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Thursday, January 17, 2019

In 2000, John McCain seemed a respectable political figure — admired for his wartime heroism, well-regarded for his refusal to kowtow to partisan dogma, liked by journalists for his refreshing candor. He failed that year in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, but he ran a decent campaign, sticking to the high road even when he was waylaid by offensive personal attacks.

But that McCain, the man who was bested by George W. Bush, has long since been replaced by a bitter and petulant man who traffics in petty grudges. More than anything else, anger over his loss in 2008 explains his attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and his attempts to derail her chance of becoming the next secretary of state. Not only did McCain lose his best shot at the presidency to someone he viewed as a neophyte, Barack Obama, but he also took several strafings from Rice — who served up pungent analyses of his foreign policy shortcomings as one of Obama’s campaign surrogates.

Clearly, McCain holds a grudge. If he can’t let it go, other Republican senators ought to be wary of following him down this low road. Isn’t the Republican Party in enough trouble already? Shouldn’t it be trying to win a younger and more diverse following rather than reinforcing its image as a bastion of grumpy old white guys?

Should Obama decide to nominate Rice, she is eminently qualified to replace Hillary Clinton. A Rhodes scholar, she has worked in national security and diplomacy since 1993, when she joined the Clinton administration. She was named an assistant secretary of state in 1997.

In her role as U.N. ambassador, a post in which she has served since the beginning of Obama’s term, she is widely credited with helping to negotiate the tough sanctions that have brought Iran’s economy to ruin. That’s no small thing. She’s also believed to have had major influence in pushing Obama to join the NATO-led campaign that toppled Moammar Gadhafi.

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171 responses to “McCain’s Attacks On Rice Smack Of Sour Grapes”

  1. Lynda says:

    Its payback time for dear old John. She called him out in 2008 and now he believes it is his turn. Sure makes him seem small, and totally self-directed at that.

  2. nobsartist says:

    Mccain has been a bully all his life and has been allowed to get away with it except when he was a POW. He has met his match with Rice and will lose this fight and it will turn out to be his last one.

  3. The attacks on Susan Rice, especially the allegation that she did something unforgivable is, indeed, sour grapes, an overt attempt to discredit President Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments, a desperate attempt to establish a parallel between 9/11/01 and 9/11/12 and the deceit used to justify the invasion of Iraq and the way the Obama administration handled the Benghazi attack, and the beginnings of the 2014-16 political campaigns.
    Consider the accusations that have been put forth to date, the administration initially referred to the perpetrators of the Benghazi attack as extremists instead of terrorists. Wow. Susan Rice said the attack may have been influenced by the provocative film that inflamed passions throughout the Islamic world instead of calling it deliberate terrorist attack. Wow.
    If the GOP has conclusive evidence or received information from the terrorists that carried out the Benghazi attack acknowledging the film had nothing to do with it and the attack was planned and executed to avenge the deaths of OBL, Qadaffi and other Al Qaeda leaders and Islamic zealots, they should keep their mouths shut because everything we know at the moment is that a group of terrorists attacked our consulate for reason known only to them.
    In his quest to reassure the Tea Party, Sen McCain ruined his reputation and has lost all credibility. He, Graham and others are so afraid of a Norquist backlash over the tax issue that they are desperately trying to divert attention from it by focusing on an unfortunate tragedy that when taken in context and compared to the weekly terrorist attacks of a few years ago, confirm the wisdom and effectiveness of our new foreign policy strategy in the Islamic world.

    • Most Of These Old Farts Needs To Be Voted Out Of Office And We Will Do Just That In 2014!! John McCain Sold His Soul To The Tea Party Long Time Ago That’s The Reason He Picked Sarah Palin Dumb Ass!!!!

    • Annemb says:

      Another fact-filled post by you.

      As I wrote in another post, I sent an email to Senator McCain within the last two weeks, in which I wrote that his behavior is “sour grapes.” I told him several other things including that he was once a statesman, he is no longer a statesman. I concluded with the words “when will you grow up?”

      Thanks for your great posts.


      • Whittier5 says:

        Bingo! Short research into the Panamanian McCain’s history prior to the end of Vietnam will reveal that he never grew up. Or, if he did for a short while, when working with Russ Feingold, is now regressing rapidly to childhood.

      • CPAinNewYork says:

        Annemb: Did McCain answer you?

    • charleo1 says:

      I could not agree more! Same old game. Obstruct, and find a reason to object.
      Even if it is necessary to make one up. A proxy war with Obama, using a
      dedicated public servant. Shame on McCain, Graham. And make that a double
      disappointment with Susan Collins. Usually not just another political hack.
      Who should at least respect the extra effort women must exert, to get ahead
      in a world still controlled by the same good old boys mentality.

    • montanabill says:

      It is a lot simpler than you make it out to be. Susan Rice, either knowingly went on television to deliberately attempt to mislead us for political reasons, or she took a paper with the phoney story on and didn’t bother to check it. Either way, it exemplifies traits not desirable in an official representing the United States.
      She couldn’t even convince Susan Collins that what she did was acceptable.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        It’s a lot simpler than YOU make it out. You and your friends hate Obama, hate Susan Rice but loved Condoleeza, who helped lie us into a war, hate America, HATE HATE HATE, and no candidate suggested by Obama will EVER be someone you think is “desirable” as a public official, or even as a private citizen.

        And maybe she can make up for her one failure by going back and convincing Susan Collins to join Olympia Snow.

        • montanabill says:

          It is always amazing that when some deficiency is noted, in either Obama, or in this case, Susan Rice, many of you will resort to calling it ‘HATE’ rather confront the real issue.

          • Maxwellbear123 says:

            I suppose you endorsed the lying Condoleeza Rice, simply because Bush/Cheney endorsed her. Her lies and conspiracy was so obvious it is not funny. Susan Rice spoke on the talking points by CIA operatives. It is not up to her to check into their views. As a UN official she went with the intelligence, or lack there of, of the operatives who should have known better. You are obviously a racist or republican loyalist who would cut off their own nose to spite their face.

    • lunibin says:

      John McCain is the reason the Tea Party came about. He is not now nor has he ever been apart of the Tea Party.

      Susan Rice was given a script and sent out on the news shows to down play al-Qaeda’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks.

      Benghazi is about running guns previously sent to the Libian dissidents and sending them to Syria.

