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Saturday, October 22, 2016

It used to be that you couldn’t speak in a statehouse simply because you happened to have a vagina. So the fact that Republicans in Michigan only silenced a Democratic lawmaker for saying “vagina” is progress. Yes, after a female lawmaker was silenced for saying that word, “vagina” became a very big thing—at least on Twitter.

We’re in the beginning of the doldrums of the 2012 campaign, when policies are drawn out and the fight hasn’t really begun. Thus reporters will take Obama Girl’s PR rep’s call — and Democrats will yell at each other about the best way to explain that Mitt Romney represents George W. Bush’s policies “on steroids.”

So be careful, Republicans. This isn’t a good time of the year to try stop people from using certain words.

It might bite you in the “you know where.”

Here are our top tweets of the week:

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  • she should have kept talking and informed the male personage that he probably had a name for his personal equipment and just cause he called it jack or joe or whatever didn’t make it anything but a p====

  • These republicans are idiots!

  • What did they want her to call it? A woo-woo?