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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • ChristoD

    I am more than a bit pissed that the President is being pressured by the lap doggers on the right and by this BULLY into meeting with him and cowtowing to his BULLY ass. Screw him ! We support the people of Isreal not this blowhard. Who the hell is Netyenahu to be playing politics with our election ? Tell him to screw off Mr President.

  • It took America 10 years to find ONE Bin Laden, there are hundreds of Bin Laden’s surrounding Israel. Unlike the USA, Israel doesn’t have 318 million people that they can afford to lose a few thousand fighting a war the WRONG way for ten years. Israel and the GOP understand the threat, Democrats think all people are equal, Arab Muslims do not believe Democrats are even human beings, yet the Democrats are DEFENDING MUSLIMS! Without Israel, the USA would have been attacked a few hundred times by now. Israel has thwarted more attacks agains the USA, saving more American lives. The USA has never manage to prevent anything from happening to Israel. So far Israel has had to defend itself without the USA effectively doing anything other then providing more BULLETS which Israel keeps dumping into more Muslim extremists.

    • Bullshit! Israel is the most radical state that ever existed……forget apartheid, Israel makes S. Africa look like a model citizenry. And as far as helping us……go f**k yourself and that extremist state of yours.

    • The USS Liberty incident . Get a CLUE DUDE!

    • CPANY

      Mr. Baer:

      You want to defend Israel? Fine, then go to the Middle east and do it. Don’t expect the United States, a country your prime minister totally disrespects, to spend any more money and sacrifice any more troops to do it.

      There is no reason for the United States to play the World’s policeman. Israel’s war with the Muslims shouldn’t require our intervention. Israel already has nuclear weapons, gifts of the American taxpayer.

    • Gammaanya

      U R STUPID, missinformed.

  • You go Barack any one who says we support Muslim must have their head in there ass. Do you have any idea how many Muslim we have killed in the last ten years. Do you know how many Muslim Barack Obama has hunted down the really dangerous ones and killed 174 at last count. Do you know how much help he is giving the people of Syria. It is very little. How many Jew’s has Obama killed ZERO how much aid has the USA given Israel A LOT. I got you back Barack and I think you are doing just fucking fine. We don’t need another war that will drive us further into debt. And I think it might be time to start closing bases in Europe and any place else we have troops. No other nation has troops stationed in other countries.

    • I believe you need to go back to high school and retake remedial English.

      • You don’t need perfect English to tell a bully to back off. Good job Mr. President.
        Filemoni Lauilefue

      • Gammaanya

        The truth hurts??!! Nothing good to say but grammar??? Who cares??

    • Circassian

      Hey Bill, although I understand what you’re trying to say, and I very Mich agree with you. I must say. that a good president is never judged by how many Muslims he Kills. That is absolutely sick, and unacceptable.a Muslim ( as I am ) is someone takes up peace, and obeys the 10 commandments Just like Jews & Christians. Those who take up terrorism, are no longer Muslims. Just as those Jewish terrorists in Palestine of 1940s Ergun Zevy members( Stern gang) They violated God’s 10 commandments by killing innocent civilians. There is absolutely nothing wrong if Obama supports true Muslims, as he should also support Christians and Jews. We all believe in the same God, follow the guides of all Abrahamic profits. God bless all all good Muslims Christians , and Jews alike. Salam & Shalom. Peace on Earth.

  • It’s time the Teaparty and other Republicans realize that Israel is not the 51st State of the U.S. and that Netanyahu should not insinuate himself into the U.S. Political process. He will soon enough realize that his brazenness will not help him with the U.S. government.

  • Lloyd8515

    When will the US get of their Ass, and stop spending money to hitching rides and
    resupplying the ISS, and start using our Space craft for our Astronauts and supplies.

    • DurdyDawg

      At present? Not enough corporate profit.. Once we rape Mars and Micky D’s gets a whiff of tourist capability, then wars will go on the back burner.

  • Israel, and Netanyahu, have drawn many red lines, but have been unable to follow up on them. Were Netanyahu more inclined, as the majority of Israelis are, to pursue an equitable two-state solution to the Palestinian problem, rather than trying to get the US involved in another useless war, and stop provoking the extremists by continuing to build settlements in occupied territory, maybe what has become the pinultimate hot spot in the world would cooldown a little. American presidents have attempted repeatedly to lead the way in finding a solution. Maybe Israel needs to take the lead, for a change. Israel did not exist as a country in the modern scheme for many years prior to the Balfour Declaration, which managed to start the current round of stupidity in the region. Israel has laws prohibiting foreign influence in internal politics, as do we.

  • Who are these traitors in Congress that support Benjamin Netanyahu??? We need to clean house. At every turn we hear from Israel… what Israel wants, what Israel will do if we don’t support their petty larcenous strategies… how President Obama ignores Netanyahu. These people have got to be the most ungrateful scoundrels whoever lived. They are never satisfied, no matter what you do for them. We intervened to stop Adolf Hitler from burning ALL of them. Are they happy??? NO! Are they grateful??? NO! We intervene in that Sinai war on their behalf {through Nixon} to turn back the Egyptian tanks and certain destruction of Israel. Are they grateful? NO! Are they even appreciative of what we did for them? NO! I am tired of Israel. President Obama needs to make it clear {and maybe he has} that if Israel attacks Iran or anyone else… there is no more USA back-up. They are on their own. No jets will come to their aid, no patriot missiles will come to their aide, and certainly NO TROOPS will come to their aid!!! I am tired of these people. If their claims are true… that they are chosen of God… let them then rely upon God. If God chooses to save them, they will be saved. If He doesn’t choose to save them, then so be it. We don’t owe those ungrateful bastards a damn thing! Barack Obama is President of the United States… not President of Israel! These people are not our friends. The zionist agenda is to subvert the nations of the earth to their will. Read: “The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.” Somebody gave Hitler a copy of this book… the rest is history. Anyone in Congress who utters the words “protect Israel,” “support Israel,” “defend Israel” is a traitor and should be removed from office. How about protect the USA, support the USA, defend the USA??? These fools in Congress actually take sides, unabashedly, against our own President as a favor to Netanyahu… Observe their behavior! They simply cannot pull their lips away from his behind. They aren’t representing us… they are representing Israel.