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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Miami Taxpayers Harpooned On Stadium

The new Miami Marlins stadium is rising to completion in Little Havana, and rising with it is the blood pressure of taxpayers who are learning how much the new ballpark will really cost.

On paper, the city and county committed about $487 million in public funds toward the $642 million stadium project. The outlandish arrangement was never presented to voters because they would have pulverized it.

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One response to “Miami Taxpayers Harpooned On Stadium”

  1. LogicObserv123 says:

    Lord, what a familiar-sounding story. Lived in Phoenix for 36 years, watched this same kind of scenario play out with the Suns, the Diamondbacks, and the Cardinals. The municipality and landowners ALWAYS get screwed on these deals. The dingbats in power never seem to learn, much less examine deals in other cities to try to learn, what not to do. It is a situation ripe for corruption. The fast-talking hucksters, the team owners, consistently blackmail the cities with re-locating their franchise, while convincing them that their presence is going to benefit the community in a big way, and we all pay every damn day to watch them play, even if we are not sports fans, even if the management sucks and the team struggles.
    What could possibly go wrong with a scenario where the team owners are guaranteed a financial windfall and zero responsibility? They win big even if their team can’t.

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