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Monday, October 24, 2016

Attention foodies: Let’s chow down!

Forget organic, locavore, omega3, umami, artisanal and all the other signposts of the healthy, ethical and refined “good food” movement, there are important advances in CuisineWorld that are going 180 degrees in the opposite direction — advances that literally are reshaping what we eat (while also reshaping us).

Let’s start with red meat. Perhaps you’re one who enjoys a steak dinner now and again. If so, let me ask this question: Do you prefer it with a nice Bernaise sauce, a side of garlicky spinach — or maybe some transglutaminase?


Transglutaminase is an enzyme made by the fermentation of bacteria and added to meat pieces to make them stick together. Yes, “meat glue” — it’s what’s for dinner!

This is yet another dandy product from industrialized food purveyors that keep inventing new ways to mess with our dinner for their own fun and profit. Right about now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why do they need to glue meat together?”

Glad you asked. It’s so the industry can take cheap chunks of beef and form them into what appears to be a pricey steak.

For example, that filet mignon you ordered at the Slaphappy Steakhouse chain recently — was it steak … or transglutaminase? By liberally dusting meat pieces with transglutaminase powder, squishing them into filet mignon-shaped molds, adding a bit of pressure to bond the pieces and chilling them — voila, four-bucks-a-pound stew meat looks like a $25-a-pound filet mignon!

While glued-together, steak-like meat is surprisingly common in the food service industry, the corporations peddling it are not eager to let us consumers in on their little secret.

Well, sniffs the meat industry’s lobbying group, it’s not like the companies are deceiving eaters — those that use the process have to list transglutaminase on the ingredient label and stamp the package as “formed” or “reformed” meat. How honest! Except that most of these molded “filet mignon” are sold through high-volume chain restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and banquet halls — where unwitting customers never see the package or ingredient label.

  • ObozoMustGo

    At least the Heart Attack Grill is being honest and upfront. You have the freedom of choice to eat there or not. But the meat glue guys have to be honest, as well. Where it’s served, give the customer a choice: glued filet mignon at half price, or real filet mignon at full price, your choice. Dont keep people in the dark.

    Have a nice day!

    • Landsende

      For once a rational statement from Bozo I think everyone can agree with. Kudos Bozo.
      Have a nice day!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Thanks for the vote, Land! 🙂

        Have a nice day!

        • dtgraham

          You have my vote too on that one. Hear, hear.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Thanks dt. Have a great weekend, my lefty friend! 🙂

        • EdC

          Guess what Bozo, I’m here to give you grief, do you really believe that they will charge only half price for the glue stuff? Today however I am trying to figure which statement observer is going to stand by. The first one says he thinks the factories should make the stuff, by then he is against socially structured diets. The first litterly structures the very meat that is sold, and which is what he is ok with, but they shouldn’t be allowed to sell it.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Ed… All I said was be honest so the consumer has a choice. That’s all!

  • 13observer

    Oh no, the sky is falling…. pink slime, red meat its killing us, please stop! Really? What are we to do, eat tofu? Not me! More influence from the far left… No tahnks!

    • So y ou go ahead and enjoy your glued meat Slime and ‘adulterated’ food
      You betcha We lefties demand to know what we are eating Honesty is KEY

    • You don’t have to be from the “far left” not to want to pay premium prices to eat glue.

  • 13observer

    We eat meat here in America, remember? Did we give up that part of our culture too so not to offend our guests from other countries? Give me a break.

    • You might want to eat meat that is stewing beef glued together to look like a filet and pay the price of a filet, I don’t ! Not every person from another country wants meat. There are other approiate dishes that can be served. When I traveled to Europe , they buy their food fresh everyday. Their food is not loaded with perservatives , antibiotics , glue or pestisides. We have a Right to know what is being put into our food. It is , thanks to the free press for letting us know what is being put into our food. Disgusting and very unhealthy ! It is harming our children ! The companies don’t care as long as they can make a faster buck.

      • 13observer

        Do you really belive all that? I’ll bet you don’t know sh*t about it but rather heard it from someone who only claims to know more than you.

      • 13observer

        A “faster buck”? I love all the class envy created by the left. The “Occupy people” are just looking for a handout at the expense of the wealthy.. or whomever can pay the bill. Got a minute, get a job. We Labor folk need to distance ourselves from these people to prevent us from taking it on the chin. If the Occupy people want better, organize a Union and NEGOTIATE your compensation like the rest of us. No freebees please!

      • 13observer

        All this discussion is making me hungry, think i’ll have a big hamburger filled with the same things we have been eating for years but just started caring about.

