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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • montanabill

    The wrath of the left should one of their own blurt out the truth. By the way, he wasn’t alone.

    • SaneJane

      Have you read his entire comment? Changes the whole focus.

      • montanabill

        Actually it doesn’t. He was simply pointing out bad behavior on both sides.

  • BlancheW

    An Ominous Trend: Look at the factors that caused the French Revolution of 1789 and compare them with what factors in today’s political times in America. Scares me. But it can happen here of we don’t get rid of big money and stop the outright political lying.

  • BlancheW

    An Ominous Trend: Compare the factors that caused the French Revolution of 1789 with what is happening today in our country. The elete then, the 1% today, unfair taxes etc. We need to get rid of money in politics and find a way to stop the political lying

  • Mayor Booker, my advise to you is ‘think thoroughly about what you are going to say before you SPEAK. A still tongue keepeth a wise head. HOW CAN YOU SPEAK SO LOOSELY
    IN FRONT OF SUCH A RABID PANEL AS MEET THE PRESS? You could have chosen a more
    subtle way to resign your post, unless of course, you have your sights set on being VP for Mr. Romney. There is a descriptive adjective for people of your calibre but I promised my mother I will continue being a lady even when she’s departed…..therefore, I rest my case.
    Connie Witter-Journalist