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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. The REAL Cartoon Of The Day!

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    Have a nice day!

    “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” — Edward Gibbon, the great British historian who chronicled the rise and fall of the first great Western civilization, The Greeks in Athens

    • The same old straw-man argument: that ALL people (or at least a majority) will refuse to contribute to society for ADDITIONAL rewards over and above secure survival, they will ONLY contribute if their lives are at stake and they expect to be PUNISHED for failing. The truth is the opposite. While there are SOME people so selfish that they will give nothing at all unless threatened with losing all they have, the majority will only adopt that position for a short time, then get bored to death and look for something meaningful to do. And most people with intelligence and skills, without a game-killing disability, will take more chances with new ideas, having a chance of improving both themselves and society, if their current income and situation were not so risky (how many small businesses are NOT started because their founders are responsible enough not to risk losing their family’s health insurance). Perhaps right-wing extremists make the assumption of total laziness and selfishness based on how THEY would behave?

      The other straw-man argument is that social justice is about giving UNLIMITED FREE STUFF TO EVERYONE WITHOUT WORKING??? Actually, it is just an extension of the way most of us take care of the people we know PERSONALLY: if someone is trying but has bad luck, his/her friends and family will sacrifice to help that person GET UP; unless he/she has an obviously incurable disability, then they will help that person indefinitely.

      The “government bureaucracy” conservatives condemn is an institutionalized way for all of us to help any of us who need it, when there are not enough resources in the family or friend group to help: as happened, tragically, in 1929, and to a lesser degree in 2007. And both of these “crashes” followed years of conservative economic theory, proving it to be faulty. And in both cases (the latter still in progress), Americans realized that charity is too small to help when the need is great enough to impoverish a large number of the willing donors, yet all of us collectively produce far more than is needed for all of us to survive comfortably (not luxuriously), and keeping society stable by protecting the temporarily poor so they can recover, and helping the permanently disabled and elderly poor up to the natural end of life; so they instituted the New Deal the first tme, and Obamacare more recently, so that all of us can concentrate on building a better life rather than the risk of poverty and death (26000 per year due to lack of health insurance, almost 9 attacks of 9/11 size every year) from a bit of bad luck. And in both cases, doing so helped the economy recover, despite conservatives wanting to steer the ship of state back into the icebergs.

      Despite the vicious depiction in the cartoon, Obama and other liberals and progressives since BOTH Roosevelts (and one of them was a Republican) have NOT said government will fix everything for free, only that government CAN help provide a BACKSTOP or CUSHION to mitigate either personal failure or bad luck, take care of the dependents (dignity for the elderly and disabled, hope for the future for children), and equalize OPPORTUNITY for work to pay off. Do you realize that while WORKERS have gotten MORE productive, the rewards for doing so have gone only to their BOSSES, not the workers themselves? This is not class envy, it is MATH. Nothing to speak of has been trickling down to help those who work and are still in poverty, except through the incomplete government programs that conservatives want to cut even more, to cut taxes to almost nothing (in too many cases, due to loopholes, NEGATIVE taxes) for the very wealthy.

      The quote from ancient Athens is out of context also. Athens had a “democracy” of the aristocratic slave holders, and they made their slaves work hard regardless of how the masters voted. It was also a pre-industrial agrarian society, in which the total per capita productivity was just BARELY enough for mere survival for everyone, but the few with power took that very slight excess of production for themselves (occasionally cutting too deeply and starving the powerless, but they were not held accountable by the society of their peers for doing so) to allow THEM to live in luxury. Today we have industrial tools to make the per capita productivity far beyond per capita needs, even factoring in the goods and services we would like even the poorest among us to have, yet the poor still have misery, and the MIDDLE CLASS IS RAPIDLY JOINING THE POOR. Oh, and it is worth noting that Edward Gibbon was a member of the upper class of a Britain that lived by the same philosophy that is promoted by conservatives today … for more on this read ANYTHING by Charles Dickens. The truth is, Athens was conquered militarily by Alexander, as was its “tougher” rival Sparta, became part of Alexander’s empire, then on his death, part of a kingdom ruled by one of his generals, and later part of the Roman Empire. Increased productivity and personal responsibility would not have helped.

