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Saturday, March 25, 2017

4 Responses to Meanwhile In Iraq

  1. I think most of the people who read this blog are too young to know where Khe Sanh is, or why it is still remembered by so many of the “Old Timers.”

    Thank goodness for Google.

    • Agreed….Battle of Khe Sahn (Vietnam War)

      The Battle of Khe Sanh began on January 21, 1968, when forces from the People’s Army of North Vietnam (PAVN) carried out a massive artillery bombardment on the U.S. Marine garrison at Khe Sanh, located in northwest South Vietnam near the Laotian border. For the next 77 days, U.S. Marines and their South Vietnamese allies fought off an intense siege of the garrison, in one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War. Meanwhile, with U.S. and South Vietnamese attention focused on Khe Sanh, North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces launched the Tet Offensive, a series of coordinated surprise attacks on cities and towns throughout South Vietnam.

      Going back into Afghanistan is very ill advised.

      more explanation here at Histroy Channel.

      • Afghanistan has never been held for any length of time by aggressors. For us to go back now would be like pouring gasoline on a large open fire, in hopes of putting it out.

        If Al Qaeda becomes unpopular enough in Afghanistan, they will probably suffer the same fate as all of the others who tried to force their will on the Afghans.

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