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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson thinks he’s learned something from the 2012 GOP primary.

His sudden cash infusion into a Newt Gingrich SuperPAC in late 2011 helped finance the King of Bain “documentary” that made Mitt Romney’s private equity background an issue — in a Republican primary. This assault on the way Bain did business not only propelled Gingrich to a win in South Carolina, extending the primary, it provided Democrats the predicate to make an argument that Romney’s callous attitude — perfectly exemplified by his “47 percent” confession — was proof that the GOP nominee would actually gut the safety net while cutting taxes on the rich, as Paul Ryan’s budget promised.

Essentially, Adelson spent millions to help re-elect a Democrat.

The casino mogul says he wants to actually try to elect a Republican in 2016, and he has a plan. “He doesn’t want a crazy extremist to be the nominee,” Adelson associate Victor Chaltiel told The Washington Post. “He wants someone who has the chance to win the election, who is reasonable in his positions, who has convictions but is not totally crazy.”


“Not totally crazy” is the low bar set for the GOP presidential nomination, and who will decide on it? Sheldon Adelson, a man who said that negotiations with Iran should begin with the United States dropping a nuke on the Persian country.

But he wants to do it in the middle of a desert, so only the nuclear fallout kills people. See, that’s crazy. But “not totally crazy.”

Okay, it is totally crazy… if you aren’t a billionaire who has proven you will donate $93 million to Republican campaigns in one year. If you are that billionaire, you’ll be guaranteed an audience with nearly all the Republican Party’s presidential frontrunners.

“Not totally crazy” Republicans Jeb Bush, Governors Chris Christie (R-NJ), Scott Walker (R-WI) and John Kasich (R-OH) all visited Adelson at his prime spot in Las Vegas, the Venetian, this week for the “Sheldon Primary.”

“There’s going to be a lot more scrutiny,” Andy Abboud, Adelson’s top political advisor, said.

Not only will these candidates have to prove their not total sanity and willingness to go to war with Iran, they’ll likely have to stake their ground on crucial issues for the future of this nation, like online gambling, which Adelson hates — unless he’s profiting from it.

The timing of the Sheldon Primary is extremely convenient for Christie, who is in the process of exonerating himself after a scandal hit just as he was besting Hillary Clinton in 2016 polls. Now he’s trailing the former Secretary of State by double digits and is solidly in the middle of the GOP pack. But he hasn’t lost the support of his key billionaire supporter, Ken Langone — the Home Depot co-founder who has threatened to cut off the pope for talking about inequality and recently made at least one terrible Nazi analogy… that we know of.

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21 responses to “LOL Of The Week: Billionaires Go Shopping For ‘Not Totally Crazy’ Republicans”

  1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    So, the Family Values Party trudges off to Sin City to kiss various anatomical parts of Sheldon Adelson in an attempt to win his money (earned from various forms of entertainment most often decried by that same FVP) for what will more than likely be a failed effort to come off as the next Ronald Reagan. Even though that great icon of Modern Conservatism (even though he probably couldn’t win a primary today because he had too many liberal ideas) was well off financially, he knew what it was like growing up without a silver spoon (or foot) in his mouth , unlike the current crop of Conservative front-runners. Well, maybe Santorum, but he has managed to forget the middle-class values of his family and upbringing.

  2. Lynda Groom says:

    Good luck fellas with finding the non-crazy portion of the GOP.

  3. Buford2k11 says:

    So, this is not the “appearance of quid pro quo corruption”??? Fat Cat Primaries should sound the alarm at the SCOTUS…but it won’t cause the FAB Five are paid for commodities…

  4. stcroixcarp says:

    There is Joni, hog castrating state senator from Iowa. She could fill in for Michelle Bachmann.

  5. Grannysmovin says:

    We have the Pimps formerly known as SCOTUS to thank, they have turned our Country and Democracy out to the Highest Bidding John.

  6. Joseph says:

    Looking at his list of desired traits for a candidate it looksliek he wants a democract.

    • Barbara Morgan says:

      He actually wants someone that will let Israel walk all over them and do Israel’s bidding like starting a war against Iran when Israel says so.

  7. ExRadioGuy15 says:

    LMAO…good luck with that, “Shelly” One of the 10 Tenets of the Republican Party is insanity….

  8. Jimmy Agler says:

    Let’s be honest, they are ok with the crazy as long as it doesn’t get out to the voters before the elections. These guys care about one thing only,their own money. The country,other Americans,the world,the enviroment,the schools etc can go to hell as long as they get theirs.

  9. Dominick Vila says:

    Sheldon Adelson will have to book a one way flight to a remote galaxy to find a sane conservative Republican.

  10. paulyz says:

    I believe that most of the crazies are from the Left: Pelosi, Harry Reid, Anthony Weiner, Barbara Boxer, Jackson Lee………………………

    • Brent Slensker says:

      I know who keeps voting to cut my Veterans benefits and it’s NONE of those people, so get back into your clown car!

      • JSquercia says:

        Isn’t it IRONIC that the Party that LOVES our troops has so LITTLE regard for them when they cost money

        • Faraday_Cat says:

          Correction…when they cost money that doesn’t eventually find it’s way back into thier pockets (i.e. Haliburton, Raytheon, Blackwater, etc.)

  11. Barbara Morgan says:

    Adleson’s number one requirement to get his endorsement and money is a candidate or President must always agree with anything Israel does no matter how wrong it is. All presidential decisions that will effect the relationship between the US and all other Middle East Countries must have the approval of the Israeli government before being put in place and that the US will go to war with Israel’s neighbors if Israel so desires.

  12. Al Egro says:

    If we are to continue discovering better ways of doing things, as many people as possible must be as free as possible to experiment and innovate.

  13. kfreed says:

    Wait a minute… Adelson is quite the lying SOB… he’s equally responsible for the teabilly landslide of 2010 and tried it again in 2012:

    “Sheldon Adelson pledges $10M to Koch effort”

    “MEMO: Health Insurance, Banking, Oil Industries Met With Koch, Chamber, Glenn Beck To Plot 2010 Election”

    Charlotte Magazine: “North Carolina: a Petri Dish for Art Pope and the Koch Brothers –

    The Tar Heel State is nothing less than a pilot project for the American far right”

    Sheldon Adelson and the Dominionist Religous Right – Adelson is a wingnut himself , wants to “Nuke Iran”:

    More: Adelson funds tea party dominionist Religious Right:

  14. JSquercia says:

    In a rationale world Sheldon Adleson would be called a traitor because his FIRST allegiance to ISRAEL NOT the United States

  15. dpaano says:

    It’s really sad to see what has happened to our democratic country… now belongs to the billionaires and their big money despite the fact that it’s OUR money that pays the salaries of those elected! We can thank SCOTUS for their “Citizen’s United” BS, which has turned our elections into total ridiculousness!

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