    • jarheadgene says:

      Where is OMG to state his …… diversion…diversion…..diversion posts while it is so painfully obvious the GOP is launching …..diversion attacks ….during the Fiscal Cliff issue. The American public – the THINKING (more than) HALF – have spoken. Time for the wealthy to start “ponying” up for all the CREDIT CARD wars we were running to the tune of Billion$ and Trillion$ to Haliburton and KBR…etc. Why aren’t Senators starting up a full scale investigation re the chananigans of CHENEY/RICE(the other Rice)/GW and the FAKE WMD war scam? I mean if we want serious Congressional investigations, start there !

    • CPAinNewYork says:

      I don’t think that we have any sensible foreign policy for the Middle East and we won’t have as long as we’re tied to Israel’s apron strings. It seems that everything that we do in that area is about Israel. The second Gulf War was about Israel first and preventing Saddam from flooding the world oil market second.

      Israel is in an untenable position. She has consistently lost international sympathy and she’s surrounded by assassins. Her leaders respond to honest criticism with peevish and insulting remarks. Netanyahu had the gall to lecture the American president publicly in the press conference after a closed door meeting. One of Israel’s problems is that she doesn’t seem to realize that she’s a vassal state.

      I think that America’s best interests would be served by our getting all of our troops out of the area. Our only legitimate interest in the Middle East is to buy Arab oil.

  4. bcarreiro says:

    Mccain should be directing his anger at the ones who took their lives in benghazi, instead would rather blame her then find a way to ensure that this never happens again. when your in war mccain you should know all to well that sometimes you dont know what hits you. we have to move on and learn from our mistakes. its unfortunate but we are still losing men every day so its time to get back to work or just retire. we the people are tired of the republicans mocking everything to make our country look bad maybe you can put your focus on ending the war.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t see how it would be possible to absolutely prevent such an attack from occuring again against a Consulate; unless it’s with respect to only placing a Consulate, which I understand is often nothing more than a large office within a larger building, only in a location that the host country can absolutely secure. I believe there are usually restrictions as to how many of our security forces that could be deployed within another country to act as security for a given location/office.

      • You are right. It is virtually impossible to prevent a terrorist attack against any of our embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions, or businesses overseas. Sadly, terrorism is part of everyday life nowadays. The best we can hope for is that our intelligence agencies can identify and stop most attacks before they take place, and I believe they have been doing an outstanding job in that regard.

    • patuxant says:

      BC–Remember that McCain doesn’t care about ending any wars. He still has a “pay back” mentality. He is a warmonger and is unstable. That is why he allowed Palin to be his running mate–another wing nut.

  5. Wow I agree with this article!!!!!!!

  6. I am less concerned with Benghazi than I am with what appears to be financial ties Rice has with many Canadian Oil and Finance interests. If the Republicans wanted, they could go that angle and I would support that. I am highly concerned that such financial ties could lead to a serious conflict of ethical interest in a position as Sec. of State. I’d be even more concerned in this were she to be considered for Sec. of the Interior.

    That said, on such matters the Republican party, as an aggregate whole, has no room to complain about such potential conflicts. Not without also damning the entire 8 years of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld conflicts of interest with no-bid contracts in Iran and Afghanistan, each of them holding financial stakes in the companies that benefitted from the federal coffers for warfare profiteering. So I doubt the Republicans will take any “high ground” attempts simply due to their lack of holding any hypothetical high ground in the first place.

    Let’s move on from Benghazi. Four people were killed. Oh yes, that’s a shame. But to imply there’s some deep, dark and nefarious coverup over this compared to say, I don’t know, actually starting two wars on false pretenses, one which involved clear misrepresentation of the “facts” (of which none were actually available to justify Bush’s “Crusade” into the Middle East) well, that’s a particularly difficult logical hurdle as comparisons go. And, when measured against said clear and obvious misuses of government power, Benghazi is essentially an apostrophe compared to those.

    Meanwhile, forget what the Republicans think about Rice. Let’s focus on vetting her potential for conflict of interest when it comes to foreign policy in our own neighborhood. I see this as very important with her financially high potential to rule in favor of profit over the peoples’ best interests when it comes to Keystone XL’s desires to run a Trans-Canadian Pipeline through US Soil for the sake of Big (Dirty) Oil profits on her investments.

    • I’m concerned about that also. If Rice is nominated for Sec of State, I think she should divest herself of her holdings in any Canadian oil related interests. I am totally against building a pipeline from Canada to New Orleans almost exclusively for the purpose of doing nothing more than shippint that oil overseas. Remember, we’re talking about dirty tarsands oil that has already caused oil spills in the U.S. and which is so abrasive that it could easily cause many oil spills when being pumpted almost 2,000 miles across the American heartland. I still fail to see, why Canada does not simply pipe the oil to Montreal and ship it overseas up the St. Lawrence. Are they not wanting to do that because they themselves don’t want to assume the risks of piping it across Canadian land? That’s my feeling. So if they don’t want to assume the risk, I see absolutely no reason why America should, especially when it will have absolutely no effect on the price of oil here and will also only be promoting greatly expanded green house gas emissions both in its use and in its mining.

      • Newborn says:

        As a Canadian, I ignored about Rice’s interests in Tar sand oil, but I do know about Texan greed about that oil. Canada could easily divert that dirty oil to Vancouver or Montreal where the discussions will take over Harper’s plans to increase C02 emissions very soon.

    • Whittier5 says:

      Christopher, don’t you think that Ms Rice, like any other candidate for such position, would be planning to place her financial holdings into a blind trust, if and when nominated? Even Republicans claim to do that. Although, I am not sure Romney did, unless you consider Ann his “blind trust”.

    • Yes, if nominated, Ambassador Rice and her husband should sell their Trans-Canada stock to avoid conflict of interest. For that matter, all senators and congressmen should sell their financial holdings to avoid claims of conflict of interest. Quite frankly, I doubt the GOP will pursue that line of attack. Don’t forget that the main beneficiaries of the Keystone pipeline project are David and Charles Koch, whose oil companies in Canada and in the USA will benefit from being able to transport toxic Canadian sand oil through the USA for export to other countries. They will also benefit from building and maintaining the pipeline. The irony is that the reason the pipeline is not built from Calgary to ports in the West Coast of Canada is because Canadians oppose its construction because of environmental concerns! Looks like some people are a lot more concerned about the need to protect their patrimony than we are…

  7. atc333 says:

    John McCain has lost many American’s respect. His attacks on Rice, along with those of others GOP members are so specious as to make one think that they secretely considerer her to be one of the leaders of the terrorist mob which attacked the Embassy, but just can’t prove it.

