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Friday, October 28, 2016

‘Most Antagonistic’ Toward Israel? That Would Be Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary

‘Most Antagonistic’ Toward Israel? That Would Be Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary

When Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned on national television over the weekend that Chuck Hagel “would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of Israel in our nation’s history,” either his memory served him very poorly — or he was simply lying to smear his former Senate colleague. For whatever Hagel’s perspective on Mideast policy may be, it would be absurd to compare him with the Secretary of Defense whose hardline hostility toward Israel became notorious during the Reagan administration.

That would be the late Caspar W. Weinberger, of course.

Weinberger, a longtime Reagan confidant, ran the Pentagon from 1981 until 1987, when he was forced to resign over his involvement in the cover-up of the Iran-Contra affair (a ruinous scandal that involved the secret sale of missiles to the Iranian mullahs and the illegal transfer of profits from those sales to the Nicaraguan contra rebels – and that almost sent Weinberger to prison along with more than a dozen administration officials).

In contrast to other members of the Reagan cabinet known for their sympathy toward the Jewish state, including Secretary of State George Shultz and the president himself, Weinberger developed a reputation not only for opposing Israel’s interests directly but for seeking to prevent any action, including counter-terrorist operations, that might upset Arab allies of the United States.  Until the Iran-Contra scandal broke in 1986, Weinberger was perhaps best known for orchestrating the sale of AWACS jets – the highly advanced airborne surveillance, command, and control system built by Boeing – to Saudi Arabia. Opposed by Israel and much of the American Jewish community, the Saudi AWACS deal generated enormous controversy.

Weinberger’s views on the Mideast were often said to derive from his career at Bechtel Corporation, the mammoth international construction firm where, as general counsel, he had approved compliance with the Arab boycott of Israel.  Construction in Saudi Arabia and other Arab states was a major source of profits for Bechtel, and the firm’s support of the boycott was so blatant that Edward Levi, a Republican attorney general, filed a civil lawsuit against the California-based company, which led to a consent decree and prolonged litigation.

Among the most outspoken sources on Weinberger’s record was retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, the former Reagan White House aide and intelligence operative who oversaw the Iran-Contra fiasco In his 1992 memoir Under Fire, North explained what everyone in Washington had long known about the former Defense Secretary:

[Weinberger] seemed to go out of his way to oppose Israel on any issue and to blame the Israelis for every problem in the Middle East. In our planning for counterterrorist operations, he apparently feared that if we went after Palestinian terrorists, we would offend and alienate Arab governments – particularly if we acted in cooperation with the Israelis.

Weinberger’s anti-Israel tilt was an underlying current in almost every Mideast issue. Some people explained it by pointing to his years with the Bechtel Corporation…Others believed it was more complicated, and had to do with his sensitivity about his own Jewish ancestry.

As an Episcopalian whose paternal grandparents converted to Christianity — and who later worked at Bechtel, a company with a terrible reputation for anti-Semitism — Weinberger’s personal feelings about Jews and Judaism may well have been “complicated.” But his record as defense secretary was straightforward enough – and considering that Graham is a self-styled expert on Reagan administration foreign policy, the South Carolina senator certainly ought to know it.

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  • FredAppell

    This is a blatant move to derail the Presidents second term and nothing more. When Obama allegedly ignores the GOP they bitch, when he offers his hand across the isle such as his nomination of Chuck Hagel, the GOP slaps it away. I don’t like to play the race card but the facts are irrefutable. Human nature being what it is, has proven to us over and over again that people don’t like to share power especially when it upends the status quo. In our society, the” Old Boys Club” have had absolute power with the benefit of going unchallenged for far to long and they view the diversity paradigm with contempt.

    • rl

      I feel you are exactly correct Fred. There is one reason and one reason only that the President is treated by the extremem right winger nuts of the SOUTHERN republicon/TB party, and you nailed it. It is because the White House is not white anymore.

      • That’s the main and only reason! We all know that.

      • And they can’t stand it can they? That a man of color has more smarts than they do?

    • Bingo, Fred! So obvious.

    • I agree Fred. I suspect that what enrages the Tea Party nuts the most is the fact that President Obama has been highly successful. His policies turned the economy around, OBL is dead, our international credibility has been restored, our financial institutions are on solid ground, bankruptcies and foreclosures are back to normal levels, unemployment is dropping, construction is picking up, the real estate market is recovering, the Dow is at near record levels, and consumer confidence has improved.
      Let the loonies fret…

      • FredAppell

        Dom, my only hope is that he receives the credit for those accomplishments because we seem to only hear about his failures. Good news doesn’t tend to sell very well and so we always end up with a very skewed version of events.

