the Army miss the obviously demented side of Allen West?

    • A Lt.Col. like him, in war, ….wow am I surprised “friendly” fire didn’t get him. He is an A$$ Hole. If he was speaking about who is a bigger A H …him or many other Repubs…than no he is not delusional, he is right up there in the TOP 10.

    • If you’re answering annienoel, her comment seems a little unclear to me, but it’s clear from her comment that she understands Colonels are not generals. Read it again.

  4. About the only good thing Alan West did while in Congress was distract us from having to listen to Michelle Bachmann and her rantings all the time. Both these individuals are seriously in need of psychological counselling.

    • ” I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.

  5. I find it funny when republiCONs call others nazi’s, communists, marxist or socialist because I consider them all to be STUPID. republiCONS all have one thing in common. they love themselves and fetus’s. the current crop of republiCONs are not fit to be considered Americans.

    Starting with willard the rat and his punk nazi boy, they are all big mouth liars, not Americans. Chicken hawks that wrap themselves in the flag like the punk west.

  6. Guys. Did you ever stop by the local watering hole, just to grab a quick drink? Get out of
    the heat, maybe? Then, this drunk sits down at the next stool, and starts with what he’d
    like to do to all them Liberal Commies. Or how he’d handle the illegal Mexicans invading,
    “his,” Country? You quickly, finish that drink you were looking forward to having in peace,
    and move on. Well, Allen West was that blabbermouth. We moved on!

  7. Perhaps it is the case that West has PSD. If so he deserves to be treated and not be mocked. That does NOT mean he is ‘the right stuff’ to be a congressman, and yes, it would be something that could disqualify him from being a congressmen. As great a soldier as he may have been…

  8. When Allen West unapologetically called his colleagues Communists (I hope he meant his fellow Republican/Tea partiers) he might not have been that far from the truth.

    Wasn’t it the Republican lead MacCarthism that held congressional hearings years ago vetting out people for possible communist connections? This is when the Republican Party made Communism our ARCH ENEMY. Since then, the Communist have been our Arch Enemy {wink}.

    Who cooperates with the Communist Chinese to suck our jobs, our technology, our nation’s wealth to China? Simple answer; Corporate-Backed Republicans.

    And, IF this is the case, shouldn’t this be a Treasonous Act, acting against our county’s best interest, including our National Security Interests?

    Couldn’t it even be said that Nixon going to China to “open up” China to our business interests be termed a Treasonous Act? He was Republican.

    Going further back, wasn’t it the US Government who backed Mao during WW2 to further galvanize Communist Dominance in China?

    IF anyone is the fault for Communist China it is the US Government.

    • I think you’re last sentence should read: If anyone is the fault for Communist China, hasn’t it been Republicans in the US Government. I don’t remember a lot of democrats pushing hard to open big business interests with China. And Mitt Romney has more than exemplified what you were noting: during his time at Bain, and even after, he has pushed to send American jobs to China. Including during the auto bailout process when he and his crony investors took over the auto industry’s primary small parts maker, Delphi. As usual, they stripped Delphi of its assets and pension funds and shipped all 25,000 of its jobs to China; of course leaving 25,000 Americans without jobs and thousands with little or no pension benefits. But what was especially disturbing, is that this groupd even tried to force GM and Chrysler totally out of business by at first refusing to provide them with the small car parts they needed to restart building cars. I’m not sure how that was thwarted, but thankfully it was and America once again has a thriving auto industry.

      • “But what was especially disturbing, is that this groupd even tried to force GM and Chrysler totally out of business by at first refusing to provide them with the small car parts they needed to restart building cars. I’m not sure how that was thwarted, but thankfully it was and America once again has a thriving auto industry.”

        I believe trying to force GM and Chrysler totally out of business, by any means, was a 100% desirous attempt to dissolve the Auto Workers Union.