    As it is, McCain seems to be saying that Rice should have torn up the CIA reports which she relied upon at the time of her statements, and instead, speculated on her own, that the attack was from the beginning, a preplanned, terrorist attack. Considering that McCain was a member of the Armed Services, he should understand the concept of chain of command, and that she was releasing information which she was given to release from other agencies which were at the time to be in the position to know the facts as they existed at the time.

    Sorry Senator McCain, you have fallen into the typical GOP trap, that of winning at any cost, including the loss of your own credibility and the respect of most Americans, be they Republican, Democratic, or Independent. You had that respect, even though they may not agree with your particular political philosophy. Now you are throwing that all away, almost as though you are deliberately spitting into the wind, simply because you can.

    • patuxant says:

      All you have said here is commendable, but I want to add that McCain hasn’t fallen into any trap. He has always prided himself on being a “maverick” so he is doing this through his own volition. He wants to go down in flames just like he did when he blew the fighter jets he crashed and burned and more than likely, refused to follow orders. Bottom of his class…a sore loser..a loudmouthed politician who thinks just because he was a POW we should be kissing his backside. I believe he got himself in that position as a result of his holier than thou attitude. His record toward these tendencies speaks for itself.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      He lost respect from just about everyone when he choose Palin as his running mate.

      It’s been downhill for him ever since.

      All he’s doing now is trying to bolster up his public image which isn’t working, thankfully.

      He was getting old when he was running for President. He should be forced out of office, hopefully by someone who can think on their own feet and is at least moderate.

  8. TSB says:

    All the people that follow McCain down the road are angry, bitter, miserable, mindless losers that were told once a good loser never wins. So they’re trying to win being BAD. What else could it be? The Pat Robertson effect?

  9. old_blu says:

    Senator McCain I have always thought great things about you, and liked the way you have carried yourself, in fact I would have voted for you if you wouldn’t have pick Palin for a running mate, but right now you are sticking the spurs to a dead horse, you might be able to save your reputation if you stop it now. Please stop! You lost move on.

    • Whittier5 says:

      You need to look a little closer at McCain’s behavior prior to the end of Vietnam. But, I do agree that for a few years he was one of the few partially sane GOP Senators.

      • patuxant says:

        You have to go back even farther in his days at the Academy. What he was then he carried with him as a pilot and then as a husband and now as a senator…reckless, thoughtless and clueless.

  10. raymond says:

    McCain and Graham need to go, they are constantly tying to devide the nation with there old boy style. I respect McCain but he still suffers from the experience in Vietnam. Time to retire John. Graham on the other hand is just a typical Southern politician they still like to cry foul when they get beat.

  11. GOP:


  12. Kev says:

    time for McCain to go

  13. don27 says:

    McCain and the others opposing Rice state they are troubled by her answers, but they don’s say why? Interesting.

    • For no other reason than to be devisive.

    • patuxant says:

      But that’s all they think they have to do..send up smoke bombs and the pimps of this country will jump onboard. For some reason, they think the majority of people in this country are sheeple. They got hit upside the head on Nov 6th didn’t they? Now they are so confounded, they don’t know what to do. Thus the statements from McPain and Collins which make no sense and are just diversionary tactics moving us from the real issues here. Thank God we have re-elected a man with a “steady as you go” disposition.

  14. pdahazard says:

    Graham is a bitter Cracker. Like a good S. Carolinian, let him secede from the Senate where he is only effective as a geriatric whiner. Rice is reafdy to further furbish her impressive career, from Rhodes to Foggy Bottom. Patrick D. Hazard, Weimar, Germany.

  15. tedthetruther says:

    The reason for anger with Rice and her unsuitability to lead America’s foreign policy should be obvious for all to see. She is easily manipulated in a very real and dangerous world arena. She is the point person in a disastrous cover-up of a failed international policy. She has financial interests that override the U.S. interest. She has no credibility!

    • puzzled21 says:

      There is an old saying that if you don’t speak then everyone else won’t know how ignorant you are. Can you provide any verifiable documentation to validate your accusations? You obviously have no clue about our foreign policy and the scope of her work and particiapation. Your continued parrotting of her involvement in a coverup which has been proven to be false on so many fronts only serves to show your diminished capacity to be rational. Until you address the financial windfalls enjoyed by your syndicate (Cheney, Bush, Rove, C. Rice, et al. let’s not go down that road. Peace

      • tedthetruther says:

        I now understand why you are puzzled. You are clueless! It is up to Rice to show her financials, not me! As an AF Colonel involved in in the foreign policy arena for the past 25 years I can assure you I know much about the foreign policy arena and am not parroting talking points as you are. Also, I am enjoying no windfalls as you seem to indicate and draw from nowhere–points you seem to love to parrot while accusing others of doing so–you loser!!!

        • puzzled21 says:

          The fact that you were an Air Force Colonel is scary to me. Especially when you have proven by your response that you have a problem with reading and understanding what you read. First, I didn’t in any way suggest that you should be disclosing Ms. Rice’s financials, reread my post. Second, my reference to windfalls was directed to your Republican Syndicate that, like a bunch of leeches, sucked the blood of the American people through their unscroupulus profiteering of the war they started, you were a Colonel you should be aware. Third, if you know so much about foriegn policy as you claim, then you should be familiar with protocol and how information, especially classified, is handled and disseminated to the public, on a need to know basis. As a former militrary person who also held a secret security cleareance and has certain knowledge of protocol and chain of command, I am shocked that you refuse to accept the explanation provided by your superior, General P. as to the what, why and when of the incident you want to beat to death, and tie to Ms. Rice. I guess he is lying also. Fourth, please point out one talking point in my post. Fifth, if you are an example of the leadership and mindset in the military today, then it is no wonder we are in the position we are in, and you wouldn’t have survied across the pond with that mentality. Sixth and last, if you can’t put forth an intelligent position, backed with verifiable, valid documentation, stay out of grown folks conversations until you can. Peace

          • patuxant says:

            Hooray! That’s telling the BSer!

          • puzzled21 says:

            Why do we have to tolerate these people who are myopic and refuse to be willing to grow?

          • patuxant says:

            We don’t have to tolerate these nitwits! Maybe we should ignor them? They seem to like attention..maybe I’m wrong, but what would happen if we shut them out?

          • puzzled21 says:

            Let’s try it, a national boycot on all those who seemed bent on distroying our great country.

