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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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12 responses to “Mr. Boehner Consoles Mr. Issa”

  1. Right on! A crazy scheme, why don’t they ask for the Bush Attorney General since the program started there?

    • 13observer says:

      Colleen, the Bush Attorney General didn’t try to “cover up” for Obama… Holder did, and this administration will pay dearly for trying to satisfy the “gun grabbers”.

      • Wayne Cox says:

        Get the real facts about fast and furious,i.e. Fortune magazine story, the real story. 6 month investigation 39 ATF agents directly connected to the so called fast and furious operation that were interviewed. It will open your eyes to the true facts. Oh ,but excuse me, the righty’s just hate facts. They like to spin their untruths in their favor.

  2. 13observer says:

    Just another sleezy Odumba government overreach to “DISARM” the American public. But this time everyone is going down for the “cover up” just like Watergate… same thing!

    • Wayne Cox says:

      What a stupid statement. Maybe you should do your homework before you make stupid accusations. The prosecutors would not allow those agents to arrest or confiscate those guns and the straw purchasers. In Arizona, if your 18 and pass a backround check, you can buy as many guns as you want. And if you walk out with those guns and give them to anybody you want, it’s perfectly legal. When those ATF agents observed these sales and resales, they wanted to make the arrest and confiscate those guns, but were told that what the straw buyers were doing was not illegal in Arizona. So if you want to blame somebody, blame the NRA and the republican law makers for relaxing the gun laws in that state. Oh, by the way those guns were AK47’s purchased for $50,000.00 from a guy that had no job and was on food stamps. No laws were broken and one of those guns killed that border cop. But lets skirt the truth and blame Obama. While were at it lets blame him (Obama), for the sunami in japan, I’m sure you aholes could convince your base of that untruth too.

      • 13observer says:

        Wayne, can I call you Wayne? This administrations purpose was to dupe the American public into thinking U.S. gun ownership was the cause of all the cartel uprising and without U.S. guns, It would stop. Does anyone really think the multi-billion dollar cartels need our guns at all… that they would go out of business without us? Wayne, do you want all the guns in America destroyed? How about our military’s as well? Police? Are you a Marxist or one of the Marx brothers?

      • 13observer says:

        Wayne, remenber when Hillary met with Mexico’s Calderon on the supposed U.S. gun issue and shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in gun owners favor? At that time the administration was desperate to stain the pro-gun forces, and this seemed to look inviting however, the scandal came when the administration engaged in a “cover up” much like the “Watergate” scandal of the 70s. Obama’s “waterloo” may come from his implication by whisleblowers at the ATF.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      I really have to congratulate you! You have to be the most uninformed idiot of all uninformed idiots.

  3. catball says:

    According to “Newsweek” this whole fast & furious crap was a lie! Bush started this program and Obama ended it, which pissed off the Repubs. That’s also why the NRA jumped in. The more guns they can sell the happier they are. It’s all about the dollar.

    • 13observer says:

      Do you really think the NRA sells guns or profits from their sale? The NRA receives its funding from over one million members who are of many political persuasions. Please do some more reading on these subjects before commenting.

  4. 13observer says:

    Really? then perhaps you could cite your differences. Easy to just call someone an idiot, but I ask you back it up! The “LEFT” gun grabbers will stop at nothing even if they break the law. The Supreme Court RULED our right to bear arms shall not be infringed and the liberals hate it. FYI, the NRA is a strong lobby because they have patriotic democrats, republicans, idependents etc. members willing to fight for their rights! The anti-gun crowd loves to divide us on a right that belongs to the American people. Don’t blame the NRA, blame its members….. I didn’t think so!

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