      • See your right about we need to read up on some stuff before we say shit on theses blogs, because I did not know about that

  9. The best way to deal with the Allen Wests of this Country ( and why do they always seem to be members of the G.O.P. ?) is not to report their every crazy utterance as News . Do we give National prominence to the guy on the street with the placard saying ” The World is Coming to an End ” or the one who says “The Communists are Behind Fluoridation of the Water ” ( Oops didn’t he say something about Communists in Congress ? ) ? If we don’t give the Wests, Bachmanns, Akins and their ilk a national forum, maybe they’ll crawl back into their holes where they belong.

    • Much easier to ignore his inanity now that he’s not in the Congress. Unfortunately while he was there we really needed to hear about what he said. Certainly his constituents deserved to be kept informed.

      • You’re right about that. Reporting about “legitimate rape” Akin did get his sorry self kicked out. I guess reading about all their blather is dispiriting and just makes me want to shut them up.

  10. Lynda said it best the fare right votes against it’s own best interest time and time again, watch how they will morph the tax cut issue from 98% to somewhere around 50%.

    • Hey Mike… don’t be an idiot. The 47% of Americans that pay no income tax is IRS data, not morphed commentary, you dope. In contrast, the 99% vs. 1% or the 98% vs. 2%, or whatever you leftist freaks like to use today, is nothing more than class warfare, Marxist proletariat vs. bourgeois propaganda. Any moron that actually believes that crap shouldn’t be allowed to vote. And West is correct, perhaps you should go to a country where everyone is equal… equally miserable, that is.

      Have a nice day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

      • If anyone is a moron, its Obozotheclown! West is a lunatic and that’s why he’s gone! If you’re so miserable, what’s stopping you from going to live in another country? You’re obviously rich so get to stepping since you hate America so much. Bring the fox news nuts and the tea party freaks with you!

        Have a nice day!

      • If you want to call it class warfare then so be it. Most middle and lower class people are at war with the 2% because the rich have the lowest taxes in 50 years, get all of the benefits and none of the problems. Screw the wealthy bastards, they have been ripping off this country for 30 or more years and it is time for it to stop.

        • Let’s try 73 years. The tax rate is the lowest since 1939. The economy trived under Reagan and Clinton when the highest rate was 39.6%, which is what Obama is asking for. For the last 30 years the middle class has seen its purchasing power decrease while the top earners have seen their purchasing power more than double. A little corrective action is long over due!

      • Oh, there’s no need to go to another country to be equally miserable, OMG. Just hang around a few years and we’ll all be in the same situation. All we need is more grandstanding by the “Duke of Orange” and Mitch McConnell playing chicken with the economy. The “Duke” standing with his arms folded and saying “no” to everything except what he wants. McConnell fluttering around the senate floor with his turkey wattles flapping in the breeze. The only thing McConnell was half right about is Obama’s presidency. He won’t be re-elected again. Obama, I mean. And it would be great if that applied to McConnell as well. You can try to make yourself feel better by calling the voters idiots and morons but the fact is that the Republicans have done everything they could to lose their elections. The public is finally wising up to guys like Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Romney, etc. Moderate Republicans are retiring and giving up on the party. Senators like McCain are sinking into senility. And your penchant for labeling everyone to the left of Allen West a “Socialist” is wearing a bit thin, OMG. West is simply a reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy.

        Have a nice day!

        • Hey Metro…. you should reread my post. The suggestion to go to another country is mine to the moron to whom I responded. Agreed that Boehner and McConnell are both incompetent politicians out of their league. Boehner should turn over the Speaker of the House role to Allen West. Your implication that calling West a McCarthy is somehow an insult is not exactly true. McCarthy was actually correct on most of his accusations regarding communist infiltrations into our government. They should not have been tolerated. Perhaps we would not have a Marxist in the White House today if McCarthy got his way. By the way…. communism and socialism are incompatible with our Constitution, and should be removed from our government. West’s assertion about the 79 congressmen that are believers in communism is 100% correct. And I don’t label everyone to the left of West as a “socialist”. Not even close. But most of the DemonRAT party has been hijacked by people that represent socialist ideologies. Those that cannot admit it are bald-faced lying, and you know it, Metro.