          • patuxant says:

            Sounds good to me. Also, I am in my Soc Sec years and I see where these dufuses are calling our monthly payments, entitlement benefits. I think we need to file a class action suit against the govt.

          • puzzled21 says:

            I am also receiving Social Security and I am all for filling a suit. Where do I sign?

          • patuxant says:

            Let me find out. I am a CA atty inactive status now, but that shouldn’t matter. My thought is to contact AARP and see what help they can give.

          • puzzled21 says:

            Well you know how to contact me. Let’s start a groundswell. While we are at it can we do something about the fact that they continue to get their full salaries once they leave no matter how short their stay.

          • patuxant says:

            That is so true! If I were smart I should have run for office decades ago, sat in Congress 2 yrs and retire!

          • puzzled21 says:

            Would that be called an entitlement? Yet they want to deprive us, who have worked for 30 to 40 years, of what we have earned to contribute to their greed..

          • patuxant says:

            In my case 45 years and during the last 8 plus years paying over 35% in taxes and I was no where near the 250k they call the “middle class”. So to me it truly IS a matter of fairness. Dumping all of that money paycheck after paycheck for all that time now to be told I’m getting a “gift”? a “handout”? It makes me want to spit in the faces of the people on these sites snd in Congress who have their heads up their butts and don’t know what they are talking about. Paying it forward, indeed! I paid for it is my time…

          • puzzled21 says:

            I totally agree.

        • patuxant says:

          If you have evidence, spill it TTT. Otherwise shut up! We are not talking your word that you were a AF Colonel as it would be rather ridiculous to find you spilling “secrets” out here now, wouldn’t it? Otherwise, you must be a frigging traitor anxious to write some sort of reality book….oh, guess that must be it…

      • Adlib says:

        Most simply put, puzzled21: It’s all in the name “tedthetruther”. Says so much!

    • patuxant says:

      Oh. Really? Please tell us more TTT!

  16. Whittier5 says:

    For 2 men with such a tortured history with the Truth themselves, especially McCain, to be making fools of themselves on International TV is incredible. Ayotte has obviously been recruited by neo-GNOP leadership to stand-in as the non-angry, old, white man. But, for her to acquiesce speaks volumes about her “leadership” and qualifications for her position.

    This whole bogus attack over an early report, when the hunt for facts and perps was the foremost goal, reveals the Treason and providing of comfort to the Enemy that characterizes the neo-GNOP – and the old GOP going back to Sen Prescott Bush and Richard Nixon.

    How is it that those who proclaim most loudly, to all who will listen, the fervor of their “patriotism” can still bamboozle the 47%?

    • patuxant says:

      More shocking is Ayotte who doesn’t realized she is being used, and Susan Collins, for whom I now have lost all respect, for politically prostituting herself this way. Asking legitmate questions is one thing. Going after Rice for the 1998 Kenya experience was another. Even Bill Richardson who was UN Ambass at the time just spoke on the other day, that Rice was only involved in policy during her tenure in Kenya. Collins has jumped the ship of good judgement.

    • CPAinNewYork says:

      Don’t forget, folks, that McCain was a member of The Keating Five, who lobbied and threatened the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation to suspend its investigation of Keating’s disgraceful bilking of the aged investors and depositors in his savings and loans. True, Keating beat the jail rap on appeal, but The Keating Five’s activities on behalf of a sleazy banker were a disgrace.

      Basically, aside from his wartime service, McCain’s history stinks. He was not a hero. He was shot down over enemy territory and endured pretty rough treatment as a prisoner of war. After the war he aligned himself with Keating, ran a ludicrous political campaign for president and is now a blatant war monger.

  17. frogger says:

    I have never been overly fond of John McCain, however I have never before questioned his sanity as much as I do now. I am at this point extremely tired of John McCain and his old cronies trying to derail our entire governmental process out of spite and envy. John McCain fought in the VN war, yes, but so did many of my friends, and they also were imprisoned in situations as bad as his, so I give him credit for his service to our country, but do not believe that makes him a good Senator, or Presidential candidate. Unfortunately, at this point, I am afraid Mr. McCain may be on the brink of losing his capacity to hold office, and his fellow Republicans should be very careful following too closely in his attempt to paint with a wide brush allegations against Susan Rice and/or others. I also believe he should be in that group of old white men needing to be told it time to go. They are not helping this country, they are seriously hurting it. If Mr. McCain is looking for his name to go down in the books showing his accomplishments, I am afraid he has already blown that one out of the water. He should go home, sit on his porch, and watch the sun set (as should others on both sides of the aisle who have been there too long)! In case anyone wonders, I am a 69 year old female who is still quite active, mentally alert, intending to be here about 30 more years, and feel that we need to move into a new era with younger, more forward thinking minds in the forefront to bring about a healthy, prosperous recovery! The oldies may think they are goodies, but they need to stop kicking, screaming and acting like spoiled children clinging to the 19th and 20th centuries.

    • Devens_resident says:

      frogger I am 74 male and I completely agree with everything you posted. Our government is stiffled by old angry white men (OAWM) living in a by-gone era. I see hope as more women get elected and serve our country. These OAWM come to the feeling that they are the country they own it. Move on and let young fresh ideas surface. Oh, before you leave Senator McCain, please support “fillibuster reform.” If all those OAWM had to stand at the podium and talk really talk they would think twice before invoking a “fillibuster.” Crazy system now, you say your going to fillibuster so it is and nothing gets done. CRAZY pervertion of the word and idea, fillibuster.

    • patuxant says:

      It is even worse than that Frogger. They are medieval…robber barons and antiquated. They are like King John’s pals in the days of Robin Hood. What a vile and vicious group who held the peasants hostage. This is no different!

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      And he can take Mitch McConnell with him. that guy needs to go!!

  18. Mary M says:

    John McCain lost any respect I had for him many years ago when he returned from war and divorced his than sick wife to marry the rich woman. Much like Newt.

  19. The Republicans who just can’t get over their loss not once but twice is getting a little old, Romney can say Obama won by gifts but the fact is Obama won because he is the better man for the job and most American people are sick of the Republican holding this country hostage. They need to get these guys like McCain out of there so this country can move forward.

  20. commserver says:

    The Senator is being petulant and looking for attention.

    He lost his relevance. It is obvious that losing isn’t his style so he reacts, unfortunately, it is for the worse.

    Maybe it is the effects of being a prisoner of war?

  21. William Deutschlander says:

    McCain does not seem to understand that no one likes a mean spirited, grouchy, obnoxious, old man trying to make something out of nothing.