  • Pops

    And the last US president to actually cross swords with Israel over the settlement issue was… George H W Bush.

    • And the first to be openly embarrassed by an Israeli Prime Minister was George W. Bush after the Annapolis talks when he, naively, announced a settlement was around the corner and Netanyahu told him, and the world, that no such a thing was about to happen.

      • rl

        Isreal is not our friend and as far as I am concerned they proved it in 1967 when the delibertally bombed our ship and tried to kill its crew in International Waters.

        • CPAinNewYork

          They managed to kill 34 U. S. sailors.

      • latebloomingrandma

        The right complains that Obama is antagonistic to Netanyahu, yet during their first meeting in the Whitehouse, Bibi chose to “lecture” the POTUS in his own house about his errors regarding Israel. As they say, with friends like that—-

        • CPAinNewYork

          …ya don’t need enemies, pilgrim. Hats off to John Wayne.

  • nobsartist

    What would you expect from the worse president that we have ever had. Heck, he was brain dead when he was first elected so the CIA was running the country and proved first hand that Americans are too stupid to last more than a few more decades.

    Thanks again to the moron that created our failed health care industry and the deficits that will bring us all down.

    Let them eat cake.

    • dadhoover

      YESIREEEEE because we all know that “ITS THE HEALTH CARE LAW” that got us into debt, Two unpaid for wars, new departments “TO KEEP US SAFE” and unpaid for part D, unheeded attack warnings from AlQuida, unheeded warnings about the banking bubble and the worst 8 year jobs record as well as giving the rich a tax break on top of all the above under bush had absolutely nothing to do with our economic problems. YESIREEEEEEE IT ALL HAPPENED BECAUSE OF OBAMA, Bachmann and you will be closing down OBAMACARE to save our great nation.

      But, I know Jebus is on your side, so your side is always right, no need to compromise. Let me guess, you’re a TBAGGER REPUBLICAN right ???????

      • Sand_Cat

        I think the president to which he was referring was Reagan rather than Obama, although it does appear that Obama is more of a Reagan admirer than I care for.

      • nobsartist

        I was talking about raygun. You didnt happen to take time to read the article did you?

        • Nobsartist, it wasn’t dadhoover’s lack of reading your comment that led to his conclusion. You could have written it better. I, too, thought you were referring to Obama. Your fault, fella.

          • nobsartist

            So its my fault that you didnt read the article also?

          • OK, maybe you aren’t a shithead!

    • nobsartist, you are a shithead

      • nobsartist


    • Feel better now that you got that rant out now? Good. Now go take your meds and move on.

  • Cabinet members enforce the policies established by his boss, the President. Chuck Hagel’s record as a soldier, politician, and as an individual is outstanding. That is all that matters. Besides, it should be up to the President to decide who he wants in his team, not the do nothing clowns in Congress whose abilities are limited to obstructionism.

    • rl


    • commserver

      I agree. The President has traditionally been allow to select his own team. Of course not all choices are successful as in the case of Susan Rice.

      • Ed

        The president’s abandoning of Susan Rice was a disgrace! But it is what one must expect from this “Blue Dog” democrat!

        • That didn’t happen. You need to check your references.

        • You need to revisit the facts there ED….

    • ObozoMustGo

      Dommy…. looks like that little stupid thing called the Constitution is getting in your dictator’s way again, isnt it? That requirement for confirmation is an important one because it prevents the accumulation of too much power into the hands of a dictatorial tyrant like Obozo. Too bad for you leftist freaks again. Gotta get rid of that damned Constitution, don’t we?

      Have nice day, and remain oblivious Dommy!

      “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

      • tobyspeeks

        ObozoMustGo, your childish behavior, your screen name if you need an example, and juvenile rants place your credibility into the double negative digits. Please explain your reasoning of how our president is dodging the constitution? And did you cry like a little girl when GW and Cheney ran roughshod all over it? I’m sure your memory is quite convenient so I’ll give you a few examples – torture, warrantless search and seizure, lying to congress and the American people about Iraq, illegal phone tapping, etc, etc… After reading some of your inane comments I’m sure you’ll have plenty of justification for your dark overlords, but I’d like to hear it, I could use a good laugh today.

