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Sunday, October 23, 2016

This week we learned one thing: Mitt Romney is too scared of his base to run an actual general election campaign.

We don’t know for sure whether Mitt went to the NAACP convention to be booed. We don’t know how involved Mitt was at Bain Capital from 1999-2001, though he was definitely the CEO. We don’t know when he’ll release his tax returns, why he handed a company he owned in Bermuda to his wife the day before he became governor, or the exact number of companies he invested in that outsourced American jobs. But it was clear that the impact of these damaging questions had peaked by Thursday night, when the most potent element of the Romney campaign — The Drudge Report — tried to change the conversation by leaking the preposterous story that Condoleezza Rice will be named Mitt’s running mate. A pro-choice woman who carries George W. Bush’s baggage with her everywhere she goes? Won’t happen.

So we learned something else this week: Mitt Romney is scared, in general.

Here are the top tweets of the week:


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  • It’s good to once again know what Romney, FOC, and Conservatives REAALLY think of Black Americans.

    (and people wonder why so-called Black Conservatives re referred to as Uncle Toms?)

  • Typical damned if you, damned if you don’t situation. If Mitt had not addressed the NAACP, then the left would have bashed him as an elitist and possible racist. So he answers the challenge and addresses them. Now you call it a flop and disingenuous. Hey libs, could you make up your mind. At least he has the guts to talk in front of a group of people who aren’t falling all over him and oohing and awing at every word he says. How often has Obama done that? But you keep pulling that racist card out of your belt because, each time you do, it gets a little older and less effective…

    • Mitt does deserve praise for going to the NAACP and telling his audience what he felt was best for the USA, regardless of whether or not the decision to go there and his speech were part of a political strategy to enhance his candidacy. Make no mistake, the winner of that incident was Mitt Romney who came out smelling like a rose and with an aura of strength he does not deserve. The audience should have known better.

      • a stinky rose- accusing them of wanting free stuff- has he addressed anyone other group that way- no
        he intentionally talked down to them to put them in their place

    • Here is a novel concept how about addressing them without condemnation and with respect.

  • Do you believe in what you are saying? Think before you say or you listening to what others say that sounds convicing or believable on the surface but with close examantion it is not so, or have you already formed a judgement. Get out of the barrel make sure what you say is true and not lies.

  • KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Romney now says he “only had ownership of his company that he created (that was outsourcing American jobs to Communist China!” Does that mean that he only collected his money regarding of what the company was doing? Hum..

    • Romney filed official documents with the SEC that showed he was the CEO and President of Bain Capital. If he was not, he lied then, if he was he is lying now, and if he does not remember his much touted business expertise was limited to tenure in absentia.

  • KEEPING THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: After listening to Mr. Romney’s consecutive interviews regarding his so called “non-involvement “with his Bain Capital even though official signed documents including a 2002 filing that described him as the firm’s “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president.” He has stated that the reason for voting for him is because of his successful business background at Bain Capital and he knows and has a record as a Job Creator! Hum, but now I am puzzled? So let’s examine the facts of what he now says. “Mitt Romney disputed reports that he worked for Bain Capital longer than he had publicly suggested, now insisting he had no role “whatsoever” in managing the company after February 1999 because he left to run the Winter Olympics. His public filings from the company suggest otherwise.” Regardless of what the Boston Globe, Mother Jones and Talking Points have reported! Romney says “absolutely no evidence that I had any role whatsoever in the management of Bain Capital after February 1999!” Well, I have come to two conclusions! One is that he does or does not have Job Creator expertise that claims? That Romney keeps insulting the intelligence of thinking Americans! Mr. Romney, the documents show – Liar, Liar, Liar, pants on fire! THE INCOVENIENT TRUTH IS: Maybe Mr. Romney plans to create more Jobs for middle class Americans if they self deport to China, India or Singapore with a priority understanding they will be hired there in new manufacturing jobs for lower waged with no health benefits! Maybe that’s way Romney will create job for Americans? Hum..

  • Angel, you said it right, but what has he been doing after, this guys think people are still stupid, he went to tell the NAACP to tell them what to do on the voting day , he did not go to seek their vote,to say like: YOU ARE LOOKING AT THE MAN WHO CAN HELP YOU AFRICAN AMERICANS STANDING BEFORE YOU is total command. No respect but in POLITICS candidates should RESPECT those who VOTE for them not tell them what they should do. I can decide to VOTE for you and can decide NOT TO VOTE FOR YOU

  • nomaster

    Romney did what he always does, he condemned that which Obama has been trying to do, but does not offer any solutions other than the same old Republican talking points about taxes and trickle down economics. He even shuns his own health plan (Romneycare).

  • dtgraham

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more disgusted with a federal politician than I was with Romney’s “free stuff'” remark regarding the NAACP. What he’s essentially saying to them is ‘you’re telling me that you want the kind of affordable health care that other industrial nations have, and you don’t want your loved ones to face medical bankruptcies.’ ‘Well, forget about it!’ ‘We don’t do average guy politics.’ ‘That’s not our thing.’ ‘You want that?’ ‘Go see the D’s.’ The GOP just comes out and virtually tells you now that they’re really not that big on the little people……and they may win in November.

    How did it ever come to this in a country whose Republican Party were once the great progressives under Teddy Roosevelt; a country that once elected Franklin Roosevelt 4 consecutive times and then put Harry Truman in the White House after that? How did such a great nation arrive here? I don’t understand it.

    If a book hasn’t as yet been written on this topic, one needs to be. Sounds like an interesting read already.

    • He wasn’t just talking about health care he was talking down to them and relating free stuff like SS and Medicare and Medicaid and food stamps because in gops mind only minorities get food stamps despite no. showing that is wrong.

  • I find it interesting that Mr. Romney is so adament on distancing himself from Bain. He is so clearly embarrassed by the dealings and on-going “management” of Bain for rather obvious reasons – he knows that those dealings and the “management” were so deplorable and unforgivable that he must now say “not on my watch”. He is a coward and is obviously inept.