      Your characterization of the man a MAJORITY of voters have judged TWICE to be a better choice to lead the nation than a cranky old man and an out of touch silver spooner shows that you are full of hate. Try listening to someone OTHER than biased Faux Newz and Rush Limburger for a change. And read Matthew 25.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Alan, you have some leftist freak utopian fantasy in mind with this silly notion of collectivism (read socialism) clouding your brain. As if someone who desires to keep the fruits of their own labor is greedy, but the politicians who demand larger and larger chunks of other’s earnings are somehow not greedy. Your mind is a twisted knot. You have bought the lie that politicians have sold you about your giving over your earnings to them so they can do good for you. You are outsourcing your charity so you can “feel good” about yourself. And you continue to vote for politicians that promise you they are going to solve all social ills and there will never be any pain or suffering so long as you give your money and freedoms to them. Further, you cite these stupid “what if” statistics to make an argument for socialized medicine and never realize how illogical you are because, like all morons on the left, you confuse health care and health insurance. There is no way to prove that Obozocare will drop your phony number of 26000 to zero. Only a fool believes such nonsense. No one dies because of a lack of health insurance. The paper doesn’t kill them. And there is NO ONE in America that is in trouble who is denied care because of payment. Besides, states ALL have Medicaid and CHiP for those who are poor. Obozocare is NOT about healthcare, it’s about government control over your life. If it was just about healthcare, there are FAR less costly means of accomplishing that objective without a massive Federal beauracracy that will cost us TRILLIONS. And your health care costs are going to skyrocket because of this.

        By the way, you are so locked into this Republican vs. DemonRAT bullsheet that you cannot see the forrest through the trees. America’s troubles are 100% directly related to “progressives” (they used to be honest and call themselves socialists, but that didn’t fly too well) who exist in BOTH parties, the most radical of which ARE the DemonRAT party. Both Bushes were progressives. In fact, all presidents since Wilson except Reagan and Coolidge were progressives. Most members of Congress for the past 100 years have been progressives. Very few of them actually have supported the Constitution as it was written and intended.

        And Athens was easily conquered precisely because of social breakdown that is a result of EVERY socialist endeavor. The people wanted security more than freedom. They wanted freedom from responsibility more than they wanted liberty. And Alexander marched through them like a hot knife through butter. We only need to look at Detroit, America’s petri dish of progressive policy for 60 years now, to see what the real effects of progressivism are. It’s disgusting. Yet, you idiots on the left keep wanting more and more of the same policies that destroyed Detroit to be forced upon the rest of us in America. That’s not going to happen without a long and ugly battle.

        Finally, you idiots on the left like to criticize Fox News, but seem to forget that of 7 major media news outlets on TV, they are the only one that is NOT leftist. Maybe that’s why you criticize them. You can’t stand an alternative voice in the media. Besides, they are not conservative like you think. Their line up is filled with leftists like Bob Beckel, Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, Marc Lamont Hill, Heraldo Rivera, Austin Goolsby, and many others. The opinion shows like Hannity and O’Reilly ALWAYS have leftists on them. Every show.

        By the way, I am surprised you listen to Limbaugh.
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        Have a nice day!

        “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

  • Justin Napolitano

    Obozo, the shit the comes out of your writings could fertilize the planet. When you say that no one is denied health care you show the stupidity that is an integral part of your character and morality. Many people die in this country every year because they don’t have health insurance and many more are bankrupt because they could not pay the health care costs for a serious illness. Just who are you representing with your filthy, ignorant writings. It does not seem possible that someone could be so coldhearted and relentless in their desire to promote a Darwinian society. You must know that Karma will catch up with you one day and when you are laying on your death bed please try and remember the crap you wrote and that the day of reckoning has arrived.

    • If only the hatred and venom spewed could be converted to passion and energy for an actual worthwhile cause. The scenario you describe is the rationale for and exactly why Obamacare, the ACA, was fought for and passed, despite obfuscation and obstructionism from House Republicans. Many facets of the ACA will be in full implementation until 2014. No one will die due to lack of insurance anymore, despite the House watering down the original ACA. That’s the point. Don’t take my word for it, go read it.