        • Presidential appointments while Congress is in recess have been going on since President George Washington appointed South Carolina Judge Rutheldge to the Supreme Court in 1795 while Congress was in recess. The last recess appointment was W’s when he appointed William Pryor Jr. to the 11th Circuit court while Congress was in recess.
          Needless to say, Congress is obligated, constitutionally, to either approve or reject recess appointments within one year.

      • Coming from you, I take that as a compliment.

      • Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! OB1. Now you know better than to name call in an intellectual discussion, don’t you now???

      • The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” = ObozoMustGo

        There you go, talking about yourself again

      • CPAinNewYork

        You are truly a lowbrow. Your posts lack any semblance of learning or sophistication. You sound like Joe McCarthy more and more.

        You do know who Joe McCarthy was, don’t you?

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Remember that fellow employee who was always trying to cut throats to get to the top rung of the ladder? Remember how his/her desperate attempts resulted in a stagnant career because this type of character just can’t really seem to make any progress? Sound like Prissy Pants Graham? He’s been SC’s Senator so long and yet, he has never managed to get anywhere in his party. In other words, he’s that GOP party boi who squeaks on command of the big bois and then obeys like a good little boi when the party’s “principles” (or should that be “principals” need voice and action.)

    Graham is a loser and he knows it. His state is so locked into federal funding only 5 other states outbid SC for federal dole outs we all pay for. And just is that might you wonder? Living in an antebellum culture that loathes changes to tradition and refuses to adapt to those changes is the reason. What, other than gun running and a slight of tourism does SC really offer in the way of funding for its citizens?

    This is yet another Porker state that would shrivel and dry up if our federal tax dollars weren’t SC’s main source of revenue. But then, you get those good ole good ole bois of SC conservatism all bragging how low their state taxes are…well? Sure! When most of your state lives off the taxes other states pay, why not?

  • Graham has a tough re-election effort coming up in South Carolina, where the Tea Partiers already don’t like him a lot and much prefer the obstructionist approach to government provided by their idol — Jim DeMint. Neither Graham nor DeMint were awake in the basic civics class where the teacher talked about how things are supposed to work in a Democracy and the art of compromise and negotiation. They’re both bomb throwers whose rhetoric is more about political showmanship than government.

    • FredAppell

      John, they are so obvious in what they are doing that anyone paying attention can see it. The obstructionism we are witnessing is purposely designed to make the Federal Government appear ineffectual in the eyes of the public. They are hoping that the rest of us will give up the notion that government could be helpful. It is a very simple plan that actually may have a degree of success.

  • rl

    But, But, But that doesn’t count. He was a member of the god of Reagan’s crew. Not to mention that this also is the truth.

  • The last thing we want is for Israel to drag us into World War III.
    No more unnecessary, contrived wars in this half baked area of the world for the US.
    I know this sounds simplistic, but I don’t want to go up in smoke because they go up in smoke first.
    Everyone needs to live together.

  • Senator Lindsey Graham, GOP, is a full colonel as well.

    Does Senator Graham have an issue with Former Senator Chuck Hagel’s core values and perspectives or the fact that Senator Hagel was an enlisted member of our Armed Services?

    Senator Graham should remember that Senator Hagel earned his stripes the old fashion way–
    fighting for his country. Unlike Former Vice President Dick Cheney who stayed hidden
    in the bushes hoping the draft board would not find him. The same paradigm cold also apply
    to Former President George W. Bush (Jr.). (They threw Dan Rather, CBS News under the bus when he questioned the issue)

    Senator Check Hagel is the “warrior” for the job as Secretary of Defense.

  • Rich39

    Fact… we have go to stop kissing Israels butt. Ever wonder who started the rumor Israel is our ally? Allies help each other out. They help other in times of war. They are friends. Israel has been our welfare nation since 1948.
    Israel needs new leadership. Somebody who will work with the USA, and the leaders of the world.
    Of course they had someone years ago. What happen to him? The pro war Israel leaders killed him. They are still in power.

  • latebloomingrandma

    I used to think Sen. Graham was a resonable guy, but he’s been hanging around with that peevish and envious McCain too much.

  • Here we go again, what’s wrong with this man, first Susan rice, now his own team player, Is he %$#@#$ nuts, did he ate shit, fell off a tree, I don’t know what’s wrong with the all gop, Sr maccanas, your party lost alltready, Obama is on a second term, you FAIL, so do one thing right, before you get can, STOP #$%$#@ with the debt ceiling and do what you have to do, in order to keep this country going, why you want to screw your country, A 0

  • dadhoover

    Its easy to see right through MZZZZ Graham and the other Israel Firsters efforts against the Hagel appointment.