          Have a nice day, Metro!

          “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C. S. Lewis

      • Every election has fools who promise to leave if their candidate of choice doesn’t land in the oval office. This time around it’s you and your idiots. One thing different if this time you’ve had plenty of high profile wind bags who said they would but haven’t. Ever wonder why? Because they’re wind bags! They’re desperate to make money and when they say such things it’s only to hype up small minded people like you Bozo! But all that aside, you should consider moving to Canada or Australia. There were a coupe of tweens who advocated the move using the same inane logic you use when typing your nonsense here.

  11. But for Lincoln is always an interesting question. Of course it’s incalculable, but fiction is fun, just ask Fox. So, but for Lincoln there would be the United States and the Confederate States of America. But for Lincoln, we would have been too committed to defending our border to intervene in World War I, and Germany would have ruled Europe. But for Lincoln, Hitler , unopposed by his confederate allies, would have come to rule the world, and
    Allen West would have never been permitted to vote, much less run for office. Irony.

  12. If there is no test for “religion” in politics…then maybe we need to test for sanity in politicians…but then it could dovetail into religion…a lot of crazyness stems from the so-called evangelical christians…who don’t understand their own teachings…

  13. It’s most disturbing that NO ONE, to my knowledge, in the Republican party ever called him out or denounced his rhetoric. In the most extreme cases of right wing ding-battiness, Mitt Romney never said anything or pushed back at all. Just proof that he had no moral core, just wanted to get elected.

  14. I guess the most out of touch thing he said is about the congress being full of commies, since it’s not even the dominant party in russia anymore. He is part of the wacka doodles that just make up stuff. Sadly anyone with access to a mic can.

  15. Cretinism propels the GOP and Allen West, along with Karl Rove and the likes of Donald Trump are at the helm. They were great campaigners for the re-election of the president.

  16. PTSD is the best explanation of West’s behavior I have heard so far. However, what about those who voted for this demented person? I don’t buy the gene pool argument. I think they saw an opportunity to disguise their biases.

  17. The latest national election, as were those of 2010 and 2008, is indeed a screaming INDICTMENT of our educational systems – especially when focusing on the positions and arguments of the Republican RIGHT….

  18. I think his T-Party supporters find solace in listening to a “leader” express the same concerns they have. Only their concerns are often un-founded, unless you have an advocate in a position of power to convince you they are substantial. The public interest is well served with political arguments. But when you bring in distorted and deceptive baseless extremist rhetoric, it quickly degenerates into a one direction takes all disagreement and what that does is block constructive compromises and poisons the well. IMO, there is definitely a link between extremist rhetoric and political paralysis. And those who engage in that type of governance should be placed out of the political arena so they don’t erode all of the good work already accomplished.

  19. What is more sad and creepy is that he opened his ugly barrage and no major voice in the Republican Party rose to rebuke him. Moreso he will be welcomed by the Foxnews.

  20. Allen West is a psycho. He has illusions of grandeur and think he has something intelligent to say. He absolutely doesn’t. He is a manical idiot who got in office by the grace of the manicals who voted for him. Now we have to pay his salary for the rest of his pathetic life. Guess he wasn’t so stupid was he?

  21. I grew up in a working class neighborhood. My parents owned and ran a restaurant with a bar.

    The things I heard as a kid I thought were of the era, 1950s early 60s. Racist, misogynist, anti immigrant, particularly the Europeans forced to leave their homelands due to World War II. The Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans and others. As I grew up and left that part of my life behind, I thought that world view would be left behind as well, die of old age, and become less relevant to peoples lives.

    Then the intelligent Liberal Negro was historically elected to be the POTUS. All hell broke loose, the Teahadist Party was born, and along with it that old world view of my childhood. Racism, Misogyny, Xenophobia; all the hits from the past were reborn, and became part of the public dialogue and vote getting process. The Dog Whistles came out , the Red Meat was tossed. A remarkable back sliding by Americans, all due to a man of color, the wrong color to them, became the POTUS.