  • howa4x

    The meat glue started in Australia. This is why you see filet mignon on sale in the super market at an unbelieveable low price. How much can they charge for glue?
    Eating has become the new national sport replacing baseball or any exercise for that matter. The contest is nationwide and pits one state against the other. Right now Missippi and Tenneese share the early lead for the fattest states. Don’t worry if your state is behind Sarah Palin will bake some cookies which was her retort to Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity inititive. I’ve looked at some of the tea party rallies on the news and I can tell you any state that has alot of them will surly be a contender. One of the more interesting things about the contest is that the fattest states are the ones that oppose health care reform. Talk about magical thinking! Maybe the hope is that the residents will just keel over and die without an expensive hospital intervention or a prolonged stay. The Tea party is trying to help by refusing to limit advertising of sugary and unhealthy foods to children. Why protect them, they are there to protect the profits of the corporations, and that should insure that states won’t fall behind, since there will always be a supply of young people in the pipeline.

    The winning state gets to go into bankruptsy , paying for all the health care costs of the uninsured since corporations will avoid them for fear of busting their benefit budget. That should make any Republican governor proud that social darwinism worked in their state.

    Ps. No Nanny states are allowed to compete.

  • Sickening I eat very little steak Just a few small Burgers
    Meat glue is fraud – slight of hand Dishonesty

  • What lovely chemicals are in the glue – one can only imagine? How long do we put up with the food industry polluting our food and the FDA protecting Monsanto and company?

    • 13observer

      Ya, lets get rid of the FDA and all the government intrusion to our lives.

      • EdC

        I hope you are kidding

    • ObozoMustGo

      Carol… it’s not a chemical. It’s an enzyme. The same enzyme that is inside a cow that creates the protein bonds that hold the meat together so that animal doesnt drop in a pile of mush. If you have ever eaten steak, you have consumed the enzyme. They initially started harvesting the enzyme from cow blood, but it’s cheaper to produce with a synthetic fermentation process. (By the way, for all of you that do not know, most pharmaceuticals are produced by fermentation, as well).

      You see, the enzyme itself is not bad, per se. What is bad is selling me scrap meat at filet mignon prices without telling me. I am for free market dining and menus 1 million percent and I dont want government involved in my diet. I just would like honesty in knowing what kind of meat I am getting. I can make my own choices, thank you.

      Have a nice day!

      • EdC

        And you believe that, but being you believe in clean coal, and the Keystone pipe line. that stand to reason. Fermentation is one thing Wine and vodka especially, but the word synthetic becomes the problem, some thing that is synthicized is something thats had it monocular structure changed by the addition of something foreign to its sustance, seldom is the additive anything natural. And as you also mentioned unless you slaughtered it yourself you don’t know what they are giving you especially if the republicans cut the funds to the people that check that stuff out. The right has stood solidly behind genetic mutated foods for almost a decade now, including the genetic copying of food stock animals.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Ed… You are drunk already!

  • 13observer

    dishonesty is one thing, socially structured diets I am opposed to.

  • 13observer

    kill another industry off, but then don’t ask; where are the jobs.

  • Postman27

    Only in America. What’s wrong with a low grade piece of stew meat going on to bigger and better life as a top end filet mignon? Oh yeah, you want a warning shot across the bow and demand a choice. Hell folks, if you can’t choose to marry your same sex honey in NC, why should this be any different? Of course I’m being facetious/sarcastic, as in some cases this is outright fraud, but don’t make claims of being bad for your health; no more unhealthy as red beef slime. We’ve been enjoying such fare for years without dire consequences. Next thing you know, we won’t be able to enjoy a good equine steak, feline stew or a canine shishkebab. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  • It is common for people to reform their faces and other parts of their anatomy…why not the very food they eat? It is all meat, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing…except for taking unnecessary risks, which IS a bad thing.

  • so. anybody who’d pay $25 a pound has two much money. they most likely own stock in one of the many companies that reprocess foods. like nonsence tossed by ad agences they are buying smoke and mirrors. if it don’t hurt you and taste good eat it. FDA aproved eat it. a dog will lick his, does he percieve taste and flavour like humans? we buy bacon flavoured treats for fido while other humans starve. ask your maid which part of a pig isn’t pork.

  • bluemax1966

    The real meat goes to the 1% in this country. This slop, glop, or slime is what the 99% will eat if you elect Romney. It’s that simple.

    The big question is, that to all those poor Tea Party candidates who live in trailers down south, is whether they will eat it. Probably they would, because they are that dumb enough to do what 1% tells them to do, because it is a patriotic way of doing business!