    They’ve made this fight about allegiance to Israel not about U.S. interests, we’ve seen the harm that going with these NEO CON’s war plans have brought down on our country and we don’t need to repeat those mistakes by heading toward their next war plans for Iran.

    MZZZZZ Graham is led by the likes of WILLIAM KRISTOL the failed leader of the CHICKEN HAWKS in his group “THE PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY” PNAC, these people planned wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran way back in the 90’s. Graham’s subservience to these NEO CONS has been obviously discredited and we informed public need to be very vocal in taking down his ILK by our support for Hagel.

  • William Deutschlander

    Lyndsey Graham is a disgrace to the Senate and the nation!

  • emadis41

    Is the security of Israel paramount to the security of our country?
    If Sen. Graham think that then he should go and live in Israel, I think he will be happy there, Israel inacted anti minority and platant Nazi laws similar to what he espouses as a Senator, and it has a Fascist PM who refused to grant the Arab minority equal voting rights.

    • Replying to emadis41 –

      Something to remember. (Or learn.) There are a lot of Palestinians living peacefully within the Israeli borders.

      There are far fewer Israelis living peacefully within the Palestinian borders.

      • emadis41

        Jim, Israel is the bad boy of the Middle East, it has the 4th largest arsenal in the world, yet since it is based on the wrong bases, it is afraid of its neighbors throwing rocks that it respond with artilary and air strikes.
        Again, the Arab are not living peacefully in Israel, if so then name one Arab minister in any Israeli gov. since 48?.. the number of seets Arab allowed is much smaller than their 20% ratio.
        Avegador Lieberman(Former Foreign Minister), an ex communist and Netanyahu ally said several times that he wants to force the Arabs out of Israel and the West bank. Is this equality? Is this peaceful existance. I guess that you should read the Jerusalem Post and other Newspapers from Israel to learn yourself. I know Israel more than you do.

  • Screw them ALL. We are on our own unfortunately for another 4 years. The GOP is a total disgrace. To bad they have no real balls nor conscience. The Dems are a close second. “We the People” are the worst of all since we keep elected these selfish, self serving ($$$), cowards back into office. We get the government we deserve. Ring a bell?

  • With all the crap that is being written about Israel, there is one glaring fact that everyone conveniently likes to forget.

    Israel is surrounded by water and EXTREMELY hostile neighbors.

    Neighbors that feel no remorse over sending thousands of rockets into Israel, killing and maiming innocent men, women and children on a daily basis.

    Neighbors who rant and rave when Israel retaliates, and innocent victims are killed and maimed within their borders.

    How would we react if Canada or Mexico lobbed rockets into our cities?

    We are fortunate to have good neighbors on our borders. Israel does not have that luxury.

  • ObozoMustGo


    Chuck Hagel has officially garnered the vital support for his nomination by none other than………… the Nation of Iran. That’s right. The very nation who publicly professes their desire to wipe Israel from the face of the earth and kill all Jews is supporting Obozo’s nomination for Sec’y or Defense.

    That should tell you leftist freaks all you need to know.

    Have a nice day!

    “The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” ― John Locke

  • lana ward

    If Israel goes under, so does the world. Israel is God’s chosen people. If something happens to her, it’s lights out for everyone

    • HamletsGhost

      Funny how we managed before 1948.

      • cats33

        Read the Bible. Israel is God’s chosen people. If she goes, we all go

  • Capitalists at work in the military!

  • FredAppell

    I know about that too thanks to the History Channel. It was never mentioned in any of my History classes. Naturally America let the whole thing slide much to the consternation of the ship’s crew.

  • fguttman

    I agree with what you say concerning Weinberger, but that does not mean that serious questions should not be asked of Hagel. These questions should include the following:
    1. Why were you the only senator not to sign a statement protesting anti-Semitism in Russia?
    2. Why did you opposed in 2008 the Iran sanctions bill, sponsored by then-Senator Barack Obama.
    3. What really did you mean when you said “The political reality is… that the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people?”
    4. Why were you one of only four Senators who refused to sign a Senate letter in support of Israel in 2000?
    5. In 2009, why did you urgeHagel urged President Obama to open direct negotiations with Hamas, a U.S.-designated terror organization?
    6. In 2006, why did you describe Israel’s war against Hezbollah as “the systematic destruction of an American friend, the country and people of Lebanon?”
    7. In 2003, why were you one of 11 Senators who did not vote to authorize sanctions against Syria for its support of terrorism and occupation of Lebanon?
    8. In 2006, why were you one of only two U.S. senators who voted against renewing the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act?
    9. In 2007, why did you vote against designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization.
    10. Are you willing if necessary to authorize the use of military force to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons?