    I was saddened when I saw and heard the Teahadists protests. All of those old and ugly phrases were reborn, but this time the comments were loud and in public, not just among friends having a few beers after work.

    I don;t know how historians are going to look back on this time in Americas history, without a doubt, it was the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows.

    • I too grew up in a mixed middle class neighborhood in the 70s. I wasn’t privy to racism until Regan. Not that it didn’t exist, it was the Republicans reborn southern strategy that brought it first and foremost again because they new they had zero chance of winning anything unless they could utilize a divide and conquer strategy.

      • I read a book a while back that discussed the power of emotions, and how deep they run in people, many people as they mature are able to subdue the anger, pessimism and finger pointing. There is a thing referred to as the Racial Conscience (human race), all of human kind’s nature remains in us all, over the centuries, good and bad.. Fight or Flight is one of those. Fear of the unknown another. These deep seated emotions have been used by man to stir up crowds and armies. During the primaries, Food Stamp President, blaming the poor for the Country’s woes. A common enemy is a basic tactic. Poor + Food Stamps = Negroes. The gift takers. It was done with women and contraception, immigration was a hot topic capable of causing negative emotional reactions.

        With the growing acceptance of psychology and psychiatry during the mid 1930s in Europe, a group of very smart young men saw a way of controlling people, making them think their way. A common enemy, mutual life struggles, a release for the stress and anxiety of post World War I economic depression.

        As Karl Rove said the other day in response to why they lost. He said: “We don’t do defense very well.” He admitted in so many words, Offense is his strength. And in many cases Offensive means.

        And in Karl’s trademark manner, we are talking; offensive lies, mis-characterizations and ad hominems.

        • I’ve always said people don’t vote with their brains. They vote with their emotions and usually with their heads in their asses.

          It’s called in medical terminology; Cerbralrectalitis.

          Unfortunately, a Colonoscopy Exam does not detect it and power-hungry Republicans can’t get past that fact.

    • But you like Obama can make a big change as to how it was and how it could be, keep doing what you are doing, and I hope its all good, wish noting but the best for you and yours

    • There are many other reasons to be embarrassed to live in Florida. West at the moment is near the top of the list, but Scott tops it. Lets also consider all the morons who voted for the should be convicted felon serving lots of time in prison.

  22. Using today’s liberal standards Lincoln would be in the docket for War Crimes. There was O justification for the Civil War states were always free to leave the union. This is just like the USSR refusing to allow Poland, Ukraine, Serbia to leave the fold, Lincoln is the precursor to Stalin

    Allen West must go.
    Montanabill—give it a rest….along with those who support these folks…and simplistic bumper sticker mindset.

    Like you, Allen West and your followers…The right wing fascists called Republicans and/or Teaparty had its propaganda mastermind, Karl Rove, its billionaire friends like the Koch Brothers, and the media outlets of Fox”news,”, Limbaugh, Beck, and a dozen others TRY to shove down the collective throat of Americans lies, distortions and bizarre theories about Obama.

    SOCIALISM? Hardly.

    This “playbook” by Rove and others is nothing new. Fascists need to create imaginary enemies. They play off the 6th grade education and racism of their fanatic followers who are conveniently in a depression era economy created by Bush and Wall Street/big bank greed.

    It didn’t work DID IT?
    Obama won. “You can’t handle the truth.”

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it

    I suggest that you and those that support you read two things before you post here or anywhere else again:

    The 13 volume set of Will and Ariel Durant’s “The History of Civilation,” and “The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich,” by William Shire.

    This article is about Allen West and it hits it directly:

    “When I look at Allen West’s future, I see only one thing: “Up next on Fox News, it’s Allen West’s Better Angels. He’ll be naming actual Communists.”

    Fascists all.

  24. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The harder it is for someone to shut up about something, the less likely what they are saying is true.

    In this case, Allen West can’t shut up about how much more of an American he is than every single Democrat. He’s an ideological whore who sold out to the G.O.P. for money and power, and he absolutely knows it. That’s why he can’t turn off the crazy.

