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Friday, October 21, 2016

Majority of Americans Support Stronger Gun Laws, Immigration Reform

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A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that a majority of Americans support two of President Obama’s top legislative priorities in his second term — gun safety and immigration reform.

A majority 55 percent say gun laws should be more strict, while only 9 percent want looser gun laws and 34 percent don’t want any changes.

On immigration, a majority 64 percent somewhat or strongly favor a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers, with 87 percent of Hispanics/Latinos strongly or somewhat favoring the proposal. Only 35 percent somewhat or strongly oppose a pathway to citizenship.

However, even though a majority of Americans back the president on gun safety and immigration, the approval ratings for President Obama himself dipped 3 points since February to 47 percent, while his disapproval rose 3 points from February to 48 percent, with 5 percent not sure. That’s the lowest approval rating since he was at 48 percent while on the campaign trail last August.

A majority 50 percent aren’ t satisfied with the job the president is doing of handling the economy, a 1-point drop from February, while 47 percent approve, a 3-point increase from February. In regards to the sequester, 58 percent of respondents say the automatic spending cuts have not had much of an impact on them and their families, but 47 percent believe the sequester will “mostly harm the economy,” a 3-point increase from March, while only 30 percent say the sequester won’t have an impact on the economy.

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  • Jim

    Bulls#%t. Keep polling yourself and the uneducated like yourself and you can manipulate the poll any way you want. The only way to keep the Government partially honest is with citizens with full 2nd amendment rights!!!!!!

    • liberalboston

      Jim you lost the election the Republicans haven’t won a majority of voters in a Presidental election in 20 years. Your party is becoming a regional party (the south) you will never win again unless you change some of the parties hate.
      Remember with FL now voting DEM along with the other large states, CA,NY,IL and PA they never have to deal with the South again.
      I hope this dosent happen but the REPUBLICANS have to change a bit or be left out like the WIG party.

      • Yes and we can tell it the Devil has taken over .

        • liberalboston

          Well Bob I believe in the Devil as much as I believe in God, Santa and the Tooth Fairy. To bad we just can’t go back to the 1950’s when minorities, woman and gays knew their place.
          Sent from my IPad.

    • Independent1

      Not sure what you mean by “full 2nd Amendment rights” but a 2008 decision by the Supreme Court agrees that not one gun control measure being discussed violates the 2nd Amendment: SCOTUS made this clear in their 2008 decision, by stating that although citizens have a right beyond being in a militia to bear arms to protect themselves that this right (well here’s their decision), SCOTUS also stated that “the right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any
      weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose”. They
      also clarified that many longstanding prohibitions and restrictions on firearms
      possession listed by the Court are consistent with the Second Amendment.[11]

      You gun nuts in your own imaginations dream that the 2nd Amendment says “I can carry any gun I want with as many bullets as I want and I don’t have to be controlled by any guidelines whatsoever with respect to owning it.” Sorry but that’s just a dream: the 2nd Amendment does only one thing – give you a right to care A GUN, not the fanciest most people-killing gun you want to own and one that will shoot a million bullets before you have to reload!!!

      • And some ways you are right but mostly you are just another a fool .

  • Jim

    Are you seriously thinking that the Government is going to protect you? Wake up! Everywhere that they have removed the citizen’s right to protect their families has failed! The system is to far gone with corruption…….

  • Jim

    I see now where your coming from. You believe in the fairies tail that guns kill people! Wake up. You’ll be the first one begging for someone to protect you with whatever they choose to carry.

  • Jim

    By the way, I voted for the current Dem the first time. It seems he turned out to be a non-truth teller also!!!! All parties are the same corrupt deal. We need to re-evaluate

    • Independent1

      Non truth teller?? Really, a study group that followed Obama from the time he first started campaigning for the presidency counted over 500 promises he made during that time. In 2012 they did a study to see just how many of those promises he was able to follow through on – do you know what they found? The study group says that he fully kept over 250 of those promises and has partially followed through on over another 125 plus, generally being prevented from fully following through on those because of GOP obstructionism. And the remaining 125 he hasn’t been able to fulfill mostly because the GOP has used the filibuster more than 500 times since he’s been in office to keep him from following through on them.
      Now I’ll admit that he hasn’t done everything the way I would have like to see him do things, but that’s partly because he’s felt that he’s had to compromise with the GOP to get virtually anything accomplished, and then none of us sees things exactly the same way and therefore we’re not always going to get things accomplished exactly as we’d like. But since you see fit to call him a “non-truth seller” I’d appreciate if you’d just list a few of those “non-truths” that you claim he has said. No matter what they might be, the’d have to pale in comparison to the outright lies and distortionsthat the GOP has been spewing the last 20-30 years as they’ve proceeded to virtually drive America into the ground every time they’ve been in control.

  • It’s about time we did somethng about all those Irish!

  • I would really like to know where these poll results are on paper, how many people from where were polled and what exact questions were asked. I do not believe these results at all, with good reason. our government does not have any record of trust with the people, I find so many people who are very adamant about not wanting any gun control or the uninformed people who have no clue what current gun laws already say. for example, many have no clue that background checks are already mandatory and have been for years so yes, they would vote for gun control.. it figures if you’ re ill informed.. Most of them do not know that to get a concealed carry you must have training on the gun range and in the classroom setting, many of those who complain about the NRA have no idea of any one program they have or that they do, they think the NRA sell guns.. foolish comes to mind when people talk and vote without the proper information to back it up responsibly. What many people do not know is our government has us about to be inducted under the UN TREATY which states clearly ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS MUST BE DISARMED. why would our govt insist upon a treaty like this if this government is still a government of the people for the people? It isnt, thats the problem and this treaty is why they must take our guns under any excuse they can. get informed, do not trust them one bit. I dont care what party you call yours, one is as bad is the other, they are all crooked as hell. the insane peope kill in mass settings not the legal gun owners who will pay the price of gun control, the gangs and thugs will never be without a gun, do you want everyone to be a victim? If not, you better hope we keep our gun rights to protect your happy ass when needed