  • FredAppell


  • FredAppell

    Nob, how the hell did you manage to get everyone so worked up lol? For the record, I knew exactly what you meant but I guess from now on you will have to type the names of those you are referring to.

  • When Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) , did this guy serve in the military. why does he oppose Chuck Hagel .
    Most Antagonistic’ Toward Israel? That Would Be Ronald Reagan’s Defense Secretary.
    shame on Lindsey Graham.

  • JDC

    It’s funny to watch Lindsey Graham and fellow republicans attack their former friend and colleague Chuck Hagel, the republican Senator from Nebraska from 1997 to 2009. It just goes to show that anyone the president puts forward, the republicans knee-jerk attack.

  • howa4x

    This is typical of republicans. Paint the other side with the issues that you are trying to cover up in your party. Funny Graham never fought in war so for him to cast dispersions at Hagel is at best awkward, and at worst cowardly.

  • HamletsGhost

    The author is wrong. The most anti-Israel Defense Secretary in U.S. history was James Forrestal under Truman, who bitterly opposed the recognition of the Jewish state and warned prophetically that it would permanently destabilize the Middle East and compromise American interests there.

    He was murdered by the Zionist mafia that terrorized this country even then.

  • bchrista

    I have read many articals that has been posted here on the National Memo but the one by obozomustgo is without the most out ragious that I have seen , was he born here in the USA or did his momma shit him out her ass that remark about getting rid of the Constitution of the USA is without a doubt the stupidest, reranged, outlandish, remark I have seen in all my years I realize this is a free country and everyonehas a right to their opinion but, as opinions go they are like assholes and without a doubt obozomustgo has the largest I have ever heard, to state that we should get rid of the greatest document that has indured for over 200years and most counties would for die for, what fucking cave did this neandertal asshole slithered out from I could be wrong but even the most conservative Republican woulsn’t agree with him no other country in the world would put up with the shit our group of Representativespull her one man one rule doesn’t allow that shit. The President didn’t abandom Susan Rice, He stuck by her all the way the decision to pull out was Hers, She didn’t want to be a distraction to the President in the coming months as he tangles with the Congress and the Senste on the economy the budget and other problems that face our nation and I commend her unselfishness she put country before anything else, something the greedy Republicans, Rove, the Kock Brothers, Beck Hannaty, McConnell and all those miserable Obustructionist that won’t let this country move ahead some day they will get theirs. As they say what goes around comes around a lot worse.

  • bchrista

    The President does have a right confered upon him by the Constitution you know the one obozomustgo wants to deny him because he’s not a white man like that idiot Romney, the only thing the Congress made up it’s mind to do was to make Obama a one term President and even though they lost the election they won’t quit, If he was a white man they might object to some appointments but most would get through in Obamas case he’s going to have hell trying to get anything voted on and I can’t wait until 2014 to srart voting them bastards you know I actually feel sorry for those people in the Red States and some in the Blue States as well, a good example in spite of they were treated and Obama offered them a way out there was a lot of women that voted for the Romney-Paul ticket I guess that’s the percentage that gets their rocks off every time their husbands slaps and beats the shit out of them and violate their Marriage vows it has been said if their husbandsdon’t beat them they don’t love them, I’ld be damn if I would live with someone that constantly mistreated me one of us would have to go. I’m no longer a young man but I would be ready to go to war if someone fucked with the Counstitution of these United States because I love my country, and good or bad it’s still the best in the whole world.

  • bchrista

    You people needn’t be apoligizing to nobsartist you pegged right the first time he was being wise in his statements he did mean Obama the last of his post says it all when he mentions the health program Obama instituted, he’s just another asshole in the long line of assholes that interpret the facts the way they want and have dug in their heels and won’t listen to the truth because it knocks all the bullshit they spew out in space and they will have nothing to say that amounts to anything and they want so badly to impress people with their supposed knowledge. That’s what’s wrong with these people, I frankly believe they believe what they are putting down and like Hitler they believe if they keep repeating then same lie over and over long enough they will get some converts they are too damn dumb to realize that people that post comments here are smarter than that.