  22. howa4x says:

    OMG I’m shocked and appalled that a grumpy and bitter old white man is leading this attack.

  23. GREGO says:

    John McCain was no hero!! He was a poor pilot.

  24. The reason they want John Kerry to become the Secretary of State is because that would mean freeing up a Senate seat, which in turn would give the G.O.P. an opportunity to get their favorite manwhore Scott Brown back into the Senate.

    And they’ve got their heads further up their asses than should be humanly possible if they think we can’t see that.

  25. douglas says:

    I think it is time for Senator McCain to retire.

  26. edwardslovern says:

    To understand who John McCain is, read The Nightingale’s Song by Robert Timberg. It’s remarkable he’s made it as far as he has and sad that he didn’t fade away long before he became an irrelevant embarrassment.

  27. tanasi says:

    It appears that either Susan Rice or John Kerry would be an excellent choice for Secretary of State. The deciding factor may be simple politics: if Kerry resigns his Senate seat, he could be replaced by a Republican.

  28. stsintl says:

    Isn’t this the guy who picked Sarah Palin for his running mate in 2008? What does he know about real talent?

  29. imabrummie says:

    Diddums, diddums! The majority soundly REJECTED what the current version of the Republican Party have to offer! Get over it, McCain, and if you cannot do that, then do the honorable thing and retire. If you do it soon enough, maybe you will qualify for Social Security before your colleagues destroy it!

  30. RevRonaldG Cosseboom says:

    McCain is an idiot. Pure and simple, the man is demented! He’s lost all grasp of reality, as all of the Republicans in Government! They are so deep in the pockets of the Religious Right Hypocrites and the Corporate Greed Mongers that they can’t see the light of day or hear the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE!

  31. Bob Williams says:

    Just because Susan Rice lied to the American People and the U.S. Congress is no reason to censure her. After all – she learned it at the knee of the Master. I believe that lying is a prerequisite of being a Democratic Official, isn’t it?

    “I did not have sex with that woman!”

  32. Yes the Republican Party loved having Condi Rice as Sec. of State, after all we got the comment from Ann Coulter that “our blacks are better than your blacks” out of it. Condi was like a new toy to show off and use to promote compassionate conservativeism by Bush II which we now know to have been all smoke and mirrors.

  33. Paul Colas says:

    Paul Colas

    To whom this may concern

    The position of some republican senators reminds
    me of the attitude that Mr Mitt Romney had against
    President Obama during the recent presidential campaign.

    Gentlemen, it’s time to prove your ability to collaborate with the government instead of being harmful to the nation, otherwise, the republican party is doomed again to failure for all elections to come.

    We had enough with these negative mined bureaucrats, which is the common image of many of you republicans.

  34. knowmore11 says:

    When will these old has beens get out of the way for some new ideas and hearts not made of stone to come in and act with reason. We are really sick of seeing Mccain reaching for something something , anything to make a case against Rice. Go home and hug your grand kids or grand dogs etc

  35. rl says:

    John is getting old and testy. He is probably affected somewhat by dementia. It is probably time for him to retire and live on his laurels. He never has gotten over how his fellow republicons treated him in 2000, when he was up against GWB. During Bush’s watch the worst terrorist attack orrured on American soil, and while the attack in Lybia was very tragic it is no where near the Sept 11, 2001 atttack that was allowed to happen, by the Bush administration. Trying to draw parallels to it are doing nothing but dimishing McCain’s legacy and his standing with most smart Americans of either party.

  36. arch725 says:

    Why doesn’t he go home to Arizona. He has lost all of the credibility he ever had and now is in the “twilight zone”. Th man has “something” wrong with him!!!!

  37. I, too, am a grumpy old white man and a Viet Nam era fighter pilot. In fact, I would suggest I was better at it than John McCain; I flew more missions and lost less airplanes than he did. I totally support Susan Rice as Secretary of State. John Kerry is an acceptable choice, but he is an old white man, too, and right now he has another job to do helping Elizabeth Warren loosen the right wing and Wall Street’s hold on government. I think McCain’s opposition to Rice has less to do with her qualifications and more to do with getting Kerry out of his hair.

    • 012647020451 says:

      You don’t sound grumpy. Don’t even characterize yourself in the same manner as John McCain. I have often said that his only claim to fame is the fact that he was a POW. He must have been holding a press conference when they were giving classes on how to avoid being shot down by the enemy. He is a piece of work, reminds me of children in the playpen crying because they couldn’t get the red ball. Does he not realize that his actions are making him look like a fool? I wouldn’t be surprised if one day he didn’t pitch a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming and holding his breath. How anybody could be so mean spirited, evil egotistical, hateful ,spiteful , disrespectful,devious , selfish, selfcentered and foolish is mind boggling. However, that seems to be the general attitude that permeates throughout the republican party. If they continue in this manner, it will be called the Gone Old Party. Anyone who would follow McCain is in serious jeopardy of being shot down. They need to listen to their constituents and think for themselves. They are truly oblivious to the republicans stance on women’s issues. It’s sad that they are jumping aboard McCain’s sinking ship. They should not allow him to use them as puns in his diabolical game of trying to get even.

  38. Maybe there should be mandatory retirement in politics like there is in most fields…..65 sounds good to me. And btw I’m older than that! Dementia and other ailments take over!

  39. William says:

    I am sorry for the People who died in Benghazi, it should not have happened. The problem I have is how many of our young people died because of the lies about Bush’s War in Iraq, where is the outrage? Now all you hear from the Rep Party is how we shouldn’t stop the other war because they need more time to train them. I spent 8 weeks in basic training and 9 weeks in AIT before they sent me to Vietnam, how many more years do we have to watch our young people die before they will be ready to take care of themselves, where is the outrage?

  40. Skyline43 says:

    Jenny I agree. To many of these guys like McCain have been in congress–TOO LONG! A few years ago I had total respect for Mr. McCain for serving our country in the military and his positive appeal.
    Since that time, he has become bitter and his personality gone south!! Why would anyone follow him down this road? Most Republicans are grasping these days and hoping McCain can lead but
    where will he take them??? Term limits is the answer!!!

