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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • Allan Richardson

    Even if she moves to California, no one will call her SANTA Monica.

  • Tony Torres

    I guess it’s her time to cash in some more. If I remember correctly, it was always her intensions to have tryst with the easy horny Clinton. She got what she wanted and in turn the GOP used her, not Clinton. Other than money and attention I see not viable reason for Lewisky to resurface. If the GOP thinks this will change peoples minds, they are wrong but that seems to be the GOPs middle name. And still they persist.

  • Gary Graves

    They still don’t have anyone to run for president or vice president, they should change politics and become democrats, a lot of good prospects.

    • DurdyDawg

      Oh, they have them.. They just don’t want to use them.. They’d rather be the puppet MASTER. They have several conscientious and honest members who could run AND win but to the manipulators, these traits aren’t why they corrupted congress for.

  • DurdyDawg

    While cleaning out one of my Thompson double standard dresser drawers I ran into a 16 year old pair of boxers with Monica’s saliva still imbedded on the crotch.. Who should I report this to? Where’s Linda Tripp? I need to confide in that bitch.

  • Theresa Dean

    Now this was a perfect cartoon. It was just the way I felt when I heard she was back being sad for herself. I don’t understand why in the hell she would start this up or let someone start all this back up again. Did she really expect him to leave his wife or admit to anything with her? I know she was young then but she wasn’t that young. I worked on capital hill and everyone knows just what is going on when it comes to the men in power. I never did think there was anything to any of this. I just felt really bad for Hilary but the way I see it is if she wants to stay and work it all out, who in the hell is anyone to say she shouldn’t. And look what working stuff out can get sometimes, a very good marriage after all of the hell falls away whats left is someone who knows and loves you no matter what. Plus, don’t do it again, that helps.

  • ralphkr

    I love it. Monica is giving interviews about her fear of being in the news if Hillary runs for Prez. Let me repeat: Monica is in the news because she is giving interviews (has there been a press conference?) about being afraid of being in the news. Sounds like someone in crazy clothing climbing up on a pedestal in a crowded square and screaming, “Don’t look at me!”

  • Bob Stauskas

    While many collectivist demands arise from nothing but the anti-social passion of envy, gratifying envy by cloaking it under the veil of “social justice” has become a grave threat to liberty.

    • Sand_Cat

      “Gratifying” racism, hatred of the poor, misogyny, fraud, malice, and dishonesty as a desire for “liberty” isn’t so hot, either. Bob. Why don’t you try actually thinking rather than spending your brain power coming up with pseudo-profound BS to post here? Looks like you don’t have much brain power to spare.