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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A mass shooting killed one person and wounded two others Wednesday morning at an office complex in Phoenix, AZ. The shooting occurred at the same time the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on gun legislation in the wake of the massacre in Newtown, CT.

The incident was reported at around 10:45 a.m. local time and took place in central Phoenix at around 16th Street and Glendale Avenues. According to reports, police believe the suspect left the building and is at large. A local ABC affiliate reports that “Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said a suspect went into the office building and shot several people.”

Earlier in the morning, Tucson shooting survivor Gabrielle Giffords gave testimony before the Senate committee, saying “violence is a big problem. Too many children are dying. Too many children. We must do something. It will be hard but the time is now. You must act. Be bold. Be courageous. Americans are counting on you.”

Since the Newtown mass shooting, a Slate gun-death tally reports that 1,440 Americans have been killed by guns. A teenager who performed at President Obama’s inauguration was among them, as she was gunned down in Chicago.

Update: On Thursday a second victim died after being taken off life support. The perpetrator also was found dead Thursday from an apparent self-inflicted gun wound. The third victim was shot in the hand and is expected to survive.



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11 responses to “Mass Shooting Takes Place While Senate Holds Gun Hearing”

  1. Kansan says:

    CATO (formerly the Charles Koch Foundation) claims it is against raising taxes. How then can it urge that schools nationwide be protected by armed guards? Who can be expected to pay for such expenditures?

    Here in Kansas, just two days after the Newtown massacre, two seasoned officers were killed when responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle in a supermarket parking lot. A third who survived was unable to stop the suspect before he fled.

    The NRA has supported the gun “rights” to concealed carry by psychotics. It has interfered with keeping weapons from the hands of criminals by virtue of obstructionist legislation they themselves wrote, such as the infamous “Tiahrt amendment.” How then can they claim to be truly concerned about the safety of responsible Americans?

    • tomwalls says:

      In states where concealed carry has been enacted, homicide rates have gone down. In order to obtain a CCW permit, you have to undergo a background check, a safety course, etc. I doubt your suspicious vehicle people were legit permit holders.

      • Kansan says:

        Do you know what a “non sequitur” is?

        You haven’t addressed the story or my post.

        The homicide rate in Florida 50 years ago was 420. For the last five years, it’s averaged over 1,100. When was concealed carry introduced?

        The “justified homicide” rate in Florida has gone up substantially since passage of the state’s “stand your ground” law.

        The crime rate has gone down all over the country. However, looking at Alaska, where there is no prohibition on psychotics getting concealed carry permits, the murder rate has gone down, but the rape rate has skyrocketed. By your logic, that would mean concealed carry=rape, right?

        The NRA went to court in Alaska, in order to have a psychotic keep his concealed carry permit, after he had violated it by not informing a policeman who was questioning him (after a gun store reported him as wildly delusional) that he was carrying.

        To get a permit you have to have no felony sanctions within ten years or demonstrate proof of a pardon, give a recent photo and fingerprints, and show proof of completion of a 12-hour safety course.

        You don’t have to take your medication, however, even though you’re nuts.

        Are you nuts?

        If so, are you taking your medication?

        Are you really George Zimmerman, rather than “Tom Walls?”

        • More lies from the same trollish source;
          Speaking of medications does the hospital know your quit taking yours and are out in public making a fool of yourself?

          You are about the MOST ASININE Liberal poster to come along. DO you work for Obama or one of the other liberal jerks?

          • Kansan says:

            I have strained tolerance for centrists like Obama. He is a great disappointment to me, though I had hoped for better even knowing that I shouldn’t expect too much.

            You on the other hand are terrified of Marxists under the bed.

            Woo, woo!

    • Nothing like a liberal SPEWING absolute lies and falsehoods.
      The NRA DID NOT support what you claim which makes you a giant lying piece of SHYTE; Along qith the rest of your ignorant troll spew.
      Now go climb back in your toilet where you belong.

      • Kansan says:

        It’s you that are lying, you vacuous twit:

        The Vice President of the NRA at the time was the attorney for this lunatic, and the organization supported him.

        Alaska Court Rules on Concealed Gun
        Associated Press Writer
        January 10, 2002, 1:54 PM EST

        ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Judge Natalie Finn took away Timothy Wagner’s gun permit after he claimed someone had implanted a computer chip in his head and injected him with deadly chemicals.

        A state appeals court, though, ruled that Finn erred, saying Alaska’s concealed-carry law does not allow general concerns about mental illness to play a role in deciding whether someone should have a gun.