  41. ivory69690 says:

    Johnie-girl McCain, do you want to know what unqualified is ?as its stated here ( which is galling from the person who chose Sarah Palin to be vice president) that had to be one of your big jokes thinking with the wrong head then i guess . but im sure that head has more brains then the one on your sholders anyways . now that we are on the word (unqualified ) how about you being unqualified when it came to voting for $300 million that just might of saved those men in the September attacks on a U.S. consulate in Libya, in which four Americans were killed. if you voted for that $300 million thy maybe be alive today . and while we are on the word ( unqualified) do you think that you might been unqualified to been serving this country when you was a POW ? unqualified is getting caught to being a POW. then there,s the 2008 election where you was unqualified to even pick a running mate for VP never mind being the Pres. is that word ( unqualified) your middle name ? seem to fit you well get out now while your doing bad before it gets worse . and with you im sure it will get no better you air head just like SP your VP running mate . ill bet your still up late thinking of SP being your mate . WAKE UP SPACE BRAIN

  42. Fairplay4 says:

    He is a stale piece of souse.

  43. notafoxfan says:

    ms rice was doing her job and speaking with the information she was given at that time..any person in political office or an appointed position is only as good as the advisors they have, or the news they are allowed to share with the public..senators mccain and graham are coming across as “spoiled brats” in the schoolyard who want attention and cant get it any other way..they have no valid points and seem to have no other valid agenda,so ms rice is the easiest target..

  44. carlos lascoutx says:

    …McCain is a shameful and shameless person. he has ridden his brother rat POW myth as far as it goes, but when he tries to twist good people off the trail of government and pull them down to
    his low brow level with his other partner in derring do do, the graham cracker, both from states who toy with unpatriotic anarchy, then it’s time to pay them no mind and see them for the embittered spoilers and dogs in the national manger that they are.

  45. susan rice has been “doing our country proud” since she began working as a public servant – she’s been tough, she’s got guts and character ! this continuation of tea partyist mentality served up double each time senator mccain makes us aware of his most recent opinion – is so disgusting ! the good news? give em enough rope my dad use to love to say……….

  46. Mr Mann says:

    MacCain is one man who will never make any useful input towards the progress and the development of our nation, as long as the Obama administration is in the white house. “A national ‘Hero”, a ‘private man’ who is still bitter over his loss to Obama, looking for any possible way to discredit him, and bring him down. What kind of a “Hero are you sir ?

  47. Jackmack says:

    John McCain needs to retire from the Senate he keeps talking a lot of nonsence and he still is attacks Rice so what is he trying to prove

  48. Edwell says:

    Senator John McCain may be eyeing for that post! Please give him. He lost presidential elections. Please give him something.

  49. ANN says:

    I feel the GOP is also tring to push Kerry into the position of Secretary of State. Thus opening his seat. I feel they might have plans for his seat. Just giving them little more power. I could be wrong but its something to think about.

  50. 012647020451 says:

    I agree with your post. Was he subjected to psychological testing when he was released? I do think that if his attitude wasn’t so haughty, he wouldn’t have gotten shot down. He seems to want to do things his way”

  51. 012647020451 says:

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Apparently this person had not heard that old adage. I appreciate your candor in your reply to him/ner

    doubt. I really appreciate your candor in your reply to the person who was making unfounded allegations about Rice. Truly that person is wearing blinders over a closed mind.

  52. This is not about Susan Rice or the President, This is about John McCain a Great American hero who seems to have lost his way or prehaps even his mind. A sad day, but we must remove him from office before he damages the country and himself even more.

  53. CYNICALZ says:

    I’ll ask again bleeding heart neophytes, who ask the embassy to stand down. Get it right. Rice is a pawn fronting Obama. Pressure is on him to patronize her and assure appointment. Currently, we can not get a straight answer out of Rice and those upcoming (if no others involved don’t resign) to stonewall the investigation.
    If you do not know your facts, forget responding!

  54. RMATTEN says:

    At the same time their dumping on Susan Rice, they are praising John Kerry. Isn’t it interesting that if Kerry becomes Secretary of State, the MA Senate Seat will be open and a special election will give Scott Brown another shot at a Senate seat.

  55. RMATTEN says:

    How about just dropping the election politics and get on with finding out what needs to be fixed regarding the security issues that appear to exist .

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Another Sign

      More like he is the voice of the desperate, old, old, used up, nearly dead GOP. It is becoming very clear who the bad guys really are in this country quest to correct the faults of the all too many G. W. Bush years.

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to RMATTEN –

      We already know part of the problem. The Republicans sliced and diced the request from President Obama for more money to upgrade and provide more security to the embassies worldwide.

  56. I’m afraid that the mental damage done to him from his years as a P.O.W. in Hanoi are beginning to become apparent.

  57. sleeprn01 says:

    No the GOP does not see a problem here, they see opportunity here. All of the GOP members who have rallied around Senator McCain all seem to whole heartedly support Senator Kerry. Is it just a coincidence that if Senator Kerry is nominated it opens a democratic seat in the Senate. Senators McCain , Collins and the republican Senator from New Hampshire were the only republicans to campaign for Scott Brown. Now if I were a betting man I would be willing to bet that the republican nominee for that open senate seat would be Scott Brown!! Senator McCain has said during the election that he would really like to see Scott Brown back in the Senate. I don’t consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, but this does stink like yesterday’s dirty diapers.

  58. tman000 says:

    Senator McCain has become a bitter man, with “hate & fear” as his guidepost, what a shame that America has to have this type leadership…

  59. ExPAVIC says:

    The Real Cause

    Senator McCain is indeed showing the effects of the many blows to the head he suffered while a guest at the Hanoi Hilton. His defeat by POTUS Obama in 2008 didn’t help matters either. McCain should join Romney for a session of crying in their beer for loosing elections they thought they should have won.

    There was Mitt Romney with his acceptance speech all ready when what he needed was a concession speech. That was really kind of funny when you think about it. I’m sure Romney thinks about it a lot as he mans his Salvation Army kettle.

    • Jim Myers says:

      It is likely that McCain would have done much better against Obama in 2008 if he had done two things.

      First, distance himself from George the Second, rather than brag about siding with him “more than 90% of the time.”

      Second, would have been to bring someone else with intellectual, international and economic status, rather than try to dazzle the public with some clueless arm candy.

      Sad to say, I made the comment early in 2000 that I would have voted for John McCain, not because I agreed with his political stance, (I didn’t), but rather because of his character and integrity.

      Either I was massively wrong, or Senator McCain has taken a mud bath with the extremists on the right.

      • ExPAVIC says:

        Bad Signs

        Some of Senator McCain’s recent comments, particularly his criticism of veterans who backed POTUS Obama, seem to indicate that John has entered the nether regions of senility. Hopefully his friends will tell him to hang it up before he does any further disservice to himself and his party which doesn’t need any addition help to screw itself against the wall.