  • Why is it that the Foreign Policy of the USA on Middle East is often if not always had to be coursed through the Israelis. Why is Sen. Graham giving more importance to what Israel would say and not what americans should say whether to confirm or deny a Cabinet nominee??????. What’s in it for him with Israel when he is a U.S. Senator???? Is the U.S. Senate going through with the process on behalf of Israel? Okay, Israeil is a friend of the United States but why are we only concern what Israeil might say what about Saudi Arabia, the Chinese, the North KOreans’ opinion matter? We might as well have an Israeli in the Senate panel- No? Did Netanyahu call Graham and told him – I don’t want Chuck as the Defense Sec!! Or did he say, don’t approve him so Joe Leibermann will be the next Sexcretary of Defense,, Yes?? Afterall Joe Leibermann is a senator and an unregistered foreign agent, yes or no?? And why is it that no U.S. President have ever – ever visited Israel? She is a loyal ally, a friend , yes – No ??!! I’m confuesd!!!!

  • HamletsGhost

    Read some basic history. No Israel till 1948, world still exists.
    Try to read some basic logic too.

  • michael_rocharde

    I sometimes, no I mean, often, wish that Lindsay Graham would exhibit some kind of commonsense instead of just running off at the mouth as he, and his best buddy, john McCain tend to do all the time. McCain’s seems to be fuelled by rage; he is a very angry man best kept away from any position of power, but Graham’s seems to be more as a result of needing to keep his face in front of the cameras rather than any real desire for the common good.

  • They hope people forget.

  • Oliver North got a radio show, Reagan said he did not recall and North destroyed all the papers on the arms sales.

  • The Contra rebels who were committing terror on the CIA’s orders throughout Nicaragua along with the murder of civilians, those Contras, the ones that were so hated by Washington for being a democratic country, right.

  • Denise Reese

    Ronal Reagan was a total ass hole thank God he’s deceased.

  • What in the Hell is with war mongers John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the two amigos. Did they give Hagel a chance to answer? Is there a war that the two of these jerks don’t like. Does a man (or woman) have to be a war monger, or there not be a war they don’t like in order to be Secretary of Defense. These fools are outrageous. I think they have out lived there usefulness in Congress and need the boot, as senility is not playing well. These two are grumpy old men; grumpy because of lost elections, grumpy because the fools and idiots have taken over the GOP, and just grumpy because they obviously didn’t drink their prune juice. This is serious shit and these two don’t belong in these hearings, or in the senate any more for that matter. We are no longer in a World where we have to go to war with everyone, even make up excuses based on lies like the GOP and Bush cabinet did, to go war with other sovereign countries. These two senators are doing bad work…from the gun lobby, to the affairs of state, these two need to go….period.

    • sidjames

      Stephen, the reason they attacked Hagel is because their Jewish/Israeli lobby masters instructed them to, and provided the talking points. HBO 02/03/13 Bill Maher: “Based on every statement I’ve heard out of ANY Republican in the last two years, the Israeli’s are controlling our government”. Were occupied as a colony mate. Arise and open thy eyes!

  • It is my concern that the total support of the state of Isreal by the USA, has lead to increased tension in the Middle East, Isreal is behaving more aggressive against others than is neccessary to ensure the survival of the jewish state and thus increase the tension in that area, for instance
    Jewish settlement on the west bank, the building of the wall, embargo against Gaza.
    The state of Isreal should only be supported for the benefit of the USA , not for the benefit of Isreal

  • I will accept the premise that Chuck Hagel is less hostile to Israel than was Caspar Weinberger. So what? Weinberger hasn’t been Defense Secretary for a quarter century. The important question is whether Hagel is as anti-Israel as is claimed. Since the National Memo report made no attempt to address this question it appears that the answer is “Yes he is.”

    • sidjames

      I would certainly hope so, as Israel is the greatest threat that this Republic has ever faced.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Hagel is “pro-United States,” which is exactly what he should be. Mr. Engel, if you don’t like that, then you should go live in some other country.

  • It’s funny the legislators forget what happened in the past and what their party did when in government. They have a memory blank. or a hate for government.

  • sidjames

    Weinberger, like Hagel chose to put their own country first. Now that the Jewish state controls America, being an America firster is usually career suicide.

  • All these clowns in the media and the clowns in the senate have sold their sole to special interests. They need to be questioned about their patriotism. Chuck Hagel is good for America. Period. Israel is not part of the united States of America

  • Robinanna neibauer

    HE’S the reason why Jonathan Pollard got such a disportionate sentence!