    He’ll be FOX News’s next Sarah Palin; the high-profile know-nothing who will feign outrage and make an issue out of anything. And if the price is right, he’ll join Ron Paul at the libertarian trough and call for secession while still comparing himself to Lincoln.

  25. Too many Americans fail to recognize just how far to the right the Republican party has moved in the last generation. Many of today’s main stream Republicans would have been relegated to the lunitic fringe in the 1950’s.

  26. The thing I find sad and troubling is that no one in the audience asked West to identify at least one of the “supposed communists” he claimed were in the Democratic Caucus. Since he stated there were 78 – 81 he should have identified at least one.

  27. This guy should have been court martialed and locked up so he can’t act on his sadistic impulses and do violence to one or more of our citizens.

    Instead, clueless Republicans in Florida elect him as their “Representative” and send him to Congress where his idiocy is on full display. He is just a sadistic troublemaker.

    This guy is a poster child for the level of hate that these Tea Party, reactionary, Christianists aspire to and they have no place coming anywhere near civil society. He should stay home and study the teachings of Jesus until he can act like a decent human being.

  28. Oh sure sure, you stupid slags lie all the time, use the exact same tactics, also have ‘billionaire funders’ with cynical ideology, but as usual, go ahead and hypocritically point the finger at people doing the same thing (in shock) and do everything you can to smear the reputation of a man who spent the majority of his entire adult life serving his country – while your filthy (allegedly) elected Commander Freak in Chief spent his doing basically nothing, smoking dope, obtaining mentoring from scum like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers (low and behold, a fucking communist) and complaining about how terrible America is – while supporting terrorist invaders in places like Libya and Syria, allowing the installation of severely radical islamist leaders – to your detriment. Well, good luck what’s left of a once great nation – I left, because you all are well and truly screwed.

    As far as West’s ‘harsh interrogation techniques’ of a scummy sack of crap, GUESS WHAT? THEY WORKED! Aw, some poor bastard got his ass beat – it was SO not worth it, it would have been MUCH better if ALL THOSE YOUNG AMERICAN MEN had been killed in that ambush – to your twisted logic, anyway. That’s why you make me sick.
    West never denied it, he told the exact truth AND SAID HE’D DO IT AGAIN – HOO-RAH
    His Unit suffered no more attacks or ambushes during the rest of his command.

    Your messianic president orders the assassinations of American Citizens on foreign soil, a PRINCE among men – FULLY deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize – I mean, just think of it, all those things he did to promote peace on earth, like……………..

  29. Abraham Lincoln, if I remember right, also said that “as the government becomes more civilized it also has to provide more benefits to its citizens.” Mr. West is not a person who would protect the poor or the middle class. For years our country was successfull in sharing responsibilities until Ronald Reagan came on and started eroding our economy with tax reductions for the rich aka Trickle Down Economics which have proven to be faulty as they do not incentivate/grow the economy.

  30. Would someone inform the moron BunnyOlesen that the reason there is a Geneva Convention, and the reason we DON’T torture prisoners is so they won’t return the favor! We torture them, they torture us. Do you understand that, BunBun?

  31. I understand the criticism of Allen West, but has this so called news site
    ever heard of
    Joe Biden
    Barney Frank
    Nancy Pelosi
    Jimmy Carter

    or are they just like every other Leftist Elitist Shills for Bama – just stupid?

  32. Why don’t you Leftist Elitists tell us just why the Democrats have not passed a budget in over 3 years, why they dragged their feet over the so called fiscal cliff – when they could have done this a couple of years ago – and why Harry Reid is so lame?

  33. A bad case of “The Stockholm syndrome” where West seems to masochistically identify too much with the Southern good old boys wearing white gowns and pointy hats judging from his comments- the honoury Negro member of the KKK or something.

  34. Allen West is the best of the best in American politics today , he has integrity , he is honorable , and he is morally straight , but the most immportant attribute he has is his toally unrestricted patriotism and love of this country .

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