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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Merkel, Election Rival Clash On Germany’s Economic Health

BERLIN (AFP) – Chancellor Angela Merkel trumpeted Germany’s economic success while her centre-left rival bemoaned a growing wealth gap in their last face-off Tuesday before an election less than three weeks away.

Addressing the final session of parliament as the campaign heats up, Merkel and her Social Democratic challenger Peer Steinbrueck painted vastly different pictures of the state of Europe’s biggest economy.

While conservative Merkel spoke of her past term as “four good years” with high employment, Steinbrueck said they were “four lost years” as a split in society had grown and left Germany with the largest low-wage sector in Europe.

The clash was their second after a TV debate Sunday, watched by 17 million viewers, in which Steinbrueck sought to invigorate his struggling campaign and close a yawning poll gap behind the popular Merkel.

As the first speaker Tuesday, Merkel said that her second term was marked by “extraordinary challenges” including the world and eurozone financial crises, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Afghanistan war and the Arab Spring.

“Despite these challenges we can say that, all in all, they were four good years in Germany,” she said. “Many people are better off than they were four years ago.”

She added that, with a 6.8-percent jobless rate, “we have the highest employment rate we have ever had in Germany, a success that encourages us to continue on this path”.

With record tax revenues, she said her government, if re-elected, would aim for a structurally balanced budget next fiscal year and to start paying down its debt by 2015 “for our children and grandchildren”.

She warned that the plans of Steinbrueck’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) to raise taxes would undo this progress, because it would hurt small and medium sized enterprises that have created many jobs.

The vote on “September 22 will be about nothing less than the question of whether we continue on the path to success or will see severe mistakes that will destroy this successful development,” she said.