  60. onedonewong says:

    Sour grapes???HUH??? She lied and misled the American people to cover for barak’s and Hilary’s incompetence. She should have resigned if she had an ounce of integerity but just like Obama no black is ever at fault whitey did it

  61. Jack Wormer says:

    At least, Reagan had the god sense to fall asleep during his cabinet-meetings…..
    McCain may very well be the reason even the Senate will subject its members to an age-limit!

  62. Newborn says:

    It’s sad but hero McCain is history. He wanted so much to win an election which was won by the people, and not by the rich, to whom he, after becoming heiress «bride», lost.

  63. Jerry Beck says:

    Could it be that Sen. McCain is now suffering from his time as a POW? Should he maybe just resign and save us all from his foolishness?

  64. KellyBoyle says:

    I guess that are trying to force an empty seat and have John Kerry fill that position, then they can try to put a republican in the empty seat

  65. jjrjon says:

    I’m amazed Sarah Palin doesn’t have diarrhea of the mouth on this issue. She has something to say about everything else. It’s truly a shame the United States doesn’t have term limits for the John McCain’s and other career “Do Nothing Politicians” who lounge around and believe they are serving our country, when in reality they are serving their personal interest to stay in public office as they fleece America. McCain has to have something to talk about. After all he can’t talk about the election he and the GOP lost (I say “He” because he’s guilty by association). He can’t live on his past laurels. Those days have come and gone. Too bad McCain was not in Benghazi during the attack. Every time McCain opens his mouth he looks like a FOOL, its time for McCain to go.

  66. being a POW does not make one a heroe he got shot down because of his own stupidity not only once but twice many POW did this to get out of active combat during Nam war , I hate it when he and others talk about his being a POW just like I do when Bush said he was in military when he truly wasnt 180 days in the national gaurd back wasnt military especially when you were discharged with less then honorable discharge which he was these two are from the same peapod and no brains were attached

  67. ralphkr says:

    It certainly makes sense to me that the Republicans want Kerry instead of Rice as Secretary of State. If Kerry takes a cabinet position that opens up a Senatorial seat for grabs by the Republicans but if Rice gets the job there is no opening for a Republican to replace her present position.

  68. AigbekaenSamson says:

    The Grumpy Old Papas (GOP) are at it again. They just want to harass Rice so that Obama will give up on her appointment and appoint John Kerry and that opens John Kerry’s senate seat in MA for Scott Brown to contest. They believe that Brown will win because, being an off year election, Democrats will not turn out to vote and Brown will win. They are doing political calculation but it doesn’t add up just like Romney’s Math didn’t add up

  69. AigbekaenSamson says:

    The Grumpy Old Papas (GOP) are at it again. They just want to harass Rice so that Obama will give up on her appointment and appoint John Kerry and that opens John Kerry’s senate seat in MA for Scott Brown to contest. They believe that Brown will win because, being an off year election, Democrats will not turn out to vote and Brown will win. They are doing political calculation but it doesn’t add up just like Romney’s Math didn’t add up

  70. I think this is a strategic tactic by the Rebubs to discredit Rice in order to get Sen. John Kerry nominated as the Sec of State so that there will be a Senate seat up for grabs. Repubs would love nothing more than to an opportunity to gain a seat in the Senate and lessening the Dems majority.

  71. Mr McCain appears to me to have gottenbitten by that German we all fear, Altzheimer. Maybe we should treat him as being irrelevant and with a touch of compassion.

    • daniel bostdorf says:

      That actual German he got bitten by was fascist Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist. McCain (and other anti-Rice politicians) baseless lies about Rice are out of Goebbels playbook:

      ““If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      The truth is the greatest enemy for McCain, Snowe, Ayotte and their ilk.

  72. 426tt_64 says:

    Senator McLame, It is time that he and a few of his other old comrades hang it up. They no longer are working for the USA, they are just still on the payroll, healthcare, pensions, ETC. that they have given to themselves.

  73. ococoob says:

    Why isn’t there term limits?

  74. As I see it the republican senators who would like to see Sen.Kerry as Sec. of State only want to get rid of another Democratic Senator.Also it is just sour grapes from McCain on Susan Rice.McCain wouldn’t agree on anything O’Bama did even if he agreed on something McCain wanted.I think McCain should recuse himself from the rest of this present Congress,either that or retire NOW.

  75. Paulw45 says:

    Republicans have nothing to say about defecits when they are in power. Remember G. W. Bush was handed 900 billion in surpluses that B Clinton saved for the deficit. Bush spent all that plus 5 trillion. Why were the republicans not outraged then because they are hipocrates. pw

  76. daniel bostdorf says:

    This whole Rice episode is a very transparent effort to get John Kerry out of the Senate and into Secretary of State. With Kerry out of his Senate seat, Republicans will attempt to force in a neo-conservative Republican. Scott Brown lost to Elizebeth Warren, but the GOP is crazy enough to think that Scott could win Kerry seat.

    Malarky as Biden would say.

    Kerry is not fit to be Secretary of State. Period.
    Ambassador Rice IS FIT to be the face and voice of American policy.

    Keep Kerry where he belongs….in the Senate. He owes it to the Democratic Party to not have his seat challenged.

  77. jackievdb says:

    These attackers all say they’ll support Kerry. Of coursed, that will leave open his seat if he leaves and then these same attackers will try to put Elizabeth Warren’s losing opponent, Brown, in Kerry’s slot. They’re still doing nasty politics instead of the business of the country.

  78. McCain was never a hero. He was respected, but, that has gone down the path of no return if he continues his crazy attack on Susan Rice.

  79. Sand_Cat says:

    Obviously, failing to use words that suit the vanity of McCain and company to describe an event is on its way to becoming an impeachable offense.

    Perhaps McCain and Lindsay Graham should have all (non-confidential) State Department communications with embassies and others forwarded to their offices for approval, with each one being signed for personally. Then they could bear the full blame for any problems resulting from the delay.

  80. onetop66 says:

    If Ms. Rice is as good as everyone says, why did she not question the information she was given. When you look WHEN it happened, there was a connection with al-Queida. The “talking points” were written to keep Obama’s line that al-Queida was on the run.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Why didn’t Condoleeza Rice question the obviously phoney “evidence” supporting the Iraq war, and why didn’t “everyone” question her as a result in her confirmation hearings? Did you? I thought not.