        Gun control advocates say the episode illustrates a dangerous accommodation to the gun lobby by Alaska’s Legislature. Gun owners, however, argue that Alaska’s law safeguards their Second Amendment rights and that the public is adequately protected.

        The Department of Public Safety has issued more than 18,000 such permits since 1995, when Alaskans were allowed to carry concealed handguns under restrictions that include an age limit and a gun-safety course.

        In 1998, the law was amended so that applicants did not have to prove they actually needed to carry a concealed weapon. Also, whether someone was mentally ill or had been treated for mental illness in the preceding five years was taken off the list of questions applicants were asked — a change cited by the appeals court last year in Wagner’s case.

        The Alaska law requires applicants to disclose only whether they have ever been committed to a mental hospital or found mentally incompetent by a court. “Yes” answers are grounds for denying a permit.

        “We wanted to remove the potential for arbitrary and capricious decision making on the part of the issuing agency,” said Brian Judy, Alaska liaison for the National Rifle Association.

        But Nancy Hwa, spokeswoman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, complained: “They are taking away the discretion of local law enforcement to make these decisions in the best interest of public safety.”

        Other gun-friendly states, including Texas, Montana and North Carolina, have much stricter standards when it comes to mental instability and concealed-carry permits, said Luis Tolley, the Brady Campaign’s state legislative director.

        In Montana, the law says a sheriff can deny a permit if there is reasonable cause to believe “the applicant is mentally ill, mentally defective or mentally disabled.”

        North Carolina applicants with a “physical or mental infirmity that prevent the safe handling of a handgun” can be denied a permit.

        Even Texas has a long, broad list under mental health, Tolley said. The restrictions include anyone that has been diagnosed with “a psychiatric
        disorder or condition” that is likely to cause impairment in judgment, mood, perception or intellectual ability.

        “Alaska seems more likely than many states to allow mentally ill people to carry guns in public,” Tolley said. “By establishing such a narrow definition, that is allowing an awful lot of people who are mentally ill to carry guns in public.”

        Wagner’s case began in 1998, when he entered the Alaska Mining and Diving store in Anchorage, dripping wet, and told a clerk he was trying to soak away chemicals in his body before they killed him. He also said a computer chip had been implanted in his head. Another employee overheard the conversation and called police.

        A background check revealed he had a permit to carry a concealed gun. When an officer asked Wagner if he had a gun with him, Wagner pointed to a briefcase next to him. In it was a loaded .357 and several bags of bullets.

        Alaska law requires permit holders who come in contact with police to tell officers immediately if they are carrying a concealed gun. Wagner was convicted of failing to do so.

        Finn sentenced Wagner to three years’ probation and ordered him not to possess guns during that period. She also ordered him to forfeit his concealed-gun permit until his mental illness was “either cured or improved.”

        The Department of Public Safety later revoked Wagner’s permit based on Finn’s decision.

        Efforts to reach Wagner were unsuccessful. He has no telephone listing in Anchorage. He told the court he was an “inventor” and designed guns and ammunition. The public defender’s office said it had not recently heard from him.

        Wagner had no prior convictions, according to court documents. After his arrest, police took him to a state mental hospital. Wagner testified that he was released after being interviewed.

        The amended law was enacted over the veto of Gov. Tony Knowles, who warned at the time that the measure could allow dangerous people to carry concealed weapons.

        The Department of Public Safety has taken a wait-and-see attitude in Wagner’s case. He has not again asked for his permit back and no court has ordered it returned, said Del Smith, deputy commissioner.

        “I think Finn was concerned about his behavior, and rightly so,” Smith said. “He made some pretty bizarre claims.”

  2. rustacus21 says:

    People should read 2days USAToday newspaper; there’s a headline re: sherrif’s across the country who plan to defy any & all (as U might have expected) “Obama-sponsored/endorsed” gun safety regulations. Now this is really getting strange. Considering that legislation making guns, ammo & accessories harder “casually” purchase, being opposed by LAW ENFORCEMENT? Their job is to support laws, not selectively, but ‘enforce’ them… This is what’s going to make it impossible for people – law-abiding, rational citizens, to own guns & then, push the divisions even further apart. This is why conservatives should be outlawed – not guns, as this is tied directly to conservatives, Republicans & crazy radical T-baggers, who don’t understand Democracy & should be barred from participating in the legislative process since, as was advised by James Madison, in Federalist #10, why it’s the GOVERNMENTS’ absolute responsibility to closely watch factionalism – of which the above 3 (as well as the NRA) are all party to. Our Democracy is obviously under threat!!! What do U, American PATRIOTS – plan to do about it? Well, there’s an election next year which needs more Liberal/Progressives in office. We’d better make our minds up long B4 then however…

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