  81. dalnb says:

    I have backed Senator McCain through most of his Washington career but he seems to have lost his balance in not only this issue but similar issues over the past couple of years.

    This one particulary bothers me. He has mounted a major offensive without setting through any debates or discussions on this ladys qualifications. I would think anyone putting so much effort forward would take time to get all the facts first! There will come a time when the process starts; that is when questions need to be asked and facts checked. Spending so much time attempting to sidetrack the selection at this time seems to be a waste of time that should be spent working on fixing our economy!

    I have an idea McCain and the other GOP representatives pushing aginst Rice would like to see her dropped and Senator Kerry selected which would remove one more Democrat out of the Senate. This has the appearance of again pushing for GOP dominance rather than putting the best interests of America first!

  82. marelbert says:

    McCain was/is to attack the Sec. of State (Clinton)

  83. kdisg says:

    It’s funny that they will forgive BUSH, not one word was ever said by a republican when we all found out BUSH got us into a war for no reason other than he was pissed that Sadaam dissed his dad, Well over 4000 of our kids lost their lives for that NOTHING reason. making up the bullsh_t story of weapons of Mass destruction and nonsense like that to get everyb ody to vote us into war, never considering the american kids going to fight the ficticous war, or the Iraqis who died for the fake reason, The fact is they are a bunch od=f angry white men who (as they said) hate that black man in the white house. Harvard law review, Suma grad, awarded the law review, and they hate him because he doesn’t look like them. Want proof, check out the 19 committe chars they put, not one woman, not one person other than an angry white loon. Hating woman and all they tried to take away from them just got them to the polls for Obama, even republican woman dont want a man voting NO to equal wages for woman doing the same job as a man, BUT the gop voted NO for that and cancer screenings for woman along with breast cancer testing they do at planned parenthood BUT the only ting they know or care about is the one thing they dont agree with, forget about woman needing healthcare. They wont learn because they will always hate woman, seniros, gays, white men who arent rich, disabled, homeless, and the list that got so long in 2012 that even middle class is a target for the gop, so they even hate us now. We will remember again , next time we vote too!!!

  84. Nick7485 says:

    I learned some interesting things about Ambassador Rice just now. She has served as a strong voice for America in her current position, a requirement if it is to remain in the cabinet, where it does not rightly belong. Should she succede Secretary C linton, I hope she will continue to steer a course in the Middle East that will safeguard our interests while striking a balance between the principal antagonists in the region.

  85. John McCain calls Susan Rice not very bright! Real? Is this the same John McCain who nominated Sarah Palin to be his presidential running mate? Is Sarah Palin very bright? What measure does McCain use to tell who is very bright and who is not? Is this the same John McCain who was captured in Vietnam and kept in a cage as prisoner of war (POW) for ten years? Was his capture a sign of brightness? John McCain wants to extend his investigation to the time when terrorist attacks took place in Africa. Is McCain Real serious? McCain is a war monger. One thing he is afraid of about Susan Rice is that, she will not drum for war against Iran or any other country. McCain would like to see the US attack Iran. This is why he is making all this effort to block her from being appointed SoS. McCain forgets that President Obama was elected on a promise not to take the country to war.
    Secondly, McCain does not want to see a black lady representing America in International fora as Secretary of State. McCain’s opposition of Susan Rice’s appointment as SoS is based purely on racism, bigotry, sexism and deep rooted inherent hatred of black people. McCain needs to get his acts right. He has gone on for far too long about Susan Rice and all the issues he is heaping on her. McCain was one of the architects of the Iraq war. He is one of those who vociferously supported the idea that Iraq had WMD. He was in the Senate Defence Committee. So McCain was one of the architects of the 9/11 which was meant to psyche out the American public in order to justify going to war with Iraq with all its consequences. McCain should be investigated for the role he played in justifying the Iraq war.
    A Congressional Committee should be set up to investigate John McCain in this matter. McCain is so fond of blaming President Obama for all sorts of things and he has extended that hatred of the President to Susan Rice. McCain he is disappointed with the President for lack of leadership. To McCain leadership means rushing to attack other countries for all sorts of issues some of which are domestic to the countries concerned such as Syria. Why did McCain not call for a Congressional Committee to investigate 9/11? Where was he then? Why does he want to call for a congressional committee to investigate Susan Rice? What role did Ms. Rice play in Benghazi?
    McCain thinks that his disappointment with the President for not going to wars should be enough reason for the President to sit-up and listen what McCain has to say. As far as McCain is concerned his disappointment far outweighs the feelings of all the American people who are against the US going to any wars again. McCain would like to see the President send troops to Syria, Iran and North Korea if possible. Failure by the President to do this is lack of leadership in McCain’s view.
    McCain has reasons for this entire belligerence. The republicans earned a bad name from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He would like to see the Democratic party also embroiled in some form of war that will damage their image and reputation as well. This would give the republicans a chance next in 2016 to blame the Democratic President for taking the country to war. He would look for reasons to say the war was not well executed or the military was not given proper equipment or other reasons. McCain is always full of intrigues time
    Secondly, McCain would wish that John Kerry is nominated as Secretary of State so that he can vacate his senate seat, then the republicans will work hard to take that seat. So McCain is very calculating in everything he is doing to block Susan Rice’s nomination and subsequent appointment as SoS. He sees much to gain from this obstructionism. It is also possible that, John McCain may be suffering from post traummatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the Vietnam war experience as a prisoner of war (PoW). This psychological disorder from the Vietnam experience has been compounded by his lose of the 2008 presidential elections to President Barack Obama and Susan Rice’ role during those elections as Obama’s surrogate. McCain needs to move on, keeping grudges against people does not pay at all; if anything it spoils his image even more. McCain’s grudge against President Obama and Susan Rice is clear for all and sundry to see. It is not a hidden secret and McCain can not deny it because it is too obvious.

  86. Grunge45 says:

    A petulant action from an old man, who has forgotten his former achievements.

  87. First, Elijah, good point. Next, John McCain should retire. He was a respected politician. Now he is just another bitter old man.

  88. If you just look at John McCain, you will see “sour grapes” all over him. He was successful in getting John Kerry’s seat up for grabs. Let’s just pray that it will not go to a Republican. I say that, not because I am anti-Republican, but because the croked slander and evil MUST STOP! McCain ruined that young lady because of insensitivity and greed. But he refused to speak to the evils being demonstrated by Sarah Palin (by posting guns over the web-site of the Arizona Congresswoman) that prompted the vicious shooting in Arizona, including a child!

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